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I decided to stop posting one shots and just post chaptered fics so I thought i’d get rid of the categories since there won’t be any more added to them. The one shots below are all the smut one shots I have rec’d. I put the summary as well as the category it used to be in. Happy Reading:)

~A helping hand Written by: xxxxx

Harry POV summary: When left to his own devices at night, Harry’s mind wanders to forbidden territory, little does he know what’s going on the other side of the curtain…

Louis POV summary: When Louis wakes up in the middle of the night on the tour bus, he has no idea how far over the boundary it will take his friendship with Harry.

{CATEGORY: masturbation}

~A lesson in lust summary: Louis is a teacher and has a side job as a stripper. Harry is his student who is confused about his sexuality and so decides to visit a strip club. {CATEGORY: student/teacher}

~Bathroom sex {CATEGORY: bathroom sex}

~Be my melody Summary: Louis is soft skin, poorly made cups of tea, tinkling piano keys and jumpers that swallow him whole.

Harry is tickle fights, late nights, baked goods, stupid telly, and a warm pillow.

Now all they both want is to be the other’s forever. {CATEGORY: first time}

~Bet you’d look so good Summary: Harry wanted to have a baby, and Louis was ready for it. {CATEGORY: mpreg}

~Drunk morning wood Summary: Drunk sex with fingering, frottage, and handjob. {CATEGORY: fingering, grinding, handjob}

~I don’t know about me, but I know about you Summary: Fill for this kink meme prompt: No established relationship. Louis and Harry are arguing over who the better kisser is, until one of them basically says “i’ll prove it” and the other’s like “bring it on” and they start making out, basically. At first they try really really hard to show off and not care about who they’re kissing and just prove a point, but then they kind of get lost in each other and it turns sloppy and messy and wonderful and they fall onto the couch and get off by grinding against each other. {CATEGORY: grinding}

~It started with football practice Summary: Harry is trying out for the varsity football team at his university. The initiations to become a member are harsh, but the sexy, intriguing captain makes it all worth it in the end. {CATEGORY: blowjob}

~I wanna be the sand inside that hourglass Summary: Louis has the loveliest nipples Harry has ever seen. {CATEGORY: blowjob, body worship, masturbation}

~Mr. Tomlinson Summary: “I just can’t wait for history class. It’s my favorite hour of the day. Up on the chalkboard, I just love your ass. When you write notes that shake.”

Or when Harry fails a quiz but somehow passes with naughty comments. {CATEGORY: student/teacher}


Summary: You know those moments when you’ve been walking around with a certain image in your head all day long? When that image just so happens to be of your very sexy best friend, with whom you have been completely and hopelessly in love with since you first laid eyes on him, in the shower, running his own hands all over his own body? And that image has just been in your head all damn day, teasing you and making you walk around with an incredibly uncomfortable hard-on? And then finally, finally, you’re allowed to go home to your own apartment, your own bedroom and you just close the curtains, get completely naked and settle on your own big, comfortable bed to finally, finally, take the image you’ve had in your head all day to good use?

Yeah, that’s one of those moments Harry Styles is having right now. {CATEGORY: masturbation}

~Pirouette these tast buds Summary: Louis’ so beautiful, even with chiffon layers of sweat and a bump on his belly. And if his nipples are sensitive, Harry can’t refrain from driving his breath and tongue over them. {CATEGORY: mpreg}

~Slut series: Toxic Summary: Small fingers curled around the glass with the devils water inside {CATEGORY: grinding, riding}

~Strike a pose Prompt: Could you do one where Louis and Harry work for playboy(gay) and they do poses together, and go on from there and do whatever you want? (ps: don’t laugh at our title it’s so vogue) {CATEGORY: bathroom sex}

~Taste of ink Summary: The one in which Louis discovers that he has a tattoo fetish, and can’t function until he’s done more than just touch the star on Harry’s bicep. {CATEGORY: body worship, tattoo fetish}

~Thank the hotel Summary: The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performace, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later.{CATEGORY: fingering, blowjob, top!harry, sex dream}

~The awkward and immoral times of Louis Tomlinson the hermit and The wicked and plotting times of Harry Styles the badboy 

Part 1 Summary: In which, Harry Styles is the definition of sin with his sagging-low trousers and ear piercings and tattooed body and Louis is the awkward, shy neighbor that just so happens to live next door and is not pining.

Part 2 Summary: Harry isn’t finished with his shy neighbor. Louis thinks he can ignore him. Harry plans to show him otherwise. {CATEGORY: riding, spanking, cross dressing, underage}

~The kid was alright but it went to his head Summary: “Too much tongue? How would you know? It’s never been in your mouth!” (Kink Meme fill for this prompt in which Harry and Louis are arguing over who the better kisser is.) {CATEGORY: grinding, drunk}

~Under blue moon I saw you Summary: it’s easier in the light, harry thinks—to laugh and joke as louis touches him, as louis presses small kisses to his cheeks and his forehead—but when the sun sinks low behind the horizon and silver shadows of moonlight begin to trickle in through the open windows, harry has to work a bit harder to keep his body still. {CATEGORY: blowjob, handjob, pool sex}

~Wake me up A/N: so basically this is just me enjoying mpreg. it’s fluffy and the smut parts are a lot smuttier than i anticipated. also ignore the shit title i literally can’t think of anything so this is it. and i threw in some ziam woohoo {CATEGORY: mpreg}

~What are you wearing Summary: The one in which Harry and Louis start sexting as a joke, until it gets serious and leads to something much more real. {CATEGORY: sexting}

~When you’re alone do you think of me Summary: Harry is out of town and Louis is horny. {CATEGORY: masturbation}


“Just think Lou. All these people here, seeing how hard you are, they can't see my dick against your ass, but they know it must be big to make you so hard in public. I wonder how many of them will catch the moment that you come. I'm almost jealous that someone else will get to watch you have your first orgasm tonight, but I can share."

Then Harry waves Zayn over, and says conversationally as though discussing the weather, "I just fucked Lou in the bathroom. He's out here dancing with my cum dripping out of his ass, knowing that anyone could see. What do you say Zayn, are you finally going to help me tonight? Because Louis' going to come over and over until he's coming dry, and then he's going to come again just to make me happy. I bet you could wring a few extra orgasms out of him. He's quite good when he wants to be.”


Harry makes Louis wait until they're at the bar to cum, because he knows Louis likes it when Zayn notices. Luckily for Louis, Zayn likes it too.

Warning - this is pure smut, literally, it's just smut. The porn is the plot.. so... enjoy I guess 😆

  1. Subway valero
  2. E450 steering stabilizer
  3. Ford escort serpentine belt
  4. Corner landmine base

Now on Ao3!


One More Taste of Your Lips

By MsHydeStylinson and @canadianlarrie

With Art by @cowboylarries

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 80k


It had been eight years since the hiatus began, and Louis had spent that time writing and recording music, touring and making it safely through the pandemic. When the opportunity arose to go back on tour with One Direction, Louis knew he’d be a fool not to take it. Sure, life on the road would be different after all this time apart, but he was looking forward to experiencing that comradery again.

What he hadn’t realised was that living the better part of nine months in each other’s pockets was bound to dredge up issues from his past. And when one of the pockets belonged to Harry, who he’d had a rather unconventional friendship with that drifted apart during their last tour, life on the road again would upend both their lives in irrevocable ways.


Harry wasn’t that sixteen year old boy anymore. Nor was he the young man in his late teens who was on the cusp of conquering the entire world.

But some traits seemed to remain the same; his vibrant green eyes, the dimples set deeply in his cheeks whenever he laughed earnestly, or his curls that were the same shade of cocoa that Louis remembered fondly.

And yet, Louis had absolutely no idea who this man that stood a mere twenty paces away was today.

Written as a part of @onedirectionbigbang

Link to Ao3.

Larry Stylinson One Shot \


just for when you’re in one of those smutty moods

1.  Kink Therapy by PuzzlingApproach (10.8k)

Prompt: Where Louis and Harry don’t know each other but they both have to go to a sex kink therapy group. Harry has a problem where he’s obsessed with sticking random household products inside of people during sex because he gets off on it and Louis has a problem where he’s overly submissive. At the end of the group meeting, Harry convinces Louis to come home with him. They forget everything they learned and their kinks come out. Sub!Louis & Dark!Harry

2.  Thank the Hotel by PuzzlingApproach (4.6k)

The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performance, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later.

3.  Just What The Doctor Ordered by mixingofmorals (2k)

Harry is a handsome, single, and lonely doctor. And his colleague, Liam, happens to have the prettiest patient Harry has ever seen, Louis.
And when Liam takes a sick day off, Harry happily fills in for Louis’ check up.
In which Harry ends up letting sixteen year old Louis ride him. 

4.  Forever, Uninterrupted by sparkk (8.5k)

Harry finds a mysterious picture in Louis’ bag one night and drives himself crazy over it. It’s definitely not what he thinks.

An excuse to write Harry in rut, because there’s already so many heat fics out there.

5.  Give It Up To Me by KrisStylinson (8.1k)

“You’re going to end up making me come with all the boys in our lounge,” he finished, his tone softening the longer he spoke.

“And?” Harry murmured, placing his palm over the crevice of Louis’ arse, keeping the plug nice and tight inside of him. “What if I wanted you to?”

Or the cliché where Louis isn’t supposed to come but he does, and that can’t go unpunished in Harry’s eye.

6.  Anything Else Daddy? by ttomlinstyles (2.8k)

Calling him daddy was no accident

7.  I’ll Make Sure To Call You Mine by pliantlouis (5.3k)

Louis and Harry have always been kinky, that’s not a secret.
It’s Louis’ birthday and Harry has come over to his family’s house to celebrate. When Louis’ parents and sisters go to sleep, Harry and Louis have some fun.

or the one where Louis has an extreme daddy kink

8.  Fall Into Some Velvet Morning by brigee (6k)

Louis shrieks loudly as his body collides with the other boy’s, face smashing into said boy’s back which, of course, made him topple from his weird yoga pose. They lay sprawled on the ground, Louis on top of the weird kid who does fucking yoga in a park. Yoga Boy lifts his head out of the grass and mumbles in a gravely voice, “You ruined my vibes there, mate.”

Louis groans as he sits up and rolls off of Yoga Boy’s back. “Yea, well, you ruined my skateboard, mate. Think we’re quite even.”

or au where harry does yoga in parks and louis may or may not want to get into his yoga pants

9.  The Edge of Madness by smuttythings (2.8k)

Louis being edged by Harry, kept close to orgasm without being allowed to come. Includes tickling, a butt plug, and just enough touching to keep Louis right on the edge of madness.

10.  Naughty Girls Get Spanked by Erin94 (4.2k)

When Louis gets caught trying to steal a trophy from Harry for his sorority, he ends up having a lot more fun than he had planned.

Or the one where Louis wears panties and gets spanked and fucked by frat boy Harry.

more / request / smutty oneshots


Smut larry stylinson

Anonymous asked: Your hottest dirtiest larry fics

This is going to be pretty random. I’m just going to sit here for five minutes and put a link to every smutty fic I can think of here.

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) (kinky and long)

Kink Therapy (the name says it all)

Forever, Uninterrupted(Harry in rut)

This is the Road to Ruin (And We’re Starting at the End)(this is here, because I can’t get over it, not because it’s hardcore and I do what I want; transgender!Louis)

Let’s Be Alone Together, We Can Stay Young Forever (random things going up Louis’ butt; prostitute Louis)

All you can eat. (read this, it’s teacher/student and really good)

If You Would’ve Listened (pretty hardcore BDSM)

binds are like steel that manipulate the will to live (body suspended by chains over razors and nails, it’s a penalty) (okay, LISTEN: this is hardcore master/slave, heavy BDSM, the works. Please read with caution!!!!!)

Please, please, please, dear readers, if you decide to read these fics (especially the last one), do so with caution!

Only the last two are really hardcore, so if anybody’d like to avoid that, you can still read the rest. :)


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The Feeling is Mutual (Larry Stylinson Smut) Part 1 of 5


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