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Amazing Charts is an electronic health records (EHR) solution that targets private medical practices. Amazing Charts’ EHR functions as a combined medical record, patient management, and practice management solution. Specialty medical practices seeking Meaningful Use attestation find Amazing Charts’ EHR to be a scalable, flexible and affordable solution.

Amazing Charts helps specialty practices maintain compliance with HIPAA, Meaningful Use criteria, and quality standards. Unlike other EHR solutions, Amazing Charts features support for alternative and complementary practices in addition to medical specialties. It includes training, implementation,and ongoing IT support. This program runs on Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, and netbooks, providing practices with secure access to patient information. Amazing Charts streamlines office and physician workflows by combining access to scheduling, charting, billing, and e-Prescribing features through the program’s interface. Amazing Charts supports options include hosting, off-site backup, billing services, and answering services, features not available with other products.

Amazing Charts has helped multiple specialty practices increase productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. One of its earliest customers, Dr. Glenn Lopez of California, needed an electronic health records solution that included mobile access, was affordable, and was risk-free. After trying Amazing Charts for three months in his mobile clinic, Dr. Lopez chose to implement the service full-time. Dr. Lopez and his team enjoy the program’s flexibility, ease-of-use, and minimal need for technical support.

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Amazing Charts EHR

Founded in the year 2001 by a family physician, Amazing Charts is an EHR solutions provider which currently employs around 130 people and has an estimated revenue of $ 26.2 Million.

It offers the following functionalities to its users:


Get to critical patient information with fewer clicks! Critical information is visible in one place, accessible with just one click. Easy, one click access to chart summaries, lab results, referral summaries, and past encounters summaries. No more re-documenting the same information!


Avoid clicking finding after finding and navigating through menu after menu, and “documenting by exception”. Amazing Charts templates are designed to both work easily and to minimize the risk that your notes all end up being essentially the same.


Amazing Charts contains a robust and built-in e-Prescribing module. Powered by NewCrop, a SureScripts Certified Solution.


Amazing Charts' scheduling is more powerful than many stand-alone scheduling programs. Included and seamlessly integrated into the Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is our intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler. Use it to: Book, reschedule, and even document missed and no-show appointments. Set appointment types and duration and quickly rebook appointments by jumping ahead four weeks, six weeks, one year, etc. View (or print) multiple clinician schedules, day and week views, and much more.

Patient Portal:

Work with your patients electronically to exchange messages, share visit summaries, test results and educational materials. Increase the level of interaction you can have with your patients before and after their office visits. Decrease the amount of time your staff spends booking appointments and making copies of patient medical records.


  • Appointment Management
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Work Flow
  • Cloud
  • Hl7
  • Icd-10
  • On-Premise
  • Onc-Atcb
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Voice Recognition

13 Reviews of Amazing Charts EHR

Does the job but expensive for my liking.


Talking about the pros, the application itself does a good job and meets all the expectations. As the name says, it offers 'charts' which help to see more patients with minimal clicks. Alongside the EHR and PM, this application has excellent HIE, which saves time and reduces a significant amount of workload for me. Features like voice recognition also come in handy.


First, the layout could have been made a little clean and modernistic. Second, literally, every bit of this application is priced, which can be a little bit irritating.

General comments

A practical EHR but needs to reconsider its pricing.


Very simple and easy to learn. User experience can integrates with a lot of useful applications easily. The system is very customizable and can be teached to other users.


The client service team is bit slow. It is difficult to approach when they have to work on customizable features in the software.

effective for the small scale practices


Amazing charts is very effective for the small scale practices. The customer support is always easily approachable in case of need.


The system frequently update itself. Last version is V6 which makes the software overall slow. They should keep the software speed on priority while updating or changing anything in the system. 


It is very instinctual program. You can have free trial to see the system if it is good for your practice and fulfill the requirement.


The User Interface is very disruptive. Most of the features are overwhelming. Many times irrelevant information pop ups and have to click many times before reaching to actual document.

charting and reporting is very easy.


The charting and reporting is very easy. Once I get inside to the charts it is very easy to create provider note, pulling up demos etc.


The process of getting login into Charting is very frustrating. Sometimes it takes two or three attempts to login. Patient’s appointments is the first thing have to line up in the morning which is not good. 


The system is easily affordable for the small practices and very easy to navigate in the system. We were using practice partner before but must say it takes very less click to complete the documentation,


The color of the screen is quite clear less. EMR with all of its features cannot be accessible with the patient’s charting on one page.


The whole note is before the provider to read. This really is handy to have because I really don't need to dig through a lot of tabs.


The cost seems to be a lot for upgrades. My boss didn't upgrade until it was absolutely needed. The upgrade really made the prescription process slower.

Charts are very easy to create


The system is incredibly easy to use specially creating charts and CPT code for billing is extra super amazing function. The integration and implementation is simple and easy to set up.


I cannot open more than one chart at one time. The system is good for single provider but if there are another provider in your practice you have to buy the license and each separate provider needs to buy a different license. Which increased the cost way too much.

Kerry Open Water Medical Group

This EHR Company is completely fraud never go for them.


The system is easy to use and have very useful features and functions. Transition from paper chart to electronically really reduced of work time and increase the efficiency to the patient care.


This company is a completely fraud. Don’t let them have your credit or debit card. They will use it for purchasing purpose without your consent. Their MIPS/MACRA support sucks. They didn’t meet the criteria of gov’t rules. General support is worsts I ever experience they take 3 to 5 business days for simple issue. They were a good choice for small practices before but sadly they ignored that the customer satisfaction rules and they are just trying to make money with their worst services. Would never recommend to any provider.

Nancy north Florida Treatment Centers


It is easy to learn and use and print prescription. After upgrading the system they provide a support person but keep in mind they cannot help if any issue happen with your print profile. The offsite back up is good way to retrieve your lost data.


If I would rewind the time and have different vendor offer I would definitely choose another one. System frequently shutdown. Provider notes saving error occur many times. Never let them have your business credit card. They are in debt of thousands of dollars and have called tons of time to get refund from your credit card. They are fraud.

Tamara Tamara Singleton MD

Easy to use for solo practice


I am using amazing charts for about five years. And I think it is most easy to understand and user friendly software. The software is customizable so you can use basic simple format or can add different layout if you want.


The basic version was easy to use but after upgrading the system it become very slower and more and more click required for many simple tasks.

Thomas Excel Medical Group

Good EMR for pain management practice


The system design is very easy to understand and user friendly. All notes in front of the provider which is very easy to read because we don’t have to go through the many unwanted clicks or dig through a lot of windows.


The basic system is good. But for more feature I have to upgrade the software which I believe it's quite cost much than other vendors. After upgrade the system and enable more features the prescription process get very slower.

Nancy North Florida Treatment Centers

Do not trust them with a credit card on file


It is easy to learn to use. It is easy to print prescriptions. They can set up off site back-up. You pay for guardian support but be aware that they will not help with printers. We could not scan into the program for months and we are on our own to figure it out.


Shuts off frequently, notes sometimes don't save, never know when I come in in the morning if it will be working. Very few days where everything works.

General comments

If I could go back and select a different product i would get something else. Do NOT let them have your business credit card or debit card. We learned the hard way Lots of luck getting a live person on the phone. They debited over a thousand dollars too much, have called millions of times trying to get a refund.

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Amazing Charts Review

A prominent feature of Amazing Charts is its E-Prescribing capability. The software is using a built-in program called Script Writer that enables users to prescribe medications to patients in just few clicks, With this script writing program, physicians and medical specialists can quickly generate new medications and need not to do a manual data entry of prescription details which include sig, notes, dispense, refill and course. However, they are still provided with  an option to do a free texting of such details. Free texting means users could input information into the prescription fields by typing them.

There is one unique capability that Amazing Chart’s e-Prescribing offers. This feature  automatically remembers the previous prescribed medications. Hence, when the physician searches for those medications, then they are readily accessible and would show up instantly in the system. Preparation of transcripts transmitted to pharmacies and health care providers is also done easily because there is an option to add a favorites list of pharmacies to patients. As a result, before sending the transcript, users would automatically access the preferred pharmacy to a particular patient or they can  search it by name, location, zip, code, or phone number. This feature streamlines the prescription procedure and speed up the delivery of healthcare service.

Another feature of Amazing Charts is how it automates and facilitates the  scheduling of appointments and booking of visits. Here, we would observe that once a patient is already added into the system, the name of the patient could be drag and drop to a schedule window. From there, the physician could then easily set an appointment with the patient. If the physician haven’t decided yet for the date and time for the visit schedule, he or she could search instantly for open slots just by clicking the “Find It” button. Overriding of visit duration is also made possible in the software as well as the editing, moving, verifying, and reviewing of appointment. This automated scheduling functionality enhances patient experience since schedule adjustments are easily accomplished.

Amazing Charts also provides a feature that allows physicians to run various reports that are important in their practice. With this feature, they could quickly search the database by querying into different criteria such as demographics, medications, diagnoses, allergies, health risk factors, or laboratory and orders. Furthermore, they could build complex database queries and add unlimited number of criteria. Amazing Charts’ reporting tool hence is comprehensive and optimizes patient management by providing all the needed information.

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  • e-Prescribing
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Charting
  • Templates
  • Office Flow
  • Guardian Angel Maintenance and Support
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Remote Printing and Scanning
  • HIPAA Compliant
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Amazing Charts EHR - An Affordable and Easy-to-Use Electronic Health Record System


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