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THRUSTMASTER 2960534 HOTAS Cougar Flight Stick

Pros: Aside from one major design flaw, this is a solid, well built joystick/throttle. It feels great, moves smoothly, and has virtually unlimited programing options.

Cons: Major issue with the 'dead spot' in the center having play. When I first received this, it was barely noticeable, but as I kept playing it, within a few hours the first time I checked, there was more play in the center. It worsened over time to where I no longer use this joystick. And this time period was maybe 20 hours of use. This makes making fine corrections kind of a guessing game. All due to the use of some cheap plastic part in the gimbal.

Overall Review: It is sad that such an ambitious design and almost perfect execution of such a high end product, was made with a cheap part that results in this joystick being basically useless. There is a guy that upgrades this joystick, if you send him yours and some money, that corrects this problem, and improves on the electronics. He is easy to find on the web, but the cost is high.

How do I get Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar Flight Controllers with RCS working in this game?
I have an original unopened Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar Flight control system. I also have the TM Rudder Pedals previously used on older TM flight controllers.
The controllers were purchased in 2004 so I know all the software in the box is out of date.
From what I understand the TM web site is useless for any help.

Does anybody know how I go about getting these setup to not only run on this game but Windows 10 altogether?

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Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar PC Flight Stick

Product Description

Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar PC Flight Stick. When you¿re looking for the best of the best in flight simulation, three words come to mind: precision, realism and performance. The new partnership between Thrustmaster and the Virtual Thunderbirds demonstrates the perfect union of these concepts, bringing the most advanced flight stick on the market to the most skilled hands in aerial simulation. Thrustmaster¿s HOTAS Cougar is unlike any other simulation device on the market. A replica of the legendary F-16, the benchmark in terms of modern fighter planes, the HOTAS is the product of long and considerable investment in Research and Development. Thrustmaster¿s partnership with the prestigious U.S. Air Force adds unique credibility to the HOTAS, since the product¿s functionalities are in every way identical to the controls of the real aircraft. The Virtual Thunderbirds, a leading aerobatic simulation group, are well-known for their skills at reproducing aerial shows performed by the United States Air Force¿s Thunderbirds demonstration squadron, composed solely of F-16 fighter aircraft. A replica crafted for performance. Our all-metal HOTAS Cougar is a real powerhouse of technologies, featuring 28 programmable buttons, adjustable throttle resistance, adjustable Afterburner and Idle detents and a variety of programmable hat-switches, in particular. All of this results in formidable efficiency and great realism in aerial simulation games, notes Eric Mindjimba of Thrustmaster¿s International Marketing Department. We are very happy to be collaborating with leading members of the simulation community such as the Virtual Thunderbirds, as this gives rise to far-reaching ambassadors able to demonstrate all the possibilities offered by the HOTAS Cougar. Co-engineered in collaboration with US Air Force and used by US Air Force for pilot training - a reference in the aircraft sector. Endorsed by the Virtual Thunderbirds and the Russian Knights.

The most realistic flight simulation controller is here: the HOTAS Cougar, lifelike in design, lifelike in performance. This is truly "Hands on Throttle and Stick" gameplay. Based on the actual controller found in F-16 fighter aircraft, the HOTAS transports you to the furthest reaches of flight-simulation technology. From the second you grab hold of both the stick and the throttle, you notice the difference. All metal, black, and ready for business--that is the HOTAS. This controller offers up to 28 programmable buttons, multiple programmable hat switches, and adjustable resistance for the throttle, afterburner, and idle detent. These are just a few of the many features of this revolutionary stick and throttle combo. Without question, the HOTAS Cougar is the controller for true flight enthusiasts.

Thrustmaster H.O.T.A.S. Cougar Unboxing!

I’ve got one of these devices, a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar block 52 F16 throttle and joystick.  One of the best controllers out there.  They stopped selling it back in the days of Windows XP.  Thank God they made drivers for Windows Vista, or I wouldn’t be writing this article. 

Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar

Well, I want to use this on my new Windows 10 machine, so that I can fly the F16 in Falcon 4 Allied Force, Falcon 4 BMS, and now the soon to be released F16 module for DCS World.  Unfortunately I ran into a bunch of errors when I simply downloaded the 64bit drivers for Windows Vista and tried to install them normally.  I sent Thrustmaster support an email asking them how to use this device with Windows 10, and they wrote me back stating that it can’t be done.  Well, it turns out they are wrong.  I found a way to install the drivers and the Foxy programming software, and I want to share this with you.  To install the drivers for Windows Vista on a Windows 10 machine, first make sure the controller is not attached to your PC.  Second, right-click on the device driver installation executable and click on properties.  Click on the Compatibility tab and then pick Windows Vista from the drop-down (not Windows Vista Service pack 1 or 2).  Check the box next to Run as administrator.  Save your changes and run the executable.  That’s it!  Follow the instructions and it should work for you.  It worked for me!  Hope this helps you continue to enjoy this amazing throttle and joystick!

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Hotas thrustmaster cougar

Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar: The Luxury Joystick!


The HOTAS Concept

The article first appeared in Tom’s Hard News Email Newsletter

"Hands on Throttle and Stick" . For decades, military aeronautics engineers have been trying to improve the human interface in aircraft involved in extreme combat situations. Of all the major advances that have resulted from their research, the HOTAS concept has been a real revolution. HOTAS enables pilots to use the avionics, radar and weapons systems without having to remove their hands from the control column or the throttle. So it was quite natural for the idea to be transposed into the PC computer world. In 1991, Thrustmaster launched its first HOTAS gaming peripheral - the FCS (control column) and WCS (throttle) were born. Two years later, the FLCS F-16 and TQS F-16 replaced them. These new models were equipped with advanced programming functions. Much imitated but never really equaled, ten years later, the FLCS and TQS were souped up by enthusiasts who added enhanced electronics and programming software. These devices are now being offered on online auction sites for much more than their original price !

But soon, all of this will be history. That’s because Thrustmaster has just produced a HOTAS for today, and well beyond. In fact, the HOTAS Cougar might even soon be touted as the "joystick without limits." To be sure, no concessions seem to have been made in terms of more realistic pricing. There’s no getting away from it, the Cougar is expensive, very expensive. At $299, it can’t be compared to any other gaming peripherals on the market. For this reason, it is vital to find out whether the investment is justified over the long term.

Thrustmaster H.O.T.A.S. Cougar NOOB Unboxing! [Greek]

Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar

I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar N11106 TH ref: 2960534 and the Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar Throttle Ser# 28688.

I bought these new about 7-8 yrs ago and they worked good. During this time I moved and it had been a couple of years since I used them.

I pluged them in yesterday and I don’t get any response whatsoever? I tried to calibrate them. It doesnt even show up.

They were stored in our closet so they were not exposed to any extreme elements.

I’m at a loss. They are in like new shape. I’ll bet I don’t have 30-40 hours of use on them.

Any suggestions…replacing a board? throw them out? Salvage for parts?

The constuction of this stick and Throttle are top notch so I would hate to just throw them away.

Here is some info about the system I’m running in case there is a question.

Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i7 CPU [email protected]
6.00 GB RAM
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


Now discussing:

TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS F-16C

Foxy Profile for Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar for the DCS F-16C

ThrustMaster Cougar Profile for DCS World F-16C
v1.3 by Rudel-Chw (Eduardo Ahumada, Antofagasta, Chile)

1.- Software:
Profile tested with DCS World 2.5.5; driver Thrustmaster 2007_HCO_Vista_64_RC1; Foxy 4.2

2.- Cougar Mode:
After downloading the Profile into the Cougar memory, make sure that on the Cougar Control Panel the mode "Button & Axis emulation" is ON (green).

3.- Where to put the Files:
Put the four files of this Profile, on the folder  Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\Files.

4.- Headtracking:
This Profile is designed to be used with a Headtracking device. It has no buttons setup for view control, except for Snapviews.

5.- Communications:
The Throttle Hat has been configured for Simple Radio PTT, Discord PTT, SR Sel ect Next Radio, VHF PTT and UHF PTT, in addition to DCS's Comm. Menu

6.- Rudder Pedals
Since I dont have Rudder pedals, I've designed this profile so that the ANT rotary can be assigned as Rudder, since it's easy to control using your thumb. Assign the Axis on Option-Controls within DCS. The Radar Antenna elevation is controlled by Hat3 (shifted with S3)

7.- Range Knob:
The top rotary is used to control TGP Zoom ... it's not an axis, so return to neutral once the desired zoom has been attained.

8.- DCS Simple Radio keybindings:

Define the following keybindings on DCS SR:

SR_Select_Next_Radio = {LCTL 0}

9.- Discord keybindings:

Define the following keybindings on Discord:

Discord_PTT = {LCTL 4}

10.- Headtracking & Custom Views:

Define the following keybindings on your headtracking software:

Headtracking_ON-OFF = {RCTL F9}

Define the following snapviews on DCS F-16:

KP8 = Closeup view of HUD
KP6 = Closeup View of Right DDI
KP4 = Closeup view of Left DDI
KP2 = Closeup view of Warning Panel

The snapviews are toggles, so press them again to exit the Snapview ... DON'T go fr om one Snapview directly to another, always toogle out before changing to another Snapview.

11.- DCS keyboard bindings:

Please define the following keyboard bindings on DCS -> Options -> Controls for the F-16C

HDG Set Knob - CCW/Decrease = LCTL + h
HDG Set Knob - CCW/Increase = LSHF + h
CRS Set / Brightness Control Knob - CCW/Decrease = LCTL + k
CRS Set / Brightness Control Knob - CW/Increase = LSHF + k
MAN RNG Knob - CW = LALT + r
MAN RNG Knob - CCW = LCTL + r
Countermeasures_Management_Switch-Aft = LCTL + m    
Countermeasures_Management_Switch-Fwd = LALT + m    
Countermeasures_Management_Switch-Left = LSHF + m    
Countermeasures_Management_Switch-Right = RCTL + m
Expand/FOV_Button-Depress = LCTL + f
Paddle_Switch-Depress = LCTL + p
Transmit_Switch-IFF_IN = {LCTL i}    
Transmit_Switch-IFF_OUT = {LCTL o}
Throttle Cutoff Release - Depress = LCTL + a

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 465.83 Kb
  • Downloaded: 923
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