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Marijuana Electric Dab Pen Wax Carving Tool Ship from US

Electric Dab Pen Wax Carving Tool Ship from US

Electric Dab Pen

Wax Carving Tool Ship from US


Marijuana Electric Dab Pen Wax Carving Tool Sh - weed.glass

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Marijuana electric Dab Pen

Wax Carving Tool Ship from US
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  • Electric Dab Pens

    Marijuana Electric Dab Pens are portable devices used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is the method of smoking cannabis extract, concentrate or essential oil against the electronically powered atomizer of the dab pen, smoke is then inhaled by the user. Dab-pens are discreet and highly portable way to vaporize dabs on the go. Electric Dab Pens are considered a safer way to dab without the use of a torch.

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Best Electric Dab Rigs: Vape Concentrates Anywhere, Anytime

For everyone out there who loves the flavor and feeling that cannabis gives them, it’s a golden time to be alive. More than half of the US considered legalization this year, and more will soon. Thanks to all that change, there are now more ways to vape more dry herb and cannabis concentrates than ever before. Sweet!

But it’s not always easy to choose which portable dab rigs are best, and that’s a problem. As the technology improves, there are more choices out there—and most of them are expensive. So which Electric dab rig is best for the discerning cannabis connoisseur or the brand new medical marijuana patient?

What Are the Best Electric Dab Rigs?

On to the important issue: the best portable dab rigs on the market right now. This list was curated by the VaporVanity editorial team after some debate.

Everyone on the VaporVanity editorial team is pretty serious about their vaping. We have each been using dab rigs for long enough to be glad that e-nails are now an option.

That said, a few of us will never totally abandon our torches! Therefore, we have included one torch-and-burn model and one smaller box mod option. We also included a portable dab rig that can also handle flower, because we believe in something for everyone and a vape for all.

As a team, we think these are among the best portable dab rigs on the market today, this post is here to explain why. Rest assured that any portable dab rig on this list is an excellent choice.

Ready to get your dab on? Let’s go.

Here Are the Best Portable Electric Dab Rigs

#1. Puffco Peak, Smart Rig

our pick for best portable dab

Yes, there is no question: the Puffco Peak Smart Rig has a style advantage. And so what? When you’re investing in your top piece of dabbing equipment, you want it to look amazing, and the smart rig from Puffco truly does. But that’s really just the beginning.

The Puffco Peak is a portable e-nail made up of a glass spout and a base. It stands 7 inches tall and looks a little like an e-bong, a small water pipe, or the banger-hanger type of rig that lots of dabbers may find familiar. The glass chamber is hand-blown and gives you that vapor diffusion and water filtration that is so nice. 

This is not a stealth vaping option, is what we are saying.

The Puffco Peak Smart Rig features four heat settings: blue is 450°F, green is 500°F, orange is 550°F, and white is 600°F. So although you don’t have total, bespoke control over your temperature, you do have a lot of precision, and every setting produces a lot of vapor with this bubbler. You can adjust the temperature based on what’s in the chamber, or how much you’ve put in there.

The Puffco Peak portable dab rig charges in about two hours, and takes only around 20 seconds to heat up—pretty awesome compared to other portable dab rigs. Every full charge lasts about two hours or up to 30 dabs.

Where the Peak really shines, though, is user experience. You control the rig with a single button on the front. It features haptic feedback, such as a gentle vibration that lets you know when it has reached the right temperature.

This smart rig also delivers precision temperature feedback via an LED ring that wraps around its base. The ring also pulses when it’s firing. And the Puffco Peak’s new “sesh-mode” function also retains some of the old-school pass-around fun of sharing your portable dab rig with friends and extending your vaping session.

Downsides to this portable dab rig? Obviously, the cost. At $400.00, this is a serious hit on your wallet. Also, you have to replace the ceramic bowls sometimes, and even the chambers with some regularity.

In fact, they are designed to be replaced—but at $24.99 each once a month, that is an ongoing cost to consider. Furthermore, not breaking things like the ceramic stem is a challenge, and although I am one of this unit’s biggest fans, breakage is a problem.

The bottom line: If you want a real showpiece for concentrates, the Puffco Peak Smart Rig is your portable dab rig. It performs beautifully, tastes great, and looks super cool. It also provides a sexy user experience and a great, old-school sesh mode without any of the old-school hassles.

#2. Pulsar RöK

Pulsar RoK electric dab rig

If you need the dual-use of flower and concentrates but you can’t handle that Switch price tag (we feel you), the Pulsar RöK is for you. The Pulsar RöK also has its own interesting look, and we can imagine Mr. Spock (or Dr. McCoy at least) using it to stun us.

The Pulsar RöK is 6.75 inches tall and fits nicely in hand. The RöK has its water bubbler is at its base encased in highly durable borosilicate, an interesting design. The Pulsar RöK also has a disc percolator, which means cooler, smoother vapor, although all of these features mean it’s not a quick rig to assemble.

The RöK is made from scientific glass and metal as well as tougher plastic so it’s a fairly durable device.

To use the RöK:

Fill the base no more than halfway with water. Attach the downstream to the device body’s underside.
Put the base on a level, solid surface, and then put the RöK body on the base and line up the parts. Lock them in place.
If using concentrate, dab your concentrate onto the quartz coil. If using the herb, switch to the ceramic dry herb coil.
Power on the device by fast clicking the button five times. Cycle through temperature settings by clicking three times.
RöK mode or sesh mode maintains the selected temperature for thirty seconds so you don’t have to constantly hold down the power button. To engage or end it, fast click twice.
Once you’re done heating, cover the coil with the carb cap and inhale.

Clean RöK atomizers using the included alcohol-filled cotton buds or a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. They can be alone or attached when you clean them, but clean threaded connections, too.

Take glass parts off the rest of the RöK to clean them with isopropyl alcohol. Remove any clogs in tubes using the included cleaning brushes and soak the tubes in iso as well. Rinse all the glass parts and tubes with cold water and air dry.

The RöK heats fast and stays cool, even in sesh mode, or should we say RöK mode. We didn’t find the vapor quality from the RöK on par with the Switch or the Peak, but it is still very high end because of the disc percolator and quartz coil, mostly.

You can chase some huge clouds at the high temperature setting, but we loved the flavor at lower settings, which was smoother. The RöK delivered better dry herb vapor quality than we predicted, maybe because it comes with a carb cap and coil specifically for vaping flowers. Stay on the lowest setting and you too may be pleasantly surprised with your dry herb experience.

One complaint was that the RöK takes over two hours to charge unlike competitors that use faster USB-C connections, it uses a Micro USB port. Another was the plastic pieces that detract from the overall design. Finally, the highest temp, to us, is a little high for some concentrates and for dry herbs. Still, overall it is a much cheaper alternative to the competition, and these are issues that some are willing to trade on.

The bottom line: The Pulsar RöK is a nice alternative to a huge rig like the Switch both in terms of cost and size if you need one device for both dry herbs and concentrates.

#3. The Dipper

The Dipper vaporizer in chrome

Ousting the Puffco Peak Vaporizer from the top spot: The Dipper. Here’s why.

It’s truly one of a kind. It’s the single absolutely portable dab rig that gives you a nectar collector or quartz chamber with a pen feel that also doesn’t use water or a separate heat source. It is stupid easy to use, and there’s nothing else exactly like it on the market.

The functionality is great and the flavor is even better. You get instant heat from the element, and if you are missing that classic experience, use the DipWhip accessory. (Some of our testers liked the flavor, even more, that way anyway.)

Cleaning is really, really easy. It’s the easiest to clean and redeploy that I have—and I have a lot of them. This whole design eliminates many of the problems with a wasted concentrate that are basically inherent to other units.

And the final blow knocking PuffCo Peak out of the top spot: value. The Dipper’s price tag (without our awesome coupon, that is) hits $114.99. Next to the Peak, this is a way better value, not to mention way simpler to use and more portable. And the one-year warranty makes it even more worthwhile.

Finally, it’s not quite as sexy as the PuffCo Peak design-wise—but it’s close. And in exchange, it’s high-quality, sleek, and compact. It’s a real pocket unit but it delivers on performance for a truly portable dab. If you want to dig deeper into this great and truly portable dab rig, read our in-depth review here. 

* Use the code “vaporvanity” for 10% off your order!

#4. Dr. Dabber Stella

the best portable dab pen

This little pen heats up to somewhere between 460 to 770 degrees to give you the smoothest, tastiest rips of your favorite concentrate.

Small and discreet, but amazingly powerful little dab pen will be your new best friend.

Carta Vape Rig V2

Carta Vape v2 dap rig

For those of you who just cannot see shelling out that much for a rig but want a vapor experience in the neighborhood with the Puffco Peak, the Carta Vape Rig V2 is the next best option. It is definitely not in the same league design-wise, but in terms of performance, it does everything you want—for a lot less.

The Carta consists of the base unit, the borosilicate glass water attachment, and the atomizer. Assembled, the whole thing is about 7” tall, and although it does have a plastic finish, it has a heavier feel in the hand than it seems like it would.

The basic Carta V2 is black and white two-tone, but it’s not nearly as appealing as the monochrome options, which each have their various tinted glass options to go along with the colored base—a definite upgrade compared to the two-tone version.

The concentrate atomizer comes with quartz and titanium bowls. You also get two 18350 batteries that you can change out for charging, a charging cable, a carb cap, and some tools. There is also a dry herb atomizer available for $30; it works well here and it’s a unique feature in a portable dab rig.

The Carta V2 charges fast via USB-C, typically less than an hour. Of course, you can always keep one of the two batteries charged, and you’ll get around 30 hits before needing to charge anyway.

Start by clicking the button five times, and you’ll get that haptic vibration. Now the Carta V2 is on standby, so tap once to go into your last heating setting. To select a new temperature, one-click between 500°F and 842°F, and once you choose, let the unit heat. When it’s ready, it will flash and vibrate again. The lights remain solid green until the cycle ends.

The unit heats quickly, in 10 to 15 seconds, depending on the setting. The water attachment is actually larger than the Peak’s, which cools the vapor considerably. If you like big dabs, the bowl can handle it.

To shut down your Carta V2 when you’re done, hold the button down or press it five times. It also has an automatic turnoff feature in case your product is a little too good.

We love this best for concentrates, and if you are a cloud chaser you’ll love cranking this up. This is so easy to use, and great flavor. No torch, no hassle.

The Carta feels solid in your hand, especially for its size and the materials, and the glass especially is sturdy. This is not as sexy a piece as the Peak, but especially those monochrome designs are very cool looking, and this performs like a true competitor—even before you see the price.

And that’s a big deal because at $250 to $350 (depending on the style you like) compared to $400 for a Medusa Peak even before you replace anything? That matters.

The bottom line: The Carta is a fantastic portable e-rig. The best features are the huge clouds, fast heat-up time, auto-shutoff safety, and removable batteries. It isn’t the showpiece that the Medusa Peak is, but it performs like a dream, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value.

What Are Portable Dab Rigs?

Portable dab rigs, often called enails although they’re not all electronic, are riding the wave started by the synergy between the cannabis and wellness industries. There are so many reasons for this, but the main one has to do with the changing face of who is dabbing—and what we dabbers are willing to accept and demand.

Today’s consumers want higher impact cannabis without lung damage. Enter the portable dab rig and vaping explosion.

But before portable dab rigs came onto the market, the torch-and-burn rig set up with nail was the only option available. If that sounds complicated and potentially dangerous, that’s because it can be.

Old-school dab rigs use a torch to heat the nail. You have to achieve the right temperature before applying your concentrates. Insufficient heat means a sticky, uneven mess and the wasted product you are left cleaning up. But apply too much heat, and your dabs go up in smoke, and not in a good way.

Unlike larger, more traditional versions, portable dab rigs are powered by a battery instead of a butane torch. Portable e-rigs may seem complicated, but they are pretty simple. The base or controller box joins the nail and a battery that heats it. The concentrate goes on the hot nail, producing vapor.

Portable dab rigs powered by batteries on the market today offer freedom from the heat and stigma attached to torches, not to mention more precise temperature control. With that comes smoother, tastier dabs filled with richer terpene profiles and more impressive psychoactive effects—and even a noob can achieve them.

Portable e-nail rigs are smaller, simpler units compared to the bigger desktop models, but they still use a glass mouthpiece, some form of heating element, and a power source. Some rigs are battery-powered, while others attach directly to a vape mod 510 connection.

Still, even the modern torch-and-burn portable dab rigs are really impressive. And for dabbers who love absolute control of temperature in the palm of their hand—at least as far as their sense of touch can afford them—these torch dab rigs are still appealing.

Anyway, they are powered, portable dab rigs are by far the best way to get both the flavor a true aficionado wants and the portable package anyone who is on-the-go needs. An enail rig can remove any perceived “druggie” element out of things, not to mention the potentially eyebrow-singing aspects of the process. Or, an old-school torch plus a new-school, the high-quality build can give you years of performance.

Using portable enail rigs

If you’ve never used a portable electric dab rig before and you’re feeling a little intimidated, you’re not alone. I broke the first three I used, mostly because I was embarrassed about asking for help and I couldn’t find it online!

This should help (don’t worry. It’s easier than it seems).

How to Use a Dab Rig:

  1. Step One: power the dab rig on.
  2. Step Two: Select your optimal temperature. Remember, you don’t want to overheat it, especially if it’s a dry herb.
  3. Wait while it heats up to the optimal temperature.
  4. Use a small amount of wax/concentrate (they call it a “dab” for a reason– so use a small amount).
  5. Put the dab of concentrate on the hot nail as you inhale the vapor.
  6. If there is a carb cap, use it on top of the nail while you inhale.

Pros and cons: Electric dab rig materials

A titanium nail is what you see most in these rigs because titanium that is Grade 2 or higher quality is safe to inhale, lower-cost, and long-lasting. It also heats quickly, which is nice.

The trouble with titanium nails is apparent as soon as you inhale if you love concentrates. They just don’t taste as good coming off of these dab nails.

Ceramic dab nails are in many newer electric dab rigs for just that reason. Ceramic tastes delicious is fairly simple to use and doesn’t retain heat the way metals do.

On the other hand, it certainly takes longer to heat ceramic. And I’ve had my heart broken by more broken ceramic dab nails than I can count because that is ceramic’s other flaw: it is fragile. Oh, and one more tiny complaint: ceramic starts looking kind of gross and stained pretty quickly, if that bothers you.

Quartz nails are the flavor fan’s best friend. This is not because these dab nails taste that much better than ceramic, but more because they have the best overall safe, delicious heat.

On the downside, quartz nails take more time than, say, metal, to heat. They are also breakable. But if flavor counts for you, there isn’t yet a way to escape breakable pieces completely.

How much does a dab rig cost?

Speaking of price, how much do these things cost? A portable dab rig will typically cost approximately $50.00 to $400.00. I know, not cheap, especially the newer enail kits.

Just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you’re new to dabbing and unsure what you like or what matters to you, it may make sense to save your money.

Some of the cost of many of these models is definitely about the power source. Torch-and-burn models still offer a lot more in the way of saving money, as do smaller box mods. The rest of the difference is often about whether or not there is water filtration, how fancy the user experience is, and the quality of the build and materials.

Better builds, higher quality nails, and more advanced features such as precision temperature control come at higher price levels. This translates into a superior vaping experience, so if you do prefer dabbing, it’s a worthwhile investment to get the right portable dab rig.


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Sours: https://www.vaporvanity.com/best-portable-dab-rigs-enails/
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Best E-Nails for Dabs 2021

E-nail rigs, also called e-rigs, are quickly becoming the preferred daily driver for dabbing within the THC and CBD concentrate community. Until their arrival in the market, typical dab rigs required a torch to heat up the nail before it makes contact with the concentrates. Aside from obvious safety concerns, using a traditional dab rig required a certain level of expertise in order to achieve the perfect dab.

Too much heat can actually combust your dabs, whereas not enough heat won’t evenly vaporize everything, leaving you with a messy nail to clean. Electric dab nails solve this issue and provide some welcome relief from the scorching hits associated with butane torches. Low temperature dabs are also less harsh on your throat and lungs.

A typical desktop e-nail setup utilizes temperature-sensing technology paired with a heating element that wraps around the bottom of the nail. Once you dial in your preferred setting, it maintains that exact temperature until you turn the unit off, so it’s always ready for a dab whenever you are. With e-rigs, anybody can enjoy a flavorful and effective vape right off the bat, without much experience or a big learning curve.

Sours: https://vaping360.com/best-weed-vaporizers/e-nails-dab-rigs/
Top 5 Best Wax Pens 2021
best dab rigs

123RF (Roxana Gonzalez Leyva)

The best dab rigs produce flavorful, well-filtered dabs with minimal drag.

So grab your dab torch and read on to discover the best dab rigs available right now. (Or don’t: We’ve included a few electric dab rigs, which don’t require a torch.)

Running out of concentrates? Get a rosin press, and start making your own rosin for solventless dabs now!

  1. 1. Best Electric Dab Rig: Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig

    • Designed for dabbing your favorite concentrates AND vaporizing traditional herb
    • No dab torch needed
    • Includes coil-less quartz banger (you just swap out the coil when you want to switch from concentrates to flower)
    • Three temperature settings
    • USB charger included
    • 7 inches tall
    • Not many customer reviews (yet!)
    • E-rigs are inherently more likely to need replacement pieces (more complex design than traditional oil rigs)
    • Expensive

    The Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig is one of the best electric dab rigs on the market.

    And it’s versatile. It works as an oil rig and a dried herb vaporizer.

    Electric rigs are perfect for the serious dabber — or anyone who’s just tired of using a dab torch. And with this Pulsar, you’ll get a durable, user-friendly model at a great price.

    Once your Pulsar electric oil rig is charged (with the included USB charger), you can choose from three voltage settings, depending on your ideal dabbing temperature. Then you simply press the “dab trigger” and enjoy easy, well-filtered dabs.

    With this rig’s variable settings, you can even enjoy “cold start” dabs.

    Cold start dabbing — when you load your quartz banger before heating it, instead of the other way around — can deliver more flavorful, terpene-packed dabs. If you’re a connoisseur of flavorful live resin, or if you’re someone who makes their own rosin with a rosin press, you might want to try it. 

    This rig includes a showerhead disc percolator, which filters your hit, without hampering the ease of your pull.

    It also comes with a coil-less quartz cup. That’s what makes it compatible with dried herb as well as concentrates. When you want to smoke flower, you just swap out your quartz coil for your ceramic coil. (Both are included with purchase.)

    Customers also appreciate the solidity of this rig’s thick glass beaker base.

    And at 7 inches tall, this Pulsar model even works as a portable dab rig. Get it in time for your next adventure!

    Find more Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  2. 2. Best if You’re Not on a Tight Budget: Dr. Dabber SWITCH

    • Induction technology allows this rig to heat up faster than traditional rigs (it reaches dab-ready temperatures in about four seconds)
    • Designed to vaporize both concentrates and dry herb
    • Extremely long battery life (150 dabs off single charge)
    • Offers 25 heat settings you can adjust to your preferred dab setting
    • Easy to use and intuitive
    • Expensive
    • Quartz banger sold separately (but two ceramic cups are included)
    • LED light display is less advanced than some rigs (which have OLED display)

    The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the electric dab rig of the future.

    Just press a button, and it heats up to your desired temperature in about four seconds, thanks to its innovative induction technology.

    And you can set the temperature with precision.

    With its 25 different heat settings, you can customize it to whatever’s in your stash.

    Want more flavorful dabs? There’s a setting for that. Want thicker, denser smoke? There’s a setting for that.

    You can even smoke dried herb, as well as any concentrates.

    It comes with two ceramic cups: one for concentrates, and one for flower. You can also purchase a quartz banger that will work with this rig (sold separately). And guess what? There’s a heat setting for that, too.

    Mix it up and play around — no matter what setting you choose, this rig heats up in an average of 4 seconds. Plus, you can enjoy 150 dabs off a single battery charge. (The battery and charger are included with purchase).

    It’s also a handheld rig, which makes it easier to use than most tabletop rigs. 

    And the SWITCH will never overheat, thanks to its auto cool-down feature. And it even comes with a 2-year warranty. This rig might not be the cheapest on our list, but it’s definitely worth the splurge.

    Find more Dr. Dabber SWITCH information and reviews here.

  3. 3. Best Traditional Dab Rig: Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler

    • Comes with quartz banger and dab tool
    • Spaceship design unlikely to tip over
    • 5mm thick borosilicate glass
    • Fun decorative packaging makes a great gift
    • Smaller than some other models
    • Not all colors always available
    • Not a dual-use rig (designed for concentrates only; no herb bowl included)

    This Snoop Dogg Spaceship Vapor Bubbler stands out because it comes with a quartz banger, which provides more flavorful dabs than most dab nails.

    This rig also seems very durable, and comfortable to use.

    Most dab rigs come with a glass nail, which is cheaper, and likely to crack under the extreme heat of your dab torch. But all the rigs from Snoop Dogg’s brand, “Pounds,” come with a quartz banger.

    The Pounds “Spaceship” model also comes with a vapor dome, with convenient glass handles that also act as a roll stopper. In other words, the handles prevent it from rolling off the table, if you clumsily set it down after your fourth dab.

    In fact, this rig seems designed for the clumsy cannabis consumer. Snoop thought of everything: The wide foot makes it less likely to tip over.

    And if you do knock it over, at least it’s made from high-quality 5-millimeter borosilicate glass. (Most glass rigs in this price range are only 3-4 millimeters thick.)

    This Spaceship will be with you for a while. Choose from accents in black, white, or green, and get ready to enjoy well-filtered dabs, thanks to the showerhead percolator inside.

    At six inches tall, this is the perfect size to pass around with friends — comfortably, without worrying too much about whether your friends will break it.

    With its bent-neck design, it’s also perfect for kicking back, Snoop-style. (You don’t even have to sit up all the way to hit it.)

    It also makes a great gift for your favorite Snoop fan, thanks to the decorative packaging. For more great gift ideas, check out our guide to stoner gifts.

    Find more Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler information and reviews here.

  4. 4. Best Portable Battery-Powered Dab Rig: Dr. Dabber BOOST E-Rig

    • Battery powered (battery included with purchase)
    • Dab nail heats to desired temperature in 25 seconds
    • Unlike most vaporizers, it filters your hit through water
    • 1 Year Warranty (Heating Element), plus 3 Month Warranty (Battery)
    • Cannot vaporize flower
    • Expensive
    • Must remember to charge battery

    The Dr. Dabber BOOST E-Rig stands out because it’s a portable battery-powered electric dab rig — and it’s definitely one of the best dab rigs under $200. Plus, it’s a portable vaporizer that uses water. (Mind: blown.)

    Dr. Dabber has pioneered the concept of battery-powered portable e-rigs. Although this is entirely portable (and doesn’t even require a dab torch), it’s still designed to work with a domeless dab nail, similar to traditional tabletop dab rigs.

    Similar to traditional dab rigs, it also filters your hit through water. 

    But unlike most dab rigs, it will only take 25 seconds to heat up your nail to your pre-selected temperature.

    This also doesn’t require a technology degree to figure it out. There’s only one button: you just press it, and get ready to enjoy flavorful dabs. (Or press it five times, to heat it to the higher temperature more suited to the quartz nail.)

    It comes with the battery, and everything else you need to start dabbing immediately. (Except your cannabis concentrates.)

    Find more Dr. Dabber BOOST E-Rig information and reviews here.

  5. 5. Best Portable Electric Dab Rig: XVAPE Vista Mini 2

    • Wireless and USB charging capability (no need to rummage for your charging cables!)
    • Quartz atomizer with short-circuit protection
    • About 30 dabs between charging sessions
    • 4 heat settings (which show up on LED screen)
    • Heats up in about 10 seconds
    • Designed to be a portable rig: Comes with impact-resistant, smell-proof carrying case
    • Glass could break
    • Electric dab rigs have a steeper learning curve than traditional rigs
    • Smaller than some rigs (because it's designed for portability)

    The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 packs some powerful engineering for a relatively affordable price. Normally, to get an electric dab rig with these advanced features, you’d have to spend much more.

    Plus, it’s portable, and comes with an impact-resistant, smell-proof carrying case.

    And it’s the kind of rig you’d want to bring to any party or gathering. It’s meant to be admired and celebrated.

    Its large LED screen displays important information, like which of the four heat settings you’re on. And when you’re ready to change heat settings, you won’t have to wait long — this rig heats up in about ten seconds. (It will also vibrate to let you know when it’s ready.)

    Get ready for maximum dab flavor, thanks to the quartz atomizer, which is equipped with short-circuit protection. You won’t have to worry about tech issues ruining your party.

    In fact, you won’t really have to worry about running out of battery, either. This rig provides about 30 dabs between charges. And when you do need to charge it, you won’t even need to rummage around for charging wires. Amazingly, this rig can be charged wirelessly, or charged via USB off your mobile device.

    This is basically the portable electric dab rig of the future.

    Find more XVAPE Vista Mini 2 information and reviews here.

  6. 6. Best for Smoking Both Herb and Concentrates: Snoop Dogg Pounds CHI Semi-Dome Dab Rig

    • Comes with quartz banger for best dabbing flavor
    • Quartz banger also best dab nail for durability
    • Designed for smoking herb as well as dabbing (comes with herb bowl too)
    • Wide base means unlikely to tip
    • Dome base also allows for more water volume for filtration
    • Comes in decorative box (makes a great gift)
    • Features awesome Snoop Pounds logo
    • Does not specify thickness of borosilicate glass
    • Short height could mean less filtration (but more flavor!)
    • Glass carb cap may add more challenging step for beginners

    This Snoop Dogg Pounds CHI Semi-Dome Dab Rig, which is part of the Snoop Dogg “Pounds” line, is a “dual-use” pipe. It’s designed for smoking traditional herb as well as dabbing concentrates.

    It comes with a quartz banger for your dabs, as well as an herb bowl, for smoking flower. The bowl features handles for easy lifting.

    And of course, the mouthpiece is angled, so you can toke while laid back, Snoop-style.

    The latest additions to Snoop Dogg’s collection are all named after the most iconic American airports. The CHI has a spacious base, providing more room for water. It also includes a showerhead percolator, which breaks the smoke into smaller particles, to be more efficiently filtered by the water in the base.

    This design also creates a sturdy foundation that’s unlikely to tip over.

    Find more Snoop Dogg Pounds Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  7. 7. Best with a Klein Recycler: Elev8 4-Hole Cheese Recycler Dab Rig

    • Features Klein recycler, which helps filter and cool your dab before it hits your lungs (see our review for details)
    • Also includes disc percolator, for added filtration
    • About 8" tall (a great compact height for passing)
    • The beautiful glass tubes in the recycler are external to the rig, which may make it more fragile
    • Some people prefer rigs larger than 8" tall
    • Percolator has only four holes (some disc or "swiss cheese" style percolators have more holes, for more bubbles)

    The Elev8 4-Hole Cheese Recycler Dab Rig stands out because it includes a Klein recycler, a type of welded glass feature that is both internal and external to the main dab rig. (In the product photo, note the beautiful glass tubes curving psychedelically out of the rig.)

    The point of recycler is to “recycle” the water in your rig as the smoke moves through it, maximizing the time the dab smoke spends filtering through water. This means your dab — when it hits your lungs — will be both cleaner and cooler than inhaling from a traditional dab rig.

    A Klein recycler is a specific type of recycler found in high-end dab rigs. It is built to avoid a separate percolator — yet another filtration feature included in this rig.

    The percolator here is a disc percolator with four holes, helping break up the smoke into smaller bubbles, helping filter it before it even hits the recycler feature.

    Get this rig if you want cool, well-filtered dabs from a beautiful, well-made glass piece.


    Find more Elev8 4-Hole Cheese Recycler Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  8. 8. Best Dab Rig of 2020: Snoop Dogg Pounds LAS Beaker Base Dab Rig

    • Comes with quartz banger and dab tool
    • Fun decorative packaging makes a great gift for Snoop Dogg fans
    • Includes a bowl (so you can smoke traditional herb, too)
    • Smaller than some other models
    • Not all colors always available
    • Compact size (7.5" tall) may not sufficiently highlight your Snoop Dogg fandom

    This Snoop Dogg Pounds LAS Beaker Base Dab Rig stands out because it’s perfect for both dabs and regular bubbler hits — and because of its awesome elevated beaker base.

    This Snoop-Dogg-branded rig comes with a male herb bowl (for when you want to smoke traditional flower), as well as a banger and dab tool (for when you’re ready to move on to concentrates). 

    All of the rigs in Snoop’s line of glass, “Pounds,” are awesome.

    At first, I thought the brand, “Pounds,” could be named after Snoop’s personal weekly cannabis consumption. But each piece also features a logo of a fist, ready to give you a pound.

    You can order yours with the fist in black, teal, or red.

    With this rig, your dabs will be well-filtered. The design includes a showerhead percolator, which breaks up your hit into tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles maximize the surface area of the smoke that will be filtered by the water, making sure you enjoy a super smooth inhale, whether you’re dabbing or smoking flower.

    And whether you have your mind on your money or your money on your mind. (Thanks, Snoop.)

    Find more Snoop Dogg Pounds MIA Bubble Base Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  9. 9. Best with Showerhead Perc: Sea Mine Dab Rig

    • Showerhead percolator for easy, well-filtered dabs
    • About 9" tall and fits perfectly in your hand
    • Comes in tons of fun colors
    • Banger or nail sold separately (but should be easy to find -- its a 14mm female joint)
    • No additional recyclers or filtration features (aside from showerhead perc)
    • Some people prefer dab rigs to be larger than 9" (although that can also make them unwieldy!)

    The Sea Mine Dab Rig stands out because of its eye-catching design, and because it includes a showerhead percolator.

    Showerhead percolators are widely considered to be one of the best types of percolators, if you’re looking for maximum filtration. That’s because their “showerhead” design diffuses the smoke into tons of tiny bubbles. This maximizes the surface area of the smoke that comes into contact with the cooling, filtering water.

    This includes a 14mm female joint, so it should be pretty easy for you to buy a banger that fits. (14mm is one of the most common sizes for dab rig attachments, like bangers and dab nails.)

    It’s kind of nice that the banger is sold separately, so you can customize it to your preferences. (I’m partial to quartz bangers, but whatever suits your fancy will work great on this rig, as long as its 14mm.)

    With no additional filtration features (aside from the one showerhead perc), this rig provides nice ease of pull with great dab flavor, while still filtering out the particulate matter you don’t want to inhale.

    And it stands at about 9″ tall, and customers say it fits perfectly in your hand.

    Plus, it comes in tons of full colors. Get this dab rig if it fits your personality — and you love the ease and clean flavor of dabs filtered through a showerhead perc!

    Find more Sea Mine Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  10. 10. Best for Someone who Loves Dabs, Normal Bubbler Hits, and Cheech & Chong: Cheech & Chong’s “Big Green Van” Dab Rig

    • Made for smoking flower as well as dabs
    • Comes with quartz banger for optimal dab flavor
    • Affordable for versatile rig with quartz banger (most cheaper rigs come with glass nail)
    • Drum percolator diffuses smoke
    • Comes with festive box (makes a great gift!)
    • 10 inches tall and narrow (likely to get knocked over)
    • Not as much room for water as some rigs
    • Probably not ideal for non-Cheech-and-Chong fans (graphics prominently displayed)

    This “Big Green Van” Dab Rig stands out because it includes a drum percolator, which will break up the smoke in your hits and dabs, and make them feel easier on your lungs.

    With this versatile rig, you can smoke flower as well as concentrates. And your concentrates will be flavor-packed — this model comes with a quartz banger, which provides superior flavor to glass or titanium dab nails.

    • Made from borosilicate glass, this piece includes stands a narrowly-shaped 10 inches tall, so try not to knock it over. (It does have a reinforced foot for added stability.)

    It comes with a festive themed Cheech-and-Chong box, so this makes a great gift, too.

    Find more Cheech & Chong’s Big Green Van Glass Dab Rig information and reviews here.

  11. 11. Best With Double Showerhead Perc: Cheech & Chong’s Jade East Vapor Bubbler

    • Double showerhead percolator for extra filtration and smoothness
    • Affordable
    • Features Cheech and Chong graphics
    • Comes in tons of fun colors, including pink
    • Comes with glass nail (which you may want to replace with quartz or titanium version)
    • Only 7 inches tall
    • Smaller than some models

    This Cheech and Chong East Jade Dab Rig stands out because it has “tiered” percolation power, thanks to a double showerhead perc.

    (This means it has double the percolation power as the other Cheech & Chong rigs on this list.)

    If you care about well-filtered dabs, this is the Cheech & Chong rig for you.

    It’s smaller than some other oil rigs, but at seven inches tall, it’s a nice compact height for passing with friends.

    It comes in tons of colors, including blue, green, and pink.

    This comes with a glass dab nail, which you may want to replace with a superior material, like quartz, titanium, or ceramic. (Check out our guide to the best dab nails available right now.)

    Find more Cheech & Chong’s Jade East Vapor Bubbler information and reviews here.

Why did you include such expensive dab rigs?

Because they're awesome. The two most expensive dab rigs on this list stand out because they're both electric rigs -- and one of them is an induction electric dab rig. Check out the reviews at the top of this page for more details!

When it comes to dab rigs, spending a little more upfront can pay off over time. You want your rig to last you through several years of happy dabbing. If you buy a cheap dab rig, it's more likely to break or get clogged up. (The super expensive rig reviewed above even includes a self-cleaning option -- to guarantee, if you invest in their pricey rig, that resinous clogging will never happen to you!)

Think of your rig like an investment -- one that will pay off in the quality of your dabbing life for many years to come.

What's the best butane brand for my dab torch?

Not all butane is created equal. If you want to prolong the life of your dab torch (and simplify your dab seshes), check out our guide to the best butane for torch users.

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