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Coin Purse Leather by Magic By Gosh Carry your coins in style with these black, genuine leather coin purses. Measuring 2.5 inches wide at the base and 2.25 inches tall, half-dollars, dollars and even larger coins and gimmicks will fit inside. The elegant locking mechanism is hidden inside the purse, eliminating the usual clasp.

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Flying Coins by Uday The magician shows two plastic cylinders and places 4 coins in each. The coins fly from one cylinder to the other, one by one right in front of the spectator's eyes!

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The Vault - COIN by Eric Chien - video DOWNLOAD "By far the best retention ever created, a true work of art and mastery. This is how magic should look."- Michael Afshin"Eric Chien's Coin to Cigarette is beautifully executed!"- Shin LimEric Chien has been impressing top coin workers around the world with his performances of incredible sleight-of-h

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JUMBO 3 inch Penny - Trick Here's a giant penny for those times when you wish to conclude your coin routine with a BIG ending! This JUMBO 3" Penny is a perfect replica, and is sure to produce astonishment and applause!

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JUMBO 3 inch Quarter - Trick Here's a giant quarter for those times when you wish to conclude your coin routine with a BIG ending! This JUMBO 3" Quarter is a perfect replica, and is sure to produce astonishment and applause!

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Magnetic Coin D0026(Quarter Dollar) by Tango - Trick EffectPerformer takes a coin and places it on the table. Then with a pass of the hands over the coin and it disappears!In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind

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Open Coins Across by Dean DIll (Instant Download) Dean Dills take on the open hands coins across. Three coins visible vanish from one palm up open hand and appear in the other. Includes an alternative ending where the last coin appears in the spectators closed hand. This includes Deans work on handling the Gravity Flipper gimmick.

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Four Coins For Jimmy by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download) That was BAD A$$.....do it again!- Sean Bugonia, Pro Magician and President of Ultimate MagicWhat is Four Coins For Jimmy you ask?For many years there was a move used in the underground of coin magic. People would be fooled by it and wonder what the heck was that???.Rumors traveled in the inner circ

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Kainoa on Coins: Trifecta - DVD Kainoa on Coins brings you the best sleight-of-hand and presentations from the Big Kahuna of Coins himself, Kainoa Harbottle. This series provides you with step-by-step techniques from one of coin magic's greatest practitioners. Follow along, and you too will be able to master some of the most magic

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Double Side Quarter (Heads)(D0078) by Tango - Tricks No matter how much you bet, you will always win.It's a double-headed coin!Use it as the closing act of a card routine, in mentalism or just to seduce Demi More!In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked

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BITCOIN (US Quarter) Coin magic has never looked this good. Precision-made gimmick. THE ULTIMATE anytime trick to make your friends scream. ONLY 102 LEFT. FREE SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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The Visual One by Ngoc Tu video DOWNLOAD The Visual One is an amazing, impromptu routine of coin magic. The jumbo coin vanishes and reappears several times, each time even more mystifying. Audiences are stunned! Besides learning this routine, the digital download includes: Modern and visual coin productions. 10 beautiful coin moves. No gim

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The Vault - Impossible 3 by Yuxu video DOWNLOAD A coin routine that will amaze your audience! Coins appear, vanish, magically travel from one hand to the other, you name it! Learn over twelve unique coin moves from Vietnam's underground coin master, Yuxu! The perfect effect to perform when you are in a loud bar or lounge and you cannot speak. You

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Dollar Size Chinese Coin (Brass) by Tango (CH033) If you're seeking beautiful and well-made coins for your magic, here they are! These are high-quality, imitation Chinese coins, and they're perfect for all of your routines. They have a highly-polished finish with raised Chinese characters on both sides. These are NOT cheaply stamped and painted was

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Shim Shell Quarter Dollar by Tango - Trick (D0084) EffectThe magician shows a coin in his left hand, puts his right hand on the coin and the coin changes for another coin.In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind

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Expanded Quarter Shell (D0012) by Tango - Trick EffectFour Quarter Dollar coins are borrowed from the audience and held in the Magician's left hand. The coins then travel, one coin at a time, from the left hand to the right hand.In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the high

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Slot Okito Coin Box Brass Quarter by Tango -Trick (B0018) EffectShow 4 coins in your hand; give the coins to be checked. Put the coins inside the box, take the box and let fall the coins in your left hand, close your hand and magically one coin came back to the box. Repeat the movement with the rest of the coins, and one by one, the coins go back to the bo

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Smashed (With UK Coin) by Jay Sankey - Trick No palming! Super easy! If you can hold a pencil you can perform this reputation-maker!Can be performed with an ordinary pencil and a BORROWED COIN! You can even perform this shocking effect with an INITIALED coin!You can immediately HAND-OUT the pencil with the coin still stuck on it!The PERFECT T

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Showoff with Coins (2 DVDs) Your coin magic will never be the same! Learn more than 70 showoff moves in TWO JAM-PACKED DVDS! An incredible value for anyone passionate about visual coin magic. Highly recommended!

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GLOBULE by TAKAHIRO and French Drop - DVD The second collection of TAKAHIRO's coin magic work. This time it is sleight of hand. Although a gimmick was mainly used in his previous work, "Worlds End," basically any of the effects can be accomplished with sleight of hand - and this generates huge satisfaction from the audience. This is a colle

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Inspyring Coin by Unknown Mentalist - Trick Inspyring Coin is specially created for the purpose of performing coin mentalism routines -- zero sleights involved! Most of the routines are self-working. Yet the routines are easy to learn and perform so that you can focus fully on your presentation. Just pop your Inspyring Coin into your wallet o

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Gripper Coin (Single/English Penny) by Rocco Silano - Trick Have you ever thought of getting into coin magic but were put off by all the hard coin sleights that comes with it? Well, we have now solved that problem. Introducing the Gripper Coins. The Gripper Coins are a special, handmade coin that has a space-age silicone band embedded into the edge of the co

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Gripper Coin Bands (Large) by Rocco Silano - Trick If you use your Gripper Coins a lot, then you may need a replacement gripper. Even though Gripper Bands have been formulated to last through hundreds of performances, there may come a time to get them replaced. Gripper Bands are sized to fit the Gripper Coin perfectly and come in two different sizes

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Top 10 Best Coin Magic Tricks 2021

Top 10 Best Coin Magic Tricks 2021

2. New Cut Out Quarter Dollar Coin Magic Trick / 25 Cent US 25c Cut Out Coin

  • This gives you are very interesting way to show a selected card. the effect is that you place a 25c coin in the spectators hand. when it is opened the selected card is a cut out in the coin.
  • We manufacture these professional quality products precisely and you can buy them with confidence. don’t forget to check out our shop for other items!
  • The 25c coin has a card value cut out of the coin!
  • Includes real us 25c gimmicked coin + instructions. also includes instructions for the easiest card force in close up magic!
  • These coins have different face values cut into them and they are randomly selected at the time of dispatch.

3. blue-ther Four in One Morgan Dollar Set Copper by J.C Magic Coin Magic Tricks Illusion Coin Appear/Vanish Jumping Close up Magic Gimmick

  • This coin set has unlimited possibilities for your coin magic act! as you can see the picture, these shells and coin are perfectly made.
  • All coins have real edge, it is very nice made!
  • The magician shows 4 morgan dollar coins and put them in his palm. when he reopen the hand, there is only one coin. or show 4 morgan dollar coins in his palm, then cover with the other hand. when reopen, there are only 3 coins. repeat this 2 times, finally just one coin left!
  • Even though you know there are coin shells, you can’t exactly tell which one is shell.
  • Comes with a morgan dollar, 3 different sized expanded shells (fit over one by one) and instructional video.

4. Coin Magic: The Complete Book of Coin Tricks

  • Extreme coin tricks for skill levels from beginner to expert
  • Easy to learn step-by-step instructions from multiple video angles
  • A complete course in coin magic with over 170 tricks & sleights
  • Proven & effective coin magic routines
  • Magic tricks by magic makers – become the magic

5. Magic Makers Modern Coin Magic 170 Coin Tricks Kit

  • Great addition to magic kits: the scotch and soda trick is a great tool for any magic set. with a few pieces of simple equipment, anyone can learn a captivating and amazing coin trick. spectators will be left scratching their heads when the smaller coin magically turns into a quarter. later, you can use the included bang ring to reset the trick and perform it over and o…
  • Fun for men & women: this set makes a fun birthday or christmas gift for anyone learning magic. purchase the trick for your child or a friend who enjoys performing illusions. it’s a fun trick to pull out at parties and is simple enough to keep inside your wallet for entertaining friends wherever you are. try it out today!
  • For magicians of all levels: this easy trick is fun for all magicians! new magicians can master this fake coin trick with minimal practice. this set includes precision-made and realistic coins, a bang ring, and full instructions to perform amazing coin tricks. we’ve included everything you’ll need for one of the best illusions around.
  • A cool trick for bars: if you enjoy performing street or bar magic, this unique trick is a must-have. you can even score some free drinks if you wager with friends using your magical skills. with nothing but a simple coin trick gadget, you’ll be able to surprise spectators by making a coin disappear in a cinch.
  • Rock ridge for magic items: rock ridgetm is pleased to offer accessories and professional gear for all of your magic needs. we take quality seriously! that’s why all of our products are durable and well-made. whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we have tricks, card decks, and supplies to help you perform flawlessly.

6. Rock Ridge Scotch and Soda Magic Trick, Coin Deception Game

  • Great gift for the magic hobbyist or professional
  • You show three coins. one by one, they just… disappear. triad coins is a revelation in coin magic.
  • Easy to do and carry
  • Triad coins is a double-shell and coin system that allows you to produce, vanish, or change three half dollars at will.
  • 🎈if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product let us know about the issue.

8. Marvin’s Magic The Dynamic Coins Tricks

  • This cunning little coin can be used for a whole range of ‘impossible’ coin work.
  • Can be used with common half dollars coin show many magic effects, such as: the disappearance of coins, coin increased, shift etc. program.
  • The flipper coin is one of the most useful utility coins in modern coin magic.
  • Our flipper coins are made to highest professional standard.
  • The effect is strong, the coin enthusiasts essential props.

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Here you will learn in great detail strong magic tricks with coins that you will actually be able to do. As a full time magician I have been performing coin tricks for over 20 years and have learned what works and what does not work.

Over the years I have found and developed the most practical coin magic that takes the least amount of practice. All of the tricks and techniques here are simple to follow and will fool your audience. Below are step by step instructions so you will be able to perform amazing coin magic. I will go through everything you need to know in great detail with clear pictures included. Keep reading!



sleight of hand

You can use any coin, I’ll be using a quarter. I’m right handed and will use my right hand yet you can use either hand. If you are left handed just switch the hands.

Hold the coin at the base of your fingers, mostly on your 3rd finger, with it slightly overlapping your 2nd finger. Curl your fingers naturally and hold the coin gently in place with your 3rd finger against the skin at the base of your hand. That is it, simple! The finger palm is an easy, practical, and effective move.

  • Hold the coin lightly in place, there should be no tension in your hand.
  • Keep your fingers together at all times so there are no windows. 
  • Always relax your hand either at your side or on the table. 
  • You can rotate your hand palm up, the coin will remain hidden. 
  • You can still pick up and hold objects with your thumb, 1st, and 2nd. 

HOW TO PRACTICE:  Keep a coin in finger palm throughout the day as you go about your normal activity until you get used to it. Forget about the coin and just do whatever you normally do. Learn to relax your hand naturally as if you have nothing in it. Do this for a week. Get comfortable. The big lesson you will learn is that nobody knows you are hiding a coin.

PRO TIPS:  There are many ways to hide a coin in your hand. Most methods are unnatural and look suspicious. The finger palm is the easiest and most natural palm to use. All of the tricks here use it. Practice and get comfortable with this move and it will serve you well.


Display the coin on your flat palm up hand in finger palm position. Push the coin upward slightly with your fingers. Come in from above with your palm down left hand and mime taking the coin. You don’t really take the coin yet it should look exactly the same as if you did pick up the coin. Here are the actions:


LEFT HAND:  Bring your left hand down on top of the coin covering it. Start closing your hand as if you are holding the coin and rotate your left palm toward you. Move your loosely closed fist upward drawing attention to it. Wiggle your thumb and fingers a little bit as if you are massaging the coin in your hand. This is a strong convincer. 

RIGHT HAND:  Rotate your hand palm down, curl your fingers loosely, and grip the coin with your 3rd finger. Relax your hand naturally to your side and hold the coin casually in finger palm position. This is called “holding out.” Holding out is when you have something secretly concealed in your hand. Get comfortable with this. Holding out is a big part of sleight of hand. I recommend you practice and keep a coin in your hand throughout the day.

vanish double

THE VANISH:  Move your left hand up to about chin level. Blow on it and open your hand in one quick motion with your palm to the audience and your fingers pointing upward. You need to make it crystal clear the coin is gone. I like to make a whooshing sound as I open my hand, I think it adds to the vanish.

PRO TIPS:  The fake take vanish is very easy to do and extremely deceptive. Do it very softly, there should be no tension here. Your audience will look where you look so focus on the hand that supposedly has the coin. Don’t rush the vanish, pause for a second before you make the coin disappear.

When you drop your hand to your side with the coin, let your hand bounce a little before it comes to a stop. This is what you would do normally if you did not have a coin in your hand. Spend some time in front of the mirror practicing this. It isn’t easy yet it is worth the effort. The key here is to duplicate the actions you would normally do if you didn’t have a coin hidden in your hand.

IMPORTANT POINTS: A vanish is a tool, not a trick. Once you master this move you have an incredible technique you can use in so many routines with so many objects.

Quarter Behind Your Ear

EFFECT:  You reach behind someone’s ear and pull out a quarter.


  • Start with a coin in finger palm. 
  • Look toward your spectator’s ear.
  • Reach behind their ear.
  • Move the coin to a display position between your thumb and 1st.
  • Bring out the coin and show it. 

To bring the coin from finger palm to display position there are two techniques. Try out both and see what works best for you. Sometimes my hands sweat which makes it hard to slide the coin.

  1. Slide it into position with your thumb.
  2. Turn your hand palm down. Close your fingers flipping the coin onto your fingertips. Open your hand and adjust the coin into position.

IMPORTANT POINTS:  Make sure you have your spectator’s attention before you reach for the coin. Do not touch your spectator. Just reach behind near their ear. This is a great trick for kids and also a great way to magically produce a coin for your next trick. You can use other objects, for example a piece of candy. The technique is the same.

Coin to Pocket

EFFECT:  You make a coin disappear, and appear in your pocket.


  • Do the fake take vanish.
  • Reach into your pocket.
  • Move the coin to display position. 
  • Bring it out and show it.

IMPORTANT POINTS: When you vanish a coin your spectators will immediately look toward your other hand. This is why you need an ending for the trick, a plan on where the coin will appear.

PRO TIPS:  This is a very simple trick yet can be very effective. After the fake take, before you reach into your pocket, relax your hand to your side with the coin. Go slow and don’t rush the production from your pocket. 

Elbow To Elbow

EFFECT:  You rub a coin into your elbow and it comes out your other elbow.


  • Display the coin in finger palm.
  • Rub it on your left elbow.
  • Show that the coin is still there.
  • Rub it on your left elbow again.
  • Display the coin and tell your spectator you will try your other elbow. 
  • Do the fake take.
  • Rub the coin? on your right elbow.
  • Open your hand showing the coin has disappeared.
  • Produce the coin from your left elbow.
elbow rub

IMPORTANT POINTS:  Good choreography is imperative for strong magic. Your secret moves have to be motivated. You are not just doing the fake take to vanish the coin. You are doing the fake take because you are switching hands. Always consider this when constructing your routines if you want your magic to be believable and deceptive. 

PRO TIPS:  I’ve seen other versions of this trick where you have to “accidentally” drop the coin before you do the move. I don’t like dropping a coin, especially when I don’t have to. It looks clumsy. In my opinion switching hands makes more sense and is the perfect motivation for the vanish. 

Coin Through Hand

EFFECT:  You push a coin right through your hand and it lands on your spectator’s hand.


  • Have your spectator to place their hand out, palm up.
  • Do the fake take.
  • Turn your right hand palm down above your spectator’s hand.
  • Press the coin? on the back of your hand.
  • Open your left fingers showing the coin is gone.
  • Drop the coin from finger palm onto their hand.

IMPORTANT POINTS:  When you ask your spectator to place their hand out, mime the action so they see what you want them to do. Drop the coin onto their hand at the same time the coin vanishes from above.

PRO TIPS:  Rub the coin on the back of your hand a few times before you vanish it. A little acting goes a long way here. Make sure to keep your right hand still when you drop the coin from finger palm.

Coin Through Table

EFFECT:  You tap a coin on the table and then push the coin right through the table.


  • Display the coin on your palm up flat hand in finger palm position.
  • Do the fake take.
  • Point your left fingers down and move your hand on top of the table.
  • Bring your hand with the coin below the table.
  • Tap your finger tips on the table above and tap the coin against the table below.
  • This is the perfect audio illusion.
  • Tap 2 times and then open your hand showing the coin has vanished.
  • At the same time press the coin flat against the bottom of the table.
  • This is another perfect audio illusion.
  • Bring the coin out from beneath the table and show it. 

PRO TIPS:  Really believe you are holding a coin even when you aren’t. You need to be convincing if you want to fool your spectators. When you do the fake take, and you are supposedly holding a coin, massage your fingers and thumb a little bit. This is a great convincer. 

Hand To Hand

EFFECT:  You have two coins, one in each hand. One coin disappears from one hand and lands in the other. 


  • Start with two coins on the table.
  • Pick up a coin, display it on your open right hand in finger palm position.
  • Do the fake take, close your left hand into a fist, and turn it palm up.
  • With the coin in finger palm, pick up the other coin with your thumb and 1st. 
  • Turn your right hand palm up, back of your hand toward the audience.
  • Display the coin.
  • Open your left hand in a tossing motion toward your right for the vanish.
  • Drop the coin at your finger tips onto the coin in finger palm so it clinks. 
  • Open your hand showing both coins. 
hand to hand

IMPORTANT POINTS:  Drop the coin onto the other coin as you make the tossing motion.

PRO TIPS:  Go slow and trust in the moves. When you don’t have the coin yet your spectators think you do, wiggle your thumb and fingers as a convincer. When you vanish the coin in a tossing motion open your hand wide so it is clear the coin has vanished. 

Balancing A Bill

EFFECT:  You borrow a dollar bill, fold it lengthwise, and balance it on the tip of your finger. You open the bill and hand it back.


11 1

Start with a quarter in right finger palm. Keep the back of your right hand toward the audience. Borrow a $1 bill and fold it into thirds. Crease the bill. Open the bill and turn it so the folds are pointing down. Place the bill over the coin, open your right hand, and press the bill against the coin with your right thumb.


Grip the bill and coin together with your left thumb and 1st.  Move the coin to the middle of the bill, about an inch from the end. Refold the bill with the quarter trapped on the inside. Crease the bill well so the quarter doesn’t fall out. Slowly balance the quarter on the pad of your 1st finger. Display it for a few seconds. 

CLEANUP:  Clamp your thumb down onto the coin. Rotate the bill upward so the bottom of the bill is behind your right fingers. Release your grip on the coin and let it fall into finger palm. Take the bill with your left hand and adjust the coin into a perfect right finger palm position. Open the bill with both hands. Hand it back to your spectator.

IMPORTANT POINTS:  I like to use a dollar because the plastic bills, new $20s and $100s, don’t fold well. I have seen this trick before yet nobody explains how to get into the trick deceptively and how to get out of the trick deceptively. In magic these details are extremely important if you want to fool your audience. 

PRO TIPS:  I consider this trick advanced sleight of hand. You are holding out a coin, adding it in, and stealing it back out. Trust in the moves. They are easy and well choreographed. Practice them until you feel comfortable. As long as you can do the moves smoothly and flawlessly, step out of your comfort zone and perform this trick. First few times for someone you know, then perform it for someone you don’t know.

Be cool and confident when holding out. Don’t worry, your spectators have no idea you have a coin in your hand 🙂 Challenge yourself. Once you master this trick you are on your way to becoming an incredible magician.


When performing magic tricks you should have a routine where you perform a few tricks in a row with the same props. For example, here are a couple nice routines you can do with one coin:

  1. Quarter Behind Your Ear
  2. Elbow To Elbow
  3. Coin Through Hand
  1. Quarter Behind Your Ear
  2. Coin to Pocket
  3. Coin Through Table

I like to mix in some card tricks when I perform coin tricks. If you want to learn some mind blowing card tricks check out 5 Easy Card Tricks That Blow Minds.

You probably shouldn’t perform Balancing A Bill after you do tricks with a quarter. You don’t want your spectators to have seen a quarter, not that they would guess the method.

The balancing routine is impromptu. All you need to do is carry a quarter and borrow a bill. When you ask for a bill casually reach into your pocket as if you are looking for one. Grab the quarter and come out like you didn’t find one. Borrow their bill and blow their minds!

Click here if you want to check out my top picks of incredible gimmicked coin tricks that you can buy:  

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Hi, I'm Matt Furman. I have been a full time professional magician for over 20 years, ever since I left medical school to pursue my passion of magic tricks. I have a ton of real world experience and I am constantly practicing and performing new mind blowing magic.

Sours: https://mindblowingmagic.com/tricks-with-coins/
Coin Trick: How to Roll a Coin Across Your Knuckles [HD]

Quarter Rub Magic Tricks Revealed

There are so many magic tricks to do with quarters. Why? Well, quarters are small and portable. Just keep one in your pocket and you to can amaze anyone and generally all you need is your hand and a quarter. So, if you would like to learn how to do magic tricks with a quarter, please read on. I have three great easy quarter rub magic tricks revealed here for you.

The Disappearing Quarter Rub Magic Trick #1

The first of several magic tricks with a quarter is very simple and takes only a little time to master. Best of all, all you need are your two hands and one quarter. So, first get a nice, shiny quarter.


  1. Place the quarter on the back of your left hand, parallel to the floor.
  2. Make a loose fist with your left hand .
  3. Make sure your thumb and forefinger in your left hand is slightly open and facing your chest, not your audience.
  4. Make sure the quarter is lower than their view.
  5. Cover the coin with your right hand. (Make sure the middle part of your middle and ring fingers are directly on the quarter.)
  6. Gently rub the quarter back and forth.
  7. Turn your left hand slightly up.
  8. While you are rubbing the quarter with the palm of your hand, drop it in to your left hand.
  9. Do not jerk it when you catch it or they will see it.
  10. Remove your right hand, showing them that the coin is in fact gone.

Now you must act fast. Look at the next trick.

The Reappearing Quarter Trick

This is part of the last trick. It is very important to do this, and do it quickly, because naturally they are going to want to know where the quarter went.

  1. Place your right hand back where the quarters was on the back of your left hand which is holding the quarter.
  2. In a quick motion, flip the quarter back up and onto the back part of your left hand. Of course it help to tilt the opening between your left index finger and your thumb facing up in a quick motion which the viewer can not see.

This is very important if you want to master the trick. Check the video out below.

The Disappearing Quarter Rub Magic Trick # 2

Okay, this disappearing quarter trick is really fun but can only be done once (you’ll understand why shortly). And this one is a really a good quarter rub magic trick which you can do with a little bit of acting. Ready? Here we go!

Materials needed:


  1. Tell your audience that you are going to rub the quarter through your left arm.
  2. Show your audience the quarter.
  3. Put you left arm on the table revealing the back of your forearm. (do not wear a long sleeve shirt.)
  4. Place the quarter on the back of your left forearm.
  5. Rub it up and down the back of your left forearm with your right hand. Try to show a little bit of the quarter as you rub it in to the forearm.
  6. Let the quarter drop on to the table and act like it was an accident.
  7. Here is the important part. Pick it up with your left hand and show it to them very quickly and then put the quarter back on your left forearm and start the process again.
  8. Repeat steps 4 thru 7 again. But on the second try, do your best to show less of the quarter when you are rubbing it into your forearm.
  9. Repeat steps 4 thru 7 again. Showing less of the quarter as you rub it in.
  10. Okay, now instead of transfering the coin to your right hand after picking it up, palm it in your left hand.
  11. Rub on your left forearm. (Because of your repetitive actions, their minds are going to believe the coin is in your left hand.)
  12. Drop the quarter in your shirt somewhere while you rub on the back of your left forearm. (I prefer inside my collar. That way there is no sound when I stand up. Of course you need a loose fitting t-shirt which is tucked in, and under and over shirt.
  13. Rub it a few times, and then stop.
  14. Push down really hard.
  15. Smile and remove your hand. The quarter, of course is no longer there.

The keys to pulling this trick of are fluid and confident movements. Oh, and of course a little bit of practice is necessary to be great any magic trick.

Watch Julien Magic show you how it is done.

The Disappearing Quarter Rub Magic Trick # 3

This is a really easy one, but once again, you gotta sell it. It is almost the same as the previous disappearing quarter rub magic trick, but the action is over really quickly and if your good at it, you can fool anyone.

Materials needed:

  1. Tell your audience that you are going to rub a quarter through your left arm.
  2. Place a quarter on the table.
  3. Put you left elbow on the table revealing the back of your forearm. (do not wear a long sleeve shirt.)
  4. Make sure you are holding another quarter exactly like it in your left hand.
  5. Place your right hand on the quarter and slide it off into your lap as you act like you have picked it up. (It is important to act like the quarter is in your hand.
  6. Place your empty right hand on the back of your left forearm.
  7. Rub it up and down the back of your left forearm with your right hand.
  8. Open your right hand to reveal the coin is gone.
  9. Do NOT stand up. The coin will fall and make a sound.
  10. Flash them the quarter in your left hand and say, “See?” or whatever you like.
  11. Place the quarter in your right hand as you drop your left hand into your lap and retrieve the other quarter in your lap. You must do this very smoothly or they will notice. However, you should be able to because they will be focused on the quarter you are showing and trying to replay what they just saw.
  12. Place the quarter on the table and repeat.

Here is a great video showing how to do. Although I have provided my own steps along the way after step 11 above. If you really get good at it, make these coins disappear over and over again before they figure out what you are doing but as is the case with the previous magic trick, practice and fluid, confident movements are necessary to pull this trick off. Have fun.

The Bottom Line

These disappearing quarter rub tricks are very easy to do. But the key is to practice a little before ever thinking about doing in front of others. Fluid, quick and confident movements are necessary to sell any trick, so practice a lot and you will amaze anyone.

Author: Eric

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Magic tricks quarter

Coin magic

Coin magic is the manipulating of coins to entertain audiences.[1] Because coins are small, most coin tricks are considered close-up magic or table magic, as the audience must be close to the performer to see the effects. Though stage conjurers generally do not use coin effects, coin magic is sometimes performed onstage using large coins. In a different type of performance setting, a close-up coin magician (or 'coin worker') will use a large video projector so the audience can see the magic on a big screen. Coin magic is generally considered harder to master than other close-up techniques such as card magic, as it requires great skill and grace to perform convincingly, and this requires much practice to acquire.


Coin effects include productions, vanishes, transformations, transpositions, teleportations, penetrations, restorations, levitations and mental magic—some are combined in a single routine. A simple effect might involve borrowing a coin, making it vanish, concealing the coin, then reproducing it again unexpectedly and returning it to the owner. More complex effects may involve multiple coins, substituting or switching coins and other objects or props can be employed (i.e. handkerchiefs, glasses) as well as the coins. However, the power of most coin magic lies in its simplicity and the solidity of the object; the basic skills of sleight of hand and misdirection often appear most magical without complex equipment. Almost any audience will be amazed by the simplest mystery, such as passing a coin through a table.

Sleights and tricks[edit]

Some classic coin magic effects:

  • Coin vanish - making a coin seemingly vanish.
  • Coin production - making a coin seemingly appear.
  • Transposition - making two coins switch places

Some classic coin magic plots:

  • Chink-a-chink - A bare-handed Matrix.
  • Coins Across - The magical transfer of multiple coins from one hand to another.
  • Coin Bite - Taking a bite out of a coin then visually restoring it right in front of the spectator.
  • Coins Through Table - Coins penetrate through the surface of the table.
  • Coin to Bottle - A coin is slammed into a sealed bottle.
  • Coins to Glass - Similar to coins across - coins transfer from one hand to a glass.
  • Matrix - A teleportation illusion of four coins moving invisibly under the cover of four playing cards.
  • Miser's Dream - Grabbing multiple coins from thin air. Popularized by Thomas Nelson Downs, who would drop coin after coin into a borrowed top hat.
  • Spellbound - Visually changing one coin into another, while only showing one coin at all times.
  • Tenkai Pennies - A two coin routine where one coin travels from one hand to the other.
  • Three fly - A coins across type effect involving three coins visually transferring from one hand to another.

A sampling of coin sleights and moves:

  • Palming - A form of concealment.
  • Sleeving - A form of concealment.
  • Lapping - A form of ditching a coin.
  • The French Drop - a retention of vision coin vanish involving the Passing of a coin from one hand to the other than making it disappear.
  • The Muscle Pass - Shooting a coin from one hand to the other, this can be done in such a way that can make the coin look as if it is defying gravity

Coin magicians[edit]

Some magicians widely known for coin magic include:

  • Thomas Nelson Downs (considered, along with J.B. Bobo, one of the magicians key to the development and teaching of modern coin magic)
  • J.B. Bobo (author of Modern Coin Magic, a core reference and starting point for coin magicians)
  • Tony Slydini (a well-known magician whose style of magic transformed close-up magic including his impressive coin routines)
  • Dai Vernon
  • Ed Marlo
  • David Roth (most important developer of coin magic in the twentieth century and inventor of the standard plots common in current coin magic)
  • Larry Jennings
  • Michael Ammar (one of the most prolific publishers and teachers, an experienced all around magician, including coin work)
  • Dean Dill (coin magician and inventor who has appeared on television and also works as a barber)
  • Michael Vincent
  • Shoot Ogawa (Last Vegas restaurant performer known for highly stylized, high-difficulty, impressive coin magic)
  • Apollo Robbins (contemporary of Shoot Ogawa and co-contributor to a number coin teaching materials)
  • David Stone (talented performer and teacher of fast-paced, flashy coin magic)
  • Leonard Rangel (Magician and mentalist from Venezuela know for his entertaining and well executed coin magic)
  • Rocco Silano
  • Jay Sankey
  • Rich Ferguson (author of Chip Tricks, a magician and mentalist who has authored various magic instructional videos)
  • Luis Piedrahita
  • Michael Rubinstein
  • Mike Gallo
  • Chris Kenner
  • Paul Cummins
  • Ryan Hayashi


Although some coin magic use gimmicks (e.g. modified coins or trick coins), such gimmicks usually do not entirely create the magical effect. Gimmicked coins are made by several major manufacturers, such as Sterling, Johnson, Sasco or Tango Magic. Producing a memorable mystery requires significant skill in presenting the effect and utilizing misdirection to distract the audience from the secret of the gimmick. A performer who relies entirely on special equipment may not impress an audience. Many people are more impressed by an effect which depends (or seems to depend) entirely on skillful manipulation and misdirection than by an effect which appears to depend to some extent on specially made props. A performer who has mastered the basic skills can nonetheless use gimmicks to powerful effect without it being obvious to the audience. Some prefer not to use gimmicks at all, though most well-known coin magicians do use simple coin gimmicks.

In literature[edit]

Canadian novelist Robertson Davies devotes a good part of his Deptford Trilogy to the art of coin magic. All three novels follow in part or wholly the career of a fictitious magician, Magnus Eisengrim, who was abducted as a boy by a traveling circus and learned his craft while concealed in a papier-mâché automaton. The descriptions of coin magic throughout are remarkable for their clarity. The final novel in the series, World of Wonders, details his life and career.

In the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods, the main character, Shadow, is experienced with coin magic, and many different tricks and aspects of coin magic are discussed in the book.

In the Dean Koontz novel From the Corner of His Eye, a police officer uses coin magic to interrogate suspects.

In Stephen King's Dark Tower series of novels, the gunslinger Roland Deschain uses the coin walk, albeit substituting a bullet, to induce a hypnotic state in those concentrating on the object's movement across his knuckles.

Thieves, wizards, and jesters, in historical and fantasy literature are often depicted as being skilled in sleight of hand, and are often depicted doing standard coin magic. Rolling a coin across the knuckles (coin walking) is a popular image. Silk in David Eddings's Belgariad, and Mat Cauthon and Thom Merrilin in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time do this frequently. Johnny Depp's whimsical character Jack Sparrow coin walks in the end of Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, Vila Restal in the BBCscience fiction television program Blake's 7 mixed his skills as a thief with such tricks.

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Visual COIN TRICK - TUTORIAL - TheRussianGenius

Easy Magic Tricks with Money and Coins

Here are easy magic tricks that you can perform with everyday coins and money. They are all perfect for beginners.

Most of this vanishing coin trick relies on a clever gimmick that you make beforehand. Your audience will be wowed with a different way to make a coin disappear. You hold four coins in your hand. As you close your hand and open it again, a single coin has disappeared.

Vanishing a Coin With Rings

Learn how to vanish a coin in this quick trick. With a couple of rings and a playing card, you can easily make a coin disappear. You show two rings, a playing card, and a coin that are sitting on a piece of paper. The rings and playing card are stacked on top of the coin. When a ring and the card are removed, the coin has completely vanished.

The Bill Roll

In the bill roll, you clearly roll two bills together on a table. When you unroll them, the bills have traded places. The bill that was previously on top is now on the bottom and vice versa. This simple trick is easy to learn and perform. All you need are two bills of different denominations and there are no gimmicks, fancy moves, or extra devices.

The Jumping Paper Clips

The jumping paper clips is a classic trick that is great for young kids. Just about every magician has played with it at one time or another. In the effect, a pair of paper clips is attached to a dollar bill. After pulling the ends of the dollar bill, the paper clips link and jump from the dollar.

The Coin Vanish: A Third Version

In this vanish, a coin is placed into a handkerchief where it mysteriously disappears. You can perform this one just about anytime, anywhere. All you need is a quarter, a handkerchief, and that special secret.

Seeing With Your Fingers

Here's an offbeat, easy magic trick where you literally ​see with your fingers. The magician will have a spectator randomly select a coin from several that are in a bag or bowl. With a marker, the spectator writes their initials on the coin. The spectator concentrates on the coin for a few seconds and places it with the others inside of the bowl. Without looking, the magician is able to immediately reach into the bowl and pull out the selected and marked coin.

The Coin Vanish: A Fourth Version

This basic sleight of hand allows you to make a coin disappear without any accessories. You'll find this foundational move useful as you pursue coin magic.

The Coin Slide

The coin slide is an ultra-simple trick for young kids to learn and perform. It's available from any magic dealer and many toy stores for less than a couple of dollars. A mechanical trick, the effect does all the work to make a coin disappear and reappear.

The Magic Coin Dish

The magic coin dish offers a way to magically multiply money. In the trick, the magician has a spectator carefully count several coins into a dish, which the magician pours back into the spectator's hand. When the audience member opens their hand later, they'll find more coins than were originally counted.

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