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Built big and strong to carry two riders, along with a surprising amount of storage under the seat and in the secure luggage boxes our 300cc scooters easily reach up to 70+ MPH, allowing you to cruise around town and on the freeway or highway too (something our 50cc scooters can’t really do, unfortunately). But let’s get back to that cruising around town part. See the looks of all the other drivers stuck in their cars in the middle of traffic. Those looks are pure envy – the frustrating feel of knowing they could be done with traffic if they were you. But they don’t have one of our 300cc scooters, so instead they’re just stuck, sitting, wishing they were you.

In our 300cc scooter catalog below, you’ll find our most popular sellers from; BMS Scooters, Roketa Scooters, and Ice Bear Scooters, which all have a proven track record for safety, quality and performance.    We ‘cherry pick’ the very best models from all our vendors’ product lines, which come fully assembled, for the best price online.     So when you pull up to work, school, your apartment, the bank, wherever – and park right in front and step into your destination, not only will you get those looks again, but you’ll empowered. Smile with pride that you made the smart choice of buying a scooter from Joy Ride Motors, and now you’re reaping all the benefits! Some other benefits of our 300cc scooters, 125cc scooters, and 150cc scooters are that you can save big money on gasoline, registration, maintenance, insurance, and parking costs. These amazing scooters get around 80 miles per gallon of gas and are available at some of the lowest prices on the net.

Call one of our friendly and well-educated representatives at Joy Ride Motors now, toll-free at 877-300-8707, and let us know what it will take to get you on one of our incredible 300cc scooters or 300cc mopeds for sale! We will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding our scooters and motorcycles.


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New Vespa 300cc-scooters range

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Top 10 used maxi scooters

Scooters may still not be for everyone, but with an ever-widening choice, increasing sophistication and performance, improving comfort and even luxury, that day may one day come. And in no sector of scootering is there now, even more choice and variety than in ‘mid-scoots’.


As the name implies, ‘mid-scoots’ are middle-range offerings between the traditional, small-capacity (but limited ability) 50 and 125cc machines you can ride on L plates at 16 or 17 years of age, and the full-bore, big capacity, luxury ‘maxi’ or ‘super’ scoots. The latter, with capacities of up to 800cc, price tags sometimes in excess of £10,000, more luxuries, gadgets and bulk than many full-size touring motorcycles and their sometime requirement for full motorcycle licences can put them out of reach of those a more long-legged scooter – hence the growing appeal of ‘mid’ sized ones.


‘Midi’ scooters, therefore, are usually machines of between 250 and 500cc, easily capable of cruising at motorway speeds and yet are also A2 licence compatible, are not too big as to be intimidating or awkward yet are still roomy enough for two with plenty of comfort as well – the best of both worlds in fact. No wonder they’re becoming so popular.


At the same time, however, there’s no more varied examples to choose from than ever, ranging from retro-styled urban runarounds to hi-tech, leaning three-wheelers; and from premium brands such as BMW to new brands from south-east Asia such as Kymco. To help you choose – here’s our pick of the 10 best mid-scoots.

Piaggio Beverly 300 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Piaggio Beverley 300 ABS

New £4499   |   Used £4100

Launched in 2001 and updated in 2017, the Beverley (ignore the name for a moment) is the Italian scooter specialists’ medium-engined, larger-wheeled scoot. Aimed more at female riders (hence the name), its stylish, an adequate performer thanks to its 278cc single cylinder motor producing 21bhp, offers secure and stable handling thanks to its larger wheels and yet is well-equipped, comfortable and with the usual classy detail touches we’ve come to expect from Piaggio as well. On top of all that it’s easy to ride and has space for the usual two (small) helmets under the seat and has a USB port.

In 2017 it received updated LED lights and a new LCD dash while that year it was also joined by an addition variant, the Sport Touring 350 ABS version for £4999, which boasts a larger, 330cc, 30bho engine, stylish new black wheels and extended top fairing or screen to aid longer distance comfort.

Kawasaki J300 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Kawasaki J300

New £4799   |   Used £4095

OK, we all know by now that Kawasaki’s scooters (they also offered a 125 version until recently) are basically restyled/rebadged Kymcos, in the 300’s case being a ‘green’ version of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s Downtown, but that’s no reason in itself to put you off. Introduced in 2014, the J300 is actually a decent, affordable all-rounder ‘midi’ scoot. The 27bhp single is perfectly adequate and will cruise at 80mph with little complaint; the chassis is a good mix of comfort and nimble handling and there’s a lockable glovebox, storage space under the seat for one decent helmet and a 12v socket, too. On the downside, yes, it’s adequate, but it doesn’t particularly impress in any way, either. That said, at a fairly tempting price, with good looks, adequate ability and a price far more tempting to some than, say, Kymco or Piaggio, maybe that’s enough…

Vespa GTS300 HPE - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Vespa GTS 300 HPE

New £4899   |   Used £3399

If you ask most laymen to ‘think scooter’, the machine they’ll come up with is the classic, Italian-styled Vespa – and this popular, stylish, best-seller has been improved again for 2019.

Originally introduced in 1946 by Piaggio, updated successively ever since, a ‘Mod’ style icon in the 1960s and today, with its retro-styling first introduced in 2004 as the GT but with classy, lavish quality, that’s hugely appealing to urban ‘fashionistas’, it remains a benchmark machine. Now available in both 125 and 300cc forms, the cute GTS has been updated further for 2019 with slicker-still styling, improved riding position, new colour TFT screen instruments and, most significantly of all, an uprated ‘HPE’ (High Performance Engine” motor with impressive increases in both power and torque making it the most powerful Vespa ever. It’s available in a variety of style and trim options, is a small and light enough to be a doddle to ride, is über cool and decently practical. On the slight downside, it’s pricey, its storage space is smaller than some, it’s smaller wheels and proportions make it less adept over distance (although it’s great around town) and its 24bhp is still not much to get excited about. But if it comes down to style, there’s none better.

Peugeot Satellis 2 400 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Peugeot Satellis 2 400

New £4999   |   Used £4499

French scooter specialists Peugeot (although now 51% owned by Indian manufacturer Mahindra) have long had a good reputation for two-wheels, dating back to its first motorcycle in 1901 while in the 1970s and ‘80s its mopeds were hugely popular. The maxi-scooter Satelis was first introduced as 125 in 2006 before being reinvented as the Satelis 2 400 in 2015. Today it remains its largest two-wheeled scooter (they also produce the 500cc, three-wheeler Metropolis) and remains one of the most versatile and affordable. Its 36bhp single-cylinder motor is punchy enough, it’s nimble and reasonable handling and it’s comfortable, too. But on the slight downside, as you might expect from its price and age, its spec now lags behind some rivals, too.

Honda Forza 300 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Honda NSS300 Forza

New £5099   |   Used £4299

The Forza 300 is pretty much the benchmark ‘midi-scooter’ and has been a Europe-wide best seller for4 years – and with good reason. Better still it received a significant makeover in 2018. An all-new, tubular steel frame means it’s now a little lighter, shorter and with a more ‘forward’ riding position, the Forza is sportier than ever but also more nimble and easier to manage. The familiar, SOHC, 279cc engine produces a healthy 25bhp but now features ‘HSTC’ (Honda Selectable Torque Control) a kind of traction control, plus there’s now uprated styling, full LED lighting throughout, a useful, electrically adjustable screen and a stylish new digital/analogue instrument display. To ride, as before, it’s a great mix of sportiness and practicality, has all the functions and space you need, quality is typically Honda – brilliant – and it’s easy to ride as well – no wonder it’s so popular.

Kymco Xciting S 400 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Kymco XCiting S400i

New £5599   |   Used £4999

Rising Taiwanese brand Kymco are carving out a decent reputation as a scooter and small machine manufacturer and its uprated-for-2019 XCiting kid-range machine is one of its best. An improved version of the old touring/commuting XCiting 400, the S now comes with sharper looks, LED lights and clever Bluetooth phone connectivity that displays satnav functions directly on its dashboard. On top of that there’s an adjustable screen, parking brake, luxury seat including rider backrest, adjustable suspension and plenty of luggage space including two glove boxes and a large underseat space. It’s larger and more ‘maxi’ than most of the machines here but its 400cc single cylinder motor produces a decent 35bhp, comfort is great, handling decent and quality and equipment good, too. It might seem a little pricey for a ‘midi’ scoot, but compared to the larger ‘maxi’ scoots most of its spec and ability is closest to, it’s something of a bargain.

Suzuki Burgman 400 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Suzuki Burgman 400

New £6499   |   Used £5499

Suzuki top-of the range Burgman 650 has long been considered by many as the ultimate maxi scooter due to its substantial size, virtually unrivalled luxury and comfort and big, motorway-consuming 54bhp performance. But that also means the now £9199 machine is only an option to those with a full category A licence – which is where the ‘midi’, 30bhp and under £6500 400 version comes in. Admittedly slightly less plush, substantial and luxurious than the 650, Suzuki’s 400 is still a classy, long-distance option, arguably more practical (as it’s also more manageable) and a respectable performer thanks to its DOHC four-valve engine as well. There’s plenty of storage space under the seat, a decent dash and a 12v socket to keep your phone charged under the seat as well.


Yamaha Xmax 400 - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Yamaha XMAX 400 Iron Max 

New £6499   |   Used £4295

Yamaha pretty much invented the sports maxi scooter with its first TMAX 500 in 2001 but, now 530cc and £9999 It’s beyond our scope here. Its smaller bother, though, the XMAX, has grown to become a viable, smaller, more affordable option. Available as a 250 from 2009, the 400cc version was introduced in 2015 before being significantly updated in 2017. While this premium finis ‘Iron Max’ version is new for 2019.

The XMAX’s dohc, 395cc single cylinder engine produces 33bhp which, although not quite the 45bhp of the twin-cylinder TMAX is still decent, there’s twin front discs, good handling, plenty of practicality and this new ‘Iron Max’ trim means it comes in an exclusive ‘Sword Grey’ paint scheme with a luxurious dual seat, leather interior pads and aluminium footrests. And when you consider you get all that for £3500 less than the TMAX, it’s tempting indeed.

Piaggio MP3 300 HPE  - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


Piaggio MP3 300 HPE Sport

New £6999   |   Used £6799

Piaggio’s radical, if not revolutionary, ‘leaning three-wheeled’ scooter has set the bar in this oddball class ever since it was first launched in 2007 and, thanks to impressive sales, constant updates and a wide model range of models varying from 125 to 500cc, the MP3’s retained its leadership in the category ever since. (For those that don’t know, the leaning twin front wheels offer incredible extra security and grip, which is particularly welcomed in slippery or poor-surfaced city streets and can also be ridden on just a car licence, the downside is extra width, complexity, weight and price).

The big news for 2019 is that it’s mid-range 300cc version, like the Vespa GTS300, now gets the new, higher performance, 26bhp ‘HPE’ engine while other updates this year include: new LED lights, revised styling, new TFT instrument display (again like the Vespa) and improved ergonomics. Not cheap, but for proven, three-wheel security, there’s none better…

BMW C400GT - Top 10 300-400cc scooters for 2019


BMW C400GT, £7050

Also new for 2019, the GT was unveiled last November and is based upon BMW’s earlier C 400 X but is intended as more touring, long-distance machine compared to the minimal urban chic of the X. As such it uses the same 350cc, single cylinder engine producing a healthy but still A2-compliant 34bhp but has all-new bodywork designed for added comfort, weather protection and luggage capacity. As such, while the X’s storage space was a little limited, the GT gets two glove boxes and an under seat ‘flex-case’ capable of absorbing two helmets and also neat touches like ‘on-trend’ LED headlights with a daytime riding mode, ABS and keyless ignition. And if all that’s not enough, for an extra 1000, an SE version also gets a heated seat, heated grips and full multimedia connectivity with its TFT display. Not the cheapest, naturally, but the new BMW is effective and classy.

Sours: https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/features/bikes/best-scooters-2019-300cc-400cc
300cc Fully Automatic Scooter - Test Ride - First Time Riding A Vespa GTS 300

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc

Riding with Your Scooter Can Be a Joyful and Amazing Experience

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc Overview
Joymax Z was designed to maximize your riding enjoyment. Its compact body achieves the fine harmony between agile sports handling and business class comfort. Since it was first revealed in EICMA, Joymax Z has been being the best bargain of the SYM Maxi scooter. However, SYM is still planning to make Joymax Z even more competitive in the global markets. Joymax Z+ is the evolution of Joymax Z. This brand new trendy apparel is favoured by the public. With the SYM technology, Joymax Z+ now features the up to date look, high quality, outstanding performance, and affordable price.





Colour Options Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

White Joymax Z+ 300cc
White Joymax Z+ 300cc White
Black Joymax Z+ 300cc
Black Joymax Z+ 300cc Black
Blue Joymax Z+ 300cc
Blue Joymax Z+ 300cc Blue
Silver Joymax Z+ 300cc
Silver Joymax Z+ 300cc Silver

Engine Specifications Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

4-stroke engine, single cylinder

19.1 kW / 7500 rpm

Euro 5 Compliant

centrifugal - automatic

Liquid Cooled

Chassis Specifications Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Telescope fork

Disk Ø 260mm + ABS

Dual Shock

Disk Ø 240mm + ABS

13 Inch

Dimension Specifications Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Dimensions Joymax Z+ 300cc
Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc Features
Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Ergonomic Seat
Comfy seat for riding solo or with a pillion passenger

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Dual Digital & Analog Display
Clear and easy to read clocks with both digital and analog display

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Dual Rear Shocks
Dual rear shocks give excellent road holding and a very comfy ride

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Dual Under seat Helmet Storage
Plenty of room for your shopping with generous under-seat storage which can also accommodate 2 full-face helmets

Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc 2021

Powerful LED Lighting
Make sure you are seen and can see with the powerful full LED lighting setup

Video Walkaround Sym Joymax Z+ 300cc

SYM Joymax 2021 Euro 5 Review

Explore this vehicle in more detail with our handy video guide. We’ll talk you through its main features, show you some of the highlights of the bike and explain why it could be the right fit for you.

The information in this video was correct at the time of filming. We have made every effort to ensure this video is an accurate representation of the bike above. However, please contact the branch for full details.

Sours: https://www.symuk.co.uk/new-bikes/bike/2021-sym-joymax-z-300cc-893

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