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Decorative Bath Towels

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Just because bath towels are a regular commodity in our day-to-day life, they don’t have to be bland-looking and boring. If you are looking to invest in a new set of bathroom towels but are unsure of your options, dive into the world of decorative bath towels.

Check our list of towels reviewed below, so you can find the most gorgeous and luxuriously soft bath towels that suit your style.

bath towels decorative

How do you arrange decorative towels in the bathroom?

Here’s a short video on some different ways of arranging your decorative towels easily.

Do Towels Dry Better on Hooks or Bars?

Choose the best-suited hardware for your bathroom to keep your towels in the best shape possible.

Towel bars are a great option if you have plenty of wall space near the shower or sink. The towel bars allow the towel to dry faster while being spread out.

However, hooks are ideal for smaller bathrooms where a bar’s worth of space isn’t available. It’s also suitable for bathrooms used by multiple people as more than one hook can be installed without taking up too much space.

Additionally, Rings are another option to dry towels in smaller bathrooms. These can be placed within easy reach of the sink to avoid any drips on the floor.

How Do You Wash Decorative Towels?

Washing a towel for hygiene and freshness is quite obvious. However, it is equally important for the longevity of the towel. Properly washed and dried towels remain mildew-free for way longer and save you shopping time and money.

  • Machine Wash – It is ideal for washing your towels once a week. Perhaps, try and wash your towels separately from other clothes as they tend to absorb the color. It is recommended that you wash your towels before use. Towels also require only half the amount of detergent as compared to other clothes.
  • Hand Wash – Washing towels by hand keeps them from wearing out as quickly as a washing machine. For best results, soak your towels in lukewarm water and detergent for 40 to 60 mins. Later, agitate your towels thoroughly and rinse out the detergent. Make sure to wring the towel properly before drying.
  • Spot Cleaning – Some decorative towels have delicate embroidery or embellishments that might get ruined if washed in a machine. You can gently clean the towel by hand, making sure to avoid areas with decorations.
  • Tumble Drying – Most bath towels can be tumble dried after a wash; however, keeping the dryer on a low setting is recommended. Some materials are to be air-dried.

Decorative Bath Towels Features


  • Decoration – decorative bath towels may have a lace or velvet trim, embroidery or printed colors for decoration.
  • Materails – decorative bath towels are available in cotton, microfiber and even bamboo options.
  • Options – Most of the models we chose have some color availability, as well as sizes and set options.

Reviews: Best Decorative Bath Towels

We have listed below some of the top decorative bath towels with their features so that you can choose what’s best for you. We want to inform you that we will earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links on this page.

  • This elegant bath towel is made with 100% Turkish cotton.
  • In addition, the towel is a two-toned woven jacquard towel with a reversible design.
  • The border of the towel is decorated with hand-tied tassels.
  • Pair your classy towel with a matching hand towel.
  • The towel is machine-washable as well.

  • These luxury decorative bath towels come in a combo including, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths.
  • The texture of these towels is super supple and made with 100% cotton material.
  • Designed with a classic Greek key pattern, it gives the towel an elegant style to elevate your bathroom’s look.
  • Moreso, the single-ply terry cloth ensures faster drying.

  • The beautiful purple bath towel comes in a set with 2 hand towels, and it is available in various colors.
  • In addition, the microfiber material makes the towel lightweight and free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials.
  • Also, the embroidered bottom of the towel gives it a stylish and luxurious appearance.
  • The quick-dry feature of the towel makes it travel-friendly and ideal for swimming, camping, and other activities.
  • Even the color of the towel is fade-resistant and holds its shape after months of wash and use.
  • The towel is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on a low setting as well for best results.

  • These are downright the best decorative towels for the guest bathroom as they are stylish and super soft.
  • A 6-piece premium bath towel set comes with 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths.
  • However, the two-ply yarns, the high-density cotton, and the low-twist loops all add a luxurious softness and fluffiness to the towels.
  • These towels are elegant and spa-worthy. They make the perfect gift item as they would be a great addition to any home.
  • These towels can be washed in the machine, and they are fade-resistant as well.

  • The towel is made of 100% cotton with 100% polyester on the decorative band of the towel.
  • Probably one of the most uniquely designed towels available in the market, you can easily upgrade your bathroom with their addition.
  • Spot cleaning is recommended to avoid damaging the decorative embellishments and trims on the towel.
  • The bath towel comes in a 3-piece set, including 2 hand towels as well.

  • This is a complete 6-piece towel set. However, these towels are also available in individual size sets and various colors.
  • The bath towel material is 100% genuine Turkish cotton that gives the towel its signature softness.
  • Moreso, these bath towels are decorative in a very modern and minimalistic way. The crisp white color gives a spotless and inviting look.
  • Attention has been paid to improve the absorbency of the towels so that you can experience the satisfaction of the product.

  • The Creative Scents decorative bath towels come in a full set.
  • The set includes guest towels.
  • They have a velour finish and lace trim.
  • The towels are 100% pure cotton.

  • The Truly Lou towels are cotton and decorative.
  • They are Jacquard Woven towels in a set.
  • The set includes two bath towels and two hand towels.
  • They have a pattern design and two colors.

  • The bridge Istanbul are Turkish hand towels for your bathroom.
  • They are 100% cotton and very durable.
  • The cotton is Oeko-Tex standard.
  • They are also available in more colors.

  • The Great Bay Home Store brings you their 6 piece Luxury Turkish cotton spa towels.
  • They have a decorative appeal and come in a full set.
  • There are bath towels and hand towels.
  • Available in six striped color options.

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Touch of Class

Bath towels provide both softness and style. Find solid color, striped or even embroidered bath towels for your purposes. Animal prints, seashell motifs, floral patterns and more add appeal.


Bath Towels Perfect for Any Occasion

Embroidered bath towels will grace your powder room with birds, blossoms and seashells. Leopard print, sequined bands and Southwest chevrons will also lend your washroom a distinct character. Shop our plush collection of bathroom towels, and recreate a relaxing setting. With luscious cotton and dreamy designs, these bath towels make frayed, nubby cloth just a distant memory! You can tie your printed towels into a beloved motif from your shower curtains or window tiers; or, proudly brandish your initials with our monogrammed towels. Whichever you choose, let attractive decor and plush comfort give you one more reason to stretch out a relaxing bath.

Shop Monogrammed Towels with Stunning Designs

Our selection of bathroom towel sets includes supple cotton and absorbent terry, embroidered details and solid colors. For a luxurious yet simplistic touch, browse our solid color Turkish cotton bath towels, which offer pillowy fibers and supreme absorbency. Try Supima cotton for an airy and pleasing texture, or allow highly sought-after Egyptian cotton bath towels to caress you with their fine, luxurious fibers. Finally, you can find monogrammed towels crafted from sumptuous cotton as well. Display your initials on these lavish bath towels, and grant your bathroom an upscale atmosphere.

For a harmonious look, select bathroom towels with popular decorating themes so that you can easily enhance your decor. Instill the soothing presence of nature with floral bath towels. Animal print towel sets and seashell bath towels, on the other hand, will transport you to safari scenes or coastal getaways. Meanwhile, Southwest and rustic lodge designs bring a homespun charm to your bath decor. Discover personalized towels with pine cone, Kokopelli or striped patterns; a different name monogrammed on each towel designates a personal bath sheet for every family member.

Pick bathroom towels to match your current bath accessories or even invent a whole new decor style around your towels. If your bathroom could use a softer edge, find 3 piece bath towel sets or individual hand towels, washcloths and more.

How To Fold \u0026 Design Towels Like Hotels - Virtuous Woman - Lyca Riaz - Episode 5

25+ Creatively Easy Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

Having a bathroom which looks and feels so inviting is surely every homeowner’s dream. It’s such an important thing to make a beautiful bathroom since it holds an important role to make you and all the coming guests comfortable.

The decoration of the bathroom layout is the one that you just can’t leave behind. You have to make it as perfect as possible just like any other rooms that you decorate.

There are many ways of how to make a bathroom decor look stunning, and playing with some bathroom accessories is one of the easiest ideas. With lots of attractive bathroom stuff available in the market, you can always have your gorgeous dream bathroom.

Decorative towels are long known as the decor item that you can display in your bathroom layout. It will create such a stylish touch to the room’s overall look and provide comfort for everyone.

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Here, we share you some inspiring decorative towels for bathroom ideas to enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor. They are so easy and simple to make, but the result is beautifully surprising.

Let’s just keep scrolling to check our pick of decorative towels for bathroom ideas!

Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

Decorative Towels with Bouquet

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 1-min

The beautifulA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas with a flower bouquet that you can try easily. It gives such a natural refreshing atmosphere to the room in such a gorgeous way.

White Towel with Dry Plants

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 2-min

For you who love something naturally rustic for your bathroom decor, thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas can be one of the best options. It uses the dry plants as the accent for a white towel which works as the towels holder.

Natural Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 3-min

Another inspiringA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses flowers as its accent. Here, the flowers with grasses are added to create a more colorful touch to the brown towels and the jute is also used to secure them.

Butterfly Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 4-min

The gorgeousA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas with faux butterfly accent that will add another style to your bathroom layout. You can copy this idea by using a free-printable butterfly and use a thick paper.

Shabby Chic Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 5-min

An inspiringA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas for a DIYers which uses some old frame as the hanger. With such design, you will have a gorgeously inviting shabby chic decor for your bathroom.

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Decorative Towel with Burlap Bow

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 6-min

The uniqueA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses burlap bow as the hanger. It looks so beautiful and fit well for you who love some decor items in farmhouse style.

Starfish Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 7-min

Nautical-themed decor items are always a great choice to style up your bathroom decor. This one uses starfish as an accent which makes the towels look way more stylish.

Brownish Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 8-min

The elegantA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses the combination of white and gold. It will match easily with almost all the decor due to its neutral look.

Decorative Towel with Raffia Rope

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 9-min

In thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas, the raffia rope and burlap are combined to create a nice rustic look. It adds another beautiful touch to the vibrant red and white towel which makes it look unique.

Decorative Towel with Frame

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 10-min

Another stylish decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses frames as its hanger, but here, the bigger ones are used. It’ll easily become a focal point of your bathroom decor and you’ll need quite wide space to copy this idea.

Teal and Yellow Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 11-min

The vibrant combination of teal and yellow of thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas is so inspiring to try. It’s a great choice for you who want to give a catchy colorful touch to your neutral-colored bathroom layout.

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Neutral Nautical Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 12-min

This one is a decorative towel which adapts the nautical style with its accent. The color combination of white and gray of this idea creates a new way to have a nautical-themed decor item for your bathroom.

Layered Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 13-min

The easy and simple decorative towels for bathroom ideas which looks quite distinctive. You just need to fold some towels with different colors, stack them and secure with a bow.

Earthy Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 14-min

The color combination of thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas create such a beautiful earthy look which is so soothing to the eye. It uses the simple accent to make it look more attractive.

Decorative Towel with Ring

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 15-min

ThisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas shows the cheap way to display your towel in your bathroom decor. It uses the ring which you can try to copy by benefiting a ring from the shower curtain.

Country Style Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 16a-min

The catchyA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas with the country look to create such a distinctive look in your bathroom. It fits well both with traditional or modern bathroom layout.

Floral Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 16-min

Using flower as the accent for your decorative towels is always the simplest way to do to make them look gorgeous. Here, the faux orchid is used to decorate a white and grey towel.

Simple Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 17-min

Looking for something simple? ThisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas is a worth-to-try one for you. The white towels are secured by the flower rope which is enough to make it look gorgeously decorative.

Decorative Towel with Big Dry Flower

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 18-min

An elegantly rusticA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas with a huge dry flower as its accent. The towel is hung on the black ring which makes it a great idea if you want to have a farmhouse decorative towel.

Classic Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 19-min

Choosing a classic decorative towel is always a good idea to decorate your bathroom. In this idea, the classic technique of towel folding is used with a little bit of floral accent to colorize it.

Glamorous Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 20-min

The superbly attractiveA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas with golden faux flower and rhinestone accent. Those accents are matched with the bold red towel which is so inspiring to try.

Green Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 21-min

The simpleA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas that you can make in no time. What’s catchy about this one is its harmonious look for the towels and bow which is so gorgeous.

Christmas Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 22-min

Here, the red towel is accented with greeneries and burlap bow which looks so admirable. You can copy this idea to decorate your bathroom during the Christmas season.

Decorative Towel with Scarf

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 23-min

ThisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas show the easy option to make your towels displayed beautifully. It uses a scarf to secure the towel, making it look uniquely adorable.

Cute Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 24-min

Here, the black and white towels are chosen to be part of the bathroom decor which is accented by a bow from raffia rope. Then, the small golden stars give another look to thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas.

Farmhouse Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 25-min

The gorgeously chicA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses a wooden frame and greeneries wart as its hanger. You include this one to your bathroom remodeling project’s inspiration list.

Colorful Starfish Decorative Towel

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 26-min

Another inspiringA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas which uses starfish as its accent. Here, the festively colorful towels are chosen to create a more cheerful nautical nuance.

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BW Decorative Towel with Teal Bow

decorative towels for bathroom ideas 27-min

The black and white towels are always a good choice when you want a simple minimalist accent for your bathroom decor. This one uses the teal bow to colorize the BW towel which is so tempting to copy.

Decorative Towel with Big Towel

Flower will never fail to make your daily towels displayed more attractively. In thisA�decorative towels for bathroom ideas, the big flower with its footstalk is used to give accent to a black towel which is so easy and cheap to try.

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Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas pinterest-min

So those are some interesting decorative towels for bathroom ideas that you can try to make at home. You don’t have to be tricky at all to make one of them and apply it to your bathroom decor.

Pick the one that matches the overall look of your bathroom decor to have a nice harmonious layout. Also, determine the size of your bathroom so the towels won’t look stuffy to be part of the room’s decoration.

The key to making such an attractive decorative towel to display is the color combination and accent. You can play with both of them by referring to the ideas that we have enlisted for you above.

Not only as the decorative purpose, but those ideas also great for a space-saving solution. You can place the towel beautifully in your bathroom without taking lots of space around.


Brown towels decorative


Tocotowels Luxury Decorative Fingertip Towels


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