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Item #: SCP-048

Object Class: None (see description)

Special Containment Procedures: The designation SCP-048 is to be retired from the SCP catalog. No future SCPs are to be assigned this number.

Description: SCP-048 has long been considered the "cursed SCP number" by SCP staff: any items given this designation tend to be destroyed, decommissioned, stolen, or otherwise lost to the Foundation, usually through no fault of any individual person. In addition, personnel assigned to SCP-048 in its various incarnations have had a 50% higher rate of turnover due to death, dismemberment, and disciplinary action.

Whether or not the number 048 actually has any supernatural qualities is unknown, but given the superstition around this number, the designation has been removed from the catalog in order to help maintain employee morale.

Addendum 1:This is ridiculous. I'll prove to you superstitious bastards that you're all just being pussies. The restriction on SCP-048 is now removed and assigned to [DATA EXPUNGED]. - Dr. Cortez.

Addendum 2:SCP-048, [DATA EXPUNGED], was accidentally thrown into the trash this morning and lost. In an unrelated incident, Dr. Cortez's arms were accidentally traumatically amputated in a horrific lunchroom blender accident. SCP-048 closed. - O5-11

Addendum 3:SCP-048 has been once again removed from the archives, after it became highly apparent that no such "Vampyre Boat" had ever existed, much less come under Foundation control. It's currently believed that this error occurred when a low-level researcher attempted to save his "awesome story idea" to his hard drive and instead overwrote the blank slot reserved for SCP-048. Said researcher has been removed from any and all archival duties for the time being. - O5-11




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Status: Partially Found

SCP-048 is an article written as part of the SCP Foundation series, which documents a fictional organization's attempts to identify and collect anomalous objects, entities and other articles that violate natural law. Given the codename "The Cursed SCP Number", the article concerns a slot number at the Foundation that if used, will result in the destruction or loss of the object attached to it. The article is a meta reference to various poor quality articles that were written prior to the current version of SCP-048.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before "The Cursed SCP Number" was written, SCP-048 garnered a reputation for being home to several low-quality stories written between 2008 to 2009. Based on SCP-048's discussion page, at least two stories are known to have existed. The first was given the codename of "Joey". In this article, SCP-048 was a medium-sized dog of unknown breed, which could talk, outrun any other dog or human, and even bite through bone. The object referred to itself as "Joey" and became aggressive if someone called it SCP-048. Additionally, while SCP-048 refused to give personal information out during interviews, alcohol consumption would make it more willing to share information about itself, although it would also make it more aggressive when provoked.

Due to "Joey" being deemed a poor quality article, it was taken down on January 21st 2009.[1] However, one last article about SCP-048 briefly appeared on the site prior to "The Cursed SCP Number". Given the codename "Vampyre Boat", it was described by SCP Wiki user Judgedeadd as "an evil ship carrying vampires". Following this, and other below standard SCP-048 articles being written, SCP Wiki user DrClef decided to retire the number, and write "The Cursed SCP Number" on 12th February 2009. In the article, DrClef made reference to "Joey", Vampyre Boat and other old SCP-048 articles as having been "lost, destroyed, decommissioned, stolen, or otherwise lost to the Foundation" in-universe when given the number. A 50% increased staff turnover at SCP-048 compared to other SCPs was also reported, because of the higher risk of staff dying, suffering serious injuries or ultimately facing disciplinary action by the Foundation. Unlike the earlier SCP-048 articles, this one was well-received, earning over 1,200 likes as of the present day.

Not much else is known about other SCP-048 entries. However, based on DrClef's opening post on the discussion page, many SCP-048 stories were created, resulting in the number gaining its dubious reputation.

Availability[edit | edit source]

To date, only one pre-Cursed SCP Number version of SCP-048 is accessible online. "Joey" ultimately remains accessible, not only for being archived by the Wayback Machine while it was still the official SCP-048,[2] but also for being part of a series of decommissioned articles designed to make fun of the worst articles written on the website during its first few years.[3]

The other stories are lost, mainly because of the Wayback Machine not archiving them, as well as the article history for SCP-048 being deleted and re-created so that it only showed revisions of "The Cursed SCP Number". Vampyre Boat's existence is confirmed thanks to SCP Wiki user recounts, as well as an Addendum attached to "The Cursed SCP Number" that describes the article in-universe as having been a story idea from a "low-level researcher" who accidentally overwrote the blank slot for SCP-048 rather than saving it to his hard drive.[4]

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Item #: SCP-048

Object Class: K̶e̶t̶e̶r̶ Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-048 and it’s instances is to be contained in it’s cell, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m airtight steel cube, at all times. Weekly checks for any cracks or holes are mandatory. There is to be absolutely no video surveillance or optical tools of any kind inside SCP-048’s cell. Security personnel will use pre-installed pressure sensors and laser detectors to insure SCP-048’s presence inside the cell.

Description: SCP-048 seems to be a hybrid between multiple SCPs. It has the looks of SCP-966, It is made out of a gelatinous mass of translucent orange slime like SCP-999, SCP-048 causes disruptions in video and photographic surveillance equipment if in it’s cell similar to vivid, disturbing hallucinations like SCP-895, Has a pocket dimension like SCP-106 and more. SCP-048 can “Absorb” it’s Victims and take them to it’s pocket dimension. This pocket dimension consists of bottomless pits and traps. If one is to panic or get paranoid in it’s pocket dimension they will get [DATA REDACTED] and die. If one dies in SCP-048’s pocket dimension their body will be thrown out of the pocket dimension and slowly turn into SCP-048-2. A smaller and weaker version of SCP-048. They will still have all their memories but have decided to work with SCP-048. While SCP-048 can’t talk, SCP-048-2 can. SCP-048 and SCP-048-2 can go through cracks and tiny holes.

Addendum SCP-048-A: The Following is a Report of Dr. Sally (Now SCP-048-2) Locked in a box talking to Dr. ######.

Addendum SCP-048-A

(SCP-048-2 is dragged into containment box)

SCP-048-2: ...What do you want?

Dr. ######: I want to know what convinced you to work with SCP-048.

SCP-048-2: I can’t tell you that.

Dr. ######: SCP-048-2. Explain now or you will be terminated.

SCP-048-2: My name is not SCP-048-2.

Dr. ######: It is now. Tell me what happened.

SCP-048-2: I’d rather die then tell you freaks.

Dr. ######: Last Warning. What did you see or hear?

SCP-048-2: *Stalling*

Dr. ######: Alright. That’s it.

The guards let her out and shot her.

SCP-049-2 Terminated.

Addendum SCP-048-B: The following is a report from an experiment in which is exposed to SCP-048.

SCP-048 was released into SCP-682’s containment area.

SCP-682: *Slowly Comes Closer*

SCP-048: *Slowly Backs Away*

SCP-682: I feel like I remember you someplace. Who are you?

SCP-048: *No Response*

SCP-682: *sigh* Nevermind.

SCP-682 Bites SCP-048 in it’s right ankle.

SCP-048 Falls Over and emits a high-pitched screeching sound.

SCP-682 Proceeds to Rip SCP-048’s head off.

SCP-048’s Head and Body Began to Slowly Melt Away. All instances of SCP-048-2 Vanished.

SCP-048 Terminated.


Yes, one of my favorite SCPs

Object Class: None (See description, lol)

Special Containment Procedures: Future SCPs are to NOT be assigned this number.

Yeah, that's it.

Description: 048 is basically the cursed SCP number. Any SCP given this number is usually lost, or destroyed, or stolen, etc, and it's usually not one person's fault.

Fun Fact: Personnel assigned to 048 have a 50% higher chance of you know, dying.

(Wow, how fun!)

It is currently unknown if the number forty-eight (48) actually has any supernatural qualities, but since it's got everyone down, we removed it so we can keep morale up.

Yeah, because if 048 isn't getting you down, everything else will.

Addendum 1: Dr. Cortez says this is all bullsh*t, just sayin'

Addendum 2: Dr.Cortez is dead. Just kidding, he's only mortally wounded, :)

also we lost 049 again

Addendum 3: "CP-048 has been once again removed from the archives, after it became highly apparent that no such "Vampyre Boat" had ever existed, much less come under Foundation control. It's currently believed that this error occurred when a low-level researcher attempted to save his "awesome story idea" to his hard drive and instead overwrote the blank slot reserved for SCP-048. Said researcher has been removed from any and all archival duties for the time being."       

 - O5-11

that's tough


048 scp



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