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How to Do a Beehive Braid

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    Divide your hair near the nape of the neck with a comb. Use a comb to separate the bottom part of your hair from the rest, starting from the base of one ear to the other. If you have thick hair, make each section 12–1 inch (1.3–2.5 cm) wide. For thinner hair, you can make the sections thicker, and still get small, flat braids. Comb out the hair that falls below the part line.[5]

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    Pin up the hair you are not working with. Find a large hair clip or elastic to separate the top part of your hair from the small section of hair on the bottom that you are braiding. Be sure to attach your hair securely so it doesn't get in the way. You can also pin up hair in smaller sections.

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    Start braiding horizontally across your hairline.Grasp a lock of hair at 1 end point of the sectioned-off part, under either your left or right ear. Separate the lock of hair into 3 equal parts. Pull the left strand of hair under the middle strand, then pull the right strand under the left. These initial 2 "stitches" form the start of any braid.
    • If you have very thin hair, you may want to add kanekalon braiding hair to your natural hair before beginning the braid. This creates a stronger foundation for the extensions to be sewn into.
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    Pull in more hair with each additional "stitch." As you continue braiding, pull more hair into the braid with each piece that you cross under. Doing so should adhere the braid to your scalp. Continue with this cornrow style braid until you reach the end of the section of hair.[6]

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    Separate a new section of hair that stretches to your temple. Use a comb to section off the hair along your hairline that stretches from the end of the last section to your temple. Aim to make this the same width as the first row of hair you braided. Pin up the rest of your hair and comb your loose hair out thoroughly.

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    Braid all the way around your head. Continue your beehive braid using the hair you've separated. Be careful to keep your hair smooth and knot-free as you braid it by combing out each section as much as possible before styling. Stop braiding right under your ear, above the spot you first started braiding.[7]

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    Continue the braid in a spiral pattern.Once you've braided your hair completely around your head, angle the braid inwards to follow a spiral pattern. Use your comb to separate sections of hair about the same width as your outer braid. Braid inwards until all of your hair is included in the beehive pattern.[8]
    • The "beehive pattern" imitates the spiral shape of beehives in nature.
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    Braid the remaining hair. Once you have completed the spiral of your beehive braid, braid the hair that is left sticking out at the end into a regular braid. Alternatively, you can sew the hair flat onto an existing cornrow. If you choose to sew extensions into your beehive braid, you can tuck in this loose braid by crocheting it, along with a hair extension, to your cornrow.


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    1. A Big Beehive Hairstyle

    We have yet another ‘blast from the past’ for you, beehive hairstyles.
    Inner you [Probably ;)],’Again? Wasn’t beehive hairstyles popular back in 1950 or 60s?’
    Yes, it was famous back in 1960, but we all know that fashion and style industry will always repeat itself. The world is round, I guess. That is why every retro style spins back with a modern-day flavor.

    Initially created by the late Margaret Vinci Heldt, beehive hairstyles today is associated with inspirational artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele. Its larger than life feature is what makes it one of the most requested hairstyles by the celebrities and artists. Well, who wouldn’t love to be an inspiration?

    To some, carrying off beehive hairstyles may appear to be playing dress up or too retro; so, these hairstyles nowadays come in a little edgier version. You can try this small experimental styles to give your tresses a fresh change.
    Decided? Or not?
    Have a look at a few inspirations and maybe decide?

    This hairstyle is big in every which way making it perfect for beehive hairstyles for the wedding. Her bangs are used to frame the face. A strand of her hair from the side is used to create a distinction between the considerable bun and the fringes.

    If you loved Frozen and loved Elsa, you can go for this look. Her entire hair is colored into a pastel blue color, and then the epic style is made. Her big blue hairstyle is not natural. It could be a look for Halloween 2018.

    Celebrities can show you how to do modern day beehive hairstyles. This hairstyle does not look dramatic and looks do-able. Thus, this makes for a natural beehive hairstyle. It is simple, classy and chic.

    This is a beehive hairstyle for long hair, and you need to search for a ‘how to do big beehive hairstyles’ to pull this off. Her hair is pulled up, and detailed curls are made directly to your face. A lot of hard work and a lot of pressure, indeed. Her hair color is red which is entirely optional.

    First of all special mention of the epic earpiece. They are drop-dead gorgeous. Now, if you want to feel like a doll every single day, you can go for the hair color, pink. You can make the entire look more epic by going for beehive hairstyles from the 1960s.

    A beehive half up and half down hairstyle looked was at its peak in Indian film industry back in the 60s. The hair was tied into a half bun, and the rest was let loose. They complete their entire appearance with thick winged eyeliner. Remember, when I told, fashion industry always repeats itself.

    Beehive hairstyles can be the hairstyle you can adopt if you are going to be the bridesmaid for your best friend. Again, you can go for half up and half down style. The hair is puffed up into a significant structure at the front. A clutch ties the top half and the rest of the hair is let down into waves.

    This is one of my favorite hairstyles. Beehive hairstyle from the 60s inspires this beautiful and gigantic bun. What adds flavor and spice to the entire look is the strand of hair twisted and placed at the center of the bun.

    You can alter your beehive hairstyle by making an intricate bun at the front. The bun here is not as usual. Here, the back of the hair is sleek and chic. The entire hairstyle is unique and kept as sophisticated as possible.

    Even red carpets need a beehive hairstyle from the 1950s. Usually, at such events, they always manage to give a modern-day flavor to it. They keep the bun relatively small and the winged eyeliner also at the minimum. The beehive hairstyle is kept casual and messy.

    For an everyday hairstyle, you can also go for beehive hairstyles. For this, you can create a significant bun and twist it. Then hold the bun by adding a colorful clutch at the end. Your hair accessory should match your outfit. Go out for a picnic at the lake.

    You can see that this hairstyle is a piece of art. This is not a natural beehive hairstyle. I would say this is a modern dramatic day beehive inspired hair. The high bun has strands of hair creating braids and design to give it a larger than life look. You can keep the makeup simple, and for the jewelry a statement neck piece is perfect.

    Beehive hairstyles is also an option for the short hair type. You can go for half up and half down beehive hairstyles for short hair. Use a small clip to clasp the top half your hair which is puffed up. This puts a lot of focus on your face and creates a significant volume.

    I love Jlo and everything she does. So, there is no doubt in my mind that she can pull off beehive hairstyles easily. Look at her. She keeps the flavor of the 60s in her hairstyle and still manages to look sexy and not outdated. Her earrings are simple, and she lets her hair steal the show.

    If you want to make everyone drown in your gorgeous tornado of a hairstyle, you can go for this look. The bun here is not detailed and straightforward. It is conical in shape. This hairstyle is beautiful and unique. You can add a hair accessory that matches the color of your outfit to finish the look.

    Here is another latest beehive hairstyle that you can opt. This hairstyle is bold and daring. It requires a lot of work. First of all your strands should be styled with a hair straightener. Then, you can flip your hair to the front and finish the look with red lipstick.

    You can vary the natural beehive hairstyle by creating spirals on them. This hairstyle again requires a lot of hard work. Each spiral needs to be carefully curled. You should then place it correctly on your head. It is vital that you are sure you can pull off this look.

    Everything looks great when you put a bow on it including beehive hairstyles. The turtleneck with a high bun and few wispy bangs make a great look. When you add a white bow on top, your entire look comes to create something beautiful and fun.

    This is another hairstyle that needs a lot of guts if you want to go for it. The hair color is a neon blue color which means it already draws a lot of focus. Now, to add more attention to the hair, you can create a high bun with piles of hair in a circular manner.

    This is one of my personal favorites among the beehive hairstyles. The style is chic and fun at the same time. For the beehive hairstyle, they use her curls and then pull of strands. This hairstyle is neat and messy at the same time. You can add accessories to finish the look.

    It might be hard for you to relax if you have this hairstyle. Beehive hairstyles with bangs were as popular back in the days. You can go for straight fringes that cover your forehead. The bun can be as high as you want. You need to be able to handle the weight and the pressure of the bun if you’re going to go for this 60s style.

    Beehive hairstyles look on fleek even from the side. This is a minimized version of the original haircut from 1950. It has a lot of updates making it easy and straightforward. You can wear it for your date or even pull it off as a look at the red carpet.

    Face it, the winged eyeliner and beehive hairstyles go hand in hand. That is why back in the 60s every beehive inspired hair need a bold eyeliner look for an epic appearance. Usually, back in those days, hairstyles were complete when they also had bangs. For bangs, we all know how important it is to know your face shape.

    You can wear the epic and big beehive hairstyles as a cute style as well. You need to minimize the size of the bun for that. Higher puffed up hair requires high buns to compliment them. So, use layers, and you can use a low bun.

    This is another updated version of the classic beehive hairstyles. You can see how the look is simple. It is an everyday look that you can wear for anywhere. From parties to office day look, this version of beehive hairstyles can be used.

    You can now understand why a lot of girls do not prefer beehive hairstyles. Well, to give its fair share, it is dramatic. It provides a stunning visual effect, but it requires a lot of work and strength to carry it off.

    For a cute look and day out in the park, you can create a puffed up look behind your bangs. Your bangs, I hope, is cut according to your shape. If not, make sure it compliments your face shape. Raise your hair behind the fringes and let the rest of your hair loose.

    You don’t need to do a lot of work on your beehive hairstyle to make it different. It requires a little bit of raising up. Now, you can make it sleek on the side. Glide your comb and make it neat and tidy. It is a clean look for your night.

    If you are a fan of French twist like I am, you can complement it with a beehive hairstyle. The hair color is different and is perfect for a cold undertone. So, twist your hair and then make it your work hairstyle. Trust me; everyone will ask you to give a tutorial.

    For pale skin, ash blonde hair color is great. The hair color is on the grey hues. Now, to make your bangs a bit dramatic, you can give it an angled cut. Put up the rest of the hair into a high bun making it a modern-day flavored beehive hairstyle.

    I love this version of the beehive hairstyles. They are easy and classic. They can be pulled off by anyone. If you get the hang of it, you can wear this every single day and make it in minutes. The bangs and the layers make this entire hairstyle work. The bun is simple and effortless.

    This version of beehive hairstyles is not easy as the one showed earlier. First of all, you will need a unique set of hair accessories. The hair bun is again neat and requires a lot of hair products. Once the hair is set, you can put the accessories on the side. You should wear a strapless dress to focus on the hair.

    Again, this hairstyle also requires a lot of work. The bun’s height is completely on you. You can go for a low bun or a high bun. You can finish the look by taking a strand of hair and making a curve on the side. I know, it is beautiful.

    This hairstyle of Hillary Duff takes me back to her Lizzie McGuire days. Yes, even a teenager can pull this off. You will need a headband. Raise the hair of behind your band slightly and let the rest of your hair loose. Go about your day and have fun.

    If you are planning your big day to be grand, I think your hairstyle should go with it. I would suggest you to have loose big curls. Complementary to your curls are the beehive hairstyles. You can add braids to make your entire look more refined. Your hair could easily be called a piece of art.

    For that hair color, you know the drill, you require similar undertone. For this larger than life beehive hairstyle, well, you need to get some help. There is a huge chunk of hair that has been raised and the rest of hair is just twisted.

    Remember, back in 60s, when some women opted for a hairstyle that is even larger than their face. If you want, you can go for it. I don’t think this style would personally suit me and to be honest, it looks like a lot of work.

    Now, coming to this style, I simply love it. Look at it! It is simple and effortless. The bun looks like something we can do everyday. Rest of the style is dependent on the hair texture and its natural frizziness.

    You hair has a lot of highlights. You can show it off using a beehive hairstyle. Just make sure your highlighted strands is put strategically so that all the layers line up in that high bun. The hairstyle is simple but what adds as a decoration is the hair colors.

    The blue eyebrows, obviously are a little too much. But, some might not find it a little too much. The beehive hairstyle on the other hand is simple and casual. This is a blonde beehive hairstyle with all the hair made neatly. Get some help or look for some tutorials.

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    Best Beehive Braid Pattern For Crochet Braids

    The following crochet braid patterns can help you achieve the look you … The beehive pattern is popular because it gives crochet braids a. five crochet braid patterns that provide the best looking crochet braids. … you are likely familiar with the beehive braiding method, beloved by.  If you haven’t heard, crochet braids are the latest style trend to take the natural hair community by … Here are my top four braiding patterns for crochet braids that you can DIY at home or show your stylist: … Beehive pattern.

    How to Braid Your Hair for Crochet Braids (DETAILED) | Braid Pattern Series

     There are many different braiding patterns out there that will serve well as a foundation for a crochet hairstyle. One of … If you’re after a style with a fringe, consider a beehive pattern instead, which is also … Crochet braids are an inexpensive braid style and they can look very natural. Also … The beehive braiding pattern is also an excellent choice. Although, with all . Best Cornrow Pattern for Crochet Braids … Realizing this was the best, was one of those dohs! moments when your stylist braiding your hair (and has … Beehive cornrow pattern used with freetress Bohemian TT30 Hair.

    Easy middle part crochet braid pattern

    This crochet braid pattern is not unfamiliar to weave lovers. This pattern is the most commonly used when installing weave. crotchet braids with bangs using the beehive braiding pattern. … I love the crochet braids I have pictures of my styles as well as good luck on. Women have been getting crochet braids for years with human hair or … to get rid of the tail from the beehive braiding pattern without sewing it.

    The beehive braid is a style that gathers your hair into a long, spiral cornrow. … Braiding Your Hair Maintaining and Removing Beehive Braids Article Summary … Braid inwards until all of your hair is included in the beehive pattern. … into your beehive braid, you can tuck in this loose braid by crocheting it. Different Braid Styles for Hair Extensions Every time I have ever had sew-in hair … In fact, they are the best braid pattern for crochet braids. … To achieve the vixen style, for the four sections, braid into a beehive pattern.

    From the different braiding patterns to spectacular crochet hairstyles, … the most ideal foundation would be a spiral or beehive braid pattern. The best thing about crochet braids is the fact that you can easily pull off a wide range of styles. … If the extensions are pre-braided, it’ll take less time. … If you’d like to hold your crochet braids in a ponytail, then the beehive cornrow pattern will .

    47 Ways You Never Thought of To Style Crochet Braids … This slightly layered look is achieved by using about four packs of LoMe Marley Braiding Hair. The carefree look with shorter hair used near the top is a repeating pattern that looks … The beehive look created by the bangs was a popular style back in the fifties, but …

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