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League of Mediocrity — Zoe: I've come up with a three-step plan to make...

Zoe: I’ve come up with a three-step plan to make Leona date you.

Diana: Ok, I’m listening.

Zoe: Step one: Get her to play truth or dare.

Diana: Nevermind, stop.

Zoe: Step two: Wait until she picks dare.

Diana: Zoe, no!

Zoe: Step three: Dare her to be your girlfriend.

Aphelios: It could work.

Leona, shouting from another room: It will work!

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Random Criminal: Don’t worry. Without her gauntlets she is just a weak, helpless woman.

Vi: Uh, who still has hands?

Caitlyn coming out of her hide out with her rifle in hands: And the goddam Second Amendment !

Seraphine: Come on Ahri, I don’t even know if she is gay, how do I find out?

Ahri: Ok, you do this, you go and offer her a cookie, if she rejects it it’s like she is turning down the cookie, not you

Seraphine: Ok, it’s worth a shot

Seraphine, takes a cookie and goes in Akali’s direction

Akali, seeing her phone: Oh, my girlfriend is up front, she hates when I make her wait! And Eve got cookies, I love cookies!

Rell, nervorsly: She has a girlfriend. She’s so lucky. Hey do you want to split that cookie?

Seraphine: Uhh? Wait… Ohhhh!

Rell, very anxious: Oh! Never mind! I tough… Sorry sorry!

Seraphine: NO! GAY! Me gay!

Rell: Oh. Me gay too!

Seraphine: That’s great! Cookie?

Ahri and Kai'Sa looking this scene unfold

Ahri: Ahh…

Kai'Sa: Yeah, she is terrible at this!

How Seraphine and Jinx first met

Jinx: You got tossed out of the museum too?

Seraphine: Yeah, for yelling

Jinx: You yelled at the museum?! That’s hardcore

Seraphine: What did you do?

Jinx: Stole a pterodactyl

Irelia: On the outside you’re rought and cynicall…

Irelia: But underneath it all, you’re just a sweet shy girl who like to be tickled.

Graves: Really? >:)

Riven: Graves, if you try to tickle me I swear to the moon, I’ll rip off your arm and tickle the bloody hole with your own hands


Jayce: I create great machines to help people!

Caitlyn: I’m a genious detective, who fights against corruption

Ekko: I create imaginable inventions out of garbage to show what I’m capable of!

Seraphine: With my voice and my magic I sing to unite two citys that are at war!


Vi: Well, I’m fluent in a million ways to beat the shit out of you!

A little after Vi moves in with Caitlyn to the Ferros state

Camille: Why can’t the zaunite girl live with her own family?

Caitlyn: I’ve told you before.

Caitlyn: She hasn’t heard from her dad in years an her mother ran away before she was born

Camille: How…

Camille, visibly confused: How could she do that?

Vi: Look, I only aim for three things in life

Vi: Nap on my future wife tiddies

Vi: Dance with her to Hozier

Vi: Make garlic bread with her

Vi: If I don’t get at lest one of this I’m legally allowed to commit arson

Rell and Seraphine arrives at Riven’s apartment

Riven: What in the fucknuckles is this?

Rell: She is my girlfriend you intolerant shit

Riven: Whoa! Pump the hate brakes, Fox and Friends. I’m just surprised anyone would date you.

Riven: Especially Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony

Rell: At what age do you just accept your life is a piece of rotten garbage and always will be?

Riven: Twenty two

Ekko: How I used to look at Piltolver growing up vs now


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No Lich Bane or Nashor's Tooth?!?!
I want to make my idea the most clear than possible, so let's do math! Let's compare four similar items build which just one item change and I will explain around those informations why I consider Nashor's Toothand Lich Baneare not being items designed for Diana.

Deathfire Grasp Diana
645 AP 15% cool down 20% damage bonus on target for 4 seconds
The first build combo damage would be of
And the shield would be of
And the Q would be of

Nashor's Tooth Diana
573 AP 25% cool down 20% of AP on every auto attack 1.244 attack speed

Lich Bane Diana
593 AP 5% cool down 0.75% of AP with spell blade effect
The third build combo damage would be of
The shield would be of
And the Q would be of

Void Staff Diana
580 AP 5% cool down 39% magic penetration instead of 6%

Deathfire Grasp vs Lich Bane
As you can see, there is not so much a big difference of shield power with those two items build (Deathfire Grasp build is 5.6% stronger here).
The difference of her Q power is not that much bigger too (Deathfire Grasp build is 6% stronger here).
Now, her full combo damage is an other story. The Lich Bane clearly win the math damage (Lich Bane build is 14.6% stronger). But here is the problem, you must use the spell blade effect. I know, she can easily get to her target to proc the Lich Bane effect. But be forced to stand near your melee range to PRECISELY AIM THIS TARGET WITH THEAUTO ATTACK, huuuuuuu. I like rather poke with my Q until my target is low enough to be bursted with one full combo. An other problem, Diana can't applies her spell blade effect with safe engaging! Fizz can do it (he jump in, he jump out), Twisted Fate can do it (he got RANGE) and Akali can do it (can't be hited in a smoke screen). If you wanted a spell blade focus champion, there is better champ for it.
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Not even the aspects are safe from the void, when immense holes are discovered in the sides of Mount Targon, it's often blamed on the beast that fights gods. Krouk'Kran in the Shurima tounge means "To he who hates the heavens with wrath beyond" a title well earned. Through consistent evolution on the rocky cliffs of Targon, this voidling has evolved a thick yellowish dust that excretes from his hands and forearms. This dust has immense explosive and energy absorbing properties. It's through this evolutionary adaptation has Krouk'Kran been able to survive against the star fire of Aurelion Sol. As a result Krouk'Kran has evolved to be incredibly agile and quick to keep up with his hated foes the aspects despite his immense size he seems well adapted for fighting human sized foes. Gods know not of his hatred for there kind, and if the Solari and Lunari continue to remain divided, this rage will know no stop.

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Tales of Runeterra: Targon - “The Vaulted Road”

League of Legends champion profile: Diana, the Scorn of the Moon

Diana. League of Legends.

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

If you’re a new League of Legends player trying to learn, or just a veteran trying to refine skills about a champion you’re unfamiliar with, we have you covered. Today, we introduce Diana, the Scorn of the Moon.

There are a lot of champions in the League of Legends universe to pick if you’re a new player. If you’re someone who loves the moon, crescent-shaped swords, and going in to blow up enemy squishy champions, Diana is the perfect champion for you.

A diving fighter who can constantly reset and fly onto champions she marks, Diana is great if you love going in and not necessarily going out. If that seems like a fun time, here is a quick breakdown of Diana, the Scorn of the Moon.


Diana is a warrior of the Moonsilver Blade Lunari clan. As a group of warriors who believe in the power of the moon, they have been largely wiped out from the lands around Mount Targon. Imbued with the essence of an Aspect from beyond Targon’s towering summit, Diana is no longer wholly human. She weilds her crescent blade in her quest to divine her power and purpose in this world, battling the Solari clan who seeks to destroy her family.

Best quotes

– “A new moon is rising.”
– “A man, a woman and a yordle walk into the sun. They die! Because it burns them alive? Heh heh heh heh.”
– “The moon will rise. The night will last forever.”
– “Knock, knock. Who’s there? The moon… it’s far away! You were alone the whole time! Ha ha ha!”
– “Twilight fades!”


Fighter diver


Middle / jungle

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Lol Wiki Diana Famous Quotes & Sayings

List of top 10 famous quotes and sayings about lol wiki diana to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Top 10 Lol Wiki Diana Quotes

#1. Growing older, it appears, does not mean growing up. - Author: Michael Marshall Smith
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #409004
#2. In LA she would hole up. Back in the day it had been part of his job to find people, and he had been pretty good at it. Success depended on - Author: Lee Child
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #452256
#3. he loved whores because their sin made them so tasty; - Author: Bradley Convissar
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #476699
#4. Try to exist even under hardest conditions! That is the effort which deserves the applauses most! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #693938
#5. Biology, meaning the science of all life, is a late notion. - Author: Leon Kass
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #777541
#6. You're one hell of a woman, Molly," I said. "Thank you. - Author: Jim Butcher
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #810115
#7. The weirdest time is when I'm having to explain myself all day to journalists, and then I don't perform, so there's no release, just a lot of self-consciousness. Then what do you do with that at the end of the day? How do you release your brain from talking about yourself all day? - Author: Andrew Bird
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #828363
#8. Other women were like presents he was constantly disappointed in unwrapping - Author: Jess Walter
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #1195108
#9. If one man has a dollar he didn't work for, some other man worked for a dollar he didn't get. - Author: Bill Haywood
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #1644553
#10. It'll be interesting to raise kids in New York City. I'm from suburbia, so I don't really have any experience with what it's going to be like here. - Author: Aaron Lazar
Lol Wiki Diana Quotes #1771269

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