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Records and Information Security Administration Notice

The O5 Council has approved for the SCP-6101 designation to be reserved for the exclusive use of the Department of Public Relations to aid in post-veil operations.

Containment Class:


Secondary Class:


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6101 is too powerful to contain. He is to be left in the care of his family until the next time the Foundation should call upon him for assistance.

Description: SCP-6101 is the most powerful SCP. His name is Ethan Prosper. He is nine years old at time of writing. The full extent of SCP-6101's powers are unknown, but he has displayed capabilities such as flight, super strength, invisibility, and all the powers of the Marvel superheroes. He is anomalously brave and capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.

SCP-6101 has two guns which he carries with him at all times. The guns, which he has named Fear and Loathing, shoot bullets made of pure light and darkness, respectively. His dog Heidi (subdesignated SCP-6101-01) is the second most powerful SCP. She is fiercely loyal to SCP-6101 and protects him from anomalous organizations who want to use his powers for themselves.

Incident Log: On 05/18/28, SCP-OMEGA broke out of its cell in Site-301. Unable to reestablish containment of the anomaly, Site Director Rushpa Chakarvarti called upon SCP-6101 for assistance. SCP-6101 was then personally escorted to Site-301 by Mobile Task Force Psi-301 ("Genie in a Battle") from his room at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Using a combination of telekinetic abilities and verbal threats, SCP-6101 successfully drove SCP-OMEGA back into its containment cell as witnesses applauded and cheered. He was awarded a Foundation Star for his efforts by Director Chakarvarti in a special ceremony shortly afterward.

In addition to saving the lives of everyone at Site-301, SCP-6101 became a hero to countless other critically ill children like himself after reports of his bravery on local news stations led to a surge in donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.



Top 5 strongest SCP'S

If i am wrong sometimes, please correct me in the comments!

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Most people will probably disagree with me now, but what did this guy ever do to put him higher on the list? He has just shown that he can change the reality in the environment, move through objects / matter, and teleport himself. He is still pretty strong, but he gets massivly overstimated.

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He has a high regeneration power, he is reality warp immune, he can warp the reality, is immune against soul manipulation, etc. What can SCP-343 do in this case?

user uploaded image

He is immortal, and when he dies, he just come back, because of resurrection. He is also skilled in one-on-one combat. Anyway, he is older than time and creation, can manipulate Time and space, has resistance to age manipulation & can warp the reality.

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Top 2: SCP-001 (The Gate Guardian)

I would not say that he is the strongest, because we just do not know his strength. Still, relatively many sources say that the Gate Guardian is quite strong, he is on the 2nd place.

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She is on the first spot, because she showed the most feats. While the other guys on the list almost had no talent or feats, 239 recreated the SCPverse/universe (All on this list included). Anyway, she can erase existence of creatures, can create/recreate, can wish all what she want ( For example, she just let a SCP Foundation employee disappear, because she just wanted it), she can warp the reality, is invinsible, and that makes she 1nd here.

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SCP-076-2, also known as Able, is an ancient Semitic man who was experimented on by the Daevites early in his life, granting him great strength and speed. He was one of the earliest anomalies contained by the Foundation and, temporarily, one of the most useful.

Able, due to his abilities, was selected to be the leader of the Mobile Task Force "Pandora's Box". However, after completing every mission given to him by the Foundation he grew bored and decided to set off a containment breach leading to a nuclear detonation. Able is now kept under heavy guard, and is to never be freed from containment.

SCP-076-1 is a 3 meter wide stone cube seemingly impervious to every weapon known to man, including nuclear detonations. Its sole purpose is to resurrect SCP-076-2 should he ever die. This process takes anywhere from 6 hours to 25 years, and has never been interfered with.


Destructive Ability: Wall Class

Strength: Likely at least 485 tons-force[1]

Speed: At least 18.3 m/s, likely over 55.6 m/s[2]

  • Reaction Time: At least 16.4 milliseconds, possibly up to 5.4 milliseconds
  • Travel Speed: At least 21.3 m/s

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Likely at least 485 metric tons-force

  • Electrical Resistance: Possibly up to 20,000 V[3]

Range: Likely 1-2 meters with blades, at least 6 meters with spears[4]

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Fighting Styles

  • Chains
  • Spears
  • Hooked blades
  • Swords




SCP-076-1 is a 3 meter wide cube made, presumably, by the Daevite civilization. Inside the cube is a coffin through which SCP-076-2 is resurrected. To date, the cube has never been damaged, even by nuclear detonation.


Destructive Ability:Not applicable

Strength:Not applicable

Speed:Not applicable

Power:Not applicable


Range:Not applicable


  1. ↑Survived a nuclear detonation of unknown yield unscathed, SCP-076
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