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Once across the bridge, drive into the ruins tunnel with the Scorpion. After passing under the the floor above you, you'll be attacked by a few Ghosts, and they're luckily quite easy to shoot down at this range. Keep making your way through the narrow ruin paths until you reach an open courtyard.

The courtyard is swarming with Covenant, including more on Ghosts. If you can spot the turrets, take them out with the tank before any enemies start using them, and watch especially for the Ghosts that often try to come at you from the left and right sides. When the courtyard is clear, drive into it to clean up and stragglers, and head into the tunnel ahead. (Yes, the Scorpion fits.)

Roll through the very tight tunnels and have your cannon ready to lay out the Ghosts and other assorted Covenant enemies as they come at you. The tunnel quickly opens up to a large temple ruin filled with Ghosts, and guarded by Covenant in the cracks and corners. Get rid of the turrets first, and then focus on the Ghosts as they surround you.

Make your way around the entire ruins while clearing out the Covenant infestation, and eventually a number of gun pods will be dropped from above. You can jump out and grab the ammo from the pods, and make your way into the center temple. There are number of Covenant just behind the rows of shields—clear the way with your Marines and penetrate the building.

Envy Skull(Requires Legendary Difficulty): In the room that the block is blocking there are two dead grunts and two plasma swords. There's a door being blocked by a rock. Jump on the rock, then jump on the ledge that's located above the blocked doorway. Grenade jump up to where you'll find two Red Elites surrounding a skull.

Next, you'll go through a series of outdoor areas that are cluttered with ruins and Covenant. Shoot your way through until you reach a flowing stream and a waterful. Kill the sniper Jackal in front of you, grab his Beam Rifle, and start aiming for the many Covenant that surround the valley.

You can pick off most of the enemies without leaving your high perch. Watch for the Drones that fly up from the left, and be especially careful of the many snipers that line the valley. Drop down to the levels below and make your way downstream and up the hill. At the top of the hill are yet more enemies, and a narrow path that leads between the rocks and out into a huge open area.


Delta Halo


When the High Prophet of Regret fled Earth, he was pursued by a number of UNSC vessels, including the corvette Coral Sea. To avoid discovery by the Covenant, the Coral Sea hid close to Delta Halo’s surface and devoted most of its time to scanning the ringworld. The crew discovered several communication relays across the installation’s surface and acquired information that is now used to reconstruct Delta Halo locations for research and War Games.

Delta Halo’s primary Flood containment facilities resided in remote regions of the ring, including a series of vast bogs and swamplands. It is believed the Forerunners did this to discourage potential intruders or at least obfuscate the truth of the facility below. At some point, the Flood breached the containment facility, leading to an outbreak and formation of a Gravemind. It is unknown whether a system malfunction or outside meddling led to the breach.

To maintain its vast translocation grid, Delta Halo utilizes a dense web of telemetry conduits, with power generators buried in steep, narrow canyons. While scanning the installation’s surface, the Coral Sea acquired detailed information on one such canyon.

Discovered by the Coral Sea, current theories surrounding this canyon’s twin outposts suggests they were used by young Forerunner Warrior-Servants seeking to prove their prowess in combat arenas. Although naval strength or superior weaponry resolved most Forerunner conflicts, ancient warrior principles did advocate for close-quarters combat from time-to-time.

Scattered across the surface of Delta Halo were containment facilities designed to continually analyze Flood samples kept in various states of development. This particular facility specialized in determining the extremophilic thresholds of Flood-infected specimens before Penitent Tangent’s lax oversight led to a containment breach.

This frigid, canyon-enclosed, semi-symmetrical area is likely the result of semi-randomized Forerunner landscape creation. Though the quarantine wall was not part of standard Flood containment protocols, the installation’s outbreak and lack of monitor supervision required unique countermeasures.

The UNSC Coral Sea discovered this site - as well as many similar ones - hidden in Delta Halo’s dense jungles. Analysts believe this was once used by Forerunners to study the extensive collection of species retrieved by Lifeworkers during the Conservation Measure. After the activation of the Array and the dark time that followed, this facility was abandoned.

Although the UNSC In Amber Clad was destroyed during Delta Halo’s Flood outbreak, the frigate’s data nodes had already transmitted extensive details of various sites on the ring’s surface to the Master Chief. One of these – a derelict structure fixed to the ledge of a distant mountain - was the source of considerable scientific debate after his return. Subsequent analysis indicates it may have been a Forerunner research site, but the findings remain inconclusive.

The surveillance team RECON was deployed from the UNSC In Amber Clad shortly after the frigate arrived at Delta Halo. The detachment’s goal was a large structure buried under one of the installation’s many islands. Upon arrival, they encountered heavy Covenant resistance and their Albatross was shot down. Though the members of RECON did not survive the following ground engagement, they did transmit a series of incredibly compelling scans of the site to In Amber Clad. The details revealed the site - dubbed ‘Relic’- was in actuality the remains of a long-dormant Forerunner vessel that had been carefully hidden below the island over one hundred millennia years ago.

A secluded island, hidden along the coastal regions of Delta Halo, Remnant features a towering and iconic Forerunner megalith, weathered by untold millennia. Resembling other artifacts on Delta Halo, this enigmatic megalith became the site of comprehensive research by Lisbon pioneer groups.

One data set acquired by the UNSC Coral Sea was the peculiar site dubbed ‘Sanctuary.’ In addition to advanced Forerunner architecture, Delta Halo also housed a number of stone ruins. Some have speculated these are not Forerunner structures, but were instead transported here for other species that were temporarily housed on the ring. The layout of the site indicates its purpose was more cultural than practical; possibly a memorial or cenotaph.

The UNSC Coral Sea eventually encountered a Covenant infantry detachment attempting to tap into one of Delta Halo’s critical power conduits. This energy node was designed to delicately control the direction and movement of the ring as it orbited the gas giant Substance, but the Covenant believed it was also of great religious significance.

Encountered by long-range survey remotes exploring Delta Halo, this looming and majestic set of structures is comprised of strange stonework that appears to have been transported from another location entirely. Its origins remain open to speculation.

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Delta Halo

Delta Halo redirects here. For the Halo installation, see Installation For the achievement, see Delta Halo (achievement).

A Covenant army stands between you and Regret. Get to work.

Delta Halo is the eighth campaign level of Halo 2.

In Halo 2 for Windows Vista, upon completing this level on Normal or higher will reward the player "Delta Halo" Achievement and 30 Gamerscore.


After helljumping onto Halo in an HEV, John fought his way through Covenant forces to reach the temple where the Prophet of Regret resides. This is the only Halo 2 level where the player will be aided by ODSTs and is also the first level the Sangheili Honor Guardsmen are fought.


{Cutscene}{Anniversary Cutscene}

The Prophet of Regret's flagship exits slipspace near Delta Halo with a debris field and the UNSC In Amber Cladfollowing in its wake.

A Slipspace rupture appears in space. Solemn Penance comes out, followed by some debris from New Mombasa and the UNSC In Amber Clad.

Cuts to the bridge of In Amber Clad:

  • Remi: "Both engine cores have spun to zero. We're drifting."
  • Commander Keyes: "Do it, and find out where we are."

Pan over to a room lined with HEVs:

  • Commander Keyes (COM): "Sorry for the quick jump, Sergeant. You in one piece?"

Johnson is inside a HEV pod, smoking a smashed cigar.

  • Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson: "I'm good. Chief?"

Cuts to John in another pod.

  • Remi: "Ma'am, there's an object. Coming into view now."
In Amber Cladarrives at Delta Halo.
  • Commander Keyes: (stares in amazement) "Cortana, what exactly am I looking at?"

In Amber Clad approaches a familiar-looking ringworld.

  • Sergeant Johnson: (chokes) "Say what?!"
  • Commander Keyes: "So this is what my father found " (gazes at Halo) "I thought Halo was some sort of superweapon."
  • Cortana (COM): "It is. If activated, this ring will cause destruction on a galactic scale."

In the pod, John looks at Halo on his viewscreen.

  • Commander Keyes (COM): "I want all the information you've got on the first Halo. Schematics, topography, whatever. I don't care if I have the clearance or not."
  • Cortana (COM): "Yes, ma'am."
  • Commander Keyes: "Where's our target?"
  • Pascal: "The enemy ship has stopped above the ring, ma'am. We're going to pass right over it."
  • Commander Keyes: "Perfect. Given what we know about this ring, it's even more important that we capture the Prophet of Regret. Find out why he came to Earth, why he came here. (COM) Chief, take first platoon. Hard drop, secure a landing zone. Sergeant, load up two flights of Pelicans and follow them in."
  • Sergeant Johnson: "Aye aye, ma'am."

Johnson exits his pod.

  • Commander Miranda Keyes: "Until I can move and fight, I'm going to keep a low profile. Once you leave the ship, you're on your own."

Johnson knocks twice on the hatch of John's pod as he is walking by, John pounds back in acknowledgment.

  • Pascal: "Over the target in five"
  • Cortana: "Hang on to your helmet!"

The pods drop, and they hell-jump onto Halo.

  • Cortana: (as the parachute deploys) "Mind the bump."
First Platoon deploys onto Installation

On Halo, an Unggoy and a Kig-Yar notice the pods flaming and streaking down towards them. The Kig-Yar snarls in alarm. He flicks his wrist, and his energy shield snaps on. The Unggoy boards a Shade turret and shoots at the pods, and soon another Shade starts firing. The pods land, John breaks the cover open on his pod, scanning the area with an SMG.

  • Cortana: "Could we possibly make any more noise?!"

John takes up a Rocket Launcher out of his pod and hefts it.



The team comes under fire from the Shades.

The team destroys the Shades.


The team attack the Covenant troops around a nearby structure, which includes several Sangheili and a Kig-Yar Sniper. Eventually they clear all hostiles and hold position in the ancient structure.

  • Cortana (COM): "Artillery disabled, Sergeant. Landing zone secure for the moment."
  • Sergeant Johnson (COM): "I hear ya. Starting our approach - hang tight."
  • Cortana: "Easier said than done. Inbound Phantoms, Chief."

A Phantom drops off troops. The Chief eliminates them.

  • Cortana: "Another Phantom, on approach."

A second Phantom drops off troops. John eliminates them as well.

On Legendary, a third Phantom drops off a squad of three Stealth Sangheili.

  • Cortana: "Hold here until the Pelican arrives, Chief."

If the player stays and waits for the Warthog:

  • Dubbo or Cortana: "Here comes our ride!"

A Pelican arrives, carrying a Warthog and two Marines, if the ODSTs have been killed.

If the player proceeds up the path without waiting for the Pelican to arrive:

  • Cortana: "Let's wait here until our Warthog arrivesunless you'd prefer to walk."

  • Sergeant Johnson (COM): "I got a good view comin' in. There's a big building in the middle of this island's lake."
  • Cortana (COM): "I saw it too. It looks like a temple. If I were a megalomaniac--and I'm not--that's where I'd be."

The Pelican drops off the Warthog.

  • ODST Sergeant (Stacker or Banks): "All right saddle up! We're movin' out!"

They cross a ridge to reveal a panoramic vista of a lake with the Temple in the middle of it.

  • Sergeant Johnson (COM): "I heard thatjackass!"

Later, John comes across a bridge held by the Covenant.

  • Cortana: "The Covenant have control of the bridge ahead. They're going to try to bottle us up on this side of the gorge. The controls to extend the bridge should be in this structure."
  • Dubbo or Cortana: "Watch out, Chief! Wraiths on the far side!"

Several Shade turrets open fire on the team and Ghosts soon appear to provide support. Eventually the team eliminate all hostiles, including a lance of Kig-Yar. They enter a structure and eliminate another lance of Covenant in the main room. A hologram of Regret hovers above the center. The Chief activates the switch and the bridge extends over the gorge.

  • Dubbo or Cortana: "Good, the bridge is down. Now about those Wraiths"
  • Sergeant Johnson (COM): "Roger that. Armor's on the way."

If the player stares at Regret's hologram, then walks up to the ODST:

  • ODST #2: "Isn't that our target? What's he doing? Giving a speech?"
  • Cortana: "A sermon, actually. I've been listening to it since we landed. So far, some standard Covenant literature, but I'll translate if he says anything interesting."

If the player keeps staring at the hologram:

  • Cortana: "Regret's giving a speech. A sermon, to be exact. So far it's the standard Covenant liturgy, but I'll translate if he says anything interesting."

If you keep staring at Regret's hologram:

  • Prophet of Regret (Hologram): "The Forerunners, our most exalted lords, used the seven sacred rings to flee a doomed existence, to escape their endless struggle against the Flood. Long ago, the Prophets and Elites fought an equally fruitless war. Indeed, I suspect we would still be at each others' throats had the Prophets not found evidence of the Forerunners and their Great Journey."

Another Pelican approaches, carrying a ScorpionTank.

If the player chooses to go on foot, Warthog, or Ghost:

  • Cortana: "You don't want the Tank? Okay, we'll leave it for the others."

John eliminates the Wraiths as well as a group of Banshees and Ghosts and passes through a multitude of Forerunner ruins. Large numbers of Shade turrets, Ghosts and Covenant infantry fall to the Spartan's onslaught. Eventually the Chief emerges from the ruins.

You Break It, You Buy It[edit]

  • Cortana or Marine: "Careful. We're coming up to another structure."

More Shades, Ghosts and ground troops attack the team, but are repelled. As the Chief and his team attack the structure:

  • ODST #2: "We got a Pelican coming in! Let's clear a landing zone!"


  • Dubbo: "Got a Pelican coming in! Let's clear an LZ!"


  • Cortana: "Pelican inbound! Let's clear a landing zone!"

The Pelican drops some Ordnance pods for the team, as well as at least one Marine. In response to the human presence, more Covenant troops begin to emerge from inside the structure.

  • Dubbo or Cortana: "They're all pouring out of the middle! Let's get in there."

A massive battle is fought between the human attackers and the Covenant defenders, but with the help of the Master Chief, the UNSC forces are victorious.

  • Cortana: "The Covenant are holed up in the middle of this structure. We need to clear them out."

If the player lingers outside the structure:

  • Cortana: "There must be some way to get through this rubble."

As they progress into the building, they eliminate several more Covenant troops. The team soon come across another hologram of the Prophet of Regret.

  • Prophet of Regret (Hologram): "In a gesture of peace and reconciliation, the Prophets promised to find the means of the Forerunners' transcendence, and to share this knowledge with the Elites. The Elites promised to defend the Prophets as they searched. A simple arrangement, that has become our binding Covenant!"
  • Cortana: "Transcendence, huh? More like mass suicide."

The team press on, engaging another pair of carbine wielding Sangheili and a lance of Unggoy and Kig-Yar.

Off The Rock, Through The Bush, Nothing But Jackal[edit]

The team continues through a narrow cave, and finds more Covenant troops patrolling near a waterfall flowing into a creek.

  • Cortana: "You always bring me to such nice places."

The team take the Covenant troops by surprise and easily mow them down. Several Kig-Yar Snipers and a swarm of Yanme'e try to stop the UNSC forces, but fail. A final pair of Sangheili defend the appoach to the next area, but they too are killed. The team continues through a narrow crack. They eventually reach the first series of structure in the lake.

  • Cortana: "Good, still no word about In Amber Clad on the Covenant battlenet. It's odd, the Covenant knew we made landfall, but they don't seem to consider us a very serious threat. Boy, are they in for a big surprise."

The main structure's upper walkways are patrolled by a pair of Kig-Yar Snipers. A swarm of Yanme'e attempt to stop the humans, but all Covenant troops eventually fall to the Chief and his team.

If the player waits or backtracks:

  • Cortana: "This tower cluster should connect to other towers around the lake. Let's get inside."

John enters the main structure, encountering two Sangheili Honor Guardsmen standing next to another hologram of Regret.

  • Cortana: "Watch yourself! Honor Guards!"

John kills the Honor Guardsmen (on higher difficulties, more may appear). Fades to white.

Level ends.


Main article: Skull

The Envy Skull is found on this level.

Note: this is similar to the Hidden Sniper Rifle, which can also be found on Delta Halo. Near the end of the level, after the area with the waterfall and snipers, you will go through a tunnel and come out onto an open ledge. There will be several buildings in the distance and if you still have a Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle, you can pick off several Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and Sangheili. Below the ledge you are standing on is the main ledge which has weapon drop pods, however if you turn right and go along the wall, you'll reach a point where you can jump up and walk along above the main ledge. This will deposit you on a hidden ledge covered in thick vegetation. On the ledge is a dead ODST and a Sniper Rifle.



Main article: Glitches
  • Because Delta Halo is the first part of a two-part level, your weapons will carry over to Regret, unless one of your weapons is a Rocket Launcher or a pistol. If you finish Delta Halo with a Rocket Launcher or pistol you will start Regret with a Beam Rifle and an SMG.
  • Using the Sputnik skull, it is possible to jump into Regret and find The Gate, which is a switch located where the first Gondola would arrive. Upon opening it you will hear the noise the Gondola makes when you start it up. It has been highly controversial between Halo fans because no one knows its purpose although it is most likely to be a place holder for the Gondola itself.
  • At the beginning of the level, when you clear the Covenant from the first structure, move on to the bridge area, and get the Scorpion. If you do this, the game will act as if you did not go get the Scorpion, and will spawn a Warthog. Cortana will also say "Let's wait for the Warthog, unless you'd rather walk" on your way back through with the tank.
  • When looking directly at the holographic projections of Regret, press the "melee button" and John will charge towards the projection as if you were actually about to melee an enemy unit. This is because, to save time, an alternate model of Regret with no collision model is used for holograms. This also occurs on the holograms viewing the Heretic Leader at the beginning of the level The Oracle, and The Prophet of Truth on the Halo 3 levels The Covenant.
  • At the starting of the level when you hold the Temple with the Helljumpers where the Kig-Yar and the Unggoy were in the cinematic, climb up the hill, walk around until it says Loadingdone. After that, go somewhere low that you can get to the ground without dying. There will be no enemies for the whole level, but you'll also be unable to get to the next level because a door will be locked. Also, all holograms of the High Prophet of Regret will just be of his Gravity Throne, with no Prophet sitting in it. In addition, at the set of buildings before the last checkpoint, you can drive a Ghost up to the area of gondolas in the next level. There will be no enemies. However, this area is inaccessible. You will fall and die instantly.
  • When you reach the temple where you must clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican and its drop pods, after you eliminate all enemies that exit the temple, about half the time all surviving ODSTs (only a maximum of 3) will suddenly vanish. Rarely, only one or two will vanish. The Marine reinforcement(s) will never disappear, only the Helljumpers.
  • After Cortana says "The controls to extend the bridge should be in this structure", drive your Warthog onto where the bridge extends. When the Wraith comes out and shoots at you go forward very slightly so that the Wraith shot will hit the back of the 'Hog. You will go flying over the gorge and land on the other side. However, even on Easy, you will die upon impact of landing. For a better view, after the Wraith hits the back of your Warthog, get out of it. You'll die the moment you get out, but you'll get a much better view, and sometimes, you'll fly over the next structure. If you are in a Ghost, and haven't yet extended the bridge, if you go where the bridge would be, and the wraith's mortar hits you, its possible that you will be flung over the gorge, and hopefully stay alive. You can continue the level if this happens.
  • It is possible to enter the next level (Regret) without activating the cut scene. The Sputnik Skull is not required for this glitch, though it does help. First, go through the level on any difficulty until you reach the part where you are on the bridge with the Weapon Pods that the In Amber Clad dropped for you. Instead of going into the tower, grenade jump on the side of the entrance to the platform above. Kill all the Jackal Snipers. Then, find your way around and jump down. You will be on the other side. There will be Covenant soldiers with most of the Grunts sleeping. They will act as if you were not there unless you bump into them.Continue to where the gondola is and you will see what appears to be a Zanzibar gate switch hovering off the coast of your platform.
  • The first hologram of Regret in the courtyard like area in the structure that you come to has a part where you can stand on it as if it was a solid object.
  • This is one of the few levels in the game where the Permanent invisibility glitch can be performed.

Easter Eggs[edit]

Main article: Easter eggs
  • The Envy Skull is found on this level.
  • There are three hidden Rocket Launchers in this level; one on the top of the first structure, which to get to you have to go to the balcony, look to the right, walk on the side of the structure, then crouch jump on top. The second is at the chapter "You Break It, You Buy It." Go to where the swirling ramp is and try to park your Scorpion in a way that you can reach the ledge with the trees. In the trees, there will be a dead ODST with a rocket launcher. The third one is at the structure where the first Pelican drops in reinforcements. You have to go to the corner that is through the tunnel of where the Envy skull is. You have to grenade jump up that corner, walk across the "balcony", and look to the left after the giant piece of broken wall. There is a Marine corpse with a Rocket Launcher.
  • The Unggoy with Toys Easter Egg can be found on this level.
  • There is a Tri-Gate outside the level.
  • If you managed to reach the bridges at the last structure of the level, you can walk up to any of the Covenant forces in that area and none of them will attack you. Instead they will simply stare at you, make a random comment and run off. The Sputnik Skull may be required to achieve this task.
  • It is possible to go outside the boundaries of the map near the very beginning. You can explore the entire level up to the part when you get on the gondola, from outside the valley the level takes place in.
  • At the Checkpoint "Over The Rock, Through The Bush, Nothing But Jackal", there is a hidden energy sword if you follow the stream from the waterfall.
  • Around the area of where the Envy skull is found, in the room where there's a giant block covering the doorway, there is a way of getting in the room and finding two energy swords and two dead Grunts. Just go as if you were going to get the Envy skull, and drop down the right side of the building. In the dark room, there should be two dead Grunts, and two energy swords. And you should also be able to see the block covering up the initial doorway. The block can be removed through the use of grenades.
  • A screen displaying orbital defense platforms can be seen on In Amber Clad's bridge. The same screen is also seen on The Armory, Cairo Station, and Elongation.


  • The Babysitter from Halo: Legends pays homage to this level. Both the level and the episode depict a Spartan and a team of ODSTs in their attempt to kill a Prophet.


  • The HEV the player starts from has the interior facing the cliff. It would be impossible for the Chief to jump out from the pod.


  • The opening cut scene plays in two parts. If you skip the first part of the cut scene then the music which normally plays as the SOEIV's land (part of Delta Halo Suite) will not play and the cut scene will finish without music. This is likely because normally the music is triggered in the first part of the cut scene and carries over into the second.
  • In the first cutscene, the various debris that comes out of the Slipspace portal are actually parts of buildings from New Mombasa that were pulled in during the jump. This is more apparent in the remastered cutscene in the Anniversary edition.
  • The Quadwings flying around (at the beginning where the Wraiths are) can be killed with a Beam Rifle, Battle Rifle, Covenant Carbine, or the Scorpion's machine gun; and they will explode into a blur of red blood and die. There are more of these birds in the level Regret and they can also be seen on the Halo 3 multiplayer levels Guardian and Epitaph.
  • Originally, Bungie had planned for the level to begin while the Master Chief was still in the Orbital Drop Pod. Two Pelicans would fly by a window in the pod, which the player would then have to save from the turrets seen in the opening cut scene. However, this feature was cut due to bugs and a time shortage.[1]
  • This is the only level by default in Halo 2 that you start with a Rocket Launcher.
  • You can see the Sentinel Wall in the distance, implying that the area is pretty close to the Library.
  • This is the last level where John will have the opportunity to drive a vehicle.
  • If you kill the first three Honor Guards inside the building, the beginning cut-scene for Regret will begin. If any are killed outside it, a fourth one will be on the second level, to the right.
  • It is possible that Sergeant Stacker and Sergeant Banks appear as both an ODST and a Marine in this level.
  • For the first time in a game, you can see a Kig-Yar using a Plasma Rifle against you.
  • When you have cleared the landing zone and the Pelican has arrived with a Warthog and two Marines, one can hear a piece of music that doesn't appear on the soundtrack.
  • While looking through the caves in the area with the waterfall and creeks, you will see the body of a lone ODST that was armed only with two pistols which may seem somewhat strange since there isn't any evidence of HEVs other than the ones that landed alongside you in the beginning of the level.
  • When Regret's hologram is encountered throughout the level, it seems that he is chanting something similar to the Halo theme.
  • If you are playing on Legendary, at the beginning of the level, a third Phantom will drop off a squad of four Sangheili. All have active camo, and one is a dark brown Stealth Sangheili.
  • On lower difficulties, a Phantom will drop off some Elites. One will be a Minor Elite with an Energy Sword.
  • If the player does not approach the entrance to the inner structure at the end of the section with the Scorpion, a nav point will eventually appear at the doorway. Grunts will also infinitely spawn during this time. Sitting in the Scorpion and shooting them down for a few minutes is an easy way to beat the par score for this level.
    • A group of Grunts and Elites will spawn once the player proceeds toward the doorway.


Halo 2[edit]

  • Preview of the level in Halo 2 menu.

  • The In Amber Clad approaches Installation

  • Shades firing at HEVs as UNSC forces make landfall.

  • A view of the lake, with Solemn Penance and the Sentinel wall in the distance.

  • A MB Scorpion on the surface of Installation

Halo 2: Anniversary[edit]

  • Concept art for the visually updated landing zone.

  • Concept art of the ruins around the landing zone.

  • The In Amber Clad makes its descent towards Delta Halo.

  • A Kig-yar teasing an Unggoy moments before the HEVs land.

  • John with an M41 rocket launcher after exiting his HEV.

  • John engaging Covenant at the landing zone.

  • Two ODSTs securing landing zone.

  • The bridge and the structure that contains its control panel.

  • ODSTs on a Warthog while the Pelican prepares to deploy a Scorpion.

  • The Forerunner ruins leading to the the newer structures.

  • John dual-wielding Needlers during battle.

  • A waterfall in the canyon leading to the newer structures.


See also[edit]

Halo 2 Soundtrack - Delta Halo Suite

Installation 05

This article is about the Halo installation. For the campaign level, see Delta Halo.

"This installation has a successful utilization record of trillion simulated and one actual. It is ready to fire on demand."
&#; Penitent Tangent[6]

Installation 05, also known as Delta Halo,[7] is one of the massive Halo fortress worlds built by the Forerunners. The ring was formerly maintained by monitor Penitent Tangent, until his lax oversight led to the Flood's escape from their containment facilities.[5] The Halo orbits Substance, an ice giant and the fourth planet in orbit in the Coelest system,[1] located in the Norma Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.[2]

The purpose of Installation 05, along with its brethren, was to preclude and thwart the parasitic Flood from consuming all sentient life in the galaxy. In the event of a Flood outbreak, one of the seven installations could be triggered to annihilate all sentient life within 25, light-years. Once one ring is set off, all remaining rings would activate. All seven rings could be fired at once if need be.[5]

Installation 05 was the third Halo discovered by humanity[8] and the second found by the Covenant.[7] The ring became a battleground near the end of the Human-Covenant War; more importantly, it was at Installation 05 that the Great Schism, the civil war that sundered the Covenant, began. The installation was ultimately partially glassed by the Sangheili in order to prevent the Flood from escaping in the wake of the Battle of Installation [4][5]


Early history[edit]

"Those who built this place knew what they wrought. Do not mistake their intent, or all will perish as they did before."
&#; The Gravemind[6]

Installation 05 was built by Installation 00's Foundry[9] approximately around the same time as the rest of the Halo Array, circa 97, BCE.[10][11]Human analysts of the 26th century believe that an extensive collection of species were brought to the installation to be studied by the Lifeworkers, as part of the Conservation Measure.[3] Installation 05 was activated shortly after by the Forerunners at the conclusion of the Forerunner-Flood war, eradicating all sentient life in the galaxy and, presumably, destroying the Flood as well, with the exception of those specimens kept in the Halos for research. After the Array was fired, the installation was hardly peaceful, with over 32, simulated test firing a day. As of , it had a record of trillion simulated firings and one actual activation.[6]

Flood outbreak[edit]

Penitent Tangent, Installation 05's monitor.

Around the year 97, BCE, the Flood on Installation 05 escaped and evaded containment due to negligence on the part of the installation's monitor, Penitent Tangent.[12][13] It is believed that the Flood's escape was either the result of a system malfunction that was not properly addressed by Penitent Tangent or due to the meddling of visiting species.[3] The Flood quickly grew out of control around the area of the installation's Library;[13] the Flood were kept contained by a Sentinel wall built around the Library. Somehow, the Flood on the ring were able to amass enough biomass to create a Gravemind. Penitent Tangent attempted to control the situation, but he was captured by the recently formed Gravemind.[5] Without the monitor, the Sentinels of the Halo lacked a controlling intelligence and so many of the structures around Installation 05 fell into disrepair, and most of the installation came to look like a jungle strewn with ruins.[13]

Even with the addition of Forerunner Aggressor Sentinels and Enforcers, the Flood were able to remain loose, albeit contained within the Quarantine Zone by the Sentinel wall.[14] This stalemate is believed to be the cause of the slow decline into the deteriorated condition of the structures of the installation. The Gravemind itself resided in the chamber directly below the index chamber in the center of the Library.[6] The use of the Quarantine Zone was not a standard containment protocol, but the lack of a monitor forced Installation 05's Sentinels and other ancilla to employ unique countermeasures.[3]

Discovery and conflict[edit]

Miranda Keyes: "Cortana, what exactly am I looking at?"
Cortana: "That is another Halo."
&#; Commander Miranda Keyes and Cortana upon discovering the installation[7]
The discovery of Installation

In , following the Battle of Meridian during the Human-Covenant War, Stewards of the Covenant's High Prophet of Regret studied a Luminary found on the world. The Luminary revealed the location of the portal that led to Installation 00, as well as the location of each ring of the Halo Array.[15][16] Regret traveled to the portal's location, unaware that his destination was Earth, humanity's homeworld. Arriving on October 20, , the High Prophet of Regret ultimately fled the Battle of Earth to Installation 05 aboard his flagship, Solemn Penance. The carrier was pursued by UNSC In Amber Clad, captained by CommanderMiranda Keyes.[17]In Amber Clad exited slipstream space near the installation on November 2, ; UNSC forces were deployed to the ringworld to engage Covenant forces, while Spartan-IIJohn was ordered to assassinate Regret.[7] While Commander Keyes took In Amber Clad to the installation's Library to procure the activation index before the Covenant, John located Regret at a temple on the ring. After eliminating the Hierarch, High Charity and its defense fleet—having been contacted earlier by Regret who sought assistance—arrived over the installation. Solemn Penance attempted to destroy the Spartan alongside the temple, though John escaped by jumping into a nearby lake where he was captured by the Gravemind.[18]

Jiralhanae and Sangheili vessels battle around the Halo.

Meanwhile, ArbiterThel 'Vadamee was charged with retrieving the activation index from the installation to begin the Great Journey. Following the orders of JiralhanaeChieftainTartarus, the Arbiter infiltrated the Sentinel wall and deactivated its containment shield to allow Covenant infantry deployment in the area. Inadvertently, this allowed the Flood to escape the Quarantine Zone.[19] Journeying to the Library, the Arbiter encountered Commander Keyes and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson who had just retrieved the index. While engaging them, the index was taken by Tartarus and the humans were captured by his Jiralhanae forces. Following the orders of the High Prophet of Truth, Tartarus betrayed the Arbiter and cast him into the depths of the index chamber, initiating the Great Schism.[14] The Arbiter was also captured by the Gravemind, and brought to the chamber where the Flood intelligence resided. Within the chamber, the Gravemind informed the Arbiter and John of the Halo's true purpose. Using Installation 05's teleportation grid, the Gravemind sent John to the orbiting High Charity and the Arbiter to the installation's Control Room to search for the index and prevent the Covenant from activating the Halo. The Flood managed to board In Amber Clad and made a slipspace jump inside of High Charity to infect the holy city. While John pursued the Hierarchs and Tartarus to retrieve the index, they were able to escape with their human captives—though the High Prophet of Mercy was killed by a Pod infector.[6]

The firing of the installation is averted.

While Tartarus took the index and the humans to the Control Room to activate the installation, Truth abandoned High Charity aboard the city's Forerunner Dreadnought and fled to Earth to seek out the Ark. In the event that Tartarus was successful in activating the Halo, AICortana decided to remain on High Charity, where she could detonate the engines of In Amber Clad to destroy the installation; John boarded Truth's Dreadnought just as it exited the system to eliminate the High Prophet.[20] Meanwhile, the Great Schism resulted in the Sangheili completely abandoning the Covenant and a civil war ensuing throughout the system. Sangheili and Jiralhanae ships of the High Charity defense fleet battled each other over the installation, with both sides focusing a small number of their ships to prevent Flood-infected vessels from trying to escape the system.[21] On the Halo, the Arbiter regrouped with CommanderRtas 'Vadum, and the two led Sangheili forces towards the Control Room.[22] While Tartarus entered the Control Room with the index and the captured Keyes and Guilty Spark, the Sangheili unintentionally rescued Johnson from his Jiralhanae captors. With Johnson operating a TypeA Scarab, the Arbiter agreed to work with him to stop Tartarus from activating the Halo. Johnson used the Scarab to destroy the Control Room's entrance and he entered the chamber, along with the Arbiter and a handful of Sangheili warriors.[23]

Tartarus activated the Halo when Johnson and the Sangheili arrived to intervene. While the chieftain battled the Arbiter and Johnson, Keyes and Guilty Spark worked to retrieve the index and stop the activation process. The Arbiter and Johnson managed to kill Tartarus, while Keyes retrieved the index out of its chamber and the firing sequence was put on standby mode, ready for remote activation through the Ark.[23] The battle soon ended when the Sangheili ships proved victorious over the Jiralhanae. Under the command of 'Vadum, the remnants of the Sangheili fleet sterilized the installation by glassing the Flood-infected portions of its surface, thereby preventing the parasite from leaving the Coelest system. According to Tragic Solitude, the surface of Installation 05 was "scorched to char and ash" by the Sangheili ships. Now allied, the Sangheili and humans eventually returned to Earth to assist with finishing off the Covenant.[4][5][24][25]

Post-Covenant War[edit]

After the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence established Lisbon Station[8] in orbit of Installation 05; beyond the range of the ring's automated defenses.[3] The station's purpose was to study the Halo prior to its decommissioning.[26] Lisbon Station is located in orbit around the ring, as the surface is considered too dangerous to house permanent settlements. The station is used as a staging point for UNSC research and artifact retrieval units. Numerous scans of the installation captured by UNSC Coral Sea and In Amber Clad during the Battle of Installation 05 are now the basis of several War Games simulations utilized by the SPARTAN-IV program.[3]

In March , monitor Tragic Solitude used the contamination and later sterilization of Installation 05 as part of his justification for wiping out all life in the galaxy along with the destruction of Installation 04, the damage done to the Ark and the destruction wrought by the firing of Installation [25]

Both the ring and the Coelest System at large were quarantined after the war, and as of , UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios ships patrol the region.[27]

At some point, unusual activity on the ring was investigated by ONI through remote surveying technology. The intelligence agency discovered strange structures that suddenly appeared on the installation's surface at key power and data junctions. ONI created War Games simulations Orion and Pegasus based off of these structures for Spartan-IVs to train in, with the intent to send these Spartans to Installation 05 to examine the structures. The Spartans were trained to deal with any possible threat from Aggressor Sentinels, Promethean constructs, or Covenant remnants that would interfere with the investigation. It was later discovered that, around these structures, the local Aggressor Sentinels suddenly became actively hostile and organized.[28]



Installation 05 has a gravity of Gs, and an average surface temperature of °C to 42°C (°F to °F). The ring's atmospheric composition is and is largely made up of oxygen and nitrogen gas.[1] The controlled climate of Installation 05 is similar to that of Installation 04, with varying weather conditions in different areas. Its terrain includes lakes, jungles, hills, canyons, and valleys,[29] as well as the ice and snow-filled Quarantine Zone.[14] Several hundred years prior to , the Flood escaped the their containment on the ring. As the Flood began to spread throughout the installation, the Halo's surface was heavily altered. While the Flood was eventually contained within the Quarantine Zone, the capture of Penitent Tangent prevented Installation 05's environment from being properly maintained and its flora became overgrown on numerous Forerunner facilities throughout the installation. The installation was partially glassed by the Sangheili during the Battle of Installation [5]

The Halo's numerous dense jungles were also home to several Forerunner facilities. At least one dry desert exists on Installation 05; the desert featured a small canyon home to Forerunner outposts on either side.[30] Human scientists have theorized that the canyon was likely used by young Forerunner Warrior-Servants that sought to demonstrate their prowess in combat arenas. During the Battle of Installation 05, UNSC surveillance unit RECON discovered a dormant Forerunner vessel buried beneath an island on the ring's surface which had been carefully hidden by the Forerunners.[3]

Structure and systems[edit]

The Library of Installation

Installation 05 is 10, kilometers (6, miles) in diameter and has a surface width of kilometers ( miles).[1] Orbiting Substance, it is likely the installation's location over the large ice giant is a safety measure; the Halo can be plunged into the planet's high-pressure interior if deemed necessary.[31] Installation 05's orbit over Substance is maintained by energy nodes. These power conduits are used to delicately control the direction and movement of the ring over the ice giant. Until his capture by the Gravemind, the installation's monitor was Penitent Tangent.[3] The Control Room of Installation 05 is the site that controls many of the installation's operations. The Control Room is used to activate the installation's firing sequence. Housing vast archive complexes and research facilities,[32] the installation's Library also contains the local activation index in the index chamber.[14] As a result of the Flood's spread, the Quarantine Zone was a perimeter established on the Halo to prevent the Flood from spreading further. The zone was surrounded by a Sentinel wall, an encompassing structure that manufactured Sentinels to either repair the facility or engage the Flood. The entire Quarantine Zone was enclosed by a containment shield projected by the Sentinel wall.[19] Additionally, Installation 05 maintains an automated defense system that partially extends to the Halo's orbit.[3]

Installation 05's Control Room is activated

Installation 05 maintains a vast teleportation grid to allow individuals with the proper authority to quickly reach certain areas of the ring. The teleportation grid is sustained by a dense web of telemetry conduits, which are powered by generators buried in steep, narrow canyons throughout the installation.[3][33] The surface of Installation 05 is home to numerous relay stations.[3][34] As with the other installations of the Halo Array, Installation 05 hosts several Flood containment facilities scattered across the ring. These facilities were designed to analyze Flood samples kept in various states of development—beyond the firing of the Halo Array. The primary research facilities are located in remote regions of the installation, such as in a series of vast bogs and swamplands. Human analysts believe that the Forerunners placed the facilities in undesirable locations to discourage potential intruders. At least one facility specialized in determining extremophilic thresholds of specimens infected by the Flood;[3] this facility was apparently maintained by an ancilla of its own.[35] Prior to the Halo's activation, Forerunner Lifeworkers maintained several facilities—located in the ring's dense jungles—that were used to study an extensive collection of catalogued species during the Conservation Measure; the facilities were abandoned during the dark time that followed the Great Purification.[3] Installation 05 also possessed numerous anti-gravity gondolas that allowed individuals to travel long and extensive distances.[18]


"You know, I think the Forerunners built these new structures around the old, to protect them, to honor them."
&#; Cortana, commenting on some of the structures on Delta Halo[18]
Ruins on Installation

The architecture of structures on Installation 05 follows the general Forerunner aesthetic, but has a clearly distinct style from some other installations such as Installation 00 or 04, an example being Installation 05's Control Room having similarities to Installation 04's Control Room in purpose, but with a different look—including a spherical shape at the center of the building. In addition, many structures on Installation 05, including the temple, appear to be more weathered than those on other installations,[3] having a slightly brown-tinted gray color as opposed to the clean, pristine silver-gray surface material of most Forerunner structures.[7][18]

Much of the decor within the structures of Installation 05 seems to be less practical and more ostentatious than that of Installation Many of the rooms contain standing tables and basins that seem to serve a purely aesthetic purpose, perhaps at one time serving as lamps or torches. An island on Installation 05 is also home to a towering, weathered megalith, a structure that resembles other artifacts on the ring.[3]

The newer metal structures built around the older stone structures

A curious feature on Installation 05 are the stone ruins encountered on the ring. While clearly consistent with known motifs of Forerunner architecture, the ruins seem clearly older and more primitive than most Forerunner structures, and seemingly predate the construction of the ring.[1] They are also made of stone, as opposed to the metallic material seen on the majority of Forerunner constructs (although the Forerunners are known to have favored stone as a construction material in a number of other sites as well). This brings up the question of whether these are Forerunner structures at all, or if they were built by an even more ancient civilization or the Forerunners themselves long time before the construction of the Halo installations, and later moved to the ring for unknown reasons.[36] Some human analysts speculate that these structures were not created by the Forerunners, but were transported to the ring for other species that were temporarily housed on Installation 05 during the Conservation Measure. Certain analysts believe that some of the stone structures were intended to fulfill a cultural purpose rather than a practical one, possibly as a memorial or tomb.[3] Only a fraction of the installation's structures represent the older variety, as most of them are in a similar condition as on other known installations. Some of the newer structures were also built around the older ones to support and protect them, which is clearly evident in some of the spires built over the lake near the temple.[18]


  • There are six Halo 2 campaign levels that take place on Installation Delta Halo, Regret, Sacred Icon, Quarantine Zone, Uprising, and The Great Journey.
  • The Halo 2 multiplayer maps set on Installation 05 include Ascension, Backwash, Desolation, Lockout, Relic, Sanctuary, Uplift and Warlock. The Halo 3 multiplayer map Cold Storage is the only one in Halo 3 to be set on Installation The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer maps Pegasus and Orion are set on Delta Halo.[28]


  • Concept art for a structure on the installation.

  • A view of Installation

  • A Phantom approaches Delta Halo.

  • The Library of Installation

  • A structure and a bridge on Installation

  • A pair of towers framing older stone ruins on the lake surrounding the temple.

  • An iteration of the ubiquitous Eld symbol found on Installation

  • A baroquely ornamented door on Delta Halo.

  • A compromised Flood containment facility deep within Installation

  • A section of Installation 05 completely overrun by the Flood.

  • Installation 05's firing sequence being canceled in Halo 2.

  • A measurement of Substance and Installation 05 from space.

  • A scaling of the distance between Substance and Installation 05 within Coelest system, along with the Soell system.

  • Scenery on Delta Halo from Halo 2: Anniversary.

  • The temple in Halo 2: Anniversary.

  • Aerial view of Delta Halo temple and lake.

  • Covenant readout of Installation

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