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Tom Selleck is a nature-loving outdoorsman so it’s no wonder he loves living on a 60-acre California ranch. “Right now there are baby bobcats running around with their mom,” he told Rach during their kitchen table chat, adding that he once got a front row seat when some owl eggs hatched in the window box outside his rec room.

He and Rach also chatted about Halloween. Watch the video above to hear him talk about the cheesy “Magnum P.I.” costumes he’s seen and find out what his favorite childhood candy is.

Tom’s career has spanned almost five decades, and he is happy to report that he gets recognized for both older and more recent roles, which he says means he’s still working. He shared this funny story, “I went to my eye doctor and the young woman at the desk goes, ‘Should I know you?’ And I said, ‘Magnum?’ And she went, ‘No, what’s that?’ And I said, ‘Quigley Down Under?’ She says, ‘No.’ And finally I said, ‘Friends’? And she goes, ‘Richard!’”

Watch below to hear him talking about working on his current CBS hit “Blue Bloods” and to find out what he really thinks of his co-stars:

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Magnum, P.I. Costume Idea

Posted By Pia Sooney on Nov 9, 2012 |

In the eighties, we swooned over Tom Selleck as Magnum, the mustached and mysterious Hawaii-based private investigator. Magnum, P.I. ran from 1980-1988. It featured beautiful tropical scenery, helicopters, a fancy beachfront estate, and a shiny red Ferrari. We might not have understand the whole deal between Magnum and Higgins, that prickly military-type dude with the Dobermans, but whatever. Magnum was eye-candy enough to encourage us to happily tune in. Magnum, P.I. 80s Costume To get that smokin’ hot Magnum look, you’ll need:

  • A festive Hawaiian shirt.
  • Dark, high-waisted jeans – bonus points if they are tight and have patch pockets! Wear them with a light colored belt, preferably made of cloth.
  • A luxuriant dark brown mustache, such as this one.
  • Optional (but awesome – and great it you don’t have Tom Selleck’s glossy, tousled locks) – a Detroit Tigers navy blue baseball cap.
  • Aviator sunglasses – check out this authentic vintage pair!
  • Around your neck, hang either a bulky camera with a long lens or a chunky pair of binoculars. You know, for all that surveillance you need to do. As a piece de resistance, consider snipping some brown curls from a wig or cutting a piece of brown faux fur and applying some manly chest hair with body tape.

Magnum, P.I. 80s Costume Magnum, P.I. 80s Costume

Brace yourself for the throngs of ladies that will chase you around all evening – your Magnum, P.I. sexiness will be totally irresistible. Have an awesome time dressed as one of the 80s hottest T.V. characters!

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  3. Sleep baby songs

Thomas Magnum, PI Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

Thomas Magnum is a highly skilled and well-trained Private Investigator. He was a former U.S. Navy Seal so you know not to mess with him. Magnum comes from a family of naval officers, and is generally well-liked by his peers.

Magnum has worn a lot of outfits throughout the seasons. But one outfit stands out. His Hawaiian, laid-back getup is a sure winner. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt, blue denim pants, and beige loafers. Here’s everything you need to look like Thomas Magnum, P.I.

How to Make Thomas Magnum, P.I. Costume

Magnum Pi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

About Magnum, P.I.

Thomas Magnum was portrayed by Tom Selleck. Selleck is also known for his roles in Three Men and a Baby, In & Out, and Blue Bloods.

Check out these sites to read more about Thomas Magnum and the other characters from Magnum, P.I.:



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Tom Selleck - Adult Picky Eater?

Although Kristen Bell channeled Frozen'sElsa for matching Halloween costumes with her daughter, we think she makes a much better (and funnier) Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I.

Decked out in an orange Hawaiian shirt, a short-haired wig, and a thick mustache, Kristen completely nailed the look of Tom's character Thomas Magnum—she even added some chest hair!

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Kristen wore the garb as part of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday with guest host Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters), who was dressed as David Letterman. This wasn't Kristen's first go-around with facial hair, though—she wore a Burt Reynolds costume for a friend's Boogie Nights-themed party a few years ago.

"I realized a few years ago I really like facial hair," Kristen said in the interview. "But not on other people, on me. I feel like I could really pull it off." To construct the chest hair, she stuck wig hair to her chest using eyelash glue, which sounds painful but shows Kristen's commitment to honoring Tom's look. She even (apparently!) stuffed her pants, Grohl pointed out.

Sadly, Kristen ripped off the chest hair immediately after the show and traded in her Magnum P.I. look to trick-or-treat as Elsa later, but not before performing a Frozen and Metallica mash-up with Dave. You can watch the hilarious performance below.

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Selleck costume tom

Magnum, P.I.: The Purple Calla Lily Aloha Shirt

Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum on Magnum, P.I. (Episode 1.18: "Beauty Knows No Pain")

Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum on Magnum, P.I. (Episode 1.18: “Beauty Knows No Pain”)


Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, private investigator and former Navy SEAL

Hawaii, Christmas 1980 to Summer 1981

Series:Magnum, P.I.
– “Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too” (Episode 1.04, dir. Bruce Seth Green, aired 12/25/1980)
– “Lest We Forget” (Episode 1.10, dir. Lawrence Doheny, aired 2/12/1981)
– “Beauty Knows No Pain” (Episode 1.18, dir. Ray Austin, aired 4/16/1981)
– “Dead Man’s Channel” (Episode 2.02, dir. Ray Austin, aired 10/15/1981)
Creator: Donald P. Bellisario & Glen Larson
Costume Designer: Charles Waldo (credited with first season only)
Costume Supervisor: James Gilmore

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


In perhaps an early Christmas gift to the TV-watching world, Magnum, P.I. debuted on CBS forty years ago tonight on December 11, 1980, when the two-parter “Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii” introduced us to a charming, bewhiskered private investigator living the dream life on a Hawaiian estate with a sleek red Ferrari and a full closet of Aloha shirts at his disposal.

Four episodes in, Magnum, P.I. aired its first holiday-set episode when “Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too” aired on Christmas night, 1980. The series would revisit the holidays once more during the fourth season’s more festively titled “Operation: Silent Night”, though Magnum spends most of the episode clad in his drab tank top and bush shirt rather than the more colorful, creative outfit he wears while spending the holidays foiled by schoolteacher Linda Booton (Katherine Cannon) and her larcenous young wards.

Tom Selleck and Katherine Cannon in Magnum, P.I.'s first season Christmas-set episode "Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too".

Tom Selleck and Katherine Cannon in Magnum, P.I.‘s first season Christmas-set episode “Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too”.

With just two weeks to go to Christmas on this #AlohaFriday, I wanted to wish BAMF Style readers a happy holiday season by delving into a yuletide-themed episode from one of my favorite series!

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