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Easy Sunflower Drawing

Learning how to draw flowers is pretty easy to do. Today we are going to learn how to draw a sunflower. Also, very easy to do.

And then we will look at some different ideas of what you can do with those sunflower drawings to turn them into a beautiful work of art.

This is slightly more challenging and takes some creativity. But hopefully I can show you some things that will help you get started in the right direction.


Sunflower Reference

Let’s begin by taking a look at a photo of a real sunflower, and seeing what we notice about it.

Photo from


First the center is almost perfectly round, and filled with small seeds. Looking at all of the seeds make the center of the sunflower look sort of fuzzy.

The center of the sunflower also as a lot of texture because of all the seeds.

There are two layers of petals and they overlap each other as well. And the petals themselves are narrower at both ends and wider in the middle.

The stem is pretty thin and goes straight down from the center of the sunflowers lower edge.

That seems pretty easy, right? So let’s start drawing what we observed from our photo of the sunflower.

But before we get started on the actual sunflower drawing, let’s take a look at all of the art supplies we’ll be using in today’s lesson.


* Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.


Art Supplies

Pentel mechanical pencil

Paper or cardstock

Pink Pearl eraser

Click eraser

Pitt Artist Pens

Bic Intensity Markers

Gelly Roll pen


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How to Draw a Sunflower

Start by drawing a circle for the center of your sunflower. For now we are just going to rough everything. We’ll add in more detail later.

We talked about this in How to Use Shapes to Draw. You don’t want to spend a bunch of time adding details as you go, only to realize something isn’t quite right with the drawing itself.


Sunflower Drawing – Petals

Pick a spot on your circle and start drawing your petals. Work your way around the entire circle, drawing one petal after another.


You can make your petals all the same, or you can add some variation to them like I did.



Now, add in a second row behind the first row of petals. Draw them in the negative space between the first row.


Next draw a stem straight down from the center of your sunflower.



Finish your rough sketch of your sunflower by adding in a couple of leaves on your stem.


Adding Texture to the Sunflower Drawing

Now it’s time to refine your sunflower drawing and start adding in more detail. Begin by making the center more textured.


Texture is one of the 7 elements of art. Since this is a two-dimensional drawing, we are working with perceived texture.

To do this, draw some squiggly lines to represent the seeds of your sunflower. Do this for the outside edge of your flower, as well as several more circles in the center of your sunflower drawing.


Sunflower Drawing Texture

Finish your sunflower sketch by drawing in some lines on each petal and the leaves.

I only drew in a few lines on the petals because I know I’m going to outline my drawing with a black pen.



If you are going to keep yours graphite, fill in the detail on all of the petals.


Inking Your Sunflower Drawing

For most of my drawings I use a Pitt Artist Pen. I’ve been using them for years and they are my go to outlining tool.

Trace over all of your pencil lines with a black pen. Add in any other details you haven’t already added to your sunflower drawing.


I put in a few extra scribbles for the seeds to add some additional texture.


How to Color with Markers

Now comes the fun part. This is where your sunflower artwork really comes to life. I love how bright and colorful markers are, so that’s what I’ll be using here. But you can use whatever medium you prefer.

My marker of choice these days is Bic Intensity markers. You can read all about why in our article, Bic Intensity Marker Review – Fine Point.


How to Draw a Sunflower Stem

We are going to start by coloring in the stem. You could begin with the flower instead if you wanted to. But I prefer starting with the easiest parts first so I can warm up a bit. I find that it’s less intimidating that way.

Begin by filling the stem in with your lightest color, and building up your areas with the darker colors.


If you need more help working with markers, take a look at How to Blend Markers for Beginners.

For the stem the following colors were used.


Sunflower Seeds Drawing

Next we move onto coloring in the center of the sunflower drawing. You want to have a nice blend of colors with a variation of lights and darks.


The following colors were used for this section of the flower.


Sunflower Petals Colors

Using the same technique, color in each petal of your sunflower.

You want the tips of the petals to be lighter than the end that connects to the center. This is because the center of your sunflower creates a shadow on the base of the petals.



How to Color a Background

You can leave your background white or add some designs or color to it. I’ve been forcing myself to add a background to all of my drawings since doing a robot swap last year. You can read more about that at, Robot Drawing Challenge.

For this sunflower drawing I decided to use blue to represent the sky.


These are the colors used for my background.


I also added some white swirls with a Gelly Roll pen just to add a little bit of style to the drawing.



Sunflower Artwork

For the majority of my drawings, I prefer doing them on ATCs. This is a highly addictive art form for many reasons. If you are not familiar with them, check out How to Make Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).

Whenever I do a new art tutorial that teaches how to draw something, I will typically do 7 variations of that subject. This gives me several different options to choose from for the actual how to draw lesson.

The following picture shows all of the variations I came up with when practicing how to draw a sunflower.



How to Draw a Sunflower | Easy Art Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this art lesson and feel inspired to draw your own sunflowers.

If you are interested in trading ATCs with me, feel free to comment below and we can set up a trade.

Happy drawing!


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How To Draw Sunflowers

This particular project took me a while to complete.  At first I just started drawing sunflowers and photographing every step, as I usually do, but once I finished the drawing I wasn’t sure what to do with it next.   Then a crazy thought occurred to me: what if I drew ten versions of the same sketch using different medium for each one.  This way you could see the difference between each one and see what you can expect from using, say colored pencils vs. crayons, or oil pastels vs. acrylic paint.  That is why it took me a while, because I actually did 10 drawings/paintings for this project and then some on the computer.  To be honest after all of them were done, I was so tired of drawing the same thing over and over again, but it was worth it to see all of them side by side.

How To Draw Sunflowrs

***This page contains affiliate links.***

The materials I used were: ACRYLIC PAINTS, COLORED PENCILS, OIL PASTELS, REGULAR PASTELS, CRAYONS, MARKERS, INK, regular #2 pencil, WATERCOLOR PAINT, and computer graphics for the last one.

The way this page goes is like this: at first I will put the step by step instructions for the sketch. After which, I will put the step by step instructions for acrylic painting, followed by the step by step instructions for colored pencils.  At the end you will see pictures for all the different ways I colored it in, using all the different materials.

Keep in mind that this sketch is my sketch.  Yours can be yours, different and beautiful in it’s own way.  Just use these instructions as a loose guideline for yourself, but in the end it should be your art.

The Sketch

How To Draw Sunflowers

I start with a letter C for the center of the first flower. This flower is going to be facing sideways, so the center is an oval instead of the circle.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I left bit of space open, that’s why it’s a letter C, a few petals will go in that space. Now I add a petal. It is a just a triangle with each side curved a little bit.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I keep adding more and more petals. They are all triangular in shape, more or less.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Some are longer, some shorter, some overlap. Keep working around the center.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Keep adding petals until you’re happy with how the flower looks! Make some bend in on themselves and some you can’t see the tips of.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Don’t forget that it is just a sketch, so don’t worry too much if things aren’t coming out as well as you have hoped.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Add the green leaves in the back of the flower (I’m sure there is a name for them, but I don’t know what it is).

How To Draw Sunflowers

Time to draw the stem and start the leaves. The first leaf begins with a curved line, like in the photo above.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Finish the leaf by putting a line with ridges for the bottom.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Mark where the center of the next sunflower will be with dotted lines. Don’t draw a solid line just yet. This sunflower is facing forward, so the center is a circle.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Start by drawing a few petals. They look like misshapen drops. Keep going around until you’ve gone over the entire circle. They can overlap, or go behind one another, or have gaps in between.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I decided that this sunflower will be behind the first one, so the petals are going behind the leaf of the first sunflower.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Finish the petals, and add a few more in the back. Draw the stem and the leaves.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Next, draw a little oval. This is the tip of the little flower bud. Right where the leaves poke out a little bit.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Start working on the bud. First draw a rounded bottom for it, then start adding a few leaves and petals around it.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Give it a stem.

How To Draw Sunflowers

With a dotted line, mark where the next bud is going to be. This time I started with the leaves, so I drew a small leaf at the bottom.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Then I drew more leaves. Some curling around the bud, and some coming off of it.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Finish the bud, and then draw a stem for it and some leaves.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Now the sketch is complete!

Step By Step Acrylic Painting

How To Draw Sunflowers

I started by transferring the sketch to the canvas using transfer paper. Then I picked out the colors: blues, greens, white, and yellows.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I started with the background. Using a wide flat brush, I mixed the paint right on the canvas as I was painting.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I go more carefully when I paint the background next to the flowers and leaves and such. I mixed in light green with the blue and white.

How To Draw Sunflowers

In the photo above, my background is done. This is the first layer, because later on I decided the background is much too light and added some dark greens and browns on the bottom. It would have been easier if I did it right away.

How To Draw Sunflowers

I used a watery yellow paint and filled in the petals. Same thing with brown paint and centers.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Then I darkened the background, as mentioned above, and did the leaves using a dark and a light green.

How To Draw Sunflowers

For leaves and stems. I start by filling them with a darker green, like in the photo above.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Then use lighter green/brown/white to create highlights.

How To Draw Sunflowers

For each leaf, both the big leaves and the bud leaves, first I did each leaf in dark green, and then added highlights with lighter colors.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Here is the full bud and stem, finished.

How To Draw Sunflowers

For the petals, it is the same idea as for the leaves. First fill in with yellow, and then add highlights with a white, and shadows with a bit of reddish brown. You just need a tiny bit of the darker color, as most of your petal should come through as yellow. Look below for the step by step instructions for the petals I circled with red.

How To Draw Sunflowers

First, I filled it with flat yellow.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Then I added a white highlight.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Followed by a light brown shadow. Just go around doing this to every petal one at a time.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Now just finish the centers with some brown/black/white paint and it is all done.

Here is a step by step for the Colored Pencil

How To Draw Sunflowers

I start with black and brown under drawing, just shading the areas that will be darker later.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Using a darker blue, dark green, and darkest yellow that I could find, I expanded the shadows further.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Using several other blues, greens, yellows, and browns, I keep adding on to the shadows that I originally drew. Filling more and more of the picture with color.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Moving to even lighter and brighter colors: greens, yellows, blues, and a reddish brown, I add even more color to the drawing.

How To Draw Sunflowrs

At the end I use white, pale yellow and a colorless blender pencil to blend all the colors together and make sure that no paper white is showing through. When the colors are darker, like the darkest areas on the bottom, I used dark green, indigo blue or black, pressing it hard, to create a layer of color over the paper. All done!

Here are all the different ways I colored it in.  Keep in mind that each one is a separate drawing/painting.  I used carbon transfer paper to transfer it on over and over again!  


This is probably one of my favorites.

How To Draw Sunflowers


How To Draw Sunflowers


I have to admit, I could do a better job with the watercolor one. I was just getting rather tired of drawing and painting the same picture again and again, so I rushed. Lesson learned: next time I will take my time.

How To Draw Sunflowers

Ok, I have another confession, I rushed the next four as well.  I still think that it does get the idea across.  Just how different the same drawing will look if you are using different mediums.

Oil Pastels

How To Draw Sunflowers


How To Draw Sunflowers

Regular # 2 Pencil

How To Draw Sunflowers


How To Draw Sunflowers

Computer Generated Graphics

I have learned a few more tricks since I did this project. One day I will sit down and do a better job with these.  I did enjoy making every single one of these.   After all is said and done, I do have one favorite among these. This one:How To Draw SunflowersHow To Draw SunflowersHow To Draw SunflowersHow To Draw SunflowersHow To Draw Sunflowers

Here is one more. This one was done with leftover acrylic paint and cotton swabs. I rather like it.How To Draw Sunflowers

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 How to Draw a Sunflower

Welcome to this drawing tutorial! Thank you for letting me share my love for drawing with you :D Feel free to use whatever tools and materials you like the most, I highly recommend drawing with a pencil when you first start so you can make mistakes without stressing about it! Never be shy about erasing ^.^

Step 1. Guideline circle

Draw a large circle on the upper half of the page (or area where you want the flower to be). This circle will dictate the size of the flower, so make sure to leave some space underneath for the stem. Draw your cicle lighter than I have in the image below, this circle is only a guideline and will be erased away later (I drew it darker to make sure you could see it :D)

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Here is a video version of the tutorial if you want to see it drawn in real-time
Click Here to Open in New Tab

Step 2. Smaller Circle

Now draw a circle within the larger one that is about half its size. If you want the sunflower petals to be small you can draw this circle bigger and if you want the petals to be big, draw this circle smaller.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 3. Center Core

Draw a circle that is only slightly smaller than the last one and draw it slightly towards the left of the circle. There will be a little more space on the right side than the left. Make sure that none of these 3 circles are touching, use an eraser to fix any mistakes as you go. Laying down a good foundation will make this much easier.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 4.First Petal

Now that we have the center of the flower and outer edges set up, we can begin drawing the petals. The key to drawing flower petals is to draw them moving away from the center, think of sun rays coming off a sun. Our little sun buddy in the diagram is here to help us remember this point.

Draw a curved line from second circle to the outer circle, try to copy the curve drawn in blue.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 5. Bottom of Petal

Now lets add a line slightly below the other one and make them meet at the outer circle. Notice how the first line curved up while this one hangs down. One of the key characteristics of Sunflowers is that they have pointed petals. Most flowers have more rounded tips but make sure to capture these sharp corners when drawing sunflowers.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 6. Petal Above

Lets draw a petal that is slightly above the last one, repeat the process that we used for the last one but make sure the bottom line of this petal starts at the top of the last one. Notice how the line in pink is intersecting with the last petal rather than at the second circle. This overlaps tells us that the initial petal is above the one we are drawing now.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 7. Lower Petal

Add another petal but this time give some room between. Giving this kind of uneven spacing in the beginning will help us develop natural layers to the petals. Dont forget to make those petal tips sharp.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 8. Double Petals

Add two more petals to the bottom of the sunflower, these two are close together but arent touching. Make sure to draw the curves moving away from the center (Sun Buddy is still here to remind us :D )

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 9. Top Right Petal

For this petal we go above the first two that we drew, pay attention to the spacing that I am using between the petals and how they arent perfectly even.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 10. Left Petals

Add two petals to the top left, notice how they all have sharp tips and also vary slightly in size.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 11. Center Left Petal

Draw a slightly larger petal moving to the left.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 12. Petal Below

Draw a petal slightly below the one we just drew. Notice how the flower is starting to come together!

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 13. In Between Petals

Now that we have the first layer of petals we can start adding the ones underneath. Draw a triangular shape that connects at the two petals (check the blue line in the diagram). Notice how we can see the edge line that go to the core of the flower for these petals. Make sure to get this overlap.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 14. Petal Tips

We continue adding to the flower by drawing these tips in the spaces. Keep these tips sharp and pointed away from the center.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 15. Layering Continued

We keep repeating the process of adding tips, try to give them slightly different shapes so there is variety. Notice how the left side of the drawing below is starting to look really full and beautiful!

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 16. Lower Right Petal

Add a petal with slightly longer edges than the tips we just drew. Since this empty space is larger we will see more of this petal.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 17. Top Petal

Repeat the last step but with the space near the top of the sunflower.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 18. Filling Spaces

Add two petals that almost meet at the core in the two large spaces that we have left.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 19. Tiny Tips

In the small spaces that we have, add tiny triangles to indicate more petals that are layered behind. Make sure that these tips still fall inside the circle guidelines that we drew earlier.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 20. Draw a Stem

Lets add a stem to the flower by drawing two vertical lines coming down from the center of the flower. Notice that the stem is just slightly to the right side of the flower because we drew the flower facing to the left. This is why we drew the smallest circle slightly to the left, the slightly larger space between the two core circles gives us the indication that we see more of the right side of the core. (I know that this sounds slightly complicated but you will start to understand what I mean as you draw more flowers :D )

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 21. Add a Leaf

Add a leaf to the stem, feel free to play with the shape of the leaf and see what you like. I drew my leaf fairly small and with some jagged edges to give it a naturalistic feel.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 22. Tips & Shading

Fill in the tips on the left side of the flower like we did for the right side. Once you have that completed, start adding some lines to the tops of the petals close to the center of the flower (small lines in blue in the diagram). Also start adding slight shading to the right side of the core.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 23. Corner Lines

Darken the corners of the petals where lines overlap.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 24. Shade the Center

Add shading to the central core of the sunflower, I usually keep my shading fairly light but if you want a more realistic looking sunflower make it darker. Sunflower seeds that occupy this area are usually very dark.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Step 25. Shade the Stem

Add shading to the stem right before it disappears under the petals, this will show that the stem is behind the flower.

How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step by JeyRam #Sunflower #Sunflowers #flower #drawing #tutorial

Celebrate your drawing!

Yaay finished the drawing! Thank you so much for letting me share my love for drawing flowers with you! I really hope this was fun for you and maybe (just maybe) this tutorial has helped you realize that you can totally learn how to draw. I learned drawing at a later age so I know that this is a learn-able skill that anyone can pick up at any time (with effort, of course).

Check out more of the tutorial on the site! I've put lots of effort into creating these free resources because I want more people to fall in love with drawing. So feel free to share the link to this tutorial with friends :D That would be tremendously helpful to me on this mission to spread the love for drawing.

I have created a 20 page Printable Workbook (PDF) that will teach you how to draw different floral arrangements. I wanted to create something that could really speed up someone's learning and actually get them drawing. I poured tons of time into it to make it as useful as possible to someone who wants to capture the elegance and beauty of flowers, I would looove it if you grabbed your copy and drew with me some more!

Drawing Roses (Printable PDF)
Drawing Roses (Printable PDF)


Learn how to draw roses with this 21 page printable workbook that will walk you through a series of drawing exercises. This workbook is designed to help you rapidly improve your drawing ability through hands on practice!

Learn how to Draw Flower with these Step by Step Tutorials #flowers #drawing #beginner #stepbystep.jpg

How to Draw A Sunflower filled with beautiful effects

I will show you how to draw a sunflower using many small circular shapes, a few lines and bright colors. Of course, using a vector application to create this illustration is recommended. You can draw this flower using pencils and markers, but it will be much easier and quicker if you can do it in a digital format. 

The illustration below represents the final version of this drawing tutorial. It's true that this is a complex picture to illustrate. Even if the drawing seems filled with many small details, this one is really simple and can be duplicated in just a few minutes. Let's give it a try!

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 1

First, you can draw the various shapes of the sunflower using a large circle in the center to start with. Then, you can add petals all around this shape like shown below. Don't forget to add a leaf on the bottom.

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 2

Visit our shop now!
Visit our shop now!

Next, you can add some details inside this illustration. A few lines are needed on each petal drawn around the main circle. Another thin curved line can also be added on the leaf. 

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 3

Great! You can now add plain colors on this cartoon sunflower. The center must be filled with a dark brown color while the petals are yellow. The bottom of the flower is colored in green. 

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 4

In the middle of the sunflower, you can add several small circles that are filled with an orange color (the ones in the middle) or filled with a yellow one (for the shapes around the middle ones). Don't hesitate to duplicate a single circle and move it around to create all these circles quickly and effectively. 

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 5

The gradient tool is used to add a darker color on each petal. This darker color must be located near the middle of the sunflower. You can also add a second color on each yellow circle and on the leaf. 

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 6

This step might seem complex, but it is really easy to do. First, create a circle filled in brown in the middle of the flower. Then, use transparency (circular) to hide the outline of this new shape. You need to repeat this step three times.

First, you must cover the center of the flower. Then, you can add another circle like this one to cover the petals in front. Finally, a third circular shape can be added on the petals that are behind.

How to Draw A Sunflower

Step 7

One last thing you can do is duplicate the shapes that are surrounded by a pink outline in the illustration below. These shapes must be reduced in size and colored in white. Then, you can use transparency to hide the left area of each of these new shapes. 

How to Draw A Sunflower

The final image of this lesson on how to draw a sunflower

You can see the final effect in this illustration. Nice work. Now you know how to draw a sunflower made from simple elements and filled with great effects. Just keep practicing and don't hesitate to draw your own version of the flower.

How to Draw A Sunflower

Now that we are done with this cute cartoon sunflower, you are invited to try more fun flowers from this site. Most of these lessons are also challenging, but you can definitely learn to draw these cute subjects in just a few minutes. Adding effects can be more time-consuming, but it's up to you to decide how far you want to push your drawing skills. :)

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Rose drawing sunflower

How to Draw a Sunflower (in 10 Easy Steps)

Shawnte is an elementary school science educator and illustrator who studies various life cycles of animals.

Step-by-Step Sunflower-Drawing Tutorial

Sunflowers are beautiful in so many ways. Just looking at one makes me feel all warm and good inside. Today, I will guide you through the process of drawing your very own sunflower using pencil and paper. There are a lot of steps involved, so be sure to follow each one properly. The instructions and example images should help you follow along.

1. Draw the Center

Start off by drawing the round bunch that represents the sunflower seeds. It's the round, brownish object in the center where the petals should sit. Start off by drawing a circle.

2. Add Details to the Center

Give the center a more realistic look. The seeds on a sunflower have a kind of furry appearance to them, so add a few lines to add texture.

3. Add Depth

Give the seed more depth by drawing darker and thicker lines in the center of the seeds. The center is usually a lot darker than the outside areas.

4. Start Adding Petals

Now it's time to move on to the best part of all: petals! This is probably going to be the longest and most difficult step, at least it was for me when I first started!

5. Complete the First Layer of Petals

Be sure to draw the first layer of petals all around the seed bunched area in a counterclockwise direction.

6. Draw the Next Petal Layer

After we finish drawing the first set of petals, it's time to move on to drawing the back set. If you look closely at a sunflower, you can see that there is usually a back set of petals as well. This just makes the flower bigger, prettier, and stand out more.

7. Draw the Stem

Draw the stem starting from the lowest petal downward. Very easy, right?

8. Sketch in Leaves

Include some leaves scattered in different parts of the stem. I don't really like the appearance of symmetrical leaves because it's boring and unnatural! Be creative! The leaves don't have to be close together or matching.

9. Add More Details

These last two steps focus on including more detail on the leaves. As you can see, I have given each of the leaves their very own midrib.

10. Add Leaf Veins

Last but not least, add some veins to the leaves. This gives your leaves an added touch of realism. After that, you are officially done! I highly recommend that you color your sunflower to make it pop out more. I hope you liked this tutorial!

Happy Drawing!

How did you do? Yes, it can be a little difficult to draw a sunflower at times, but this tutorial should work as an excellent guide if you are a beginner. Feel free to share your thoughts and results if you'd like!

© 2012 Shawnte


Susan on August 11, 2020:

i can't believe I actually drew a Sunflower!! And I actually see a Sunflower, THANK-YOU!!!!! I JUST MIGHT HAVE A HIDDEN ARTIST INSIDE!!!

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It was so good that I even started using the method for competitions

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You will find more easy flower drawing from here-( www.imageforshare.onlinel )

easy drawings for kids

Eva on May 09, 2020:

Wow , this actually worked really well! I am making this for Mother’s Day and it looks amazing.

Sallie Jones on May 06, 2020:

I made the sunflower and I enjoyed myself Thanks for the help.


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I used it to paint a sunflower and it turned out okay my seed reign is a bit large I could have had bigger petals but I think I turned out pretty well.

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ariana on April 08, 2020:

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Shawnte (author) on October 29, 2012:

I'm glad you like it! I color the drawings in photoshop and/or in colored pencil sometimes :).

TNSabrina on October 27, 2012:

I love sunflowers! Great tutorial! I think your shading and coloring is great as well. Do you have a technique for that?

Draw a Sunflower easy way in 3 steps - Flower Drawing - Painting

Drawing A Sunflower

Draw A Sunflower

I love sunflowers, they are such happy plants! sunflower

Drawing them can be fun & easy, use these directions. Also: here are some fun facts about these gorgeous flowers.

  • Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is one of the few crop species that originated in North America (most originated in the fertile crescent, Asia or South or Central America).  read more:
  • While the vibrant, strong sunflower is a recognized worldwide for its beauty, it is also an important source of food. Sunflower oil is a valued and healthy vegetable oil and sunflower seeds are enjoyed as a healthy, tasty snack and nutritious ingredient to many foods.  See more:
  • Most sunflowers are remarkably tough and easy to grow as long as the soil is not waterlogged. Most are heat- and drought-tolerant. They make excellent cut flowers and many are attractive to bees and birds. Read more:

Happy Drawing,



You will also be interested:

How to Draw a Sunflower

Learn how to draw a sunflower with this easy step by step tutorial. Their bright yellow colors always look amazing against a bright blue sky.

Learning how to draw a flower doesn’t mean that you have to have just one centered in the middle of the paper, all by its lonesome. That doesn’t make for a very exciting composition.

Take a clue from Van Gogh, who made many lovely arrangements for his famous sunflower paintings. Instead of arranging them in a vase though, encourage students to make their own balanced layout with a simple large, medium and small one. Drawing flowers that peek in from the sides will help create some interesting layouts.


  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.


Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Sunflower

  1. Start the center of a large flower.

  2. Add a row of petals around it.

  3. Add tips of more petals.

  4. Draw the stem and leaves.

  5. Start center of medium flower.

  6. Add a row of petals around it.

  7. Draw leaf, start small flower.

  8. Add more petals.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

More Flower Projects


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