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Cojax CT

Status: Memorial
Gender: Male
State: Connecticut
Tag #: 1645
Age: 9 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 50 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: No Kids

1/18/17 – Memorial
It was a sad day for AABR’s Cojax. After failing health, he had to be put down today. He had a great life due to the care he received at his foster homes.

10/05/15 – Forever Foster
Cojax will be remaining with our behaviorist. He is now 8 yrs old and has failing vision. It has taken him years to feel comfortable and we do not feel it would be fair to move him at this point. If you are interested in sponsoring Cojax, please consider making a donation towards his care!


It has been 4.5 years since Cojax joined AABR. His past has been a difficult thing to overcome. Cojax is still looking for that special home that can work with him and gain his trust. He is currently fostered with a trainer and does well with the other dogs in her home. He is housebroken, knows his commands, and just wants to find a forever family of his own. Cojax needs a home without children and would do best in a quiet environment. If you can provide that special home for Cojax, apply today!


Cojax is still waiting for his forever home. He comes with expert training and advice. Cojax is currently fostered with our behaviorist in Connecticut and he is doing very well. Please consider this guy who was so badly neglected and deserves a second chance.


After spending the first few years of his life living outside on a chain that left permanent scars around his neck, you won’t see many photos of Cojax running around outside in the winter. He prefers to semi hibernate on the dogs’ sofa – just going out for a quick stretch of the legs and bathroom duties; at least until he sees the first tulips of Spring. Cojax is looking forward to a forever family without children where his people will be understanding of the miserable life that he’s led and help him with patience to build more trust in people.


Cojax is currently in foster with AABR’s trainer. Cojax is working through his lack of trust with new people. He had a sheltered life on a chain early on, so will need a home that is quiet, calm, and patient. Cojax is also looking for a home with a secure, fenced yard. He really enjoys having the company of another dog. We will update Cojax’s page with his progress.


Cojax has lost his temporary foster home and is back at the kennel. He is in need of a foster home with boxer experience and that has the patience to help Cojax acclimate to a home environment. He is very treat motivated and loves other dogs. Cojax attended an adoption event last weekend and he did great! Cojax met many different dogs and several new people. New pictures are posted from this event. Please open your home to this boy and give him a chance at getting back in a home environment!


Cojax is in a temporary foster home and is doing well, considering he has never been in a home his whole life. He is good with the other male boxers in his foster home and is adjusting to sharing attention with them. You can only imagine how much he wants and needs attention after finally getting a chance at a good life inside a home. Cojax is totally housebroken and has not had a single accident, which is amazing in my opinion.

Cojax needs a foster who will work with him on his crate manners and teach him other basics. He is doing so well in such a short time of just eight days. Now at least we know he is ready for a home. Please help him by offering a foster or forever home. He was so neglected and abused prior to coming to rescue, but is such a good boy in spite of it all.


Our boy is now finished with his heartworm treatment. It has been a long winter for him. Cojax has never had a real home and family of his own. He used to be tied up in the backyard and would break free once in awhile and go to the neighbor’s house to play with their dog. Cojax is ready for a family of his own.

07/18/09 –

Message from gail:

Click on a video below to watch it:

Cojax and Ruby meet Moochie, Ellie and Otis
Video Length 1:53
Click here to watch


Update – I was very lucky to spend some time with Cojax this weekend at the kennel. He is much smaller than previously indicated, weighing maybe 50 lbs at full weight. He’s was kept outdoors frequently, and has a rough patch around his neck area where the collar would scrape his skin. He is cautious of everything initially and I don’t think he’s had much exposure to anything in life. He’s like a puppy in a two year old dog’s body! His head is swimming right now but soon he’ll be neutered, vaccinated and ready for a home!

The kennel manager said he’s becoming more acclimated every day and is enjoying time in the yard to run and play off leash. He likes to play “soccer”, chasing a toy that I kicked around. But he wasn’t sure if he should pick it up, or what to do! So Cojax needs a home to teach him how to play and how to enjoy things in life! His ideal home would be a quiet one with adults only. Experienced dog owners are necessary since he has had very little socialization in his life and will need owners with dog knowledge and patience to help him learn about the world. He’s very food motivated though and could learn anything! He enjoyed getting hot dogs for sitting and getting his flea preventative.

Cojax is a special boy that deserves a better life than being a “yard dog” so apply to foster or adopt this cute little man today!

12/28/08 – Cojax

Cojax is an extremely handsome 2 year old male boxer that was given up by his elderly owner so he could have a better life. He is stunning example of the breed, muscular, trim and fit. He got along well with the female pit bull in the home in the very few interactions they had.

He will be vaccinated and neutered shortly. If you could foster Cojax, apply today! And check back soon for updates!


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Memorial: King Tut

New: Sophie, Oliver, Brutus, Beatrice, Rocky, Cassie, Hershey, Dash
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Adopted: Boris, Pinkie, Jackson, Parker

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Updated: Chief, Parker
Forever Foster: Chloe, Bruno

Updated: Buddy & Lola, Abby
Adopted: Cricket

New: Stefanie, Mandie, Patchie, Vivienne
Updated: Popeye, Autumn & Cooper, Diesel, Kelly, Josie, Trudy, Trinity
Adopted: Bentley, Darla, Stormi & Hulk, Teena, Lovey, Buddy, Nina, Ruby, Luke, Marley & Michele, Lola, Cowboy, Waffles, Selina, Lucas, Porsche
Other placement: Apollo
Courtesy posting: Penny

New: Selina

New: Bentley, Trinity, Stormi & Hulk, Lola & Buddy, Deuce
Updated: Lovey, Darla, Abby, Cricket, Teena
Adopted: Ziggy, Fiona, Stefani, Jazzy, Pancakes, Twila

New: Nina, Cricket, Trudy, Pinkie, Pancakes, Buddy NY, Duchess, Otto, Ruby, Ziggy, Fiona
Updated: Diesel, Jupiter, Priest, Slade, Buka, Chief, Marley & Michele, Jackson, Luke
Adopted: Stella Rose, Butch, Patty, Bella, Rugar

Other placement: Gus

New: Buka, Gus, Abby, Chief, Octane, Boris, Butch, Stella Rose, Rugar, Luke
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Updated: Sally, Acorn
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Memorial: Coty

New: Acorn, Josie, Jimi, Bentley, Waffles, Bogie, Rudy, Jefferson, Raven
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Forever Foster Update: King Tut

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Forever Foster: King Tut

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Updated: Hudson
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Adopted: Rock
Forever Foster: Charlie DE

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Updated: Rosebud
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Memorial: Tater

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Forever Foster: Hercules

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Updated: Peggy
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Updated: Dexter, Lola, Snoopy, Chloe, Angel, Toby
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Memorial: Becky, Finian

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Memorial: Coco

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Forever Foster: Tater

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On Hold: Jazzy

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Memorials: Rocky PA, Jenkins

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Updated: Lady

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Updated: Keelo, Maddox, Lillie, Rocky
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New: Jackson Junior, Sully, Maddox, Dayla
Updated: Penelope, Mackenzie, Sergeant Major, Beauty, Max2, Cash, LuLu, Jewel, Jerry, Lucy
Adopted: Zoe, Ester, Cuddles, June, Riff, Eleanor, Robbie

New: LuLu
Adopted: Sam

New: Nemo, Gunther, Charlie, Nico, Mumford
Updated: Helio, Maybelline, Penelope, Buddy, Kobe, Delilah, Zoe, Max2
Adopted: Rajat, Flora, Rex, Kobe DE, Bishop, Bear

BOXER! 5 Reasons you SHOULD NOT GET A Boxer Puppy!

This gorgeous brindle gal is Nora. She's got her 2nd birthday coming up next month and is ready to party!

Nora is coming into rescue because she needs to be an ONLY DOG. She's living with other dogs, and the fights are becoming quite serious. Her owners are needing to keep her separated for safety's sake. They feel she will thrive as an only where she will get all the attention and all the snuggles.

Nora is spayed, and current on her vaccinations. She does have focal seizures and has been seen by a neurologist as a result. She currently takes phenobarbital and will require bloodwork every six months to be sure her dosage is correct. On the meds, the focal seizures are controlled. She lives a very happy, boxer existence.

Nora was super friendly with our volunteer when she met her. She loved being petted and assumed that boxer lean we all know so well. Nora is well behaved, super smart, and obviously quite a head turner with those stunning good looks. She does have a little bit of leash reactivity, but is easily redirected with positive reinforcement and praise for doing the right thing.

She's lived with children and is great with them.

Bottom line for this girl, is she just prefers to be an only dog. It's what will make her happiest. So, if you've been looking for a young boxer girl, Nora is ready and waiting.




SPECIAL NEEDS? Medication for focal seizures (controlled with the meds)


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