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A train will occasionally show up on the railroad track, north of the Spa. You'll get a notification, "A train is passing through Stardew Valley." Resources, such as coal, are dropped at the tracks if you are present when it arrives. If you are standing on the tracks when it passes, you will take damage.

The train can not be boarded and will hurt the player for everytime they bump into it. It also will cut off access to the entrance towards the Witch hut.


Date Time
Year 1, Summer 8 1:00pm
Year 1, Fall 13 9:00am
Year 1, Winter 2 5:00pm
Year 2, Spring 16 1:30pm
Year 2, Summer 5 1:30pm
Year 2, Summer 28 11:00am
Year 2, Fall 2 4:30pm
Year 2, Fall 21 12:50pm
Fall 23~3:00pm
  • Has not been tested for consistency year to year at this time

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

While you cannot catch trains, you can find the box needed for The Mysterious Qi quest here. Since that chain is needed to unlock several areas, it is an important one to complete.

The Spa

The Spa is in the corner of the Railroad region, and standing in the pool will see your HP and Energy restored immediately.

Witch's Swamp

There's a hatch which leads to the Witch's Swamp in the Railroad. As the Swamp is one of the less accessible areas, this is a handy link.

The Summit

The Summit is a secret area which can only be accessed once you have registered 100% completion in Qi's Walnut Room. You get to the Summit through the Railroad.


  • In Spring: Daffodil (45%), Dandelion (35%), and Leek (20%)
  • In Summer: Sweet Pea (47%), Spice Berry (27%), and Grape (27%)
  • In Fall: Wild Plum (37%), Blackberry (37%), and Hazelnut (25%)
  • In Winter: Crystal Fruit (50%), and Crocus (50%)


The only artefact which can be found at the Railroad is the Prehistoric Tibia, which has a 4-8% chance to drop. As well as that, players may find Clay, Stones, Lost Books, or Copper Ore, as well as Snow Yam and Winter Root in Winter, and Rice Shoots in Spring. If the player has a Magnifying Glass, they may also find a Secret Note.

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Stardew Valley Train

stardew valley train

If you go to the Railroad, north of the Mountain, you might see a train. Trains appear between 9 AM and 6 PM. However, you can watch a train pass through Stardew Valley only if you’re lucky enough and hurry up to be at the Railroad at the right time. The thing is that trains appear on random days. When a train passes by, you also see a notification with the sound of a train whistle. If at this moment you’re staying somewhere near Robin’s house, you may make it before the train leaves.

Trains can bring you some profit: when they pass by, Wood, Stone, Iron, or Coal may fall off. However, it may happen only if you actually stay there and watch the train pass by. The fun thing is that the train will drop items even if you pause the Stardew Valley game. Keep in mind that in Winter, trains may be too busy transporting Christmas gifts so they won’t drop anything.

If you try to stand in front of the train, it surprisingly won’t kill you but will just knock you back. You’ll also receive 20-40 points of damage. The same thing will happen if you attack the train or try to interact with it using any tools.

There are several types of trains. Most often, cars contain coal, wood, or stone. However, sometimes you may see a car with passengers or cool cars with graffiti. Players have also spotted the following trains:

  • A train that had passenger cars only;
  • A Joja brand train with logos on its sides;
  • A regular train with sources that runs with a double speed;
  • A blue train with barred windows (it also moves twice faster than other trains).

When gazing trains, you can also find the Train Platform. It is located north of the tracks. This platform is a place where you can find an empty box, which is a part of the quest “The Mysterious Qi.” If you’re in love with Harvey, his ten-heart event will also take place here.

Getting run over by the train in Stardew Valley

'A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley' Explained

By John Higgs


The train that passes through the Railroad of Stardew Valley is an event that a lot of players ignore, but it can be a useful resource.

Despite the explosion of the life-sim/farming simulator genre, ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley remains one of the most popular titles in 2021. The Indie smash hit first launched back in 2016, and has only grown since. Although the world of Stardew Valley continues to expand, players still spend most of their time exploring the original Pelican Town.

There are a lot of different events in Stardew Valley, but one that often confuses players is the Train Passing Through. This event will only occur if the player is outside and the Railroad area has opened up. Although it's never explained, players can pick up a good amount of resources by paying attention to the event.

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The Railroad in Pelican Town

Before the Train Passing Through event can occur, Stardew Valley players will first need to gain access to the Railroad area of the map. This is an exterior region that can be found to the north of the Mountain, and is initially blocked off by a boulder. On the 3rd of Summer in the first year, an earthquake will clear the boulder, opening up the Railroad.

After this happens, there's a random chance each day that the Train will pass through Stardew Valley between 9am and 6pm. The event pop-up will only occur if players are outside, and is always accompanied by a train whistle. If players are close to the Railroad at the time, they may be able to get there in time to see the train passing through. However, even players down on Stardew Valley's beach may want to head to the Railroad afterward.

Train Resources in Stardew Valley

There are several train designs that can pass through Pelican Town, ranging from freight to passenger. Players who try to stand in their way will take damage and be knocked to the side. Attempting to use one of Stardew Valley's tools or weapons on the train will also cause the player to take damage.

As the train passes through, it will drop a variety of items onto the tracks. These include Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood, Geodes, and even Leprechaun Shoes. Players who arrived to see the train will be able to follow behind it, picking up the items as they fall. However, even players who arrive after the train has departed will still be able to gather the loot. It's often worth a trip to the Railroad on the day that the train passes through, as the items will despawn when players sleep in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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