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The HB340 and HB350/350D are ideal for houseboats, workboats and tourboats between 40' and 110' in length. Installation couldn't be simpler with the wireless joystick control which completely eliminates wire-runs through the boat. Not only does docking become much easier and safer, but you will experiance stress-free handling and control in all close quarter situations



  • Thruster(Thrusters w/HB350D)
  • Motor controller
  • Wireless joystick
  • Wiring harness and mounting hardware
  • Fuse with digital voltage indicator
  • Battery switch
  • Wireless remote key fob
  • Available in silver or black

Boat Size

  • H340 Boat Size - Up to 50'
  • H350 Boat Size - 50 to 80'
  • H350D Boat Size - 80 to 110'
Sideshift Thruster

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Houseboat Magazine

GETTING TO KNOW Hydro-Ventures 5 THingS yOU SHOULD knOw ABOUT HOUSEBOAT THRUSTERS Bob Sainte of Hydro-Ventures 1. FIND A WAY TO IMPROVE I started building houseboat thrusters in response to a request from an employee of one of the major manufacturers. They were building their own thruster system, and wanted a better pump and reservoir system than what they were currently using. I started out with performance specifications and translated them into the product that I sell today. 2. THE TARGET CUSTOMER Houseboaters who have a boat wider than 15 feet and longer than 60 feet should consider having thrusters. Thrusters give the captain the ability to move the bow and the stern laterally without having to be in motion. When docking, with bow and stern thrusters you can posi- tion the boat relative to the center of the slip, and then go forwards, while holding the boat against the wind or current. The confidence factor allows you to remain calm and focus on what you are doing. 3.ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS Improving the quality of other people's lives has always been important to me. My father was a pharmacist in a town of 1250 people. He would open the drug store at 2:00 in the morning to fill a prescription for a family with a sick child, and never worried about getting his money. He instilled in me a value that has car- ried forward with me through my entire life. It is important to me that my customers are satisfied and supported as they carry forward. 4. WORST-CASE SCENARIO The worst houseboat mishap I have ever seen involved one boat in motion and four at rest. The boat in motion collided with the other four one at a time, and did about $20,000 in damage to the four boats. One of the boats was hit so hard it knocked the slide off the back and it went to the bottom of the lake. 5. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MINIMAL Adapting to using your thrusters is a fairly intuitive process. Having bow and stern thrust- ers allows you to adjust the alignment of the boat on the fly, making it simple to stay on a straight path while docking. The joysticks are set up so that you move the stick in the direction that you want the boat to move. Most people become proficient with using their thrusters in just a few days. For more information on houseboat thrusters, visit [ Brandon Barrus] Steve Smede WWW.HOUSEBOATMAgAzinE.COM 15 By Phot o b y a s t old b y

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Customer Video - Sideshift Bow \u0026 Stern Thrusters on 78' Sumerset Houseboat

DIY Bow Stern Houseboat Thrusters, low cost, easy to install, no haul out

There's now a DIY bow stern houseboat thrusters available that are very low cost, easy to install, and no haul out of the boat required. These stern or bow thrusters get excellent reviews from current users, and work great on houseboats up to 110 feet in length.

Personally I know how difficult it is to dock or maneuver a single or twin engine houseboat on windy days. Sometimes just getting it back into the slip can cause some real embarrassment or grief.

Retractable Thrusters for Houseboats up to 110 feet

Great for houseboats up to 110 feet

Great for houseboats up to 110 feet

Easy for DIY installation (or installed professionally)

Easy for DIY installation (or installed professionally)

Everything to solve the docking & maneuvering issues

Everything to solve your docking & maneuvering issues

Great for houseboats up to 110 feetEasy for DIY installation (or installed professionally)Everything to solve the docking & maneuvering issues
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A Complete Thruster Package

Designed for houseboats up to 110 feet, it's under-deck mounted and it includes everything you need including:

· A proven 7.5hp dual prop "retractable" thruster motor
· All mounting hardware and wiring harness
· Wireless joystick and helm-mounted actuator controls
· Wireless remote control key fob to control the thruster from anywhere on the boat or dock
· Easy in-water installation
· Full two year warranty

Mounted bow or stern(or both), it has been designed for very easy installation by the boat owner, or by any marina or boatyard. The typical installation time required is only 5-6 hours, and as with our other products can be done in-water.

Thrusters made for large (long) houseboats

Thrusters made for large (long) houseboats

Houseboat thrusters are mountable on the bow or stern

Houseboat thrusters are mountable on the bow or stern

Enjoy wireless control of your houseboat

Enjoy wireless control of your houseboat

Thrusters made for large (long) houseboatsHouseboat thrusters are mountable on the bow or sternEnjoy wireless control of your houseboat
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Thrusters Fit Older or Newer Boats

So whether you own a newer or older houseboat, you deserve to have "total control of your boat". Boating is a fun activity and a thruster should be part of your vessels equipment list. Every boat should have them installed as "standard equipment".

Thruster Videos are Worth 2000 Words

There's an excellent thruster videoshowing the features, performance, and the ease of docking using these thrusters. So see for yourself how it easily can totally change your boating control and confidence.

Easy to Install, DIY installation

The beauty of these thrusters is that the installation can be done by you, a handy DIY person, or they can easily be installed by your local marine repair shop.

No Need to Haul-Out the Boat

One great advantage for installation is that there's no haul-out required, the houseboat doesn't even have to be removed from the water, therefore further reducing installation costs.

Wireless Bow Stern Thrusters

As a bonus, there's a wireless joystick so that you can access the thruster power from your upper helm flybridge location. Surely that will be a great benefit and really impress your dock neighbours. :)

Get a free online Houseboat Thruster quote now.

Bow Stern Thruster Inquiry Form

If you are interested to see a great 2 minute video, the testimonials and FAQ's, models and pricing, or possibly the installation technical specs, than fill out this quick online form below.

Bonus: If you speak to Rob or Mark, tell them I sent you and you'll get great service, a good price, and some of the best technical help in the industry. Don't worry, your information is safe with us, IAN.

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