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The 17 Most Handsome Irish Men You Need To Be Following On Instagram

Ahh Instagram, that one social network where even celebrities seem to let their guard down and share pictures of their daily lives.

We thought we'd share some of the hottest guys in Ireland to help liven up your Insta creepin'.

They come from the worlds of sports, business, media and showbiz and all hail from little ol' Ireland.


17. Domhnall.Gleeson - Unbelievable actor that learnt from the best, his Dad

16. Hozier - The man with the voice that melts hearts

15. Danny O'Reilly - Another man with good looks and a fantastic singing voice

14. Allen Leech - Irish actor best known for his role in 'Downton Abbey'

13. Paul Galvin - Kerry GAA legend with a fantastic sense of style

12. Joe Caslin - Artist who hit the big time last year with his Marriage Equality murals

11. Cathal Penred - Actor and former MMA fighter

10. Pierce Brosnan - Doesn't get much better than an ex-James Bond, does it?

9. Jamie Dornan - Known for his main role in '50 Shades of Grey'

8. Shane Filan - Sure it's only a matter of time before the big Westlife reunion

7. Luke Fitzgerald - Former rugby winger for Leinster and Ireland

6. Donal Skehan - Young, smart and he can cook; dream package!

5. Danny O'Donoghue - Lead singer in The Script

4. Robbie Henshaw - Another well-known rugby player

3. Ian Madigan - This rugby player has a sensitive side, as we saw during the Rugby World Cup

2. Niall Horan - Don't need much of an introduction for this global star

1. Niall Breslin - Accomplished in sports, TV and music - he really does have it all!

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Sours: https://lovindublin.com/feature/the-17-most-handsome-irish-men-you-need-to-be-following-on-instagram

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Hollywood's Hottest Irishmen

Colin Farrell, Jamie Dornan, Niall Horan, Michael Fassbender, Irish Stars CollageGetty Images, FilmMagic, WireImage

Lucky you...lucky us!

It's St. Patrick's Day and we all have a lot to be feeling lucky about thanks to some of the hottest men who've hailed from the Emerald Isle.

From their accents to their devilish good looks, these Irish men always light up any TV show or movie that they find themselves in.

While you prepare to celebrate the holiday in your best green ensemble—and so you don't get pinched—grab some Irish whiskey, a green beer and your lucky charm while you feast your eyes on our favorite celebrities who have hailed from Ireland.

Over the years, Hollywood has been infiltrated by men from across the pond and we're not mad about it.

Actors like Liam Neeson and bad boy Colin Farrell for example are exports of the lush and gorgeous land.

Who else do we have Ireland to thank for bringing into our lives? The super sexy Christian Grey AKA Jamie Dornan, that's who!

You've also got alums from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, with Liam Cunningham and Domhnall Gleeson on our list.

Check out the men below to make this your best St. Patrick's Day ever.

David Fisher/BAFTA/Shutterstock

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Cadillac

Rune Hellestad - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Sours: https://www.eonline.com/news/1022964/19-irish-celebs-that-ll-make-you-feel-lucky-on-st-patrick-s-day
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  3. American racing splitter
  4. Long stacked bob
  5. Refurbished kenwood double din

Irish men ranked least attractive in the world

Irish men have slipped to to the lowest-ever position on the world's most attractive nationalities.

They say beauty is only skin deep.

But that is likely to be of little consolation to Ireland's men who have slipped to their lowest-ever position in a table of the world's most attractive nationalities.

New analysis of data from beautifulpeople.com, an elite international dating site that only accepts good-looking singletons, has ranked males from Ireland as the outright ugliest in the world.

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Just eight percent of Irish men who applied to land their profiles on the picky, Los Angeles-based site were successful -- even less than last year's chart, where Ireland at least shared the wooden spoon with Poland and the United Kingdom.

Let's see what Colin Farrell has to say about these rankings...

Let's see what Colin Farrell has to say about these rankings...

However, there was good news for Ireland's women, who have climbed up the rankings to tie with France as the seventh-most attractive nationality on the planet, just behind the U.S. in the poll.

Commenting on the contrasting Irish trends for each gender, Greg Hodge, the managing director of beautifulpeople.com said,  "Irish women have climbed another spot and are clearly continuing to show an upward trend in attractiveness every year, but it's a different story for the men, who are at the bottom of the table behind Poland.

"There are many examples of very handsome Irish men in Hollywood, such as Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender and Jamie Dornan to name a few.  However, this seems to be the exception, rather than the norm.

Look in to Cillian Murphy's eyes and tell us we're not hot!

Look in to Cillian Murphy's eyes and tell us we're not hot!

Read more: Cillian Murphy urges men to vote in Ireland's abortion referendum

"But if Irish men are lacking aesthetically, they would improve their acceptance rate on the site if they tried to portray a more polished image, and a more interesting lifestyle.  Many who apply still send in a selfie shot a the pub, with a pint in hand.  That does not go down well with women."

The controversial dating service, which has a worldwide membership of over five million, makes no apology for accepting only the globe's best-looking singletons.

Although an average of just one in five applicants succeed in gaining membership to the site, the latest charts confirm once again that success rates differ hugely from nation to nation.

Exhibit C ... Michael Fassbender!! Come on!

Exhibit C ... Michael Fassbender!! Come on!

Norway is still home to the world's most beautiful women, with over seven out of ten female applicants accepted to the site, while men from neighboring Scandinavian country Sweden are ranked the most aesthetically pleasing nationality.

Men from the U.S. were ranked ninth in the table with a 24 percent success rate, while American females performed better, with 36 percent.

He's an underwear model turned hot actor... no?! Not even Jamie Dornan?

He's an underwear model turned hot actor... no?! Not even Jamie Dornan?

Hodge has repeatedly stressed he feels no reason to apologize for running a dating service which is exclusively available to the world's best-looking singletons.

"The concept is based on a fundamental human fact – that people want to be with someone they find very attractive,” he said.

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Sours: https://www.irishcentral.com/culture/craic/irish-men-least-attractive
Dating Irish Guys IN 2020 ( THIS HAPPENED ) Caution For Women

The sexiest Irish men of all time

THIS week a survey from a rather dubious website named Miss Travel (which pairs up ‘attractive’ members who want to go on free holidays with its more ‘generous’ members) made headlines when it held a vote on the sexiest nationalities for men and women.

Armenian women (largely due to the Kardashian factor) were voted the world’s sexist, while the Irish topped the poll for men, but that’s where Miss Travel left it.

So, we’ve painstakingly picked up where they left off and produced a definitive list of the sexiest Irish men ever. And no, Niall Horan will never be on it.

Ireland's Top Ten Sexiest Men

Co Down actor Jamie Dornan as Christian GreyCo Down actor Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

1. Jamie Dornan 

Man of the moment, Dornan is spotlight shy but not bashful enough that he won't strip down to his knickers for a photo shoot or sex scene. Also, people we know have met him and can confirm he’s ‘sound out’. HAWT.

roy keane profile1-n 2. Roy Keane

The eyes that shoot beams of justice, the fiery temper that makes FAI officials wet their pants, the no-nonsense attitude to sandwich fillings and his love of dogs. Keane is one of the hottest men to ever come out of Ireland, just don't make him angry...

colinfarrell-n3. Colin Farrell

The alpha Irish sexy man. Who cares that he can’t even do a convincing Dublin accent despite the fact that HE COMES FROM DUBLIN. He’s talented and looks good with a crew cut (The Recruit), with a beard (The New World), as a cowboy (American Outlaws) and as a Cork fisherman (Ondine). Versatility is so, so sexy.

8259981-high_res-poldark4. Aidan Turner

From the moment mean, moody and misunderstood Ross Poldark (played by dreamboat Aidan Turner) rode into Cornwall on his horse we knew it was love. Apparently, threshing enthusiasts (maybe that should be singular) complained to the BBC about the accuracy of Tuner's technique in his topless scene with a scythe. I didn't even notice he was holding one.

dylanmoran-n5. Dylan Moran

Floppy haired, belligerent, misanthropic Moran is a stone cold fox. Is it the world-weariness? Maybe. The allure of dating a messed up comic genuis? Probably. The fact that he is rarely on stage without a bowl of red wine? Absolutely. Unfortunately, Moran's married with children. See, all the good depressed ones are taken...

gabriel byrne quirke-n6. Gabriel Byrne

Too old? How very dare you! At almost 65, Byrne is still as sexy as ever. What's not to like about that weather-beaten face? Byrne is like a less cranky, but just as crinkly Sean Penn. But if you are really ageist, beholding a young Gabriel in Miller's Crossing will silence you, you little upstart!

Paul GalvinPaul Galvin

7. Paul Galvin

Galvin is the enfant terrible of the GAA world (which doesn’t mean throwing TV sets out windows or run ins with the law) but I’m pretty sure he gouged someone in the eye one time. Gouging someone in the eye is bold, but with a face like lumberjack and a body like a wiry Kerry killing machine you’d find it in your heart to forgive him.

4689263998. Cillian Murphy

People go on and on about Cillian Murphy’s knife blade blue eyes, but I think that’s unfair. He also has excellent pouty lips and rather lovely hair. So cop on people, and start admiring all of his face. Also, my mum saw him running down the road when she was taking out the bins in Cork once and said he was ‘gorgeous’. Multi-generational appeal.

liam neeson film-n9. Liam Neeson

Actually I didn't really even fancy Liam Neeson that much until he started doing all this geri-action, hard man 'I will find you and I will kill you' business, which probably points to some unhealthy preferences or deep buried daddy issues  on my part. I'll make an appointment with my therapist.

(Picture: Photocall Ireland)(Picture: Photocall Ireland)

10. Pierce Brosnan

It would just be darn rude to leave the only ever Irish James Bond off the list, so here you go Pierce, you old smoothie. Our own 007 is truly one of the best things to ever come out of Navan (except the road to Dublin...yes, yes, I know).

Who would be on your list? Comment below, tweet us, or have your say on Facebook

Sours: https://www.irishpost.com/entertainment/the-sexiest-irish-men-of-all-time-50314

Irish men handsome

Top-18 Handsome Irish Men. Photo Gallery

Irish men appearance is believed to be bright red hair, freckles and blue eyes. But in fact, that is just the stereotype. There are a few males with red hair in Ireland. But the guys with dark hair and a red beard are met very often in this country. Mostly, they have Harry Potter face features: narrow face, often elongated, hollow cheeks that often get blush.

Style and behavior of Irish men

Judging by the clothes, men in Ireland may be divided into 3 categories: knackers, fashionistas and ordinary guys.

  1. Knackers are met everywhere: they are guys from 14 to 24 who drink, smoke and make lawlessness on the streets. To come to a stranger and mimic him - a common thing. They look like not too bad: gray knitted sports pants, backpacks and sneakers.
  2. Fashionistas men: dressed up in cute coats, skinny trousers and have gel laid hairstyles.
  3. It is everything clear with ordinary guys - they do not try to stand out, they are everywhere.

Irish males in most cases look harsh, but at the same time, with a little bit cunning in their eyes, brutal but with a kind heart, strong but still gentle.

Also the main features of every Irish man can be called the straightforwardness, mystery, leadership qualities, the ability to perform feats for the sake of the beloved one, patriotism, a serious attitude to marriage.

National features of men in Ireland

This country managed to preserve spiritual values and not to forget the age-old moral norms. All Irish males are extremely polite and courteous, and greatly respect women. Therefore, there are not so common radical feminist looks that hit the whole Europe.

For any Irish man a family and his home are the main things in life. Due to respectful attitude toward women and kind quiet nature handsome Irish men are the ideal partner for life. They are practical, hardworking and caring. By the way, it is not accepted to share homework on "feminine" and "masculine" in Ireland. All Irish guys care about household, cook dinner, wash the dishes.

Irish males know how to have fun too. Festivities, celebrations are in the blood of this cheerful nation. On weekends men prefer go to pubs, restaurants where they can enjoy the real Irish whiskey and great ethnic music.

Guys in this country are very welcoming and hospitable people. They love beer and football. If you share their interests, you will find a lot of friends in the face of Irish men. In general, Irish males are open to dialogue and have excellent sense of humor. They like to get rest in public places, where there are talks and debates on the football theme and an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Even after two  drunk pints of beer, they let to dance the Irish jig.

Irish guys are very talkative and at the same time balanced enough. They will not spoil the nerves on trifles their wives or others.

Irish men small disadvantages:

  1. They are not mandatory and are not punctual.
  2. They can perform the promise for a long time. If the Irish man said he would do something today, it could be tomorrow or even the day after.

Top-18most beautiful Irish men includes well-known actors, musicians, singers and models who have Irish roots.

See also: British men

  • 18. Danny O'Donoghue (3 October 1980) - Irish singer and composer, frontman of the rock band The Script.

    Handsome Irish Men Danny O'Donoghue Irish singer

  • 17. Derek Ryan - Irish country music singer.

    Handsome Irish Men Derek Ryan country singer

  • 16. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (27 July 1977) - Irish film actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Irish actor

  • 15. Harrison Ford (13 July 1942) - American actor and producer, Irish on the paternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Harrison Ford - American actor

  • 14. Mark Feehily (28 May 1980) - Irish musician and former lead singer of Irish pop group Westlife.

    Handsome Irish Men - Mark Feehily, Irish misican

  • 13. Matthew McConaughey (4 November 1969) - American actor, screenwriter, director and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men - Matthew McConaughey, actor

    see also: Handsome actors from Hollywood

  • 12. Pierce Brosnan (16 May 1953) - Irish actor and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men - Pierce Brosnan, Irish Bond

  • 11. Stuart Townsend (15 December 1972) - Irish actor, screenwriter, director, producer.

    Handsome Irish Men Stuart Townsend, Irish actor

  • 10. Leo Delaney (31 January 1990)- Irish model, winner of the national title of "Mr. Ireland 2012".

    Handsome Irish Men Leo Delaney, Irish male model

  • 9. Clive Standen (born 22 July 1981) is a Northern Irish actor best known for playing Rollo in the History Channel TV series Vikings, Sir Gawain in the Starz series Camelot, Archer in the BBC TV series Robin Hood, and Private Carl Harris in the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.

    Clive Standen Northern Irish TV series actor photo

    8. Colin O'Donoghue (26 January 1981) - Irish actor of television, film and theater.

    Handsome Irish Men Colin O'Donoghue, Irish actor

  • 7. Mel Gibson (3 January 1956) - American-Australian actor, director, screenwriter and producer.

    Handsome Irish Men Mel Gibson

  • 6. Aidan Turner (19 June 1983) - Irish actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Aidan Turner, Irish actor 

  • 5. James "Jamie" Dornan (1 May 1982) - Irish actor, model and musician.

    Handsome Irish Men James Dornan, Irish actor and malr model

  • 4. George Clooney (6 May 1961) - American actor, director, producer and screenwriter.

    Handsome Irish Men - George Clooney  American actor

  • 3.  Tom Hardy (15 September 1977) - British film and theater actor, the Irishman on the maternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Tom Hardy, British actor

  • 2. Bradley Cooper (5 January 1975) - American actor, Irish on the paternal side.

    Handsome Irish Men Bradley Cooper, American actor

  • 1. Colin Farrell (31 May 1976) - Irish film actor.

    Handsome Irish Men Colin Farrell Irish film actor

Sours: http://beauty-around.com/en/tops/item/813-most-handsome-irish-men
Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl [Official Music Video]

Irish Men Named Sexiest Men In The World

If you’ve bagged yourself a handsome Irish man, you’ll be the envy of women worldwide according to the latest survey.

Irish men have been voted the sexiest male species in the world.

Irish Film And Television Awards

Whether it’s their charm, humour or maybe a touch of that Jamie Dornan, Michael Fassbender rugged good looks, it appears that the women of the world are all on the lookout for their own Irish other half.


The poll, which was taken by dating website MissTravel.com, Irish men topped the poll followed by Australian men and third place going to Pakistani men.

The website surveyed 66,309 American women, who put our male counterparts at the top of their pecking order:

1. Irish – 7,862

2. Australian – 6,486

3. Pakistani – 4,761

4. American – 2,909

5. English – 2,133

6. Scottish – 1,554

7. Italian – 905

8. Nigerian – 721

9. Danish – 670

10. Spanish – 598

Unfortunately for us ladies, we weren’t held in quite such high esteem, failing to make the final cut.

Asking 44,873 American men their preferences, the top 10 sexiest women of the world are:

1. Armenian – 5,971

2. Barbadian/Bajan – 4,036

3. American – 3,402

4. Colombian – 2,741

5. English – 2,006

6. Australian – 1,040

7. Brazilian – 992

8. Filipina – 651

9. Bulgarian – 429

10. Lebanese – 323

Us, bitter? Never...

Hat tip to our brothers over at JOE.ie for this one!

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Sours: https://www.her.ie/life/irish-men-named-sexiest-men-in-the-world-250440

Now discussing:

30 Unbearably Hot Irish Men You Should Not Miss Out On

Irish men were voted the sexiest in the world, and we're pretty sure the claim is not unfounded. Well, they are quite a visual and auditory treat. Their accent is like music to the ears and their ability to please the ladies quite unmatched (so I have been told).

Without much ado, we will give you all the right Irish men (all Irish men are right) to fawn over.

1. Michael Fassbender

Do you see him looking at you with those piercing blue eyes? *instant death*

2. Jamie Dornan

Satisfying womanly yearnings worldwide.

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Why just 'Beckham', we're ready to bend like anyone.

4. Eoin Macken

An actor, model and a director. Whoa! And look at those tresses. Where does he get all the time?

5. Gerard Butler

We all wanted to be the guitar playing, hip swaying Gerry's Holly from P.S. I Love You , right?

6. Aidan Turner

My heart just went Kili .

And you can't miss his top-bun. He looks gorgeous.

7. Liam Neeson

Clearly, age is no bar for this list. And with that voice- *justsaymyname*

8. Bradley Cooper

With his father's Irish genes and with a mother of Italian descent, he sure makes for ophthalmic delight.

9. Colin Farrell

His acting prowess is beyond belief, and his brooding eyes are killa'.

10. Aiden Gillen

Little Finger or not, we adore you. And haven't you heard, it's not about the size.

11. Domhnall Gleeson

This ginger head is pretty darn awesome! And look at that scruff.

12. Cilian Murphy

There is something eerily hot about this guy. Look at him, he's mesmerizing.

13. Andrew Scott

Don't get fooled by his innocent looks, we all know what he's capable of. *You deviously handsome man*

14. Robert Sheehan

He's probably the only guy who does not need a beard to look hot.

15. Stuart Townsend

Umm..more like God send!

16. Colin Morgan

He can pull off a role of a 16-year-old, but you should see him speak. That accent can melt diamonds!

17. Chris O' Dowd

Mr. Funny bones can tickle all my bones.

18. Jack Reynor

This rugby brat is quite a hunk, and those arms! *holdmenow*

19. Danny O' Donoghue

This musician can play all my strings.

20. Pierce Brosnan

Shaken, not stirred, please.

21. Colin O' Donoghue

Mr. Hook can hook me up!

22. Patrick Dempsey

Just look at him! He looks like a thorough bred Irish stallion.

23. John Slattery

That tuft of silver has never looked this gorgeous.

24. Danny Masterson

This That 70s' Show actor has grown up to be one scruffily devious man.

25. Joshua Jackson

The half Irish genes from his father are oh so FAAIINNEE!

26. Matthew McConaughey

An exceptional actor, with perfect hair and oh those blue globular organs!

27. Chris Evans

Captain America is actually half Irish. Now we know the origins for the bad-ass look.

28. Glen Hansard

With a beautiful voice and that beard, he has all the tools to woo me.

29. Nick Jonas

Yes, he just made the list for men. He's quite hot, you just have to see closely.

30. Ronan Keating

We've grown up grooving to this Irish beauty's music and drooling over his looks.

Sours: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/entertainment/hot-irish-men/

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