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The 10 Best Songs In The Vampire Diaries

One of the reasons The Vampire Diaries remains a beloved show is the music that was featured throughout the series. Although at times too literal for what was happening on screen, the songs on the show beautifully accentuated the actions and emotions of the show's characters.

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Whether it be an emotional ballad or an upbeat pop song, the music present throughout the series was selected with care and chosen to enhance the stories being told. Of all of the music that is incorporated throughout the series, these are some of the best songs that are the most memorable to fans.

10 "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is an artist that is featured prominently throughout the series. "Gravity" appears in the second episode of the first season when Elena comes to see Stefan to resolve a tense moment between them that occurred earlier in the episode.

The music plays softly in the background as the two discuss Elena's worry about taking emotional risks with Stefan. As Elena and Stefan share their first kiss, "Gravity" reaches a crescendo and becomes the couple's defining song that cements Stefan and Elena's relationship in the first season.

9 "Never Let Me Go" by Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine is a band that was featured multiple times throughout the series. Among their many songs, "Never Let Me Go" stands out as the most memorable to be included on the show. As the song's lyrics and melody evoke a romantic mood, it is a perfect complement to a key intimate moment between Damon and Elena.

The song starts quietly at first and grows louder when Elena kisses Damon while they are on a trip to get Jeremy. It is a huge moment for fans of the relationship. The lyrics "I'm not giving up, I'm just giving in" mirror Elena falling for Damon in season three. She can't help her emotional connection to the bad boy vampire and this song really highlights her complicated emotions towards him.

8 "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris

When Elena becomes a vampire, Damon gets her to let loose and have some fun. "Feel So Close" plays as Damon and Elena dance at a Halloween party on campus after feeding on some of the other party attendees. It is a slightly forbidden scene charged with danger and sensuality because the dance occurs while Elena was still with Stefan.

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It isn't a typical song to play during a Damon and Elena scene as it is an upbeat and happy tune rather than an indie ballad or soft pop song. This is an important scene because Elena momentarily embraces being a vampire, which will become a major storyline for the remainder of the series. The song's fast rhythm compliments her carefree attitude and happiness in this scene and hints at the dark path she will eventually travel in later seasons.

7 "Hold On" by Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet's "Hold On" was included in the finale of the show as Elena wakes up from the magical coma Kai put her in. It makes her reunions with the rest of the characters even more emotional and heartwarming. The lyrics fit perfectly for all of the characters getting the happy endings they deserve.

It is especially tear-jerking when Elena gets reunited with her family in heaven and Damon gets to find peace with Stefan as well. Fans can feel a sense of closure with this song, making it one of many perfect songs to end the series with.

6 "All I Need" by Within Temptation

Unlike some other songs featured throughout the show, "All I Need" was not widely popular outside of The Vampire Diaries fandom. It isn't a pop hit like Calvin Harris's "Feel So Close"; instead, it's an indie emotional song about being completely in love with someone. In the first season, it makes Damon and Elena dancing to this song a huge moment since Elena is with Stefan.

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Later on in the series, we learn that the first time Elena admitted how attracted she was to Damon was dancing along to this song at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. It is understandable why she felt drawn to him considering the lyrics are so passionate. The significance of the Damon and Elena dance within the show's mythology cements this as one of the best and most important songs featured in the show.

5 "Wings" by Birdy

Birdy is no stranger to The Vampire Diaries soundtrack. Her vocals and lyrics are always evocative romantic, and her song "Wings" is no exception. As the Other Side is falling apart with Bonnie and Damon in it, this song enhanced all of the emotions the characters and the audience were going through.

There is a certain desperation in the song that matches Jeremy looking for Bonnie and everyone upset that they are losing her and Damon to the other side. It makes the entire scene and the ending of the fifth season that much more impactful.

4 "Never Say Never" by The Fray

"Never Say Never" plays at the end of the pilot of The Vampire Diaries and in the finale, making it one of the more memorable songs on the show. Its hopeful lyrics encompass the bittersweet tone of the moments it is included in.

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In the pilot, the song plays as Elena admits that she is still struggling with the loss of her parents, but is willing to open herself up to Stefan. When it is featured in the finale, it is just after Stefan sacrifices himself to save Mystic Falls. Fans were brought to happy tears when he is reunited with his best friend Lexi as this song plays in the background. It is a song that brought the series full circle and does so by highlighting such bittersweet emotions in each scene.

3 "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran

Damon and Elena's moments throughout the series are typically paired with great music, and "Kiss Me" is one of those songs that typify their relationship. The lyric "I've been feeling everything, from hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to truth, I guess that's how I know you" sums up their journey on the show up to this point.

As the song plays, Elena and Damon share an intimate dance by the fireplace that quickly escalates into passion as Elena finally accepts her desire to be with Damon. Overall, the song highlights the love between the two and makes it a scene that proves Damon and Elena are meant to be soulmates.

2 "Colour Me In" by Damien Rice

As Damien Rice is known for his downbeat music, it is fitting that "Colour Me In"  would be featured in one of the saddest moments on the show. As Liz Forbes is dying, Caroline uses her Compulsion power to make her mother think about a happy memory of her teaching Caroline how to ride a bike as she passes.

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It is a way for Caroline to give her mother a moment of peace before passing away, and Damien Rice's soft singing makes the scene even harder to watch. This song being paired with Caroline letting her mother pass peacefully just really heightens the tragic nature of the scene.

1 "Wait" by M-83

"Wait" plays as Damon appears before Stefan after making it back from the Other Side. The song becomes louder as they have a tearful reunion, which effectively communicates how much love the brothers have for one another despite centuries of bloodshed. It is a scene that fans love to rewatch from The Vampire Diaries.

It is such a beautiful song that makes the audience feel hopeful about the Salvatore brothers' relationship for the rest of the season. Despite all of their differences, it is undeniable how much they missed each other and this song highlights those feelings of love and hope.

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Wedding of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert I The Vampire Diaries

Hey there,

we all sadly missed Elena and Damon's wedding so here is my version of it.

Shortly after Elena woke up from her "Sleeping Beauty Nap" Damon took her to the middle of nowhere where they once wanted to watch a meteor shower in a summer night before Elena went to collage. But the moment those shooting stars started to fall...rain. Lots of rain.

gif, delena, and rain image

But this time Damon persuaded Bonnie to put a spell on the night sky so millions of shooting stars fell and this time there was no rain.

gif, meteor shower, and shooting stars image

"You remember the night we've been here already?", Damon asked.
"Sure", Elena answered, "How could I forget it?"
"You still remember what you said to me?"
"I told you to promise me that this is forever."

promise, forever, and love image

"And I promised."

gif, ian somerhalder, and nina image

Damon fell to his knees: "Elena Gilbert, will you marry me and make this officially 'forever'?"

Elena fell in his arms laughing: "Yes."

Image removed

The day of the wedding was March the 7th. This was Stefan Salvatores date of death one year ago which made them both and also Caroline feel closer to him.
But on this date Damon and Elena also got to see each other again after Bonnie broke the curse ofer Elena which connected their lives and brought her best friend back to life.

Elena and Damon decided to marry in Mystic Fall's Founder's Hall.

Image by hanna_fairy_

All their friends came.

Image by hanna_fairy_

Elena's marriage witness was Caroline Forbs

gif image

and Damon's witness was Bonnie Benett.

gif image

Damon was waiting on the altar for Elena to come.
The song "Never say Never" by the Frey started to play when Elena came down the hall.

Image by hanna_fairy_

She wore a long white dress with a lot of tulle. She wore her hair open with some gentle waves. Her make up was decent but she wore a big smile on her face that day.

Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and tvd image

Alaric conducted the ceremony.

Temporarily removed

Arrived at the altar, standing in front of all the guests Elena became nervous but when Damon smiled at her she knew that everything was going to be alright.

gif image

After changing their rings

Image by hanna_fairy_

they kissed each other

gif image

After the ceremony when Elena and Damon filed out the song "Satellite Call" sounded and everyone went outside to the garden.

delena, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image

In memory of Elena and Damon's first dance at the Miss Mystic falls choice they had the first dance to the song "All I need" by Within Temptation this evening .

delena, tvd, and elena gilbert image
gif image

They danced a lot this night

gif image
gif image

Later at night they let lanterns fly in memory of all the people they lost and wished would be here now.

light, night, and sky image

Elena wished her parents could be here at her wedding and Caroline and Damon missed Stefan much on this day

gif image

The friends were celebrating the whole night and were eating, dancing, talking and laughing. It was the perfect wedding for the perfect love story.

I hope you liked it :)

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The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Listen the Songs / Music from serie episodes:
S08E16 – Episode 16 – I Was Feeling Epic

  • Changing Tides – The Fray
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Never Say Never – The Fray
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Hold On – Chord Overstreet
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Take On The World – You Me At Six
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • The Fandango – The Dancehall Players
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download

  • S08E15 – Episode 15 – We’re Planning a June Wedding

  • I’m A Fool To Want You – Billie Holiday
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Changes in Nature – Secret Colours
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • No Audio PreviewPins and Needles – Secret Colours
  • Silver Lining – Lights & Motions
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Darlin – Goodbye June
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Till The World Stops Turning – Kaleb Jones
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Perfect Symmetry – Lights & Motions
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E11 – Episode 11 – You Made a Choice to Be Good

  • Highway Drivin – MRCH
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Waste A Moment – Kings of Leon
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • No Audio PreviewIn The Pits – Muuy Bien
  • Sleepy Tiger – Cynnamon
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Hard To Believe – The Rebel Light
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • How Can I Make You Remember Me – Hammock
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • No Audio PreviewBack To Earth – The Wild Reeds
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Smother – Daughter
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Restart – BNQT
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E10 – Episode 10 – Nostalgia

  • Enjoy The Silence – Anberlin
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • All The Pretty Girls – Kaleo
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Baleen Morning – Balmorhea
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Ludlow Expectations – Butch Walker
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Everything Has Grown – Colouring
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Earth Angel – The Penguins
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E09 – Episode 09 – The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch

  • She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • No Audio PreviewOn A Dais – Wylderness
  • No Audio PreviewYou Got It – Nevada Wild
  • Hot Blood – Kaleo
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Six Feet Under – Billie Eilish
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Light Me Up – Ingrid Michaelson
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E08 – Episode 08 – We Have History Together

  • Jungle (feat. Jamie N Commons) – X Ambassadors
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Scars – Michael Malarkey
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E07 – Episode 07 – The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You

  • Silent Night – Elizaveth Spencer & Chorus
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Feat. Nick Drozdoff & Amy Yassinger) – Shout Section Big Band
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E06 – Episode 06 – Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

  • Easily – Fort Lean
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Way Down We Go – Kaleo
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E05 – Episode 05 – Coming Home Was a Mistake

  • Where My Heart Lies – This Is Lizzard
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Tin Roof Louis – Richard Geere
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Without You – The Blind Love
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • The Ecstatics – Explosions In the Sky
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    S08E04 – Episode 04 – An Eternity of Misery

  • Wash – Peter Cornell
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Hey Joe – Charlotte Gainsbourg
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E03 – Episode 03 – You Decided That I Was Worth Saving

  • Things Are Looking Up – Billie Holiday
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  • Death of a Bachelor – Panic! At the Disco
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Missile – Dorothy
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Hey Joe – Charlotte Gainsbourg
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    S08E02 – Episode 02 – Today Will Be Different

  • All the Way – Billie Holiday
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Put Your Hands Up – The Struts
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Rebirth – Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Nobody but You – Charles Bradley
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Changing Tides – The Fray
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    S08E01 – Episode 01 – Hello, Brother

  • I Am a Nightmare – Brand New
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Run Run Blood – Phantogram
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Separated (feat. Mree) – Robot Koch
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Doing It to Death – The Kills
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • The Wreck of Our Hearts – Sleeping Wolf
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Twisted Games – David Lawrence
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download

    The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Trailer / Promo Song

  • Live in the Dark – Jeff Beck
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download

    The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack List

    Genre: Drama
    Network: CW
    Premiere Date: Oct 21, 2016
    Creators: Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson

    [expand title=”Watch the Trailer”][/expand]
    [expand title=”About the Show”]Season seven of the THE VAMPIRE DIARIES found our heroes rebuilding their world without Elena. Confronted by the prospect of a decades-long wait for Elena’s return, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) struggled with his heartbreak and relied on his contentious but profound friendship with Bonnie (Kat Graham). Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) began their much-anticipated relationship, which was complicated by Caroline’s unexpected role as surrogate mother to the infant twins left behind when Alaric (Matt Davis) lost his wife. Meanwhile, Damon pursued a vendetta against his mother Lily (guest star Annie Wersching), who had abandoned her sons to care for a vicious brood of vampire-witches called the Heretics – one of whom, Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore), had loved Stefan ever since their romantic encounter in a previous century. Lily’s misguided choices ultimately caused her own tragic demise and put Mystic Falls in the sights of a formidable nemesis: Rayna Cruz (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff), a supernatural vampire hunter. Rayna targeted Stefan, forcing him to go on the run and leaving Caroline to make a new start with Alaric. Determined to defeat Rayna, Damon enlisted the help of the Armory, a shadowy group with family ties to Bonnie’s boyfriend Enzo (Michael Malarkey). But the Armory’s deeper agenda robbed Bonnie of her magic and jeopardized her life. To remedy the crisis, Damon and Enzo had to venture into the Armory’s occult vault, where an evil presence overcame them. The triangle of Stefan, Caroline and Alaric will team up with Bonnie in season eight to search for the two most important men in her life – even though Damon and Enzo may be long past saving. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. The series was developed by Kevin Williamson (“The Following,” “Scream”) & Julie Plec (“The Originals,” “Kyle XY,” “Wasteland”), who serve as executive producers along with Leslie Morgenstein (“Gossip Girl,” “Pretty Little Liars”) and Caroline Dries (“Melrose Place,” “Smallville”).
    The Vampire Diaries SoundtrackSeason 8 – Songs List – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

    Song vampire diaries wedding

    Top 15 Best Songs Featured on The Vampire Diaries

    Along the years, The Vampire Diaries has given viewers scenes coupled with the utmost perfect songs. These scenes ranged anywhere from heart-wrenching deaths, character goodbyes, epic love stories and even cold-blooded murders.

    I’m a firm believer that any scene can be 100% better if the right song is chosen to play softly, or loudly, in the background. It can have an enormous impact on the viewers as the character’s lines can be amplified and carry a stronger, and more emotional value.

    Note: To help cover the costs of running this site I occasionally use affiliate links, but remember, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and If I link something, it’s because I genuinely like the brand!

    As we say goodbye to the show that once gave the CW Network its highest-rated opener,I’ve added some descriptions to each song to help put a scene to a song (spoilers ahead). If you would like to see the actual videos containing the songs with the appropriate scenes, check out YouTube by inputting the song title and the show’s name – various videos will pop up! My favorite scene to re-watch is #15. A true masterpiece.

    I have also created a Spotify playlist featuring the songs above as well as all runner up’s – feel free to follow the playlist by clicking this link! 



    15. Everything Has Grown – Colouring

    When Damon recited the letter he would’ve left Bonnie – cue the tears! S8xE10

    14. Into The Fire – Erin McCarley

    Abby helps Bonnie prepare a body for the burial in S8xE12

    13. Head Over Heels – Digital Daggers

    One of the best TVD episodes ever. Stefan and Katherine dance in the Masquerade party in S2xE07

    12. Slow Poison – The Bravery

    Bonnie tells Elena she has a bad feeling about Stefan S1xE03

    11. On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) – Gorillaz

    A quick scene in S2xE07 featured this tune

    10. Terrible Love – The National

    Delena fans rejoiced when Elena told Damon she loved him S4xE20

    This song was also used in The Originals (S1xE01) when Cami and Klaus meet for the second time after their brief first encounter. This is one of my favorite scenes ever in The Originals. The song is also played once more in The Originals on S3xE19 when it is covered by Birdy

    9. Gravity – Sara Bareilles

    “I met a girl. We talked. It was epic.”  S1xE02



    8. Punching In A Dream – The Naked and Famous

    Used in both S2xE05 and S3xE11 – that’s how good and catchy this song is

    7. Cut – Plumb

    The scene where I announced myself as Captain of the Stelena Ship S1xE10

    6. A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope

    When Stefan calls Elena on her birthday but can’t seem to find the words to speak to her S3xE01

    5. Running Up That Hill – Placebo

    We find the real reason Stefan is back in Mystic Falls in S1xE01

    4. Down – Jason Walker

    Stefan tells Elena what has happened to Vicki S1xE06

    3. Bloodstream – Stateless

    The infamous scene when Damon and “Elena” kiss S1xE22. Note: Only ‘Bloodstream’ is available on Spotify which sounds a bit different than the song that aired. If you want the correct version, it is available on iTunes under ‘Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix)

    2. This Woman’s Work – Greg Laswell

    When Bonnie sends all the ghosts back to the “Other Side” which in turn reunites Anna and Pearl in S3xE07

    1. All You Wanted – Sounds Under Radio

    This song makes the #1 spot as I am instantly reminded of TVD when it comes up on shuffle. The first big death on the show happened in season 1 and showed fans no one is safe. This song played when Vicki’s family and friends heard about her death in S1xE17. 

    Bonus –

    Stefan’s Theme – Michael Suby

    It’s not really a song but more of an instrumental and the backbone of the TVD series


    If you want to see more posts featuring The Vampire Diaries, check out this post of when I saw and met the actors (such as Paul Wesley ‘Stefan Salvatore’ and Candice King ‘Caroline Forbes’)





    Don’t have time to read now? PIN BELOW!

    Looking for a list of the best songs featured on the CW's The Vampire Diaries? Look no further. I've rounded up the top 15 best songs in one post and even included a link to a Spotify playlist I put together. Head on over to to check it out!

    Posted By: UnderLondonLights · In: Entertainment, Music

    The Vampire Diaries 6x21 Dance Me to the End of Love (The Civil Wars)

    In honor of tonight’s TheVampire Diaries episode 8×15, “We’re Planning a June Wedding”, we decided to put together a playlist for Caroline and Stefan. Of course, the playlist is filled with songs about love, hope … and destruction. If Katherine Pierce is expected to show up, you know there’s a 99.9% chance that this wedding won’t end with “I do.”

    Listen to the Steroline Wedding playlist here, and add your favorite songs!

    Yup, you heard us right. This playlist is collaborative, so click into Spotify add your favorite songs to the list that you think fit the occasion. (Search “Steroline Wedding Playlist”) We can’t wait to see what you choose!

    Make sure to keep up-to-date with all TVD news and posts by our TVD expert Zina here!

    The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

    Featured image: The CW


    Now discussing:

    I Was Feeling Epic

    16th episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries

    "I Was Feeling Epic" is the series finale of The CW television series The Vampire Diaries, as well as the 16th and last episode of season 8. It is also the 171st episode overall. It originally aired on Friday, March 10, 2017. The episode is written by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, and directed by Julie Plec. A one-hour retrospective aired before the finale.


    As Stefan and Caroline attempt to revive Bonnie, Bonnie enters the state between life and death and sees Elena and they reunite. Elena is shocked to see Bonnie, and says that it is too early. Bonnie doesn't mind being dead, saying that she will be with Enzo. Enzo then appears and comes up to the pair and tells Bonnie that it isn't her time and she returns to her body. Stefan and Damon return to the boarding house and find Elena's coffin opened with Elena standing there. Damon and Elena reunite and hug but she turns out to be Katherine instead.

    Stefan then stabs Katherine with the dagger made from her bones, but she comes back to Damon later, revealing that she can leave hell whenever she wants and that Cade had been under her control since her death. Meanwhile, Matt confronts Vicki and she reveals that she wants to die from the hellfire so she can escape hell, where she has been residing in a miserable existence. Vicki will ring the bell every five minutes until the end of the hour. After hearing this, Matt and the police evacuate the town. Alaric, Caroline, and the twins also leave Mystic Falls when Bonnie comes up with a plan to use her magic to reverse the hellfire back into hell, destroying it and Katherine.

    Damon stays with Katherine in the tunnels under the Armory to make sure she is in hell when Bonnie does this; Stefan comes forward to sacrifice himself instead, but Damon compels him to leave. Stefan then takes Damon's place, and dies alongside Katherine. Though Bonnie struggles at first, the spirits of Enzo and her ancestors appear to give Bonnie the strength she needs. Caroline is seen in the car with Alaric, and he tells her Stefan's plan. She calls Stefan, in tears, and quotes "I will love you forever" with Alaric hearing those words.

    Stefan then visits Elena in their high school in the state between life and death. He tells her that he is human now and says that Damon wanted to sacrifice everything for Elena and the town. He says that Damon compelled him to leave out of the tunnels but the compulsion hadn't actually worked since Stefan was on vervain. Stefan then explains that he gave Damon his blood with the cure and that he will start to age and soon be dead. Stefan also says that he saw a side of Damon that he had not seen in a while - the older brother he looked up to, the son who enlisted in the civil war to please his father, the Damon he knew when he was a boy; he wanted that Damon to live and wanted Elena to have a chance to get to know him. Stefan says to Elena "It is good to see you, Elena... one last time...", and whispers something in Elena's ear and then joins Lexi in the afterlife and quotes "I was feeling epic" and hugs her. Some time later, Bonnie breaks Elena's sleeping curse and Elena reunites with her, Damon, Caroline, Matt and Alaric. After an emotional goodbye to Stefan Salvatore in the cemetery, Elena conveys a message to Caroline which Stefan had told her; "I heard her. And I will love her forever too". The Salvatore boarding house is turned into a school for supernatural children with Jeremy and Dorian among the people running it and a hefty $3 million donation from Klaus. Vicki, Tyler, Liz, Jo, and Enzo are shown watching over the living.

    Damon and Elena are shown to be married. Elena is seen writing in the diary near Stefan's grave about how everything is as a crow flies and sits on a grave (a reference from the pilot of the show). After Damon and Elena's long lives shared together, Elena finds peace in the afterlife and reunites with her parents, John, and Jenna; and Stefan, at peace, opens the door to the boarding house to see Damon, who greets him with "Hello, brother" a nod to the words Damon first said to Stefan in the pilot episode, ending it the way it started, and the brothers hug, having found peace after death and bringing the series to a conclusion.

    Feature music[edit]

    In "I Was Feeling Epic" the following songs are heard:[1][2]


    The episode received critical acclaim, with most reviewers appreciating the writers’ skill in successfully ending the long eight-year run of the hit series in an emotion-driven finale.

    Kelly Lawler of USA Today praised the episode by calling it a “whirlwind finale” that “should have you alternating between sobbing and grinning.”[3]

    Samantha Highfill of Entertainment Weekly said “the most impressive thing this finale did was find a way to honor every love story this show’s ever told. I can walk away feeling like I got closure on each and every one — and maybe a little hope on one in particular — all the while not one stands out as the ‘winner.’ And that’s not a small feat.”[4]

    Caroline Preece of Den of Geek! praised the episode saying “True to form, a lot happened during I Was Feeling Epic, spanning decades of time and featuring more twists and turns than should really be allowed in a single hour. But this is The Vampire Diaries, and its biggest sin would have been if it was boring. [….] it’d be impossible for me to sum up what this show has meant to me and so many others over these past eight years.”[5]

    TVLine’s Andy Swift said “The Vampire Diaries has always been a show about loss, about heartache, about powering through the difficult times in order to see the beauty in the world around you. And that’s exactly what this ending was — beautiful.”[6]


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