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Likely due to the ease of customization and image posting on Tumblr, the blog host has become the home of a staggering number of art blogs starring ponies. Multiple blogs exist for nearly every major, minor, and even one-shot character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, some of which attempt to stay true to their canon personalities, and more that reinvent the characters in several ways, including pirates, stoners, offensive psychos, and ridiculously cute blobs.

The most active of the Ask Blogs acknowledge the multiplicity of Twilights, Pinkies, Trixies, Celestias, and so forth in their "multiverse," and while each blog is mostly a self-contained world there are occasional crossovers. The largest cross-over to date may likely be when Rainbow from the Ask Pony Bwobs tumblr was shot out of a cannon and went flying through numerous other blogs, to their resident's confusion and occasional misfortune.

Art styles vary as much as the theme and content of the blogs, ranging from show-accurate vectors to monochromatic sketches to colored pencil.

Equestria Daily once made a request for Ask Pony blog link submissions and was swamped within minutes of the announcement, evidencing the sheer volume of blogs that exist out there. Sethisto has since resorted to occasionally spotlighting particularly popular blogs rather than making compilation posts.

Despite the large amount of Ask Pony blogs there are, many are slowly starting to become inactive. There are many popular blogs that are no longer updated, like Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie, Ask Princess Molestia + Gamer Luna, or Ask Pony Bwobs.

List of Ask Pony blogs

This page features a very short list. You can help the wiki by expanding it. Any website can be added, whether they have a page on the wiki or not.

If you are going to change a Blogs status, or expand the blog list be sure to visit the blog you are going to add, before you put the status up to make it easier there are 5 Blog Statuses: Active, Dead, No longer accessible, Semi-Active and Hiatus . No longer accessible means the Blog has been deleted or under new management (Click on Ask Friendly Twilight to see an example) and Semi-Active means the Blogs Mod updates on an irregular schedule. If you are going to update a Blogs Status Check it First before finalizing the Status Update.

Mane six and Spike

Twilight Sparkle

  • The Not Very Royal Tumblr requires a password to access.
  • There was a big crossover between the Friendly, Paranoid, and Sketchy Twilight blogs listed above.

Rainbow Dash


Ask FlutterschiavomFluttershy had an unfortunate accident. Hiatus
Ask LonershyFluttershy as a Loner. A dark blog by Rainb0w DashieSemi-Active
Ask FlutterhulkBased off the Hulk character from the Marvel comicsDead
Ask FlutterstalkerNot particularly Grimdark. Fluttershy becomes a stalker and even more socially awkward than before Dead
Ask Futashym

Fluttershy is now a pet Pegasus-dog...and part male. Warning: Features excessive amount of clop related material.

No longer accessible
FanfluttertasticA Fluttershy blog that was was formerly FiW's Fluttershy, then changed over to an alternate adorable pony personality. (Praise Smooze!) Dead
Ask Dr. Adorable

A mad scientist-type Fluttershy. Popular blog.

Fluttershy RepliesA cutely drawn askblog for Fluttershy. Ships Flutterdash. Semi-Active
Ask Murdershym

A Fluttershy blog in which Fluttershy murders other ponies.

Ask YandereshySlightly yandere-ish Fluttershy, not very dark. Ships FlutterMac. Semi-Active


Pinkie Pie



Secondary characters

Big Macintosh

Ask Grimdark Big MacmThe grimdark version of Big Mac Semi-Active
Diaries of a WorkhorsemA Big Macintosh ask blog. Warning: Features excessive amount of clop related material. Dead

Ask Big McIntosh

Just your average Big Macintosh blog. Mostly show-accurate style.

No longer accessible

Mac's World

A day in the life of the Apple Family son and the ever-adorable Smartypants. Dead

Princess Celestia

Ask Princess  Molestia + Gamer LunamDoubles as a blog for a perverted Princess Celestia as well as a video game loving Princess Luna. NOTE: As of January 2014, the blog has been deleted. John Joseco has stated he is not going to try to bring it back. It is believed that John Joseco did not deliberately delete the blog, and it was deleted by Tumblr staff. The reason for this is currently unclear, though many theories are spreading over the Internet. No longer accessible
Ask Millennium CelestiaAlternate universe, where Luna sent Celestia to the sun, instead of the latter sending the former to the moon No longer accessible
Ask Poolestia and Everyone elseCrudely drawn, with a crazed author wanting questions from everyone except Tumblrbot. Everybody (there are other creatures in this Tumblr blog, including humans, which will make Lyra happy when somebody asks a human question) is an idiot. No longer accessible
Ask the Royal Sweet ToothCelestia is crazy for sweets in this blog! Dead
Ask the Deadly PrincessmA newly formed blog. Grimdark: Blood and Violence. Princess Celestia has gone mad and is now killing many of the ponies. No longer accessible

Princess Luna

Ask Gaming Princess LunaJohn Joseco's new pony blog reboot revolving around his ever-popular gamer Princess Luna rendition from Ask Princess Molestia + Gamer Luna. Unlike the previous, this one does not contain mature content. Active
Luna- After DarkAn insomniac Luna encountering misadventures during her nighttime duties. Semi-Active

Ask Gamer Luna

Where Princess Luna is an avid video gamer No longer accessible
Ask Human LunaLuna as a humanNo longer accessible
Ask LoonaWhere everything Luna does is completely nonsensical Semi-Active
MoonstuckA very popular blog based on the popular Homestuck webcomic. A cutely drawn Luna plays on the moon. Complete
Ask Princess LunaThe most canon Luna Dead
LunaughtymThe "naughty side of the moon". A Luna ask blog featuring some cloppy material. Semi-Active
The Rightful Princess

Set after the first defeat of Discord but before the advent of Nightmare Moon, Luna believes a great evil is approaching Equestria.

No longer accessible

Cutie Mark Crusaders

Ask The CrusadersA CMC blog made with vector artwork. Follows its own story arcs. The author indulges in a lot of streaming, as well as a handful of video animations. Dead
Ask The Cutie Mark CrusadersAnime Style, rarely updated Dead
Cutie Mark CrusadedApple Bloom and Sweetie Belle finally got their cutie marks as grown-ups! But Scootaloo still hasn't gotten her cutie mark and turns to a life of crime. Dead

Apple Bloom


Sweetie Belle

The Wonderbolts


Answer DiscordDiscord being Discord. Even the Title is pure Chaos. No longer accessible
Discorderly ConductA Discord ask blog made by the same mod as "For the Hoard!" Dead
Statued Discord RepliesDiscord trapped in collective unconscious after he was defeated Dead
Ask Pony DiscordDiscord is punished by the Princesses by being turned into an ordinary pony and sent to live in Ponyville with Twilight Sparkle in hopes learning what it's like to be a pony will change him for the better. Dead
Ask Kid DiscordDiscord accidentally breaks the fourth wall as a kid (literally) and makes contact with the users of the internet. Hiatus
Ask Baby DiscordA cute blog about baby Discord and his guardian Fluttershy. Dead

Queen Chrysalis


Ask TrixieA mostly-canon Trixie blog by The Paragon. semi-Active



Ask Raffish PipmAn aged up version of Pip. The student of Lunaughty. No longer accessible
Ask Captain PipsqueakAnother aged-up Pipsqueak. This time he's on a voyage around the world, and the farthest reaches of Equestria. No longer accessible


Diamond Tiara

Shining Armor


Ask Shy SombramSombra is forced to be a sex slave. Hiatus
Ask King SombraSet directly after the events of Season 3 Ep 2. It starts out with him trying to get with him getting his horn healed and getting to the Crystal Kingdom. Complete

Background characters

Papillon's HiveFleur Dis Lee becomes a Changeling. Active
Ask CrackleA DeviantArt-based APB about Crackle Dead
Ask Chocolate PonyThe Chocolate Statue, which was in the Background once, was actually a real pony, who was transformed by TrixieActive
Ask Discord WhoovesThe Doctor got corrupted as he was trying to stop Discord, and now he does not see the point in saving the world anymore. Hiatus
Order ZerummDoctor is forced to be Discord's sex slave. Hiatus
Ask Donut JoeThe most canon Donut Joe blog
Ask Dr. ColgateColgate is a dentist, but not really a good one
Ask Filly DerpyA rather cute filly Derpy blog
Ask Filly LyraA cute blog starring a filly Lyra
Ask Master Doom and Comradesbased off the Legion of Doom from Marvel comics
Ask OctaviaAn ask Blog Starring Octavia
Ask Mafia OctaviaDue to prohibition, Octavia now bootlegs cider to speakeasies instead of performing in cider pubs
Ask ThunderlaneA deviantArt based APB featuring Thunderlane
Ask the Vet PonyA blog about the Vet Pony and her experiences at her veterinary clinic "Sacred Barf"
For the Hoard!A Garble ask blog
Raindrops AnswersAn Ask Blog with semi-popular pony, Raindrops.
Ask GoldenGrapeA Goldengrape ask blog; seems to be updated infrequently Dead
Derpy AnswersA basic Derpy Hooves ask blog No longer accessible
The Original Ask Berry PunchmBerry Punch, the drunkard Active
Let's Ask Berry PunchBerry Punch's favorite drink here is fruit punch. No longer accessible
Ask Ruby PinchA Ruby Pinch ask blog
Ask PinchyAnother Ruby Pinch ask blog
Ask Princess ErroriaA blog about Princess Erroria
Contortionista BlossomforthmBlossomforth is an expert contortionist. Not a lot of clop material, but a lot of nudity (even the site banner features some)
Vault 92Octavia documenting a post-apocalyptic Fallout-style Equestria. Mild blood. (Done by the same artist as Sweetie Bot Replies) 
Ask Sea FoamA blog about Sea Swirl, using her original placeholder name.
Ask Sea SwirlAnother Sea Swirl blog. Sea Swirl attempts to survive in an Equestria that's completely underwater. Features sea ponies.
Ask Dolphin DreamA third Sea Swirl blog, featuring Sea Foam and Sea Swirl's "cousin" Dolphin Dream.
Ask Little DerpyA cute little blog featuring filly Derpy Hooves
Ask Soot StainA blog about a down on her luck Manehattan filly who is in Hearth's Warming Eve.
Ask The Mane-iac!Ask the evil, yet insane villain, the Mane-iac!
Ask Bulk BicepsFollow the life and exploits of Bulk Biceps the adorable hulking pony with tiny wings and huge heart. Also Muscles.
Ask the DoctorA regenerated Doctor from Equestria and a ponified Doctor from the Whoniverse (plus his companion) team up to find a way to bring back the sun when Celestia is turned to stone.
Ask the ManiacThe Doctor gets captured by the Master, and being that they are both the last of their kind (the Time Lords), they conquer planets together, with the Doctor not having a choice in the matter.

Combo blogs

Original mane six

(Does not include Applejack, as she actually made it into the current mane six, unless the Tumblr specifically says it's about G1 Applejack)

Original characters

Ask Insane JackmA pegasus with a lot of issues that doesn't care and wants you to ask him him questions. Active
Ask Ribbons BloomA pony with a special power and amnesia breaks out of a lab. Active
Ask Darling AdelaideA princess is given the choice between accepting her crown or traveling Equestria. Active
Ask Velvet PoseyA pony uses its butt for the greater good. Hiatus

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Ask Ponies Applejack YouTube

3 hours agoAsk our next pony guest your question, and have it answered here on Youtube!Next time the pony guest will be: Fluttershy!Before you ask your question, please

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Ask Ponies Applejack YouTube

3 hours ago Reaction MLP Animation - Ask Ponies - Applejack#AskPonies #MLP #MyLittlePonyCOPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law):

Author: Gallop Crush

Views: 2.6K

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MLP Animation Ask Ponies YouTube

3 hours agoAsk our next pony guest your question, and have it answered here on Youtube!Next time the pony guest will be: Applejack!Before you ask your question, please

Author: Magpiepony

Views: 1M

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Ask Applejack! Tumblr

3 hours ago Tagged: Applejack, MLP, My LIttle Pony, ask-applejack, ask-applejack 3, apple portal, . You guys may recognize (part of) this picture because it is TalkToApplejack’s icon! Well it was a little gift for them! And I just loved the way it turned out… So with their okay, I …

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MarAmyYosh Reacts To Ask Ponies Applejack YouTube

3 hours ago We’re back for another weekly reaction video, for another ask ponies, hope you enjoyOriginal Video:’s Channel: https:/

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Aqua React's: MLP Animation Ask Ponies Rarity & Applejack …

3 hours ago For the first time, I do two reactions in one video and I have an intro and outro for the reaction and I will fix the editing on my next one.Guys don't forge

Author: Aqua Bright

Views: 3.7K

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Ask Applejack Home Facebook

5 hours agoAsk Applejack. 430 likes. Howdy, y'all! Ah'm Applejack, an' ya can ask me any question, an' ah'll try ma'h best ta answer it! S4s's are welcome! If ya wanna rp in chat: feel free!

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APPLEJACK STABLES 24 Photos Horseback Riding 670 …

Just Now Specialties: Applejack stables in located in the heart of the Hudson valley, NY. We have 85 acres. We do lessons for adults and children and specialize on beginner riders. We offer off farm pony parties and on site pony rides. All rides are by appointment. We also offer reasonable leases on our school horses and provide boarding for your horse. Established in 1900. Apple

Location: 670 Shenandoah Rd Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

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My Little Pony: A New Generation Wikipedia

7 hours ago My Little Pony: A New Generation is a 2021 computer-animated fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Cullen and José Ucha, co-directed by Mark Fattibene with Cecil Kramer and Peter Lewis as producers, and written by Gillian Berrow and Tim Sullivan from a story by Cullen, Ucha, and Sullivan. Based on Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise, the film marks the start of the fifth …

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Ask Honest Applejack Canterlot Comics

6 hours agoApplejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty.

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Ask Ponies Applejack Live Reaction (By: Magpiepony) YouTube

3 hours ago MLP Animation - Ask Ponies - Applejack Live Reaction (By: Magpiepony)MLP Animation - Ask Ponies - Applejack:

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Ask Jappleack HotDiggedyDemon Wiki

3 hours ago Chapter 2: The Japple Anormaly. Ask Applejack, Part 1. SPIKE.MOV. MAGIC.MOV. Ask Applejack, Part 2. Ask Applejack, Part 3. Jappleack Meets "Actual" Twilight Sparkle ( LINK) Jappleack Learns the Truth. Jappleack Confessess About Her World.

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Applejack. Applejack. Applejack.

9 hours ago 44 notes Tags: Applejack Applejack Applejack mlpfim mlp ask blog apple floor apple pony pony with hat applehorse applehorse sitting looking backwards at an apple on the ground apple sitting on ground behind pony mudhorse is the pony speaking or is that the apple? nearlyentertainment

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Ask Depressed AppleJack

2 hours agoapplejack mlp mlp:fim my little pony pony my litte pony friendship is magic ask applejack ask blog ask me anything brony spitfire pony blog trixie trixie lulamoon aj ask me questions ask ask pony 20 notes Sep 16th, 2018

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Applejack And Co On AskMyPony DeviantArt

Just NowApplejack and Co. Fanart - MLP. Tech Priest Applebloom jamescorck 91 5 Early Spring Moonmart4u 10 0 The Apples Moonmart4u 9 0 Halloween 2017 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre jamescorck 108 32 Fanart - MLP. The Black Swordsmare jamescorck 175 37 (DL) Ronin Applejack Out-Buck-Pony 56 7. Mature content.

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Jappleack HotDiggedyDemon Wiki

9 hours agoApplejack Allie Alicia (also known as Jappleack) is an earth pony who's obsessed with apples, and is the only one of the main characters who has the same cutie mark as in the real show. The name "Jappleack" is a letter switch of the J in "Applejack." Applejack was first shown eating apples, telling the audience that she sure does love them. Twilight Sparkle then came up to …

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Ask Rainbow Dash And Applejack Tumblr

2 hours ago Hey there ponies of the internet! me Rainbow Dash the IRON PONY and The buck tooth farmer AppleJack (HEY!!) are here to answer your dumb questions! So shoot! (Stop being so nasty to them rainbow!!)

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(Mature) Ask Human Applejack And Rainbow Dash YouTube

3 hours ago Just because I bet you want this. contains a lot of per

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Applejack's Love My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki

2 hours agoApplejack's Love is a fanfiction story written by IHasApple. The description is "Applejack has worked hard her whole life. She has family and friends alike to love. She never felt the need to have anything beyond that simple life. That is, until she met a certain cyan pegasus." The story is told in third-person limited from Applejack's point of view. It starts off …

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Applejack (Jappleack) PONY.MOV Wiki

3 hours agoApplejack (also known as "Jappleack"), voiced by Max Gilardi, is an earth pony who has an extreme craving for apples, which is probably the reason why her cutie mark consists of three red apples.. Let me tell you how I think about Applejack (Jappleack): Well, Applejack is not stupid (though she was once for eating too many apples and getting A tummy ache which she should …

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Ask Applejack And Rainbow Dash Tumblrpony Wiki Fandom

5 hours agoAsk Applejack and Rainbow Dash is an ask blog created by Dash after Dash's house was destroyed through some kind of accident and she temporarily moved in with Applejack. As part of the blog's canon, the two met as fillies at filly-scout camp. Applejack has allowed Dash to temporarily move into the farmhouse with her while Dash's house is under repair. There are …

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Applejack My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki

3 hours agoApplejack is one of the main characters of Friendship is Magic. In fan fiction, she is commonly a supporting character or one half of a couple, but rarely the only central character. In the show, Applejack is shown to be loyal to her friends, friendly, brave and strong. She represents the element of honesty. Fan labor depictions tend largely to stick to that characterization. Her …

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Category:Applejack Tumblrpony Wiki

3 hours agoApplejack is one of the lead characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and a member of the Mane 6. She is a orange earth pony with yellow hair, and her cutie mark is three apples. Canonically, she is depicted as honest and blunt. She works on the family farm at Sweet Apple Acres. Tumblr characters based on the design or character of

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Ask Depressed Applejack Tumblrpony Wiki Fandom

8 hours agoApplejack didn't tell anything about it yet. Speculations are because of her dead parents. Her personality changed a bit, she feels like everything threatens her. If somepony would ask her about a very special somepony, she'd hide in the apple cellar for weeks.

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RariJackFC DeviantArt

8 hours ago *~*RARITY & APPLEJACK*~* Welcome all to the RariJack Fan Club! We are a group for fans of the two undisputed Best Ponies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rarity and Applejack, as well as their shipping and/or friendshipping pairing. In other words this group isn't intended only for supporters and fanworks of Rarity and Applejack as a couple, but also as a place to …

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Ask Jappleack Tumblrpony Wiki Fandom

8 hours agoAsk Jappleack is a NSFW ask blog starring Jappleack, an alternate universe version of Applejack. The blog was created as a tie-in to the PONY.MOV series of videos. Ask Jappleack is run by Max Gilardi, also known as hotdiggedydemon.It should be noted that after the story got underway, the blog took a surprisingly non-NSFW route and the story is surprisingly nothing at …

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MLP AskBlog Promos! — Ask Ondrea/ The Other 75+ Ponies …

2 hours ago MLP Ask-Blog Promos! Hello! This is a blog dedicated to the promotion of MLP:FiM-verse ask-blogs! Feel free to submit your own blog or someone else's. Please only submit blogs through the Submit box. Submissions will not be edited - making sure a link, a summary and a post example are all up to the submitter.

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Applejack Princess Applejack Wiki Fandom

5 hours agoApplejack is a hardworking previously Earth Pony from the town of Ponyville. The thread revolves around her ascension to alicorn status and her subsequent trials and tribulations as a princess, primarily tasked with filling out paperwork and righting wrongs from the Royal Sisters' long and passive rule. [1] Grand Pear and Granny Smith are horrified, the latter deathly silent, …

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Ask Applejack And Red Engineer Tumblrpony Wiki Fandom

5 hours agoAsk Applejack and Red Engineer is an ask blog that follows Applejack and Dell Conagher (RED's Engineer) as they sell apples throughout the country (as well as the GMOD universe). As they travel throughout the land, they manage to stop and answer questions, all thanks to Dell's laptop camera. This series is a spin-off of My Little Pwny: 2Fort is Magic created by Geron …

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Applejack/Gallery My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki

1 hours ago A "Pixel Art" Version of AJ in the shooter Cube2 aka. Sauerbraten. A bigger Version of the AJ in Cube2. Applejack as a filly. In her Winter Wrap Up vest. A meme comic from the My Little Brony website. An Applejack parasprite. The vote Applejack poster made by Equestria-Election. Based on CRISIS: Equestria.

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Request Any Pony!

5 hours ago #mlp requests #mlp #requests #my little pony #mlp art #my little pony art #my little pony requests #request #twilight sparkle #rarity #applejack #pinkie pie #fluttershy #rainbow dash #art #art blog #request blog #g1 #g2 #g3 #g4 #g5 #pony life #mlp fim #mod twilight #mod applejack #mod starcatcher #mod derpy #mod pinkie #mod button mash

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Equestria's Warriors: A Whole New World Chapter 21: Returning …

8 hours ago Although Spike would occasionally search the garbage for scraps, when nopony was looking. They all felt like better ponies thanks to their time in New York, even felt closer than ever before. Applejack was standing before a memorial behind the barn for her parents, "Ma. Pa. I know I haven't made as much of an attempt to talk to you, but I'm sorry.

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My Little Pony Applejack Plush (China)

8 hours ago Older Applejack plush dolls, such as the two shown below, are no longer available on either online store. As My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s popularity shows no sign of slowing down, however, expect reissues and brand new toys to make their way to said stores every now and then. In other words, keep visiting these sites for updates.

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S1 E4 "Applebuck Season" / …

3 hours agoApplejack's G1 namesake was a klutz (the whole "Who's a Silly Pony?" thing comes from a song on a read-along My Little Pony audiobook released in the UK). The sort of messing up that Applejack does here is exactly the sort of things she would have done. The nurse's name (All There in the Script) is Nurse Redheart. The G1 era has a trio of

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Ask The TF2 Ponies Tumblrpony Wiki

3 hours agoAsk the TF2 Ponies is a tumblr focusing on the crossover between Team Fortress 2 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is drawn by Neon Viper. The blog focuses on the lives of 9 characters, each one a crossover between a MLP character and a TF2 character. These include: Rainbow Scout (Rainbow Dash/Scout) Soldier Spike (Spike/Soldier) Pinkie Pyro (Pinkie …

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Equestria's Warriors: The Snakes Resurrection Chapter 6: Pop The …

4 hours ago "Sheesh, ask a pony for help and she gets fired soon after." Rainbow rolled her eyes. So Zyphon looked at the rings with Wild, until he held up a diamond ring, "Now this is one worthy of Muse." Wild looked at it and smiled, "It's perfect. And in my price range too." "Price range?" Dustin asked, "You own a successful game shop.

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Braeburn My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Wiki

6 hours ago Braeburn is a male Earth pony and Applejack, Big McIntosh, and Apple Bloom's cousin from Appleloosa. He first appears in the season one episode Over a Barrel. Like most of the other named Apple family members, his name is apple-related, being the name of an apple cultivar. Andrew Francis originally recorded voice work for Braeburn in Over a Barrel, but Michael …

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G4 My Little Pony Reference Applejack Strawberry Reef

9 hours agoApplejack was released again in 2010 in the Sweet Apple Barn playset. She came with a chicken and cat animal friends.. Product Information. Our My Little Pony - Applejack Sweet Apple Barn is a colorful farm-themed playset that lets you help your pony figure do her "chores" and harvest her "fruit" and "vegetables"!

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The Last Roundup My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Wiki

4 hours agoApplejack's friends get jobs at the cherry factory. In the factory, Applejack uses a treadmill to power a conveyor belt transporting yellow and red cherries. Applejack frowns when her friends are hired to be red/yellow cherry sorters. Twilight takes the opportunity to ask Applejack what she thought of Canterlot and the rodeo.

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7 hours ago Apple Rings. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apples. Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather. Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices. Healthy Caramel Apple Dip. Easy Apple Monkey Bread Bites. 1623250881 11. food recipes cooking mlp mlpfim my little pony mlpkin mlp …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Applejack in my Little Pony Equestria Girls?

AJ, Piggly Wiggly. Cutie mark. Voice. Ashleigh Ball. Applejack is a female human, a student from Canterlot High School ,and a bass guitarist for the Rainbooms she is one of the main characters in My Little Pony Equestria Girls. She represents the element of honesty.

What kind of pony is applejack from Twilight Sparkle?

Applejack is a earth pony with a orange coat and blond mane. She is the Element of Honesty. A pony living in Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack was in change of preparations of food for the Summer Sun Celebration. When Twilight Sparkle went to Sweet Apple Acres to check on the food, Applejack and the apple family warmly welcomed her.

Why did Applejack not come back to Ponyville?

In the letter, Applejack says that she will send the prize money but will not be returning to Ponyville. Saddened by the news, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity assure the Apple family that they will go to the rodeo to ask Applejack why she won't be coming back.

Who is the voice of applejack in MLP?

Applejack in MLP: FiM is voiced by a female (Ashleigh Ball), while Applejack in PONY.MOV is voiced by a male (Max Gilardi). Applejack in MLP: FiM sells her apples, while Applejack in PONY.MOV is an apple eater and doesn't share her apples with anyone.

  1. Aluminum bronze tube
  2. Better love steel train
  3. Gymnastics baytown tx
  4. Nascla exam prep nc

Political Map of the World in the Year 910

The year is 910, and the Pony-Mustang war has been raging for a year, with conflicts happening all around the world. After most major world powers have taken a side, It will come to be known as the World War in most countries. 

Edit: I updated the sizes and shapes of the landmasses, and added new nations (Crystal Kingdom, Puerto Caballo, Canterine, Abyssinia, Orinthia and Turley) bringing the number of countries up from 13 to 19. My main concerns was that there were too few nations, and that many adjacent countries were the same size, which was both unrealistic and contrary to their in-universe relationships. The borders were adjusted to be more realistic, with some borders along natural boundaries like mountains or rivers, and others strategically placed. 

Added a ton of major cities and retconned some things. Now fully up to date on the current canon and worldbuilding. 

My Little Pony Stop Motion 🎂 Pat a Cake with Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony Cake

Twilight: Ugh! I feel like we've been on this train for hours!


Pinkie: Why are you bored, silly?!?! There's so many fun things to do! We can, hmm, look out the window! Or... um... we can eat candy! Or, er, we can braid Fluttershy's mane? *strokes Fluttershy's mane* so soft...

Spike: Hey, cheer up. We got two more letters!

Twilight: Ooh! Thanks, Spike! I'll read them. *ahem*

Hey Twilight, do you have a crush on Rainbow Dash?

Twilight: No... I don't. That's an odd question.

Rainbow Dash: Well, after all, we do know who you REALLY like, Twi...

Twilight: You do???

Rarity: It's a bit obvious, dear.

Rainbow: *cough*FlashSentry*cough*

Twilight: Let's get on to the next question, shall we??? Ahem...

Does Starlight Glimmer ever hang out with u guys?

Fluttershy: Yeah, all the time! Just yesterday, she helped me clean my chicken cage!

Applejack: Yeah, and she helped me harvest the crop of apples! She can buck apples almost as well as me!

Twilight: Thanks for keeping the questions coming! Comment below!

Rarity: Goodbye, dears!

Applejack: Hey, look! We're here!



Ponies ask

Blog / Ask a Pony

A disconnected collective of amateur artists and writers that are fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Taking fandom into their own hands they take their own original characters or different interpretations of characters from the show and answer questions asked by internet dwellers in the Tumblr format. Some are Safe for work, some are not, some are high quality, others are funny, and some leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, they are all about pony and what the fans can do with them.

Here is a comprehensive list of every single ask a pony blog. Enjoy, and remember, they're hit or miss.

Please note that tropes and examples that apply to the following blogs should be added to their respective pages instead of being added to the list below:

And here are some of the more popular blogs if you don't feel like wading through the massive list above, along with some of our personal favorites. We try to keep this list restricted to the blogs with the better art or the most followers.

     Blog List - Show Ponies 

  • Ask Octavia - Probably one of the longest-running of the blogs listed here (dating from the start of ask pony blogs); focuses on fan-favorite music pony Octavia. Loosely based on The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, featuring frequent appearances by DJ P0n-3, Tavi's bandmates, and Pinkie (who is her cousin here). Now up and running gloriously once again after a very long hiatus.
  • Ask Gaming Princess Luna – Launched in January 2014 by John Joseco, the insanely prolific artist better known for his rather infamous (now shuttered) blog, Ask Princess Molestia. It continues the story of the console-obsessed Princess of the Night – which had already begun to take up a large chunk of the original blog – as she plays games, messes with royal guards, and tries to keep Derpy from screwing everything up. Molestia herself is conspicuously absent (though canon Celestia is present).
  • Ask The Cutie Mark Crusaders – A regularly-updated Ask blog by JanAnimations, the animator of the "Picture Perfect Pony" video. It follows the exploits of the CMC as they try (and fail) to get their cutie marks and generally act adorable. Took a detour for a few months to join the Vocational Death Cruise, but eventually got back to answering people's questions. Like his music video (which this blog predates by several months), Jan's art here is so polished it might as well be stills from the actual show. It is currently on hiatus until August 2014 due to Jan's workload.
  • Ask Human Luna: A humanized ponies blog, centered around Luna. It's one of the oldest Ask-a-Pony blogs out there. Features some lovely art by the very prolific Brony artist 7Nights, and has an overarching plot about the origins of Nightmare Moon, with Discord (of all people) trying to save Luna from turning evil again. Became SFW-ish (in the 7nights sense of the word) about midway through. It seems to be set in something of an "alternate continuity" regarding the events of the series (the differences are minimal however). Updates became sporadic beginning in late 2012 due to 7nights's university studies taking over, as well as a desire on his part to improve his art.
  • Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie - Based on the infamous fanfic Cupcakes, this blog pretty much started the whole Grimdark Pony blog subset, which eventually grew to encompass most of the show's cast. Although it was closed down a while ago, it has been resurrected under the same name as a partial archive. NSFW.
  • Ask Lil' Miss Rarity – Follows the exploits of a Pinkamina-obsessed Rarity as she quickly discovers her love of BDSM and tries to share her new hobby with her friends, all while trying to figure out what's trying to murder her. Probably the most twisted of the Ask-A-Pony blogs (and that's saying something!). In late 2012, artist Lil-Miss-Jay was banned from tumblr due to complaints. After trying (and failing) to get tumblr to reinstate him, he began reuploading the LMR comics onto his own website in January 2013. He also announced that he would be continuing the comic from where it left off. Check it out on your own time. He also has a mod-blog that is ridiculously NSFW.
  • Ask Sadistic Rarity - A blog in a similar vein to "Lil' Miss Rarity" (to the point that the two artists have collaborated on occasion), but a bit less nauseating. Went on hiatus in June 2012 due to artist burnout but still makes non-story updates on occasion. Has a spinoff/mod blog that is extremely NSFW, as well as two spinoffs—"Lesboloo" and "Racist Applebloom"—that are officially dead as of July 2012.
    • Ask Lesboloo Under new management with permission from the original artist, it is noticeably tamer than it was before, but nevertheless very adorable.
  • Ask Murdershy - A grimdark blog of a similar nature to "Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie", it follows a version of Fluttershy who secretly tortures and then murders ponies who have been cruel to other ponies (such as pedophiles) and is in a lesbian relationship with Rainbow Dash. Originally drawn in a style similar to that of the show, the blog then switched to an anthropomorphic style for the characters. Needless to say, it is most decidedly NSFW.
  • Ask the Pie Sisters - Focuses on Pinkie's sisters Blinkie & Inkie, though Pinkie herself shows up quite a bit. Here Pinkie's sisters still work on their parents' rock farm and are quite friendly. Comes up with some fascinating, yet believable, answers to the functions of a rock farm.
  • Ask Ruby Pinch - Berry Punch's daughter, and a contender for "Most Adorable Blog".
  • Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie - A very adorable, well-loved comic with a fair amount of playful, light shipping.
  • Carrot Top's Garden - One of the more popular Carrot Top blogs full of your usual zany Carrot & Derpy goofiness, Carrot's attempts to outsell Applejack, and even some heartwarming fanon building.
  • Ask Echo the Wonderbolt - Another Wonderbolts O.C. Stand-in (this one has only made a couple of blink & you miss it moments in the show). A blind, yet very optimistic and determined Wonderbolt who uses echolocation to "see". Notable for starting & becoming popular a few days before she got named "Fleetfoot" in the show and official comics, which the blog has adopted as her surname.
  • Ask a Bishonen Pony/My Little Bishonen - Similar to the above, but features human gender-bent versions of the Mane Six.
  • Ask Twilight Sparkle Anything - Though there are many Twilight blogs worth reading, this stands a cut above the rest with its excellent pencil-drawn artwork and some deeply emotional responses (i.e. the question of what will happen to Spike when he grows up).
  • Question Zecora - Maintains and even justifies Zecora's unique speech patterns.
  • Ask Smarty Belle - Drawn by Megasweet (one of the major artists in the pony fan community, and originator of the "Ponyshrug" meme), this blog depicts Sweetie Belle as a young ditz with delusions of brilliance. It's quite Safe-for-Work, unlike literally everything else Megasweet does. Officially abandoned (after months of no updates) in March 2014, with Megasweet officially folding it into his "Canter Girls" 'verse.
  • Currently Recording / Ask DJ-P0N3 - contains frequent trade-offs with Ask Octavia, expanding on the relationship of the two characters as well as DJ-P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch's personality and back story. Run by Brony celebrity artist Dreatos.
  • Ask Discorded Whooves - As the title says, it features Dr. Whooves (a version of 12th Doctor) as a bitter coward and shameless womanizer after his discording. Both an interesting character study and a gag-a-strip blog. One of few with an overarching plot, and excellent art to boot.
  • Ask Grimdark Big Mac - A parody of grimdark blogs, with a very adorkable Big Mac.
  • Ask My Little Chubbies - Rather than being about a character, this blog is about "bwob" versions of the ponies - Super-Deformed, Up to Eleven. May cause heart attacks from adorable-ness.
  • Ask Plushies – A blog featuring plushie versions of Fluttershy, Derpy, Dinky, and Applejack, as well as chubbies of Lyra and Bon-Bon and occasional guest spots from plushies of Kiki and Bun-Bun. A friendly take on "ponies in the real world" (Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Dinky all came in the mail), with frequent lampshading on their plush natures.
    • Recently, following the creator acquiring chubbies of the Mane Six and Derpy, the Chubbies have acquired their own Tumblr (containing polymer clay sculptures of said chubbies).
  • Moonstuck – A Homestuck parody featuring Princess Woona (filly Luna) going on an epic adventure on the moon. Made by another very famous Brony artist, Egophiliac. She's the one you have to thank for the "ponies-in-socks" meme. Now has its own page! The narrative eventually grew into a Prequel dealing how Luna found the elements of harmony on the Moon and defeated Discord alongside Celestia.
  • Bitter Sweets – What happens when Twist gets sick of all the abuse and stops being a nice little filly? Grimdark.
  • Ask The Diamond Dogs - Rover, Spot, and Fido from "A Dog and Pony Show" discover tumblr and answer questions.
  • Ask Braveshy - An Ask blog involving a newer, tougher Fluttershy. The visuals are striking and there is a natural sense of story progression.
  • moon - Originally titled "Ask Loony Luna", this blog straddles the Grimdark line (it's more Psychological Horror than anything else) by chronicling the adventures of a Princess Luna who's slowly gone insane from being stuck on the moon for a millennium, her only companions being a 1989-vintage Nintendo Game Boy and various objects she finds. Updates have become infrequent enough to be nonexistent.
  • Ask Meanie Belle - An ask blog that parodies the common Grimdark takes on characters in the show, by presenting Sweetie Belle trying to be mean, but isn't very good at it. Done by Femmegasm artist, Robbie Allen. Also noteworthy is that unlike Femmegasm, Meanie is completely child friendly, NO MATTER WHAT SHE GETS ASKED. Leading some creative and hilarious answers (i.e. when asked about BDSM, Meanie Belle thought the questioner was referring to a cartoon show called Beautiful Darling Super Mare).
  • Ask Stalkerloo - A popular ask blog about Scootaloo being a spy/stalker. Manages to be adorable despite the concept. Worth noting as having some of the best and most beautiful artwork seen in an ask a pony blog.
  • Derpy/Ditzy Q&A A non-Tumblr example, instead being a series of videos with voice overs done by Youtube user BaldDumboRat. Features a very adorable Derpy, with a few nods to other YouTube fan series Doctor Whooves and Assistant.
  • Statued Discord Replies - Discord, once again stuck in a stone prison, has nothing to do but answer tumblr questions from within the "Collective Unconscious". Features some of the best art anywhere (by brony artist Az-pekt), a verycreative writer (ArTImg), plenty of Discord-brand Surreal Humor, and has a habit of starting collaborations with other blogs without their even knowing it.
  • Dan Vs.FiM – Self-explanatory. It's not run by any of the show's artists, but it sure looks like it! Now with videos!
    • Ask Fluffle Puff: A spin-off by the same creator, focusing on the unintelligible, extremely fluffy Original Character.
  • Ask Futashy – Another blog created by Megasweet (see the "Smarty Belle" entry above). Features a Futaversion of Fluttershy and human versions of other main characters. Despite being heavily NSFW and loaded with fanservice, it actually manages to be quite adorable.
  • Ask Hotblooded Pinkie Pie – featuring an extremely GAR Pinkie Pie who drinks burning beer and fistfights tornadoes, among many other acts of pure HotBloodedness. WHO THE HAY DO YOU THINK SHE IS?! Easily one of the best-drawn of any of the Pony blogs.
  • Dr. Adorable's Ask-Along Blog Mixing MLP and Dr. Horrible this blog feature Fluttershy as the eponymous Dr Adorable, following her descent into evil as a result of her childhood experiences. Every bit as adorable (she even has a Ph.D.) as the name suggest.
  • Ask Terry – derived from a rather absurd parody of the (often very badly made) official European MLP:FIM comics. In this world, all the characters are stock art from the toyline (except Sweetie Belle, who is a photo of a Sweetie Belle brushable toy). Rainbow Dash is racist, Twilight is a princess, and Applejack is The Unfavorite, while Terry (actually Scootaloo) has to foil the evil plans of King Zebra (actually Zecora in Spike's "Smooth Criminal" hat). Stylistic Suck abounds. As the author puts it, "All the ponies are horrible. You have been warned."
  • Ask Jappleack – A blog based around the .MOV series's Applejack character, by that series' creator, Max Gilardi. It's in the same continuity as the .MOV series, to the point that it serves as the liner notes. It actually predates APPLE.MOV by a month or so. Early on, the blog involved AJ talking smack to the other Ask Blogs and could get somewhat vulgar at times, but the events of DRESS.MOV caused it to veer hard into Cerebus territory and transformed from a traditional Ask blog into an infrequently-updated comic strip. Gilardi uploaded the final "Jappleack" comic on 1 March, 2013, a week and a half after SWAG.MOV wrapped up the .MOV series.
  • Advice Rarity/The Best Possible Blog - A departure from regular ask blogs, in that fans ask for fashion advice rather than drawn responses. Despite being a text-based blog, it manages to be very in-character and downright hilarious at times. Not to mention, the mod has clearly done their research and each answer is well thought out.
  • Raindrops Answers: A cute blog focusing on Derpy's Palette Swap friend Raindrops. Adorable and a loaf of bread, what more can you ask for?
  • Ask the Flower Trio: Focuses on Daisy, Lily, and Roseluck. Another blog with a cute artstyle, it also goes out of its way to flesh out the personalities of the Flower Trio beyond "get scared of mundane things". Rose has also grown out her mane.
  • Noir Dash An AU blog focusing on humanized versions of the cast in a Film Noir setting. The story is interactive, so think Moonstuck if it took itself more seriously. Features excellent, stylized art, good writing, and Rainbow Dash as a Private Detective. What more could you want?
  • Slice Of Life: Four-Cakes-and-a-Pie blog dealing with the gag-a-day hilarious lives of the Cakes and Pinkie Pie. It's Time Skipped, so that Pound and Pumpkin are now a bit older and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now teenagers. Under the brilliant direction of the one and only egophilliac, the art style and humor are amazing. Strictly SFW!
  • Pregunta (Ask) Scootaloo: One in a series of Spanish-language Ask Pony blogs, this one featuring Scootaloo as the main character. You may need a translator at times to understand, but there's still a lot of universal humor. This particular blog was once humorously confused with another formerly called Ask Pregnant Scootaloo (now Motherly Scootaloo).
  • Ask Vinyl & Octavia: Another blog following the adventures of Vinyl & Octavia as they're living together. The most noteworthy qualities are the speed which each panel is released and the various story arcs which are developed out through the day to day activities of two.
  • Hate Mail for Twitht: Twist, Ponyville's most despised filly, receives threats, hatemail and other reminders of what a vile existence she leads. Twist takes it in good stride, though, probably because she deserves at least some of the hate. Stopped updating.
  • Ask Gamer Luna: A dedicated Gamer Luna blog by Swedish brony Sallymon. It has some amazing art and a ponyload of followers, despite being relatively recent. Has been home to some notable videogamingclashes over the past few weeks.
  • Ask Flutterstalker: A blog set in a Grimdark world where Fluttershy has become an outcast due to stalking her friends and committing murder, and her closest companion is an Eldritch Abomination. Usually drawn with a pallet of pinks and black, this blog tends to have some touching moments and good humour despite its setting.
  • Ask Doctor-Obsessed Derpy – A relatively recent blog compared to some of the others, this is a very adorable blog about Derpy and Doctor Hooves where Derpy is in love with said Doctor. Created by BaldDumboRat, the official unofficial fan voice of Derpy. Includes an official Dub by BaldDumboRat and Keikoandgilly as the Doctor. Super adorable moments include Derpy thinking about foals, a Super Awkward moment, and Pony haircare moments with Derpy and the Doctor. Acts as an in-continuity prequel to Discorded Whooves, but Word of God says it won't actually intersect with it, just hint at it.
  • Ask Bubblini DaVinci Berry: It follows the life of Pinkamena Diane Pie, humanized and genderswapped, as Bubblini DaVinci Berry (based on Trotsworth's designs for the mane 6, as males), and his struggle to keep a sane mind. It also focuses around Dusk Shine (the male counterpart of Twilight Sparkle), whom Bubblini DaVinci Berry has kidnapped, and uses to help him, whenever the another person's number comes up. But there is an ulterior motive to why Bubble Berry needs Dusk. It is based on the infamous story Cupcakes, and some of it is NSFW.
  • Mrs. Buzzy's Mentally Advanced Ask Pony Blog – A rare text-only Ask blog based on the characterizations in the Mentally Advanced Seriesnote This is due to the writer taking the whole "answering questions" thing VERY seriously; s/he has admitted that if it had been a "Draw" blog, there would not be very many updates. It's not done by Greg (a.k.a FimFlamFilosophy), the creator of Mentally Advanced, but it sure feels like it. The blog has earned his acknowledgement (and the outright blessing of Rainbow Dash Presents artist Petirep). Has probably the most extreme Archive Panic of any Ask blog on this page; started in late 2011, by New Year's 2013 the blog had grown to over 600 pages, and it often gets updated multiple times a day.
  • Ask Acetic Rarity - A freak incident turns Rarity into a magical powerhouse, at the cost of her mental stability. With her newfound power, she is going to show that a lady can be epic too. Well-drawn and entertaining. Shares quite a few traits with "Ask Hot-Blooded Pinkie", at least as far as the ham goes.
  • Ask Lying Applejack - Applejack certainly doesn't answer any questions, what gave you that idea? But if she did, they'd certainly be honest and correct.
  • Ask The Wonderfully Wise Wizard - Post-duel Trixie educates her audience on all matters of Equestrian magic. And looks spiffy in her new derby while doing it.
  • Ask Twixie Genies - Trixie happens upon the bottle of Jackass Genie Twilight, who screws around with Trixie's wishes; particularly her final wish ("I wish to be powerful like you"), which gets Trixie turned into a genie herself. The two bottle genies only accept users' requests, or "wishes", as long as they type the phrase "I wish", the sole exception is trying to give Trixie wheels. Practically runs on Twixie shipping (whether Trixie likes it or not), and uses artwork remarkably similar to the show.
  • Ask Cadance – One of the leading Cadance Tumblrs currently. Originally it played Cadance's character as close to her canon portrayal as possible, but Cadance quickly deviated from her canon portrayal, becoming an eccentric, fun-loving Princess with slight Cloudcuckoolander tendencies. Notable for sharing its continuity with The Greatest Gift.
  • Ask Corrupted Twilight Sparkle-A grimdark blog where Twilight is corrupted by King Sombra's dark magic and takes over the Crystal Empire, then Equestria. Currently on hiatus as the mod works on a fan episode set in this universe.
  • Ask the Fallen Hero: A story driven blog about Twilight and her friends 5 years after Celestia resigning. Luna took control but after a incident known as "THE EVENT" she appointed a corrupt faction called the council. There is a side story with a prophecy for a man called the Son of time, but its mostly about Twilight and allies trying to take back there country. Though recent events have shown, there might be more going on then we might think.
  • Ask Firestarter Spitfire, a semi-grimdark blog where Spitfire is a jade, alcoholic, foul mouthedDeadpan Snarker who has severe psychological issues due to the death of her best friend Hurricane. Notable for its lack of color aside from a yellow backdrop. In July 2012, Spitfire was finally able to move on from Hurricane's death, which brought color to the blog as well as seemingly healing her trauma. Since then, the blog has become considerably more lighthearted as Spitfire is the only sane mare in a fucked up world. Notable for being one of the few story-driven blogs that is entirely dependent on reader questions.
  • For The Hoard! / Ask Garble: Just when you thought they'd be done, the dynamic duo of peachiekeenie and tarajenkins come up with the only Garble-centered blog in existence. As you've come to expect, the art and writing are great, and it intersect with the others, like that time when Discord showed up.
  • Ask Genie Twilight: Twilight Sparkle was transformed into a Genie during a trip to Saddle Arabia and now tries to continue her life despite her new found power. Inspired the Twixie Genies above and has strong Original Flavor to the original show while also putting a heavy influence on Spike and Twilight's relationship.
  • Plane Sailing: A story driven blog by the author of Firestarter Spitfire. When Twilight Sparkle is mysteriously murdered, the remaining Mane Girls and Princess Luna embark on a quest to resurrect her, both to save their friend and to ensure the Elements of Harmony remain intact.
  • Blanked Apple Bloom: A grimdark blog about an Apple Bloom that failed to escape from Sunny Town before dying and therefore is now a flesh-eating zombie.
  • Ask Scissors Twilight : A somewhat story-driven blog about Twilight Sparkle, who mysteriously had her hind legs replaced by scissors blades. She appears to have become somewhat mentally unhinged, and she kills ponies (either on purpose or accidentally) by piercing them with her scissor legs. The blog itself is a mix of slice-of-life and grimdark.
  • Ask Cyberpunk Spitfire: Shortly after Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts, she is injured terribly in an accident which causes her to lose her wings. In the process of returning Rainbow to her old self, Twilight discovers and experiments with electricity. The blog takes place seven years later, where nearly everypony has undergone the Procedure. There is tension between Equestria and the griffon kingdom. On their way to a performance in Baltimare, Spitfire and Rainbow are captured by Princess Twilight, who appears to have gone insane.
  • Ask Trixie and Cheese: A Slice of Life blog featuring The Great and Powerful Trixie and Cheese Sandwich traveling together. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ask Trixie from Trixie Vs.: After the events of "Boast Busters", Trixie returns to Ponyville and takes her words from her previous visit to heart, boasting she can beat everypony at their own talent. The results of the challenges are...mixed. Originally started life as a webcomic before moving to tumblr.
  • Ask Factory Scootaloo: Several years in the future, Scootaloo gets her dream job to work with Rainbow Dash. The big problem with this is that this blog takes place in a universe based off Rainbow Factory. The events afterwards are mostly focused on Scootaloo dealing with the stresses of the job, and coming to terms with the fact that her idol is killer. Also topped off with a dose of Cosmic horror somewhere in the background that takes the form of television static.
  • Student of the Night: Features a version of Scootaloo that has been turned into a batpony (though can change her appearance to her normal pegasus form) and is the personal protege of Princess Luna.
  • Post Crusade: "Five young foals grow up and really don't like it" Set a couple years in the future, this blog shows what happens to Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle after they have earned their cutie marks and begin growing up into teenagers. It also features Rumble and Dinky Doo as main characters, with Rumble being Scootaloo's coltfriend.
  • Ask Majesty Incarnate: The princesses answer questions and get up to various shenanigans, like holding a pillow fight to determine best princess, and destroying Canterlot Castle in the process. Also cake. Lots of cake.
  • Sketchbook Twilight: A version of Twilight Sparkle from an Equestria where most major historical events (e.g. Luna becoming Nightmare Moon) didn't happen managed to trap herself in a pocket dimension that makes her look as if she's drawn in a sketchbook. Has some beautiful art and very emotional responses.

     Blog List - OC 

  • Ask Backy: One of the most prolific Pony tumblrs out there, featuring an Earth Pony OC with a large rump and eerily deep eyes. Known for giving creative SFW answers to NSFW questions. Never pornographic but, given the high number of ass-shots and occasional forays into anthro, not totally safe either.
  • Ask Whirly and the Night Guards: A blog featuring three very popular pegasus OC's: Whirly Willow, a Canterlot fashion designer, and Adam "Wrath" and West "Vengeance", two members of Equestria's Night Guard. At times both funny and dramatic, it tries to explain some of the intricacies of the Equestrian military structure. It also has a sort developing backstory plot. It features top-notch artwork by genius brony artist Puzzle-Of-Life / Kayla the Orator (seriously, just look at that gallery).
  • Ask Aquilinus: Follows the life of Aquilinus, Chief officer of Celestia's personal guard. Similar to Whirly, it is sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic; one day focusing on Aquilinus' exploits as The Casanova, and another giving a detailed history of the clan-oriented military, and how his family fits in.
  • Ask the Night Guards/Friendship is Top Secret: A blog which features two different night guards (though with similar names: Adamant and Westwood). Unlike the above, these two are Desk Jockeys, in charge the Royal Library. They oversee classified and declassified documents alike, ranging from the mundane to Tomes of Eldritch Lore. Functions as an extended Grand Unifying Guess, attempting to unite previous generations of MLP and depicting Equestria as a world built atop the ruins of human civilization.
  • Ask Princess Ataxia - A bizarre Reality Warper Alicorn with an interdimensional mane. Answers questions along with her loyal aid Screwball (who is the least screwy of the two)
  • Ask Misty the Wonderbolt - One of the first Wonderbolts OC Stand Ins (she's the third unnamed judge that Rainbow Dash saves in "Sonic Rainboom"), has a "rack hoodie". Stopped updating.
  • Ask Doctor HoofSing- One of the more prominent Rainbow Factory blogs to not feature a canon character as the main character, closely related to several other Rainbow Factory blogs such as Ask The Factory Ponies and Ask Prism Dust many of which are also members of the Factory Break Room alongside Hoof Sing.
  • Ask Surprise - Another Wonderbolts O.C. Stand-in, but more importantly she's the G1 pony Pinkie is based on! Imagine Pinkie Pie, but her cartoony wackiness turned Up to Eleven (even by the standards of the show itself). That's Surprise.
  • Ask Velvet - an OC pony that runs a lingerie store. Mostly clean, well drawn, it has all the hijinks one would expect from a pony running a lingerie store, and even some drama. Definitely one of the better OC pony blogs out there.
  • Ask Ice Pack - Despite being an ask blog about a male Zebra prostitute, this blog offers a unique experience while keeping the NSFW only implied, and hilarious 100%. Can no longer be viewed on Tumblr, with only 12 panels of the blog viewable on the the author's website.
  • Ask Love Letters - An adorable pink pony whose special talent is giving handwritten notes that brighten everyone's day (Usually).
  • Ask The Master – A companion blog to Discord Whooves, drawn by the same artist but with a different, unidentified writer, focusing on the Doctor's fellow Time Pony and greatest rival. Considerably saucier than its counterpart, its art and story are just as impressive, and its overarching plot intersects with at least 2 other blogs.
  • Ask Ipsywitch - Generally pretty innocent (If not a little dark) blog about an OC pony named Ipsywitch that recently moved to a decaying (apparently due to all the grimdark versions of the mane six) Ponyville to practice black magic. She's normally innocent and friendly, but can be rather scary and mischievous when she wants to be.
  • Ask Klodette - A voyeur pony who travels Equestria taking naughty pictures of everypony, including the Mane 6. Very NSFW, but adorable in a weird way.
  • Ask King Metamorphosis: An ask blog by voice actor Victor Frost of Gentlecolt Collaborations (the guy who blew you away with this), where the character responds by audio. This one features the husband of Queen Chrysalis, who is hopping on the "Ask" bandwagon in an effort to gain the favor of the peoples. His answers are sometimes short, sometimes long, but always with the appropriate mood music. As could be expected, despite starting recently he already has to deal with fangirls. [[He has since ended the blog by killing off King Metamorphosis.]]
    • On that note, there is also Ask Wild Card, an audio ask blog focusing on the titular OC and his gang of bandits the Crimson Saddles. Very well acted and written, and blends Equestria and the Wild West quite nicely. Bonus: the mod also runs another audio ask blog, Shining Armor Reports.
  • Moonfall: A story and character-driven blog about the origins of Celestia and Luna. If you want to see exceptional art, an interesting Myth Arc / Origin Story, and copious amounts of baby Luna adorableness, this one's for you!
  • Ask Pun Pony: A community project that reunites brony artists and writers from all corners of the Internet. Essentially, every day the project is updated with puns and wordplay entries, with varying levels of corniness (like this). It also features a weekly Stand-Up Comedysection by Pinkie Pie (who we know has some experience in the matter). It's been very successful so far, and definitely worth a look.
  • Ask Stitches: A counter-Grimdark blog about a doll-making OC pony who went though a terrible accident which left her deformed. Despite the ordeal, she still manages to retain her bright and cheerful attitude (most of the time) in her new form.
  • Ask The Ponibooru Crufavers: A trio of OCs representing the community of the late Ponibooru. Yellowtdash of the group does the artwork for the blog.
    • The New Crufavers: A sequel series of sorts, about the team's quest to find new ways to 'fave'.
  • Ask Movie Slate: She is an OC that owns Ponyville's only Cinema. She needs more movies in it because the only one she has, the hurricane briefing movie was burnt by Spike. She gets movie suggestions from the Tumblr blogosphere and reviews them. One special thing of note: her mane and tail are movie film, and as you progress through the blog, you can see previous entrys of the blog.
  • Ask Medusa: The adventures of Her Royal Highness Princess Medusa of Echidna, and the odd inhabitants of her kingdom, such as her new best friend Arachne. Has been around since July 2012.
  • Ask Dethklop: My Little Pony meets Metalocalypse. Dethklop is the most popular and brutal death metal band in all of Equestria and the "planet's greatest cultural force." Consisting of Neighthan Explosion, Pickles the Drummer, Murderflank, Skwisgaar Saddlegeld, and Toki Warhoof, they were forced by their manager Clopfdensen into opening an Ask blog to promote good PR. Also, Murderflank might be Twist's father.
  • Ask Four Inept Guardponies: About four inept guardponies as they go about the business of being guards, which is alot more hazardous than might be expected. Notable for a somewhat...interesting interpretation of Cadance.
  • Ask Fluffle Puff revolves around the Slice of Life misadventures of an incredibly hairy and less than talkative pony living with Twilight. And Chrysalis. And Dan.
  • Just Plumsweet: An ask blog for the most adorable, pink, cute, sweet, nice and adorable Earth Pony gal out there, Plumsweet. She runs a Froyo shop called the Sweet Hog. Has a pet piglet. Recently lost her house because of Discord. Has a massivefangirl crush on King Sombra. The blog also features some other G1 ponies, like Bumblesweet (Plum's cousin) and, Dazzle Dewdrop.
  • Ask Prof Smirk - A disillusioned historian struggles with the confusing nature of Equestrian history, while dealing with his own personal issues. Looks at what he sees as the stagnant nature of Canterlot society, which he sees as a direct consequence of Princess Celestia's rule.
  • Ask Prince(ss) Quasimodo Quartz: An ask blog for the illegitimate child of Shining Armor and Queen Chrysalis. Abandoned by the Hive and taken in by Crystal Princess Cadance, this male-to-female half-changeling receives a strange magical mirror from her honorary aunt Pinkie Pie. A mirror which begins sending her peculiar questions...
  • Horse Wife - A blog about a mare named Brownie Bun and her human husband in and AU where Equestria has met humanity and ponies are living on Earth. Despite what her husband says, she's a kitchen pro.


  • Aborted Arc:
    • Ask Stitches had a Navi-Expy around for a short time, but was later dropped.
    • There was a crossover planned between Ask Colgate and Ask Berry Punch, where the two title characters were to get married. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to the artists' personal lives taking unexpected turns. It looks like the two are still getting married, but off camera.
    • At the time he got banned from tumblr, Lil-Miss-Jay was in the beginning stages of rebooting "Ask Lil' Miss Rarity", having her work in a boutique. After the ban, he decided he didn't like the new direction and opted to just continue his original storyline.
  • A Boy and His X: The Doctor and his Pony in which Derpy Hooves gets sucked into the Whoniverse. It later added another pony and a Digimon.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Adorable Abomination: Copycat from Ask Twilight and Copycat. She's a Time Abyss and lives in the Mirror Pool from "Too Many Pinkie Pies", being the source of it's magic. She's Made of Magic, can shapeshift into anything and copy it's powers, and even multiply herself (she was all the Pinkie Pie clones). But she's also more or less a Cheerful Child mentally and does things like try to steal a piece of cake when no pony is looking.
  • Affectionate Parody/ Crossover:
    • Futastuck of Futashy and Homestuck.
    • Several other blogs have done their own parodies of Homestuck, with a handful of blogs following the style of MS Pant Adventures' command-guided comics.
    • AskTF2TeamLuna is about Team Fortess 2, set in both the worlds of Equestria and Teufort, with the anthro sniper Celestia and Luna acting as the Mann brothers (in a way) in Equestria.
    • Kamen Rider Equine.
    • Miggle1337 has has worn Kamen Rider Ichigo and Beet Buster costumes on occasion and even humored the idea of a Three-Man (or Three-Zebra...) sentai parody in response to an ask.
    • The Ace Wings and Blitzkrieg Sentai Ace Brigade of AskTheAceWngs (formerly AskMat2 ) are a Sentai parody group, specifically inspired by J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, with Dengekitai also meaning "Blitzkrieg Squadron", which actually is the only reason the Ace Brigade are known as a Blitzkrieg Sentai. The inspiration for the Ace Brigade is also in part from Kamen Rider Blade.
    • Bawssspikehas his ownGoranger reference group, Kamen Rider Equine also is one of the main characters of his story.
    • Ponified Strawhats previously Ask Ponfied Luffy, currently undergoing a redesign from the former version of the blog. It's based on One Piece. Before the reset, it once crossed over with the most obvious blog to do so with, Pirate Dash.
    • There are several "Ponysona 4" blogs such as Youske Pony, Kanji Pony, Yu/Protagnist Pony,Nanako and Teddie Ponies, and Ponified versions of the personas, ((in spite of the fact most of the ponysona 4 blogs keep the persona's appearance from the canon they are adapted from, which is actually kind of strange when you think about it)).
  • After the End: Out of Order, the Discord crossover blog, takes place in a universe were an accidental nuclear explosion wiped out everypony. This is why the Serious Foundation was willing to give it to a bunch of Discords to use as their personal playground after cleaning up the radiation.
  • The Alcoholic:
    • Ask Berry Punch is the pony epitome of this. There have been a few drunk OC Stand-Ins.
    • Ask Pinkamina, occasionally.
    • Ask (Cr)Applejack has developed into this.
    • There are a mini-series of crude-humor, drunkard pony blogs. (e.g. Ask Drunk Fluttershy, Ask Drunk Celestia)
    • Everyone (except the Crusaders) in 'Epic Drunk Ponies'.
    • Pickles the Drummer from Dethklop challenged Drunk Celestia to a drinking contest. The loser? The bar.
  • All Just a Dream: Played for Drama at the of Ask Mafia Octavia's first act. The good news is that the big shootout where half the cast got gunned down was all an hallucination on Tav's part. The bad news is that the reality is muchworse.
  • Always Someone Better: Sketchbook Twilight feels this way about Canon!Twilight.
  • Ambiguously Evil: The Human Luna version of Discord.
  • And I Must Scream: In Ask Genie Twilight's "Return to Saddle Arabia" arc, The genie mind control devices used by the Old Regime not only completely enslaves genies to their master's will, but leaves them fully conscious and aware of what they're doing, and in constant, agonizing pain. Notably, once Spike damages Zathir's device enough that Twilight is half freed from its effects, she immediately starts screaming and crying in pure agony.
  • Anything That Moves:
    • Dr. Whooves in the Ask Discorded Whooves blog, in spite of the fact he actually hates ponies.
    • Likewise for his rival The Master in his corresponding companion blog, if not even more so.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: In addition to the various Discords, there are also blogs staring ponies personifying Google, Internet Explorer, and Firefox among other things.
  • Anti-Hero: Dead Rainbow Dash, a Rainbow Dash raised as a vengeful zombie after the events of Cupcakes. She is very hard to bond with due to her obsession with revenge against Pinkamena, but those she considers friends, she's very protective off.
  • Apocalypse How: Hot-Blooded Pinkie accidentally destroys Equestria in a very misguided attempt to cheer up Cranky Doodle with a game of "Pin the Meteor on the Donkey". Fortunately she has a plan to fix everything, with the aid of a Delorean she borrowed from Science Woona.
  • April Fools' Day:
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In one bit of Lil Miss Rarity when asked if she's okay: "I murdered my cat, I grew obsessed with a murderer, I did horrendously vulgar things on a camera that apparently doesn't exist, I did unladylike things with Rainbow Dash, I developed a fetish for pain and bloodletting, I physically wounded my little sister, I threw a sewing machine at Twilight, I put a knife in my posterior, and worst of all, I KISSED BLUEBLOOD."
  • Art Evolution: Some of the longer lasting blogs have noticeably improved in the art department:
  • Artifact Title: Once in a while, some of these blogs go into little hiatuses from responding to questions in favor of explaining their plot further.

    Anonymous: So.. What happened to actually answering questions?

  • Ascended to Carnivorism:
    • Apparently, according to Pun, all ponies are capable of eating meat. It's just expensive to do so, not to mention socially awkward to acquire.
    • The exact same reason is given for Ask The Fallen Heroes. Luckily for the Doctor and Twilight, the Doctor is friends with the owner of the restaurant they're at.
  • Asexuality: Ace is asexual, which is a big part of her character. She also knows a lot of logic, facts, and analysis on the subjects.
  • Author Tract: Despite initially starting out as a Slice of Life comic centering around tabletop game humor, Ask Gametia has become little more then the author's personal soapbox to bitterly attack certain blogs and all who enjoy them.
  • Ax-Crazy:
    • Pinkie Pie in the now dead Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie and Rarity in the currently ongoing Ask Lil' Miss Rarity and Ask Sadistic Rarity.
    • The new Miss Pinkamina that popped up to replace the old one is not quite as violent as her predecessor (she actually takes prisoners, for one thing), but she's still quite fond of her blade...
  • Back from the Dead: Scootaloo in Ask Rainbowless Dash.
  • Badass Boast: After Celestia from Ask the Fallen Heroes, gets killed by Sunset Shimmer and after Twilight mourns, she starts to understand that she has to fight for herself. This triggers Sunset to ask if Twilight really wants to fight her. In responses...
  • Becoming the Mask: In Ask Fluffle Puff, Chrysalis turns out to not even like Fluffle Puff, and is merely using her endless, unconditional love as an infinite power source to defeat Twilight. But then it dawns on her that Fluffle Puff is the only pony who's ever truly cared for her like she was no different from anyone else, and she decides the "magic of friendship" may not be so bad after all.
  • Bishōnen: Ask a Bishonen Pony/My Little Bishonen is this. And Fanservice.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: JitterbugJive/BaldDumboRat states that Ask Zerum (A NSFW Discorded Whooves spinoff featuring Dissy as an ultra-submissive slave to Discord) is this to the main Discorded Whooves, representing how the real Doctor's mind is a prisoner of Discord's magic.
  • Benevolent Genie: Genie Twilight, naturally, as she's still Twilight.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Fluffle Puff is a big ball of huggable fluff who wants to give everyone around her hugs while being a Cute Mute. She's also a Unitologist and is best friends with the "Big Name" villains of the series so far, and even appears to be in a romantic relationship with Chrysalis in particular (though it seems to have softened Chrysalis up somewhat). She was also able to No-Sell Discord's Discording powers, albeit briefly, and when they finally worked, they turned her into a palette-swapped version of Nightmare Moon, who immediately smashed him in the face with a rock, after which she turned back to normal (either under her own power or Discord trying to avoid getting worse). She also has an un-ponylike taste for meat.
    • The Doctor from Ask The Fallen Heroes, has a bit more edge to him then a lot of the other Doctor Whooves blogs. For instance this Doctor killed the Master with his bare hooves in a fit of rage. And you also see him Lynch Filthy Rich.
    • Changeling Queen Papillon is overall very kind for a Changeling and only wants peace with Equestria, never converts ponies against their will, and kindly answers questions. However, threaten or kill her children or her subjects, and she will kill you. Violently.
    • The mane cast in Ask Princess Twilight Sparkle are close to their canon portrayals, but when they reignite the Elements againstOnyx, they punish thepsycho for hiscrimes by sending him to Tartarus for the rest of his days.
    • Genie Twilight is more or less her canon counterpart personality wise, but do not clop her off. And don't you even think about harming her adopted son. She is a genie Alicorn who has virtually no limit to what she could potentially do to you. When she finally gets her hooves on Vicegerent Zathir after his long list of atrocities, including nearly killing Spike, she gives him aNo-Holds-Barred Beatdown that leaves him leaves him begging her for mercy and unable to move. She only doesn't kill him because it's crueler to leave him alive.
  • Big Bad: Most of the blogs with storylines have one:
    • The Tabula Rasa for "Ask Stalker Trixie", having been the mastermind of most of the events for most of the blog.
      • After her defeat, Trixie herself becomes this due to being infected with some of Nightmare Moon's essence. After that's resolved, the Big Bad seems to now be Sunset Shimmer the human one to be exact, having been trapped in Equestria by the pony verse one.
    • Lady Babylon from "Ask Pony Discord", an evil Emotion Eaterimprisoned in pony form several thousand years ago by Discord's brother Pakak.
    • The Immortals from "Ask the Fallen Hero".
    • King Sombrero from "Scootaloo the Adventurer", having evolved from just an annoying hat into an evil entity.
    • The Moon Queen (an alternate universe Nightmare Moon) seems to be this for Ask Ember Bell.
    • Onyx becomes this for Ask Princess Twilight Sparkle. Later on, the Sirens take this role, planning to use their Hate Plague to start a war.
    • Ask Factory Scootaloo has The Chairman, a mysterious entity (and head of the Rainbow Factory) who looks exactly like Discord, but claims not to be him.
    • Vicegerent Zathir from the 'Return of Saddle Arabia' arc in Ask Genie Twilight, who uses an ancient device to try and control Twilight and take over Saddle Arabia.
  • Big Eater: Ace is this, especially when cake is involved.
  • Blood Magic: Blood Mage Sweetie Belle practices it. However, Dark Is Not Evil and she only uses her own blood for her magic (she won't even use animal blood because she couldn't bare to kill an innocent animal). She even used it to save Rarity's life which is how she learned it. It's described as being more powerful than normal magic, but due to misuse long ago, it's outlawed and considered evil, so she practices in secret. Also, because she uses only her own blood, she's limited in what magic she can use and how much she can use it.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Played with in ask Niggertron. He frequently mocks African American stereotypes, and uses the word "nigger" a lot, but he's not particularly serious about any of it.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Trixie in asked the fallen hero. She is being controlled by "The Fargments of Gallopfey" and now cannot remember the "Alicorn Amulet incident". It exaggerates Trixie's hate for Twilight to the point that she wants to Kill her and makes her gain traits of a sexual predator.
  • Break the Cutie: The whole idea behind Miss Twilight Sparkle, a version of her that was driven to despair by the deaths and/or crazy-fication of all her friends from other blogs (Pinkamina...being Pinkamina, Fluttershy dying, Applejack falling into an alcohol-fueled depression, Lil' Miss Rarity going all crazed sado-masochist, etc...). Word of God states that it might end up more along the lines of Rebuild The Cutie, depending on the direction things end up going. Things have definitely been going this way more recently, although you never know...
  • Break the Haughty: Japplejack, after a series of tragedies and ending up in Canon!Equestria. She ends up becoming a much better pony because of it though.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • Most Ask a Pony blogs seem to employ this by having the character explain why they decided to get a Tumblr. Some go the extra mile by having characters say they speak to off-screen cameras that follow them around.
    • And then there's Vinyl and Derpy Adventures (formerly Ask Human Vinyl and Derpy), an Ask Blog which features Vinyl Scratch trying to figure out how she and Derpy can get more followers.
    • Ask Kid Discord begins with Kid Discord literally breaking the fourth wall on accident.
    • The Crusaders specifically ask Pinkie Pie to teach them how to do this at will so that they can answer questions from their followers while they're crusading without having to be at a computer.
  • Brown Note: Apparently, Pun Pony's musical capabilities are "weaponized", as was seen when she tried the cello, lyre, and even the DJ system.
  • Buxom Is Better: Inverted, and the entire point behind The Plight of Busty Derpy.
  • Byronic Hero: Though there are many Doctor Whooves blogs with a Dark Doctor; Non take the cake more then the "Ask the Fallen Heroes" Doctor. He is rather cold to everyone except for Twilight, he has a disgust for politics and overbearing guilt for the accidental death of his mother. Compared to many other Doctors he's a stick in the mud, making only a few jokes and being rather reserved then goofy. But the difference between him and many other Dark Doctors, is that whenever faced with tragedy he always moves on from it, never staying depressed or angry. This makes him seem a lot more cold and unfeeling compared to other Doctors who stay depressed with their personal tragedies.
  • Cain and Abel: Discord and his little brother Pakak from Ask Pony Discord. Pakak apparently stood against Discord to protect ponies during his reign. Discord is still bitter about it.
  • Cardboard Box Home: Diane from the Clone That Got Away lives in one. She eventually gets sick because of it, prompting one of her friends to take her home and let her stay with him.
  • Cerebus Retcon:
  • Cerebus Rollercoaster: Rainbow-less Dash. It started out as a grimdark, story driven blog about Rainbow Dash struggling to live with her guilt over murdering Scootaloo, then it was rebooted into a lighthearted slice of life blog, and then it planned to be rebooted again as a semi-grimdark Dead Rising 2 parody. Then that got put on the backburner and the blog currently remains in the Lighter and Softer reboot.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Spoofed in Firestarter Spitfire. When Lightning Dust reveals herself and explains how she's trapped Spitfire in her own psyche, the plot takes a sudden turn for Lovecraft-style Cosmic Horror. Naturally, Spitfire immediately calls her out on trying to turn the previously comedic tumblr into a Cosmic Horror story, complete with a background of the plot (in the form of a train) being crushed by an anvil.
  • Character Blog: ....Kinda the point.
  • Character Development: Miss Twilight Sparkle has become less suicidal, and may even be pulling herself back from her Despair Event Horizon. In her own universe, Pinkamena has gotten several Pet the Dog moments with her version of Twilight, and ''another'' Pinkamena has become much more mellow after starting a relationship with The Master. Perhaps most impressive, after losing her sister to Discord in Shed.Mov, Jappleack has transformed from a Jerkass of the highest degree to a Nice Girl and become The Hero.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Earlier in Ask Genie Twilight, it's revealed that Genies are created from an artifact called a Dragon's Tear, something only created when a dragon cries in severe anguish, such as when one dies. While there's no documentation of a living dragon making one, it's theorized this is possible. Spike's anguish at Twilight, his adopted mother, being forced to kill him and others while underVicegerent Zathir's mind control proves powerful enough to create one, which proves not only powerful enough to tank the brainwashed Twilight's attacks, but absorb them and send them right back at Zathir and enable Spike and the others to start destroying his brainwashing device.
    • It turns out that Fluttershy's bad fang from "Bats!" is one in this universe as it's used to get bat venom needed to save Spike's eye after Zathir stabbed it, a Vampire Fruit Bat's venom having healing properties having been mentioned earlier.
  • Chickification: Twilight gets hit with this hard in Ask Princess Sparkle'sOnyx arc. She spends pretty much the entire arc weak willed and on the verge of an emotional breakdown over having to face one murderer after having felled at least three godlike villains, and bursts into tears like a child when the Elements fail to kill Onyx. To be fair, serial killers are a RARITY in Equestria to the point one like Onyx hasn't been heard of in thousands of years.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Arrowhead from Ask Four Inept Guardponies dreams of distinguishing herself as a guard so much that Celestia will grant her her own harem of alicorn stallions.
  • Clock Punk: Clockwise Whooves. Ponies, Doctor Who, and Clock Punk in one blog! And it looks nice too.
  • Cloudcuckoolander:
    • Pinkie (usually), Screwball and Surprise, for starters. Derpy is often cast in this role as well.
    • Ask Stoned Trixie comes off as this due know.
    • Roboshi is also this on occasion.
  • Comedic Sociopath: Human!Bubble Berry.
  • The Corrupter: Statued Discord seems to be aiming to be this to Baby Discord.
  • Costume Porn: Derpy's Photo Shoot, a blog featuring Derpy as Photo Finish's new model, occasionally uses this trope.
  • Crazy-Prepared: The Master from ask the fallen heroes. See Big Bad
  • Crapsack World:
    • Equestria in Discorded Whooves. Besides Ponyville itself (which is described below under Wretched Hive), the battle against Discord wasn't a single incident as in the show, but a cataclysmic Great Off Screen War that's left Equestria in shambles and Celestia and Luna powerless to help their people try to rebuild due to having lost much of their power in the war.
    • Also the one from Ask Stalkerloo, but to a much lesser extent. (Read: she's harmless.)
    • Blank Apple Bloom, being Apple Bloom after she has been turned intoa flesh eating zombie, has many shades of this. She even eats her own sister.
  • Crossover: Happens quite a bit, some blogs will plan out little crossover stories or sometimes they'll just make shout outs to each other. And of course there's all the Doctor Whooves and traditional crossover blogs.
    • Vocational Death Cruise was a Crisis Crossover which fittingly, albeit unitentionally, killed off a large chunk of the pony askblogs at the time due to both poor management and most people not realizing that they had to invest a lot of time they didn't actually have into it.
    • It has gotten to the point where it is basically a Shared Universe, which is doubly funny considering how wildly the art styles vary and how many characters have multiple blogs (which also have crossed over with one another).
    • The general opinion (postulated by various versions of Doctor Whooves) seems to be that the Ponyverse itself is shattered to pieces, containing multiple versions of the same characters. Suddenly, those scenes in the show where you see the same background pony more than once make a lot more sense.
    • A very common reason for a crossover pic is one blog starts following another one, leading that blog to make a crossover pic. Predictably, this can get a bit disturbing when Molestia is involved.
    • Also when several blogs share the same setting even when they were not originally intended to be in the same canon; so far Ask Ghostly Scootaloo is well on the way to having its own villainous group with Doctor HoofSing, Professor ElCee,Prism Dust (made by the same author as G-Scoots) and Kuleco all involved.
    • Taken to a much larger degree than usual with blogs such as The Coop, which is a collection of multiple Scootaloo based blogs in a single house. It's as chaotic as you would guess. Most of them wound up being shut down however.
  • Cruel Mercy: Genie Twilight decides to spare Vicegerent Zathir's life and no send him to Tartarus not because she's feeling kind (given all the monstrous actions Zathir has done, including nearly murdering her adopted son, she certainly isn't) but because he's a Fantastic Racist towards Genies that feels Genies should be slaves with no status, so spending his life in prison knowing Twilight is a Princess of Equestria is already an Ironic Hell for him in and of itself.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Implied to have been the result of Genie!Twilight vs Alicorn Amulet boosted Trixie. While Trixie was stronger than any normal unicorn, Genie Twilight was still far more powerful than her.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Cteno Phorae is a "goo pony". She has a skeleton, but the rest of her is some sort of organic slime that can change shape and color at will. WARNING: Often NSFW!
  • Cuteness Overload: Ruby Pinch and Chubbies carry the risk of causing this trope a lot. And yes, they HAVE been sued forcausing heart attacks.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: The Cyberponies of Ask Mister Clever like the Cybermen they were based on.
  • Darker and Edgier: There's a Grimdark version of each of the Mane Six, and then some.
  • Dark Is Not Evil:
    • Dusk from Ask Flutterstalker.
    • Despite being a witch and the pony equivalent of a Deep One Hybrid, Ipsywitch is friendly, good-natured, and saves using her powers and companions to inflict awful fates for those who genuinely deserve them.
    • Changeling Queen Papillon from Papillon's Hive may be a Queen like Chrysalis and look just as monstrous, but she's also benevolent and seeks nothing more than peace with Equestria. She does convert ponies into Changelings, but only at their own request. However, don't threaten her children or her hive if you know what's good for you.
  • Dead Fic: Many of the askblogs wind up being abandoned or simply vanish, usually with the creator outright vanishing themselves.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Discord Whooves.
  • Death Seeker: The Doctor from Ask the Fallen Heroes gives off this vibe after being Stabbed in the chest. Saying that he isn't sad that he is dying and that Twilight shouldn't care for him. And acts resentful after finding out he was saved. Twilight also becomes this briefly later on in the story.
  • Death Is Cheap: In Question Pinkamena (A Cupcakes!Pinkie blog that is Black Comedy instead of grimdark), anyone killed by Pinkamena revives sometime later with no memory of their death. She kills Serious Rainbow, who, thanks to being a member of the Serious Foundation, just respawns five seconds later. When asked why she's not mad, Serious Rainbow replies this is the seventieth time she's died. Her first death was really the only one Played for Drama due to it being a Killed Off for Real in her original universe, causing her to be reincarnated into another. It's so cheap that Serious Rainbow lets Brainy Twilight (a version of Twilight who turned herself into a Brain in a Jar for various reasons) make her a Brain in a Jar and let her body die. Just to see what would happen due to the respawning tech. You get two Serious Rainbows, one of which is aBrain in a Jar.
  • Decon-Recon Switch: According to Word of God, Ask Twilight and Copycat is intended to be this for "Too Many Pinkie Pies", as the creator was tired of all the GrimdarkDeconstructions of the episode and wanted to do a Lighter and Softer take closer to how the show would handle it.
  • Deconstruction Fic: Ask The Fallen Heroes deconstructs the Doctor Whooves character by taking common trends for the character and elaborates on them or downright denies them. For example, "Why would the Doctor not take Derpy?" Because he barely knows her and doesn't care for uninteresting people. Another example, "Why does the Doctor hate pears?" The answer is he doesn't, he hates all fruits with skin. If you were to take off the skin, he thinks it's perfectly fine.
  • Dem Bones: By her own admission, Cteno isn't actually a goo pony — she's the skeleton underneath the goo, and sort of "wears" the goo to look more like a normal pony.
  • Depraved Bisexual:
    • Pinkamina, Scootaloo the Sadist and Lil Miss Rarity, provided that none of them are Psycho Lesbians.
    • Both Discord Whooves and The Master also fit the bill, though the latter tends to be considerably more...forceful about it.
  • Depraved Dentist: Averted by Doctor Colgate. If only because despite what she seems to believe, she's not a dentist. Not even close. Though not for lack of effort.
  • Die Laughing: The fate of whoever hears the Killing Joke that is sealed inside of Pun Pony. Discord is subject to it after she recovered from being corrupted by him.
  • Dimensional Traveller: Almost everyone. Despite being alternate universes, blogs have no problem interacting with one another. Sometimes it's justified, other times not, but frequently lampshaded.
  • Doom Magnet: Ember from Ask Ember-Bell. She has Resurrective Immortality and is reborn in a new universe every time she dies. But her mere presence inevitably causes The End of the World as We Know It for the universe she's been born into.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: In Ask Four Inept Guardponies, castle maid Atjour Service routinely sexually harasses Bastion, apparently in revenge for the fetishization of her job (which Bastion had nothing to do with, she admits to picking him at random) and Bastion is visibly uncomfortable around her (when he's not outright terrified ). This is played entirely for laughs. Only Arrowhead has presented any actual objection to this, but Atjour shrugged it off by claiming that her actions could very well lead to Bastion becoming better at his job (somehow).
  • Dragged Off to Hell: This is Onyx's fate when the mane cast finally defeat him, sending the psychopathicSerial Killer to Tartarus for the rest of his life.
  • The Dreaded: Princess Cadence in Ask Four Inept Guardponies, to the point where guards named "Spinestomper" and "Skullcrusher" are afraid to be tasked as her guards.
  • Driven to Suicide: Even ignoring blogs where this turns up in the plot, there are entire blogs dedicated to this theme. Examples include "Ask Suicidal Scootaloo" (with bonus points for Scootaloo being an orphan because her dad ran off when she was little and her mother shot herself afterwards) and "Ask Suicidal Rainbow Dash".
  • Drowning Pit: Mafia Octavia is subjected to the "cement block" variety by Trixie. Only the timely arrival of Pirate Dash saves her life.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In one of the earliest posts of Dan Vs. FiM, Fluffle Pufftalks.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending:
    • Pregnant Scootaloo.
    • Ask Paranoid Twilight.
  • Easter Egg: The Ask Loony Loona blog had a few secret messages in her posts hidden quite ingeniously. They can usually be seen by dragging the images over the black or white areas.
  • Eldritch Abomination:
    • Ask Eldritch Discord.
    • Loona from Loonadventure (formerly, Ask Loony Loona).
    • Flutterstalker's companion, Dusk, appears to be a rare benevolent example.
    • Appelox from the Ask Japplejack blog.
  • Emo Teen:
    • Rarity comes off as one in Ask Sadistic Rarity.
    • Meanie Belle pretends to be this.
    • Grim Dark Big Macintosh tries to be this, but he's really a goofysweetheart.
    • Jappleack appears as one on an occasion.
  • Equestria-Shattering kaboom: The result of Hot-Blooded Pinkie getting carried away playing a game of "Pin the meteor on the donkey" with Cranky.
  • Establishing Character Moment: This post shows that this Doctor is a natural leader, and will not tolerate unneeded violence.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Rainbow Dash of Factory Scootaloo may be a mass murderer, but she styles herself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist because she believes the Pegasus Grinder allows "failure" pegasi to still bring some good to Equestria by way of their Spectra. So when Serious Rainbow informs her that there's a version of the Rainbow Factory that grinds up pegasi purely For the Evulz, she is rightly sickened and pissed off.
  • Even the Mares Want Her: Pepper Mint, AKA Twist after a run-in with some Poison Joke, is loved by everyone, fillies, colts, mares and stallions alike. VERY loved. To the point of mobbing her in the street, or trying to drag her away for age-appropriate activities. Or, in the case of Pinkie Pie, attempt to love her with an axe.
  • Everyone Has Standards: There are quite a few images that Roboshi of the Crufavers will never fav.
  • Evil Twin: Azure Lulamoon from the Ask Stalker Trixie blog.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Most of the titles, though there are exceptions.
  • Expy:
  • Eyes Always Shut: In the Ask Corrupted Twilight Sparkle blog, Fluttershy's stare is so amplified by Twilight's dark magic that she must do this.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Vinyl at the end of Ask Mafia Octavia's first act.
  • Face on a Milk Carton: The Cutie Mark Crusaders find them on a nearby milk stand upon returning to Ponyville from the Vocational Death Cruise.
  • Fanservice:
    • The whole point of Ask a Bishōnen Pony. Even lampshaded by the author.

    ArtieDrawings:I assure lots of shirtless-bishonen fanservice. <3

  • Flanderization: Played for laughs in Ask Jappleack, in which Applejack's southern heritage is pushed Up to Eleven. In short, she goes from "hard-working cowgirl" to "sibling-beating Southern Baptist Nazi."
  • Flat "What": Twilight from Ask the fallen Hero dose this quite often.
  • Follow the Leader:
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot
  • Franchise Zombie: Blog Zombie in this case: Cocktress's Ask Pinkamina blogs has been "taken" up by currently three other artist who mostly just reused his old jokes without any charm his blog did until they die and are taken up by the next.
  • Freudian Trio: Anchors is the Id, while Yellowtdash and Roboshi are the Super Ego and Ego respectively.
  • Friendly Enemy: Twilight and Chrysalis seem to be entering this stasis in the Dan Vs/Fluffle Puff blogs, due to their mutual dislike of Dan and fondness for Fluffle Puff.

    Question: Twilight! Chrysalis is abusing your Dan!

    Twilight: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. Would you like some tea, Miss Chrysalis?

    Chrysalis: Very well. We will be in our lair. *rolls Fluffle Puff away*

  • Friendly Rivalry:
    • Carrot Top & Applejack in Carrot Top's Garden.
    • Ask Octavia says she has one with Lyra. They once had a standing contest.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Statued Discord.
  • Future Me Scares Me: Kid Discord doesn't really like the alternate adult versions of himself for one reason or another.
  • Gag Boobs:
  • Gender Reveal: Crackle is a girl, apparently
  • Genie in a Bottle: Genie Twilight establishes this is par for course for Genies, though in Twilight's case, her bottle is basically a fancy bed instead of a prison once Spike released her shortly after she became a Genie.
  • Gentle Giant:
MLP Animation - Ask Ponies - Twilight Sparkle


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