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Mice are small rodents who can be very active, generally at night and around dawn and dusk. They are a prey species and therefore prefer to stay close to cover.

They are highly motivated to build nests to help them regulate their body temperature and are sensitive to light and noise. They are very quick to move and need to be handled carefully to avoid injuring them.

Take a look at the mice we have available for rehoming.

Your duty of care

Owning and caring for mice can be very rewarding. Typically, mice can live for about three years. Although this may appear a short time in comparison to other pet animals, owning mice is still a big responsibility and commitment.

Understanding mice's needs

There is no one 'perfect' way to care for all mice, because every mouse and every situation is different. It is up to you how you look after your mice but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you meet all their needs.

Read our expert reviewed pet care information to find out more about the needs of mice and how to make sure that they are happy and healthy: Environment, Diet, Behaviour, Company, and Health and welfare.

Clarification of terminology

Bedding materialis used to describe the material or substrate that is used to cover the bottom of the cage.

Nesting materialis used to describe the material provided in addition to bedding material, which is given to mice for nest building and nesting behaviour.


How Long Do Pet Mice Live?

Mice can be fun pets. They're active and they've very sociable. They live very short lives, though; if you have young kids in the house, it might be difficult for them to become attached to a pet mouse only to lose him after a short time. In the end, how much time and energy you spend on your furry one will help determine how long he lives.

Average Lifespan

The average pet mouse lives between one and two years, according to the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. This is one of the shortest lifespans of any pet rodent. For example, both pet rats and hamsters live two to three years.

Wild Mice

Pet mice are cousins of the wild mice you see in cities and the countryside. While both could technically live up to two years, many wild mice won't make it that long because of predators and other factors.


The type of life you create for your pet mice will greatly affect how long he lives. For example, mice are very social animals, so getting yours a companion will keep him happier -- and hopefully healthier. A healthy, nonfattening diet will also keep him around for longer -- obesity can overload a mouse's heart and lead to early death.

Health Issues

Mice are relatively healthy animals, with few major health issues. According to the Small Animal Channel, cancer is the one health issue mice owners should watch out for. If you find any lumps, immediately have a vet qualified to treat exotic pets check yours out.


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If you’re new to the world of small pets, the question “How long do mice live?” can be an important one for first-time pet mouse owners.

Why? Pocket pets like mice, gerbils, and hamsters are often the first pet for young children.

Since they have much shorter lifespans than other animals like dogs and cats, that can be a factor in a parent’s decision to get a pet mouse for a child.

What is the lifespan of a pet mouse and how does it compare to a mouse in the wild? What can pet owners do to extend the lifespan of a pet mouse?

Let’s find out!

How Long Do Wild Mice Live?

Mice in the wild generally have shorter lifespans than mice kept as pets.  The life expectancy of wild mice is often less than one year.

Mice living in the wild face many more dangers than mice in captivity. Besides being a prey animal for numerous predators, they can also be affected by things like harsh weather, poisoning, or lack of food supply.

And of course, wild mice can’t go to the veterinarian, so illnesses and injuries can often be fatal.

If a wild mouse’s life is short, then how long do mice live in captivity?

How Long Do Pet Mice Live?

How long do fancy mice live? Pet mice (also called fancy mice) have a much longer lifespan than wild mice.

With proper care and nutrition, a pet mouse can live between 2-3 years.

There are many factors that go into a pet mouse’s longevity.  We’ll talk about some health issues common to mice, and how good care can increase lifespan.

But first, did you know that choosing the right kind of mouse can also be an important factor in your mouse’s longevity?

Here’s what you need to know when choosing a mouse from the pet store or a breeder.

Fancy Mice vs Feeder Mice

Many people get fancy mice from pet stores. Pet stores also sell feeder mice to customers who own animals like snakes.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference when you’re looking at a group of mice in the store.

Commercial feeder mouse breeders do not put much emphasis on appearance, health, and temperament.

The American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association advises against buying feeder mice as pets.

In fact, they also note that fancy mice sold in big chain pet stores often come from the same large-scale breeding operations as feeder mice.

What’s the best place to buy a healthy pet mouse that has the greatest chance at a long lifespan?

Look for a local breeder or small pet store that stocks fancy mice from hobbyist breeders. These mice are bred with care for appearance, conformation, personality, and health.

Of course, even the finest show-quality mouse can have some health problems.

What are some common health issues in mice, and how long do mice live for if they do have health issues?

Pet Mouse Health Conditions

Veterinarians report that mice are generally healthy pets, but they do have some health issues that new owners should know about.

Mice can be prone to parasites, especially if they live in groups. Common mouse parasites are mites, which cause itchy, sore skin; and pinworms, which cause diarrhea.

Like all rodents, mice have incisor teeth that grow continuously and need to be worn down through gnawing. Sometimes a mouse’s incisors will become overgrown and require trimming.

Mice with overgrown incisors can suffer from weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, and oral trauma.

Chronic murine pneumonia is a disease of the mouse’s respiratory system.  Look for sneezing, difficulty breathing, and nasal discharge.

Veterinary care and treatment with antibiotics is needed for pneumonia. Chronic pneumonia is a serious and contagious illness that can significantly shorten a pet mouse’s lifespan.

how long do mice live

Mouse Care and Longevity

How can you ensure that your pet mice are as healthy as possible?

How long pet mice live for often depends on very basic care, like keeping their cages clean and at a comfortable temperature.

Cleaning your mouse’s cage is an important part of keeping your mouse healthy.

A basic cleaning schedule is to remove droppings and clean food bowls daily, and to change the bedding and clean and disinfect the cage once a week.

Mice are very sensitive to both temperature and humidity. Mice can become sick in cold temperatures, damp conditions, or with extreme temperature changes.

The ideal temperature for the room where your mouse is kept should be between 68-78.8 degrees Fahrenheit (20-26 degrees Celsius).

Relative humidity for adult mice should be between 40-70%. For baby mice, it should be between 50-70%.

Good nutrition and an opportunity to exercise also play a role in fancy mouse health and longevity.

Feed your mouse quality rodent food supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Mouse obesity can be caused by too much fat in the diet from seeds, grains, and people food like bread and cereal.

Provide your mouse with blocks to gnaw on, an exercise wheel, pipes and tubes to crawl through, and play/exercise sessions outside of the cage.

Make sure other pets like dogs and cats are kept out of the room.

How Long Do Mice Live?

While mice in the wild seldom live for more than one year, a pet mouse can live for up to 3 years.

Choose quality baby or adult mice from a local small breeder for optimum health.

A clean cage, healthy food, and regular exercise will help pet mice live long and healthy lives.

Seek out a veterinarian who specializes in exotic/small pet care for advice on dental care and if your mouse becomes sick or injured.

Enjoy your new little friend!

References and Further Reading

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