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Introduction: How to Make a Robot/synth Style Costume/ Fursuit Head

This is a tutorial on how to make a fursuit head (specifically of protogen or other synth styles).

This tutorial was created to help those with limited budgets unable to commission other artists to make them a fursuit head. This is not the typical way that fursuit heads are built, however it works well for more inorganic head shapes. I have seen this technique used for both realistic and toony Canine heads and other species, so it can definitely be used for other types if you are creative enough. This instructable however is only going to cover how to make a protogen or synth-like fursuit head (as that is what my character is). These same techniques can be used to make mascot costumes as well.


  • EVA foam/ thick craft foam (layers of craft foam can be used if it is all that is available, just make sure to glue them together well and to the correct desired thickness.
  • Faux fur (the two colors I used can be seen in the images)
  • Hot glue
  • Needle+ thread
  • Drawing supplies
  • Paper+ cardboard (for pattern drafting)

  • Duck tape
  • LED
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Battery and connector
  • Resistor
  • Plastic Dino toy mask with movable mouth (easy to build on, would require modification for full sized human heads)

Step 1: Character Creation and Simplification

The first step is to figure out what character you want to make. This has to be done first so that the fabric colors can be chosen. For my design, I wanted an insect like creature with raptor feet and armor. Usually, when one is making a fursuit they would need what is called a reference sheet, but since this is only for the head, that is not necessary. It is important to keep in mind the number of colors used because each color is another type of fur, adding on to the price.

After the design has been sketched out, it needs to be simplified. Gradients and complex patterns are the first to be removed (unless the one making the head/suit is skillful at intricate sewing or airbrushing). Gradients can usually be simplified to two or three colors. There are some artists who make fursuit ref sheets specifically if you have trouble creating your own.

It is easiest to simplify in stages, and part of this simplification process can be seen in the second image (the headshot). All of the gradients have been removed and simplified down to four colors. These will be simplified even further before the actual making of the head.

Step 2: Cardboard Prototyping (OPTIONAL)

I did not do this step for my head as it was simple enough to skip this.

WARNING Cardboard is not to be used in the final head design as it molds easily from the moisture that builds up in the head.

Even though cardboard CANNOT be used in the final design, that does not mean that it is not useful to the process. Cardboard can be an especially useful tool for prototyping the shape of the head. Just build up the cardboard to the shape desired using sheets as if it were a 3D model made of polygons(or pieces roughly connected flat and in smooth lines). Once the cardboard model is the correct size and shape, it can be taken apart and transferred to the EVA foam as a pattern. Make sure to use thick enough foam for this (recommended .5cm and above), as the thin craft foam sheets (if not strongly glued together) will end up sagging and changing shape as soon as the fur is added.

Step 3: Foam Cutting/Gluing

Make sure to be safe when cutting foam.

Foam cutting can be done with a variety of tools. For my project I used both scissors and a utility knife. The utility knife will give smoother edges but it is harder to cut tight curves into the thick foam. The scissors will leave a jagged edge but are easier to use for cutting curves. Of course if there are other tools that the maker is more comfortable with, they can be used. When cutting, follow the patterns made either from sketches and measurements or from the cardboard prototyping step. To ensure that the head is symmetrical, make a pattern for one half and then flip it for the other side.

With all of the pieces cut out of the foam, they can be glued together. Depending on the thickness of the foam, it will need to be cut at an angle to fit together properly. I used hot glue for this step but other glues can be used.

There are a few ways this can be done:

A) When initially cutting out the foam, use a utility knife and hold it at the correct angle. This method works well for right angles, but it is harder to do with more specific angles that would require measuring and tweaking first.

B) cut the foam out straight initially, and then use scissors to trim the edges to the correct angle. This method is useful for angles that change as the piece goes on, or for angles that require comparison with other pieces. The downside is that it leaves jagged edges that have to be cut down later.

Double check all seams to make sure they are securely attached.

After all of the foam is glued together, it should be cut down on the corners to ensure a smooth transition. This can be done with scissors, the utility knife (carefully), or a small handheld rotary tool with a sandpaper bit. For my head, I used scissors.

More information on gluing EVA foam and sanding it smooth can be found on cosplay tutorials.

It was during this step that I also made the antenna. They were pretty easy to make, and required a coat hanger as an armature, craft foam, and fleece. I drew the shape that I wanted onto a sheet of craft foam and then traced that shape onto the fabric for the antenna. Once I had the parts traced onto the foam and fabric, I cut out all of the pieces. Make sure to leave a hole big enough at the base of the antenna to allow the foam to be inserted once they are sewn closed. Insert the foam into the antenna and position it to lay flat, then sew a line down the middle to add detail and secure the foam. I added more stitching to imply the feather like texture of moth antenna.

Step 4: Light Installation (OPTIONAL)

I ended up scrapping this, but it might be useful for others who want their head to have lights. A simple circuit that works for this can be seen as made in TinkerCad. In my head, I secured the breadboard using two elastic straps so that it was easily removable and then secured the components in place using easily removable electric tape.

Step 5: Furring

This is where the whole project starts to come together.

Eyes should be added before this part. Make sure to test different mesh fabrics for eyes. One example of a fabric that would work for eyes would be a light, loose knit muslin. Make sure you can see through it. When painting the eyes it is a good idea to paint the back side with black paint. This will make it easier to see out of than if it were a different color.

Before any fur is purchased it is important to decide what kind of effect you want the fur to have. For the visor portion of my head I decided on dark blue anti-pill fleece. Other fabrics such as minky would work too. For items that are supposed to be smooth use short pile fabrics (furs that don't really have lots of long hair) instead of faux fur. As previously mentioned, minky and fleece are good options for this. one thing to keep in mind is price and skill level. Fleece is usually cheaper than minky and is easier to work with. The only issues are that since it doesn't have any actual "fur" the seams are extremely visible, and fleece has a tendency to pill. When buying fur it is important to make sure its high quality. Fabric stores usually do not have a good selection of high quality (and inexpensive) furs. There are many online retailers that sell faux fur of good quality, but make sure to read some reviews. (I will update with a list)

NEVER make fursuit parts out of real fur. It is harder to clean/maintain and the fur is often gathered in inhumane ways. Also people really do not like it when someone walks in wearing an endangered wolf pelt.

For the actual furring, most people recommend covering the heads with tape to use as a pattern, but if you already made a pattern for the foam this doesn't have to be done. For my head all that really needed to be sewn out of fur was a cowl to go around the back of the head and connect to the jaw, a fleece part to cover the visor, and the antennae. For the jaw I used the pattern I had made for the foam and added a seam allowance of one inch. When cutting out the fur its a good idea to transfer the pattern onto the back of the fabric and to mark the direction of the fur. Try to make the fur go as realistically as possible.

REMEMBER: It is easier to take away fabric than to add it on.

To attach the fur, sew all connecting parts of the fur together. If you made a duct tape pattern, it would be a good idea to add reference lines (hash marks across cut lines) to ensure the fur matches up. It’s ok to use hot glue if that is all that’s available, but it doesn’t look as neat and is not as durable as sewing.
Once the fur is sewn together, lay the fur over the head to make sure it fits. Make any adjustments to fit in this stage. One of the biggest differences in a good looking head and a bad looking head is upholstery quality. Pay close attention to the eyes, making sure they line up correctly. Once the fur fits well, gently brush out the seams using a fine tooth hair brush to make sure it there is a seamless transition from piece to piece. Hand sewing can be useful to make sure the seams don’t end up with fur stuck in them. To attach the fur to the head, start from the middle points such as the middle of the forehead between the eyes, or in my case, the top front panel and nose panel. Use hot glue to attach the fur skin to the foam, smoothing down as you go and making sure to not get hot glue on the fur.
Scrap/ Extra fur can be saved for other projects, such as tails, paws, or feet.

Step 6: Making the Mouth

The mouth was very simple and consisted of five parts.

  1. The bottom of the mouth. This is the piece that the tongue rests on top of
  2. The teeth
  3. The tongue
  4. The Lip lining. This gives a clean edge from the inside of the mouth to the end of the fur.

The flaps of fleece that add an extra effect (similar to the ones seen on dinosaurs.
I did true mouth after the rest of the fur because I had initially used a raptor head as a base. I removed the raptor head as I wanted more room and to be able to customize it more.
All of these pieces were sewn with right sides facing together and then flipped right side out after sewing.
The first part that I made was the bottom of the mouth under the tongue. I did this because I wanted a reference of how crowded the mouth would be so that I wouldn’t add too many teeth or too big of a tongue. To do this, insert paper into the space saved for the mouth and trace the shape of the inside of the mouth. Add a few inches depending on how deep the jaw is (I added two or so extra inches of fabric, it’s better to have a bigger piece as it can be either altered or fit snugly into place). The shape I ended up with for my mouth was a filled parabola like shape. I cut this shape out of fleece and stuffed it. After stuffing I sewed a line down the middle and lines off of the middle line to the edge at a 45 degree angle (somewhat like a leaf) to add some extra texture to the mouth. Make sure to leave an open space for stuffing.
The tongue was the next part to be added. To make the tongue, draw the shape that you want on a piece of paper. Make sure to make it slightly longer than you think you need it so that it can lay relaxed instead of sticking up (unless that’s the wanted effect). After drawing the shape, transfer it to the fabric and sew it. I again sewed a line down the middle of the tongue long ways to add a nice divide. The tongue doesn’t need to be stuffed.
The skin flaps on the inside of the mouth get made next. To do these, draw a triangle with a convex or straight base on a piece of paper. Make sure the triangle is larger than the space that you want it to fill. Transfer the pattern to the fabric as was done for the previous steps and sew it together. Sew some lines parallel with the base once the piece is right side out.
To assemble, attach the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, the skin pieces to the corners of the mouth, and the teeth to wherever you prefer them to be (mine are on the top half of the mouth, on the sides). Secure them firmly using hot glue, but be careful to not get glue on the fabric. Once those pieces are secured, the lip lining can be added if needed. To make this piece, measure a half of an inch down on both sides of the lip, or however wide you would prefer the lip. take a piece of fabric (I used navy anti pill fleece) and cut it to the length of the jaws and twice as wide as the preferred width. Fold it in half so that the width is what was measured, and then sew along the long edge. Turn right side out and then sew the ends closed. Attach the lip lining from the middle first and work outwards.

Step 7: Cleaning Up

This step is really just adding finishing touches such as fur shaving and removing threads that might have been missed. The first photo shows a good seam while the second photo shows a seam that needs cleaned up. Of course, this is not a big issue and mistakes are often made when one is learning. Make sure to remove all threads and glue strings for a neat and finished look.

Step 8: Painting Details (Optional)

This step might be one of my favorites, as it takes the flat boring fleece parts to a whole new level with just one step. To do this, all you need is fabric or acrylic paint of a color a bit darker than the fleece used. On my creation, I used this on the mouth crevices and the antenna to add depth. Examples of the final product can be seen in previous steps showing the mouth or antenna.
Take some paint on the brush and get most of it off. This will be using dry brushing for the initial layer. Brush the paint into the crevices gently, carefully avoiding streaks. If too much paint is added, it can be easily removed with water and a towel, however not all of the paint will come off. Blend the paint into the plain fabric using water, painting it onto the edges. Once this is done allow the paint to dry.
NOTE: Painted pieces should only be spot cleaned when necessary, as to avoid removing the paint. This depends on the type of paint used so keep that in mind.

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A question naturally arises in our minds that why people spent so much money on a fursuit. Actually, pursuing our hobby, we buy a lot of things that we do not even use in our daily life. Such a product is the fursuit.


It features cartoon characters of various designs as well as real characters. It is a misconception that furry fandoms are made only to match animals or fictional characters.

Furries generally indicate their relationship to various topics such as art, literature, role-playing in any forum, etc. But by far the most obvious and most well-known elements of the fursuits are the humanoid animal.

Surprisingly, it’s true that fursuits are relatively expensive. According to the information from Google, the least expensive suit costs $6000. So it is understandable how diverse this suit is.

I will now discuss some of the most expensive fursuits. Let’s see their names first.

  • Manuel Dawg
  • Sniper The Angel Dragon
  • Aero The horse
  • Lavender Corgi
  • Protogen
  • Zweitesich
  • Mishka The Silver Fox
  • Roar Dragon
  • Primal Visions Cheetah
  • Borzoi, Lion, Ram

Before getting into the main discussion I would like to share some information with you about the fursuit.

Most Expensive Fursuits

A fursuit is a fur garment commonly worn by members of the Cosplayer or furry fandom. The term “fursuit” was coined by Robert King in 1993. It is usually different from mascots and belongs to any group. Fursuits represent the main character created by their wearer.

Fursuit has been around for over 30 years, so its history is very old. Some manufacturers have made special contributions in this regard. Notable among these is Phoenix, who made and wore a suit at the age of 15. Everyone who makes a fursuit has their own style.

Here is the most popular online store to buy Fursuit

Let’s see the details of the top 10 Most Expensive Fursuits In The World



Albino Topaz created this fursuit on April 16, 2019. The manufacturer had the plan to create a designer fursuit. But it is one of the most controversial fursuits.

There is a special mark on the surface of the fursuit. Other fursuits have tails that are missing in this attire. Ever since it was made, fandom has been claiming it to be a faceless product. The design industry faces so many conspiracies. Even after all this, its popularity is not less.

Borzoi, Lion, Ram

They are the customized designer fursuit. These three were made out together. Zweitesich’s famous logo was inscribed on their faces. As soon as it came out, there was a lot of criticism, especially from furries, because no one wanted to go around with the brand name.

On the other hand, it was part of the criticism for its price. Because they did not have a tail, and they were much more expensive. Whether it’s for controversy or price, this fursuit has caught everyone’s attention.

Aero The Horse

This fursuit is by Sky Pro Costumes. Deanna Biesemeyer is the owner of this company. Their fursuits are very desirable among the customers. The company is also renowned for making telephones.

Anyways, The suit ‘ Aero The Horse ‘ is sold for $7100 this year

(2020). It is completely hand-crafted and is worth the price.

Lavender Corgi

This fursuit is super impressive. It holds the record for the most expensive fursuits for four years. It was made resembling Justin Bieber. The back has a big JB on it that is hilarious.

It was made by Albino Topaz and sold for $8025 in 2014. They could buy a boy band at this price. However, they couldn’t make the exact singer look.

Mishka The Silver Fox

This suit has a special character. The expression of this suit is so adorable. It is made by Howl Yeah.

It is a well-crafted fursuit. It was built for a person around 5’11” but can easily fit both bigger and smaller. In 2016, the price of the fursuit was considered quite high.

Sniper The Angel Dragon

Sniper The Angel Dragon

“Sniper The Angel Dragon” is made by PhoenixWolf Fursuits, creator of the famous suit for Telephone.

In 2016, it was the most expensive publicly sold fursuit. Phoenix commented that the auction was more like a battle that had been going on for hours. He finally congratulated Twilight Saint on winning the auction. At that time, a tagline became quite popular on Twitter -#thegreatphoenixwolfauctionof2015. ” Sniper The Angel Dragon” created a new record for recognized fursuit auctions.


It was a custom fursuit by Jting F. Its structure is modeled on engineering and it is very attractive to look at. Although many people recommended this, it turned out unsold. It actually deserves a lot of money but, sadly, it did not sell out. Still, it is an impressive suit.

The mentioned price was the suit’s estimated value.

Manuel Dawg:

Manuel Dawg

Manuel Dawg by Mixed candy is a very handsome suit. Mixed candy gets maximum auction through this fursuit. It is a mixture of simultaneously fierce, cunning, and handsome. Seeing this, everyone may get frightened. They may even want to cuddle the person beside.

This fursuit was sold in 2018. The record for the most expensive fursuit in 2016 was held by Sniper, and it was taken over by Manuel Dawg in 2018. Its material and costume products are really unique and attractive. Like other mixed candy’s fursuits, it has maintained the same quality as ever. The Dealers Den paid special attention to this successful auction of mixed candy.

Primal Visions Cheetah

The fur of this fursuit alone costs $10,000. So it is understandable how expensive it is. It is made by Lex Rudd. The price of this fur is high because it is woven in a loom.

It is NFL stretched, not sewn or painted. It has flexibility holders like dancing. When wearing, it fits the body tightly. It resembles a cheetah, hence its name.

Roar Dragon

Roar Dragon

This is a gorgeous handmade suit made in New Zealand. It is equipped with leather and latex. Moreover, it has a 3d printed head. It has some amazing skills. For instance, it has an individual moving skill that is insane! This fursuit is technically quite advanced. So, the reason behind its high price is quite clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a good fursuit?

good fursuit

Fursuit is made up of a combination of art, time, money. It takes one to six weeks for a professional person to make a fursuit. The question naturally comes to mind – how much money is needed to make a good fursuit.

A quality fursuit is available for a minimum $3,000. The prices are calculatedindividually for customizing fursuit. The price depends on colorization, use of fur, and weaving. It also depends on whether there will be a tail, how the toes will be, and what the height will be.

In these cases, a dummy is made for the particular customer so that it fits well in his body. Every fursuit maker has a different process of making. Some people make it with household items, others make it with nets, helmets, caps. The shipment of fursuit also has separate costs. The difference is obvious when the fursuit is seen face to face.

You don’t think the fursuits are expensive, when you first see them. But the fine handicrafts, the beautiful decoration one, make it clear that it is not wrong to charge a little more.

How much does a fursuit head cost to make?

fursuit head cost

The price depends on what kind of fursuit will be made, such as whether it is customized, made by using one’s own skills, or depending on a character. Suppose, someone wants to make a fursuit like a deer. In that case, there are three different prices for the head base. Different means are needed for the head base, and thicker foam is needed to make the head. It is known from some sites that the average amount of animal fur to make a fursuit is 4-5 yards, minimum 2-3 yards. However, it is better to start working with more fur. Most fursuits cost about $25 per yard.

If the work of the eyes is different, then more money is needed. Bakram costs $1,50. Now the analysis shows that most money is spent on wool. As a whole, it costs about $310. This is just a simple calculation. The amount of money can be more or less than this. Even if you want to make it yourself, you can’t make it for less than $200. You need to have enough technical knowledge to make it. On the other hand, the price depends on the country in which you reside. In some countries, cheap ingredients are available.

How much does a Kimono Fursuit cost?

Kimono is a Japanese word for fairy essentially. Mainly, Kimono is a Japanese traditional wear, but it is also used for animal products. For example, “Kimono anime friends “. Not only in Japan, but kimono fursuit is also used in Taiwan and China.

Kimono Fursuit

I found they are very top-heavy with tiny pits. Not all Kimonos have big eyes. Different designs are made in different cases. The eyes fog up for kimono suits. Fogging depends on many things, including the climate, heat. Sometimes the ventilation is terrible. Eye ventilation is very minimal.

Kimono makers are too hard to find. Because most of them speak Japanese, so it is not so easy to understand. Kimono fursuits usually cost between $1,100 and $2,800. If there are more crafts, the price is higher. Besides, if it is moderate, the price is lower.

Who is the most famous furry?

Now I will discuss about 10 famous furries from 10 different countries.

Fox Amore

The most famous furry from England is Fox amore. He is a music composer and creates incredibly awesome music. He is struggling a lot with concerts and music.


The most famous furry in Italy is Drachetto. He makes the Chubby Fox. He is a passionate photographer, well known for the fursuit photographs. He also owns Dragon fursuit.

Hiyu furry

The most famous furry from Sweden is called Hiyu. He is known for his youtube channel and the video, ” Living in space”. He worked about gravity and space that makes him popular. He not only talks about the typical furry topic but also explains things about space viz rocket stuff.

Kana furry

The most famous furry from Austria is called Kana. Sometimes Neon-Kana sometimes Ultra-Kana but in general, he is called Kana. He is a furry DJ. He has a relationship with “Banana house”.

Saphi Fox

Saphi Fox

The most famous fursuiter from the Check Republic is called Saphi Fox. He aims to spread fun and positive activity. He has also been to Eurofurence.

Greeny Woof

There is confusion about the most famous furry in France. Greeny Woof and Storm Tiger are competitors in this regard. The majority appreciate Greeny Woof. He is a furtuber. He posts a lot of funny stuff on Facebook, Twitter. So, definitely, he is very active on social media.

Leon The Fox

The most famous furry from the Netherlands is Leon The Fox. His youtube channel’s name is ” Fur Your Anthrotainment”. He is also a passionate dancer. He participates in various kinds of occasions.


The most famous furry in Spain is Tronchy. It is difficult to keep in contact with the Spanish furries. Tronchy is one of the organizers of Furrnion. It is a famous furry convention in Spain. He is a party lover.

Greek Yoshi

He is the most famous furry from Greek. The funny thing is he posted a lot about fursuit crushes. His long suit is somewhat different from others.


He is the most famous furry in Germany. He is also recognized as Kinora Fluffball. He travels a lot. He is engaged with CodyDawg.

I hope you find this article knowledgeable.

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  3. Toyota 4runner shirt
  4. Hr rit
  5. Ac pro digital recharge kit

Welcome to Garuda Workshop

We’re proud to show off our first helmet taken from a 3D design we created and brought all the way to finished wearable gear.

The helmet was made and broken down for printing using Blender 3D. Simplify 3D was then used to slice the parts and produce the gcode files necessary.

After printing each part was smoothed, joined together, smoothed, filled and smoothed some more. After priming the helmet was painted a base white and then masked and painted for each of the 3 colours, red, black and nickel.

Finally padding was added inside as well as fixings to keep the front and back half together.

It was a long process to work out how to design for real life products and the steps to manufacture these unique items but we’re glad to be able to offer commissions. Please contact us to find out about getting your own custom item created.



RF_protogen face test

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Fursuit partial by @Bircheck for sale. -Vision is through the eye ports. Partial: 3000€ (head, four-fingered hands, tail) Head only: 2500€ (head with 3D-eyes) Getting a fursuit made is always exciting, especially if it's your first one and Honey makes sure the rush of happiness you feel after getting a commission slot at Alphadogs doesn't dip down. unfinished lynx partial made by catcove owned by me @crummy. com/Beautyofthebasshttps://www. Animal Fursuit - up to 75% OFF | Lowest price on Animal Fursuit. Scrap Furs! - Gotham Gradient. Can Move Mouth White Pig Mascot Costume Fursuits Cosplay Animal Halloween Adult. New pillow padding with poly fill for easier packing and storage. The Fursuit Database a comprehensive database of fursuits, fursuiters, and fursuit buildersPartial fursuit: (Head, Handpaws, Footpaws, & Tail) A partial fursuit is good for when you don't want a bodysuit which would make you hotter or for when you are on a limited budget. he comes with: 2 velcrow toungues balaclava bandannabell earring (removeable)headtailpawsand soon to have eyelids!vision is great, hes very easy to breathe out of, barely any imperfections, very soft, all sewn, and overall a great suit to have. 5 inch Fully sewn by hand High quality faux fur fabricDry brushedZipper Vision is very limited BE AWARE Hand painted jaw set Moving jaw Paws: Half arm sleeves Partial Suits. Artwork (314). com/Xusho ⭐https://www. 92 to C 2. 00 to $ 50. Currently, we are a one-man show as Brianna also known as AussieKitten is the owner and director of AussieStudios. 0. High quality 2018 partial en venta por 690 . High quality partial fursuit made by Lemonbrat condition is "used", worn for halloween party. Add to Favorites. Foam, 3d print, fleece, artificial fur. bear. Free shipping. New Commissions open Aug 31st 2021 Processed with MOLDIV. Generally these suits are very basic and have simple designs, and she has made nearly 1000 suits!Blue wolf fursuit, fursuit head wolf, fursuit kids, for girls, fursuit head cheap, fursuit partial premade, fursuit mini partial. 04. A corgi partial fursuit that comes with a fully lined head, lined handpaws, a tail, and both digital and traditional Art. The boots are RST racing boots, and I'm honestly amazed with how well the whole ensemble fits together - I figured the motorcycle gear would just look silly and out-of Learn More. 2) eBayHQ unfinished lynx. FursuitReview is a website dedicated to showcasing reviews for fursuits, kigurumi, clothing, and other fashion accessories related to the furry fandom. Head is fully lined and barely worn. 0 bids Place Bid. 10 $ 89. Check out our Style and Price Guide to learn more about our level of quality, what we can make, and get a sense of our prices. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Karma Dinodog Full Partial. instagram. Add To Cart. Scraps Download Next. 52. 6 Comments 1 Share. Her suits are popular with younger kids between the ages of 10-15. -Foam head built on a balaclava, fits up to 24". bassTHANK YNew Boar fursuit. (581) . This head will be made with foam and high quality faux fur. Lemon Verbena Fursuit Spray by Soap Pony x Fursuit partial pre-made. High quality partial fursuit made by Lemonbrat small hot glue gun burns and defects which are unnoticable. Y: Jun 15, 2021 · fursuit partial. com/Xusho ⭐⭐Patreon: https://www. El artículo se envía convenientemente embalado. Ad Order today with free shipping. Thus we can Apr 30, 2013 · I have partial view which has multiple text boxes. Pawaii. Aug 14, 2021 · fursuit partial. Scrap Furs! - Arizona Sunset. We also make a variety of other accessories to wear. digigrade bodysuit. Shipping and handling. Price includes. WolfBean . Most commonly associated with the furry community, fursuits are also commonly used for sports mascots and charitable causes. Your shopping cart is empty. SLF- Cotton Candy Tiger partial premade Fursuit Tail Fur Partial Furry Tail for Cosplay Party Costume for Kids Adults (Light Blue) 5. oneandonlycostumes. ,300. Making Lemonbrat makes custom kigurumi, hoodies, and more! We make animal & creature themed kigurumi, pajamas, and hoodies in cozy, comfortable fleece. See all our Available PremadeS . 43 FREE UK delivery. 99 FREE shipping. 10 $ 99. I have had it for a few months worn a few times. This is Karma! This full partial includes the head, handpaws, tail, and arm Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Custom fursuit Full partial!! at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!Can Move Mouth Pink Pig Mascot Costume Fursuits Cosplay Animal Halloween AdultsTop Rated Seller. Gryphon Partial Suit (Gently Used) For Sale! I bought this fursuit this past winter, and it has only been worn a few times, for very short periods of time. Starry Shepherd - Ladder Auction. 00" (10% off Premade Fursuit Partials. Pynnepoodle ( 0) Add to Cart. 00 Fursuit Tails Premade tails. or Best Offer. 99. Common partial design combinations typically include a head and a specific set of body elements such as feet and hand paws or lower bodysuit. Selling for a lower price than usual as it has some flaws (that are only noticeable up close) can. Price and Style Guide. See more from DemiDelerious. I will do my best to provide excelent vision and ventillation The head will have an open mouth. 31. Let us bring to life your very own unique character! Check out my gallery for more costumes! Learn how to make your very own fursuit by me! "The Sparky". 350 Skull Dog For Sale Furry Amino. 39. 00 Original Price . Each project is a one-of-a-kind, durable work of art lovingly crafted by us in our Chicago based studio. Condition is Pre-owned. It comes with digigrade feet paws a 5ft long tail a name tag and the head. 00Xerian Synth Fursuit tapewolf. Communication is quick and friendly, commission queues are We make fursuit parts, partials, and full plantigrade and digitigrade fursuits. eBay tops our list of best retail outlets for acquiring a suit, as you can find a diverse selection of High quality 2018 partial Lemonbrat cat fursuit. The Devil Cat Fursuit Head. Only 1 available and it's in 3 people's basket. https://discount99. New (Other) C 0. Condition is "Pre-owned". Fursuit Sale Tumblr. Fursuit Head. 25 June 2021 at 14:25:27 MDT and the body is a second-hand set of racing leathers I found cheap on ebay that roughly matched his colour scheme. Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; YouTube; Tumblr; TrelloHigh quality 2018 partial Lemonbrat cat fursuit . Will come with a headshot badge. Some of the lining in the back of head is missing . 0 out of 5 stars 3. Welcome to AussieStudios! We are a fursuit making business based in QLD Australia. The hooves will be made with fleece. C 8. com/shop/Xushowolf-----FAN MAToony fursuits made with the highest quality. AussieStudios has been up and running as a business since December 2019 and we have around 5 years of experience. Head, paws, tail, tongue. Size 1125 x 1231. LavaFox is a fursuit maker who is most known for being a lower-cost, starter fursuit maker. he has PAWSTAR Furry Arm Sleeves - Partial Fursuit Halloween costume Cosplay paws 3165. Fursuit Fox Partial. Buy It Now. Jun 04, 2021 · Husky Dog Fox Mascot Costume Long Fur Furry Costume Wolf Cosplay Fursuit #418. Reference sheet: None. Acepto varios métodos de pago. cosplay fursuit on Rarity from my little pony. Gender Any. Details about Fursuit partial . 99 $ 65. Head:Fits up to 22. 00 to $ 99. com/beautyofthe. AnasteyshaDash Add to Cart. GoodToKnow will teach you every step for a basic, yet Protogen Fursuit Head base Template Digital Pattern - PDF make your own Furry Fursuit Headbase ChilliCosplay 5 out of 5 stars (555) $ 10. This partial suit is new completed as of 23/7/21comes with!- head fits sizes 21-22- hands: better suited for smaller hands but alterations can be made for buyers- tail wi 0. 00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Dragon Wolf Fursuit FinnSellsStuff 4. Bestseller. Fursuit Tail Fur Partial Furry Tail for Cosplay Party Costume for Kids Adults (Mint Green) . Find Fursuit Partial Now! ebay. Add to Favorites CM1 Protogen kit (no electronics) SLA/FDM JFrandomness 5 out of 5 stars (21) $ 160. Skull Canine Head Weasyl. KitsunePerfumery. fursuit partial. Item information. Featured Listings from Fursuits > Partial Suits. Skull Dog Customs Furry Amino. The Devil Cat. facebook. canine fursuit head with ref sheet. Check out our Style and Price Guide to see what we can make. 28. Furryvalley. Favourite. Materials used are luxury shag fur for the base of the head and hair, luxury mink fur for the tongue, nose and accents What makes this website our top choice for a place to sell your fursuit is that they have multiple selling sub-categories, including fur, accessories, partial suits, and even parts! This makes it very easy to sell off your entire costume, or you could break it down and sell off the individual parts, which could possibly be more lucrative. 5. eBay. Kemono cat fursuit head, fursuit cat, fursuit kids, fursuit for girls, fursuit head cheap, fursuit partial premade, fursuit mini partial oneandonlycostumes 5 out of 5 stars (325) $ 440. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. 102102. Price: eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005 Jul 21, 2021 · fursuit partial. Brand New. Mini Partial Corgi Premade Fursuit. (285) £226. . WearCatCreations . New Premade Fursuit Head. Black Skulldog By Therealurubabe On Deviantart. This baby is looking for a home! 0. 00 to $ 55. I'm selling it on eBay because I need the money and because I don't really consider myself a gryphon anymore. So check it out before then if you're interested in owning this lovely Pawaii Lion 🌴🌺. 00 FREE shipping. 99 $ 105. us/Animal Fursuit. €250 + shipping (worldwide). We make digitigrade, plantigrade and partial fursuits and also provide fursuit accesories. Condition is "New with defects". NaritaCoree ( 2 ) Add to Cart. fursuit partial head and tail only . Seller 98. New (Other) C 6. New body suit. This will be a partial fursuit that will include a lined head that will fit 25 in heads and smaller, lined hand paws, and a tail made with belt loops. Green Skulldog Partial By Sarahcat Fur Affinity Dot Net. Feet are a size 11 men's but if you are a smaller size you can wear shoes with them as there is a zipper on the side of the feet so you can fit your own shoes. To help others make informed purchases, FursuitReview exists as a database for customer-submitted reviews of these hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items. 54 shipping + AU 3. Fursuit for sale partial head paws tail sell smilidon sabertooth saber tooth. April 27, 2019 ·. Fursuit Made by: BEAUTYOFTHEBASShttps://twitter. AU 3. MrMatschies ( 0) 0 bids 1 day, 18h 18m 58s. etsy. com has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month. Fursuit partial . Top Rated Seller. Ladder auction, with options to upgrade to full suit


Commission protogen head

Primagen/Protogen Amino


-I do full payment first if you didn’t like the sketch you can have a refund. If you aren’t happy with the sketch please tell me to change it in any way even redo it completely~ I don’t mind.

-I don’t do NSFW art.

-After I finished the line art I’ll only refund part of the cash.

-If I’m done with the art work, I’ll give no refunds.

-I have the right to refuse any commission.

-my signature will be on the back. Feel free to request any specific styles, but it will be there, and you can’t remove it.

-I hold all the rights to use the badge in any way I like. So I’m very likely to use then as promotional material for my own commissions like in this wiki.

-be nice¡ as you can see in the background our work force is working very hard to pruduse these HQ badges for you¡

Prices and examples


Mini headshots: 11$ usd

user uploaded image

-they are around 8-10 centimeters/4-2 inches

-free shipping anywhere in the world

Normal headshots: 18$ usd

user uploaded image

-10-13 centimeters/ 4-5 inches long

-comes with minimal background for free, you can ask for more but it will cost extra

-you can add small polymer clay foods and other bits for 1-10$ extra per bit~

-free shipping to anywhere in the world

Commissioner’s rights

If you Commission me, you have the right to have the art done under a moth (usually less)

And I will remake the badge up to 2 times if lost in the mail.

normal half bodies: 25$ usd

user uploaded image

- 13- 15 centimeters/ 5-6 inches long

-comes with minimal background for free, you can ask for more but it will cost extra

-you can add small polymer clay foods and other bits for 1-10$ extra per bit~

-free shipping to anywhere in the world

Normal full bodies

(Example coming soon)

-comes with minimal background for free, you can ask for more but it will cost extra

-you can add small polymer clay foods and other bits for 1-10$ extra per bit~

-free shipping to anywhere in the world

Pre made bits¡

I have a bunch of pre made polymer clay bits you can add to your badge for just 1$ each¡

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
3 marshmallow cake slices
RF_protogen face test

Fursuit FENNEC Head Base Foam commission

SoldSee similar items$50.00Buy It Now, $7.00 Shipping, eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:kamenhamster✉️(30)100%, Location:Puebla, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item:274426331023Fursuit FENNEC Head Base Foam commission. Please advise that the free shipping is economy shipping and takes the longest to deliver, specially under the Global pandemic circumstances, there can be Delays in the delivery, If you need a 2-4 business days delivery Please contact us and we'll let you know the shipping fee's to your address using DHL express service.For all orders to EUROPE: We have been informed that all flights to Europe have been restricted due to the impact of the pandemic in the American continent.Any purchase is a big help for us since we're an independent small business .Sculped With Foam*The ears will be folded to fit in the box**Color might variate from the picture**Pictures are examples of the final product**The foam might turn yellow with time but that's perfectly normal and wont affect the quality of the material**Eye's shapes can be modified, ask before purchase**if you buy more than one item, it will be shipped separatelyIMPORTANT: Import duties, taxes are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine if there are additional costs.DELAYS IN DELIVERY: If the package delays, that depends on the LOCAL postage service of your country and is out of our control. Your package can also, be hold a couple days in the Customs Office, this is a normal procedure and we have no way to rush it. Please be patient.CANCELLATIONS: Our store does not accept cancellations. We kindly ask that customers please only place orders for items they will be purchasing.WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISTAKES IN THE ADDRESS, PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECTCondition:New without tags, Condition:Brand new made to order, All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Size:One Size: Regular, Country/Region of Manufacture:Mexico, Style:Fursuit, Material:Foam, Theme:fennec, Brand:Handmade

PicClick Insights - Fursuit FENNEC Head Base Foam commission PicClick Exclusive

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  • 5 sold, 0 available. 0 views, 0 views per day, 351 days on eBay.

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  • 30+ items sold. 0% negative feedback. Good seller with good positive feedback and good amount of ratings.

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Artistic Liberty discount (10%)

An Artistic Liberty discount is a discount given to commissioners who wish to have a bit of a surprise with their finished fursuit. You may specify a keyword but you can’t be too specific, so be sure to ask whether your idea will be eligible for a discount. It’s always a surprise, and the more fun an artist has with your suit the better it’ll turn out in the end. It’s a great way to get an awesome suit at a cheaper price.

Things you could send me are:

“I want a canine. the rest is up to you!”

“I’d like something with natural colors.”

“I’d like something like a dragon/fantasy animal”

Something that would not qualify:

“I want a brown dog with white markings over the mouth and forehead. I also want a white tipped tail, pink paw pads, brown eyes, and finished paw bottom feet”

  • Absolutely NO reference pictures should be provided in your application.
  • This discount is only available if the commission includes a head, at least.

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