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Lexie Liu 
is also known as Liu Boxin is a Chinese singer-songwriter, model and rapper under 88rising.

Stage Name: Lexie Liu /Liu Boxin (刘柏辛)
Korean Name: Lexie Liu (렉시 리우)
Birth Name: Liu Yuyu (刘昱妤)
Birthday: December 21, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
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Spotify:Lexie Liu

Lexie Liu Facts:
— She was born in Changsha, Hunan, China.
— At four years old she learned dancing.
— She majored in global business.
— She speaks English fluently.
— She started learning how to play the piano at six years old.
— In March 2019, she became the brand ambassador for Saint Laurent Eyewear in the Asia Pacific Region.
— She participated in the Korean music program “K-pop Star 5” where she won fourth place.
— She got accepted to Fordham University in NYC but quit to pursue her music career.
— She performed at the SXSW music festival in February 2017, where she got introduced to the US audience.
— She composed a song called “Role” for Li Yifeng in 2018.
— She signed a contract with American label 88rising in 2018.
— Her favorite Disney princess is Mulan.
— Her favorite aquatic animal is manta.
— She’s still trying to find her own style in music so she doesn’t have any specific genre or language in mind as of February 2019.
— She was a contestant in “The Rap of China” winning fourth place with the song “Mulan” in 2018.
— She realized she wanted to sing at 14 years old and started to do covers and upload them on the internet.
— She wanted to go to college in the States when she was in elementary school.
— She said that she is a very selfish person when it comes to making music.
— She tries to crack the barrier between music genres and languages. So she combines R&B sounds with rap and pop to make music that defines her.
— When “K-pop Star 5” called her, she didn’t want to be a trainee. She figured out that it’s not something for her because she doesn’t feel comfortable in that kind of environment when everyone is watching her, tell her what to do, and repeat what someone put in her head.
— During “K-pop Star 5” she went for college interviews at UCLA, Colombia University, and NYU.

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Breaking Linguistic Barriers with Lexie Liu

At the musical intersection of Mandarin Chinese and English lies Lexie Liu, a singer, rapper, and songwriter who blends languages and genres to produce a sound unwilling to conform to any boundary.

Written by Andrew Zhang

Photo courtesy of 88rising

As a language sometimes noted for its harsh tones and corner-cutting inflections, Mandarin Chinese is not usually the first language brought to mind when it comes to peaceful and smooth music. However, singer, rapper, and songwriter Lexie Liu elevates the Eastern language to a new dimension. As she sings, her effortlessly smooth diction erases the bumps of the four Chinese tones. Liu’s sound transcends languages; her voice flows from Mandarin to English and back with such ease you begin to question whether language even exists.

Born in the southern Chinese city of Changsha, Liu moved to the United States to attend college in New York before dropping out to pursue music. Liu stands at the forefront of a sparkling new generation that has expanded the definition of Chinese culture. She is fittingly signed to the music label 88rising —  known for representing many Asian artists such as Joji and NIKI. Liu distinguishes herself from many newer Asian artists, however, as boldly as her music defies constraints. By fusing elements of pop, R&B, and rap, and weaving Chinese and English lyrics together, Liu creates a distinct sound free from linguistic barriers.

In all her songs, this skillful transition from language to language presents itself immediately. On standout single “Manta,” Liu raps, “Got a flight to catch tomorrow back to China,” quickly followed by “我的行踪难以捉摸在哪,” or “My whereabouts are nowhere to be found.” On "Manta," Liu compares a manta ray "(flying) underwater" to her position in music, using the seemingly impossible phenomena of the sea creature's movement as a symbol for the space she has carved out for herself in the industry. 

Liu smartly exploits the differences in the ways English and Mandarin conform to meter and rhythm, allowing her to match her lyrics to a consistent beat by switching between the two languages. The above lyric video for her single “黑洞Metropolis” displays this distinction. When crafting her songs, Liu strategically chooses English lyrics over their Chinese counterparts and vice versa to build her flows and verses. English lines like “I see him swervin’ in the metropolis” allow her to continue the effortlessness of her lyricism while the Mandarin translation “我看见他在未来城的霓虹灯下票移” would disrupt it.

Her music also bends the jurisdictions of Asian music in general. Although English lyrics appear regularly in K-pop songs, they are usually limited to catchy hooks with simple vocabulary. For example, the extent of English in hits like ITZY’s “Wannabe” and BTS’s “Euphoria” is limited to the songs’ straightforward choruses of  “I don't wanna be somebody / Just wanna be me, be me" and “ Take my hands now / You are the cause of my euphoria,” respectively. 

Liu, once a contestant on a K-pop show herself, conversely uses English as an integral asset of her lyrical weapon cache, flexing the language’s full emotional depth as she carves each verse. In her discography, she spends equal time storytelling with both Mandarin and English. On her ballad-like single “Hat Trick,” she paints a picture of an intimate moment with a lover using English lyrics: “I just want to be, want to be loved / Guess we're bound to be, bound to be lost / I could wait another night / Just to take another bite on you,” and Mandarin lyrics: “他从不将姿态放低 / 目中无人却彬彬有礼 / 深邃的眼像座迷宫 / 漩涡流向了无底洞” (He never lowers his posture / Defiantly polite / The depths of his eyes like a maze / A vortex flowing into a pit).

Liu recognizes the unique position she holds in both the Chinese and English music industries. In an interviewwith PAPER Magazine, she explained that China's increased open-mindedness and receptivity to the newer realms of rap and R&B have allowed her to ride a new musical wave in her home country. Although the singer was born and raised Chinese, the story of her start in music — writing songs down in her college dorm bathroom — evokes a rags to riches story that feels deeply American. On the other hand, such a tale seems foreign to China today, where societal expectations set children on a carefully drawn trajectory of school-college-job to achieve economic security. But this cultural contrast again seems fitting for Liu, as she builds her reputation as an artist without boundaries, rejecting labels of genre and language to create a sound so unique it can only be called hers. 

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Lexie Liu

Beijing-based singer-rapper-songwriter Lexie Liu always comes back to music. Whether taking a year off from school in 2015 taking part in South Korean talent show K-Pop Star 5, being the last female finalist on The Rap of China in 2018, and eventually dropping out of university altogether to dedicate herself to her craft, the need to express herself sonically has driven her life so far. Now signed with 88rising – the Asian-American platform who’ve worked closely with artists like Rich Brian and Yaeji – Liu’s star looks set to rise across both east and west.

Her music is as mercurial as her journey to pursue it. Even within the eight tracks on her debut EP 2030, we get a unique mix of dancehall-inflected tunes (“Strange Things”), the futuristic, cyberpunk “Nada”, poppy and upbeat “Love and Run”, and dreamy Mandopop ballad “Sleep Away”. Switching seamlessly between her native Mandarin and English, Liu crosses genres and cultures with effortlessness, ethereality, and freshness.

It’s this quality that has already earned her the title of “the voice of a Chinese generation”, something she acknowledges as “a double-sided thing”, but also one that ultimately inspires her to keep doing better. “Staying up all night wishing my life was not my life,” she sings on “Bygone”, a track that resonates across a diaspora of Asian kids trying to follow their passions without hurting their parents, and one of the more personal songs on 2030. Her outlook now is much brighter: she says she’s looking forward to touring and making more music to reach “a random person in a random place on this planet and trigger them to think about something that never came to them before”.

Sours: https://www.dazeddigital.com/projects/article/44218/1/lexie-liu-musician-biography-dazed-100-2019-profile

Who Is Lexie Liu? The Young, Chinese Pop Star & Fashion Icon Aiming for Global Stardom

Lexie Liu is an up-and-coming icon on her hot girl shit ready to take over the global music scene. China has birthed the likes of incredibly talented pop artists like Na Ying and Faye Wong, and now ready to try her hand at international stardom and success is the rising 22-year old, Chinese-born artist and songwriter, Lexie Liu (刘柏辛).

Born in Changsha, Lexie Liu, is a rising star signed to 88Rising with the aim to pursue the Western music scene, however she has been successfully working and paving a path for herself all across Asia. In 2015, she participated in K-pop Star 5, which is a South Korean TV competition. Lexie also partook “The Rap of China” in 2018 which further propelled her career.

Lexie Liu also joined forces with the virtual pop girl group, K/DA, ahead of the League of Legends Worlds 2020 Finals. K/DA released the song, ‘More’ which is the prelude to K/DA’s debut EP, All Out which will be released on November 6th, 2020. Lexie Liu voices the new member to the group, Seraphine, however K/DA also includes the American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, along with (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon.

On September 23rd, Lexie Liu released the music video for "Set It All On Fire (刘柏辛 - 佳人)." This song promotes the notion that a woman's destiny is her own to control and that it should no longer be held down or repressed by the societal barriers. She dominates over both R&B melodies. Her dedication to both authenticity and artistry can be felt throughout this sultry song that's filled with lyrics that criticize the ways in which women are perceived, growing base lines, solid, sleek production, and aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching visuals.

Inspired by the likes of the multidimensional fashion icon and well-renowned pop singer Rihanna, Lexie Liu made sure to deliver provocative yet powerful lyrics, a rhythmic beat, and innovative visuals to go along with it in a way that would capture and retain your attention throughout.

In December 2019, Lexie released her long-awaited sophomore album ‘META EGO 无限意识’ with the release of the single, 'Manta'– her signature cross-cultural sound is quite prevalent throughout, however - she showed an immense amount of growth and innovation whilst dabbling into a more experimental sound which differs from her previous work. Produced by Bijan Amir, CJ Wheeler, Femke Weidema, Kenn Wu, Lexie Liu & Mel & Mus, the album is packed with incredibly talented creators – and further affixes Lexie as a musical innovator.

Outside of her dedication to music, she is also a sought after influence in the fashion industry. She has appeared on several of the most popular fashion publications from BAZAAR, Vogue, Nylon Japan, and Nylon China. Recently enough, she released her own jewellery collection in partnership with COLLEC.

Here are some examples of her recent appearances on fashion publications:

Rapidly becoming an in-demand singer, songwriter, and fashion icon, Lexie Liu has a prosperous career ahead of her and we’re excited for what else the singer can bring to the table. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming, multidimensional star to look out for and keep tabs on, Lexie Liu is the one for you.

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Liu lexie

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    • MORE (feat. Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine & League of Legends) - Single · 2020
    • MORE (feat. Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine & League of Legends)
    • ALL OUT (feat. League of Legends) - EP · 2020
    • Manta
    • Manta - Single · 2019
    • Moonlight (feat. Lexie Liu)
    • Barong Family: Shanghai Nights, Pt. 1 · 2018
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Lexie Liu

Chinese singer (born 1998)

In this Chinese name, the family name is Liu.

Lexie Liu, also known as Liu Boxin (Chinese: 刘柏辛; pinyin: Liú Bóxīn; born December 21, 1998), is a Chinese singer, rapper and songwriter.

In 2015, she participated in K-pop Star 5, a South Korean reality TV competition series where her group came in fourth place. In July 2018, she participated in The Rap of China and won fourth place, which launched her career as a solo artist.[1] In February 2019, Liu released her debut EP 2030 in the United States with eight singles including "Outta Time" featuring Killy, "Love and Run", "Hat Trick", and "Nada".[2] She also participated in the song of K/DA "MORE" as Seraphine's voice.

Early life[edit]

Liu was born and raised in Changsha, Hunan. She has been interested in music since she was young; she started to dance when she was four years old and learned to play the piano starting at six years old. When Liu was in grade eleven, she transferred to an international high school. However, she took a gap year when she was in grade twelve to make music. She went to Korea and participated in the reality TV competition series, K-pop Star 5, under her birth name Liu Yuyu, as a member of a 4-person girl group named "Mazinga S" which won fourth place.

While shooting the TV show, K-pop Star 5, Liu applied and was accepted to Fordham University to study global business. However, she later left to pursue her music career.[3]


2016–present: Indie career, 2030, Meta Ego, and GONE GOLD[edit]

In January 2017, Liu's first original single "Coco Made Me Do It" was released and achieved more than 5 million views. In February 2017, she performed at SXSW music festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world, bringing Chinese Pop music to the US audience.[4][5]

In January 2018, she composed a song called "Role" for Li Yifeng, a Chinese popular idol, singer, and actor.[6]

In July 2018, Liu participated in The Rap of China, entered the final round with a song "Mulan," and eventually won fourth place.[1] While competing in The Rap of China, Liu signed with American label 88rising.[7]

In November, she released her new song "Sleep Away" from her upcoming debut EP 2030 which was previously released in China.[8] The Fader named the track as one of “10 Songs You Need in Your Life”,[9] Nylon listed it as the “Best Music Releases Of The Week",[10] and Refinery29 said “their ears are very into Lexie.”[11]

On 18 December 2018, Liu released her new cyberpunk-influenced single "Nada", complete with futuristic-themed music video.[12]The Line of Best Fit described "Nada" as it "sees Lexie Liu's fierce, cross-cultural grit thrust into a science fiction dimension where language barriers don't exist, She fuses Mandopop with grimy beats against the visuals of her accompanying Tron-esque video, directed by mamesjao, in a retro-futuristic digital world."[13] "Nada" also made its appearance on "Best Of the Week" by Apple Music once it came out.

In February 2019, Liu released her debut EP 2030 in the United States, which included two new singles "Outta Time" featuring Killy and "Love and Run".[14][15]

In September 2019 her single "Ok, Ok, Ok" was released.[16]

On December 27, 2019, her album Meta Ego was released.[17]

On October 28, 2020, Liu voiced the champion Seraphine in Riot Games' virtual K-pop group, K/DA, in their new song "More" from their extended playAll Out.[18] Liu also performed on stage at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai.[19]

On January 28, 2021, Liu released her second EP GONE GOLD internationally (released as Online 上线了 in China), featuring her then-newest single "ALGTR" which was self-written and self-produced alongside the rest of the EP.[20] It marked yet another change in sound direction, with the EP taking in significantly more electro-pop influences compared to previous efforts. The project's contemporary theme, reflected in the title track's music videos and the rest of the track list's visualisers which were directed by frequent collaborator Jeremy Z. Qin, revolves around the idea of living in an online game as a character. It was inspired by the unrest experienced throughout 2020 as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, where Liu's only source of understanding the world was solely through a screen - leading her to imagine what life would be like without this source.

Public image[edit]

Lexie Liu's distinct appearance caught the attention of the fashion industry where she landed placements in Paris Fashion Week 2019 as the brand ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent eyewear in the Asia Pacific Region,[21] Louis Vuitton Show 2018 in China,[22] Puma's Suede 50 campaign and Levi's New Years TVC campaign.[23]

Lexie Liu3.jpg

Lexie Liu has also been featured on the print pages of East Asia's most prominent fashion publications, including Vogue me (China), BAZAAR China, Nylon Japan, and Nylon China.[24]

The American fashion magazine V described her as "the face of a generation of new Chinese artists breaking into the American mainstream with a uniquely, cross-cultural sound."[25]

"Lexie Liu proves her status as China’s next global superstar with the futuristic 'Nada'," described by The Line of Best Fit, "born and raised in Changsha, China, 19-year-old Lexie Liu's "Nada' is her third single release after signing to 88rising." "Lexie Liu is spearheading the new generation of East Asian artists making waves in the global music industry. She became the youngest Chinese artist to ever perform at SXSW last year after rising to fame on South Korean TV show 'K-pop Star' and finishing fourth on the heavily male-dominated rap talent show 'The Rap of China'".[13]

After the release of her single "Like A Mercedes", the cyberpunk-inspired music video of the song was Lexie Liu's first introduction to a global audience, showing off how "her provocative sound is transcending language barriers."[26]

Her debut EP released in February 2019 was highly recommended, "with a feature from Killy on Outta Time, plus new singles Sleep Away, Hat Trick and Nada, the eight-tracker is an impressive bilingual project showcasing the Changsha born and raised artist’s skills across rap, R&B vocals and production."[27]

American fashion and culture magazine Flaunt also made a praising comment on Lexie's debut EP 2030, which is said to "narrates her life and journey within music; manifesting her inner-psyche through dream-like vocals and vibrant musical films. Dynamic in all aspects, Lexie holds a promising trajectory in the years to come."[28]


Variety shows[edit]


Lexie Liu1.jpg


YearAlbum Title
20192030 (EP)
2019META EGO (無限意識)
2021GONE GOLD (上线了)

Collaboration with brands[edit]

  • In March 2019, Liu became the brand ambassador for Saint Laurent Eyewear in the Asia Pacific Region.[29]
  • In November 2018, Liu was invited as one of the celebrity guests to attend the Louis Vuitton show named "Volez Voguez Voyage."[22]
  • In December 2017, Liu participated in the shooting of Levis' New-Year TVC campaign called Gan Jiu Xing.[30] She also appeared as the model in posters in local Levis stores across the globe.
  • In October 2017, Liu collaborated with Puma and became a member of the Puma's Group, and attended Puma SUEDE, the Puma's 50th-anniversary party.[23]

Awards and nominations[edit]


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