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Stardew Valley: Leah's Statue Conspiracy Explained

By Brittni Finley


Though it was never fully solved, it's possible that the Stardew Valley community may have pieced together a treasure map with one of Leah's statues.

Many Stardew Valley fans will know of Leah, an artist living near Marnie's farm. They might even know of the statue that the player character receives if they've befriended her. There are many statues that players may have seen Leah work on or display throughout Stardew Valley's seasons. However, one specific statue leads to a treasure hunt that has yet to be completed by the community.

Players will receive this specific sculpture of Leah's during her sixth heart event when she shows up at the farmhouse door. The sculpture is titled "How I Feel About <Farmer's Name>" and though it may look like any other abstract creation, it's thought to be correlated with the secret locked boxes located around Pelican Town.

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Stardew Valley's Locked Boxes

There are a number of boxes hidden around Pelican Town, and their locations can be revealed if players stumble upon a certain lost book, what the community has come to call the Incomprehensible Lost Book. While it initially may just look like gibberish, stringing together the first letter of each word will reveal the locations of three boxes—a brown box north of the Blacksmith, a metal box in the back of the Stardrop Saloon, and a chest in Vincent's room—and what goes into each of them.

By interacting with these boxes in a certain way, namely, putting a predetermined item inside, players will be rewarded with a statue (not one of Leah's statues) to use as decoration. Put a Duck Mayonnaise in the Saloon's box to earn the ??Pinky Lemon?? statue, a Strange Bun in Vincent's chest for ??Foroguemon??, and a Super Cucumber in the brown box to get ??HMTGF??. It's not been officially confirmed, but it's thought that the box behind JojaMart and Mayor Lewis' plant box can also be interacted with similarly.

The Shape of Leah's Statue

Moving forward from the secret boxes, the conspiracy of Leah's statue is fairly easy to grasp, though the information for it is spread out across the internet. Essentially, the statue that Leah gifts the farmer is in the shape of a loop, and when that loop is put over the top of Pelican Town—the main portion that consists of the Saloon, Pam's trailer, the Blacksmith, and so on—it crosses over the locations of those three established boxes as well as the two that haven't been confirmed to work.

The loop also crosses over other spots, such as the Clinic, George and Evelyn's, and around the Community Center area. It's thought that Harvey's clipboard may have something to do with this secret as it's interactable but doesn't show any reaction. George and Evelyn's mailbox would also make sense as it's a box so, presumably, it could take an item if programmed to. As for the Community Center, there's no specific "box" in question, but, as players know, there's plenty of empty space around the building, the playground, the fountain, and the trees out front. It's possible that there's something hiding in the areas that players haven't found yet.

It's unclear if these are related, but players can obtain the Solid Gold Lewis statue by solving Secret Note #19, and it can be placed around Pelican Town. Players can speak with the truck driver at JojaMart and give him a Rabbit's Foot in exchange for a Special Charm. And by shaking the bush behind the park next to the Community Center at noon, players will receive a giant Junimo plush, which operates very similarly to a statue. So it's possible that these are also part of the secrets laid out by Leah's loop statue, but the loop on the image shown above was poorly drawn.

Unfortunately, the evidence behind Leah's statue and how it ties into Pelican Town tapers off from there. The Stardew Valley fanbase has largely moved away from attempting to solve this mystery, if it even is one. It could just be an odd coincidence that the loop of Leah's statue happens to pass over three boxes when overlayed on the map of Pelican Town in a specific way.

Stardew Valley is out now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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How to Unlock the Statue of Endless Fortune in Stardew Valley

Farming in Stardew Valley will only get players so far, as they continue their journey, they'll need more supplies and the Statue of Fortune.

The Statue of Endless Fortune is a useful item that can be purchased within Stardew Valley. Offering a varying new item every day for the player to enjoy and put to good use. How does one get this item? Well, it doesn't come cheap.

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Players can purchase the statue for one million gold. On top of that towering price tag, this statue can only be purchased within the Casino. The secret Casino, which requires a Club Card to access.

Where to Purchase the Statue of Endless Fortune in Stardew Valley and How to Unlock it

While a Club Card may not seem like a hard thing to get, it will take quite a bit of investing time and energy if the player isn't already hoarding resources for just-in-case moments like these. It's all in the prep work. Here's how to get a Club Card and infiltrate the Casino.

Step One: Take a Battery Pack to the Dark Tunnel

  • Past the bus, head into the darkened tunnel. Between the two dim lights will be a lockbox on the wall. Place the battery pack inside of this lockbox to start the quest for a Club Card. Once placed inside, the player will find the first of a long line of notes that will lead the player through this quest. Players can collect a battery pack from a lightning rod after a storm, a solar panel after seven sunny days, or purchase from the Traveling Cart or Carpenter's Shop.

Step Two: Take a Rainbow Shell to the Train Station

  • As instructed by the note found within the lockbox, players will need to take a Rainbow Shell to the Train Station and drop it inside the empty box there. After doing so, they will receive the next note to the next area. Rainbow Shells can be collected on the beach during the summer. Outside of this season, they can sometimes be purchased or gifted to the player. There is a very small chance of catching one at a Rainbow Trout pond as well.

Step Three: 10 Beets to the Mayor's House

  • Based on the previous instructions, players must harvest and place 10 beets within the Mayor's fridge for the next part of the adventure. Beets can be grown six days after being planted, or purchased from the Oasis. Collect the next note, that is a bit less straightforward than the last two.

Step Four: The Sand Dragon's Last Meal

  • This set of instructions takes a bit more of an abstract eye to figure out. Players will need to get a Solar Essence and place it within the mouth of the dinosaur bones above Oasis. Solar Essence can be dropped by several different monsters including Ghosts, Iridium Bats, Metal Heads, Haunted Skulls, Squid Kids, Mummies, Hot Heads, and Magma Sprites. Sunfish can also produce Solar Essence if put in a pond. Otherwise, players can buy the essence for cheap from Krobus.

Step Five: Check the Wood Pile at Home

  • This next set of instructions lets the player know that whoever left these notes knows exactly who is taking care of their errands. Simply head home and check the woodpile on the player's porch. Inside should be a Club Card.

With this in hand, the player can head straight down to the Oasis. Go down the long back hallway and speak to the man in the doorway. Show him the Club Card and have the character be aggressive about it. The man will move out of the way, revealing the speakeasy Casino. To the right of the purple bear-shaped vending machine is a man. Speak to him and he'll offer the Statue of Endless Fortune for sale at one million gold. Players may still need to save up for this purchase in the meantime.

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Stardew Valley is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.


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India MacGregor is a writer, illustrator and gamer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is a Full Sail graduate with her bachelor's degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. As a connoisseur of high fantasy and post-apocalyptic media, she prides herself on digging up lore.

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15 Best Items In Stardew Valley That You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Stardew Valley is one of those games that is way, way larger and much more in-depth than it appears at first glance. When the player first inherits their grandfather's farm, they'll be expecting a quaint farming simulator. After a few in-game weeks, however, it becomes obvious that there is a lot more to this beautiful game than meets the eye.

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The average player can spend hundreds of hours playing Stardew without ever finding all the items and secrets the game has to offer. From weird unexplained secrets to useful tools, here are some of the best items you can obtain that you might not have known about.

Updated on April 12, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Stardew Valley recently received the 1.5 update, which brought with it a ton of new content. Much of this content comes in the form of new items, many of which are really great, but a bit hidden. We've updated this list to include some of these items. 

15 Statue of True Perfection

Spoilers ahead: If you manage to gain access to Qi's Walnut Room on Ginger Island, you'll notice a cat statue with a board that has some information on it. This is the perfection tracker, and it'll keep a record of a number of things you need to do for 100% completion.

Manage to complete all of the tasks listed on this board, and you'll be rewarded with the Statue of True Perfection when you interact with the board again. This statue produces a Prismastic Shard every single day.

14 Mini-Obelisk

On Fall 2 in your first year (or whenever, if you're already past that date before you update your game), you'll unlock access to the Special Orders board in town. Here, you'll find special requests from the citizens of Stardew Valley.

One of these, titled "A Curious Substance," tasks you with finding some Ectoplasm for the Wizard. Complete the quest and he'll give you the recipe for the Mini-Obelisk. By crafting two of these and placing them on your farm, you can warp between them. This makes traveling from one side of your farm to another (or from wherever you want to wherever else you want) a breeze.

13 Horse Flute

Another item you'll find inside Qi's Walnut Room is the Horse Flute, which can be purchased for 50 Qi Gems. This useful item will call your horse to wherever you are (within reason, of course).

It won't call your horse to anywhere indoors. However, you can use it to call your horse to the Desert or Ginger Island.

12 Ostrich Eggs

For the players who love raising animals, there's some good news. The most recent update added a new animal: Ostriches. However, it may be a while before you can manage to raise them on your farm.

First, you'll need an Ostrich Egg Incubator, which you can only make with a recipe given to you by Professor Snail after completing all of the fossil sets at the Island Field Office. Then, you'll need an Ostrich Egg, which is somewhat rare, but can be found with the help of Journal Scrap #10 or in the Volcano Dungeon as a monster drop.

Ostriches produce eggs every seven days. These eggs sell for anywhere from 600 to 1,440 gold, depending on their quality and your Farming profession choice. But, place them into a Mayonnaise Machine, and they'll produce ten Mayonnaise of the same quality, which is impressive.

11 Iridium Krobus

One of the newest items added to the game is very well-hidden, and you might not ever find it without someone telling you it exists. This item is the Iridium Krobus, which is a statue of everyone's favorite Sewer friend, but in Iridium form.

To find this statue, you need to fish in the water below the sewer grate at the south end of Cindersap Forest. But, you can only cast this far if your Fishing level is at 15. "But the skill levels only go up to 10!" you may be saying. That's true, but you can increase them with buffs.

To get a Fishing level of 15, you'll need to do one of two things: Your first option is to reach Level 10 in Fishing, then cook Seafoam Pudding with Qi Seasoning to make it gold quality. Then, max out your cast meter on an Iridium Rod. The second is to enchant your fishing rod at the Volcano Forge with the Master enchantment and consume regular-quality Seafoam Pudding.

Good luck!

10 Projectile Eggs

While exploring the mines, the player will come across various chests on certain floors that contain different items. On level 40 of the mines, the chest rewards the Slingshot, a weapon that normally allows Stone to be shot at enemies.

Shooting a piece of Stone at a villager will decrease the player's friendship with them, which is honestly hilarious. For those looking to make it a little less violent, there's a more humorous option. You can shoot eggs with the slingshot. It'll only deal a tiny bit of damage to enemies, but it's pretty funny to launch them at the villagers you don't like.

9 Junimo Plush

There are a variety of secret notes in Stardew, many of which can lead to treasure and other goodies. One of them, Secret Note #13, leads to a bush behind the community center playground. Here, the player will find a very cute and very cuddly Junimo plush toy.

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The note is not explicitly necessary, and the plush can be found regardless of whether the note has been obtained, but users might not have known where to look without it. Place this cute plush next to the protagonist's bed or in their kids' rooms for a friendly vibe in the room.

8 Void Ghost Pendant

A large and important part of life in Pelican Town is getting to know the locals, and if you're up for it, attempting to romance the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Play your cards right, and you could hear wedding bells in the town square.

But, maybe marriage and romance aren't for you. Maybe you prefer to have a close friend with a platonic bond that transcends romantic love. If this sounds ideal, go out and find a Void Ghost Pendant. This item can be used to "propose" to Krobus, and if he accepts, he'll become the player's new roommate.

7 Weird Statues

Have you taken a gander inside the Lost Books at the town museum? Were you confused by the seemingly-random list of words contained within one of them? If so, here's what's going on: These words are a list of items and locations. If the first letter of each word is taken, there will be some items listed with places next to them. Follow these instructions to be rewarded with some bizarre statues of unknown origin.

For example, DUCK MAYO SALOON advises placing a jar of Duck Mayonnaise in the box in the backroom of the saloon. Do this and the player will be rewarded with the "??Pinky Lemon??" statue. There are three of these statues to collect.

6 Arcade Games

There are some truly grueling achievements in Stardew Valley, including shipping every crop and reaching certain friendship levels with the villagers. Perhaps the most difficult of these, though, is completing the two arcade games in the Saloon: "Journey of the Prairie King" and "Junimo Kart."

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If someone manages to complete these two seemingly-impossible tasks, they'll be rewarded with a rare pair of items for each. The player can receive their very own arcade systems for both games to place on their farm. Time to grab another beer from Gus and settle in, because this one's a grind.

5 Dino Mayo

Mayonnaise has long been a funny choice for farmers in Stardew Valley, as it is liked by almost every villager and very easy to produce. Many players joke about handing out mayonnaise daily to everyone in town. But, Stardew's developer took it one step further in a recent update.

As of this update, players can now turn those extra Dinosaur Eggs into mayonnaise, which is a nice sickly-green. According to its description in-game, it smells like grass and leather. It might not sound like the most appetizing condiment, but it's available for those who want to make a bit more money at the risk of making people potentially sick.

4 Movie Posters

Also in the most recent update was the addition of the movie theatre. This fun attraction will take over the former JojaMart if the Community Center is rebuilt, or the Joja Warehouse if the player sides with JojaCorp. Different movies will play based on the season, which you can take a friend to or see by yourself.

Inside the movie theatre is a crane game where visitors can win some fun prizes, including furniture. Furthermore, did you know you can collect posters for each of the films? It's a fun idea to collect them all but definitely takes some practice at the crane game.

3 Golden Scythe

As any good farmer knows, Stardew Valley lets tools be upgraded, making them more efficient and powerful. But, as the Pickaxe, Watering Can, Hoe, and Axe are upgraded to Iridium quality, the scythe remains at the lowest level. It's not fair!

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Well, after the most recent update, players can now find the Golden Scythe. This new tool has a radius double that of the normal scythe, allows users to cut more hay from the grass on their farm, and inflicts a bit more damage if wielded as a weapon. Head to the Quarry Mine to find it.

2 Trashcan Lid Hat

Digging through people's trash is a staple mechanic of Stardew Valley. Players can find everything from bread to diamonds for free. The only downside is that some villagers will think you're weird for rooting through the bins outside the houses and businesses of Pelican Town and, if caught, could result in the loss of some friendship points with them.

But, if super lucky, trash diving might be worth it because there is a fantastic piece of apparel to find. The Trash Can Lid Hat has a very rare chance of popping out of one of these cans. This is the peak of fashion.

1 Prismatic Clothing

Once the player has created cloth by spinning wool on their farm, they may receive a visit from Emily. She'll provide access to the sewing machine in her house, which can be used to tailor new outfits and garments from various items.

Throwing together combinations of cloth and items will make a ton of different apparel with diverse styles and colors. But, for those who happen to have some Prismatic Shards lying around, take one to the sewing machine with some cloth. With these two ingredients, the machine can make Prismatic clothing, which changes colors on its own! There are five pieces of the outfit in total to collect.

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Stardew Valley Secrets!

You’d be surprise to find a couple of statues in Stardew Valley. What do these curious structures do? What are they for? Well, don’t worry, we’ll help you find out.

What are Statues in Stardew Valley

There are a couple of things you need to look out for in a statue in Stardew Valley. Many statues are placed all around the Valley. And you’ll have to memorize them in order to make use of them. But you can always visit this guide to know where are they and what’s their use.

Statues around the map of Stardew Valley

There are a lot of statues in Stardew Valley. And these bizarre, yet fascinating items/structure are a mystery for a lot of players. You’ll find them surprising once you do get your hands on them. Keep in mind that these statues, while you might find them to be incredibly rare and mysterious, don’t necessarily mean they do something.

There are only a couple of statues around the world that has its own use and you’ll see down below which among these statues are actually worth keeping.

Check out our latest multiplayer guide!

Statues with Gems

The statue with gem refers to the teleportation statues that you’ll arrive at using Warp Totems.

Warp Totems are purchaseable, earnable, and craftable. These items make it easier for you to warp to certain locations within the Valley. They’re easy to use, but are consumables, so you’ll have to buy another or craft one.

Having trouble installing a mod manager on your device? We got you covered.

Statue of True Perfection

The Statue of True Perfection is a type of item that costs around 1 million gold. You can buy it from one of the NPCs in the Casino.

The Statue of True Perfection will provide you one gift per day. These gifts can be given to any of the love interest NPCs in the game. Another gift will replace them the next day if you aren’t able to collect them. Oh yeah, they aren’t purple star quality.

There is also no limit as to many Statues you can purchase.

Statues of Endless Fortune

This statue is a reward from Grandpa’s Shrine candle quest, given that all four were lit. It will be the best statue to get first before getting the True Perfection Statue. This statue will produce iridium ores each day, so yeah, get it as soon as you’re able to finish the quest.

And that’s it for this guide. If you like what you see, consider checking our latest posts. We cover everything from the best mods, game guides, and everything Stardew Valley-related. Happy farming!

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Statues stardew valley

Stardew Valley: What Statues are & How to Use Them

Published onSharon Coone

Home » Guides » Stardew Valley: What Statues are & How to Use Them

What Statues Are & How to Use Them in Stardew Valley

If you’re just jumping into Stardew Valley, you may have noticed a number of statues lying around town. Their purpose is mysterious, but their nifty function will be revealed as you gain more crafting recipes.

These statues are actually used for teleportation in Stardew Valley — once you unlock and craft the appropriate totem, you can use the totem to fast travel to its designated statue.

Warp Totem: Beach can be used to teleport to the beach statue. Its recipe unlocks at Foraging level 6, and you’ll need Hardwood (1), Coral (2), and Fiber (10) to craft it.

Warp Totem: Mountains will teleport you to the mountains statue. Its recipe is available at Foraging level 7, and requires Hardwood (1), Iron Bar (1), and Stone (25).

Finally, Warp Totem: Farm teleports you to your house statue. You’ll get the recipe at Foraging level 8, and will need Hardwood (1) and Honey (1).

Use totems as you would food, by right clicking while they are selected in your hotbar. Keep in mind that these totems are single use, so consume responsibly.

Now that you know what Stardew Valley statues are for, you can continue to live your humble, farming life. For more tips, tricks, and everything Stardew Valley, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

Stardew Valley - How to EASILY Get the Statue Of Perfection - Beginner Tips and tricks


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