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New eBay store opens in Missouri City

Three years ago, 54-year-old James Gordon, owner of the I Sold It on eBay in Missouri City, began looking for a small business venture to run during his retirement.

President of a telecommunications business for 30 years, Gordon wanted to find something that would also allow him to work with his family. His son Christian, who had been actively buying and selling on eBay since 1998, is a manager at the store and his wife, Laurie, works at the store and handles the paperwork.

"We found that many people would ask us to assist them in selling or buying items," he said.

As a result, they began exploring the idea of operating a business venture that would allow them to offer this same service to the community and their research led them to the I Sold It on eBay franchise. In less than two years, the franchise has become the largest seller on eBay, said Gordon.

When looking for a location for his store, the Sugar Land resident was drawn to the Fort Bend area because of its mix of commercial and residential clientele and the growing population of families with above-average household incomes.

"Our services are perfect for those individuals who have been active collectors of items like coins, lithographs, auto parts and unique furniture and who are looking to downsize and convert household treasures to cash," Gordon said.

The store's reception in the community since opening its doors in April 2006 has been good, he said, and people have come into the store to ask what they do and how the process works. Some of the most common comments he has heard from customers include, "This is perfect for me because I don't know how to use the Internet" or "I hear about eBay every day, but have no clue how to use it."

Others have expressed appreciation for a physical store because they don't like sending their money to people they don't know while waiting to receive an item they have purchased online.

Although more and more people are selling and buying goods online, many have faced the challenges associated with online shopping, including buyers not paying, the difficulty associated with returning items that are different from what was advertised, and the general hassle of verifying and securing funds for payment.

The I Sold It on eBay store concept assumes these challenges for the customer.

The store welcomes almost any item with a market value of $50 or greater. When a customer drops an item off, store staff tracks all eBay sales for the past 60 days to confirm the product's market value. They then handle all professional photography, write a descriptive narrative and launch the auction on eBay for the item. Then they answer any questions from potential buyers, preserving the privacy of the owners, collect the funds from buyers and professionally pack and ship the items, he said.

Although items are sold "as is," the store gives the buyers five days to verify the item is "as described." After five days, store staff sends the seller a check, making the process almost effortless for the customer.

Common items that customers drop off include bicycles, tires, wheels, beds, chairs, tea sets, figurines, lithographs and purses. Some of the most unusual items the store has handled are breast pumps and a fertility monitor, said Gordon, who expressed surprise at the popularity of those items.

"Our biggest challenge has been helping customers understand that their emotional attachment is not a part of the equation when determining the cash value of a particular item," said Gordon. "We try to help them understand that everyone is looking for deals on eBay and that the true cash value of an item is only what someone is willing to pay."      He also shares statistics with customers that show that online sellers can reach a significantly larger buying audience than other alternatives such as ads, garage sales or consignment shops.

"Our goal is partner with some other small local businesses and assist them in converting their obsolete, slow moving, or excess inventories into a cash infusion," he said. "We also hope to offer our services to commercial businesses with insufficient time or manpower to actively sell on the Internet." As this type of shopping concept continues to grow in popularity, Gordon plans to open additional stores.

Sours: https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/article/New-eBay-store-opens-in-Missouri-City-9612584.php

Online Orders – Texas Purchasers and Sellers

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A common question from Texans who purchase and sell things online is, “Do I owe Texas tax?” Texas purchasers and sellers may think they can save money by not paying tax when buying or selling on the internet, but those transactions are subject to Texas sales and use tax.

Buying Online

Online buyers must pay sales and use tax on taxable items delivered or brought into Texas.

Out-of-State Purchases Shipped or Delivered Into Texas

When a Texas purchaser buys a taxable item online from a seller that does not charge Texas sales tax, the purchaser owes use tax. Use tax is complementary to sales tax. Use tax is due on taxable items purchased online and shipped or delivered into Texas, and any shipping and handling charges are part of the sales price. The use tax due is based on the location where you first receive, store or use the item. You can verify the tax rate for a specific address using our Sales Tax Rate Locator.

If a seller does not collect Texas tax, you can report it directly to our office. If you do not have a sales tax permit, you can file a use tax return (PDF). If you have a sales tax permit, the use tax is reported under “taxable purchases” (Item 3) on your sales tax return. Remitting use tax protects in-state Texas retailers against unfair competition from out-of-state sellers that may not collect Texas tax.

Credit for Tax Paid to Another State

If you purchased an item and brought it into Texas, then you must pay use tax. You can take a credit toward the Texas use tax owed if you paid sales tax to another state.

Purchases From Remote Sellers

Purchases made online from remote sellers with no physical presence in Texas are taxable. Many remote sellers must collect, report and remit the appropriate use tax on taxable items delivered to customers in Texas. The sales price includes all shipping and handling charges. "Taxable items" include all tangible personal property as well as taxable services.

Purchasers should know that remote sellers can choose to collect tax based on either

Purchasers who pay use tax to remote sellers using the single local use tax rate owe no additional tax.

If the single local use tax rate is higher than the local tax rate at the purchaser’s location, a purchaser may apply for a refund for the difference between the single local use tax rate paid to the remote seller and the local tax rate they would have paid at their location. Please use Form 00-957 – Texas Claim for Refund(PDF) to submit a claim.

If sales tax is not collected by the remote seller, the purchaser owes use tax on the price of the taxable item. Purchasers can report any uncollected use tax on Form 01-156 – Texas Use Tax Return(PDF).

For more information on remote sellers, please visit our Remote Sellers webpage.

Selling Online

If you are in Texas and sell taxable items, you must have a Texas sales tax permit – unless your sales qualify as occasional sales.

You can apply for a sales tax permit

Sales to Customers in Texas

Texas sellers must collect sales tax on taxable items, including shipping and delivery charges, sold online in Texas. Texas sellers are engaged in business if they have a physical Texas location or make online sales in Texas.

If you sell taxable items online to customers in Texas from your place of business, then you must collect state and local taxes based on your location. If the sales tax rate at your business location is lower than the rate at the purchaser’s location, then you must also collect any additional local use tax due where the item is shipped or delivered. For additional information about local sales tax collection, please see Publication 94-105, Local Sales Tax Collection – A Guide for Sellers(PDF).

The state sales and use tax rate is 6.25 percent and the local sales and use tax cannot be more than 2 percent. You can verify the tax rate for an address using our Sales Tax Rate Locator.

Sales to Customers Outside of Texas

Texas sellers do not need to collect Texas sales tax on items shipped and delivered to out-of-state locations. To document these sales, your records must include proof of delivery, such as a bill of lading, a shipping invoice or a postal receipt.

Depending on your business activities, Texas sellers may need to collect tax in another state. Sellers should contact that state’s taxing agency or authority directly for their tax responsibilities.

For more information about Texas businesses’ collection responsibilities for other states, see these websites:

Disclaimer: Each website listed is responsible for its own information. Our office does not maintain these websites and is not responsible for the information they provide.

Marketplace Sales

A marketplace is a physical or electronic store, internet website, software application, or catalog that marketplace sellers use to make sales.

Marketplace Providers

A marketplace provider is an entity that owns or operates a marketplace and processes sales or payments for marketplace sellers. Examples include Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, StubHub and Etsy. Marketplace providers that are engaged in business in Texas must collect and remit tax on all sales by marketplace sellers. The local tax rate is based on the shipping destination. Marketplace providers must certify in writing to their marketplace sellers that they will be collecting, reporting and paying the tax to our office.

Marketplace Sellers

A marketplace seller is an individual who sells through an marketplace provider. Marketplace sellers are not responsible for collecting and remitting sales and use tax on their sales through the marketplace if the marketplace provider has certified they are assuming these responsibilities. If the marketplace provider does not issue any type of certification that it is collecting sales and use tax on the seller’s behalf, then the seller should collect sales and use tax until they receive a certification.

Texas sellers that sell through a marketplace are still responsible for having a Texas tax permit and filing their sales and use tax returns timely, even if their only sales are through a marketplace provider.

For more information on sales through marketplaces, please visit our Marketplace Providers and Marketplace Sellers webpage.

Exemptions From Sales Tax

When a purchaser buys items intended to be resold in the regular course of business, they can give the supplier a properly completed Texas Resale Certificate (PDF) instead of paying Texas sales tax. Purchasers can buy these items tax free since they will be collecting sales tax from their customers.

Texas sales tax is also not due when a purchaser buys an item in Texas and has the seller ship it to another country, or has the seller send it directly to a freight forwarder for export. The seller must maintain documentation to show why tax was not collected on these sales. A purchaser may not use a resale certificate to claim tax exemption for items shipped outside the U.S., except for taxable items shipped to Mexico. For more information, see Rule 3.323, Imports and Exports.

Additional Resources


Go to Webfile Online Tax FilingSours: https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/94-171.php
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Texas woman's crocheted Bernie Sanders doll goes viral, to sell on eBay for more than $15,000

Think all those Bernie Sanders memes are a hoot? Try feeling the Bern with crochet.

Corpus Christi’s Tobey King just broke the mold of the popular internet meme by crocheting an adorable acrylic and cotton yarn doll of the Vermont senator in his now-famous coat and quirky brown mittens — a look that’s made the leap from Inauguration Day ensemble to Photoshopped sensation.

She is selling that 9-inch doll on eBay, with the proceeds going to Meals on Wheels. The auction ends just before 2 p.m. Tuesday, and bids already have surpassed $15,000.

“We’re all just looking for something to bring us joy right now,” King said.

Call it patterning after her political hero.

SEWING:How a high school nun became my unlikely mentor

Sanders’ campaign store sold out of sweatshirts and T-shirts based on his viral photo to benefit Vermont’s Meals on Wheels and other Vermont charities. As for King’s doll, she simply tweaked an old pattern she’s used to make Sanders dolls for the 2016 and 2020 presidential election seasons.

King is selling the pattern for her new Sanders doll for $5 at her Etsy store, TobeyTimeCrochet.

“I really hope that he thinks this is something cool,” King said, “and that I’m doing something good.”

[email protected] | Twitter: @reneguz

Sours: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/Corpus-Christi-woman-s-crocheted-Bernie-Sanders-15896921.php
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Houston South Side eBay Group

There are some of us thinking of starting an eBay Meet-Up Group on the South side of Houston. Would anyone here be interested?

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Sours: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Houston-Area-Online-Sellers/gp-p/g-1600005103

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eBay Vows to Protect Sellers Impacted by Texas Weather Event

eBay said Thursday it would extend seller protections to sellers impacted by Tropical Depression Imelda.

eBay announcement follows:

Due to severe weather in the Houston area due to Tropical Depression Imelda, communication, power, and transportation lines may be disrupted. Some carriers may suspend shipping services.

If you’re located in the Houston area and may not have access to your inventory, we recommend:

  • Communicating with your buyers to let them know the situation.
  • Ending any auctions/taking down any Buy It Now listings before they result in a sale.
  • Place your store on vacation mode (if you’re an eBay Stores subscriber) and extend your handling time on all items to when you can get back to business.

If your business is affected, eBay will automatically protect your Seller Performance and your late shipment rate will not be impacted under these conditions:

  • Your ZIP code has been identified by the major shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx.
  • Our tracking data shows your shipment was delayed or not delivered due to this weather event.

Please note: you may see late shipments due to this weather event on your seller dashboard, but they will be removed before the seller evaluations occur on the 20th of each month.

Rest assured that sellers need not worry about their eBay seller performance due to delays caused by weather. For those in the affected regions, there is no need to contact Customer Service. eBay will automatically protect seller shipping metrics due to this event.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this article if needed.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

Ina Steiner on EmailIna Steiner on Linkedin

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner is co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on ecommerce since 1999. She's a widely cited authority on marketplace selling and is author of "Turn eBay Data Into Dollars" (McGraw-Hill 2006). Her blog was featured in the book, "Blogging Heroes" (Wiley 2008). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to [email protected] See disclosure at EcommerceBytes.com/disclosure/.

Sours: https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2019/09/19/ebay-vows-to-protect-sellers-impacted-by-texas-weather-event/
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Performers dressed as Pikachu, a character from Pokemon series, march during the Pikachu Outbreak event hosted by The Pokemon Co. on August 9, 2017 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. // Getty Images, Tomohiro Ohsumi

New Pokemon Oreos are giving fans something to get excited about — and providing collectors with a new avenue to potentially rake in thousands of dollars.

Launched earlier this month, the new Oreo x Pokemon collaboration features the brand's traditional sandwich cookies, this time emblazoned with one of 16 Pokemon (or pocket monsters, for the uninitiated). Each pack includes a random selection of cookies that feature classic characters like Pikachu and Charmander, but also one extremely rare Pokemon: the mythical Mew. And as has long been the case with rare Pokemon cards, the rarest Pokemon cookie of all has become a hot commodity.

An eBay search yields dozens of Mew Oreo cookies for sale, with prices listed everywhere from $50 to $10,000 to $100,000. Some listings promise a "mint condition" cookie; one claims the cookie was only handled with tongs, while others include photos showing the snack tucked safely in a plastic baggie. Judging from the items listed as "sold," a number of the cookies have gone for as low as a few dollars and for more than $15,000.

There are other collectors trying to turn a profit on full packs of the cookies, and not just on the rare Mew Oreo. While packs of Pokemon Oreos are sold in stores for less than $4, those who miss out on the limited-edition snacks and turn to eBay may find themselves looking at prices of $20 or much, much more. One pack sold for $1,200.

The cookies are the latest in a long line of Pokemon crazes

While collectable cookies may sound like an outlandish (and not very sustainable) idea, it's par for the course for the Pokemon franchise, whose products have encouraged devotion sometimes verging on mass hysteria for decades now.

"The thing about Pokemon, it was designed for people to just go collector crazy," Dennis Lee, a staff writer with The Takeout told Weekend Edition. "So you've got some characters that are really hard to capture, and the scarcity is what really drives up the prices."

Pokemon card collection became the hot new hobby for kids and many adults in the '90s, and it's a subculture that's still going strong today. Some who have been diligent collectors have profited considerably: there are Pokemon cards that have sold for more than $45,000, according to the gaming site Kotaku.

Some fans stayed away to support striking workers

But not all Pokemon fans immediately joined in on the cookie craze. Employees for Nabisco, the company that makes Oreos, went on strike in five states last month to protest unfair demands. As part of the strike, workers asked the public to boycott Nabisco products, and some, like one Kotaku writer, chose to honor that request, rare cookies be damned.

The strike, however, ended with a union vote last week, according to the Huffington Post. So if you're so inclined, there may still be time to catch 'em all.

Copyright 2021 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.
Sours: https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/npr/2021/09/27/1040779728/rare-pokemon-oreos-are-selling-for-thousands-of-dollars-on-ebay/

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