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Thor: Ragnarok (2017) dir. Taika Waititi

I’m upset! I’m very upset. You know what I like about being upset? Blame. And right now, that’s the mindset that I’m in. And you know who I’m blaming?

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All About Loki

To quote Tom - now we’re getting somewhere

Previous episodes:

Note: This episode feels short, but only because I tried to make it as brief as possible. Previous posts were too long and its annoying. Dialogues would be much longer,fight scene that I described in like 2 lines would be 5 minutes long. Etc. I hope you enjoy it. I cant wait for your feedback!

Loki teleports back to Utgard. Drrf and Fenrir by his side. Loki is planning to visit his mother in the palace, but as soon as he gets close to it, they are at courtyard, several guards stand in their way. Fenrir growls. One of them says

- You are forbidden to enter, Asgardian.

Loki looks at Jotun. He is irritated by his tone of voice, how he pronounced Asgardian. Like he is a worm. Loki has flashbacks to times he and asgardians talked down like this to Jotuns.

- I am Jotun just like you says Loki.

- Not according to our queen.

Loki could easily take them all down. But he knows that would lead to even more trouble. Plus he must protect Drrf and Fenrir. He looks one more time at Jotuns in front of him and says to Drrf

- Come.

They turn around and want to leave, but as soon as Loki turns his back to them, one of them says

- Coward.

Loki stops. He quickly turns around and shoots that Jotun with energy blast. He ends up on the floor several feet away. Loki is prepared to hit another one, but Drrf holds his hand and says

- No, master. There will be time for war. But not now. Not now.

Jotuns were ready to fight, each holding a weapon, but they were standing still, looking at Loki. Waiting for him to start the fight or leave.

Loki looked at Drrf and nodded. They turned around and left.

- Bunch of morons Loki mumbles.

- Come, master. I’ll show you others.

- Others?

- Others like me. You wanted to see them. I think now its time.


They leave the palace courtyard. Loki is visibly angry.

- This is outrageous he repeats

Fenrir happily follow him and Drrf is by his side.

- Palace is also my home Loki says How can that bitch lock me out?

- Master. You are at war with her. Did you really expect her to welcome you back?

Loki just shakes his head. He lets Drrf to lead the way and when they are walking throught Utgard Loki asks

- Where are you taking me?

- To the part of city called Outyards.

- Let me guess. It isnt a neighbourhood with palaces and spas.

- That’s quite correct, master. We are an exclusive, as we call it, brotherhood. We live in hiding deep underground. Only outlaws and those cast out by their own kind live in Outyards. They find shelter here when there is nowhere else to go. Hands the name. Since we are prey to normal size Jotuns, we come out only after dark. It is a perfect place for us to hide.

And very soon Loki finds out what he meant. The buildings are smaller and a little crooked, some even made of wood, not stone like in other parts of city, there is not one person here in clean clothing, Jotuns are sitting on the ground, eating whatever they could find with bare hands. Loki could not believe such difference. Such graceful creatures a mile away, now this sight.

- This way, said Drrf.

Loki followed him into a small door. He had to lean forward to get through. He and Fenrir entered a small dark house. Drrf opened another even smaller door and disappeared behind them. Loki followed him and found out he was now on top of stairs to a cellar or something. He used his green seidr to conjur a green light so he could see where he was going. After many stairs his feet reached the floor. Without hesitation he followed Drrf. After maybe 500 steps he recognized fire in the distance with multiple small creatures sitting around it. When they heard steps few of them turned around and when they saw Loki, for them a big figure, they assumed they were in danger and started hissing. Fenrir did the same.

- No my friends dont be scared said Drrf It is me, Drrf.

- Who are you bringing here? Who is this intruder?

- Thats Loki explained Drrf.

That name appeared to have power here. Creatures who all looked similar to Drrf all looked at Loki with a mix of fear, respect and admiration. But mostly fear.

- Loki said one of them Our king.


Loki and Drrf now sit among them. Loki finds out they were just roasting some animal. Some drinks are poured and they give Loki one glass. He looks at it with suspicion but one of the creatures who Loki heard was called Udr said

- Its not poison your majesty. Its wine.

Drrf drank so Loki too. He took a small sip and found out it was delicious. Somebody threw Fenrir a bone so he was busy.

- Where did you get it asked Loki

- We didnt steal it said Udr If thats what youre implying your majesty. We make it. Kolga here is great with these sorts of things.

Kolga, smaller than Drrf replied

- Yes altho I admit the equipment to make wine did not magicaly appear. I stole it.

Loki sits there and enjoys the wine and listens to them talk. They are like tiny spies, he finds out. They sneak everywhere. They tell Loki that queen is preparing for the war, arming every man she can find, they heard she ordered to forge new swords and shields, wider and thicker. That they see her in the city more than before.

- How about men that are on my side? Loki asks.

- Many Udr says More and more talk about you with hope. You know, many dont like queen’s policies.

- But I am from Asgard says Loki.

- You’d be surprised how many see it as a good thing. I heard men say you might bring a fresh look on things.

Loki looks around and says

- I would first very much like to do something about this. How you live here. Like ragtag.

- But we are says a small creature in the corner.

Loki says - No youre not. You are just as Jotuns as every other out there. Being small doesnt mean your existance matters less. Look at me. I am small as well. And yet I am aiming for the throne.

- But you were born as a son of a king

- Yes but I wasnt exactly wanted either. I mean Laufey did leave me on a rock to die. My point is, we decide our fate. We write our own stories. I dont see myself as a ragbag and you shouldnt either.

- We dont. Said another small Jotun. Others do. And they are in much greater numbers. Even if we got together, and went up, we would be easily outnunbered and slaughtered. And eaten like this bull we have here.

- Did that happen already? Asked Loki quietly.

Tiny Jotuns looked at each other.

- Multiple times said Drrf There were a lot more of us. We lost friends. They were going out to get food and never returned.

Loki shook his head.

- How is queen not doing anything about it?

- Because she doesnt see us as citizens said Udr Why do you think Jotuns keep killing us? Because it isnt considered a crime.

Loki kept shaking his head.

- Reach out your hands he says.

Tiny Jotuns do so and in palm of each one of them a tiny dagger appears.

- Hide them well Loki said It is my gift to you. For protection.

They were never given anything so the Thank you is coming from all sides. Loki is overwhelmed. This lights up the mood and they all raise their glasses and drink to Loki and better times that come with him. They start telling stories and he listens. And laughs. He doesnt even realize its been hours. He feels as he is among his own kind.


Aegir is sitting on the balcony of his chambers, sipping some drink. Vidofnir is out as always at this hour to breathe fresh air. He sees him circling above the city then the bird turns around and he appears to be in a hurry. Aegir knows him. He stands up reaches out his arm and Vidofnir sits on his arm. He shrieks loudly. Aegir understands his language. He tells him he saw Loki, where and with whom. Aegir knows that there is an ‘army of runts’ living there, as they call them, he walks out of his room to get his men. He meets Dufa on the way

- Where are you doing at this hour, uncle?

- Loki has returned. He is in Outyards

She says with serious face

- I am going too. We end this tonight.


Loki is having fun with his new friends. They are all laughing now after a few drinks and so is Loki. Now its him who is telling them stories from his youth, about adventures with Thor or Sigyn. Until a few minutes later when one of them comes running and says

- Soldiers! Soldiers are coming!

Panic begins. One of them shouts

- Come! Quickly!

They all run towards another exit they built in case of emergency. Loki goes with them. As they run out into the night, Loki first sees walls of the buildings around them. And not a person in sight. Until they hear a loud shriek from above them. Its Vidofnir, spreading his giant wings sitting on a tower. Loki shoots an energy blasts at him but the bird moves. They keep running but suddenly a group of soldiers barricades their way.

- No says Loki quietly its almost whisper

Loki’s hands glow green, he is prepared to attack them and all tiny jotuns instinctively stand behind him. Then he sees Aegir, he emerges from behind his men with a weird smile. Him. Few seconds after that Dufa follows him,with scepter in her hand. Fenrir growls.

- Get out of our way Loki warns them

Dufa comes closer, her men behind her

- You give us those runts.

- Dont call them that Loki hisses and his hands glow green even more.

Dufa smiles

- What a coincidence. Scum befriended scum.

A scepter in her hand glows.

- Last warning, sister.

She smiles and shoots at him. Loki moves away and shouts at his friends

- Ruuuuun!

Hell breaks loose. Tiny jotuns start running and Loki tries to protect them but Dufa keeps him busy when she keeps attacking him with the scepter. Loki manages to shout at Fenrir ae he understands

- Go! Run!

Fenrir does seem to understand and runs and disappears into the night. Aegir and his men catch all small Jotuns,bind their hands and Loki and Aegir look at each other for brief moment. Im going to kill you say Loki’s eyes. Aegir just smiles and leads his men out of this place.

- No! Loki screams when he sees all of them handcuffed, one of soldiers even kicks Drrf in the back. Loki’s blood is boiling.

Dufa attack him again but Loki disappears and Dufa looks around and sees that Loki is attacking their men, and telekinetically uncuffs his tiny friends.

- Run! He shouts

They do. But in that moment Loki stopped paying attention and Dufa shot him with the scepter. Loki is hit and falls on his back several feet away. He is off for few seconds. Enough for Aegir and his men to re-take the small ones and handcuff them again. Aegir looks at Dufa then at Loki and she says

- Go. He is mine

Loki’s eyesight is little hazy. He hears a mixture of voices, cant tell what is happening. He wants to stand up and he manages to sit up. He sees Dufa approaching him slowly. She puts the scepter to his chest, on the golden asgardian symbol.


- You might have Jotun skin she says But deep down in your heart you are still Asgardian scum.

Loki looks into her face, eyes wet. Thinking about the promise he made to Drf. That he is going to keep him and his friends safe. That nothing’s gonna happen to them. He might be killed by his own sister, but this is the only thing he can think of. That he broke his promise. Didnt protect them.

- How Gods die tells you how they lived she smiles. She is then clearly ready to kill him, but this gave Loki enough time to regain his strength and he teleports her away. He crowls for a few meters, then gets on his knees. Fenrir runs back to him, whining. He licks Loki’s hand. Loki is looking at the darkness around him. Empty look on his face. One horn on his helmet is broken.


Next we would cut to Dufa being teleported into the palace, angry that Loki did that to her. That would wake up her mother and Dufa would tell her what happened, Farbauti still repeating how they should come with some arrangement not this. How she cant believe she would have killed her own brother. I didnt feel like writing this scene, but I would put it here


Loki spends several minutes just thinking and not thinking at the same time. He feels so empty and filled with rage at the same time. After what feels like an eternity, he decides he needs to speak one person. He wants to her voice right now. Loki sends his clone to Asgard, to Sigyn’s chambers. He finds her there, in a chair next to the fireplace, reading a book, dressed in nightgown. When she sees him, knowing immediately its only astral projection, she stands up and approaches him. She notices the broken horn and most importantly - this is the first time she sees him in his Jotun form. Loki, with all of that going on, didnt even realize. The look on his face cant be described as anything else but total destruction. He would have also been pleased to see her in sheer nightgown if the occasion was different. But now he doesnt even notice.

- What happened? She asks.

Loki closes his eyes

- I lost. I lost them. They are gone.

- Who, Loki? Who is gone?

- My friends. Drrf and others. They took them.

- Who? My uncle and my sister. The soldiers. They took them. I promised I would care care if them…

She sadly smiles

- You’ve always been doing that Loki. Trying to protect others. So many times we were in a battle or any kind of danger and you tried to keep an eye on us all, making sure none of us gets hurt.

- This is different he says quietly I gave Drrf my word…I made a promise.

- Loki. Look at me.

He slowly raises his eyes to hers.

- You cant protect everyone.

He forgets she is not really there and tries to touch her. She fades away in front of his eyes.


Fenrir licking his hand brings him back to reality. Loki pets him and then he stands up. He knows what he must do. Dufa had the scepter or Jotun kings but he had no weapon of his. He already more less knows this city.

He marches and he marches for a long time when he finally gets to the smithy down by what they call The gate of death. He doesnt care why they call it that. Its almost dawn so the owner is awake. Loki knocks on his door, gives him a fist full of coins and says

- I want to forge a weapon. Myself.

The Jotun man leads him to the workshop and leaves him there all by himself. Loki knows the art of blacksmithing. Next few minutes would be a montage of Loki forging himself a sword. With beautiful shots at his face. Imagine Tom’s expressions, especialy anger.


Then he would leave and put it into holster on his back that he conjured. And he marches again until he is outside the city. He turns around and looks at Utgard. He turns his back to the city and takes out the casket. Fenrir gets scared and hides behind him.

With it, Loki would build a spectacular castle made of ice. The people in Utgard would watch from far away as an ice castle emerges out of nothing. It would be spectacular, with everything a king needs in a castle.


Then he looks at his creation and hides the casket. He is looking for several minutes thinking about everything that his creation represents. He marches towards the castle with Fenrir behind him. As he walks in, he sees something like this.


Loki slowly approaches the throne in the back of the hall and sits on it. He takes the sword out of the holster, looks at it, then lifts it up. The sword is flaming now.



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let me show you a couple posts I’ve seen circulating on tumblr recently:


…[men assume lesbian and bi women are up for a threesome because they think] that because some women have certain male-typical desires (interest in having sex with women) that they also behave in male-typical ways (see other people as sex toys). I think to a lot of dudes, if a woman is interested in women, it’s unfathomable that she wouldn’t want to have sex the way he wants to–with anyone, at more or less any time, regardless of levels of mutual attraction.

I could find you a hundred more examples but hopefully these two are sufficient to identify the concept I’m pointing at. That concept goes something like this: “queer women are pure and uniformly good and never violate boundaries or objectify people! unlike men! men’s sexuality is disgusting. ‘Male-typical sexuality’ is seeing other people as sex toys. Men have no decency. Men attracted to women are weak and pathetic. Male attraction to women is objectifying and gross and predatory. Men who want to have sex with women don’t care about mutual attraction, don’t care who the woman is, and always are up for sex.” 

Like, I really wish I could end this article right there. That is an abhorrent message to spread. It’s false and it’s gross and it contributes to men being disbelieved about rape and unwanted sexual attention. It has done a great deal of damage to a lot of men I know, by making them hate themselves for experiencing sexual attraction. Posts like these conflate male attraction with male boundary-crossing, call boundary-crossing the typical or the inevitable outcome of male attraction, and thus demonize the attraction itself. (Claiming ‘men are weak and pathetic because their attraction inevitably leads to boundary-crossing’ still counts, yes.) And there’s something deeply regressive about framing ‘male attraction to someone’ and ‘respect for them’ as mutually incompatible. That’s the message I heard from church people, growing up: “if a boy really respects you, he won’t want to have sex with you. If he does want to have sex with you, he doesn’t respect you.”

And now people are repackaging that message as feminism. 

But I don’t think I can end the post there because ‘principled objection to the forceful and deliberate conflation of male attraction with male boundary-crossing’ is way down the list of feelings I have when I read posts like these.

Keep reading

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Tom Hiddleston Reacts to Unreleased Footage of Him Auditioning as Thor

Mostly Loki


(Here’s one more reminder: if you haven’t voted, do that! Make Steve less stressed!)

“Hey, can I ask—oh, wow.”

“…Captain? That is…quite the makeover.”

“Oh, yeah, you and Thor kind of inspired me. You know, when you said your setup here was a work in progress, I kind of figured you were going to organize it, not just collect more stuff.”

“Well, I’ve been busy actually making use of all this ‘stuff,’ and it hardly matters because I know where everything is. Did you just come here to insult my workshop, or did you want something?”

“Right, yes, I wanted to ask if you have any sleeping potions.”

“A few, and I can make more if necessary. Why?”

“…um, because it’s Election Day and I’m just a tiny bit stressed about the survival of my country’s democracy, among other things that depend a lot on the outcome? And I would actually like to sleep tonight at some point?”

“I realize that, but don’t you have medications?”

“Oh. No, nothing that works for me, my metabolism burns through it too fast and I’ve kinda reached a point of diminishing returns on the benefits of destroying punching bags. So I was hoping something for nonhumans might actually work on me.”

“Ah. Yes, I can see how that would be a problem. Never fear, Captain, I will make you a batch, and in return you will stop casting aspersions on my methods of organization.”

“Okay, deal.”

(Bonus: a slightly wider shot and a closeup of the desk, because I didn’t spend [redacted amount of time] on this to have it all go unnoticed in the background)

Check out the rest of the series: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3204995

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Loki Updates


MCM Comic Con

All the way from the end of time… We’re thrilled to welcome Jonathan Majors to MCM London

📷 📷 Appearing Sat & Sun

📷 Photos & Autographs on sale now, proof of vaccination required*   Book photos & autographs: https://bit.ly/3vhKsM9


The full FYC page isn’t built yet, but the landing page has been updated.


A “WandaVision” spinoff starring Kathryn Hahn is in development at Disney Plus from Marvel Studios, Variety has learned exclusively from sources.

Hahn would reprise the role of Agatha Harkness in the series, which is described by sources as a dark comedy, though exact plot details remain under wraps. “WandaVision” head writer Jac Schaeffer would serve as the writer and executive producer on the project. Should the spinoff go forward, it would be the first project Schaeffer has set up with Marvel since she signed an overall deal with them and 20th Television in May.

As with all projects in development, Marvel Studios is staying mum on this one. Reps for Schaeffer and Hahn did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

In “WandaVision,” Hahn started out playing the role of Agnes, Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor, before it was revealed she was in fact Agatha, a powerful witch. In the Marvel comics and the series, Agatha is shown to have survived the Salem Witch Trials and is more than a match for Wanda, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch. When viewers last saw her in the finale of “WandaVision,” Wanda traps Agatha in Westview by using her powers to force her revert to her Agnes persona.

“WandaVision” aired earlier this year from January-March. The show, the first live-action Marvel series to debut on Disney Plus, was met with widespread acclaim upon its debut. It ultimately racked up 23 Emmy nominations, including one for Hahn for best supporting actress in a limited series. One of the show’s win came in the best original music and lyrics category for the song “Agatha All Along,” which was used as part of the reveal that Hahn’s character was not who she appeared to be.

For Hahn, Variety exclusively reported that she is also set to star in a limited series in development at Showtime centered on iconic comedian Joan Rivers. Her other upcoming projects include the Apple series ““The Shrink Next Door” and the Rian Johnson feature “Knives Out 2.” Along with “WandaVision,” she previously earned an Emmy nomination for her time on Amazon’s “Transparent.”

She is repped by Lighthouse Management & Media, Gersh, Schreck Rose, and Narrative.

Schaeffer is also known for writing, directing, and producing the feature “TiMER” and also wrote the animated short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” and the feature “The Hustle” starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. She also worked on the story for the Marvel feature “Black Widow.”

She is repped by Writ Large, Verve, and Paul Hastings.

Screen Rant can exclusively reveal new data that shows the popularity of the MCU TV shows on Disney+. When the Disney+ streaming service launched in late 2019, industry figures expected it to hit what they considered an ambitious target of 50 million subscribers by 2022; instead, it passed 100 million subscribers in March 2021, giving a sense of just how remarkable a success the streaming platform has been. Every division of Disney is involved in this, producing a wealth of original content.

Marvel’s Disney+ TV shows are a crucial part of the success story. Interwoven into the ongoing narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these feature actors from the films themselves, including the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie, and Elizabeth Olsen. WandaVision transformed Wanda Maximoff into the Scarlet Witch ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, while The Falcon & the Winter Soldier’s epic conclusion set up Captain America 4. This makes them essential viewing for fans of the MCU, giving a strong incentive for superhero lovers to subscribe to Disney+ - and stick around. Marvel’s What If…? is the MCU’s first foray into animation, and although it hasn’t performed as strongly as other popular MCU TV shows, analysts believe it’s being used more for retention ahead of the Disney+ debuts of Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings and Hawkeye.

Streaming services like Disney+ don’t tend to give viewing figures, but third-party analytics help to evaluate the success of the various TV series. Screen Rant has spoken exclusively to Parrot Analytics, who measure online demand for TV shows, and they’ve revealed the MCU Disney+ TV series are an enduring success; all three live-action shows figure in the top 10 superhero shows in the U.S. for August 2021, with WandaVision and Loki remaining in the top 10 digital series.


No doubt Disney will be very pleased indeed with the high levels of demand for their Marvel and Lucasfilm Star Wars shows; four of the top 10 digital series for August 2021 are Disney+ originals. The continued demand for WandaVision is particularly notable, though, given the series was released at the beginning of the year, suggesting MCU TV shows are a sustained draw for the streaming service. What’s more, Parrot notes the shared universe is itself a key part of the success; it’s not just that each series is popular in its own right, but also that each time a new show comes out it increases engagement in all the others. This is the same kind of “franchise synergy” effect seen with Star Wars, where The Mandalorian season 2 impacted Clone Wars viewing.

It’s safe to assume Marvel’s dominance will continue. According to ObserverHawkeye tops the list of most anticipated new shows arriving in Fall, meaning the Avengers’ archer is sure to hit another top spot - and further boost the other MCU TV series on Disney+. The MCU is truly proving to be as much a success on Disney+ as in the box office.

Douglas Noe

Sometimes the love is mutual…

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LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish are already on the call sheet.

Owen Wilson has joined the cast of Haunted Mansion, Disney’s family adventure spookfest based on one of the company’s signature theme park rides.

Wilson joins LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish in a roll call for a production that is described as an ensemble in nature.

Justin Simien, who previously helmed Dear White People and Bad Hair, is making his big-budget studio debut by directing the feature project from a script by Katie Dippold. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who produced Disney’s billion-dollar-grossing live-action remake of Aladdin, are producing via their Rideback banner.

Story details are being kept in the dark, but it is known that ostensibly the film will follow a family that moves into the titular mansion. However, it is the characters around that nucleus that will have a big portion of the moonlight shining on them.

The project begins shooting in Atlanta in October. It is the latest to be based on one of the company’s classic rides and comes in the wake of the studio releasing Jungle Cruise, also inspired by a theme park attraction. The latter has grossed over $106 million at the domestic box office even as it streams on Disney+.

Rideback’s Nick Reynolds will exec produce Mansion.

Wilson became a fan-favorite when he played Mobius, a middle manager who works with Tom Hiddleston’s lord of mischief in Marvel’s Loki, the series that unspooled in June and July on Disney+.

The comedic actor also will be seen in this fall’s The French Dispatch, the latest film from frequent collaborator Wes Anderson, and recently wrapped shooting the romantic comedy Marry Me opposite Jennifer Lopez.

He is repped by UTA and Hirsch Wallerstein.


Incredibly sad news. Richard E. Grant has lost his wife of 35 years, Joan.

Our deepest condolences to the entire Grant/Washington family.

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