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How to Set Up a Samsung Smart TV

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What's in the box?

Samsung televisions normally come with just the television and a remote.

Things you need before you start:

A Samsung television.

Applicable cables (HDMI, coax, ethernet)

An internet connection -You need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi or wired (Ethernet) network to complete setup and access all of the content available on Samsung TV

1 Plugging in Cables

2 Power On

Back of a samsung tv showing the power button

After you have plugged in your cables, press the power button on your Smart TV.

3 Select Language

Samsung tv menu showing language selection

  1. Turning on the Smart TV for the first time will prompt you to enter setup.
  2. The first step of setup will ask you for your desired language.
  3. Select either English or Welcome.

4 Internet Connection

The following steps will help you connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet.

? Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

  1. Wireless
  2. Wired

Selecting the MENU (m)

Selecting a Source (s)

Power Off (P)

To close the Menu, Smart Hub, or Source, press the Controller for more than 1 second.

Standby mode

Your TV enters Standby mode when you turn it off and continues to consume a small amount of electric

power. To be safe and to decrease power consumption, do not leave your TV in standby mode for long

periods of time (when you are away on vacation, for example). It is best to unplug the power cord.

Assembling the Stand Wire Holder

Connecting the Power Cord and the Antenna or Cable Connection

VHF/UHF Antenna



Plug the power cord into a wall outlet only after you have made all other connections.

If you are connecting your TV to a cable or satellite box using HDMI, Component, or Composite

connections, you do not need to connect the ANT IN jack to an antenna or a cable connection.

Use caution when you move or swivel the TV if the antenna cable is tightly connected. You could

break the antenna jack off the TV.

With the Function menu visible, select the MENU (m) by moving the

Controller to the left. The OSD (On Screen Display) Menu appears.

Select an option by moving the Controller to the right. Move the

Controller to the right or left, or upwards and downwards to make

additional selections. To change a parameter, select it, and then press

the Controller.

With the Function menu visible, open the Source (s) list by moving

the Controller to the right. The Source list screen appears. To select

a source, move the Controller upwards and downwards. When the

source you want is highlighted, press the Controller.

With the Function menu visible, select Power Off (P) by moving the

Controller downwards, and then press the Controller.

Antenna Cable (Not Supplied)


English - 11

Power Input

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Where is the power plug on a Samsung TV?

Connect the power-supply cord to the three-pronged plug at the bottom-left corner on the back of your Samsung TV. Plug the other end of the cord into the wall outlet.

Click to see full answer.

Hereof, what kind of power cord does a Samsung TV use?

CableCreation 10 Feet 18 AWG Angled 2-Slot Non-Polarized Angle Power Cord (IEC320 C7 to… Pwr Extra Long 12 Ft 2-Prong AC Wall 2 Slot Power Cord L-Type for Samsung LED LCD TV

One may also ask, does Samsung one connect power the TV? Complete your QLED TV setupOne Invisible Connection is a single wall-mounted TV cable that carries A/V and power from your TV to the Samsung QLED One Connect Box. So now, instead of having a big black screen in the middle of your room, or sticking out from the wall, your TV stays beautifully flush with the wall.

Similarly, you may ask, does Samsung Smart TV have audio out?

There is no cable required to get sound from the TV to the compatible audio system. However, this feature is available on a limited number of TVs, mostly select TVs from Samsung (Sound Share) and LG (Sound Sync).

Are all TV power cords the same?

Not every Samsung TV power cord is the same. Not every computer uses the same type of cable. The higher the wattage of your power supply, the more a higher gauge power cable is necessary.

Samsung Tv basic SetUp Manual Guide


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