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The aim of this comparison is to demonstrate the most apparent and noticeable differences in the look of similar elements between original Shirogorov knives and counterfeit copies.
The parts of the knife which are being discussed are marked with numbers on the pictures, so it’s easier to follow the text.

Fake Shirogorovs are made pretty much to the same dimensions as the original knives and, at first glance, look fairly similar. The devil, as it often happens, is in the details.
1) Some fakes are missing the Shirogorov logo (the bear) on the front side of the flipper.

2) Likewise, the steel isn’t marked on some of the counterfeit knives

Now let’s take a close look at the technical details.

3) Once the folder is closed, you can clearly see that the fake’s blade is shorter. Fakes often don’t have a centered blade, and usually the grind lines towards the tip of the blade are asymmetrical.
4) The fake’s blade is ground slightly thinner than the original, which is especially noticeable near the tip of the blade.
5) The screw of the fake’s clip is slightly longer than necessary and thus sticks out from the handle.

6) The grind is not symmetrical on the counterfeit copy

7) The point of contact of the blade with the frame lock does not make a smooth surface, it looks more like it has been dented.

8) Original Shirogorovs have proper faceting (metal removed at the edges of the blade spine at a certain angle so that the edges are not sharp and don’t bite into the user’s hand). The fake has minimal facets which you can hardly feel.

On a fake you can see the following:
9) Asymmetrical flats of the blade
10) The transition from the blade flats to the ‘base’ of the blade is not clearly pronounced, unlike the original Shiro.

11) From the spine of the blade you can see the beginning of the blade flats (which you can’t see on the original), and the flats themselves are not symmetrical.

12) Facets/jimping on the flipper tab is uneven and rougher than on the original version

13) The blade sticks out above the handle in the fake once the folder is deployed

Now let’s look at the handle.
What can be noticed is the rough lines from the grinding belts on titan surfaces:
- the clip (14),

- relief on the outside of the handle (15)

- thumb relief/cutout on the inside (16),

- all over the inner surface of the handle (17)

18) Reliefs on the inside of the handles near the flipper tab are uneven and rough (the lines aren’t clear).

19) The relief milled for the rear standoff doesn’t match the side of the standoff.
20) The axes of both the pivot pin and rear standoff ‘fall through’ by a little bit, and there are gaps in the circumference, which makes for standoff freeplay

21) Fake screws and standoffs has rough finish and scratches. We have checked their heat treat, and it varies from 45 to 56 HRc.

22) The CF inserts on the copy are rougher than on the original,
23) The clip relief on the CF insert is missing.
24) Finish on the titan surfaces of the counterfeit knife is clearly rougher than the original, a bigger tumbling medium has been used, and not enough time has been assigned for tumbling.

Let’s take the knife apart and look at the pivot area.
25) The knockoff runs on 17 ball bearings per side, just as the original. However, the bearing ring has rougher surface and worse ball fitment than the original.

Here is a photo of an original F-95 in comparison (26)

This makes for a worse flip and the feeling that sand has been thrown into the bearings area of the counterfeit copy.

Text and pictures courtesy of Shirogorov


Shirogorov knife (110, S90V, CF 3D)

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Shirogorov knife (110, S90V, CF 3D)

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  • Blade material : S90V
    Country of origin: Russia
    Brand:Shirogorov Brothers
    Handle material: CF 3D
    Lock type:AXIS-lock
    Blade thickness: 4 mm
    Overall length: 245 mm
    Blade length: 110 mm
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Shirogorov Quantum Custom Knife M390 Blade Titanium Handle Exceptional Quality

A masterpiece of knife making from Shirogorov Custom Division


The Quantum is one of the latest and most sought after models from Shirogorov brothers, the prominent Russian company. The Quantum is a large EDC knife with a dramatic sweeping Persian blade, fitted into a masterfully machine titanium handle. The Quantum was designed and tested rigorously by Shirogorov for superior field performance. It's not surprising that the knife was awarded the prestigious title of "Best tactical Folder" at the 2019 Blade Show.


Like other Shirogorov knives, the design language is simple, elegant and eye catching. The titanium handle is exceptionally comfortable in hand thanks to the ergonomic design and fully chamfered edges, M390 steel is the choice for the blade to ensure unparalleled edge retention and durability. The blade features a beautiful upswept edge that flows with the milling lines and curvature of the handle. The vapour finish on the blade is classy and matches up perfectly with the handle finish.


Shiros are best known for their amazing action and the Quantum is no exception. The blade flies out fast and hard due to perfect weight of the detent. The Multi Row Bearing System (MRBS) coupled with precision machining gives you one of the smoothest, glass-like closing actions you'll ever see. This is aided further by the weight of the large blade for a truly remarkable action.




  • Excellent condition
  • In new condition except for a tiny tool mark on the small hardware screw (see picture)
  • Comes with original box, certificate card and microfiber cloth




Shirogorov Knives Sprint Run Stellar (2021). Bjorkman Twist Damasteel.

Shirogorov Neon Review

The trend to move toward smaller knives by both manufacturers and knife enthusiasts has taken hold with almost every maker and brand. The Neon (technically known as the NeOn Lite) is Shirogorov’s take on a smaller sized piece.  At 3.25 inches of beautiful CPM-S90V designed as a flat ground blade, the Neon offers everything that larger sibling models such as the Hati and F95 have to offer in terms of usability and quality, but with much less bulk.


Key Specs: Shirogorov Neon

Frame Lock


shirogorov-bearFor those who are not familiar with the brand, Shirogorov is a Russian knife manufacturer and custom knife brand that gets commonly referenced along with Chris Reeve Knives as the benchmark for folding flipper knives. Fit and finish all scream quality with phenomenal attention to detail that can only be described as near-perfect. Sergey and Igor Shirogorov were the creators of this brand, and though Igor is no longer with us, his brother Sergey continues to carry the torch by producing some of the finest knives available. Let’s talk more on that last part of the sentence…

The only potential downside of wanting for a Shirogorov, whether it is the Neon, or any other folder they offer is availability and thus price. A few years back, trying to get a Shirogorov was as about as difficult as getting your hands on the newest iPhone on the day of release. Not impossible, but for people in North America, almost so. Demand versus supply were vastly uneven, further causing issues with rising prices and in some cases even price gouging. It was not uncommon for any model of Shirogorov knife to be considered a great deal at about 1000 dollars. Though the brand is still incredibly popular, availability seems to have become more approachable with more re-seller availability in the States.


Shirogorov has 3 levels of knives offered. They include production level knives, custom knife division and pure customs. As one might imagine, the full customs and the custom knife division are much more expensive when compared to the production level knives. Enter our production version Shirogorov Neon. Though limited in release and number, the Neon represents all that is good in a production knife manufacturer. Spoiler: As of this writing, the Shirogorov Neon may is now our favorite smaller sized EDC knife.   Just looking at pics and specs will not due this knife justice.

Feel In-Hand

Unboxing the Shirogorov Neon felt like Christmas come early. Presented with a classic black cardboard box with an embossed bear symbol on it was the perfect minimalist presentation. The bear symbol, also seen on the knife and the included black microfiber cloth is the logo adopted by Shirogorov. Inside the box, the aforementioned black cloth and a birth certificate (of authenticity) are included in the box with the knife itself.

shirogorov-neon-closedAs we removed the knife from the box, we were admittedly slightly underwhelmed. This is a common initial reaction when it comes to Shirogorov knives because they are not flashy or eye catching in a traditional sense. Like Chris Reeve knives, those not in the know will look at the knife and say something along the lines of “umm… okay, so it looks like a knife. Why is that so special and worth that much money?” Granted, the Shirogorov Neon is not the most eye catching of knives, but the beauty is in the details.

As we held the Neon in our hands we immediately noticed all the nuanced visual elements milled into the all titaniumand lightly tumbled scales showing modern swooping lines that also allow for some grip. The titanium backspacer helps make the Neon look like a modern and slightly futuristic folder, with an integrated lanyard hole discretely placed within it. Everything felt smooth and appeared purposeful.

As we continued to hold it in hand, the lack of weight was apparent.  At only 3 oz. the knife is rather light yet still maintains a very substantial feel. With a closed length of 4.25” this is not a large knife, but manages to pack a 3.25” usable blade into the package. In open position, the knife is 7.5 inches long, plenty of knife for an EDC. The true beauty of a Shorogorov knife exists in the action and the business end. Our favorite part of holding a knife for the first time is when we open the blade.

We pressed our pointer finger on the jimped flipper tab and pushed down. A quiet smile appeared that just could not be removed. The action, oh, the action! Describing the feeling of a Shirogorov knife is difficult. It has an action that is so good that it is basically unrivaled by any other brand we can think of. They have figured out how flippers need to flip, and have engineered a multi-row bearing system (MRBS) that includes 30 ball bearings intricately designed within the pivot to best accommodate this perfect feeling action. In that one flip, we understood the hype. The Neon is an unbelievable flipper.

The Blade

shirogorov-neon-bladeThe blade that revealed itself as we flipped the knife open is a thing of beauty. This S90V super steel blade sports a full-flat grind that is truly epic in execution. If you are a knife person, this blade will make you a Shirogorov lover at first sight. The finish on the blade is uniquely Shirogorov. It is a stonewashed full flat grind blade that appears so uniform that almost looks like titanium. The Neon with its 3.25 inch blade did not just have looks, it had the sharpness to go with it. A perfectly even semi-polished grind made it apparent to us that this knife is meant to be a user.

Shirgorov has previously offered M390 with their production run mid tech versions of the Neon. The un-confirmed story goes that Shirogorov originally put out 30 limited custom knife division versions of the Neon for extremely select and lucky purchasers willing and able to pay the coin for them. These were broadly the same as the production versions but for the more contoured and finished titanium scales, custom nature, and CPM-S90V blade steel. It was said that the S90V steel was supposed to have been reserved only for those custom knives. But in standard Shirogorov fashion, the production knife line, which first appeared with M390 blade steel, started to sprinkle out with multiple blade steel varieties.

This is just like we see with other models in the Shirogorov line-up. It is not uncommon that the same knife model which are produced in relatively small batches may have one type of steel for that run,and the next run offer a completely different steel. Shirogorov tends to favor S90V, M390 and S30V most of the time.  Though the Neon has now been offered as production (mid-tech/semi-custom) variants with both M390 and S90V, the S90V version may be considered slightly more sought after given its use on the original batch of 30 custom division blades. Either way, same great knife, just a different steel. Likely if past results are a decent indicator, we will see other steels found on the Neon eventually. Shirogorov is an equal opportunity blade steel manufacturer I suppose.


But before we discuss performance, let us get one last item out of the way….the pocket clip!  In short, we love the pocket clip! Not only is the pocket clip 3D designed and sculpted, it freakin’ works really well. The look of the clip makes the knife seem so much more futuristic it is almost hard to imagine the Neon without it. Shirogorov has been making 3D sculpted clips and using them on production knives for years, far earlier than most of these other companies recently jumping on the bandwagon. The pocket clip is very well executed, and feels smooth without any sharp edges, yet still works incredibly well without ripping up your pant pocket, or making it annoying difficult to use.

In hand, the knife feels a bit on the small size, but our medium sized hands just barely can get a comfortable 4 finger grip on the slightly contoured scales. For a smaller knife, it is rather comfortable, and certainly ergonomic in its design.

Real Word Usage

We try to keep things as realistic as possible. Our Shirogorov Neon is a knife that is 1 year in the making… we have been waiting about 1 year to get our hands on it. That stated, we got it as a collectible piece and as an EDC. We have carried this knife about a week now as our primary EDC, and it has proven to be one of our favorites. We can only think of 2 other knives we’d consider at this approximate size that can hold a candle to this knife in terms of ease of carry, enjoyment and appreciation, and general usage – we discuss those other knives in the Alternatives section of this review.

We know how some of you love to read about the testing aspect of our reviews. We carried the knife (and continue to carry the knife) as our EDC as much as possible within the week we designated for it but truth be told we have not subjected it to any serious cutting testing. It’s just not that kind of knife.  Rest assured the S90V blade will hold it’s edge for a long time.


We carried the Neon in shorts, jeans, dress pants, and slacks. In each case the Shirogorov Neon was almost effortlessly easy to carry in the pocket. Placing in and taking out of the pocket of every type of pant we could think of was refreshingly easy.

As far as cutting applications are concerned, we did indeed cut with this knife quite a bit for an at the ready casual EDC blade. We cut up some rope and some vinyl sheathing as we prepared our deck furniture for the upcoming fall and winter weather. The Neon performed without fault.  The size is reasonable and accommodates such cutting tasks without issue. Moreover, the shape of the drop-point style blade makes this knife a great stabber, and a great slicer at the same time. This is not the most common of things. The shape is very well suited for cutting at almost any task.

One gripe might be that if we had a larger blade of a similar size such as those found on the F3 or Model 95 Hati, we would we willing to consider this a defensive carry. Our Shirogorov Neon is no such beast. If you require an EDC that is also a secondary carry, look elsewhere, or consider the Neon as a secondary carry option to a primary fixed blade.

We had some fun using the Neon in the kitchen with some very positive results. Cutting fruit and veggies was made short work of with our little Russian needle. The knife was a bit slippery when we got it wet, but aside from that potentially serious issue, the knife was no slouch in the culinary cutting department.

shirogorov-neon-vs-f95Aside from those notable moments, we used the knife as anyone else might as an EDC. We opened letters, cut open a few boxes, and made use of it to open some pesky snack containers that just would not otherwise budge.  All in all, it makes for an admirable and effortless carry.

Still, let’s be realistic.  You’re unlikely to drop seven hundred dollars on a knife like this for cutting up your cardboard boxes or whittling a tent pegs.  This is primarily a collectors item, a glowing example of premium knife workmanship at its best and the ultimate in bragging rights.


All these knives available at BladeHQ.

Shirogorov knives are not for everyone. Not to mention they are darn hard to get, even though it’s a little easier than it used to be. Some competitive offerings that may compete with the Neon are presented below.

logocircle-vs-50Todd Begg Steelcraft Series Mini Bodega – The Mini Bodega is effectively the productionized miniature version of the custom and Darn Near Custom (DNC) full sized Todd Begg Bodega. We reviewed the Mini Bodega a few months back, and it was our favorite little EDC flipper prior to the Neon’s arrival. At about 450 dollars, this Reate-made production knife is a wonderful knife. If you can’t get your hands on a Shirogorov Neon, the Mini Bodega is a nice alternative with a stunning look, feel, and flipping action.

Todd Begg Mini Bodega

logocircle-vs-50Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 – How can we talk about a high-end small EDC without discussing the Sebenza 21 (small). The knife is rather simple in its base form, with blasted titanium scales and the classic drop point hollow grind ~3 inch Sebenza blade. For those who need to stay old school, the thumb stud opening small Sebenza is a classy and classic choice. And in this case, comes in as a budget pick at only 350 bucks! Inlayed versions,and unique models can cost considerably more.


logocircle-vs-50Zero Tolerance 0450 – For those who cringe at the idea of spending several hundred dollars on a pocket knife, behold the ZT 0450. At only about 160 bucks at most dealers, the all titanium scaled 3.25 inch stonewashed and satin S35VN blade is an easy choice. This little manual flipper was designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, an extremely accomplished knife maker and designer from Belarus. Interestingly enough, Dmitry has been known to work with and collaborate on projects with Shirogorov. If you are looking for a modern and somewhat Russian style knife with a USA made pedigree, the ZT 0450 makes for a nice inexpensive alternative to the Neon.

ZT 0450


The Shirogorov Neon is one of those perfect knives we all dream of having in our collection. Perfect action, Perfect looks, perfect size, perfect centering… you get the idea.  If the shift in the market is to move towards a smaller knife, let us all hope that the Neon is the measure in which all other EDC knives with less than 3.3 inch blade size are weighed against.  The only non-perfect aspect of the Neon is the price and availability. At 650 dollars on a good day (and I mean very good), perfection comes at a rather steep price.

Might the performance-to-cost ratio tip the scale from perfection to mediocrity in the case of the Shirogorov Neon?  Perhaps – but that is not really the point for some. Everyone has a different opinion and different needs. A $650+ 3 inch knife would likely not make sense to most people. But I would wager that if you are still reading this article, it makes some sense to you. And with that we can happily say that our Shirogorov Neon will be an EDC in our rotation for a very long time … that is what makes perfect sense to us. Kudos to Shirogorov for producing one of the best small knives we have ever had the privilege to use.

  • Immaculate fit & finish, super smooth action, it’s a Shirogorov
  • Somewhat dull visually, ridiculously expensive for a production knife

Shirogorov Neon

Quality/Performance - 90%

The Neon has exceptional build quality and silky smooth action with a price tag to match. A clear status symbol when it comes to high-end production knives.

Last updated on May 17th, 2020 by Matt Davidson


Knives shirogorov


The knife is one of the most ancient tools of human labor, his faithful assistant and reliable friend. A knife is more than just a tool, it is an attribute of a man, a symbol of strength and a masculine principle, in the history of its development, walking side by side with man and evolving with him. Today we live in the age of high technologies, which not only provide an opportunity for a qualitatively different processing of materials, but also bring such knife requirements as reliability, convenience, practicality, quality of cutting to a new level. The Shirogorov Brothers Workshop honors the traditions and experience of leading knife manufacturers and at the same time closely monitors the development trends and needs of the knife market, offering users original original folding knives made in Russia. We are not afraid to experiment and develop, we know and love our job. Our knives are outstanding designs and unity of the concept, modern materials and advanced technologies, well-thought-out ergonomics and full-fledged functionality. In our model range, everyone can find a suitable option among the variety of complete sets that meet the most diverse requirements. That is why the knives produced by our Workshop are deservedly widely popular among not only ordinary users in Russia and abroad, but also sophisticated connoisseurs and demanding collectors, and tens of thousands of owners have been able to evaluate the high quality and convenience of our knives.

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