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The Super Mario Odyssey Theme Song Done Acapella

Mario Bros. has certainly changed throughout the years. What used to be a simple enough game has become a 3D adventure that’s become extremely involved to keep up with the continuing entertainment needs of the current and future generations that will be growing up with this type of gaming experience. Anyone remember what it was like way back when? It’s not just Super Mario Bros. any longer, it’s now Super Mario Odyssey. The acapella version of the theme is definitely nice but it still feels a little busy, as in it has a few more moving parts than seem absolutely necessary. Of course taking one or more out probably wouldn’t be a good idea since it would change up the sound just enough to make it sound a bit off.

So yeah, it is nice, but the whole idea of Mario Bros. has definitely gone through some major overhauls throughout the years. If you’re as old as I am or older you probably remember Mario back in his most humble beginnings when he was actually still considered to be plumber and not a fully-fledged adventurer just yet. Obviously throughout the years he’s hung up his pipe wrench and plunger in favor of  the many different hats and outfits he’s worn throughout the lengthy franchise.  As of now Mario is just Mario, an adventurer and protector of Princess Peach and her kingdom.

I’ve heard a few different acapella versions of popular themes at this point and have found them all to be well done and very well received. For the most part they’re fun to listen to and engaging enough since they don’t deviate from original theme and add a nice lilt to it that’s entertaining. It makes me wonder if they only do YouTube videos or if they take their act out for live performances as well. Just thinking about it gives the impression that the YouTube videos would offer them the best exposure since they can film it from the comfort of their home or a studio and then download it so that people all over the world can see it. Going from place to place could be exciting and even encouraging but it would also be a lot more work to reach the location and set up.

This is probably the best idea since it affords them a widespread audience that might at least click on the video out of curiosity and perhaps even subscribe to their channel if they like what they see. The acapella version of many songs tends to be an acquired thing that people will or won’t like based on their preference of musical styles. It’s just different enough that some people might not enjoy the lack of any accompanying instrument or think that this style of music isn’t their thing. That’s okay, everyone’s entitled to their own preference and if they don’t want to listen then they don’t have to.

But for those of us that do think it’s impressive acapella versions of popular theme songs are something nice to listen to.

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Mario – Music For Love (Percapella Acapella)


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Mario – Music For Love  (Percapella Acapella)

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Mario Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : This is a verse I wrote. The song is meant to be a little dramatic, like a soap opera. I feel that Ne-Yo, Mario, Omarion, J. Holliday or Lloyd would sound good singing this (but that's just me). Hopefully you guys can do something with this. Please let me know if you do. I'd love to hear what you do with it. Enjoy.

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