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35 Scorpio Tattoos That You’ll Absolutely Fall in Love With

Let’s be honest here: Scorpio is kiiinda one of the most hated signs (<3 you), so your big reputation absolutely precedes you (and that’s coming from a Gemini). You get a lot of flack for being possessive and vengeful, but if we look underneath that tough exterior, you’ve got a ton of depth and layers that only those closest to you get to see. You’re intense, yes, but that also means you love passionately, you’re exceptionally loyal, and you’re deep in your feels. You’re also a bit of a control freak (one of your biggest flaws as a Scorpio, but you’re working on it!), so letting even the best tattoo artist make the final call on your Scorpio tattoos isn’t gonna happen. We see you, Scorpio, and we get you, so we pulled together 35 tattoos for you to choose from that are so Scorpio it hurts—almost as much as a tattoo. Maybe. Keep scrolling and get ready to screenshot your favs!

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Top 69 Scorpio Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Used since ancient times as the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, the signature Scorpio scorpion has been one of the hottest trends in tattooing for decades.

Whether hyper-realistic or done in an illustrative style, tattoos depicting scorpions are an incredibly diverse lot.

Because these segmented creatures have an incredibly complex anatomy, only the most skilled tattoo artists can truly capture the beauty and drama of scorpion designs. By focusing on designs of this caliber, both the artist and the client being tattooed represent a new era of getting inked.

Gone are the days when poorly applied stick and pokes garnered played in the same field as lovingly crafted works of art. The next era of tattooing is all about style, and talented artists creating designs worthy of the men who wear them.

Scorpion designs are complex and beautiful, but the symbolism behind them belies a tough exterior. These intricate designs are most commonly approached using constellation designs, but there are countless other methods available for applying a scorpion tattoo. Some artists take great care so that each segment has its own unique appearance.

Additionally, because scorpions look excellent from any angle, there are a variety of placement options to best suit a man’s individual physique.

1. Forearm Scorpio Tattoos

Stone 3d Scorpio Symbol Guys Arm Tattoos

Celtic Knot Scorpio Mens Forearm Tattoos

Gentleman With Scorpio Forearm Tattoo

Geometrical Amazing Scorpio Male Tattoo On Inner Forearms

Geometric Scorpio Mens Forearm Tattoo

Mens Inner Forearm Veni Vidi Vici Scorpio Tattoo

Minimalist Scorpio Constellation Guys Inner Forearm Tattoos

Moon Scorpio Mens Forearm Tattoo

Scorpio Small Mens 3d Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Scorpio Symbol Mens Red And Black Ink Small Tattoos

Small Scorpio Forearm Detailed Guys Tatoos On Inner Forearm

Watercolor Mens Abstract Scorpio Tattoos With Colorful Design

Watercolor Scorpio Mens Forearm Tattoo With Red And Black Ink

The forearm is a great place for Scorpio tattoos thanks to the natural lines of the musculature in this part of the arm. This placement also gives the wearer the ability to decide who does and does not get to see their tattoo depending on the social setting.  

2. Black Ink Scorpio Tattoos

Inner Arm Black Ink Scorpio Male Tattoos

Male With Black Ink Scorpio Tribal Tattoo

Scorpio Ambigram Guys Forearm Lettering Tattoos

Solid Black Ink Male Scorpio Tattoos

Guys Small Scorpio Symbol Zodiac Wrist Tattoos

Cursive Scorpio Symbol Wrist Tattoos For Men With Black Ink Design

There is something about bold black ink that just works for tattoos. There is a directness to this approach that eschews color for fully saturated black ink. This style is also perfectly suited to Scorpio tattoos. 

3. Upper Arm Scorpio Tattoos

3d Guys Upper Arm Scorpio Tattoos

Geometrical Scorpio Mens Arm Tattoos

Masculine Scorpio Upper Arm Tattoo Inspiration

Inner Bicep Shaded Scorpio Male Tattoos

Upper Arm Realistic 3d Scorpio Mens Scorpion Tattoos

Mens Negative Space Scorpio Constellation Tattoo Designs

Abstract Scorpio Constellation Star Tattoo

The upper arm is another good choice when it comes to tattoos. The larger size of the upper arm means that more detailed and interesting designs can be applied, and the higher placement gives the wearer and even higher degree of discretion in terms of tattoo visibility.  

4. American Traditional/Neo Traditional Scorpio Tattoos

Old School Scorpio Forearm Tattoos For Guys

Yellow And Black Ink Scorpio Mens Arm Tattoo Designs

Old School Traditional Mens Scorpio Inner Forearm Tattoos

Colorful Mens Old School Scorpio Tattoos On Arm

Skull Scorpio Mens Thigh Tattoo Ideas

As they say, bold will hold. As these exciting tattoos demonstrate, the bold line work and vibrant colors of American and neo-traditional work is a great choice for Scorpio designs. The variety of interpretations of these dangerous animals means there is a traditional scorpion for every taste.  

5. Chest Scorpio Tattoos

Realistic Scorpion Mens Scorpio Chest Tattoos

Abstract Watercolor Scorpio Tattoos For Men On Upper Chest

Black Ink Realistic 3d Scorpio Male Chest Tattoo Ideas

Centaur Firing Arrow At Scorpion Mens Scorpio Chest Tattoos

Floral Ornate Male Scorpio Chest Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Scorpio Mens 3d Tattoo Designs

Guys Small Simple Scorpio Minmalist Tattoo Designs

Nothing quite reinforces the importance of a tattoo like placing it directly over the heart, and this is why chest pieces remain popular. The size of the chest also means that artists can create large, detailed designs that are even more impressive.  

6. Shoulder Scorpio Tattoos

Polynesian Mens Scorpio Tribal Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Astrology Mens Scorpious Constellation Torn Skin Tattoo On Shoulder

Geometrical Scorpio Black Ink Guys Dotwork Tattoo On Upper Arm

Mens Detailed Scorpio Tattoo On Shoulder

Shoulder Scorpio Mens Old School Tattoo Ideas

The curved lines of the shoulder provide artists with plenty of opportunities to create interesting designs while the location high on the arm gives the wearer a high level of visual discretion. These interesting Scorpio designs demonstrate just how successful shoulder pieces can be.  

7. Back Scorpio Tattoos

Orange Scorpio Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Cool Scorpio Mens Stone 3d Full Back Tattoos

Cool Zodiac Scorpio Mens Upper Back Tattoos

Full Back Giant Scorpio Mens Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Black Ink Male Scorpio Tattoo On Back

The largest canvas on the body, the back is best suited for big, detailed pieces. A talented artist is able to create vivid scenes that incorporate a number of different elements to create unique and breathtaking Scorpio inspired back pieces.  

8. Leg Scorpio Tattoos

Back Of Leg Calf Circular Scorpio Mens Tattoo Ideas

Scorpio Themed Mens Back Of Leg Tattoo Designs

Cool Scorpio Traditional Guys Lower Leg Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Scorpio Leg Tattoo Designs With Black Ink

The legs provide a number of different canvases to choose from to apply Scorpio tattoos: The thigh, knee and calf can all be successfully utilized to create one of a kind designs.  

9. Sleeve Scorpio Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Scorpio Half Sleeve Mens Tattoos

Full Arm Amazing Scorpio Guys Tattoo

Tribal Scorpio Mens Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Some of the most exciting and dynamic tattoos in the world are full sleeve designs. The natural lines of the arm draw the eye up and down the entire piece, while the large size gives artists plenty of room to tell a story with their ink.  

10. Hand, Finger, and Foot Scorpio Tattoos

Mens Scorpio Tribal Hand Tattoos

Circle Scorpio Mens Foot Tattoo

Tiny Mens Scorpio Finger Tattoo

Instantly visible, tattoos on the hands are sure to make an impression, while ink on the feet is a bit more personal. These pieces demonstrate just how striking Scorpio tattoos can be when applied to the hands and feet. 

11. Dotwork Scorpio Tattoos

Small Simple Scorpio Constellation Circle Dotwork Guys Wirst Tattoos

Dotwork Scorpio Constellation Mens Shoulder Tattoos

Scorpio With Constellation Male Small Tattoo Designs

Mens Scorpio Small Constellation Dotwork Inner Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Scorpio With Constellation Mens Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Blade Scorpio Moon Mens Dotwork Circle Constellation Tattoos

One of the newer trends in tattoos, this approach uses varied densities of tiny dots to create the different tones and textures in the piece. The effect that is created is pleasing to the eye while simultaneously demonstrating the artist’s skill and patience.  

Scorpio Tattoo FAQs 

Why is the Scorpio sign an “M”? 

The origin of the stylized “M” that represents Scorpio in the Zodiac has never been fully explained, although there are many theories about the roots of this glyph. 

Some people suggest that the “M” represents the word Maiden and that this highlights the feminine qualities of this sign as well as the other sign with a similar glyph, Virgo. Others believe that the rising and falling lines of the letter symbolize the duality of the personality and the Kundalini force that balances these aspects of consciousness.  

The stylized “stinger” on the end of the glyph has the obvious associations with phallic symbol, while other interpretations tie it piercing barriers to reach higher planes of consciousness.  

Which animal is linked to Scorpio? 

While it is most commonly associated with the scorpion, the Zodiac sign Scorpio is actually represented by three different animals. These three different animals represent different stages in the progression of Scorpio and each animal is associated with different traits and characteristics. 

The scorpion is a lower iteration of the sign and is associated with aggression and jealousy. Scorpions tend to hide in cracks and crevices and are dangerous when provoked. 

The second phase is the snake, with similar tendencies towards destruction although Scorpio is more calm and collected in this iteration. People who have progressed to this phase are slow to anger but are prone to violent outburst once provoked. 

The final form of Scropio is the eagle. Associated with clear vision and soaring heights, the eagle maintains the traits of caring for loved ones however this higher level rarely wastes time on petty revenge. The eagle is also said to elicit powerful intuition for those who reach this level.  

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Are you a fan of scorpions? Do you find them breathtaking and scary at the same time? A lot of women love to rock a scorpio zodiac-inspired tattoo since it shows off their sexy and powerful side. Are you one of those women as well? If so, you will find loads of different tattoo prints down below! On the other hand, we will also share some scorpion tattoos for guys and girls who would rather rock something that is not zodiac-inspired, yet that shows off a beauty of an actual scorpion. Find your perfect match down below!

What Does A Scorpio Symbolize?

This sign and this symbolism will represent your soul. Scorpions are usually passionate, dominant, as well as defensive. Your tattoo can also symbolize rebirth, as well as ardency.

What Does A Scorpio Symbolize

Who Should Get A Scorpio Tattoo?

People who are fierce, fiery, as well as sexual will enjoy a scorpio or a scorpion-inspired tattoo. If you are an animal lover you will like this tattoo. Make sure that you’re a bold and loud person, and that you want others to get to know your personality through a gorgeous tattoo design.

Colorful Scorpio Tattoos

1. Scorpio Tattoo On Hand Colorful Print

Scorpio Tattoo On Hand Colorful Print

Are you a dynamic individual? Do you like bright and noticeable tattoos? This dramatic ink will suit you the best.

It symbolizes power as well as dominance. You will enjoy showing its dynamic and your multiple yet colorful personalities that we all have and love to show!

2. Cool Scorpio Tattoos Colorful Design

Cool Scorpio Tattoos Colorful Design

In the mood for some colorful and cartoon-inspired tattoos? This is a cute yet childish design that will suit younger men or women, or anyone who prefers bright and detailed scorpions.

This one will symbolize the child in you. It will show your determined side while also showing your layers.

Fun fact: Did you know that scorpions give birth to live young? These are bigger than typically deposited eggs that other species produce.

3. Scorpion Tattoos Images Over Arm

Scorpion Tattoos Images Over Arm

This is the perfect manly scorpion tattoo. It looks gorgeous over your forearm and is a perfect choice since it has a calming yet unique color combo.

This Scorpio will show your defensive side. You are also a beautiful soul who knows how to explore and indulge on different sides and through your everyday situations.

4. Scary And Dramatic Cool Scorpio Tattoos

Scary And Dramatic Cool Scorpio Tattoos

Are you a fan of scary-looking tattoos? Are horror movies your favorite genre to watch? If so you will enjoy this dark and mystical Scorpio tattoo.

This Scorpio tattoo stands for deep and scary history. You will enjoy showing your emotional side and all of your past events through this ink.

5. Scorpion Tattoo Mortal Kombat

Scorpion Tattoo Mortal Kombat

Shoulder tattoos are amazing and a must-have if you work out. You will enjoy getting them if you have broad shoulders. This bright blue ink will symbolize power as well as your loyal side.

This Scorpio is for powerful guys and men who prefer to show their masculine side. This ink speaks different stories and you will enjoy telling your story to others around you with this print.

Did you know that Scorpio is a zodiac sign? People born between October 23 and November 21 fall into this category.

6. Colorful Scorpion Tattoo Forearm Ink

Colorful Scorpion Tattoo Forearm Ink

Are you into a pop of color? Maybe this red and blue Scorpio tattoo will suit you. You can place it over your knee or your forearm. It is detailed as well as high-quality.

This color combo symbolizes power and your honesty. Are you a faithful yet passionate lover? Show your true side with this color combo, and let your determined sideshow!

Small Scorpio Tattoos

1. Small Scorpio Tattoo Red Ink

Small Scorpio Tattoo Red Ink

How about a small and delicate Scorpio tattoo? This piece is perfect for women who are afraid of the needle and who don’t want to feel a lot of pain during the tattooing process.

Red symbolizes power, love, as well as passion. This Scorpio will look amazing over your forearm and you will enjoy it if you want something that takes less than two hours to tattoo.

2. Black Small Scorpion Tattoo

Black Small Scorpion Tattoo

This black Scorpio tattoo is a gorgeous design. It is decorated with star symbols and it will suit you the best if you are a zodiac lover or someone who enjoys galaxy and astrology.

This tattoo stands for true emotions, deep intentions, as well as extreme love. If your heart is pure and you’re also a minimalistic person you will love this ink.

Fun fact: Scorpions can live for up to 25 years!

3. Scorpio Zodiac Tattoos Over Wrist

Scorpio Zodiac Tattoos Over Wrist

This Scorpio-inspired tattoo is the perfect choice for men or women who believe in astrology and the zodiac. It is a small piece that will take you less than an hour to get!

Afraid of the needle? This tattoo will suit you! It tells that you’re a horoscope fanatic and someone who believes in the power of the stars.

5. Detailed Forearm Scorpion Tattoo Traditional

Detailed Forearm Scorpion Tattoo Traditional

Are you someone who loves black tattoos and realistic ink? This Scorpio is one of a kind and it will look the best over your forearm.

Show off its beauty and let this tattoo stand out at all times. This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves precision. Are you a perfectionist? Do you love to dominate? If so, you will enjoy this strong design!

Did you know that they have been around for 300 million years?

6. Feminine Scorpio Tattoos With A Rose Print

Feminine Scorpio Tattoos With A Rose Print

A Scorpio tattoo with a rose symbol is dramatic as well as beautiful in its own way. It will look better on women since it is a sentimental and feminine design.

Go for it if you’re a fan of the heart-warming design. It symbolizes power, beauty, love, as well as genuine connection. You will enjoy it if you’re a passionate person. You can also dedicate this tattoo to someone you love and to someone you have a genuine deep connection with.

Arm Scorpio Tattoos

1. Black Scorpio Tattoo Over Forearm

Black Scorpio Tattoo Over Forearm

How about a dramatic, large, as well as masculine tattoo? This is a gorgeous and dramatic piece that you will enjoy if you’re someone who loves to stand out at all times.

This tattoo symbolizes transformation as well as personal growth. If your standards are high and you’re a person who enjoys all the attention, go with this black and red color combo!

2. Scorpion Tattoo Simple Piece Over Forearm

Scorpion Tattoo Simple Piece Over Forearm

Small forearm or arm tattoos are for people who are afraid of the needle. This precise black ink is a well-done tattoo that you will place in less than three hours on top of your body.

This black Scorpio symbolizes growth, your mystical side, as well as transformation. Enjoy this ink if you’re a powerful and determined individual.

Fun fact: They can survive anything! They can withstand poor, low, as well as high heat.

3. Dramatic & Detailed Scorpio Tattoo

Dramatic & Detailed Scorpio Tattoo

This detailed and bold tattoo is for guys who have a scary and mystical side to them. It will take you less than four hours to get this black ink, perfect for men who work out and who have a passionate side.

Represent your extravagant side and your inner dominance. Let everyone see your true side and what you really are with this black tattoo.

4. Shoulder Scorpio Tattoo Black Ink

Shoulder Scorpio Tattoo Black Ink

How about a shoulder tattoo? This is a gorgeous and giant design that will look the best on masculine guys. Let everyone see your true warrior side and spend 3-4 hours at a tattoo shop.

It is not too painful to get either. This black scorpion shows that you’re an emotional person. You probably feel dominant and secure in all the areas of your life, don’t you?

Did you know that they have low metabolic rates and they only need a tenth of oxygen when compared to most insects?

5. Scorpion Tattoo Traditional Sleeve Black Design

 Scorpion Tattoo Traditional Sleeve Black Design

This precise and detailed Scorpio is a marvelous piece. It will look gorgeous on men and women. Are you someone who enjoys black ink?

This is an amazing tattoo that is for perfections and true warriors. Let this tattoo show your rebellious side. It is a dominant, risky, as well as bold choice for guys who enjoy getting noticed at all times.

6. Scorpion Tattoo Simple Black Design

Scorpion Tattoo Simple Black Design

Small black Scorpio tattoos will suit most guys or girls. Place it over your forearm or your leg. It is supposed to look dramatic as well as cute at the same time while not being a time-consuming tattoo.

Your black and small Scorpio will show that you’re a niece person and someone who enjoys the attention. Let the world see your serious side.

Fun fact: Scorpions engage in a ritual that looks like a dance before they end up mating.

Men Scorpio Tattoos

1. Small Scorpio Tattoo Over Neck

Small Scorpio Tattoo Over Neck

How about a risky neck tattoo? This black medium-sized Scorpio will suit risk-takers the best. It is a bold choice and the perfect tattoo for anyone who is into bold choices.

This Scorpio will tell that you’re an emotional and dominant person at the same time. People born in this zodiac will also appreciate this scary and properly shaded tattoo.

2. Scorpio Tattoo On Chest Side Piece

Scorpio Tattoo On Chest Side Piece

This side piece tattoo is a painful one to get, so heads up! Placement that is onto your ribs will feel a bit uncomfortable. However, once done and tattooed it will seek looks everywhere you go. Pair up your Scorpio tattoo with a rose image.

It will look the best on men who have a sensitive side. It will suit your personality if you’re a true passionate lover who wants to dedicate his feelings to the other person.

3. Dramatic & Detailed Scorpion Tattoo On Back

Dramatic & Detailed Scorpion Tattoo On Back

How about something a bit unusual and dramatic? This large colorful ink will suit you if you’re not afraid of flashy and showy tattoos. Perfect for ambitious and showy people!

Symbolize your deep emotions and true feelings with this ink. It is a scary design that will let others know about your struggles as well as any hardships that you have had in your lifetime, so don’t be afraid to open up.

Did you know that Scorpions can glow in the dark?

4. Black Scorpio Tattoo On Stomach

Black Scorpio Tattoo On Stomach

How about a little devilish tattoo? This is a rebel-inspired tattoo that you will enjoy if you’re a bad boy. The stomach placement might feel a little uncomfortable, so heads up! However, it is a must-have for anyone who wants to stand out.

You can show your little devilish and rebel-inspired side with this tattoo. Are you a determined and devilish individual? Let everyone see your real colors with this ink.

5. Scorpio Tattoo Over Neck & Chest

Scorpio Tattoo Over Neck & Chest

This is another neck tattoo that is for determined individuals and guys who want to show their powerful side. Are you a masculine person or someone who works out?

Get something as dramatic as this one design and show your powerful personality. It stands for power, as well as true deep feelings. You are someone who is connected with your intimate side and you are not afraid of letting the world see it either.

6. Scorpion Tattoo Simple Arm Design

Scorpion Tattoo Simple Arm Design

This arm tattoo is painful, so make sure that you’re prepared for this tattooing process. It is placed right next to your bone and it might feel uncomfortable, but it is worth it in the end. Proper Scorpio tattoos will take some time to get.

This one symbolizes your determination and embraces the fire that is inside of you. Are you someone who loves powerful ink and you want to show your egoistic side? This is it for you!

Fun fact: They eat pretty much anything. In some cases, a hungry scorpion mother will eat her babies if there are no other resources.

Women Scorpio Tattoo

1. Black Scorpion Tattoo On Thigh

Black Scorpion Tattoo On Thigh

Women who want to enjoy their feminine tattoos will enjoy this design. Thigh placements are quite common for women, and this design is playful and sexy at the same time.

This is a sexy ink that symbolizes your power and feminine side. You will enjoy it if you’re in need of something cute and gorgeous at the same time, with a hint of sexy peel to it.

2. Scorpio Tattoos For Females

Scorpio Tattoos For Females

How about a stomach tattoo? Maybe something funky and above your ovaries? These two scorpions will show that you’re a queen of fun, as well as a bossy person.

You can show your true side and your life journey with these two tattoos. They can stand for your past and new upcoming changes, so make it worth your while!

Did you know that scorpions are venomous? They can produce the venom whenever they want.

3. Leg Scorpion Tattoo Female Design

Leg Scorpion Tattoo Female Design

Another thigh tattoo that is playful and sexy! You will love it since is not painful to get. There is a lot of meat and skin around this placement, which will make the process acceptable. Perfect for any age group as well!

Show your astronomical side and love for your spiritual journey with this piece. It will also show that you’re a bold and strong woman who is always exploring her options.

4. Girly Scorpion Tattoos

Girly Scorpion Tattoos

Looking for a risky placement? Are you a devilish woman? You will enjoy this interesting placement and this Scorpio next to your private parts only if you are a risk-taker!

It shows your dominant and sexual side. You will want this tattoo only if you’re a fan of dramatic pieces. It also stands for your true self.

5. Feminine Floral Scorpio Tattoo

Feminine Floral Scorpio Tattoo

A pop of color will look amazing on women who love colorful tattoos. This Scorpion is cute and dramatic at the same time. It can show your personality easily and you will enjoy its unique print.

Symbolize your feminine side with this flower and this scorpio. Flowers will let your cute side come through, while a Scorpion will tell others that you know how to have fun!

Fun fact: scorpions are not that dangerous to people. There are only 25 kinds that produce venom out of 2,000 known species.

6. Black Scorpio Tattoo With Rose Detail

Black Scorpio Tattoo With Rose Detail

Black ink Scorpion tattoo with a rose symbol is a gorgeous and respectful ink to go for. It will show your sentimental and sensual side as well. You can dedicate this ink to someone you love, so why not go for it?

Its symbolism is perfect if you’re in love and you want to show your love and dedication for the other person. It will suit couples the best.

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