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1. John Williams composed the theme song.

He was known as Johnny Williams at the time, then 33 years old. The budding composer penned scores for four of the first seven episodes. Before season two, a new theme song was composed by Warren Barker, a television vet who mostly filled sitcoms like Bewitched and That Girl with music. It was wisely scrapped and Williams' work remained. For the third season, Williams reworked the fanfare, adding a little more punch. In the Lost in Space theme, you can hear many of the composer's trademark techniques that would become legend in Star Wars and countless Spielberg films. Actually, it sounds a bit like a sped-up take on the Jurassic Park theme. 

2. It was a comic book adaptation.

Some bemoan the glut of comic book adaptations in Hollywood these days, but the practice is hardly new. In 1962, Gold Key Comics, which became better known for its TV adaptations, launched Space Family Robinson, a modernization of The Swiss Family Robinson. After some back and forth over rights issues, the studios reached a deal with Gold Key, which would be allowed to change the name of its comic to Lost in Space.

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3. Irwin Allen would later produce a TV version of 'The Swiss Family Robinson.'

Series creator Irwin Allen was no stranger to fantastic adventure, having first set forth on his Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in 1961. Nearly 10 years later to the day after the premiere of Lost in Space, on September 14, 1975, Allen returned with this more faithful adaptation of the popular children's novel. Martin Milner of Route 66 and Adam-12 starred, with Willie Aames and Helen Hunt as the kids.

Image: IMDB

4. The series was big on recycling.

Lost in Space cleverly repurposed props and effects shots to cut down costs. As you can see in the picture, the long range scanner of the Jupiter 2, shown in "The Derelict" from season one, was repurposed for "female" robots in "The Ghost Planet" and "Deadliest of the Species." A little paint and glue goes a long way.

5. The set of the Jupiter 2 cost more than that of the Enterprise.

Sure, the producers recycled, but they were not cheap. The set of the Robinsons' craft ran a bill of $350,000 — about $2.5 million in today's bucks. Not too bad, really. In the story of the show, the nifty flying saucer supposedly cost $30 billion.

6. Those were real computers in the Jupiter 2.

Though its iconic computer appeared in numerous sci-fi settings, Burroughs was a real company, a manufacturer of business machines in St. Louis. The B205 was a large box with an array of twinkling bulbs and three knobs across the bottom, visually akin to an early synthesizer. Three of them sat at the controls of the Jupiter 2. Irwin Allen plopped the machine into more of his shows, and a Burroughs could often be seen in the Batcave. Read more about vintage computers in 1960s television.

7. There is an obscure link between the Lost in Space universe and the Star Trek universe.

Here are some other fun facts about Jupiter 2. Its hull is constructed of titanium (real) and cosmium (not real). It is said early on that the ship's trip to Alpha Centauri would take 5.5 years, meaning it travels at about 79% the speed of light. How does it achieve such speed? It's fuel, deutronium (not real). The sci-fi element is also the primary resource of the planet Lazon II in the Star Trek universe, as mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Triangle: Imzadi II. Hey, it's a stretch, but it opens the possibility for a Spock / Dr. Smith crossover.

8. Jonathan Harris was always listed as "Special Guest Star."

Speaking of the not-so-good doctor, actor Jonathan Harris, who became the focus of the show as it grew more comedic, was forever billed as a special guest star in the credits.

9. It won an award for costume design.

In 1968, designer Paul Zastupnevich, a frequent collaborator with Irwin Allen, won the Costume Designers Guild Award for "Best Dressed TV Series." In the first season, Zastupnevich used a heavy silver fabric for the shiny space suits, the same material used in fire suits. It was later swapped for a lighter, brighter, more pliable material.

10. The Robot costume weighed about 200 pounds and cost $70,000.

That's around half a million in today's cash. The robot was designed by Robert Kinoshita, who also designed the iconic Robby the Robot and Tobor. In 1965, stuntman Bob May was rehearsing on a studio lot, working as a double for Red Buttons, when Irwin Allen spotted the physically gifted performer. Allen told May that if he could fit into the costume, the role of Robot B-9 was his on Lost in Space. Fortunately, May fit inside the fiberglass suit. In the earlier designs, May would have had to trigger the lights on the Robot's torso by hitting a button inside the suit with his head. The button was eventually moved down by the claw.

11. There was a talking carrot — and nearly a purple llama.

Perhaps no Lost in Space episode is more notorious than "The Great Vegetable Rebellion," the penultimate outing of the series. Screenwriter Peter Packer was so unsure of his script that he reportedly hid it behind his back when presenting it to Harris. Our heroes are turned into plants by a giant sentient carrot (that's him in the picture, obviously). The script also called for a llama named Willoughby. The animal did not get along with Harris and kept spitting, and thus was cut. However, veteran character actor James Millhollin was listed as Willhoughby the Llama in the closing credits. Alas, Lost in Space only lasted one more episode.

12. The Jupiter 2 launched on October 16, 1997. Or maybe October 20.

Do you remember what you were doing on October 20, 1997? Not witnessing the launch of a flying saucer to Alpha Centauri, sadly. Yet in the real world, the date marked a minor advancement in space exploration. Two Russian Mir cosmonauts completed the first "internal spacewalk" when they wore suits inside the airless Spektr module for a repair. A few days earlier, NASA launched its robotic Cassini spacecraft on its mission to Saturn. While it did not have a voice like Robot B-9, it only cost $3 billion. Anyway, we digress… There is some interesting controversy over the fictional launch date of the Jupiter 2. At the start of the original pilot, "No Place to Hide," the date is printed on the screen, seen here. However, this episode was not aired until 1997 itself. Here's where it gets more confusing. In the second aired episode, "The Derelict," John Robinson is seen writing this in his journal: "October 21 in the Earth year 1997. Somewhere in space. We've come to the end of the first 24 hours of the voyage." The scripts of the early episodes refer to October 20 as being the launch date. This can be seen earlier in that same episode, when a newscaster gives an update after launch at "October 21, 1997, 18:00 hours."

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It's time to get lost! Lost in nostalgia. Lost in the 1960s. Lost in classic television… Lost in Space!

This beloved franchise kicked off the sci-fi craze on TV in 1965, evolving from an eerie black-and-white thriller to a colorful comedy. 

Let's take a look at the cast at work behind the scenes along the journey.

Tech Bubble

The Everett Collection

Bill Mumy and the Robot prove that Lost in Space was truly pop television

Stellar acoustics

The Everett Collection

Marta Kristen strums a guitar as Mark Goddard and Guy Williams kick back on set.

Making a racket

Dee Hartford truly deserved a gold medal for wearing all that silver.

If the suit fits, wear it

The Everett Collection

June Lockhart tries on a space suit in a wardrobe test.

Pretty in pink… and lime green

The Everett Collection

Angela Cartwright shows off the groovy clothes of the Jupiter 2 crew.

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Holiday in the stars

The Everett Collection

The cast wish fans a Merry Christmas in 1965.

Sunday best

The Everett Collection

Mumy and Cartwright are ready for church.

One-eyed wooly

The Everett Collection

Here's a good color look at the cyclops from the black-and-white episode "There Were Giants in the Earth."

A scary Mumy

The Everett Collection

Mumy shows he is a real scream.

Camera guys

The Everett Collection

The boys relax between takes in front of the massive film camera.

Teenagers, mutant turtle

The Everett Collection

The Robinson children pose with a spiky reptile.

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B-9, my valentine

The Everett Collection

Verda (Hartford) and the Robot show they are true love bots.

Check mates

The Everett Collection

Jonathan Harris plays against the computer.

Pawn your silver

Hartford gets in on the game, too.

Head case

As Harris poses with a prop from "Treasure of the Lost Planet," you can see the upper edge of the "sky" backdrop.

Get the point

Even the guest stars sparkled.

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Smith and Western

Allan Melvin of The Phil Silvers Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. jokes around on the set of the Western-themed episode "West of Mars."

Ready for the big game

Harris and Mumy pose for the camera.

Rock and lull

The Everett Collection

Hartford and Cartright relax on set.

A show of hands

The Everett Collection

Harris sneaks up from behind.

Reuniting with friends

AP Photo / Steven Senne

The cast got back together in 1995 to toast the 30th anniversary of the show.

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In '60s sci-fi staple 'Lost in Space,' John Robinson (Guy Williams) and family brave the unknowns of the cosmos and strange planets after spy and saboteur Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) throws their ship, The Jupiter 2, off course. While the first season emphasized adventure and exploration of alien worlds, the show took a campy turn starting with season two to compete with time slot rival 'Batman.'

Next Airings

  • 10/17 12:00AMDeadliest of the Species

    "The Robinsons encounter two Aliens who are on a mission to seek and destroy an escaped Robot Prisoner, whom they believe to be hiding at the Jupiter Two. Meanwhile, the Robot meets and falls in love with this evil, female Robot. She tries to turn the Robot bad, but ultimately, is defeated by the Robot and the Robinsons, but not before wreaking havoc over the planet."

  • 10/24 12:00AMA Day at the Zoo

    "A cave boy appears and attempts to lure Penny away, but she refuses, and is instead caught in a net. She is transported to an intergalactic zoo, where she will be put on show. Meanwhile Dr. Smith tries to take over the zoo."

  • 10/31 12:00AMTwo Weeks in Space

    "Two aliens, who are actually intergalactic bank robbers, transform themselves into Earthlings. They revive a man named Zumdish who operates a tour agency and they pretend to be his clients. When the Robinson's are absent, Dr. Smith decides to turn the ship into a hotel, but he doesn't realize how dangerous his guests are."

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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

Ep 1: The Reluctant Stowaway

In the year 1997 the Robinson family takes off to colonize Alpha Centauri. A spy from a foreign country, Dr. Smith, becomes trapped aboard while trying to sabotage the project. The ship is whisked off course and into a meteor storm due to Dr Smith's extra weight, upsetting navigational computers. Smith desperately tries to save himself by reviving the crew, resulting in the Robinson family becoming lost in space.  Remind Me

Ep 2: The Derelict

The Jupiter 2 is pulled into a giant alien spaceship where there are advanced bubble-like creatures. John and Don look for maps and equipment while Dr. Smith and Will look for trouble.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Island in the Sky

Professor Robinson attempts to explore a planet that the family is planning to land on. Dr. Smith has sabotaged his para-jet propulsion system, causing it to fail. Smith has also sabotaged the propulsion system of the Jupiter 2.  Remind Me

Ep 4: There Were Giants in the Earth

Professor Robinson discovers that the planet they are on will travel further from the sun. In an attempt to survive the Robinsons pack up and head south. Dr Smith stays at the Jupiter 2 while the Robinson family encounters a terrifying cyclops and an ancient deserted city.  Remind Me

Ep 5: The Hungry Sea

Professor Robinson discovers that the planet's orbit will bring immense heat on the spaceship. With that knowledge, the Robinsons take off in the Chariot and head south. Dr. Smith stays behind because he believed them to be lying, but soon realizes the orbit is odd.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Welcome Stranger

Jimmy Hapgood lands on the planet and the Robinsons befriend him. After helping him fix his spaceship, the Robinsons try and convince him to take Will and Penny back to Earth with him. But Dr. Smith tries to get aboard the ship back to Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 7: My Friend, Mr. Nobody

Penny "imagines" a new companion, which is a disembodied life force living below the surface. Dr Smith accidentally injures Penny leading to the creature taking his anger out on the entire planet.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Invaders from the Fifth Dimension

Luminous aliens capture Dr. Smith with the plan to replace their burnt out computer with his brain. Smith bargains with them, and they attempt to use Will's brain instead.  Remind Me

Ep 9: The Oasis

Smith eats some alien fruit, which turns him into a giant. Convinced that it was the Robinsons trying to kill him, he plots to take them out.  Remind Me

Ep 10: The Sky is Falling

A visiting family of aliens, called Taurons, have decided to use the Robinson's planet as a new colony. Although the Robinsons cannot understand the language of the visiting family, they welcome them to live in peace and harmony. However, as usual, Dr. Smith causes problems when he panics and draws a gun on the alien family.  Remind Me

Ep 11: Wish Upon a Star

The Robinson family banishes Smith from the Jupiter 2. He takes refuge in an abandoned spaceship where he finds a machine that can materialize anything. In an attempt to get back into the Robinson's good books, he gives them the machine, which plays on their greed.  Remind Me

Ep 12: The Raft

The Robinsons manage to construct a small space ship that they plan to use to return to Earth. Dr. Smith and Will launch the craft but wind up returning back on the original planet.  Remind Me

Ep 13: One of Our Dogs Is Missing

While the men are out installing communications equipment, a creepy creature stalks the Robinson women; however, they think a small dog is to blame for raids on food and other mischief.  Remind Me

Ep 14: Attack of the Monster Plants

Banished from camp for his latest endangering behavior, Dr. Smith discovers alien plants that can duplicate things (including people), which he uses to his advantage.

Ep 15: Return from Outer Space

Using a matter transfer device left behind by the Taurons, Will beams himself back to Earth. He arrives safely in the small town of Hatfield Four Corners, Vermont, but his pleas for help are considered the fantasies of a runaway boy.

Ep 16: The Keeper: Part 1

The Keeper, played by Michael Rennie, is a zookeeper of sorts. He wants to take the children and add them to his collection.  Remind Me

Ep 17: The Keeper: Part 2

The Keeper, played by Michael Rennie, is a zookeeper of sorts. He wants to take the children and add them to his collection.  Remind Me

Ep 18: The Sky Pirate

The Robinsons meet a space traveler who turns out to be an Earth man, Alonzo P. Tucker, who was abducted from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, by aliens in 1876.  Remind Me

Ep 19: Ghost in Space

Dr. Smith holds a seance to contact his Uncle Thaddeus. Instead a spirit creature is contacted and creates havoc for the Robinsons. It is later discovered that the "spirit creature" is a physical creature, rendered invisible by the properties of the "ionized gas" in the bog from which it came.  Remind Me

Ep 20: War of the Robots

Will and Dr. Smith stumble upon another robot. More capable than their own robot, the alien robot works to gain the confidence of the Robinsons. At a critical point he plans to transport them to his home planet as slaves.  Remind Me

Ep 21: The Magic Mirror

Penny and Judy stumble upon a mirror. Before they know it they are transported to the mirror universe which is occupied by only one person, a boy who is lonesome for companionship.  Remind Me

Ep 22: The Challenge

An alien boy is sent to Priplanis to validate his prince status. Will is drawn into a battle to the death unbeknownst to his father. When his real intentions are learned, John substitutes himself in the challenge and the alien ruler substitutes himself for his son.  Remind Me

Ep 23: The Space Trader

After the entire Robinson food supply is wiped out in a freak storm, a trader arrives willing to trade food for equipment. Dr. Smith trades the robot for food and hoards the supplies for himself.  Remind Me

Ep 24: His Majesty Smith

Dr. Smith is conscripted as the leader of a people from another world. Little does he know that the leaders of these people are routinely sacrificed and replaced with other expendable leaders.  Remind Me

Ep 25: The Space Croppers

A group of space hillbillies comes to Priplanis. The leader is an articulate female, whom Smith tries to court so he may have transportation back to Earth. Don falls for the sexy alien daughter.  Remind Me

Ep 26: All That Glitters

Dr. Smith is given a ring that turns anything he touches into platinum, but his joy soon becomes terror when even his food turns into the precious metal. In danger of starving to death because he cannot remove the ring, Smith scrambles to discover how to get the device off his finger.  Remind Me

Ep 27: The Lost Civilization

The Robinson men discover an underground civilization while exploring the planet. Will wakes a sleeping princess who wants him to remain and rule with her.  Remind Me

Ep 28: A Change of Space

The Intergalactic Delivery Service comes to Priplanus. Once again Dr. Smith seeks transportation and has Will "test drive" the spaceship. Will returns much smarter than when he left. Smith realizing the same could happen to him, the increase of intellect, boards the spaceship. His trip, however, ends in his rapid aging and subsequent impending death. To make matters worse, the owner of the spaceship has returned to take the vehicle back, stranding Will and Dr. Smith in their altered state.  Remind Me

Ep 29: Follow the Leader

John Robinson is possessed by an alien spirit. The alien forces the family to prepare to return to the spirit's home world, even if it requires he sacrifice Will to keep his secret from the rest of the family.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Blast Off Into Space

Dr. Smith and Will befriend an old miner named Nerim. After a series of earthquakes indicates that the planet is breaking up, Dr. Smith tries to convince them that it is merely the effects of mining, and no harm will come to the planet. John informs him that he is wrong and that the Robinson family will be departing within the day. It is a race against time to escape the crumbling planet.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Wild Adventure

After leaving their planet, Dr. Smith manages to plot a course back to Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 3: The Ghost Planet

Dr. Smith, under a state of hypnosis, obeys an alluring message that redirects Jupiter 2 to a strange planet controlled by robots. Upon landing, the Robinsons find themselves enslaved by the metallic aliens inhabiting the unusual planet.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Forbidden World

On their next planetary stop, the Robinsons encounter a hermit who plans to attack the Jupiter 2 with his army.  Remind Me

Ep 5: Space Circus

The Robinsons go through a food crisis when their plant purifier breaks down. Will and Dr. Smith discover a traveling show of circus people, and Will is later tricked in to agreeing to join.  Remind Me

Ep 6: The Prisoners of Space

The Robinsons and Major West are imprisoned and forced to appear in court for alleged space crimes. As the trial begins, it is soon realized that the crimes in question were in fact committed by Dr. Smith.  Remind Me

Ep 7: The Android Machine

Will and Dr. Smith discover an android-making machine. Smith uses it to create his own personal android, but soon the owner of the machine comes looking for payment.  Remind Me

Ep 8: The Deadly Games of Gamma 6

The future of Earth hangs in the balance when Dr. Smith agrees to do battle with a group of galactic gladiators.  Remind Me

Ep 9: The Thief of Outer Space

Will, Penny and Dr. Smith get involved with a thief that is searching for a princess.

Ep 10: Curse of Cousin Smith

Jeremiah Smith shows up to kill Dr. Smith for his inheritance.

Ep 11: West of Mars

Dr. Smith is confronted with a dead ringer for himself called Zeno, who is a fugitive on the run and gets Smith to take the wrap for his crimes.  Remind Me

Ep 12: A Visit to Hades

After a harp unlocks a passageway to another world, Dr. Smith believes he has ended up in Hell and met the devil.  Remind Me

Ep 13: The Wreck of the Robot

After Will's toy ball turns to gold, aliens get ahold of it and demand the robot for its return.  Remind Me

Ep 14: The Dream Monster

Dr. Smith schemes to trade the Robinsons' emotions for a trip back to Earth with an alien who needs them to complete his creation, a giant, golden man.  Remind Me

Ep 15: The Golden Man

While the rest of the men are away, Dr. Smith and the Robinson women are confronted by a mysterious man in gold who claims to be at war with a race of green aliens.  Remind Me

Ep 16: The Girl from the Green Dimension

Girl from the green dimension Athena, who is in love with Dr. Smith, arrives on the planet with the aim of bringing Smith back home with her. Though Smith will do just about anything to get off the planet, things get complicated when her suitor, Urso, shows up.  Remind Me

Ep 17: The Questing Beast

Will and Dr. Smith are confronted by a knight who is on a quest to destroy the beast Gundemar. Penny, meanwhile, meets Gundemar and befriends her. When it is discovered that the beast is woman, the knight is unsure whether he can bring himself to kill it.  Remind Me

Ep 18: The Toymaker

Dr. Smith and Will find themselves trapped in another android machine, and then discover the magical Toymaker's world and are mistake for toys.  Remind Me

Ep 19: Mutiny in Space

Dr. Smith finds an alien ship and wants to use it to get back to Earth, but he doesn't count on the owner of the ship, Admiral Zahik, turning up and wrecking his plans.  Remind Me

Ep 20: The Space Vikings

A storm looms and the two gloves of Thor appear from space and fly straight into the waiting hands of Dr. Smith. They are then taken away by the real Thor, who will decide their fate.  Remind Me

Ep 21: Rocket to Earth

Dr. Smith uses magician Zalto to conjure up a space ship so he can get back to Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 22: The Cave of the Wizards

Dr. smith hits his head on a rock and falls into the depths of a cave where he finds a mummy; meanwhile, the crew must locate Smith so as to be on time for an 8 AM blast-off.  Remind Me

Ep 23: Treasure of the Lost Planet

Pirate Alonzo P. Tucker returns in search of Billy Bones' treasure, endangering the Robinsons with the three cutthroats he has brought with him.  Remind Me

Ep 24: Revolt of the Androids

Android Verda hides out with the Robinsons, lying low from super android OMEGA-IDAK, who promises to "crush, kill, destroy."  Remind Me

Ep 25: The Colonists

A female warrior with plans of colonizing the planet captures the Robinsons, enslaving the males and attempting to brainwash the females.  Remind Me

Ep 26: Trip Through the Robot

After strange gases cause the robot to grow into a giant, Will and Dr. Smith work to devise a plan to bring it back to normal size.  Remind Me

Ep 27: The Phantom Family

Will returns to camp following a cosmic storm only to discover that his family has been replaced with androids.  Remind Me

Ep 28: The Mechanical Men

Little mechanical men capture both Dr. Smith and the robot, switching the robot's personality with that of Smith's. With their new "leader" at the helm, they plan to wreak havoc on the Robinson's camp.  Remind Me

Ep 29: The Astral Traveler

When Dr. Smith and Will become trapped in a cave during a cosmic storm, Will soon finds himself pulled through a time warp that send him back to Earth, where he lands in a Scottish castle and meets a headless ghost.  Remind Me

Ep 30: The Galaxy Gift

After an alien gives Penny a belt as a gift, telling her to guard it with her life, it isn't long before a group of aliens turns up looking for the item, and they will stop at nothing to get it.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Condemned of Space

After quickly leaving the planet they are on and rescuing the robot, which was swept overboard, the Robinson's discover a prison ship filled with cryogenically preserved prisoners.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Visit to a Hostile Planet

After the Jupiter 2 is sucked through a time warp, the Robinsons find themselves near Earth. Upon arrival to their planet, however, they discover the year is 1947.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Kidnapped in Space

After Dr. Smith answers a distress call from an alien space ship, he learns that the aliens need him to operate on their leader. They only problem is that the aliens are actually a race of robots; furthermore, they will all cease to function if their leader perishes.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Hunter's Moon

After Professor Robinson and the robot land the Space Pod on a planet, Robinson kills an attacking monster. But as it turns out, the creature was game in a hunting test for an alien being hoping to one day reign as leader of the planet. The alien then forces Professor Robinson to take the creature's place.  Remind Me

Ep 5: The Space Primevals

On a planet where a primitive people are ruled by a computer, Dr. Smith goes against character and saves Major West's life.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Space Destructors

Dr. Smith and the robot are exploring a cave. Smith pushes several buttons on a conspicuous control panel. The buttons activate a cyborg-creating device. It is up to Will to stop Dr. Smith.  Remind Me

Ep 7: The Haunted Lighthouse

The Robinsons leave the planet with an alien boy, J-5, in tow, promising to take the boy to his home planet. However, matters are complicated when the Robinsons think they have discovered a way back to Earth, one that would require breaking their promise to the boy.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Flight into the Future

Dr. Smith, Will and the Robot are accidentally launched in the space pod. They land on a planet that is controlled by an alien machine that creates illusions that confuse the visitors.  Remind Me

Ep 9: Collision of Planets

A group of space hippies are going to destroy the planet the Robinsons are on.

Ep 10: Space Creature

When a gaseous creature engulfs the Jupiter 2, the other crew members disappear leaving Will and Dr. Smith alone.

Ep 11: Deadliest of the Species

The Robinsons encounter two aliens who are on a mission to destroy an escaped robot prisoner. Meanwhile, the Robinsons' robot meets and falls in love with the mechanical femme fatale.  Remind Me

Ep 12: A Day at the Zoo

A cave boy appears and attempts to lure Penny away, but she refuses and is instead caught in a net. She is transported to an intergalactic zoo, were she will be put on show. Meanwhile Dr. Smith tries to take over the zoo.  Remind Me

Ep 13: Two Weeks in Space

Two aliens, who are actually intergalactic bank robbers, transform themselves into earthlings. They revive a man named Zumdish who operates a tour agency and they pretend to be his clients. When the Robinson's are absent, Dr. Smith turns the ship into a hotel, but he doesn't realize how dangerous his guests are.  Remind Me

Ep 14: Castles in Space

The Robinsons take in a princess who is fleeing from a bounty hunter. However, when Will is captured by the bounty hunter, he asks them to make a trade of Will for the princess.  Remind Me

Ep 15: The Anti-Matter Man

Professor Robinson is caught in a matter transfer emission ray, and subsequently ends up in another dimension where reality is twisted. The evil version of himself from the other dimension returns to his dimension and his family, attempting to take over Professor Robinson's life.  Remind Me

Ep 16: Target Earth

The Space Pod lands on a planet that is inhabited by creatures who all look alike, yet aspire to be different. They capture the Robinsons and make duplicates of them with the objective of using the duplicates to fly the Jupiter II back to Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 17: Princess of Space

A crew led by Captain Kraspo is searching for the missing Princess Alpha. They bring Will aboard their ship, and he makes them think that Penny might be the Princess.  Remind Me

Ep 18: The Time Merchant

Will is conducting an experiment in a cave and captures a man who claims to be in control of time for the entire universe. After seeing the Time Merchant's time machine, Dr. Smith uses it to go back in time with the objective of not sabotaging the Jupiter 2 on the day it blasted off from Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 19: The Promised Planet

The Robot suddenly announces that the Jupiter II is approaching Alpha Centauri. Everyone is surprised, and the ship lands on a planet where they are greeted by a group of people who appear to be teenagers from Earth.  Remind Me

Ep 20: Fugitives in Space

When Dr. Smith comes across an alien prison escapee, the alien makes Dr. Smith change jackets with him and then runs off. Soon, Dr. Smith and Don are arrested for aiding the escaped prisoner.  Remind Me

Ep 21: Space Beauty

The galactic showman, Farnum B, returns as the producer of the Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant. He wants Judy to be in the contest, but she is not willing. However, Dr. Smith submits her anyways by forging her name to the contest roster.  Remind Me

Ep 22: The Flaming Planet

Dr. Smith disposes of a plant that has grown out of control, but once outside the plant manages to attach itself to the Jupiter 2. The plant apparently believes that Dr. Smith is its mother, meanwhile the ship is attacked by a brave space warrior.  Remind Me

Ep 23: The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Dr. Smith uses the Space Pod to land on a planet that the Jupiter 2 is passing by. It turns out that the planet has evolved in such a way that plants are the highest form of life, and some of them are quite intelligent. One of these plants, a large carrot, captures Smith and tries to change him into a plant.  Remind Me

Ep 24: Junkyard in Space

The Jupiter 2 lands on a planet which serves as a junkyard. The Robinson's food supply is dwindling, so Dr. Smith tries to sell the robot and the ship in order to get food.  Remind Me

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Lost In Space - Happy 50th birthday to Lost in Space



The Robinsons finally make it back to earth… but it’s not the same Earth they left!

August 10, 2021, 3:47PM By: MeTV Staff

  1. A time warp sends the Jupiter 2 back to Earth during which year?
  2. The Jupiter 2 landed in the parking area of a sawmill located where?
  3. Craig is played by which actor?
  4. To blend in and assume control of the town’s citizens, Dr. Smith poses as what?
  5. Joe Cragmire, played by Robert Foulk, preferred to be addressed by which rank?
  6. The Robinsons are mistaken for hostile aliens by the local citizens. What do the citizens call the Robinsons?
  7. Judy and Penny are captured by Craig while gathering what?
  8. What time did John Robinson state the Jupiter 2 was taking off?
  9. Will was given food by Joe Cragmire's daughter. What was her name?
  10. Dr. Smith threatens to destroy the Jupiter 2 using what?
  11. The townspeople's fear of the Robinsons was fueled by what?
  12. "Visit to a Hostile Planet" originally aired on which date?

How well do you know the classic Lost in Space episode ''Visit to a Hostile Planet''?

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Danger! Only a true fan can pass the test.

September 11, 2018, 3:08PM By: MeTV Staff
Lost in Space remains one of the true sci-fi classics. Colorful characters, fantastic creatures, cool heroes and a splash of comedy made for a unique mix. And who could forget the robot? No wonder they keep remaking it.
Let's see how well you remember the original series. Try to get 15 or more answers correct! Good luck!
  1. What was the name of the robot on Lost in Space?
  2. Lost in Space is inspired by what classic adventure novel?
  3. What was the name of the family's spaceship?
  4. What was Don West's military rank?
  5. What famous film composer wrote the theme music to Lost in Space?
  6. Where is the family heading according to their mission?
  7. In what year does Lost in Space take place?
  8. Does the entire family ever make it back home to Earth for good?
  9. Lost in Space creator Irwin Allen created what other classic 1960s sci-fi series?
  10. Lost in Space aired for three seasons. How many were produced in color?
  11. Before he became Will Robinson, Bill Mumy played the memorable characters Anthony Fremont and Pip on what black & white series?
  12. Angela Cartwright, who portrayed Penny Robinson, starred in which classic musical film the year Lost in Space premiered?
  13. What is the name of the ape-like creature that Penny adopts?
  14. What is the name of this vehicle?
  15. In the first season, the family is stuck on which planet?
  16. June Lockhart had recurring roles on two of the following three classic shows. Which series did NOT feature June Lockhart in a regular role?
  17. Guy Williams, a.k.a. John Robinson, also portrayed which masked hero on the small screen?
  18. Jonathan Harris voiced the villain Lucifer in what 1970s sci-fi series?
  19. Which 'Friends' star portrayed Don West in the 1998 big-screen remake of Lost in Space?
    Image: New Line Cinema
  20. How many times does the robot say the exact phrase "Danger, Will Robinson!" on the show?

The legendary Lost in Space quiz

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Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of Sea MeTV Network Station 2.1 WDPN-TV Screen Test IIIIIII



Try not to get tangled in this treacherous trivia!

September 18, 2020, 11:50AM By: MeTV Staff

  1. When did Lost in Space originally air on CBS?
  2. Which composer who worked on Lost in Space later composed music for Hollywood Blockbusters such as Jaws and Raiders of The Lost Ark?
  3. What was the Jupiter 2’s launch date?
  4. Pilot Donald West held which rank?
  5. What was the name of the Lost in Space original unaired pilot episode?
  6. When does “Machiavellian Menace” Dr. Zachary Smith reprogram the robot to destroy the Jupiter 2?
  7. In “The Derelict” the Robinson Family barely avoids which catastrophe?
  8. In “Return from Outer Space” Will Robinson used the Tauron Matter Transfer device to beam to Earth, where did he arrive?
  9. In “The Keeper - Parts One and Two” what did Michael Rennie’s Keeper use to control his animals?
  10. In “The Challenge” who played Quano, the young warrior seeking approval from his father?
  11. In “Blast Off into Space” who played Nerim the space miner?
  12. In “Wreck of The Robot” why was the Robinson’s Robot stolen by aliens?
  13. In “Visit to a Hostile Planet” the Robinson Family passed through a time warp and returned to Earth in what year?
  14. In “Flight into the Future” who played Commander Fletcher, leader of the Earth archaeological team?
  15. Traveler Jimmy Hapgood from “Welcome, Stranger” left Earth in which year?

Can you fly through this Lost in Space fan quiz?

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