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These Amazing Pokeballs With Pokémon In Their Natural Habitats Are The New Thing After Pokémon Go

If you thought the Pokémon fever that infected the world with the mobile phone game a few months ago has died down, you're wrong. An artist has come up with another product that will make Pokémon fans jump up in delight. 

Texas-based artist Lauren has created Pokeball Terrariums. These beautiful looking Pokeballs show your favourite Pokémon in their natural habitat. And if you think getting them is any easier than catching virtual Pokémon on your smartphones, you're wrong. According to the artist, they have been in huge demand and she already has more than 100 people waiting in line to get their hands on these miniature terrariums. 

In case you are wondering what a terrarium is, it basically means a small container where plants are grown. And no, these are not terrariums, in the traditional sense, because the plants used are fake.

However, they are adorable and you must check them out now! 

1. Eevee

2. Leafeon

3. Jolteon

4. Slowpoke

5. Charmeleon

6. Dragonair

7. Bulbasaur

8. Charizard

9. Electabuzz

10. Lapras

11. Rattata

12. Weezing

13. Vileplume

14. Pikachu

15. Mewtwo

16. Mudkip

17. Horsey

18. Clefairy

19. Slowbro

20. Charmander

21. Tauros

22. Scyther

23. Flareon

24. Bellossom

25. Meowth

Pretty cool, right?

The sad thing is, Lauren is currently shipping only in the USA. But don't worry, for everyone living outside the United States, she has given out her trade secret. She has created a video tutorial for anyone who is interested in making one for themselves.  

Sours: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/Pokeball-terrariums-are-now-a-rage/

PokeTalk I: Ideal PokeBall Enviroment Theory

Welcome to PokeTalk, where I talk about everything from the latest thoeries to the pokemon themselves! This month I am talking about a piece of the "What goes on in a pokeball?" theory. There are lots of thoughts and theories going surrounding this and the pokeballs itself. But I honestly think the most plausible theory of what goes on in a pokeball is the "Ideal Environment" theory. This theory involves around the fact that a full pokeball will create a sort of mini habitat according to that pokemon's ideal preferences once captured. Now, there are a total of roughly 26 types of pokeballs in existence in the pokemon world. I split these into 3 types: Modern, Exclusive, & Specialty. So, lets take a look at these shall we?

These pokeballs are your basic, bland kind of pokeballs.
:bulletwhite:PokeBall: This is the mainstream and most common one to see. This regular ball with a low catch rate is the kind given to new trainers or bought cheap at a store. Would be only capable of making a very plain and simple habitat for the pokemon, which is not ideal to tame a wild pokemon quickly. But would serve it's purpose nontheless. No wonder Pikachu hates his so much if it's true!

:bulletwhite:GreatBall: A little less common, but it has a better catch rate then a regular pokeball. It cost a bit more to buy at a store but would be able to do a little more complex habitat for the pokemon, but not by much.

:bulletwhite:UltraBall: Costing a lot more in price and baring the highest catch rate other then a MasterBall, it would be able to do a decent job of creating an ideal habitat. Making it more easier for the pokemon to settle in.

:bulletwhite:MasterBall: Ah yes, the hardest type of pokeball to get your hands on!! It can catch any pokemon without fail and is ideal for catching those hard to catch pokemon like legendaries. It would out of all the modern type pokeball models be able to make the most complex and desirable habitat for the pokemon captured. A sort of paradise ideal to that pokemon's desires.

These are special pokeballs that are considered very rare and are capable of picking up of a pokemon's desired habitat faster and better then that of the Modern Type PokeBall.

:bulletred:CherishBall: We all know this ball that event only pokemon come in that can't be bought in stores. It would be capable of making an environment that aims more towards what a pokemon cherishes most from their days as wild pokemon or a hatchling.

:bulletred:SafariBall, SportBall, & ParkBall: These balls can't be bought either, but they are given to you to use in the safari zone or in contests. They would be programed with a preset environment already to suit these pokemon, unfortunately they would only be able to make simple habitats.

:bulletred:DreamBall: A very special, one of a kind pokeball with a high catch rate it is given to you in a certian area and can't be bought. It's used to catch pokemon of your dreams that some how appear in the waking world. It would be able to create a dream-like world of the pokemon's imagination and desires, making it ideal for the pokemon.

:bulletred:PriemierBall: Given to trainers for buying a bundle of regular pokeballs, this ball has little differences when compared to it's regular pokeball counterpart. It would only be able to make a simple habitat and has a low catch rate.

These pokeballs I like to call the "cream of the crop" in pokeball standards. They are all made to target certian types of pokemon along with strengths and uniqueness. Now lets check them out.

:bulletyellow:DiveBall: Ah yes, the pokeball for you scuba divers, yes? this pokeball can be bought in the store but boy it ain't cheap! This pokeball targets pokemon that live deep in the ocean that almost never see the light of day, like Reilcanth. It would make an underwate utopia for these pokemon, each slightly different to suit their needs.

:bulletyellow:DuskBall: We all know this wonderful ball that is at it's strongest during the night and in dark caves! During the night this pokeball's catch rate makes UltraBalls look lame! It's specialty is to catch nocturnal pokemon that love to be in the dark. So it's a safe bet that this ball would have a dark environment that is very complex.

:bulletyellow:FastBalls & QuickBalls: Ideal for catching those speedy and elusive pokemon. This ball would defiantly make something that would be of a wide open prairie or meadow. Something the pokemon can stretch their legs in.

:bulletyellow:LevelBalls & NestBalls: Ideal for the baby pokemon or very young, inexperience pokemon. These balls focus on catching weak pokemon that have not seen a lot of combat. There for, these balls would make a habitat that makes these pokemon feel safe and well sheltered.

:bulletyellow:FriendBalls & LuxuryBalls: These are the creme of crop for comfort and ideal living for a tame pokemon!! Not only do they make a pokemon tamer faster, but they would make the most complex and luxurious habitat for that pokemon. Ideal if you have a pokemon that needs friendship to evolve, don't you think?

:bulletyellow:LureBall: Ideal for catching the fishy type of pokemon, this ball would make  sort of lake or pond like habitat of a basic design.

:bulletyellow:HeavyBall: Ideal for those pokemon heavy heights out there like wailord and onix. This ball would make an environment suited to these heavy pokemon.

:bulletyellow:HealBall: A bit better then a regular pokeball, but not by much. This pokeball focus on healing wild pokemon you catch so they can fight right after capture. The habitat inside would be rather cute and simplistic.

:bulletyellow:LoveBall: This pokeball focuses on catching the opposite sex of the pokemon you have out already. This would prove ideal for the pokemon breeder and makes a romantic sort of habitat for the pokemon.

:bulletyellow:MoonBall: Ideal for pokemon that use Moonstones to evolve, like Clefairy. This ball would likely have an environment suited to promoting these pokemon's desire to evolve to their next stage.

:bulletyelloe: NetBall: This pokeball is ideal for the bug catcher and fishermen. It focuses on catching bug and water type pokemon, and as such would either switch from  a forest habitat, a marsh, or underwater types of habitats.

 :bulletyellow:RepeatBall: Again, ideal for the pokemon breeder. This ball focuses on catching pokemon you already caught. Thus, this ball would have many kinds of simple habitats already programed into it.

:bulletyellow:TimerBall: A wonderful pokeball that gets stronger as time passes, making catching legendary pokemon so much easier! This ball can make simple to complex habitats for the pokemon's desire and choices.

Another thing you must consider for this theory to be possible is climate control. That's right, you heard right; I said climate control. This means making the tempature in the ball as hot or as cold as needed for the pokemon's health and well being to be realized. While no water or food is put in their balls' enviroments, they can certianly bring an item inside with them as it has been shown in the games and anime. While these balls would make living and traveling with their trainer a safe haven, pokemon must still be let out for food, water, medical care, and exercise. Why?

Because these "ideal environments" inside the balls are like the pokemon's bedroom where they retreat after being injured or tired. They need to get out of their bedrooms some times just like we do after a good rest, ready to tackle the day. These balls would naturally have a built in air filtration system that lets them breath but also allows them to hear their trainer's voice so they can be ready to jump into action. But these balls can be opened by the pokemon themselves if their will is strong enough. Otherwise they just choose to stay safe and relaxed inside their ball until they are needed.

This was PokeTalk with Aria, be sure to come again for the next PokeTalk! Bye-bye~!

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/ariasnow/journal/PokeTalk-I-Ideal-PokeBall-Enviroment-Theory-450243842
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Habitat List

The Habitat List (Japanese: 生息地リストHabitat List) is a Pokédex feature in Black 2 and White 2. It lists each area the player has visited in Unova, along with every Pokémon the player has seen or caught that can be found in that area. The player receives the Habitat List upgrade from Bianca in Floccesy Town after receiving the Basic Badge.

Each area's entry is divided into three parts: a field section, a surfing section, and a fishing section. The field section aggregates all Pokémon found in tall grass, dark grass, rustling grass, walking in caves, dust clouds, and Flying Pokémon's shadows. The surfing and fishing sections aggregate Pokémon found in the water normally and those found in rippling water. The Habitat List only includes Pokémon that can be found through most random encounters; Pokémon that can only be found through swarms, gifts, and overworld interaction are not included. Game-exclusive Pokémon are only part of the Habitat List in the version in which they can appear.

Each Pokémon entry is universal. Seeing a Pokémon once anywhere (in the wild or during a Trainer battle) automatically registers it to every area that Pokémon can be found. Similarly, once a Pokémon is acquired by any means (caught, traded), every area automatically registers that Pokémon as caught for its entry.

When the player has seen all Pokémon available in the field, surfing, or fishing sections of an area, that section's tab will be decorated with a gray icon of a Poké Ball and its page will be stamped with a hollow Poké Ball outline. After the player catches every Pokémon available in a section, an exclamation mark will appear on the tab to notify the player that the section has been completed; once checked, the stamp on the page will become red and the exclamation point becomes a red and white-colored Poké Ball icon. When a player has caught every Pokémon available in all three sections of an area, that area's name on the list of areas will be decorated with a large gray shadow resembling a Poké Ball.

Rewards for completing the Habitat List

The following items are received if the player talks to a particular NPC after completing an area's section of the Habitat List:

The following areas appear in the Habitat List, but do not have any rewards for completion:


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Sours: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Habitat_List
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