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The pronunciation of 'fire' is simplified when shouted?

The [fɑː] that you heard is an ordinary pronunciation variant of "fire". This kind of variant doesn't only occur in shouted words. In fact, I'd think a "triphthongal" pronunciation [aɪə] (what you probably think of as the "usual" pronunciation of "fire") would be more, not less common in an emphatic setting like that.

What you are hearing is "smoothing," a feature of pronunciation that optionally applies to the sequences /aɪə/ or /aʊə/ in many non-rhotic accents of English. The high glide or semivowel in the middle is elided, and in modern accents the schwa is usually assimilated to the first vowel, resulting in a long monophthong. In modern British accents with smoothing, generally /aɪə/ is simplified to [ɑː] (more or less the same vowel used in the word "father") and /aʊə/ is simplified to [aː] (a vowel that doesn't really occur in other contexts; it's similar to a long version of the vowel in "trap"). Some other slightly different outcomes are possible in more old-fashioned accents.

You can read more detailed descriptions of smoothing on Geoff Lindsey's Speech Talk blog ("Smoothing, then and now"; this has some nice audio files) and John Wells's phonetic blog ("triphthongs, anyone?", "the Cowell jumped over the moon," "our cake").

A slightly different, but related phenomenon: even accents that don't usually have smoothing in content words like "fire" may have it in certain frequent function words. I have a rhotic accent, but I usually have "triphthong" smoothing in our [ɑ˞], and I think I have it at least sometimes in I'll /ɑl/ and while /wɑl/ (but I think when this word is unstressed, I often reduce it even further to [wəl]). These words may also behave differently in accents that do have a generally-applicable process of smoothing; for example, it seems some British English speakers might use [ɑː] for our despite using [aː] for the smoothed pronunciation of power.

\ ˈfī(-ə)rHow to pronounce fire (audio)\

1: the light and heat and especially the flame produced by burningStay away from the fire.

2: an occurrence in which something burns : the destruction of something (such as a building or a forest) by fireThe shack was destroyed by a fire.Two people died in that terrible fire.See More ExamplesHow did the fire start?Police think he set a fire [=deliberately started a fire] in the bedroom.Firefighters put the fire out. = Firefighters put out the fire. [=firefighters stopped the fire from burning]The shack caught (on) fire [=began to burn] when it was struck by lightning.Someone set fire to the shack. [=deliberately caused the shack to burn]Hide

3: a controlled occurrence of fire created by burning something (such as wood or gas) in a special area (such as in a fireplace or stove)We warmed our hands over the fire.She built a fire in the fireplace.The fire went out and he had to light it again.

1a(1): the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat

(2): one of the four elements of the alchemistsair, water, fire, and earth

b(1): burning passion : ardoryoung lovers with their hearts full of fire

(2): liveliness of imagination : inspirationthe force and fire of his oratory

2a: fuel in a state of combustion (as on a hearth)warmed his hands at the crackling fire

bBritish : a small gas or electric space heater

3a: a destructive burning (as of a building)The shack was destroyed by a fire.

b(1): death or torture by fireHe confessed under threat of the fire.

(2): severe trial or ordealHe had proved himself in the fire of battle.

5a: the firing of weapons (such as firearms, artillery, or missiles)The troops were ordered to cease fire. [=stop shooting]They opened fire on[=began shooting at] the enemy.also: the bullets, shells, etc., that are discharged The soldiers endured heavy fire. — see also friendly fire — compare counterfire

b: intense verbal attack or criticismHis remarks have provoked heavy fire from his political opponents.

c: a rapidly delivered series (as of remarks)

on fire

1: being consumed by fire : aflameThe house was on fire.

under fire

1: exposed to fire from an enemy's weaponsThe soldier showed courage under fire.

2: under attackThe company has come under fire for its discriminatory hiring policies.

transitive verb

1a: to set on fire : kindlealso: ignitefire a rocket engine

b(1): to give life or spirit to : inspirethe description fired his imagination

(2): to fill with passion or enthusiasm—often used with up

c: to light up as if by fire

d: to cause to start operating—usually used with upfired up the engine

2a: to drive out or away by or as if by fire

b: to dismiss from a position

3a(1): to cause to explode : detonate

(2): to propel from or as if from a gun : discharge, launchfire a rocket

(3): shootsense 1bfire a gun

(4): to score (a number) in a game or contest

b: to throw with speed or forcefired the ball to first basefire a left jab

c: to utter with force and rapidity

4: to apply fire or fuel to: such as

a: to process by applying heatfire pottery

b: to feed or serve the fire offire a boiler

intransitive verb

1a: to take fire : kindle, ignite

b: to begin operation : startthe engine fired

c: to operate especially as the result of the application of an electrical impulsethe spark plug fires

2a: to become irritated or angry—often used with up

b: to become filled with excitement or enthusiasm

3a: to discharge a firearmfire at close range

b: to emit or let fly an object

5: to transmit a nerve impulsethe rate at which a neuron fires

finance, insurance, and real estate

\ ˈfī(-ə)rHow to pronounce Fire (audio)\

Andrew Zachary 1959–     American geneticist

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