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Polka Dot Background

polka dot background

How to Make a Polka Dot Background

Free printable polka dot background in any color you want.  We have 15 ready made colors but you can change the color with the click of a button to any color you want. You can also change the polka dot designs.

Open the Polka Dot Background Maker

Ready-Made Colors

Didn’t find the color you were looking for? You can use our background maker to create a polka dot background in any color you want.

To Change One Color Only: Either the background color or the color of the dots

How to change the color of the background or the polka dots

  1. Select either “colored polka dots on white” or “white polka dots on colored paper”.

2. Click on the polka dots.

3. Scroll down to select a color.

4. Select the color you want to use.

5. Click on select.

6. Your background is ready to be downloaded or printed. If you want a few polka dot backgrounds in different colors then you can simply repeat the process and select another color.

To Change the Color of the Dots and the Background and to Select the Polka Dot Design

(see video above for step by step instructions)

Open the Polka Dot Background Maker


  1. To change the polka dot design: Select the polka dot design from the select above. If you do not see the designs then click on “select images”.
  2. To change the color of the dots: click on the dots and then on “select color” and select a color.
  3. To change the color of the background: click on “edit elements” and select “background” from the scroll down menu under it. Select any color.

Sample polka dot papers created as described above:


You can use these for personal or commercial use but you cannot use them as-is without linking back to this site.

Sours: https://www.page-borders.com/polka-dot-background/
free printable colorful polka dot banner letters for a happy birthday party, baby shower.

Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters

These Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters are amazing! I love the colors, design, and shape of them. They look lovely.

These Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters feature gorgeous shades of color like mustard, burgundy, and teal, making this banner elegant and adult.

Use the Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters to help decorate for a birthday or special event.

Just get your Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters below, print out and you’re done!

To get the banner, simply open the images below and save them to your device.

See below for instructions and paper recommendations. Also, see more of our stunning range of free printable banners below.

The great thing about our free printable banners is that you can mix and match! You don’t need the same style for each event, you can use more than one banner style for each event and come back and get a different banner for each occasion.

Open the following images to save the abstract Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner.


Get the Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters

Print the banner. These banner images are designed as 8.5 x 11 printables. TIP: If you want to print at a different size then simply insert this printable into Canva, set your dimensions to any size you want, then saveit to your computer, easy! Full steps in this guide.

Paper Recommendations

For regular paper, I find that Amazon’s best-selling paper is such a good deal and has tons of great reviews (over 10,000!).


Cardstock is thicker and more durable than regular paper and is great when you want top-quality prints, especially if you want to frame them. If you want to print on cardstock, I really like Amazon’s Choice of cardstock paper, which is great for prints.

More Free Printable Banners from World of Printables

Finally, if you liked this post and Free Printable Colorful Polka Dot Banner Letters, go ahead and hit the Pin button below, as it really does help us in so many different ways and is a great way to save for later.

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Sours: https://worldofprintables.com/free-printable-colorful-polka-dot-banner-letters/
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We've got SUMMER on the brain over here at ThePolkaDotPosie! Our camper is coming out of storage, summer trips are being booked and Summer Camp catalogs have been arriving in the mail. It may not feel like summer around here yet, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start planning with our fun Summer Printables!!

Our Summer Holidays list has been a big hit for kids and adults, so we made sure to keep that in our set. In addition to Father's Day and the 4th of July, our list covers holidays like National S'mores Day and Honey Bee Awareness Day. As you will see, there is something to celebrate every day of the summer!

The next printable in our set is the Summer Bucket List. This is such a fun worksheet to fill out together as a family. Use the top line to write your summer goal, such as, "This Summer we will spend more time outdoors!" or "This Summer we will take the trip!" Next, list out the things you would like to make and do, as well as the adventures you would like to take. Those adventures could be a bike ride to the park, a campout in the woods, a trip to the zoo, or a road trip to the beach! And finally, make a list of the books you would like to read and the great summer movies you would like to see. If you are looking for some book ideas, be sure to check out our Facebook page. We have a great list going from World Book Day!

After you've made your Summer Bucket List, check out the Summer Schedule docket. You can use this to plan meals, weekly camps or activities, babysitter schedule, errands, to-do list and more! Print multiple copies for your planner, or print one copy and laminate it for your fridge or family bulletin board!

Finally, be sure to print out our NEW Summer Reading Log! After many requests for this printable, we thought it was finally time to add it to the set. Print out a copy for each member of your family and track the books you read and give them a star rating! We kept this printable simple so that adults and kids can use it! We have a great book list going on our Facebook page, but feel free to comment below if you have a great book to recommend!

To download this Free Summer Printable Set, click the size below:

Large Summer Printables {8.5 x 11" letter size}

Small Summer Printables {5.5 x 8.5 half sheet}

Las year, in addition to these great summer freebies, we had a lot of requests for a more detailed Summer Schedule for kids, especially one that offers weekly theme activity days, a blank daily routine checklist that can be personalized for each child AND a screen time menu so kids have to EARN their minutes each day.

We thought these were GREAT ideas and so, we wrapped them all into one useful Summer Schedule printable!!!

Trying to decide which themes to do for our weekday activities was a lot of fun, and while we had some clever topics, we thought the following themes were the easiest to follow and make your own.

MAKE IT MONDAY: This is personally my favorite day of the week because I love a good craft project. If you need some inspiration for projects or ideas, I love Easy, Peasy & Fun and she has a ton of great projects and free printables for kids. 

TIDY UP TUESDAY: I know this theme doesn't scream FUN, but its a necessity around here. I like having one project a week that we can concentrate on together, whether it's yard work, closets, filling a donation box of toys, changing sheets, etc. 

{Side note: If you are looking for some organization inspiration, I am just starting a new book called "Cluttered Mess to Organized Success" by Cassandra Aarssen and I think this is going to be a game changer!! Check it out here.}

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: I will give all credit to my daughter Addie for this theme. Whatever Wednesday should be just that...whatever you want! In our house, we will all get to take turns choosing that day's activity, but you can personalize this theme any way you want! And don't forget to check on that day's Holiday from our Summer Holidays list. I believe National Ice Cream Soda days falls on a Wednesday :)

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: I've seen this theme on many other summer calendars and I love it so much!! The first thing the kids want to do this summer is paint and hide kindness rocks, but we also found lots of great ideas on this list of 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids from Coffee Cups & Crayons.

FUNDAY FRIDAY: Okay, maybe this is my favorite day of the week :) Funday Friday should be all about FUN! Use this day to check something off your Summer Bucket List, take a trip to the beach or zoo, organize a neighborhood baseball game, or have a family movie & game night. 

In addition to filling out your weekly themed activities, decide on your child's daily routine checklist. As you can see in our sample, our daily checklist is pretty simple. The kids need to get up each morning and get themselves dressed, brush teeth, make their bed, put away any laundry that is in their room and tidy up a bit. The great thing about printing out a schedule for each child is that you can customize their list for their age and/or responsibilities. You can also add any other daily chores to this list if you don't want to use them as a screen time incentive.

And speaking of SCREEN TIME, let's talk about how this section of the schedule works. We compiled a list of the most common screen-time-earning activities, such as reading, studying (in the form of a workbook, tutor, educational website/app, etc.), building something, making something, writing or journaling, helping around the house (beyond normal chores), exercising, playing outside, etc. We also left two blank spaces that you can fill in with other incentives, such as walking a family dog or practicing an instrument. Each activity earns 15 minutes of screen time, but when it comes to the length of time on each activity, that is entirely up to you!

CUSTOMIZING BEFORE PRINTING: Many customers ask if there is a way to customize our printable before printing, and there is! To add in your weekly theme activities and daily routine checklist, just open our Summer Schedule PDF in Adobe Reader and click on "Fill and Sign". This will create a text box on the printable and you can access all the fonts and colors on your computer. Just place a text box over each area you want to enter text and then you can save and print! Easy peasy.

MONEY SAVING TIP: If you want to save some money and ink with our new Summer Schedule, we highly recommend printing a copy for each child and then laminating it (or putting it in a frame with glass) so that you can use dry/wet erase markers all summer long! No editing and no wasted ink and paper!

We hope you find this new Summer Schedule helpful!! Download your copy {HERE}

We would love for you to share our Free Summer Printables with your friends and family, but we ask that you PLEASE link to this blog post and not to the downloads directly. These printables are free to download and use for personal use, but they MAY NOT BE EDITED, SOLD OR PRINTED FOR RESALE in any way. If you have questions about these printables and how they may be used, please contact us :) Thank you!

Sours: http://www.thepolkadotposie.com/
Polkadot Tutorial: How to Buy, Store \u0026 Stake PolkaDot DOT Tokens (2021)

polka dot paper

Results for7,199 results
Ice Cream Shoppe Digital Background Papers in Chevron, Polka Dots, and Stripes
30 Digital Background Papers in Chevron, Stripes, and Polka Dots. All papers are 12x12 300dpi png files. These papers MAY be used in interactive whiteboard products as long as the products are paid products and not distributed free. ***This product is included in my $5 HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundl
polka dot digital paper, commercial use, scrapbook papers, background - PS581
30 polka dot patterned papers in an array of colors and hues, perfect for scrapbooking, product design, cards, and much more. YOU WILL RECEIVE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - high quality 300 dpi 12”x 12” files. - JPEG Suitable for all image programs. Perfect for digital and perfect to prin
Sours: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:polka%20dot%20paper

Dot printables polka

My Polka Dot Maker

polka dots, high resolution polka dots, print polka dots, polka dot template, polka dot background, polka dot patterns, polka dot designs, polka dot paper

Print Polka Dots… Fast! With My Polka Dot Maker©

Tiny Polka Dots, Small, Medium or Large Polka Dots... in Any Color.

As simple as click and print!

MY POLKA DOT MAKER© turns ordinary A4 and A3 paper into a colorful delight, without leaving home to buy expensive paper! Print beautiful high resolution polka dots in an instant, over and over. A life time filled with adorable dots, all for one small cost and yours to keep, use and enjoy forever!

Decorating anything with polka dots is super cute, fun and romantic! Create a rainbow of polka dots with your newly found polka dot paper maker, patterns and templates.

Polka Dot Paper For Scrapbooking • Party Decorations • Crafts
• Greeting Cards • Gift Wrap
• Polka Dot Background
What will it be?

The range of polka dot designs, colours, and possibilities are endless yet the templates are mostly used to print pretty polka dot paper:

All you need to do is make sure you have matt or gloss plain white cardstock or paper, which ever you prefer.
Then put MY POLKA DOT MAKER© to work!

polka dot maker, dot grid, circles, free templates,high resolution polka dots,print polka dots,polka dot template,polka dot background,polka dot patterns,polka dot designs,polka dot paper

Never be without "pretty paper" again!



CANDY COLOR POLKA DOTS - Yum delicious and beautiful!

TRENDY POLKA DOTS - Hip, modern fashionista fun!


PEARLDROP POLKA DOTS - Stylish and classy!

LATEST TRENDS - Our latest custom made orders!














Custom Made Polka Dot Templates

Want to customize your templates with colors of your own choice? No problem! Do you prefer a different printable paper size? We can custom make your templates for you!


pastel polka dots,candy polka dots,green polka dots,high resolution polka dots,print polka dots,polka dot template,polka dot background,polka dot patterns,polka dot designs,polka dot paper

Visit the Polka Dot Size Chart

Then go: Here to Order

If you are not sure how to get the color codes or how to select colors on your computer for the custom made templates, you can click on
Hex Codes or Color Names or use this Color Wheel.

Safe and Secure Shopping

Shopping with us is safe and secure. PAYPAL handles all of our transactions on their secure server, we do not have access to your banking details. You will be redirected to PAYPAL for payment and back to our site once payment is completed. We accept all major Credit Cards and Paypal payments.

Once you return to our site:You will be given the option to send THE POLKA DOT MAKER as a gift to a friend. All orders will be emailed to you within 24 hours via
please ensure that you provide us with the correct email address.

Our hassle free instant digital deliveries are provided by E-junkie.

printable polka dot paper

Polka Dot Print Help |Custom Made Polka Dot Templates |Polka Dot Size Chart | Candy Color Polka Dots |Pearldrop Polka Dots |Trendy Polka Dots | Pastel Polka Dots | Bright Polka Dots |
Free Templates | Free Tags |
Back to Fun Stuff from My Polka Dot Maker

Sours: https://www.fun-stuff-to-do.com/my-polka-dot-maker.html
How to make a polka dot pattern in Illustrator

Polka Dot Printable Alphabet Letters

Bubble Letter D Coloring Pages
Bubble Letter D Coloring Pagesdownload

How do you make Polka Dot Alphabet Letters?

You can make it in many different ways bellow:

  • Dots over a solid color. You can make the letters in any style and shape. Of course, you have to make it bold and wide enough so it can fit the dots. Color the letters in whatever colors you want. And then add polka dots using markers. You can use white or black markers. 
  • Rainbow Polka Dot Alphabet. Instead of adding polka dots to colored letters, you want to draw the polka dots inside the letters and then color them in different colors. You can leave the base letters white or you can also color them to make them even more colorful. 
  • Polka Dots Frame Letters. Draw a regular letter and add a colorful frame around the letters. Put on some dots to the frame. 
  • Monochromatic Polka Dot Letters. To do this, you need only one color or different shades of colors in the same color family. For example pink in pink, or you can also do black and white. Use the same color both to create the letters and the polka dot. It will give you simple but cute polka dot letters. 
Bubble Letter T Coloring Pages
Bubble Letter T Coloring Pagesdownload

We also have more printable letter you may like:
Cute Printable Bubble Letters

Printable Bubble Letters
Printable Bubble Lettersdownload
Polka Dot Bubble Letters Coloring Page
Polka Dot Bubble Letters Coloring Pagedownload
Polka Dot Alphabet Letters
Polka Dot Alphabet Lettersdownload
Polka Dot Alphabet Letters to Print
Polka Dot Alphabet Letters to Printdownload
Bubble Letters with Polka Dots
Bubble Letters with Polka Dotsdownload
Polka Dot Letter Coloring Pages
Polka Dot Letter Coloring Pagesdownload
Bubble Letter H Coloring Pages
Bubble Letter H Coloring Pagesdownload

How do you use Polka Dot Alphabet Letters?

There are a lot of fun ideas you can do with polka dot letters below:

  • Appliqué. You can create polka dots letters out of felt or scrap fabric and attach them to your shirt, hat, or bags. It is a good way to create a statement or to identify your belongings by putting your initial name on your items. 
  • Banner. It is perfect to use either you want to throw a party or you just want to make a banner in your room. You can write your name or positive words to cheer you up. 
  • Home décor. Yes, polka dot letters can add something unique to your home décor. You can make it on paper and glue it to your dresser, shelving unit, cupboard, or even coffee table. It is also perfect to use to label your drawers. 
  • Learning tools. You can use the polka dot letters to teach your kids the alphabet. You need to make sure that your kids are already familiar with the shape of the alphabet before introducing this kind of letter because, for early learners, the polka dots can be a little bit distracting. You can also create the polka dots letters as a home project with your kids.  
Sours: https://www.printablee.com/post_polka-dot-printable-alphabet-letters_82613/

Now discussing:

Free Polka Dot Printables Recipes

square-polka-dot-free-printable-recipe-cards-4x6 image

2015-09-18  · Square Polka Dot Free Printable Recipe Cards (4×6) September 18, 2015 by Kip. This set of four different 4×6 recipe cards is perfect for helping you to organize all of your recipes. There are four free printable recipe cards included with this freebie. Each card measures 4 x 6 inches, the most popular size for recipe …
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polka-dot-printable-a-cup-full-of-sass image

Polka Dot Printable. I am so excited to be part of R&R Workshop’s Polka Dot Week!! I have teamed up with 15 of my fabulous blogger friends to bring you some Polk Dot Projects. Today I am sharing this free polka dot printable I created. You know how crazy I am about polka dots …
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Hi! I just found your site and am so happy I did (via Spruce, by the way). I was looking for some easy, printable thank you notes and I found your lovely polka dot ones. I love their colorful, elegant simplicity. Thank you for sharing with those of us who don’t have a creative bone in our bodies. I joke with friends that I may not have ...
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2017-02-20  · Polka Dot Cookie Bars: Gluten free/wheat free chocolate cookie bars with white chocolate ‘polka dots’. Cakey, chewy, with a light chocolate flavour. These bars will become a favourite in your house, trust me! This is the last day of Gluten Free Week. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with gluten free flour. I’ve tried using it in place of ...
From lightscamera-bake.com
Category Dessert, Snack
Calories 207 per serving
Total Time 40 mins
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2011-08-09  · 2 eggs. 2 cups all purpose flour. 1/2 tsp. salt. 1/2 tsp. baking soda. 2 overripe bananas, mashed in a small bowl. 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. Combine the dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl (except chocolate chips). In a separate, larger bowl, cream together the butter and sugar. Add the eggs to the butter/sugar mixture and beat well.
From strangersandpilgrimsonearth.blogspot.com
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Free printable polka dot background in any color you want. We have 15 ready made colors but you can change the color with the click of a button to any color you want. You can also change the polka dot designs. Print Ready Made Backgrounds. Select the Size and Color of the Polka Dots. Colored Dots on White Background . White Polka Dots on Colored Background. Select One Color (Any Color) Dots ...
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Looking for fabulous Spring time decor? This printable polka dot banner is totally free and a fun, quirky addition to any party!
From thecottagemarket.com
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2017-02-07  · With that in mind, I’m going to be sharing a fun collection of polka dot crochet patterns in 2017. The first in the series is this adorable crochet baby blanket pattern. While it’s sized for a baby, I’m going to give you instructions to make this blanket in whatever size you want. If you love polka dots, too, you’re definitely going to want to follow me on
From daisycottagedesigns.net
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2015-05-19  · Free Printable Polka Dot Ice Cream Cone Wrappers by ... Sign up to join our FREE recipe club & receive new recipes each week! Previous Post. The Perfect Project to Keep Kids Entertained on Road Trips! Next Post . Watermelon Muffins. View Recipe Index; Reader Interactions. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Comment. Name * Email * Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the …
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2013-07-27  · Free Printable – Whole Alphabet Primary Party Polka Dot Banner/Bunting & Numbers It’s Banner Saturday!!! This is our 5th FREE Printable Banner in our First Series of 12!
From thecottagemarket.com
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2015-04-17  · These Feather, Arrow and Polka Dot Free Printables are the perfect simple addition to any room! Just print, frame and hang! Happy Friday friends! I am loving the look of mixing metals and also gray and gold/brown together right! I already had some gray frames picked out, so I knew I wanted the a gold/brown color in my prints! I am offering the ...
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We will also be baking some cookie recipes for you, sharing some party games, making some handmade gifts, ... Free Christmas Printables Polka Dot Poplars […] Reply. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply. Name * Email * Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Current [email protected] * Spotlight. Hello! Welcome To Our "Dot.com" Subscribe By Email. Email Address ...
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Aug 6, 2018 - Explore Pink Polka Dot Creations's board "Pink Polka Dot Printables", followed by 24235 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pink polka dots, polka, printables.
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Check out our recipes cards polka dots selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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These cards feature a green and red polka dot border.These recipe cards are 4 inches x 6 inches. The cards include space for the title of the recipe, number of servings, prep time, ingredients, and instructions. Print on card stock and cut out with a paper trimmer for the best results.
From christmasowl.com
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Check out these free printables for tags and cute labels to add to your jars. Whether you are making homemade sugar scrub or organizing the kitchen, these are the coolest ideas around. Free Printables for Jars 1. Free Printable Mason Jar Spice Labels masonjarcraftslove 2. Free Printable And Gift Jar Idea the36thavenue 3. Free Printable Mason Jar…
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The recipe cards are 4 x 6 (inches) with two cards on a page. They can be edited in Adobe Reader. There are fields for entering the recipe title, source, number of servings, prep time, ingredients, and instructions. Text will resize as you type if you use Adobe Reader. Alternatively, you may write on the cards by hand. Print on card stock for best results. Read our support article about
From museprintables.com
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2008-07-23  · Free Printables Online is a resource for free printable paper goods ranging from recipe cards to printable tickets and coupons. The site is updated at least once a week, often twice. Printable products on Free Printables Online are not allowed for commercial use. …
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May 29, 2016 - 20 free printable recipe cards!! Choose your recipe card or cards, download it and print it on your own home printer.
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2012-03-21  · Polka Dot Canvas + FREE Printable! Mar 21 2012 by Linda 7 Comments. Happy Wednesday, friends! Raise your hand if you like Polka Dots …..I know I’m a huge fan! On Monday, I shared my Easter Mantel and you guessed it, there were plenty of dots. ha! I made this adorable polka dot canvas using my Silhouette CAMEO and some pink spray paint.
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Check out our polka dot recipe selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. (No spam, ever!) Subscribe (Free!) This recipe card is available in four versions. The free versions are lined: ready to print and write on, with your choice of 3x5" and 4x6" dimensions. The free versions are in .PDF format. The $7 versions are unlined: you can use these to type recipes or paste them in from your favorite recipe web sites.
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Jan 20, 2012 - It is January and I am still trying to do a little bit of organizing, I had this BIG stack of recipes that I had printed from different websites, pages that I had ripped out of magazines and some recipes that were handwritten by myself or given to me by a friend. So I decided … Continue reading Recipe Book Dividers →
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Polka Dot Printable Recipe Pages Microsoft Word Editable is a free printable planner for you. This wallpaper was uploaded at August 06, 2021 by tamble in All Planner.. Printable 5.5 X 8.5 Planner Pages - If you try to find Printable 5.5 X 8.5 Planner Pages, you are visiting at the correct website. 1000+ free printable planners are available here. . Download Printable 5.5 X 8.5 Planner Pages ...
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Sours: https://www.tfrecipes.com/free-polka-dot-printables/

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