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The vintage and classic car market is alive and well with many brands, models and styles from which to choose. The Chrysler Valiant was manufactured and sold in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It had a great impact on car culture in Australasia and is still a very popular car today for its distinctive appearance and characteristics.

R-Series Valiant

The first release of the Valiant series in Australia, this car incorporated a body model from America. Available in two makes, it was available as either a manual or automatic sedan, built on an A-body platform. The engine was a 3.7-litre capacity engine with three-speed transmission. Essentially a remake of the American-released Plymouth Valiant, it was hailed for its Space Age appearance. This was also the first car on the Australian market to feature an alternator instead of a generator.

Valiant Charger

First introduced to the market in 1971, the Charger is a muscle car, and probably one of the most recognisable Valiant models. Generally available in a coupe, there was also a sedan version released to the market. Chargers featured a three-speed transmission, and later models had a four-speed. During the VH series, the Charger gained incredible popularity and, at one point, accounted for 80 per cent of the cars released to the market. It was used in motorsport racing, most notably in the Bathurst races, winning the first race in which it was entered. In New Zealand, the Charger won most of its competitions throughout the 1970s. Its a popular hobby to buy and restore iconic Chargers and even race them today. Cars, such as the 1972 Valiant Charger coupe, make great investment pieces to work on, and hold their resale value well.

VH Valiant

The VH Valiant range entered the market in 1971. It was completely designed in Australia, while previous designs had had input from the North American branch of Chrysler. The car was large, and was designed to look imposing. Its short wheelback and oversized aggressive appearance made it a popular model with youths.

Parts and Accessories for Valiants

As theyre vintage cars, its often necessary to get replacement or repair parts for Valiants. Valiant car and truck parts are available both with original vintage parts and new compatible pieces.


The mighty Road Toad! In the 1990s, Mopar A-bodies were a staple mode of transport in the Bay Area punk scene. Cheap-as-free, largely unrusted under the California sun, simple to work on, and boasting oodles of cred owing to a mention in the Circle Jerks’ cover of “Wild in the Streets”: “Got a ’64 Valiant, a handful of Valium, a couple of beers really do me right.” And really, what more did a misanthropic Gen-X’er need at that stage of his or her life?

The Valiant was the first unibody Chrysler product of the modern era. It made extensive use of aluminum, including the case for the TorqueFlite A904 automatic transmission. In 1961, 1962, and into ’63, its slant-six engine was even available with an aluminum block. In fact, standing as the first application of that storied engine might be the Valiant’s most important contribution to Chrysler history. The Leaning Tower of Power was originally designed to be cast of the lightweight, nonferrous material, leaving it somewhat overbuilt when cast in iron.

This one, however, isn’t exactly cheap, carrying an eBay Buy It Now price of $11,500. It’s a ’60 Valiant V200, from the sole year that Valiant existed as a stand-alone brand before being absorbed into the Plymouth lineup. For 1962, the Valiant abandoned its cat-eye taillights for round units mounted below the tail fins. In 1963, it, along with the newly downsized Dart, saw a restyle that put it more in line with the slab-sided look of its main mid-’60s competition, the Chevy II and the Ford Falcon.

As a V200, this example is the fanciest Valiant sold in its debut year. According to the seller, it’s equipped with an automatic transmission, power brakes, and air conditioning, and it comes with all the parts to convert the little A-body to power steering. His reason for selling? His old bones are making it troublesome to get into the old girl. Perhaps some enterprising punker who made a few bucks in tech might buy it and motor down to Oakland’s Ruby Room for a beverage and mutter about Neurosis. And neuroses. That’s the way nostalgia works, right?

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eBay for Change video diaries: Valiant Lingerie, Episode 2

Continuing the second round of the eBay for Change video diaries, we are checking in again with Eleanor Howie, founder of Valiant Lingerie, to hear how she is finding the programme. Eleanor is a social entrepreneur we are meeting from the ecommerce start-up side of the eBay for Change programme.

Eleanor started Valiant Lingerie to create and sells a unique range of post-surgery underwear designed to support people in feeling confident again following treatment and surgery for breast cancer.

Watch the video to hear how one to one conversations with Eleanor’s ecommerce mentor have proved invaluable support and also challenging her to think about the strategy for Valiant Lingerie and looking at what she wants to achieve over the next one to two years. She is now looking forward to seeing her digital marketing strategy being put into action.

Remember to check out Valiant Lingerie’s products on their website and all of the other eBay for Change sellers on the online hub.

You can watch Eleanor and Valiant Lingerie’s first eBay for Change video diary here, and her latest update below:

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