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50 Downloadable Digital Joints For Woodworking

<a href="">"50 Digital Wood Joints"</a> by Ladycartoonist is licensed under <a href="">CC BY-NC-SA 3.0</a>
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If you were captivated by these animations of traditional Japanese woodworking joints, here's a chance to try out some intricate joinery techniques for yourself.

In the spirit of open access to information, professor Jochen Gros and designer Friedrich Sulzer headed up a research project at the C...Lab of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in Germany, where they have developed 50 different wood joinery techniques capable of being fabricated digitally, using tools such as a CNC mill or lasercutter.

Now these files have been made accessible to the public via downloadable files in various data formats (including several Autocad capable formats). They have also provided each joint with a PDF guide to assembly, to make piecing together the wood elements a snap. 

Example joint guide. Via Flexible Stream

On his site, Gros explains why architects & designers may be so fascinated with joinery:

Every time we come across them, we are filled with admiration: Admiration for the skill of the master craftsman, as their creator, but also admiration for the balance between function and beauty, which turns the furniture or temple into a work of art.

With the onset of industrialisation, the traditional wood joints have been banned more and more to the background. Manufacturing has to be above all efficient, so there is no more room for traditional wood joints. Or is there?

As computer-controlled wood processing machines move into the cabinet-makers' workshops, the way two pieces of wood are joined together in a construction needs to be reconsidered.

Example joint guide. Via Flexible Stream

By making the joint files publicly available, the team hopes to inspire designers, architects and DIYers to utilize the joints for their own projects, and encourage users to send them pictures of their creations, and ideas for how to make the joints even better.

You can find a link to the files and contact info for submissions, here.

Over on Intstructables, user Ladycartoonist was so inspired by Gros' work that she created a beautiful poster as a visual reference. It too has been licensed under creative commons and can be downloaded here. Enjoy!

News via Flexible Stream.


Introduction: Wood Mug

That branch is the same thickness as a mug...hum.

Inspired by bricobart's mug. This one is considerably less manly though.


Tree Branch

Saw (Table, Miter, Hand, etc.)

Hammer & Chisels




Step 1: Find It, Cut It, Debark It

  1. Next time you drive past a brush pile, find a mug-sized branch. I don't know what species mine was, but it looked nice.
  2. Trim the branch to your desired mug height.
  3. Take the bark off. My first thought was to do this with the bark on, but this sample had loose bark so I took it off.

I used a flat head screwdriver to remove most of the bark.

Step 2: Split It

  1. Split the log into four sections. Take your time.

I moved the chisels to the side a few times to encourage the location of the split.

Step 3: Remove It

Remove the wood that will be the inside of the mug.

  1. Measure up 3/4" from the bottom of the mug.
  2. Cut a notch to within 3/8" to the side of the wood.
  3. Chisel from the top down toward the cut to remove the inside material.

3/4" gives a strong, sturdy base; I wouldn't go much less.

The saw makes a straight cut on a rounded object, so you need to be careful not to cut too far along the sides.

A few times I tried to gouge out a big section only to have the split move too deep and mess up the sides. Slow and steady wins the race.

Step 4: Sand It, Glue It, Sand It

  1. Sand the individual pieces paying particular attention to the insides since once the parts are glued together it will be difficult to get in there. Do not sand the edges along the sides or the bottom so they will fit together without any spaces.
  2. Use rubber bands to dry fit the pieces. Glue two pieces together at one time. Although the other pieces are included in the glue up, they are there to help hold everything together.
  3. Fill any gaps with wood glue and sand the seems well.
  4. Glue the third; fill and sand. Then the fourth.

I tried filling gaps with sawdust from this project mixed with wood glue, but couldn't get a good consistency.

Sanding the inside was difficult. I glued some sandpaper to a wood disc and attached that to a metal rod. This helped sand the inside.

Step 5: Handle It

  1. Find some sticks in the backyard.
  2. Take the bark off and give them a good sanding.
  3. Drill holes all the way through the mug and larger stick.

They fit really snug, but I added glue for security and water-tightness.

Step 6: Finish It

  1. Finish with your finish of choice.

I used a polyurethane. It needed a few coats to be fully watertight.

This was a wedding gift, so after I applied the finish I carved a design into the wood. The stain soaked into the fresh carving but wiped off of the finish.

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Introduction: Wood Shaping

Of course not all woodworking involves perfect cuts and power tools. A great attribute of wood is that it's an easy medium to work with and can be tooled easily by hand, taking shape in almost any way you can image. Wood carving is not quick, but can be very relaxing. A good way to think of wood carving is in stages, or layers. You'll start with roughing out a very general shape, then progressively step through stages to refine the shape into something more detailed.

Step 1: Tools

Shaping wood doesn't require much in the way of tools, mostly a method of cutting your stock down to size, some finer instruments to make details, and a method to smooth it all out after shaping.

To cut the basic shape of your wood stock a pull saw or a jigsaw are great for removing excess material.

Pull Saw


To shape the wood and give it a smoother appearance a 4-way rasp is vital, as is an assortment of sandpaper.

4-way rasp


A 4-way rasp has a flat side and a half-round side, each end will have a coarse and fine. the half-round side is great for contoured surfaces, and the dual roughness provides a great combination of removing or smoothing material.

Step 2: Wood Selection

Any wood can be carved and shaped by hand, however some types are easier to work with than others (especially when starting out).

Wood hardness is measured by the Janka scale, which is how resistant wood is to a denting test. While the test is fun to try on your own the real take away is to know that different wood can have different densities and something to keep in mind when selecting wood to shape.

Luckily there's a plentiful supply of soft wood that's perfect for shaping in every hardware store: pine. Almost all wood framing studs in North America are either spruce, pine, or fir (SPF). SPF framing studs are inexpensive, and perfect for hand shaping. Outside of the hardware store you can find pine (or other softer wood) from all sorts of places like old dressers, desks, or project boards. An easy test to see how soft wood is, try pressing your fingernail into the wood and make a dent - if your nail sinks into the wood easy and makes a mark then it's probably easy to shape.

Step 3: Clamp Your Work

Hand shaping is very relaxing, but will become frustrating quickly if you don't have your work piece clamped down.

Use care when clamping your work, since clamping directly to soft wood would cause an indent in your piece. Use a sacrificial piece of wood was put between the clamps and the blank which distributes the load from the clamps across the wood and doesn't leave indents in the blank.

Step 4: Rough Shaping With Rasp - Flat Side

A 4-way rasp has a flat side with coarse surface end and a fine surface end, and a convex curved side with rough and fine surface on the other.

For shaping on straight areas I use the flat side and start with the rough surface. The rough surface will remove more material but leave a very rough finish. This is perfect for getting the rough shape right.

Hold the rasp firmly in both hands with the rough surface over the wood, and then make a drawing motion diagonally to the wood.

Take time to make as many drawing motions to get the shape you desire. It makes more sense to do lighter passes and remove less material than to try and remove lots of material and go fast. Hand shaping takes time, but the results are worth it.

Step 5: Rough Shaping With Rasp - Curved Side

The 4-way rasp has a curved side to get into areas where there's geometry that won't allow you to use the flat side. There is a rough end and a fine end to the rasp, depending on how much material you want to remove and how you want the finish to look.

In this serving spoon example the dish of the spoon head needs to have an indentation carved. To achieve this the wood was fist clamped securely, and then the curved rough end of the rasp was drawn over the deepest area of the indentation to start the gentle curve needed to dish the wood - this part can take a while as there's a lot of material to be removed to make the dishing shape.

Here's results after about 20 minutes. Take the time with the rough side to get the shape you want before moving onto the fine side and cleaning up the rough surface.

Step 6: Sanding Smooth

Using the fine end of the rasp the head shape can be smoothed out, removing the tooling left from the coarse end of the rasp and filing down any rough or ragged edges. After learning about sanding we're ready to start sanding the rough shape smooth.

After some time with the fine end of the rasp the surface can be smoothed out more with coarse grit sandpaper, the grit of the sandpaper should be finer than the rasp - most fine rasps are equivalent to about 60-80 grit, so moving to 100 grit is a good choice.

Move your way up the sandpaper from 100 grit to 200 grit to smooth out the surface of your hand carving.

Step 7: Quiz - Wood Shaping

{ "id": "quiz-1", "question": "The wood hardness scale is called the Jenga Scale", "answers": [ { "title": "True", "correct": false }, { "title": "False", "correct": true } ], "correctNotice": "Correct! It's called the Janka Scale.", "incorrectNotice": "That's incorrect" } { "id": "quiz-2", "question": "Wood shaping can only be completed with power tools", "answers": [ { "title": "True", "correct": false }, { "title": "False", "correct": true } ], "correctNotice": "Correct! Shaping wood by hand is far more common, and gives every piece a unique look.", "incorrectNotice": "That's incorrect" }

Step 8:

Hand carving is an art and takes practice and patience to get good results. There's a charm that comes from hand carved items, so never discount the aesthetic, sometimes perfection is not desired!

On the other end of the spectrum from hand carving is making curved edges and a power router. We'll learn all about this versatile tool in the next lesson.

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Wood flower pots. Great gift idea!

26 Free DIY Wooden Shelf Plans You Can Build Today

Shelving units can be one of the essential parts of finding the right home for some people. Storage is a significant part of staying organized and maintaining overall cleanliness. As they say, we fill whatever space we inhabit. From large to small, finding the space to fit new finds or organize the kid’s rooms a bit better can make all the difference.

Below, we have compiled a list of instructions that teach you how to build wooden shelves that should fit in any living space you find yourself. Are you looking for something different to show off a collection of items or prized possessions? We have got those as well. Scroll down to find the right match for your needs, in any room of the house.

1. DIY Kentwood Bookcase from Ana White

Check Project Details Here

Ana White can always be trusted to exhibit some great finds for DIY designs. This Kentwood bookcase looks like it comes straight out of a catalog. It is built for a larger space and a perfect fit for a variety of uses. The tall form allows for a lot of storage space while enabling it to fit into a corner or the leftover side wall of a room. Find the design through Ana White or Shanty 2 Chic.

2. Easy Rope Shelf from Burkatron

Check Project Details Here

Some people simply don’t have the floor space to make another shelving unit work. If you find yourself in the same boat, then check out this incredibly simplistic design from Burkatron. Clear off more of your desk space or free up space in front of your TV by hanging up a shelf with rope. You can have this unit mounted in less than an hour once all three materials are together.

3. Suspended Bookshelves from The Family Handyman

Check Project Details Here

Another design meant for those who might like to keep things away from the floor. This one also appeals to those with a creative decor streak. The combination of the wood and the wiring helps to reinforce it on a practical level, but also gives it a modern or edgy look to set it apart. Find this open-ended shelving design on The Family Handyman.

4. Kee Klamp Shelving from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

Shelves can be for just about anything. If you are looking for a design that is easy to adapt for whatever space or contents you have for it, this unit could be the one for you. The model showed above was modified to also be the TV stand by merely taking the top two layers of boards off. It isn’t even necessary to make it three units long if you don’t have space. Make it for your home by going to Instructables.

5. DIY Garage Storage Shelves from Ana White

Check Project Details Here

Shelving isn’t only useful for the interior of the home. Organizing a garage or shed area can be just as crucial for keeping items organized and out of the way until they are needed. This shelving unit fits standard-sized tubs or larger boxes. Up your storage game with this unit and get the plans from Ana White.

6. DIY Copper Peg Shelves from Vintage Revival

Check Project Details Here

Shelves don’t only need to be planks of wood drilled or wired together. Their design can be enhanced to add extra dimensions of decoration or hanging in this case. Here, the shelves are available to set a variety of materials, and the pegs are there to give you even more space to work with, this time vertically. Try it out by following the directions from Vintage Revival.

7. Custom Hanging Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

This is another hanging design, although slightly more involved than the one featured above. It may be a better match for the interior of your home, depending on the theme you have throughout your home. These shelves don’t just hang from hooks in the wall, but a feature like a drawer handle. The plans can be found in detail at Instructables.

8. Industrial Bookcase Plan from Rogue Engineer

Check Project Details Here

Taking on this project ends up giving you credit to your strength as a builder. Although it is not too much more complicated than other designs featured on our list, it does appear to be. This industrial bookcase has a feeling of strength with a real design flair. The plan was originally adopted from a similar piece from Pottery Barn selling for $1900. Making it yourself doesn’t come close to this price and is also served with a side of deep satisfaction. Get the plans from Rogue Engineer to marry up your steel and wood.

9. DIY Bed Built-In Shelves from Family Handyman

Check Project Details Here

Shelving units can be beneficial additions to any room of the house. This design is made to act as a modified addition to the headboard area of the bed. Instead of buying a large and bulky headboard, make something easier to transport in and out. By fixing the shelving to the wall, you keep everything off the floor and can keep your bed right next to the wall, expanding the area of the room. Head to Family Handyman to make your own.

10. DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

Large units aren’t always necessary for the home. If you have seen those beautifully decorated homes with the small shelves that hold herbs or cookbooks in the kitchen and wondered how to do this yourself, now you have an answer. Although these shelves are small, they are instrumental in a variety of areas of the home. They also have a rustic air for those that are looking out for that in a design. Find the plans at Instructables.

Check Project Details Here

Some of you may look at these and think, “who in the world would want such large units in their home?”. However, if you have the ceiling space to match it and perhaps a ladder to pair with it, these bookshelves make a big statement in the home. They supply you with just about all the shelf space you could need. They fit in very well in library rooms or studies. Make your own by using the plans at Infarrantly Creative.

12. Simple Pallet Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

A DIY list of wooden objects wouldn’t be complete without having a couple of designs that involve repurposing pallets. This design offers you a full plan for floating shelves that are a flexible add for a smaller room with open wall space. Depending on how much you need, you might only want to make one or stack them higher up on the wall. The plans are on Instructables.

13. Industrial Rustic Shelf from Sylvie Liv

Check Project Details Here

Another industrial design paired with some rustic flair to make it versatile. The actual construction for these shelves is less than some of the others. It makes a fantastic addition to those that move, quickly screwing in and out of walls and filling the holes back up with caulk and painting over to move along. These shelves are then entirely disassembled and smoothly put back together in the next place. Try it out for yourself by going to Sylvie Liv’s blog.

14. DIY Sawhorse Bookshelf from Shanty2Chic

Check Project Details Here

Put an old wooden sawhorse or step ladder to use again by making it into a bookshelf. However, if you don’t have something like this on hand, don’t worry since it is easy enough to put together yourself. It works well in homes that have a rustic or farmhouse-style interior. Or you can paint it to match a brightly-colored theme. It can also be an easy addition to a garage that needs some more shelving. Find the design at Shanty 2 Chic.

15. Cottage Shelf from Family Handyman

Check Project Details Here

Perhaps you have a cottage or a log cabin by a lake that you are looking to put more shelving into. This cottage shelf is a unique design that adds some character to the room. By using sticks or finding craft supplies in order to make rods appear like sticks, you can make this design yourself. Family Handyman has the details to make this a reality for you.

16. DIY Spherical Waffle Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

A Star Wars fan? That might have been what it reminded us of, but the designers of this shelving unit were uniquely creative with their “waffle” design. It isn’t only different, but also useful if you need some shelving to have more length than a standard unit would have. As you can see from the picture, it is a great addition to a crafting space, or perhaps a learning room for the kids. Try it yourself by heading to Instructables.

17. Reclaimed Wood & Galvanized Pipe Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

A design that gives another, smaller take on the pipe and wood combination that has been seen in a couple of the other plans above. With the rich stained wood and the piping, the look is both industrial and elegant. The original method uses reclaimed wood to make the design less expensive and even more appealing to DIY-ers. Find the how-to guide at Instructables.

18. Floating Shelves from Keys to Inspiration

Check Project Details Here

Although this plan doesn’t appear to be in keeping with the “wooden” theme of this article, it is entirely wood stained with the tint called “Graphite”. The varying lengths give it a textured look and can give you the freedom to build them around fixed pieces of furniture or even other hangings that already have a spot on the wall. Build your own by using the plans from Keys to Inspiration.

19. Portable Book Rack Plan from Start Woodworking

Check Project Details Here

This bookshelf is reminiscent of the old library book racks. This may be the setting that you would like to use it in, or you may just want something that puts your book titles on more of a display. The angled feature of the wood slats only allows them to look right with books for the most part, however, in a home with a large number of books to be shelved, this is perfect. Try the design from Start Woodworking to start your woodworking hobby.

20. LED Wall Cube Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

These shelves are meant for display and carry their own wow factor by including LED lights on the interior. The design plans don’t only walk you through how to design these cubic shelves, but also install the LED’s. Since this plan involves electricity, be sure to read through the warnings and guides that may come with the LED’s, as well as the plan for the overall design, carefully before beginning. This is another wonderful design from Instructables.

21. Rolling Industrial Farmhouse Pantry Shelves from The Weathered Fox

Check Project Details Here

Bookcases and shelving units are often thought to be pieces of furniture firmly fixed into place for safety and aesthetics. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. If you are looking for something with a little bit more flexibility, give this unit a spin by heading to The Weathered Fox. Equipped with wheels at the bottom, these shelves are meant to be an extension of the pantry. They can be used in an array of different scenarios within or outside of the home and look good anywhere.

22. Necklace Shelves from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

Sometimes it is the little things that look the best and add the most aesthetic value. These necklace shelves may do just that for you. In the photo above, they hold candles in glass cups on top and have hooks to hold your jewelry on the bottom. These can be mixed and matched with different items as well. Give it mini a spin with this design from Instructables.

23. Simple Barrister Bookshelf Plan from Popular Woodworking

Check Project Details Here

A classic case for any theme that is already going on in the home. It is the only unit that features glass, hinged doors built into it for extra safekeeping of more valuable items that you still want on display. This barrister bookshelf is brought to you by Popular Woodworking for a woodworking challenge to enhance your carpentry skills.

24. DIY Henry Bookshelf from Ana White/Shanty2Chic

Check Project Details Here

This simple shelving unit is another one inspired by a king in the furniture world, Pottery Barn. It is based on the design of the Hendrix bookshelf. Although it is an upper-scale, expensive unit when it is bought new, it is a straightforward design to make yourself. A chic design to add to your living area or bedroom, it can be found on Ana White.

25. Simple Ledge Shelf form Chistina’s Adventures

Check Project Details Here

These shelves are not as versatile as most of the other ones that we have featured on the list. It is a ledge shelf, meant for showcasing fancy or expensive dishware or maybe some tiny knick-knacks. If you have been looking for a way to display your grandmother’s beautiful china sets or the like, follow the plan found on Christina’s Adventures.

26. DIY Oil and Vinegar Shelf from Over the Big Moon

Check Project Details Here

The last plan we compiled for you is a specific design that teaches how to build wooden shelves meant to work well when installed over your oven in the kitchen. This provides you with more counter space, freeing up the area to have multiple cooks in the kitche. It will need to be adapted to whatever oven and area that you have, but this is easily done. Base the modifications off the original plans, and you will be cooking in no time. Find them at Over the Big Moon.

Featured image credit: Wooden shelf by Free-Photos, Pixabay

Pete Ortiz

Pete has been working in the trades since high school, where he first developed a passion for woodworking. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in a wide variety of DIY projects around the home. Fascinated by all sort of tools, Pete loves reading and writing about all the latest gadgets and accessories that hit the market. His other interests include astronomy, hiking, and fishing.

As the founder of House Grail, David’s primary goal is to help consumers make educated decisions about DIY projects at home, in the garage, and in the garden.



Wood instructables

50 beginner home DIY woodworking projects

If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

​We’ve put together 50 different simple home wood projects ​for you to tackle today. These small wood projects plans might surprise you with how easy to follow they are, even for beginners.


Small Wood Projects

Brownies on a wooden board

1. Wooden Cup Holder Sofa Sleeve

This wood cup holder goes perfectly on your sofa’s arm.

Cup holder

Check out the small wood projects here: ​

2. Five-Candle Holder

If you’re already into woodworking but have yet to polish your skills, this five-candle holder small DIY project will give some of your leftover chunks of wood a new lease on life.

Wooden tealight candle

More about this DIY project here: ​

3. Tealight Candle Holder

This little candle decoration is perfect for a cozy day.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Candle holder

​Learn more about this DIY:

4. Wooden Business Card Holder

If you are looking for small wooden project ideas, this one might be perfect. Comprising of only seven steps, this tutorial is easy to understand.

Wooden business card holder

​Make this at home:​

5. Address Number Plaque and Wall Planter

This one is for fans of easy small wood projects. An address number display is a luxurious décor that will make your house unique. If you want to save more money, you can even use some used pallets to create this sign.

Address number planter

Full tutorial here:​

6. Small Arrow Yard Signs

This project is another one for the exterior of your house, and its construction doesn’t require a lot of woodworking tools.

It can be used as a legitimate arrow to point to your house or as an added detail to your house décor. You can also hang it from your wooden fence out of pallets.

Details at:​​​

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Arrow with labels

7. Wooden Flash Drive

A perfect union of nature and technology. This tutorial details how to do this project with simple tools.


Details and instructions found here:​​​​

8. Magazine Organizer

This one might not be best for fans of small DIY wood projects as it requires a little bit more work.

You’ll have to mark the wood, make some cuts, and then, nail pieces of wood together.

Magazine rack

For a detailed view, visit:​​

9. Small X-Shaped Magazine Holder

This tutorial will show exactly how easy it is to make this x-shaped magazine holder. It doesn’t require that many woodworking supplies. The only required advanced tool is the laser wood saw.

X magazine holder

To see the layout, visit:​​ ​

10. Floating Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder, which is among the harder small woodworking projects on our list, has the ability to draw a lot of compliments from people and is a good conversation starter.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Wine holder

​Full details of the plans on:​​

11. Modern Wine Rack

Apart from being able to store more bottles of wine than a previous contender on our list of small woodwork projects for beginners, this DIY wine rack is also easier to make.

Modern wine holder

​Create your own version: ​​​

12. Wooden Bottle Opener

We know just what would go beside your wine rack and wine bottle holders: this wooden bottle opener.

Bottle opener

Make this one at home:​​ ​​

​This one requires only 15 minutes to make, making it one of the shortest tiny wood projects on our list.

13. Wooden Ring

For how little it is, this wooden ring might take you 2 hours at most.

Wooden circle

Learn more about this DIY:​​ ​

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

14. Wooden Hoop Earrings

One type of earrings is particularly trendy nowadays. It’s the hoop earrings.

Wooden hoop earrings

Find more tips at: ​​

This is one of those small wood craft ideas that will only take up 10 minutes of your time and not a lot of materials, but it will result in what could possibly be a part of your daily accessory rotation.

15. Wooden Bangles

Take it from Gucci who’s already made a signature out of their wooden bag handles.

Wooden bangles

For the detailed small woodworking plans, visit​: ​

16. Small Wood Bookends

These fancy bookends are a product of a do-it-yourself woodworking project and thrifted ornaments or Christmas scroll saw decor pieces combined.


Check out ​how it’s made: ​

17. Wooden Ladder Storage

You’ve probably seen a wooden ladder being used for indoor décor and as an appealing storage solution. As opposed to the ladder’s almunium and fiberglass counterparts, the wooden one can be seen all over the interior design blogs. However, you don’t have to buy a new one – you can create it all on your own!

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Wooden ladder

Check out the full plans on:

18. Wooden Valance

There are certain ways you can improve the look of your home without doing a full makeover. This wooden valance, for instance, can upgrade your bathroom if you put it over your tub or shower area as this tutorial demonstrates.

Essentially, it’s just a piece of wood with fancy curves, so it would only take you about 30 minutes to make.

Wooden valance

For a detailed view, visit: ​

19. Wooden Batch Caddy

This bath caddy adds to the cozy and rustic vibe. It will go well with the valance and ladder for the bathroom. Compared to the first two small woodwork projects ideas on our list, this one requires even less time.

Wooden caddy

Visit this website for project plans: ​

20. State Cutout Decor

This cutout décor in the shape of your home as it appears on the map is an easily achievable DIY woodworking project and will look just amazing.

Wooden state decor

Check the small wood projects to make: ​

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

21. Twig Monogram

This woodworking project doesn’t require a drill, screws, or advanced tools.

You just need to collect some good old twigs and use them to form your letter of choice, whether it’s your or a loved one’s initials.

Wooden monogram

Learn how to make it yourself:​​

22. Twig Jewelry Board

Just like the monogram twig, this jewelry board is another easy DIY project that won’t take more than 30 minutes, though it requires a drill and screws.

Jewelry hanger

Get to ​painting:​​ ​

23. Small Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are not the hardest to make, and this simple project will take 20 minutes.

Having this DIY project in the backyard of your home​ can have a huge bearing on the life of birds who will benefit from it.

Bird feeder

Details at:

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

24. Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is handy for anyone regardless of the nature of their job and finishing it only takes about 20 minutes. It also serves as a source of motivation!

Pencil holder diy

Check out the full tutorial ​on​

25. Makeup Brush Holder

You can use this stylish brush holder for your makeup tools.

Make up brush holder DIY

Need more tips? Check the measurements and instructions here:​​

26. Wooden Picture Holder Cubes

Printed photos are an excellent idea to decorate your space. Propping them up on an equally special décor piece like this DIY wooden picture holder cube is personalization at its best.

Picture holder DIY

Full tutorial over at:​​

27. Wooden Photo Display

This one is a bit more difficult than the previous one, but the result is even better!

Laser printed wooden rounds

Learn to make this DIY:

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

28. Small Minimalist Frame Holder

This wooden frame holder is a little bit different from the frames you’re familiar with; however, it’s relatively easy – you’ll need only 10 minutes or less.

Glass holder wood

Check out the complete tutorial here:

29. Plywood Quote Artwork​

​​This plywood artwork provides a large display that will attract your attention and instantly lift your spirits up.

Wooden quote rounds

For the steps and measurements, go to​​:

30. Scrabble Tile Wall Decor

Scrabble letters are easy to make, and these enlarged versions for wall hanging are even easier because the larger wood pieces have convenient shapes, requiring only a few cuts.

Giant wooden scrabble letters

Make your own version for the home​​:

31. Thin Birch Slice Coasters

These dipped birch slice coasters are not only functional coasters, they’re also a sight to behold. Birch is a glorious kind of wood that looks clean and elegant when polished.

Just cutting down a branch into pieces will already give you a set, but dipping them on different paints will give them an extra play on textures and colors.

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Birch tree coasters

To make this, visit:

32. Bungee Wall Organizer

This wall organizer uses a bungee cord, which can make this storage solution appealing for both men’s and women’s interior tastes.

Organizer DIY

Learn to make this yourself​​: ​​

33. Driftwood Necklace Holder

This driftwood holds a lot more than necklaces when put up in a room. It holds a lot of personality in itself and reflects your quirky taste for décor in the process.

Necklace hanger DIY

For the full detailed view, check out​​:

​34. Wooden Wall Clock

Learn how to make a clock in just about 30 minutes to an hour.

It’s better to make your own with wood, specifically a raw slice from a log or a tree branch.

Wooden clock

Check out the tutorial here​​:

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35. Wooden Painted Place Mats

​This tutorial copies the quirkiness of fabric or plastic placemats and turns the unfinished wood into something of the same kind with just paint.

Wooden painted mat

Take a look at the full tutorial on​​:

36. Hexagonal Tray

This wooden tray can be used for serving drinks and plates of food – you won’t have to worry about wet stains or food crumbs.

Wooden tray

More details over at​​:

37. Phone or Tablet Stand

You can make a wooden phone or tablet stand on your own with this tutorial in about an hour or two. Doesn’t it look great?

Phone stand

Make this at home​​:

38. Wooden Smartphone Speaker

Here’s another “stand” that can do more than just hold your phone upright.

Phone speaker DIY

​Play music at home:

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39. Wooden Tablet Dock

This dock is suitable for tablets. You can make several versions of it for every slanted position.

Tablet holder

Create your own version​​:

40. Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder steadies the roll so that it’s easy to get a couple of pieces using just one hand.

Napkin holder

Build it yourself:

41. Napkin Holder

If you need the paper towel holder in the kitchen, there should be an alternative for it that’s more appropriate for the dining area. This napkin holder looks much better to be put on the dining table.

Napkin holder

Make one for your kitchen:

42. Utensil Organizer

​​It’s not only paper towels and table napkins that need a home in the kitchen and dining area. Your utensils could also use a permanent home if they don’t already have one.

Utensil caddy DIY

Check out the tutorial here​​:

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43. Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards can come expensive especially when it carries a big brand name. This project is very easy to make and finish in one afternoon.

Wooden chopping board

Check out the tutorial here​​:​​

44. Magnetic Wall Rack

The wood rack’s size will depend on how many kitchen tools you’d like to store on it, but in general, the shape of the rack and the method to create this project is relatively easy to get done in less than an hour.

Hanging knife DIY

For more tips about the construction check​​:

45. Small Monogrammed Tags

The letter in this little monogrammed wooden keychain is formed by burning the wood according to its outline.

Wooden name tag

This is an easy last-minute gift because of how fast you can make it – about 15 minutes, though you’ll need a drill.

Check out the tutorial here​​:​

46. Wooden Guitar Picks

Unless you’re really waiting to cop a certain star’s collectible guitar pick, there’s no sense in buying what you can do on your own in five steps and about 15 minutes.

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DIy guitar pick

Play a tune​​:​

47. Wooden Rulers

Since a ruler is simply a long piece of wood with measurements along its length, it’s pretty easy to understand how to make it.


Check out the ​details here​​:​ ​

48. Oversized Wooden Dice

​This DIY tutorial details the very easy process of creating oversized dice. It only takes three items so you can make plenty of this in one go.

DIY Dice

Craft some for your space​​:​ ​

49. Small Scroll Saw Lantern

Scroll saws are one of the most common tools that can be used by beginners and experts alike. This wooden lantern made using a scroll saw something a beginner can take on.


Light up your ​place:​

50. Small Floral Centerpiece

Essentially, it’s just another vase centerpiece but it’s actually different from what you usually see.

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Floral centerpiece DIY

Enchant your guests with this centerpiece​​: ​


With all these projects being appropriate for beginners, you can really tell that it’s easy and fun to get into woodworking; as long as you pick the right ones, you can get a lot of use out of the effects and extract much fun from them.

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Jared Bauman

Raised with a fix-it and improvement mindset, my wife and I completely restored our Craftsman-style home. Learning how to DIY a variety of home improvement projects, I started SawsHub with my father. He's the fine woodworker, I'm the DIYer!

Wood Coasters

Glow in the Dark Cypress Wood Table Instructables by Mike Warren

Mike Warren created this remarkable table by mixing photo-luminescent powder with clear resin, and then infilling the voids in Pecky Cypress timber with the liquid. After a thorough sanding, the table’s finish is seamless and has an otherworldly feel about it. The creator has generously documented the making process on Instructables with all the information you need to make your own.

The Glow Table DIY Project by Mike Warren

Mat Brown did perhaps kick off this glowing furniture trend last year with his chestnut shelves project, in which he filled the splits and knots in the timber with a similar glow-in-the-dark resin mixture. Mike Warren’s Pecky Cypress table is certainly a lot more striking due to the sheer amount of inlaid glowing segments but both projects are equally impressive.

Close-up of Embedded Glow in the Dark Resin in Table

Sanding the Glow Table after Glow Resin Inlaid

‘Pecky Cypress’ is cypress timber that has been infected with Stereum Taxodii fungus. This creates isolated pockets of rotted wood that can be easily removed manually as it is physically much softer than the surrounding healthy cypress. Pecky Cypress is in fact prized for this decorative textured finish, and in the case of the Glow Table Mike Warren made use of this heavily pitted surface by infilling the voids with his glow-in-the-dark resin.

Simply pouring liquid resin is certainly a much easier task than cutting glass to fit the shape of the wood, as was the case with the remarkable River Tables Series by Greg Klassen, and makes for a far more attainable DIY project.

Pouring Resin into the Pecky Cypress Wood Voids

Placing this table near a window will allow it to collect rays from the setting sun and then set off a pleasant glow from the transition from twilight to evening.Mike Warren, Instructables

Making the Glowing Table

The Glow Table was completed with a set of hairpin legs which the Instructables guide also details how to fit. These sort of fixtures can often be found on eBay as recovered items for a very reasonable price, and make for a great way to easily add a vintage feel to a piece of repurposed furniture.

Glow-in-the-dark powder can also be bought on eBay (UK) or through GloNation (USA-based) and has loads of other potential uses to brighten up your life. This could include painting it over floor tile grout, or creating secret artworks on the walls of a child’s bedroom.

Glow in the Dark Resin Table

BirdsEye View of the Glow Table

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