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  •  26 Clever Storage & Organization Hacks

    26 Clever Storage & Organization Hacks

    3,689,693 192 kbps20.92 MB26 Genius Ways To Bring Order To Your Home 🔷🔷🔷 It's a universal truth: Anyone who doesn't happen to live in a huge mansion is bound to run into storage problems at some point. But you don't have to...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  23 Super Clever Storage Hacks to Help You Declutter Your House

    23 Super Clever Storage Hacks to Help You Declutter Your House

    2,513,480 192 kbps13 MB#1. A Rolled Towel Rack #2. Storage Bins in the Refrigerator #3. Handy Freezer Storage Rack #4. Rolling Laundry Room Cart ...DownloadDownload mp3



    995,466 192 kbps20.21 MB10 CLEVER HOME ORGANIZATION IDEAS + STORAGE HACKS Kristen McGowan This video is sponsored by Cricut! Do you want to get your home organized?? I am sharing with you 10 clever organization and...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  Clever Storage Hacks for Keeping Small Homes Organized

    Clever Storage Hacks for Keeping Small Homes Organized

    343,582 192 kbps10.85 MBI'm sharing some simple and smart storage ideas to make the most of your small space (but these work great even for big homes too!) When organizing in a small home these storage hacks can really...DownloadDownload mp3



    941,735 192 kbps18.65 MBGENIUS HACKS TO MAKE YOUR HOME ORGANIZED Our home should be the place where we feel most comfortable! The best way to achieve this feeling is to organize and decorate it in a way the we love and...DownloadDownload mp3



    3,728,929 192 kbps12.04 MBSTORAGE IDEAS FOR EVERYONE Storing all our numerous belongings is always a big problem especially, when it's not enough space. However, today we prepared for you a whole collection of brand new...DownloadDownload mp3



    1,623,754 192 kbps36.28 MBINSTAGRAM: DOLLAR TREE ORGANIZER: DOLLAR TREE COFFEE MUG RACK: Music by epidemicsound.comDownloadDownload mp3



    2,071,525 192 kbps15.34 MBTimestamps: 0:01 - kitchen hacks 3:14 - bedroom decor ideas 6:22 - DIY headboard 9:01 - laundry basket...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  10 Clever Small Space Storage Ideas! Home Organization Hacks

    10 Clever Small Space Storage Ideas! Home Organization Hacks

    182,184 192 kbps13 MBMy favorite home organization storage solutions - these work amazing to organize a small space (a small bathroom or small kitchen) and also work to organize and maximize any size space you have in...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  23 Clever Small Space Storage Solutions

    23 Clever Small Space Storage Solutions

    613,951 192 kbps14.21 MBSource and credit: #3. Over the Toilet Shelving. #4. Corner Shelf Rack. ...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  26 Super Smart Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

    26 Super Smart Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

    46,007 192 kbps13.32 MB#1. Bag Racks Are a Meal Prepper’s Best Friend #2. A Dish Squeegee Will Help Clean Food Off Plates #3. Use a Magnet to Identify If Dishes in Dishwasher Are...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know

    36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know

    7,535,361 192 kbps15.13 MBMore info on 36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know 1. Divvy up candy and snacks for movie night using ordinary shower caddies. 2. Use coffee filters to separate...DownloadDownload mp3

  •  26 Smart Organization Hacks For Your Home

    26 Smart Organization Hacks For Your Home

    316,307 192 kbps21.15 MBHow to organize your home on a budget using these simple tips and tricks Are you looking to save some money and make stuff in your home easily accessible? Today, I’m showing you some cool...DownloadDownload mp3

  • `

    It’s bound to happen eventually. One day you’ll come home with a new pair of slacks, or a sweater, ready to wash them and put them away. But when you look in your closet it’s positively stuffed. Not one hanger is empty. Not one peg is bare. It seems impossible to fit anything else in there. But there’s still hope!

    We’re here with some organizing tips that will help you get the most out of even the most modest of closets. So get ready to find the pair of shoes you haven’t seen since the 90’s – it’s time to empty out your closet and reorganize it, top to bottom!

    Shelf Wealth

    When it comes to organizing your closet, shelves are great! Set against a back wall they can provide the perfect way to make your clothes orderly and accessible. But how do you get the most out of them? It depends on how do-it-yourself you’re feeling.

    closet organized clothesOne simple approach is to fold things carefully. Neatly arranged, you can fit far more sweaters into much less space on a shelf than they would take up on hangers. The ideal shelves to use for this are divided into neat, square shelving segments that are just wide enough to fit your folded clothes.

    If you want to take things to the next level then consider putting in a wire frame shelf. Apart from being lightweight and durable, wire shelves have the added advantage of servings as hanger space. You’ll be able to set several rows of hangers into the bottom of the shelf without going to the trouble of putting in a closet rod.

    closet shoe shelvesIt’s also worth thinking about putting in a shoe shelf in the bottom of your closet. You won’t need to take a given pair of shoes out too often, so they’re the best candidate for floor storage, and the shelves will help keep them organized.

    Hang In There, Baby 

    Of course, shelves aren’t for everyone. Installing them can be a pain and having to fold everything before putting it away can take up a lot of time. Not to mention, needing to fish the bottom pair of slacks out from under ten others can be a tricky business.

    Clothes hangers provide a simpler, more accessible way to organize things that you want to have ready for quick and simple access. Most closets will come equipped with at least one closet rod, but are you getting the most out of them? We’ve got some tips to make sure you do.

    Closet hanger

    If you loop a soda tab around the neck of a clothes hanger, you can slide the head of a second hanger through that. Cascade up to three hangers this way and you’ll triple the amount of space you get out of each hanger slot on your closet rod.

    Alternatively, if you set a second rod farther down in your closet, you can get more use out of the same amount of space. As an added bonus, if you loop shower rings through a clothes hanger you can use them to store many scarves on a single hanger – all equally accessible!

    Off The Rack

    As versatile as they are, clothes hangers can’t solve all our problems. Even if you’re inclined to hang every item of clothing you own, that still leaves accessories. What to do with your shoes, hats and jewelry? We’ve got ideas for how to get them all into that closet with space to spare. Hat racks are lovely, but take up a lot of space, so they’re not practical for closet storage. Instead, why not put a row of hooks into one of your closet walls. The hats can rest on these when they’re not in use.

    That still leaves jewelry and shoes, right? Believe it or not, both of these can fit on the door. On the outside of your door, you should hang a shoe organizer. They’re a kind of wall pocket where you can put all your shoes for easy access, and definitely the best way to keep your footwear handy. On the other side of the door, we’d suggest putting up a pegboard. You can hang all your jewelry on individual pegs. This will save you the time of having to fish around in a jewelry box for the necklace that matches your dress.

    There’s a lot to work here in terms of ideas and obviously, you can’t do it all. There would be no room to move around in your closet! But we hope that some of these tips will help you get the most out of your limited storage space without making anything cluttered.

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    Suzanna Kaye Professional Organizer Ready to cut through the clutter, and learn home organizing strategies that work for people just like you? We both know living overwhelmed and out of sync with your surroundings is just miserable. Join Suzanna Kaye as she shares productivity tips and organzing hacks! Founder of Spark Organizing, LLC in Orlando Florida, she's been helping oher's get organized for over 10 years. Follow
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    Organizing Envy Hi! I'm Caren and I am a Senior Director with Thirty One Gifts Canada. I am in the top 3% of the Company, a National Recruiter for one of the fastest growing Organizational companies in the world, top in sales, growing team sales and a two time Incentive Trip Earner. I have been featured in our Spring 2015 catalogue as a top consultant. I absolutely LOVE my job. I know this business model works and I am here to share and teach you how to make it work for you, no matter what company you work for! Follow
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    Kacy Paide

    Kacy Paide Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office is a professional organizer who transforms messy offices into creative, beautiful, organized work spaces. She turns ugly, ignored file systems into magically supportive and intuitive paper flow systems. Kacy is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, but speaks and consults nationwide on office organization. Follow
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    Mise en Place - Professional Organising & Property Styling

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    Simple Solutions Organizing

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    ab Organizing

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    35 garage hacks that are borderline genius

    Clever ways to get your garage in order

    More often than not the garage becomes a dumping ground for clutter but with a good old clear-out and a few storage solutions, it can become a practical and organised multi-use space. From clever shelving to DIY hacks, take a look at these space and time-saving ideas that will transform your garage from cluttered chaos into organised and orderly.

    Add wall tracks

    Wall track rails make handy storage options for large items like fold-up chairs and step ladders. The metal versions used here by Driven By Decor can be adjustable and take all sorts of hook styles. Or, if you prefer something a little more stylish wooden peg rails add a practical, rustic touch.

    Upcycle an old filing cabinet

    Give unwanted furniture a new purpose as a thrifty and practical storage solution. We love this vintage-look garden tool storage by Trash to Treasure. Turned on its side the metal locker keeps long-handled items safely stored while a pegboard mounted to the side is a genius way to store smaller tools.

    Use chalkboard paint for shelving

    Eternal Harvest Decor / YouTube

    As part of a major overhaul of her workshop and garage, DIYer and remodeller Brandi uses chalkboard paint on her wooden shelving. She uses a no-primer needed spray paint directly onto the front supports, which she then divides up and labels using chalk. It makes identifying what's in these storage boxes much easier and it looks pretty stylish too! 

    Make PVC drill holders

    Keep cordless drills safe and orderly with these under-shelf holders made from ordinary PVC pipes. A video by YouTube channel Well Done Tips shows how to cut the pipe to length – you can use a hand saw or a rotary tool – and then uses a heat gun to gently soften the pipe, widening it out until it fits the body of the tool perfectly. Any rough edges can be sanded before drilling three holes in the top and using these as guides to insert screws and washers which attach directly to the shelf. 

    Store balls together

    Sports fanatics and families can have a lot of balls which are hard to store. Stop them from rolling around the garage floor by creating a dedicated area children will enjoy popping them away in. Bungy ropes and cords are foolproof as the flexible material keeps the awkward sphere shapes in place while allowing easy access. 

    Mount bikes on the wall

    Storing bicycles off the floor will keep them clean and dry as well as free-up much-needed floor space. These colourful Cycloc storage brackets are modern, minimal and easy to use. With an option to store horizontally or vertically the bike will become a feature in itself. 

    Use a bike lift

    Alternatively, narrow garages may benefit from a bike lift that pulls the bicycle up and stores it out of the way at ceiling level. Attach the bike to roped hooks and then lift it to the desired height with a pulley system that locks into place. This solution is also practical for undertaking bike repairs. 

    Protect car doors

    Prevent accidental damage to car doors by adding protection to garage walls. Sticking a sponge-like material to the wall adjacent to where doors open will absorb most of the impact to minimise scraping the paint or denting the door.

    Rehome the freezer

    Enjoy the convenience of extra cold food storage without cluttering up your kitchen. An outdoor fridge or freezer is the ideal place to store larger food items or seasonal feasting supplies. Whether it's a large capacity chest freezer, a compact under-counter or an upright classic fridge freezer, look for a garage-ready version that is designed to work in outdoor temperatures.

    Add another level

    Dropdown shelving suspended from the garage ceiling is an ideal solution for items that are used infrequently such as Christmas decorations, seasonal camping gear or sentimental keepsakes being saved for the next generation. The overhead racks utilise the wasted space and keep everything safely off the ground, where flooding, spills or damage is more likely to occur.

    Make the most of the garage door

    If your garage door is an up-and-over design, it can be yet another effective storage surface for long items such as fishing rods, sports bats and sticks or long-handled gardening tools. Fix brackets to the back of the door and slide the equipment through. Mesh tote bags are also handy for tackle boxes or sports shoes and will keep all equipment in one place.

    Make DIY fishing rod storage

    Alternatively, fishing rods and long items can be stored and organised up high out of the way with a budget DIY storage system. This clever hack is simply made from two parallel rows of large ceiling hooks screwed to the ceiling.

    Get sports kit under control

    If your household plays a lot of sports there is bound to be different pieces of equipment stuffed away in the garage. The nature of tennis rackets, balls and hockey sticks is that they can be hard to store together, but these clever storage solutions from The Container Store have got you covered. Wall-mounted ball claws grip onto any shape or size ball and the storage cart on wheels has three sections to keep things orderly. Use these wall tracks to hang rackets and a net to catch all the leftover bits and pieces.

    Double shelf space

    Make use of every square inch of shelving by screwing lids of plastic storage jars to the underside of shelf planks. Like this storage hack by Benita Larsson, smaller hardware such as nails, nuts and bolts can be stored neatly together to keep any work surfaces clear and uncluttered. 

    Choose metal open shelving

    Sturdy metal shelving will hold a lot of weight and withstand changeable garage temperatures. Variously sized storage bins and crates make great open storage partners especially when they have lids and are stackable to keep possessions protected from the elements. 

    Make a pegboard

    A pegboard is a huge asset to any garage wall: you can use the hole-punched surface in any configuration that you need. Whether you buy a ready-made steel version with everything included or prefer to challenge yourself with a weekend project like this one by The DIY Mommy, you'll find that it's a versatile storage solution for hanging up almost anything. 

    Put up a pallet

    Repurposing a wooden pallet is a shortcut to bespoke shelving but, of course, it's cheaper and easier to achieve. This gorgeous project by Funky Junk Interiors uses a pallet as a base for the unit, fixed to the wall and topped with a rustic wooden shelf. Power tools are lined up along a thick central 'shelf' while small items like screws and nails are kept neatly in jars. We love how she's attached these weathered metal baskets to the front for extra storage, too. 

    Create a mud room / Georgia Custom Furniture Maker's

    Converting a garage can serve many purposes and if yours has an internal door it can double as an effective mud or boot room. This family garage wall has been converted into four individual locker-style spaces with bespoke joinery. Each cubby has a shelf, coat hooks and a storage crate; label them to encourage children to put their outdoor things away when they come in. The bench to the right also has extra storage space beneath it, too. 

    Reuse your old kitchen

    Updating your kitchen? Make use of existing cabinets by transferring them to the garage to use as practical and streamlined storage. Allow for outdoor conditions by first priming the garage wall with a protective damp proof paint or mount a sheet of plastic between the garage wall and wooden cabinets. 

    Store paint well

    Organise and store your spray paint collection by keeping them beautifully colour coordinated in a hanging shoe caddy. As it's designed to hold a pair of shoes it will hold two full cans perfectly, just as blogger Hi Sugarplum! has done here.

    Brighten the floor

    Love an eye-popping statement floor? Painting a garage floor will instantly refresh the space and is an inexpensive and relatively easy DIY project. Whether you want to gloss up the existing concrete floor with an all-over grey or fancy creating a vivid statement like Sarah Hearts' yellow polka dot design, a specialist epoxy or latex finish paint will add protection from mildew and oil spills. 

    Wheel in castor furniture

    Adding castor wheels to garage storage and furniture makes it easy to manoeuvre in small spaces, especially when it is full of heavy items. To maximise floor space, try and work out the height of the furniture so that one piece can nest within another. That way you can wheel out the cabinet to give yourself extra leg space and work surface when you're working on a project.

    Add a laundry nook

    The Container Store / SwatchPop!

    Looking for brilliant utility room ideas? If you don't have a laundry room why not convert a small area in the garage? And just because it's in the garage doesn't mean it has to be dark and dreary either. If it wasn't for the garage door you'd never guess this utility space was apart from the main house. SwatchPop! founder, Kristen Yonson has painted and tiled around a large sink to create a practical wet area. With proper ventilation, you can also stack a washer and dryer to make a fully functional and stylish laundry room.

    Label storage bins

    Using lidded storage bins in the same colour will keep a small garage smart, streamlined and organised but can, of course, be confusing when searching for specific items. Add vinyl lettering to the boxes to identify the contents; it's an easy attention-to-detail job that will save bags of time when hunting for seasonal decorations, sports equipment or a bucket and spade for that spontaneous trip to the beach.

    Make it functional and stylish

    The Container Store / SwatchPop!

    A garage needn't be a dark, dusty and masculine space. Ugly tools, gardening equipment and household items can all be hidden way in attractive storage solutions like belly baskets, fabric cubes and cute buckets in colour coordinated shades. Finish with matching lights and an outdoor floor rug to make the garage feel homely and put together. 

    Invest in safe storage

    A garage can hold many hazardous tools and equipment so maintaining a safe environment is vital for peace of mind, especially amongst families. Keep flammable liquids and dangerous tools locked in metal drawers and cupboards. You can even buy heavy-duty storage totes with lockable lids for added safety and security. 

    Build a folding bench

    @adventurescoutcampers / Instagram

    When space is at a premium then multi-functional furniture is a brilliant solution, and this fold-down work desk is a fantastic way to add much-needed counter space. It will offer a sturdy place for projects and folds up flat when not in use to save floor space. You can even build it with an incorporated cupboard to store tools. 

    Consider lighting

    @decesaredesigngroup / Instagram

    Good lighting can turn a dark garage into a bright and functional space and there are lots of ways you can use clever lighting design to your advantage. A window, skylights or glazed garage doors will flood the room with natural light bringing with it the same benefits as it does to the rest of your home. When natural light is not an option, LED lighting is super bright and energy saving. If the garage is used as a workshop think about adding extra task lighting, too. 

    Have fun with festoon lights

    The Home Depot / Rachel Metz

    If installing expensive lighting is beyond your budget create a cool cavern atmosphere by hanging string lights around the room. Choose large festoon lighting for the ceilings and tack ambient fairy lights around the workspace for additional low-cost task lighting. If you get battery-powered versions you won't even need a plug socket.

    Mount cladding

    Love country decorating? Mount wood or heavy-duty plastic cladding to garage walls to hang multiple items and tools from the joins with S- hooks and nails. It's a more traditional way of keeping possessions off the floor to maximise space. Why not add colour to the garage by painting the cladding an uplifting shade for a touch of homely character?

    Inject colour

    Bring cheerful colour into the space by decorating the front of the fridge and freezer using a rainbow of paint cards mounted to magnets. Tie the fun look together – just as blogger Blue i Sky has done here – by labelling the storage bins with similar paint swatch cards. 

    Put up a curtain rail

    A curtain rail with drapes that hang to the floor will hide a multitude of sins. It makes a practical as well as a homely solution to hide cumbersome items that are hard to store. This is especially beneficial if the garage has other uses, like this family utility area by East Coast Creative.

    Hang a tennis ball parking aid

    Parking the car in the garage can be a challenge especially if you are in a hurry. Make sure you hit the perfect spot every time with this clever tennis ball trick. First, park the car in its correct bay position then hang a tennis ball on a cord to the ceiling so that it just touches the windscreen. That way the next time you park you will know exactly when and where to stop (once the ball makes contact with the windscreen) without accidentally hitting the back of the garage or skimming the sides. 

    Make a DIY parking wheel stop

    For those who might struggle to turn around and see a tennis ball this DIY wheel stop idea from YouTube handyman Ronald Walters is a brilliant and simple solution. It uses wooden planks on a made-to-measure frame that braces against the back wall and acts as a gentle kerb as you’re reversing in. Add a five-inch vertical length of electrical tape on the passenger side to act as a visual guide to when you need to stop.

    Zone out the space

    Just because your garage is a functional space doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. This cool layout from IKEA divides the space with the placement of furniture so that there's a mini-workshop for bike repairs, a space to sit and have a coffee plus bags of storage for all the usual seasonal items like garden cushions and even delicate plants that can't survive the winter. Some cool industrial-style lighting and a slick of sage green on the end wall makes this an inviting place to be.

    Loved this? Here's how to declutter your home for good

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    20 GENIUS ORGANIZING HACKS - Cool Ideas And DIY Crafts To Transform Your Home


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