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Earth-Friendly and Ugly

Keeping it ugly for herb and oil has never been easier. Ugly House Re:stash Jars in all their bright solid colors and wavy tie-dye designs. It’s a unique reusable weed storage solution that uses standard canning jars for collection.

Since keeping weed fresh involves air and avoiding light, all Ugly House Re:stash Jars feature completely opaque covers. And even the screw-top lids are something special on these awesome weed jars.

On The Grind

One of the coolest features of the Ugly House Re:stash Jars is that they are standard 8- and 4-ounce Mason jars, so they are replaceable. Better yet, there are herb grinders made for jar tops that turn the Re:stash into an herb grinder collection container. 

The jar’s covering is a foo-grade silicone sleeve that insulates and, very importantly, is completely opaque so that no light can penetrate. Even standard UV light can degrade weed dramatically in short order. With the Ugly House Re:stash Jars, they are protected.

Keeping your herb or oil fresh has so many bright options with the Ugly House lineup. There are two sizes, both in opaque colors as well as swirling tie-dye patterns. Mason jars work with standard lids, but the Ugly House Re:stash Jars have their own unique top!

Earth-Friendly Stash Jars

Air is the main enemy when it comes to weed because of relative humidity. Air-tight jars like the Ugly House Re:stash Jars have a good seal like their FDA Polypropylene that is 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers and featured a patented child-proof lid!

These Re:stash jars each feature another sustainable storage solution with the Re:vider, a flexible container divider made of eco-friendly materials. It’s a simple, patented tool like no other with a clip in the middle, perfect for holding rolling papers or humidity control packets.

Both the Ugly House Re:stash Jars and the Re:vider are made in America. The Re:vider, like the stash jar lid, responsibly features 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers.

Product Specs

Made InUSA
materialBorosilicate Glass,Silicone,Hemp

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At DankStop, we completely understand our customers needs for discreet packing. For your privacy, all packages are shipped in unmarked brown or standard USPS Priority boxes with a return address of DS Distribution LLC. There will be no mention of DankStop on your package.

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Black & Gold 8oz Runtz Mason Stash Jar by RE:STASH

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  • Black & Gold 8oz Runtz Mason Stash Jar by RE:STASH


Black & Gold 8oz Runtz Mason Stash Jar by RE:STASH. The team behind the RE:STASH Jars are dedicated to sustainability and quality while maintaining the very best in ECO-friendly UV protection keeping your stash fresh and undamaged. Each RE:STASH Jar comes with 100% recycled or recyclable products with 30% coming directly from farm wast. Each one of the Mason Jars come with a Silicone koozie which not only looks nice but is imperative to its UV protection.

Inside each jar, as you open it, you'll see they come with a Child protective lid. Under which you a second silicon lined sealer which is imperative to keep in the freshness and one more final surprise. Once you have the lid's off, you'll be happily surprised with a storage clip designed to hold an 8oz Bovida Humidity pack.


BPA Free

Prevents sunlight damage

Eco-friendly materials

CPSC Certified child-resistant

Smell proof

Lids made in Portland, OR


No Plastic

Earn £4.00

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Re-Stash Jar Original Z Green 8oz

Re:Stash have teamed up with Original Z to bring you some limited edition storage solutions.

These sturdy jars are the perfect place to keep your precious products. The mason jar has a silicone covering which is tactile and will help protect the glass from begin scratched. The child-proof lid is made from FDA Polypropylene (30% re-purposed farm waste and hemp fibres) and will protect against the sun as well as keeping whatever you keep inside away from little, inquisitive hands.

Inside the glass mason jar sits a removable divider so you can keep products separated if you needed to. This divider is also made from eco-friendly materials, making it even kinder to the planet, and has a clip in which you can place a humidity control pack. This will ensure your product stays fresh and at its' best for longer. Humidity control packs are available here.

If you want to check out our full range of Original Z products then click here.


  • Height: 105mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm
  • 8oz Capacity
  • Child Proof Lid
  • Glass Mason Jar Inside
  • Silicone Outer
  • Made From Eco-Friendly Materials
  • 2 Compartments Inside
  • Clip For Humidity Control Pack
  • Prevents Sunlight Damage
  • No Plastic
  • Re:Stash Logo
  • Original Z Logo

Delivery charges will be calculated at check-out and will be based on your location, order value and weight. For full shipping info click here.

If in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your goods please contact us via [email protected] immediately so we can resolve this for you.

The Best Weed Jar Ever

The world's only mason jar based child resistant container

We believe the key to sustainability is versatility, so we wanted to make one of the most widely used products, the mason jar, even more useful. With the Re:stash jar, the Mason-re team further transforms the mason jar into the perfect stash jar. The Re:stash jar includes a mason jar, a silicone koozie and a patented child proof lid. Our jar has no plastic and the lid is made with 30% farm waste.

Re:stash Jar

Shop Re:stash jars


The ultimate to-go jar -
perfectly designed to help you stay organized

Re:fine your Re:stash jar into the ultimate ready-to-go jar with our newest product, the Re:vider! It allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. Our patented Re:vider has a clip in the middle, which is perfect for holding your rolling papers or anti-humidity packs. Just like our lids, the Re:vider is made in America from FDA Polypropylene that is 30% re:purposed farm waste and hemp fibers.

Re:stash Jar
  • Has a storage clip for humidity control packs or rolling papers
  • Fits in an 8oz regular mouth mason jar
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Many household uses
  • Made in America
  • Patented

Shop Re:vider

Design is in the details

At Re:stash we use materials that are as premium as today's cannabis strains.

We started with the easy to find, made in America, glass mason jar. Unlike plastic containers, there is no worry about the material touching your bud. Just plain old glass that wont leach anything, EVER. The glass is then sleeved in an FDA approved Silicone koozie. We take this extra step because it is critical to keep light off of and insulate your stash from temperature shifts. Doing so helps prevent the degradation of the terpines and terpenoids in your favorite strain. Silicone is the best material for the job because it is made from plentiful and easily sourced elements. It can withstand temperatures from below-zero to over 400ºF, is non-toxic, and contains no worrisome chemicals.

Finally, we use a cutting edge bio-fiber reinforced polypropylene for our child-resistant lids. Our flax-filled polypropylene takes a true bio waste product and uses it to replace traditional materials that take energy to mine and produce. By using a flax fiber filled FDA approved polypropylene for our child-resistant lid, we reduce our carbon footprint and give you a stash jar that you know will Re:sist hands that are too young.

State Laws


Legalized for adult consumption, recreational use

Legalized for medical use

No laws legalizing recreational or medical use

About Us

Our PhilosophySustainability means using less

At Mason-re, we believe that true sustainability comes from using less items for more things. Regardless of how much recycled or post-consumer content a product has, it still takes ENERGY and resources to create it.

This is why we focus on the mason jar - one of the most versatile and reusable products out there. From canning to home décor to drinkware to storing herbs, the mason jar has hundreds of uses.


Jars re stash

RE:STASH Zkittlez Green Mason Stash Jar 8oz

RE:STASH jars are designed from the ground up to provide the best conditions for both your herb and the planet. Built and designed around the philosophy of "reduce, reuse & then recycle" the masonry Re:stash jars are the prefect sustainable herb storage solution.
The Re:stash jar is a glass Mason Jar wrapped in a custom 100% silicone koozie which not only protects your jar but helps to preserve your herb by blocking UV rays. The lids are made in the USA from recycled FDA Polypropylene with 30% from repurposed farm waste and hemp fibres and are also CPSC certified child-resistant so your precious stash can stored safely away from children as well as sunlight!
The 8oz RE:STASH jar comes with a RE:VIDER which allows you to separate your jar into two compartment and also comes with a clip for an 8g BOVEDA humidity pack. Just like the re:stash mason-re lids these are made in America from recycled materials.
The Mason-Re jars by RE:STASH are the next level in herb storage and are great for use at home or on the go. They come in two handy sizes, 4oz and 8oz and RE:STASH have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry such as Cookies, Berner, Alien Labs, Zkittlez and Runtz so you can always store your bud in style.
Buy Re:stash mason herb storage jars from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds store now and get a FREE Boveda humidity pack with each jar.

  • 8oz Zkittlez Mason-re glass jar by RE:STASH
  • Comes with 100% silicone koozie
  • Lid made in the USA from recycled material
  • Child-resistant lid
  • RE:VIDER included
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Diameter 8 cm
  • Glass thickness: 3 mm

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