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“This is certainly a very neat idea, and the company is putting its money where its mouth is regarding the frame-rate estimations.”

“Their BLD program translates hardware into performance. Finally, no one will ever wonder how good their computer will perform in the games they want to play.”

“There’s something lovely about having a PC that comes with a set of guaranteed predicted frames-per-second targets for the games I planned.”

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The NZXT BLD Kit is for people who want to build a gaming desktop PC for the first time but might not know where to start or are intimidated by the process. You don't need to hunt for parts on Amazon or fight scalpers on reselling sites for graphic cards. NZXT will send you one big box with everything you need, including an impressive guide book.

The BLD Kit comes in two configurations: an Intel-based Starter Pro Kit for $1,399 (£1,018, AU$1,890, converted) and an AMD-based Streaming Plus Kit for $1,599 (£1,165, AU$2,160, converted). I built the Streaming Plus Kit and the experience was surprisingly wonderful. You can scroll down to the bottom to see the full component lists for both builds.


It's all in there, sort of

The unboxing experience was straightforward. NZXT is a system integrator, meaning it gathers components from multiple manufacturers. Sometimes it buys stock in bulk, so some of the components, including the motherboard and CPU, weren't in retail packaging. There are some quality control issues that I ran into, though nothing major. For example, although everything worked, my motherboard was incomplete and missing the rear I/O shield and manual. 

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When I realized it was missing, I reached out to NZXT's chat support on its website. Getting to a live chat representative took a few clicks to get past the customer service bot. But even with the bot slowing me down, I was able to get my missing I/O shield shipped overnight within a total of 20 minutes. The motherboard manual never did arrive. 

It might not sound like much, but at the end of the day, you'll want the motherboard manual. The BLD Kit booklet will often point you to it for auxiliary information so my experience was a bit incomplete. 

The instructions are... interesting

What sets BLD Kit apart from just gathering PC components from Amazon or Newegg is what NZXT provides for its BLD Kit customers. In the box, there's an illustrated booklet with over 180 pages of instructions. This booklet is well written with full-color illustrations that can guide many first-time PC builders. NZXT presents building the desktop as a quest. You "discover" components in ruins as you go through the steps of the build. This makes the process much more enjoyable. But it's not without its faults. There are some over-simplifications and generalizations of instructions that can trip up new builders.


In the illustrated guide, the cable management diagram is downright confusing and intimidating. If I'd never built a PC before, I'd be totally lost. The downfall of the illustration is using color-coordinated labels for cables. It just doesn't match what you see in real life. When you're looking at an open PC, you just see an octopus of black cables. As opposed to the bright colors in the booklet.

The illustrated booklet also has the challenge of needing to make sense with different models of components. For example, the printed labels on the motherboard's cooling pump header did not match the example names listed in the book. The labeling was different enough that I felt I needed help to be sure I would get it right the first time.

NZXT has created a dedicated phone support line for BLD Kit customers. When I called the hotline, it placed me directly into a queue and within a minute I was connected directly with a tech. 


After giving my order information, the tech was able to pull up the specific components I had. The tech asked what I was having trouble with. Referencing which chapter I was in and step I was on, they were able to guide me, telling me the specific label I should look for on the motherboard in front of me. This detailed help is something that will make a huge difference for anyone who is worried about doing their first build alone. Knowing that help is a phone call away will give someone the confidence to take the leap and try to build their first desktop PC on their own.   

It's important to note, however, that my BLD Kit experience was during a review period for press. It's safe to assume that both the web chat customer service agent and the dedicated hotline tech were on their best behavior.

NZXT has also said it would replace parts if you accidentally damage a component in a build. I specifically asked about bent pins on the CPU, one of the more expensive parts of a PC, and it said the component would be replaced free of charge.


The BLD Kit also has a set of instructional videos that work in tandem with the booklet. At the beginning of each chapter there is a QR code that links to a video for that specific step. There are also QR codes on each component that link to the relative videos. 

At the time of writing, about half of the instructional videos were made available to me. They are well produced with closeups of small details that the illustrations might have missed. The videos are short and to the point. However, some videos use acronyms and language that only seasoned PC builders would know, so I expect first-time builders to watch these two or three times.

Fine-tuning after the build 

One issue that I see arising is the lack of instructions after powering on the PC. NZXT currently does not provide any guidance on BIOS settings, including enabling XMP. Without XMP enabled, it's likely that your RAM will operate at a lower speed than advertised. That was the case for my BLD Kit. In my case, the RAM in the system operated at 2,400MHz instead of the advertised 3,200MHz. 

I spoke with NZXT about this and it said it's something it is looking to address  in future revisions in videos and the booklet so people will have access to it. It remains to be seen how quickly NZXT will be able to implement this, but it's good that it's aware of the issue. The BLD Kit has already enabled NZXT's customers to build their own PC, and really they should also be shown a bit of the advanced software side of the building experience as well. 

The NVMe drive comes with Windows 10 preloaded on it. NZXT says that BLD kits with Windows 11 will ship at a later date. I was able to check my PC and it is compatible with a Windows 11 upgrade. You'll have plenty of Windows 10 updates to do, however. The good thing is that the instructions do link to a blog post that explains how to download and install the latest GPU and motherboard drivers.

The results are right on the money

Building your own desktop is a satisfying experience, and the NZXT BLD Kit makes the process painless, for the most part. The price is a bit higher than buying parts separately by about $100. However, I found an almost identically specced prebuilt computer at a big box store that was way more expensive than the BLD Kit by a few hundred dollars. I expect prices to fluctuate as retailers struggle with supply chain issues. What this does mean is that NZXT's BLD Kits are competitively priced, even if you do have to build it yourself. What you're getting isn't just a working desktop, but also the confidence and ability to upgrade the machine. Adding more RAM or upgrading the GPU won't feel as daunting.

Overall the BLD Kit instructions are well put together. The illustrations keep the process fun for all ages. Getting from start to finish takes about 2 hours and could be just as entertaining as doing a jigsaw puzzle or assembling a Lego kit. But at the end of it, you have a fully functioning PC for school, work or gaming. 

Starter Pro Kit

Price $1,399
Case NZXT H510
Motherboard Asrock B560 Pro4
CPU Intel Core i5-11400F
Memory 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
Graphics Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Gaming OC
Storage 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Cooling Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2
Networking Wi-Fi dual-band wireless PCIe adapter card
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Streaming Plus Kit

Price $1,599
Case NZXT H510
Motherboard MSI B550-A Pro
CPU AMD Ryzen 5600X
Memory 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
Graphics Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Gaming OC
Storage 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Cooling NZXT Kraken M22 120mm Liquid cooler
Networking Wi-Fi dual-band wireless PCIe adapter card
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Home

New Kit Makes Building A Gaming PC As Easy As Putting Together A Model

An illustration showing parts for putting together a gaming PC from NZXT.

Building a gaming PC for the first time can feel like an incredibly daunting task. Between gathering the required parts, making sure they all work together, fiddling with delicate wires, and trying not to destroy expensive components, the entire process is anxiety-inducing. Hardware maker NZXT now offers what I consider a genius solution to those first-time PC-building jitters by bundling together parts with step-by-step instructions, a tool kit, and covering the whole thing with a two-year warranty, just in case.

Aimed squarely at first-time builders working up the nerve to get their hands dirty, NZXT’s new BLD kits are designed to hold your hand through the entire procedure. Each kit comes with a box filled with clearly labeled parts that are guaranteed to join together into a working gaming PC. That includes the case, motherboard, CPU, storage, memory, power supply, video card, cooling fans, and even a copy of Windows 11. All the tools, screws, and thermal paste you’ll need for assembly are in the box.

What really makes the BLD kit something special is the illustrated instruction book. Like instructions for a Lego set, the book walks new builders through every step. It’s called the Adventurer’s Map for PC Building, very wistful. Different building steps are presented as different adventure levels, with simple illustrations as well as QR code links to video walkthroughs.

A picture of the instruction book that comes with the NZXT BLD kit, showing how to install memory.

Once you’ve finished the book, you should wind up with a pretty cool little gaming PC. The BLD kit comes in two models, the $1,400 Starter Pro and the $1,600 Streaming Plus. Both come with the NZXT’s striking H510 compact mid-tower case (not the NZXT model that used to catch on fire) in either white or black, Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards, and the Kraken liquid CPU cooler.

A finished NZXT BLD kit with a white case with a large tempered glass side panel and purple LEDs.

Yes, it’s still less expensive to source all of your own parts separately. If you can do that, you don’t need something like the BLD kit. NZXT’s PC-in-a-box is for folks want to build their own PC but are afraid they might screw it up. With clear instructions, a fun presentation, and parts picked for their mutual compatibility, it sounds like it’s pretty hard to screw up a BLD. And if you do, everything is under warranty and NZXT has technicians available for emails, calls, and chats.

It sounds a lot more fun than my first PC build, which involved crying, one destroyed motherboard, and an Intel i386 CPU that mysteriously disappeared and remains missing to this very day.



Build nzxt


Build your first gaming PC

It Starts Here

We've got your back. We're seasoned explorers in the world of PC building. By documenting the challenges we've seen on our travels, we were able to break the build process down into something more manageable and fun.

What to Expect from your BLD Kit Adventure:

Select your BLD Kit, we ship it

Open the box and begin your journey

Boot it up and start gaming!

Your Equipment

BLD Kit comes with everything needed for an epic adventure. Just bring some curiosity and a positive attitude. Set off on the voyage with:

  • Detailed instructions with illustrations
  • Linked assembly videos
  • All required components and tools

BLD Kit Guide

We’re Your Faithful Companion

Even the best explorers need a guide. Don't hesitate to ask for help while on your expedition.

  • Illustrations, diagrams, and detailed instructions
  • QR code-linked assembly walkthrough videos
  • Additional help via chat or phone

Meet the Components


The house. This is where everything lives!

The case is an aesthetically pleasing home for all your PC components. NZXT cases have channels to allow for clean cable management and an easy build. The case also serves as an electrical current ground for all of your components.


The translator. The connector. The motherboard gets everything talking.

The motherboard is responsible for distributing power from your PSU to the other components.


The brain. The CPU does the thinking.

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is responsible for taking your request and delegating tasks to various components to be executed.


The desk space. RAM affects the number of tasks that can be efficiently processed at once.

RAM is responsible for pulling programs or files from mass storage into active use. The RAM will pull data from applications in use, acting as the short-term memory.


The garage. This is where you store your stuff.

The SSD is a fast and efficient way to store and access games, apps, files, and more on your computer. SSD stands for solid-state drive, meaning it has no moving parts, which in turn offers less wear and tear, as well as faster access to your stuff.


The engine. A PSU pulls, conditions, and sends power to your components.

A common misconception is that the PSU provides power to the PC. It actually converts the high voltage alternating current (AC) power from your wall outlet to a more manageable direct current (DC). It then regulates the DC output to the different areas of your PC depending on power needs and requirements.

Air Cooler

The A/C unit. Keeps your house cool.

An air cooler mounts to your CPU and uses 1 or 2 fans to move air through a series of thin metal fins. These metal fins house the heat given off by your CPU when it is under load.

AIO Cooler

The Refrigerator. Keeps your CPU running cool.

An All in One cooler is a preassembled pump and radiator combination. The pump pushes a liquid cooling solution through a cold plate mounted on the CPU, which allows the heat from the CPU to be transferred into the liquid, which is then moved to the radiator, which is then cooled by the fans mounted to it. This cycle continues to keep your CPU cool.


The turbocharger. The GPU makes your computer tear through heavy visual loads.

The GPU is in charge of processing all of the visual data of a game or application.


The communications relay.

The Wi-Fi card allows you to access your home Wifi network wirelessly.

“My 14-year old son & I had a fun and challenging, yet not too complicated, experience assembling our BLD Kit. Overall it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun working together to create our customized system. The end result was very satisfying!”

“If I, someone with little base knowledge about the parts that combine to make a PC unit can complete this kit, so can you!”



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