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“Stardust Dragon” is one of Yusei’s signature cards, a card that almost every Duelist has in their Extra Deck. Its high ATK and incredibly useful effect have changed the way  the game is played ever since its release in The Duelist Genesis, forcing Duelists to think twice about cards that destroy other cards. Tthe Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010, takes things to a whole new level with the new Trap Card that everybody’s talking about, “Starlight Road.”. “Starlight Road” is incredibly powerful, and it makes “Stardust Dragon” even easier to use!


“Starlight Road” is a Normal Trap Card that can be activated whenever 2 or more of your cards are about to be destroyed by another card’s effect. “Starlight Road” negates that effect and destroys the card. After that, you get to Special Summon a “Stardust Dragon” from your Extra Deck for free! ”Starlight Road” is useful in all kinds of situations.For example, say you’ve got 3 face-up monsters on your side of the field and your opponent activates “Lightning Vortex.” Since 2 or more of your monsters are about to be destroyed, you can activate “Starlight Road” to negate the effect of “Lightning Vortex” and protect your monsters. You also get to Special Summon a “Stardust Dragon” that can negate any other card your opponent might use to destroy your monsters. “Starlight Road” doesn’t just protect monsters though. Let’s say you’ve got “Starlight Road” and another Spell or Trap Card Set and your opponent activates “Heavy Storm.” You can Chain “Starlight Road” here too since it’s about to destroy 2 of your Spell and Trap Cards. There are lots of cards that “Starlight Road” can be used against, such as “Judgment Dragon,” “Mirror Force,” “Torrential Tribute,” “Heavy Storm” and many others, so you’ll almost always have a chance to activate it during a Duel.


While protecting your cards is a good enough effect on its own, don’t forget that “Starlight Road” also gives you a free “Stardust Dragon” when you use it! You don’t even need to use any monsters to Synchro Summon this Stardust, since it’s Special Summoned by the effect of “Starlight Road.” However, since this “Stardust Dragon” isn’t properly Synchro Summoned it works a little bit differently to a regular Stardust. If a “Stardust Dragon” that was Summoned with “Starlight Road” leaves the field, it can’t be brought back with cards like “Call of the Haunted” or “Goyo Guardian.” It can’t Special Summon itself if it uses its own effect either, but since you got to bring it out for free in the first place with “Starlight Road,” it’s a small price to pay. You can still use the effect of “Stardust Dragon” to negate something though, which could be enough to win you the Duel.

Since anyone and everyone can put “Starlight Road” in their Deck, you’ll also want to know how to play against it. First off, when “Starlight Road” is activated, it tries to destroy the card it was Chained to. If you have a “Stardust Dragon” on your side of the field when your opponent activates their Road, you can use it to negate their “Starlight Road.” You can do the same thing if you’ve got “My Body as a Shield” and “Starlight Road” is trying to destroy a monster you control. “Starlight Road’s” effect also tries to Special Summon a monster when it resolves, so you can use “Royal Oppression” to negate its entire effect. Finally, “Starlight Road” can’t be used in the Damage Step, so if you’re using the effect of “Red Dragon Archfiend” to destroy your opponent’s monsters, they can’t stop it with “Starlight Road.”

“Starlight Road” is a card with 2 amazing effects and is likely to see play in almost every Deck from now on. Check back here soon when we’ll be looking at the more advanced tactics that “Starlight Road” creates, and which Decks get a big boost from its release.

Written by: P.J. Tierney
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Starlight Road

TCG Rulings

You can only Chain this card directly to the effect that would destroy 2 or more cards you control.

If you negate an effect with “Starlight Road” but cannot destroy the card, you cannot Special Summon “Stardust Dragon.”

If you Chain “Starlight Road” to “Heavy Storm” while you control 2 or more Spell or Trap Cards and Special Summon “Stardust Dragon” you cannot activate “Torrential Tribute” afterwards. Even though the effect of “Heavy Storm” is negated, the activation was not, so the card will still resolve without effect and you will miss the timing to activate “Torrential Tribute.”

If you control 2 face-up monsters including “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6” and your opponent activates “Lightning Vortex,” you can activate “Starlight Road.”

You can activate “Starlight Road” even if you cannot Special Summon due to the effect of “Vanity's Fiend.”

You can activate “Starlight Road” even if you don’t have a “Stardust Dragon” in your Extra Deck.

You cannot activate “Starlight Road” during the Damage Step.

You cannot Chain “Starlight Road” to the effect of “Elemental Hero Stratos” because it might not destroy any cards.

You cannot activate “Starlight Road” if your opponent activates “Crush Card Virus” while your only monsters are two facedown monsters with 1500 or more ATK.

Negating and destroying a card and Special Summoning “Stardust Dragon” do not happen at the same time. First you negate and destroy the card, then you Special Summon “Stardust Dragon.” If you don’t Special Summon, the effect of “Starlight Road” ends after negating and destroying the card.

You can Chain the effect of “Royal Oppression” to negate and destroy “Starlight Road.”

Special Summoning “Stardust Dragon” with “Starlight Road” is not a Synchro Summon. If that “Stardust Dragon” is later sent to the Graveyard, it cannot be Special Summoned by its own effect or “Call of the Haunted

Judge Program Forum Rulings

{{RulingFlagged">TCGJudgeProgram =
You can only activate "Starlight Road" if the effect that is activated will destroy 2 or more cards you control (per the card text). Even though "Dark Hole" has the potential to destroy up to 5 cards you control, if it is only destroying 1, you cannot activate "Starlight Road".

You cannot chain "Starlight Road" to the activation of a "Mystical Space Typhoon" trying to destroy a "Call of the Haunted" because "Mystical Space Typhoon" is destroying "Call of the Haunted" and the monster targeted is not being destroyed by the effect of "Mystical Space Typhoon", but by the effect of "Call of the Haunted".

Out of Date

You can respond to the Summon of "Stardust Dragon" from "Starlight Road" with "Bottomless Trap Hole".
Example: If "Starlight Road" is Chained to the activation of "Heavy Storm", then "Heavy Storm" is Chain Link 1 and "Starlight Road" is Chain Link 2. When "Starlight Road" resolves, it will negate the activation of "Heavy Storm" and destroy it (at the same time, due to the “and if you do” conjunction), then it will Summon "Stardust Dragon". At this time, the activation of "Heavy Storm" has been negated, so the chain ends. The last thing to happen is the Summon of "Stardust Dragon", so players may respond to that summon with any legal card, including "Bottomless Trap Hole".

OCG Rulings

On the Activation Conditions

Starlight Road" is activated directly in Chain to an effect which destroys two or more cards on the field.
Example: If the effect of "Judgment Dragon" is activated and "Call of the Haunted" is Chained to the effect of "Judgment Dragon", then "Starlight Road" cannot be Chained to "Call of the Haunted" since "Starlight Road" must be Chained directly to the effect of "Judgment Dragon".

If "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6" and one other monster are face-up on the field and "Lightning Vortex" is activated, then "Starlight Road" may be activated in Chain to "Lightning Vortex".

"Starlight Road" cannot be activated in the Damage Step.
Example: If your opponent's "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacks a Defense Position monster while you control two or more Defense Position monsters, then when the effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend" activates after damage calculation you cannot Chain "Starlight Road".

"Starlight Road" may be activated even if a card like "Vanity's Fiend" is on the field, or if there is no "Stardust Dragon" in your Extra Deck. The effect of "Starlight Roadfrom the Graveyard the "Stardust Dragon" which was Tributed to activate its effect.

Bottomless Trap Hole: When multiple monsters Summoned simultaneously and "Bottomless Trap Hole" is activated, if two or more of those monsters have 1500+ ATK, then "Bottomless Trap Hole" would destroy two or more monsters on the field, so "Starlight Road" may be Chained. However, if only one of those monsters has 1500+ ATK, then "Bottomless Trap Hole" would only destroy one monster, so "Starlight Road" cannot be activated.

Dark Master - Zorc: "Starlight Road" cannot be Chained to the activation of effects like that of "Dark Master - Zorc" or "Time Wizard", since it is unknown whether or not the effect will destroy two cards on your side of the field.

Deck Devastation Virus: "Starlight Road" cannot be Chained to "Deck Devastation Virus" if your only two monsters with <1500 ATK are face-down, or if only two monsters with <1500 ATK are in your hand.

Elemental HERO Stratos: If the effect of "Elemental Hero Stratos" which destroys Spell/Trap Cards is activated, then when resolving the effect its controller can choose to not destroy any Spell/Trap Cards. Thus, "Starlight Road" cannot be Chained to this effect, since it is unknown whether or not the effect of "Elemental Hero Stratos" will destroy two Spell/Trap Cards you control.

R - Righteous Justice: "Starlight Road" can be Chained to "R - Righteous Justice" only if "R - Righteous Justice" would destroy two or more cards you control.
Suppose your opponent controls three "Elemental Hero" monsters and one Spell/Trap Cards, and you control two Spell/Trap Cards. If your opponent activates "R - Righteous Justice", then you can Chain "Starlight Road".
Suppose your opponent controls three "Elemental Hero" monsters and two Spell/Trap Cards, and you control two Spell/Trap Cards. If your opponent activates "R - Righteous Justice", then you cannot Chain "Starlight Road", since it is unknown whether or not your opponent will destroy two Spell/Trap Cards on your side of the field.

Time Wizard: "See above; listed under "Dark Master - Zorc"."

On Summoning "Stardust Dragon"

The Special Summon by the effect of "Starlight Road" is not treated as a Synchro Summon. Thus, if the Special Summoned "Stardust Dragon" activates its effect and Tributes itself, then during the End Phase it cannot Special Summon itself. Likewise, the Special Summoned "Stardust Dragon" cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard by effects like "Call of the Haunted".

The effect of "Starlight Road" which negates and destroys does not resolve at the same time as the effect which Special Summons "Stardust Dragon". "Stardust Dragon" is Special Summoned after the card is destroyed and its effect is negated. If "Stardust Dragon" cannot be Special Summoned, then the effect finishes resolving with negating the effect and destroying the card.

Suppose "Heavy Storm" is activated while there are two or more Spell/Trap Cards on the field, and "Starlight Road" is Chained. After "Starlight Road" Special Summons "Stardust Dragon", the resolution of the negated "Heavy Storm" still occurs, so "Torrential Tribute" cannot be activated since you miss the timing.

Suppose that "Elemental Hero Absolute Zero" is returned from the field to the Extra Deck and its effect activates. If you Chain "Starlight Road" to the effect, then the effect is negated and the "Elemental Hero Absolute Zero" in the Extra Deck is destroyed. Also, you can then use the effect of "Starlight Road" to Special Summon "Stardust Dragon".

Suppose that "Elemental Hero Absolute Zero" is sent to the Graveyard or is removed from play, and that its effect activates. "Starlight Road" can be Chained to negate the effect, but "Starlight Road" cannot destroy "Elemental Hero Absolute Zero", so afterwards you cannot Special Summon "Stardust Dragon".


Starlight Road" is not treated as a "Lightsworn" card.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon: If you activate the effect of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" when it battles a "Stardust Dragon" Special Summoned by "Starlight Road", then at the end of the Battle Phase both monsters return to the field.

Royal Oppression: "Royal Oppression" may negate the effect of "Starlight Road", even though it is unknown at activationwhether or not "Starlight Road" will Special Summon "Stardust Dragon". "Royal Oppression" may negate the effect of "Starlight Road" even if "Stardust Dragon" may not be Special Summoned, such as if "Vanity's Fiend" is on the field or if there is no "Stardust Dragon" in the Extra Deck.

Solemn Warning: You can Chain "Solemn Warning" to "Starlight Road" or "Macro Cosmos", even if there is no "Stardust Dragon" in the Extra Deck or no "Helios - The Primordial Sun" in the Deck.

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Starlight Road

LanguageNameLoreFrenchChemin Lumière d'Étoile

Lorsqu'une carte ou un effet qui va détruire min. 2 cartes que vous contrôlez est activé : annulez l'effet, et si vous le faites, détruisez la carte, puis vous pouvez Invoquer Spécialement 1 "Dragon Poussière d'Étoile" depuis votre Extra Deck.

GermanStraße zum Sternenlicht

Wenn eine Karte oder ein Effekt aktiviert wird, die oder der 2 oder mehr Karten zerstören würde, die du kontrollierst: Annulliere den Effekt und falls du dies tust, zerstöre die Karte, dann kannst du 1 „Sternenstaubdrache“ als Spezialbeschwörung von deinem Extra Deck beschwören.

ItalianCammino Luce di Stelle

Quando viene attivata una carta o un effetto che sta per distruggere 2 o più carte che controlli: annulla l'effetto e, se lo fai, distruggi quella carta, poi puoi Evocare Specialmente 1 "Drago Polvere di Stelle" dal tuo Extra Deck.

PortugueseEstrada da Luz Estrelada

Quando um card ou efeito que destruiria 2 ou mais cards que você controla for ativado: negue o efeito e, se isso acontecer, destrua o card e, depois, você pode Invocar por Invocação-Especial 1 "Dragão da Poeira Estelar" do seu Deck Adicional.

SpanishCamino de Luz de Estrellas

Cuando es activada una carta o efecto que fuera a destruir 2 o más cartas que controlas: niega el efecto y, si lo haces, destruye esa carta, y después puedes Invocar de Modo Especial, desde tu Deck Extra, 1 "Dragón de Polvo de Estrellas".



Sutāraito RōdoKorean스타라이트 로드

①: 자신 필드의 카드를 2장 이상 파괴하는 마법 / 함정 / 몬스터의 효과가 발동했을 때에 발동할 수 있다. 그 효과를 무효로 하고 파괴한다. 그 후, "스타더스트 드래곤" 1장을 엑스트라 덱에서 특수 소환할 수 있다.

Seutaraiteu RodeuSimplified Chinese星光大道


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