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Custom Towed-Vehicle RV Wiring Harness, Select Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra

f you're towing your vehicle along for your next RV adventure, Bring It® with CURT! CURT towed-vehicle RV harnesses are the ideal solution to connecting your vehicle's electrical system to your RV while dinghy towing. Each RV harness is made for vehicle-specific application, using OEM-compatible plugs to "T" into the vehicle's wiring without any need for cutting or splicing. This particular RV dinghy tow wiring harness is designed for select years of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, 2500 HD and 3500 HD (see application info to verify fitment).

With a towed-vehicle RV harness installed, hitching up your vehicle behind your RV is fast and easy. Simply plug the provided 4-way flat connector from the front of the vehicle into the RV's 4-way flat socket. The RV harness uses the vehicle's existing tail lights, turn signals and brake lights, eliminating the need to purchase additional lighting. The vehicle's lights are able to operate in conjunction with your RV's lights, signaling other drivers and functioning just like a standard trailer in tow.

The simple plug-and-play design of CURT towed-vehicle RV harnesses makes installation a breeze, but these custom harnesses are also built for lasting durability. Each harness features integrated block diodes. These diodes isolate the vehicle's electronics from the RV signals in a way that protects them from overheating and short circuiting.

Each CURT towed-vehicle RV harness comes with a 4-way flat extension to reach the RV connector socket, a mounting bracket to help keep the wires ordered and protected on your vehicle and all the necessary hardware for a complete installation.

  • Connects a towed vehicle to an RV using a standard 4-way flat trailer plug
  • Simple plug-and-play design eliminates the need for cutting or splicing
  • Integrated block diodes isolate sensitive vehicle electronics from RV signals
  • Uses towed vehicle's existing taillights, brake lights and turn signals


  • Includes harness, 4-flat extension, mounting bracket and hardware

Custom Towed-Vehicle RV Wiring Harness Add-On

Towing your vehicle behind your RV is a great way to experience more of the adventure on your cross-country excursions. Whether you're towing a compact car or a full-size truck, CURT has the perfect solution to help you Bring It! CURT towed-vehicle RV harnesses are a vehicle-specific, plug-and-play solution to wiring your vehicle for dinghy towing. They use original-equipment-compatible connectors to plug into your vehicle's wiring system without any cutting, splicing or soldering required. They provide a standard 4-way flat connector to plug into the RV socket and synchronize the vehicle's tail lights, turn signals and brake lights with the RV's. Because each towed-vehicle RV harness has a vehicle-specific design, installation is fast and easy. This RV harness add-on connector is designed to install together with a CURT RV harness and provide a standard 4-way flat connection for towing with your vehicle. When your vehicle is not being dinghy towed, this add-on allows you to plug in, hitch up and tow like any standard vehicle-trailer combination. It supplies your vehicle with a 4-way flat connector at the rear and feature a plug-and-play design for no cutting or splicing during the installation process. This particular add-on can be used with certain RV harnesses with 3-wire systems.


  • RV HARNESS ADD-ON. If your vehicle is already equipped with a dinghy towing wiring harness, this add-on equips your vehicle for towing a trailer. It plugs into the existing harness and provides a 4-way flat plug at the rear of the vehicle
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY. To eliminate cutting and splicing from the installation, this RV wiring add-on is plug-and-play. Just plug the factory connectors into your vehicle's electrical system. This unit is compatible with 3-wire systems
  • STANDARD CONNECTOR. The 4-flat trailer wiring can be used to connect trailer taillights, brake lights and turn signals. 4-way trailer wiring is popular on a wide variety of trailers, adding versatile towing options for your vehicle
  • EASY GRIP. Plugging in your trailer wiring and trailer lights is easy with the ergonomic design of this vehicle socket. It features tabs on the top and bottom for a better grip when plugging into your trailer or unplugging
  • DUST COVER. To promote long-lasting use and weather resistance, this 4-pin trailer wiring harness comes with a rubber dust cover. It easily fits onto the 4-way flat connector when not in use, protecting it against the outdoor elements
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Mopar Tow Vehicle Wiring Harness for 2018-2020 Wrangler JL

Good Quality - Works - Installation is Very Involved.

June 24, 2019

The installation instructions cover all of the steps but are not detailed. You have to remove the tail lights, rear bumper, and all of the trim panels on the passenger side from the rear to the front passenger footwell. Wiring is routed from the front bumper through the firewall and to the rear. Not particularly complicated, just several steps to figure out. Two issues to resolve: the wiring harness has to be installed to the interface connector (where the umbilical cord from the tow vehicle plugs into the wiring at the front bumper). The pins that insert into the connector are tiny, and several broke off. Replace the Mopar proprietary connector with a generic six-pin waterproof connector. Requires some soldering but a much better solution. Also the 7-way connector at the tow vehicle is wired per the standard wire color coding, and the harness has the same color wires, but do not perform the standard function. Easiest solution was to determine by trial and error what color does what, and re-wire the 7-way plug accordingly.

ProsPlug and Play - when the jeep umbilical is plugged into the tow vehicle the 12-volt aux activates relays that switch all tail light functions to the tow vehicle control. No risk of feedback from one vehicle to the other. Provides a wire for brake signal from the tow vehicle, to be used if needed for a braking system in the towed vehicle. Mopar part - warranty on the harness and the jeep remain effective.

ConsLengthy installation. Plan on at least a day of work. Proprietary connector - pins broke during install - could not use. Pre-wired connectors not wired correctly.

Hopkins Plug In Simple Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit Install


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Jeep Towed Vehicle Wiring \u0026 Charge Line Install With Hopkins RV Toad 56200 and Roadmaster Charge Kit


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