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Best 20 Handmade Wall Hanging craft ideas & Tutorials. You can make them with paper, waste newspaper, bangles etc for decoration of diwali like festivals or kids can decorate their school with their teachers.

Easiest and least expensive way to add color to your walls? Hang something up! Wall Hanging are not just for decoration but they also keep us motivated to reach high destination. With this in mind, we brought to you Best 20 DIY Wall Hanging craft ideas & Tutorials with amazing video tutorials and images. Happy Crafting!!

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1. DIY: Paper ceiling / wall hanging Designer Flowers for home decor

Tools are required for making wall hanging flower

  1. Paper Sheet (20X10 cm)
  2. Pencil
  3. Scale
  4. Fevicol
  5. Scissor

2. DIY: How to make easy Wall Hanging for New Year party

Tools are required for making Smiley Wall Hanging

  1. Paper Sheet
  2. Sketch Pen
  3. Fevicol
  4. Scissor

3. DIY: How to make Paper “Ceiling / Wall Hanging” Decoration for Home

Tools are required for making Paper “Ceiling Hanging Decoration”

  1. Colored A4 Paper
  2. Colored thread
  3. Circular object
  4. Glue
  5.  Scissor

4. DIY: Paper wall hanging Christmas / New Year Party / Home Decoration

Tools are required for making Paper wall hanging

  1. Paper Sheet (30X10 cm)
  2. Pencil
  3. Scale
  4. Fevicol
  5. Scissor

5. DIY: Pom Pom Wall Hanging Crafts Decoration Ideas

DIY: Pom Pom Wall Hanging Crafts Decoration Ideas DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

These Pom Pom wall hangings can be used on various occasions for your spouse. They are easy to make and have a warm feeling with them. They go best on white walls as the red color pops up with love and affection. For these, you need red color threads, red beads, a stick and red color pom pom. On a long thread, fix about 50 beads or similar items which are at a constant distance. Now cut the thread such as there length is in a series. You can take beads as a reference, like 4 beads threads, then 5 beads, then 6 beads and so on. Hang pom pom at the ends and tie them on the stick with longest in the middle and shortest at the sides as shown in the image.

via: Maya Kalista

6. Amazing DIY 3D Wall Art – Colorful Star Heart Round Shape Hanging

Amazing DIY 3D Wall Art - Colorful Star Heart Round Shape Hanging DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

via: pinterest.com

The 3D art and crafts are always appreciated and especially when it comes to decorations. That’s why one should know how to make such beautiful craft items from 2D shapes to 3 shapes. In this idea, cut out different shapes such as stars, circles, hearts and much more. Now the trick is to make slits between the shapes for easy join. For example, till half of one heart from the upper and till half of another heart from the lower side. This will make them easily go into one another and will give a 3D shape. You can use strings and threads to join all the cutouts of one category in one thread as done in the first image. Or you can decorate a big heart piece with small ones as done on the right. Such buntings can be hung in different ways forming different shapes and taking formations.

7. DIY Decoration with easy Wall Hanging With Bangles

DIY Decoration Wall Hanging With Bangles DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

If your set of bangles is mismatched and now you can not wear them because of the incomplete set, you can use them for this idea of Wall hangings with bangles. The bangles are wrapped completely with different colored threads. And a pattern is also formed in the space inside the bangles. One colored bangle is kept in the middle and another 6 colored pieces are joined around the middle one. The threads and pom pom of the same color as of middle are hanged below the bangles as shown in the above image. You can choose your own pattern and the combination of the colors. The bright colors will make your room shine indeed.

via: Creative Diy Art

8. Paper & Beads Wall Hanging using Paper Quilling

Paper & Beads Wall Hanging Crafts Decoration Ideas DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

The quilling strips have so many uses and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can take medium size strips of multi colors for this wall hanging idea. First, make a long thread with beads that are separated at the same length. Now cut the threads into different length taking beads spacing as the cutting references. Now make patterns with quilling strips by varying the length of the strips with different colors as shown in the image. Tie these strips to the threads with beads and arrange them on the wall sorted by the length. These hangings are surely one of the easiest hangings to make.

via: Tanis GallerY

9. DIY Crafts: Wall Hanging for home Decoration

DIY Crafts: Wall Hanging for home Decoration DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

via: Maya Kalista

These wall hangings use the same color of beads and the shape at the bottom. The hearts can be made of paper with different patterns inside them depending on your convenience and skills. The number of beads is lesser in the next set and thus the length also decreases when we go from left to right. You can reverse the length change from right to left also as done in the rightmost image. Try to use a transparent thread or thread with the same color as of the wall. Use a stick or bar at the top for support and hanging. These beautiful hearts hanging will surely raise the bar of your interior designing.

10. DIY : Wall Hanging Craft Ideas Using Colourful Paper

DIY : Wall Hanging Craft Ideas Using Colourful Paper DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

via: Tanis Gallery

Apart from all of the above-mentioned hangings design ideas for your home and wall decorations, you can opt this idea too. It has simple steps and is easy to make. All you have to do is first cut out same size starts from different colored sheets. Now, on a wall create wave lines as shown coming out from only one point and then diverging. Take threads of the length of wave lines, and join stars on them at equal separation. Stick these threads on the wall with the help of nail or clear tape. These stars will surely add color and dimension to your beautiful room.

[11 to 20] DIY: Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate Your Home [Click Here]

 DIY: Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate Your Home  DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

Hope you like these Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials.

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37 Spectacular DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas and Designs

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Wall Hanging Craft Ideas and Designs

Is that bare wall in your home driving your crazy? Do you want to do something that really adds a little something special? Wall hangings add texture, color, and pops of color that not only look awesome but also bring a lot of character to your home.

Thats why we put together a list of 37 different wall hanging ideas that you can make at home. You’ll find projects here that use yarn, natural materials such as stone and wood and even repurposed rugs to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your wall.

Most of these wall hangings are pretty simple to make but we threw some challenging projects in there too! The best part is that most of them only require a few materials, some of which you might already have at home. No matter what your style or skill level, we think you’ll find something here that suits you.


DIY Abstract Fabric Wall Hanging

DIY Abstract Fabric Wall HangingWe love this simple project from Sugar & Cloth. It’s a really simple idea that’s easy to put together but makes a big impact. Use bright, bold fabrics like in the tutorial or mix it up with different patterns and colors that match your home.

Mop Head Wall Hanging

Mini Macrame and Floral WreathYou might find it hard to believe that this gorgeous wall art started life as a broom head from a thrift store but it’s true. Head over to The Nester to see how Myquillyn did it. This is a great upcycling project that nobody saw coming.

Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging

This gorgeous idea from Oleander + Palm takes the idea of a simple DIY yarn wall hanging and adds a level of sophistication that’s hard to believe. It’s the perfect balance of metal and yarn with pops of green for just a little bit of color.

DIY Macrame Curtain

DIY MACRAME CURTAINIf you’ve ever wanted to try macrame but weren’t sure where to start, this project from A Beautiful Mess might be just what you’re looking for. Click through the link to see how Emma breaks down this project, rope by rope and knot by knot.

No-Weave Woven Wall Hanging

No-Weave Woven Wall HangingThis is more of a DIY hack than anything else but the end result looks so good, we had to include it. Follow the link to see how Erin repurposed a simple woven rug into a stunning geometric wall hanging.

Rustic Glass Bottle and Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging

Rustic Glass Bottle and Reclaimed Wood Wall HangingThis project from Mountain Modern Life is one of the more complicated projects on our list but if you’re willing to tackle something a little more difficult, take a look. The best part is you can fill the bottles with anything you want: sand, shells, corks… the list goes on.

Large Woven Wreath

We Are ScoutLarge Woven Wreath New has easy-to-follow step-by-step directions on how to make this show-stopping large woven wreath. At first glance, this looks like a really complicated project but it’s much easier than you might think. Use a color that matches your decor or stick with cream and dip-dye it for a colorful accent.

Mini Rock Wall Hanging

Mini Rock Wall HangingJane and Sonja made this lovely little mobile using rocks, a think stick, and string. This is a simple project that you can change up any way you want to. Different color string, painted rocks, or a metallic spray-painted stick would each really change up the look.

Pompom Flower Wreath

Pompom Flower WreathIf you want a wreath that really makes a statement, take a look at this project over at Couture Craft. Who would have thought that a hula hoop could be turned into such a stylish piece of home décor?


Symmetrical Yarn Pompoms

There are a lot of projects on this list that use pompoms but we really like the look of this simple project over at Bre Purposed. We particularly love the contrasts of the rustic wood against the bright modern colors of the pompoms.

Paper Wall Hangings

Paper Wall HangingsAnna has a really cool idea over at OhOh Deco. We love the leaf design and the contrast of black on green. It’s a much different look than most of the other projects we found and can be adapted so many different ways using different shapes and colors.

Mini Macrame and Floral Wreath

Mini Macrame and Floral WreathWe love that this fun project from Green Wedding Shoes is basically two projects in one. The delicate floral leaf and large, chunky knots play really well off of one another. Though they’re calling this a holiday yarn hanging, adapting it to any season would be pretty easy.

Full Circular Wall Hanging

Full Circular Wall HangingNaomi and Sage have this great project over at Plaster & Disaster that’s super simple but makes a big impact. You can use whatever color yarn you want but we have to say, we really like to contrasting stripes in the tutorial.

Mini Circular Wall Hanging Set

Mini Circular Wall Hanging SetWhile this project from Jelica at A Pretty Fix is a little more involved, it’s a great place to start if you’ve been meaning to try weaving. This is actually a set of three small wall hangings that can be done in any color.

Random Ribbons

Random RibbonsThe texture on this ribbon hanging from Danyelle is what drew us in. We love the depth and detail of these different textures and the surprise of finding the small vintage key. Of course, you can adapt this any way you want by using different colors, textures, and charms.

Dowell Rod Art

Dowell Rod ArtThis project from Persia Lou is a modern, stylish twist on a classic kiddie craft called god’s eyes. Use a grownup color pallet, some tassels, and unique textures and you have a series of wall hangings that you can match to any décor.

Paper Discs Wall Hanging

What we love about this project over at Ruffled is how simple it is. All you need is pretty paper, a large hole punch, embroidery floss, and a needle. The project has a huge impact and can be adapted using different paper, thread, and shapes.

Copper Pipe and Rope Wall Hanging

Copper Pipe and Rope Wall HangingElsie and Emma took some rope and copper pipe and turned it into a really beautiful piece of art on the A Beautiful Mess site. We love the contrast of the shiny metal against the natural texture of the rope. If you don’t fancy the copper color, you can always use metallic spray paint to change it up.

DIY Textured Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Textured Yarn Wall HangingAnother great yarn hanging is this one from Caroline at Burkatron. The textures and colors of the yarn play well off each other and the addition of the wood bead brings in a natural element that really puts this one over the top.

Double Hoops with Yarn

Double Hoops with YarnWe love this double hoop design from Harlow & Thistle, especially the texture of the yarn that Andrea used in her version. Of course, you can use any kind of yarn you want. Mix up the colors and textures as you see fit to create a look that matches your style.

Dip-Dyed Tree Branches

We think this dip-dyed designDIP-DYED TREE BRANCHES from Rachel is one of the most unique wall hangings in our list and the best part is you can go out and collect all the branches you need on the beach or during a walk in the woods. Choose a color and shape that you like and truly make it your own.

Large-Scale Diagonal Wall Hanging

This design from Two Thirty-Five Designs is a large-scale wall hanging that you can easily tailor to the colors in your home. This is also a great project if you’re looking for a stash busting project for your yarn.

Macrame Garland

Macrame GarlandAnother awesome project from Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess is this macrame garland. It looks pretty complicated but they break it down into easy to manage steps. This is a great party decoration or a fun conversation starter for any time of year.

Layered Tassels

Layered TasslesIf you’ve been thinking about getting a loom, this project from Mollie Makes is a great project to get started with. We love the mix of the woven elements with the tassels and the ombre color scheme really makes the design pop.

Hanging Eucalyptus

You have a lot of options if you want a project using natural materials but we think this hanging eucalyptus design from Oh the Sweet Things is one of the most interesting projects we’ve seen. Not only is it visually stunning but you also get to enjoy the clean smell of eucalyptus.

Phases of the Moon Vertical Wall Hanging

This is a cool project from Nostalgiecat that’s one of the more graphic designs that we’ve seen. We love the way the black moon shapes play against the natural colors of the silver chain and the wooden beads. Nostalgiecat uses teal accents which look great but you can use whatever color suits your décor.

Woven Wall Hanging without the Loom

This is another example of how you can turn simple rugs into a unique, eye-catching wall hanging with a ton of texture. We love that Annabode used rug samples and how the patterns are so different but work so well together.

Hanging Swing Shelves

Why Don’t You Make Me has instructionsHanging-Swing-Shelves for how to make these adorable hanging shelves. We love that they resemble kids’ playground swings which adds a little bit of whimsy and the contrast between the natural wood and black cording is pretty awesome, too.

Book Page Wreath

Book Page WreathGina at the Shabby Creek Cottage created this stunning book page wreath that we just can’t get enough of. You don’t need that many supplies, just a glue gun, a cardboard ring, and a vintage book. Change the size and the book to suit your tastes.

Small Woven Landscapes

Small Woven LandscapesThis project from Jesus-Sauvage is one of the most unique projects we found. We admit it’s a little involved but if you’re up for the challenge, this one is well worth your time. The three frames create a single abstract image though you can do whatever kind of look you want.

Large Scale Pixelated Art

Large Scale Pixelated ArtThis is another project that’s a little more complicated but Amanda at Wit & Whistle breaks it down pretty well. You do need access to photo editing software if you want to choose your own image though you can search for pixelated photographs online and find plenty of options.

Dip Dye Tassels

Dip Dye Tassels

This project at Lolly Jane is a fun project that uses plain white yarn and Kool-Aid for dip dyeing. It’s a pretty simple design that you can expand on pretty easily. You can make five tassels like in the tutorial or as many as you need to get the look you want.

Triangle Wreath

Triangle WreathAnother project that relies on materials you find in nature is this triangle wreath design from Fall for DIY. While the tutorial focuses specifically on a holiday-themed wreath using evergreen leaves, you can use any flower or decoration that you want.

Pompom Circular Wall Hanging

Pompom Circular Wall HangingThe best thing about this pompom wall hanging from Sugar & Cloth is how colorful it is. By mixing different yarns, colors, and textures, you can really create an interesting piece using this technique. Plus, you can make your wall hanging as big or small as you want.

Repurposed Bathmat Wall Hanging

Repurposed Bathmat Wall HangingOver at BRITTANYMAKES, we found this awesome project that takes a simple white bathmat and turns it into a personalized wall hanging. You can paint any design you want but we really love the simple geometric designs in the tutorial.

Giant Pompoms and Tassels

Giant Pompoms and TasselsNext up is this cute design from Lisa at We Are Scout. It adds an insane amount of texture using only a few basic materials. The large pompoms and tassels make a big statement and you can choose whatever colors you want.

Pompoms and Tassels

Pompoms and TasselsLast but not least is this adorable pompom and tassel design from Madeline over at Brit.co. The mix of the two shapes combined with all the bright colors makes this one of the most fun projects on our list. Of course, you can change it up however you want so it suits your décor.

Choose What Works

We hope you found some great ideas that have inspired you to take on a project of your own. Remember, you don’t have to try them all! Take your time and choose the one that best suits your décor and skill level. Then, tailor it to the look and style of your room.

With so many beautiful options, we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you. Don’t be overwhelmed! Just take your time working through the tutorials and soon you’ll have a one-of-a-kind design made just for your home.

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35+ Wall Hanging Craft Ideas With Photos To Decor Your Home

Wall hanging is one of the simple and easy technique to enhance the beauty of the wall. It can be created by using simple material available in our day to day life. The most antique wall hanging is made of clothes or rug in India, where beads and colorful trends are used to decorate the clothes.

Source: kaleb.info

Source: shutterfly.com

Source: kindi.me

Source: pinterest.com

Bangle, paper, wood, jute, waste plastic bottle and egg caret are the material used to create the wall hanging in earlier days. However, the modern wall hanging is comprised of unique design and material used in a distinct style. People enjoy putting the artistic wall hanging in the various corner of the room to redesign the house atmosphere. Some of the interesting wall hanging craft ideas, which can blow your minds and perfect for every home décor.  

Source: youtube.com

Source: mycrafts.com

Source: mycrafts.com

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Wood is a fantastic material, which can be used in a different way and pattern to make a beautiful wall hanging. You can just take a small piece of the wood blog and attach each piece to form a big heart pattern. You can attach family photos in each wooden blog. Mirror wall hanging gives a luxury feeling in the house. Paper wall art depicts the family tree with some memorable photos can turn the boring wall into an interesting theme.

Source: nutaku.net

Source: sustainmycrafthabit.com

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Use small light with some artificial flower to hang in the wall. Wall handing can be designed also as a hidden storage place. There are many walls hanging craft ideas with photos can be attempted to make wonderful wall decor. Try to nurture your own creativity to build your artistic piece of wall hanging for your special space.

Source: decordev.com

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Source: kaleb.info

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See Unusual DIY Hanging Planter Ideas You’ll Love For Your Home

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Source: youtube.com

Source: youtube.com

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Unique Wall Hanging Craft - Best Out Of Waste Cardboard and Masks - Home Decoration ideas


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