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Majora's Mask Online Randomizer

Accessible Settings for

+ Bottle scoop randomization is off.

+ Shop randomization is off for non-important items.

        - Important Items include All Bomb Bags and All Nights Mask.

+ Double Minigame HP's are not randomized.

        - This includes Archery Games and Beaver Race.

+ Deku Playground and Honey & Darling only need to be played once and on any day.

+ Zora Hall Stage Lights reward is randomized.

+ Frog Choir HP is not randomized.

+ Dungeon Keys and Boss Keys are not randomized.

+ Moon Trial Pieces of Heart are not randomized.

+ Fierce Deity Mask is randomized. Fierce Deity Mask check is junk.

+ Couples Mask check is randomized.

+ Dungeon Fairy Reward checks are junk.

+ Song of Soaring is given for free and is not randomized.

+ Enabled tricks in logic:

        - Exit Ocean Spider House without Goron

        - Lensless Chests

        - Lensless Walking

        - Lensless Walls/Ceilings

        - Pinnacle Rock without Seahorse

        - Poisoned Water as Zora

        - Quest Item Extra Storage

        - Scarecrow's Song

        - WFT 2nd Floor Skip.

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Randomizer majoras mask

Majora's Mask Randomizer is a Windows application that randomizes item locations, music, and more for Majora's Mask, presenting millions of combinations and new ways to replay the game.

A video tutorial of setting up MMR is found here:

Currently the UI is only available on windows, it is broken in wine. The CLI version works if you install dotnet and run the CLI as "dotnet MMR.CLI.dll -input <MM.z64> [-seed seed]" but modifying the settings means modifying the settings.json by hand. A replacement webui is in development which will supply a UI on all platforms.

Additional information on every feature of MMR is available by reading the tooltip shown by hovering the mouse over the option, or reading the detailed manual by pressing F1, or visiting the help menu.

MMR has no unique emulator requirements, you can play a randomized rom with any method that allows you to play a MM rom. MMR roms work on N64 emulators, they can be played on N64 hardware with everdrive and similar flashcard technology, and they can be played on Wii Virtual Console, MMR will even convert the randomized rom to a wad for you.

Known Quirks of MMR

In vanilla MM, you use [Garo's Mask] to convince the ghost to summon a tree and grant you Ikana valley access, but in vanilla MM, he will also accept you wearing a [Gibdo Mask] and grant you Ikana access. Most people don't know this because you get the Gibdo mask after getting access to the soaring owl and you never need to travel east up that cliff again if you don't want to, but MMR accepts both masks as giving you access.

There is a hidden (bomb-able) grotto on the ramp steppe path to get to goron racetrack. If you do not have goron you can still get up there: There is a scarecrow near the boulder blocking the racetrack. Call it out using the Scarecrow song, then use the Hookshot.

You will sometimes find milk in what appears to be a bottle, but it is only milk, and it will not give you a bottle. There is just no milk without a bottle model for us to use, unlike the gold dust and potions.

The Clocktown Great Fairy gives you two items in vanilla (magic as deku, GFMask as link) and in Rando she still gives two items, you have to visit her twice; once as link and once as any other race (deku/goron/zora). You can visit her twice on the same 3 day cycle, just leave her cave and transform then immediately visit her again to get the second item.

Unlike OOT, you can NOT have bombchus without a bomb bag.


MMR has a feature that allows you to use Fierce Diety mask anywhere, which is fun to play, but is slightly dangerous. His body is too big and can get stuck in tunnels and doors, or wedged between ramps and walls. Play with him at your own risk. The same is true for playing as adult link.

MMR can randomize enemies on the overworld and in dungeons, which is fun to play, but is slightly dangerous. Enemizer currently ignores logic, which can lead to seeds being (rarely) unbeatable (bombs all being locked behind a beamos, enemies you can't kill or move being in your way, ect). Play with enemizer at your own risk.

Do not mash the A button during the fish feeding cutscene, you can softlock (this is a vanilla MM bug). Pulling out the Ocarina immediately after Deku Playground day 3 can softlock the game. Carrying a dog and putting it down at the same time as talking to Mamamu Yan (the lady running the dog race) can softlock the game. Defeating Keeta and attempting to warp to Mountain Village without warping elsewhere or leaving the area (into Road to Ikana) crashes the game.

There is a list of other known issues in the #known-issues channel of our discord, linked at the bottom of this page.


Q: My ROM doesn't seem to work what's wrong?
A: The ROM should be a .z64 file (big endian). If it is not .z64 it will not work. Make sure you are not trying to use a ROM with a .n64 or .v64 extension. You will have to use Tool64 here to byteswap your ROM to "Big Endian": Also do NOT re-randomize a already randomized rom.

Q: I renamed my ROM to .z64 but it's not working?
A: DO NOT RENAME YOUR ROM! It has to be BYTESWAPED using Tool64 for it to work properly!

Q: It says I need the expansion pack when I try to boot! How do I fix this?
A: You need to be sure you are running the game with 8MB of ram (memory) not 4MB. In P64 this can be found in Options > Settings > settings: MAJORAS MASK > Set memory to 8MB

Q: I checked "Wii Virtual Console Channel" but I cannot find my .wad file. Why?
A: Check in your %appdata% folder and the default wad folder with the randomizer.

Q: I'm getting an error about the randomizer not being able to find a path!
A: Extract everything from the zip file to an empty folder. The randomizer needs to have access to all files it comes with, the EXE alone is not enough.

Q: I'm starting with items I shouldn't/Why don't I have Ocarina?
A: You have to make a new save file in the randomizer, you cannot start with an old save made in another seed.

Q: I'm having some weird graphical errors! How can I fix this?
A: This is not a fault of the randomizer or your rom. This is a problem with whatever you are using to play the rom. Either Look up better graphical settings or look into a new method to play. If you have trouble come visit our discord #emulator-support channel we might be able to help.

Q: My emulator has a black screen/won't load/is not working.
A: Either try another emulator, try a different graphics plugin or download the P64 prebuilt created for playing MM in our discord #resources channel.

Q: How do I randomzie UI colors?
A: Right click to see further options.

Q: I saw a stream of someone playing MMR with music from other games, how do I add more music to MMR?
A: Our discord has a #music-customization channel which has a guide on making music, and a bunch of users posting their own music you can use.

Come visit our discord

Additional help and resources can be found at our discord:

We also have a seedbot and tracker, and other tools to help you play and race other players if you're interested.

Majora's Mask Online Randomizer

deathbasket majora's mask randomizer

Zelda Rom files contain a full backup of the game cartridge
or disc, plus You also need a Zelda Emulator to make Your computer work as if it was a video game console.

R4i SDHC flash cartridge is compatible with all Nintendo DS versions and can hold a microSD card with up to 32GB of game roms on it.

Add NesterDS and all NES roms become compatible with your DS - You get the idea.

The game starts with Epona, Links horse, and the Ocarina of time is stolen from Link by someone named Skullkid and his 2 fairy minions.

Link goes on pursuit and follows Skullkid into a cave where he finds himself teleported into a place called Termina.

In exactly 3 days Terminas moon is going to crash down causing destruction.

Link discovers that Skullkid is in possession of Majoras Mask, and ancient mask that is said to contain evil sealed within it and is taking over Skullkid.

deathbasket majora

deathbasket majora

Deathbasket Majora'S Mask Randomizer How To Travel Back

As Link ventures through Termina, he will learn how to travel back in time to the day he first step foot in Termina allowing him to re-live the 3 days before the moon crashes.

Later, Link will learn how to slow down time or travel to different times of the day to uncover the mysteries of Majoras Mask and save Termina.

This game requires the N64 Expansion Pak, which is 4MB of extra RAM to make a huge difference in its graphics and everything is in 3D rendered much more beautifully.

deathbasket majora's mask randomizerread more

Similar news:

Mayor's Residence (from showing Couple's Mask)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Treasure Chest Shop (from Minigame)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Top of the Clock Tower

This exit can result in the C-Buttons all being unusable forcing the player to lose all Cycle progress.

Deku Playground (from Minigame)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Milk Road/Romani Ranch (Cremia's Cart Ride)

So the player can get the Romani Mask.

Clock Tower (from Deku leaving Link)

So the Player can get Deku Mask.

Clock Tower/Termina Field (Moon Crash)

This exit results in the player losing all Cycle progress.

Romani Ranch (Horse Archery)

So the player can get the Epona's Song.

Romani Ranch (Defeat Aliens)

So the player can get the Milk Bottle.

Great Bay Coast (from Mikau's Memories)

So the player can get the Zora Mask.

Great Bay Coast (Fisherman's Game)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Zora Cape (from Giant's Cutscene)

To prevent the player from being locked out of an exit. Subsequent use of this exit doesn't get randomized.

Doggy Racetrack (from Race)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Cucco Shack (from Raising Chickens)

So the player can get the Bunny Hood.

Southern Swamp (Boat Cruise)

So the player can get the Witch Archery Heart Piece.

Waterfall Rapids (Starting/Ending Race)

So the player can get the Bottle and Heart Piece.

Ghost Hut (Start/End Battle)

So the player can get the Heart Piece.

Tourist Information (from Boat Cruise)

So the player can get the Witch Archery Heart Piece.

Stock Pot Inn (from Grandma Story)

So the player can get the Heart Pieces.

Stock Pot Inn (Conversation with Anju's Mother)

These exits are very time specific and most may not even know about them.

Bomb Shop

So the player can get Bomb Bag and Bombs.

Giant's Chamber

So the player can get Oath to Order and clear areas after dungeon completion.

Goron Graveyard (from Darmani's Memories)

So the player can get the Goron Mask.

Goron Racetrack (Start/End Race)

So the player can get the Gold Dust Bottle.

North Clock Town (from Blast Mask)

So the player can get Blast Mask.


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