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  • AV100, FV100 and PRV100 Series vents designed to remove excessive pressure from gearboxes and avoid dust and moisture from entering the reservoir / gearbox. Available in steel & aluminium bodies

  • Nylon ball, wide view and double window flow sights used in sealed lubrication systems to determine fluid flow, clarity, colour and condition. Have a brass body, Buna-N seals and a borosilicate glass sight window

About the Brand

LDI Industries is a leading manufacturer of oilers, reservoirs, tanks and valves for marine, mining, agriculture, chemical processing and power generation industries. The extensive LDI Industries product catalog includes oilers and reservoirs, solenoid air control valves, inline filters and return flanges. LDI oilers and reservoirs dispense oil or other lubricants in a drip or stream directly to the machine parts, like bearings, gears and shafts, for accurate lubrication. The company also offers inline filters which can be used in liquid lines where dirt or particles could cause clogging. These inline filters feature an inline cap that can be taken off for cleaning the filter without dismantling the unit from the line. Choose from a wide range of these filters and related products form Raptor Supplies.

Sours: https://www.raptorsupplies.com/b/lube-ldi

LDI Industries Employee Reviews

Overall micro managed and favoritism

Machinist (Current Employee) - Manitowoc, WI - March 20, 2020

After more than 10 years of working at LDI Industries in Manitowoc, WI this is what I have to say. No matter how skilled you may be at your position or what you do for the company you’ll only ever be recognized for the negatives. Such as a job that was problematic for you or that time you called in two years ago. What goes with this is being treated as if you are replaceable, because no positive aspects of your career will be noticed . You can literally push a mop around or sit and debur parts for days on end, regardless of work load, while capable machines stand idle and no one will ever notice as long as you keep your head down. And why work any harder? You are only going to get a two percent raise regardless of the work you do. If you want any more than that, you better get on your knees. A supposedly family oriented company but for the first 8 years of working here the owners hadn’t even known my name or what I do here. It’s a hostile environment where anyone will throw you under the bus just to move up a peg, if there were any to move up to. Literally have to worry about being caught with a smile on your face because someone will report you for wasting company time. So if you’d enjoy working somewhere that is stuck in the 1980’s, with no process improvements, where you can’t get any straight answers and no one takes responsibility for anything, a family oriented company with no safety procedures and two percent raises to look forward to, then this is the place for you!

Sours: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Ldi-Industries/reviews
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LDI Industries

Authorized LDI - Vescor products distributor serving the U.S.

Contact Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. for product pricing and application assistance at 1-847-680-8400. 

A 45-plus year manufacturer of MRO and OEM lubricating and hydraulic equipment, LDI Industries offers:

  • rotary manifolds
  • multi-passage swivels
  • check valves
  • filter and specialty fittings
  • hydraulic and fuel tanks
  • reservoir accessories
  • circulating oil systems
  • centralized lubrication systems.

LDI Industries’ concentration on reservoirs and the associated accessories includes the production of the Vescor® standard JIC, as well as custom hydraulic reservoirs. To complement these reservoirs, LDI offers sight gauges, air breathers and filler-breathers, reservoir end covers, spin-on filters, immersion heaters, in-tank air coolers, and SAE couplings.

In addition to Vescor, trade names currently owned and provided by LDI include: Lube Devices, Flodar Fittings, and Hydra-Tool. For reservoirs, reservoir accessories, and lube, grease, or oil systems, contact Quality Hydraulics.

Sours: https://www.qualityhydraulics.com/brands/1/ldi-industries
EDTA 650 - External DeskTop Automation for LDI, AOI and Inkjet Systems


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LDI video with retired UPS exec Keith Cureton on leadership and issues facing logistics industry.


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