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What went well?

Have you ever been in a GIF battle? We have and we lived to tell the tale. 😁 After Astea’s first online team building, we were eager to plan our next online team activity. We stumbled upon the following Trello board and we were on board with the idea. Here’s what we learned from the epic GIF Wars: Astea Edition.


1. What went well?

2. What could have been done differently?

3. On the path to GIF mastery

Unsurprisingly, we used Trello for our own GIF contest. Trello automatically displays the attached GIFs on the cards’ covers. This made scrolling through the entries easy and mesmerizing.

GIFs War: Astea Edition

Moreover, the Voting Power-Up allows you to sort the cards by vote in two clicks. This was especially useful to the referees who were busy keeping track of the timing and the rules during the heated battle.

Lastly, in order to make the game even more challenging, we decided to spice up the boards by adding topics. We had 2 qualification boards: one dedicated to movie GIFs and one dedicated to animal GIFs. Every board consisted of 6 unique prompts and the contestants had to find the best GIF for each prompt in accordance to the topic. The winners from the two boards faced each other in a final freestyle round with 3 prompts.

We wanted to make the game as challenging as possible, so we gradually reduced the time to post a GIF for each board from 2 minutes for the first 2 prompts to 1 minute for the last prompt. After that, the participants had 30 seconds to vote for the best entry. Unfortunately, this wasn’t optimal for people with slow internet connections who needed more time for uploading, loading and voting.

Also, while the topics were a nice touch, we opted for a difficult topic – movies vs an easy topic – animals. As a result, some of the contestants from the first board were disqualified as they couldn’t find suitable GIFs from movies. This wasn’t a problem for the animal GIFs.

Finally, we could have prepared some music as advised in the Trello template. We thought that we could simply talk while searching for GIFs but as the game unfolded there were some bits of awkward and intense silence. 😄

It might take one or two rounds to get accustomed to the mechanics, but it’s a fun and light activity suitable for remote teams. Some colleagues participated only as spectators but they were actively voting and chatting. According to the referees, the audience’s involvement really contributed to the atmosphere making the game something more than just a contest.

If you are into GIFs you will love this game. You never know if you are a true GIF warrior until the votes are cast. We rewarded our winner, the Astea GIF Master, with a custom GIF and Slack emoji. 🎉


Trello Top Tips and Tricks -
The Ultimate Guide 2021

Below are some quick shortcuts you can use when viewing your cards at the board level (i.e. when you have not opened any cards yet, and can see the whole board):

Insert a new card

  • Hover your cursor over a card and press n

Copy a card

  • Hover your cursor over a card and press Control + c

Paste a card

  • Hover your cursor over a card and press Control + v

Open the filter function

Clear all filters

Count how many cards are in each list

  • Press f to open the filter, then

  • Press * in the search box

  • A count of the number of cards will appear at the top of each list.

Add a label to a card

  • Hover over a card and press L

  • You can then press a number eg 1 or 2 or 3, etc to add a label using your keyboard. Or click on one using you mouse.

Add a due date to a card

  • Hover over a card and press d

Add a team member to a card

  • Hover over a card and press m

Add yourself to a card

  • Hover over a card and press the space bar

See only the cards you are a member of

Archive a card

  • Hover over a card and press c

Open card ‘quick edit mode’

  • Hover over a card and press e

Quick edit the title of a card

  • Hover over a card and press t

Open Menu

Move cards between lists without click and drag

  • When a card is open use the “<“ or “>” arrows to move it between lists.

Now that you’re a speed demon with the keyboard, its time for some more time-saving Trello tips and tricks

2. Time-Saving Trello Tips and Tricks

How to easily create cards, from anywhere!

Trello is everywhere! Which is one of its greatest strengths as a task management tool. There are numerous add-ons, extensions, apps etc for all your devices and browsers. We think it's worth using as many of these as you can to make life easier. By doing this you'll be able to create a card from wherever you are at the time.

Here are our three favourites that cover most common situations:

  • Google Chrome extension

    • Once installed you can, quickly find a board by clicking the URL bar and pressing 't' and the Tab button, then type to search.

    • Use the Trello icon in the extensions menu to quickly add a card to a board and optionally attach the current webpage you are viewing.

  • Trello iPhone/Android app

    • Open and manage your boards from you phone. Also easily add webpages to Trello boards when viewing on your phone. Trello widgets are also available to give you a quick summary of tasks.

  • Gmail Add-on

    • Quickly add emails to Trello by opening up the Add-on and assigning it to a board/list. A new card will be created with the email contents as the description

  • Trello Desktop app for Windows or Mac

    • Great for managing Trello away from a browser. Our favourite tip is the ability to quickly create a new card using the keyboard shortcut 'Control' + 'option' + space bar.

Some more advanced options for automation between apps and Trello. We won't go into details here but worth investigating:

Adding links to cards

There are a few different ways to add links to Trello cards.

  1. Copy and paste using either the right click function. Highlight a website URL (the text in the address bar) and right click you mouse. Select “copy”. Then open a Trello card and right click and select “paste”. Or you can simply hover over the “create new card” section of a list and paste there too, this will create a new card with that link.

  2. A more efficient option is to use the keyboard short cut mentioned earlier. So highlight the link you want, press control + “c”, to copy. Then go to the card you wan to paste into and pre and hold control + “v”.

  3. Another great way to add a link is to to highlight the link and then simply drag and drop it to the card you want to add it to. Trello will automatically add it to the card. Or create a new card when dropped in the “create new card” section at the bottom of each list.

Navigate around Trello with ease

Moving around Trello is pretty intuitive but there are some tricks to make it even easier and faster.

  1. You can click and drag the board to move horizontally to see all you lists

  2. If using a mouse that supports finger dragging, you can do the same using your mouse pad or external mouse.

  3. Double-clicking on an empty space on your board will create a new list for you

  4. When a card is open, you can move it between lists by using the “<“ or “>” arrows. Eg move it from “Doing” to “Done” without clicking and dragging it.

  5. And don’t forget to check out the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above. For examples you can open menu (press “m”) or the filter (press “f”) with one keystroke.

3. Team Collaboration

Now that you are personally using Trello more effectively, its time to increase collaboration with your team.

For starters we need to add team members to your board. There are a few options for this to explain.

  1. Invite someone to the board using the “invite” button at the top of your board. Simply type the name of your team member and invite them to join your board.

    • You can also select the type of access you want to grant them. The options are “Observer” or “Member”. Members have full access and can use the board as normal. Observers on the other hand can only view the board, open cards and leave comments on cards.

  1. Terraform cloud api
  2. Ultra4 racing
  3. Eleven s3 outfits

Free Trello Power-Ups for project management

Here’s a collection of free Trello add-ons that is taking project management on Trello to the next level. You’re now able to use Trello in large-scale projects. How cool is that?! Installed on more than 60,000 boards, these power-ups range from adding support for creating epics and hierarchies to setting dependencies and estimates, on one or multiple Trello boards. These are free Power-Ups so you can just add them to your board! 


Card Size by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to set weights (e.g. hours or story points) for your cards to estimate how much work each card requires. The estimate is shown in the card front. It’s a simple board utility that is free and runs entirely within the Trello UI.


Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello

OKR Cards by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows tracking your objectives and key results to improve focus and align teams around company goals. Track goals and see the progress. It’s a simple board utility that is free and runs entirely within the Trello UI.



Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello

Epic Cards by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to group cards into larger bodies of work, epics. As cards are completed, the progress of the work is shown in your epic card. 

This add-on gives you the power to manage and track work on a high level. Since epics are shared across boards, you can finally organise your work across all of your boards!


Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello

Card Dependencies by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to link cards together by setting dependencies between them. For example, you can specify which task is currently blocking some other task. You can also use it for creating parent-child relationships between cards. It is a simple board utility that runs entirely on top of Trello.


Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello


Card Priority by Screenful is a free Power-Up that allows you to set priorities and sort cards according to their importance. You can configure the names of the priority levels. The cards with the highest priority display a red badge in the card front so that you can quickly see which cards need most urgent attention.


Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello


One Power-Up to rule them all! Scaled by Screenful is a free Power-Up that adds all-in-one toolkit to your Trello boards to enable tracking work in scale. You can create epics, track dependencies between cards, and set estimates and priorities to cards. It gives you the power to manage and track work on a high level across multiple boards.


Learn more or add to your board by clicking the button below

Add to Trello

We hope you enjoy these free add-ons. Why not make it step further? We have also a paid product Dashboard for Trello for advanced reporting and out of the box dashboards of your Trello data. Learn more

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Advanced Trello Skills: Attachments and Power-Ups

It's not the same without you

Hi @Fapstronaut 

Welcome to the Community!

I wondered how to do this as well! I found out how to do it here:

This is how to add a gif into the 'description' field:

Add something that looks like this: 


I went to and grabbed a random gif. Click on the 'media link' (to the right-hand side of the gif) and copy and paste the 'social' link in brackets so that Trello knows it's a gif!


So my description field when it's being edited looks like this:

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 19.18.19.pngBut when I click 'save,' it looks like this:

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 19.18.25.png


Gif trello

Add Images to Trello Cards

Our community is over 3 million users strong and growing. CloudApp provides instant collaboration for individuals and enterprise level through sharable screenshots, screen recording videos, and GIFs. But don’t just take our word for it- we have asked some of our power users to tell us about their experience using our platform. Learn how our power users are leveraging CloudApp in their daily workflows to improve productivity, communication, and more!

Justin Veenema is the Creative Director at Loop Digital, a boutique advertising agency in Canada. He has a small team and wears many hats. For accuracy, his team communicates feedback almost entirely online using Slack, Google Docs and Trello.

Justin is wow’d by CloudApp’s ability to share mockups with his team and get instant feedback. Learn how Justin speeds up his marketing feedback loop with CloudApp

Justin’s trick

‘By utilizing CloudApp, Alfred and Trello, I'm able to embed UX updates into project cards way faster than I ever could before.’

– Justin Veenema, Loop Digital Marketing

If you want to be able to do the same, here is how he did it.

Time saved

CloudApp allows me to quickly share visual mockups with my team and get feedback almost instantly. In a way, CloudApp is actually helping me shift my career in a brand new direction, which is super exciting.”  

– Justin Veenema, Loop Digital Marketing

Workflow before this trick:

Take Screenshot -> Open Trello -> Upload Screenshot to card -> Right-click image -> copy image URL -> paste in image short-code -> paste in URL -> Image Embedded in Card

Workflow after this trick:

Take Screenshot -> Open Trello -> Run "Trello Image" shortcut -> Image Embedded in Card

Justin estimates he saves 30 seconds for every visual he pastes in Trello. It's 30 seconds on top of already being able to record quick GIFs and videos with CloudApp.

If this trick is too advanced for what you are trying to do, you can use our Trello integration.

Note: You can’t automatically see the links you are pasting like Justin does, but you can quickly go through your recent CloudApp drops to add them as attachments.

At CloudApp, we are continually striving to find the best ways to provide a great customer feedback led product and engage with our community of millions of users. We would be nothing without our CloudApp champions and love to hear from power users who love our product and benefit from it! If you would like to be featured as a power user, fill out the form below.

trello sp gif

Using the Giphy Power-Up

Giphy lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs. This Power-Up will enable a Giphy button on cards, allowing you to quickly search for and attach the perfect GIF.

Enabling the Power-Up

To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the "Add" button next to the Giphy Power-Up.

Using the Power-Up

You can now access the Power-Up from the back of the card by clicking the Giphy button in the Power-Up section. From there, simply search for the perfect GIF and add it to your card with just one click.

The GIF will now show in the Attachments section of the card and as the card cover on the front of the card. 

You can easily delete the GIF by clicking the "Delete" link to the right of the attachment.

Giphy settings and disabling the Power-Up

To choose the maximum rating of the GIFs that will be retrieved from Giphy, open the board menu on the right side of the page, click on the Giphy Power-Up, and select "Edit Power-Up settings".

The default is automatically set to PG-13. You can choose a different rating via the drop-down menu. Please note that the newly selected rating will only apply to that specific board.

To disable the Power-Up, select the "Disable" button. Disabling the Power-Up will not cause any data loss but will remove the Giphy button on the back of cards.


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