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ondemand_video Super Monsters Monster Pets

The adorably magical Monster Pets star in a series of short adventures that are big on fun -- and full of surprises!
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theaters Super Monsters Save Christmas

Twinkly lights, starry nights. Santa Claus is coming to Pitchfork Pines -- and there's monster magic in the air!
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theaters Super Monsters Save Halloween

It’s Halloween, and the Super Monsters are ready to celebrate -- with candy, costumes and music to get you in the mood!
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theaters Super Monsters: Dia de los Monsters

Sun down, monsters up in Ciudad Monstruo for a celebration filled with magic, colorful creatures and super monstery fun!
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theaters Super Monsters: Once Upon a Rhyme

It's storytime, and all the Super Monsters are sharing their favorite rhymes and fairy tale adventures — with a special twist!
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theaters Super Monsters: Santa’s Super Monster Helpers

These monsters won't let a snowy snafu at Santa’s workshop ruin the holidays for everyone. Monster powers to the max!
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theaters Super Monsters: Vida's First Halloween

Tricks, treats, monster-mallows -- and a night for remembering those we miss. New traditions don't have to be scary!
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ondemand_video Svijet kentaura


U pokušaju da pronađe svoju vjernu jahačicu, neustrašiva ratna kobila putuje čudnovatim svijetom prepunim čarolije, pustolovina i raspjevanih kentaura.
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theaters The Magic School Bus Rides Again In the Zone

It’s the longest New Year's Eve ever as Ms. Frizzle and the class travel back in time — hour by hour — to save their beloved bus!
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ondemand_video The Wiggles

Get ready for more Wiggles! Learning, washing, taking care of toys. It's all fun when you sing and dance about it.
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theaters The Wishing Tree

Five children living on the edge of a forest band together to save a magical wishing tree from destruction and find their own paths to happiness.
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theaters Tom and Jerry: The Movie

This cat and mouse are born to be enemies, but when a little girl needs help, they'll call a truce. For now!
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theaters Trolls Holiday Special

The Trolls have too many holidays. The Bergens have exactly none. It's time to create a reason to celebrate!
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ondemand_video True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Big wishes come true whenever these two are around. They can't help it -- it's just what they do!
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ondemand_video True Tunes

Music videos starring your favorite Rainbow Kingdom characters? Wishes really do come true!
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theaters True: Happy Hearts Day

It's Happy Hearts Day -- the perfect day for pink hearts and friendship. So why is the Rainbow Kingdom turning blue?
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ondemand_video True: Magical Friends

Robots, body swaps -- and a tricky troll? There's no stopping this good-hearted guardian when her friends need help.
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ondemand_video True: Wonderful Wishes

Welcome back to a wonderful world full of friendship, adventure and magical wishes that make big dreams come true!
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theaters UglyDolls

They're plush, playful and proud to be ugly -- until they learn that's actually not a compliment.
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ondemand_video VeggieTales in the City

Join the Veggie gang for more adventures as they make new pals and explore new worlds, from the moon to the mountains.
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Super Monsters Toddler Cleo Graves Classic Costume

A Royal Monster

Generally, the monster kids on the TV show Super Monsters are just that—monsters. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, are all represented on the show. Even the witches seem more like monsters with their blue and green skin. But there is one character who looks human in both her human and monster forms. That little girl is Cleo Graves, daughter of Cleopatra and princess of Egypt. She also happens to be a mummy! Despite her human origins, Cleo has control over the wind and can create sandstorms and other weather. But most importantly, she gets along with her monster friends! Let your child play the princess in this Super Monsters Toddler Cleo Graves Classic Costume.

Product Details

This costume is based off of Cleo's mummy form, rather than her human one. Rather than deal with a bunch of bandages, this costume is all about her dress, cape, and fancy headpiece. The dress uses a longsleeve, white top section to represent the bandages, while the bottom is a red orange color with a jagged yellow design at the hem. The cape and foam collar are one piece and come together on the right shoulder. The large, printed blue gem on the front of the collar hints at the blue and gold striped cape on the back. The headpiece is also striped with blue and gold and features a cat face on the forehead. 

A Mummy's Monsters

She may be royalty, and she may be a mummy, but Cleo is just a regular kid, too. Like her monster friends, she loves to play games, test out her abilities, and enjoy new experiences with them. That sounds like most kids to us! So let your child enjoy having superpowers for the next costume party or for trick or treating. Princesses need their sweets!


3T/4TWaist20" - 26"51cm - 66cm
3T/4TDress Length23"58cm
3T/4TCape Length19"48cm
Size 4/6Chest29"74cm
Size 4/6Waist22" - 28"56cm - 71cm
Size 4/6Dress Length26"66cm
Size 4/6Cape Length21"53cm

Costume Sizing Tips

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Super Monsters

Super Monsters is an American-Canadian children's animated television series that premiered on Netflix on October 13, [1] The series is about a group of preschool kids, whose parents are the world's most famous monsters, trying to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.

Super Monster Save Halloween was released on October 5, Super Monsters and the Wish Star was released on Netflix December 7, [2]Super Monsters Furever Friends was released on April 16, Super Monsters Back to School was released on August 16, Super Monsters: Vida's First Halloween was released on October 4, Super Monsters Save Christmas was released on November 26, Super Monsters The New Class was released on August 1,

The series made its linear debut on Discovery Family on October 19, [3][4]



  • Cleo Graves: Four-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Mummy with the power to create sandstorms and tornadoes (voiced by Elyse Maloway).
  • Drac Shadows: Four-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Vampire with the ability to fly (voiced by Vincent Tong).
  • Frankie Mash.: Four-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Frankenstein monster with super strength, and a super stomp (voiced by Erin Mathews).
  • Katya Spelling: Four-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a young Witch, often struggling with her spellcasting (voiced by Andrea Libman).
  • Lobo Howler: Three-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Werewolf with super speed (voiced by Alessandro Juliani).
  • Zoe Walker: Four-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Zombie with zombie vision, the ability to walk and see through walls and objects (voiced by Nicole Anthony).
  • Spike Gong: Three-year-old student at Pitchfork Pines Preschool who is a Dragon and is able to control clouds (voiced by Diana Kaarina).
  • Vida Calvera: Lobo's cousin who is a Skeleton from Ciudad Monstruo and has plant magic, the ability to make plants grow (voiced by Gigi Saul Guerrero)
  • Olive: who is a Ogre with Frankie's powers (voiced by Elicia Mackenzie).
  • Rocky: who is a stone Gargoyle, often struggles with flying and changes his color based on his feelings (voiced by Asia Mattu).
  • Sami Snow: Who is a Snow creature and has snow magic (voiced by Diana Kaarina).
  • Zane Walker: Zoe's brother who is a zombie with zombie vision, the ability to move objects he sees with the point of his finger (voiced by Rukiya Bernard).
  • Henri: Katya's pet Cat.
  • Puppy: Cleo’s pet Dog.
  • Abby: A fairy in training.


  • Igor: Teacher at Pitchfork Pines Preschool with Esmie (voiced by Ian James Corlett)
  • Esmie: Igor's granddaughter (voiced by Britt McKillip)
  • Miss Mina: She is the current teacher for the new class of Super Monsters. She is also a Monster herself, which is currently unknown but does show off a beautiful rainbow colored pair of wings that enable her to fly (voiced by Nicole Anthony)
  • Glorb: A Hamster that is a Classroom pet (voiced by Kathleen Barr)

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Other Super Monsters Shows[edit]

Super Monsters Monster Party[edit]

Super Monsters Monster Party was released on Netflix on September 14, , consisting of four episodes.

Super Monsters Monster Pets[edit]

Super Monsters Monster Pets was released on Netflix on June 7, , consisting of five episodes.

Super Monsters: Specials[edit]

‘'Super Monsters Specials was released on Netflix on August 28, , consisting of two episodes.


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Halloween Pretend Play Carnival Toy Surprise with Netflix Super Monsters

Vida Calavera

Super Monster

Voice actor/actress

Gigi Saul Guerrero


Sugar Skull (Spanish skeleton)

Vida Calavera is a sugar skull/Spanish skeleton, who attends Pitchfork Pines Preschool. She is Lobo’s cousin, Abuelita's granddaughter, and Jorge's niece. She is voiced by Gigi Saul Guerrero.


As a human, Vida has brown hair with one flower on her left side of the hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes. She wears a light yellow dress with three flowers on it, purple pants and shoes with orange straps on them.

In Super Monster form, she has white skin that is designed to look like a sugar skull with detailing on it. She has curly purple hair with six flowers on her hair and braids near her hairline. She wears a purple dress and retains her purple-and-orange strapped shoes.


We meet Vida in "Super Monsters and the Wish Star" where we find out she is Lobo's cousin and a Spanish skeleton monster from her father's side (Back to School), whilst her mom is a werewolf. Vida shows her powers are plant base she can make plants grow. She is very shy and caring when she comes and moves to Pitchfork Pines and lives next door to Lobo in Back to school Vida has a doll called Skelly which she misplaces. When found, Vida says she no longer needs Skelly all the time, Vida had never done Halloween before and on her first one with half of the Super Monsters, Abuelita, Igor, and Esmie it doesn't go according to plan and runs off scared and upset but in the end it all works out and she helps out Katya who was sad.

Powers and Abilities

Vida has the powers of nature. She can grow plants and give them life at a faster rate.


  • Despite being a skeleton, Vida has a nose.
  • In the UK dub, she isn’t Hispanic.
  • Vida's name is Spanish for "life".

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