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In case you missed it, Isaak Presley, Sebastian Topete, and Christopher Romero made fans’ hearts drop last week when they took to Instagram to reveal they were leaving Clubhouse BH. “Thank you guys for everything,” Isaak said on his story, “See you around 💔💔.” Luckily, this isn’t the end for these clubhouse cuties!

The talented trio (along with Chase Kieth) is launching Clubhouse For the Boys (or Clubhouse FTB, for short), the newest sister house to Clubhouse Next and the OG Clubhouse. In a recent interview, Isaak teased epic prank wars to come, and opened up about the important reason why diversity is such a priority for the newest TikTok collective:

“I don’t feel like kids should ever feel like unless they’re a certain race or ethnicity or age or look, that they can’t be famous. Because growing up acting, I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen from tall to small to every ethnicity to every age to every type of gender and sexuality. With acting, it doesn’t matter. It’s talent.”


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For The Boys

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Sours: https://tigerbeat.com/2020/07/clubhouse-for-the-boys/

What does FTB stand for in text?

The Meaning of FTB FTB means “F*** the BS” So now you know – FTB means “F*** the ” – don’t thank us. YW! What does FTB mean? FTB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the FTB definition is given.

What does FTB stand for on Instagram?

What does FTB stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
FTBFeed the Beast
FTBFree Thought Blogs (personal blog)
FTBFear the Boot (podcast)
FTBFar Too Busy

What does FTB mean on TikTok?

The four creators are launching a new TikTok collab house called Clubhouse For The Boys. Now, Presley and his compatriots are ready to give fans a first look at their new venture: Clubhouse For The Boys (or “FTB,” for short).

What is FTB for the boys mean?

FTB stands for “For the Boys”

What does FTB mean in banking?

What does FTB stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
FTBFirst Time Buyer (housing)
FTBForeign Trade Bank of Cambodia
FTBFirst Tennessee Bank
FTBFifth Third Bank

What does FTP slang mean?

The abbreviation FTP means “File Transfer Protocol,” “Free To Play,” and “F*ck The Police.” Here is more information about each of these definitions of FTP.

What does FTB suspended status mean?

A “SOS/FTB Suspended” designation essentially means that the business entity has been suspended by the California Secretary of State. Most importantly, a “suspended” business entity loses many of its powers, rights and privileges within the State of California. See Rev. & Tax Code Sec. 23301.

Is FTB state or federal?

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) collects personal income taxes and corporate taxes due to the state. When you pay your state taxes, you pay them through the California FTB.

What does Fyp mean on TikTok?

For You
FYP stands for the “For You” page on the massively popular short video app, TikTok. FYP acts like an individual landing page for users which showcases curated videos that TikTok thinks they might watch or like.

What does FTP mean in Snapchat?

“File Transfer Protocol” is a common definition for FTP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

How do you fix a suspended FTB?

A corporation suspended by the FTB can be revived by filing an Application for Revivor on FTB Form 3557. To begin one calls the FTB Revivor Unit at 888-635-0494 to determine exactly what the FTB believes is required to revive the corporation.

How do I revive a SOS suspension?

Reinstate with the California SOS: If your corporation has been suspended or forfeited by the California Secretary of State, you can request revival by filing a current Statement of Information form by mail, online or in person.

Is FTB the same as IRS?

The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is the California tax agency that collects and enforces state income tax assessment and collection. In many situations, the FTB operates similarly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Are CA state tax returns delayed?

The deadline for California taxpayers to file their 2020 personal income tax returns and pay their taxes to the federal and state governments has been extended to May 17 from April 15, after the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday announced the delay and California followed suit. Those are still due April 15.

What does Fyp mean when texting?

“Fixed Your Post” is the most common definition for FYP on Twitter and in comment threads. FYP. Definition: Fixed Your Post.

What does it mean when it says FTB suspended?

A “SOS/FTB Suspended” designation essentially means that the business entity has been suspended by the California Secretary of State. Most importantly, a “suspended” business entity loses many of its powers, rights and privileges within the State of California.

What does FTB forfeited mean in California?

FTB Suspended or FTB Forfeited: The business entity was suspended or forfeited by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to meet tax requirements (e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, penalties, interest). For information about how to revive a suspended/forfeited entity, see Frequently Asked Questions.

How do you revive a suspended FTB?

Sours: https://answerstoall.com/users-questions/what-does-ftb-stand-for-in-text/
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Nickname Socials House / Group / Note Side Notes Origins in OTV and Friends Origin Year Scarra


Offline TV Member Founder of Offline TV2017 PokimaneTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngOffline TV Member Currently not living in the OfflineTV House. Original member of Offline TV2017 LilyPichuTwitchicon.pngTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngOffline TV Member Original member of Offline TV2017 Disguised ToastFblogo.pngTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngOffline TV and Amigops Member Streams on Facebook under contract. Currently living in the OfflineTv House. One of the first new main talents of Offline TV2017 Michael ReevesTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngOffline TV Member Befriended Offline TV and eventually becoming the latest talent in late 2019 2019 YvonnieTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngOffline TV Member & OTV house manager; former Just Friends member Joined Offline TV in 2018 as house mom 2018 Brodin


Offline TV Video Director Helped filming several films and also employed by FuslieHired by Offline TV to help ease Fedmyster's shift between working for OTV and streaming 2019 XellTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer Offline TV producer, Riot Games host/producer Left Offline TV due to role being taken over by FedmysterHired by Offline TV at launch 2017 JummychuTwitchicon.pngFblogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngLilyPichu's personal assistant Ex-boyfriend of TinaKitten; godfather of Temmie and DaVinky Works for a member of Offline TV; Long time friend of LilyPichu2017 AriaSakiTwitchicon.pngFblogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngFormer OfflineTV House Chef Long time friend of LilyPichu similar to Sykkuno2017 SykkunoTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngAmigops member Formerly lived in the OTV house, not official member Long time friend of LilyPichu; befriended Lily in 2014 via meetup 2019 NatsumiiiTwitchicon.pngFblogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngLong time friend of LilyPichu2017 BaboAbeTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngReceived connections w/ Offline TV via relationship w/ Natsumiii and being an old friend of LilyPichu; gained traction due to FTB Revelations MC and Rust servers 2017 Edison ParkTwitchicon.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer OfflineTV manager and Just Friends Member Held former record for most hours streamed on Twitch in a month-long span Part of Offline TV cast in 2018 but most likely a friend since creation due to relationship with Fuslie2018 FuslieTwitchicon.pngTwitchicon.pngFblogo.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngTiktok.pngLAMPS Member, Former Just Friends Member, 100Thieves member Co-host of Streamer Camp Friend since the creation of Offline TV2017 PeterparkTVTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngTiktok.pngLAMPS Member Became part of friend group via Streamer Camp 2018/19 TheSushiDragonTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngLAMPS Member Has TV series "The Sushi Dragon Show" Part of friend group via Streamer Camp; has no coverage in OfflineTV and Friends YT channel despite actively streaming 2018/19 Exla Twitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngLAMPS Member Part of friend group via Streamer Camp 2; has no coverage in OfflineTV and Friends YT channel as he moved back to Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions 2019 ShiphturTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngDIGNITAS member Former League of Legends teammates with Scarra2017 KkataminaTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngLong time friend of AriaSaki and gained popularity in friend group via FTB Revelations MC server2020 PlushysTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngFormer Just Friends Member, formerly AngelsKimi Friend since creation of Offline TV; strong friendship with Leslie2017 iGumdropTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngFormer Just Friends Member Part of the friend group just prior to creation of Just Friends2018 Eatswithanthony Twitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngDoes not stream IGumdrop's boyfriend 2021 StarsmittenTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngFormer Just Friends Member, DIGNITAS Member, formerly Cerineity Befriended OTV due to professional League of Legends past 2017 BoxboxTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer Just Friends Member Co-host of Streamer Camp A former roommate of Lilypichu.

Professional League of Legends player; more immersed in friend group via Just Friends

2017 SeanicTwitchicon.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer Offline TV Podcast Manager and Just Friends Member Possibly had connections w/ Offline TV before working in 2018 via past relationship w/ Yvonnie and League of Legends history 2017 xChocoBarsTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngLuminosity Gaming Content Creator Previously dated DisguisedToastFriends with several members prior and streamed her first encounters visiting the OTV house; met Disguised Toast for the first time there 2017 CopLoL Twitchicon.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngLong-time Esports League of Legends teammates with Voyboy; became closely tied with OTV mid 2021 during OTV MineCraft2021 Jakenbake Twitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer affiliate of Just FriendsFriend of Pokimane and often collabed with Just Friends; has no coverage in OfflineTV and Friends YT channel despite actively streaming 2017 WaterTwitchicon.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngHas connections w/ Offline TV via Jakenbake 2017 HyoonTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngAlso goes by "Aikuros" online One of the very first friends of Offline TV, having previous connections with most of the talents 2017 39DaphTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngEmote artist for several Twitch streamers Close friends with Hachu and Kimi; grew closer to OTV talents via Summer 2020 MC server (server prior to the FTB Revelations server) 2019 HAchubbyTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngGoes by "Hachu" Visited Offline TV house in early 2020; opened her own convenience store "HAchuMart"Close friends with PeterparkTV, Plushys, and Fuslie; met Jakenbake and Water irl as they visited her in Korea 2018 TJ Brown Twitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngSinger for Riot Games Worked with several prominent music artists Long-time friends with Lily, often playing music together 2017 Jordan FisherTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngBefriended OTV and Friends during first Valorant arc early 2020 2020 ValkyraeTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.png


100Thieves Content Creator and co-owner, formerly Legend of Rae; Amigops member Streams on YouTube under contract; 2020 Content Creator of the Year awarded by The Game Awards; does not reside in the 100thieves house, similar to Pokimane not living in the Offline TV house Befriended Pokimane during Fortnite arc 2018 Alexiaraye Twitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngFriends with Valkyrae during Fortnite arc 2018 MythTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.pngTSM Member Friends with Valkyrae and Pokimane back in Fortnite 2018 BrookeABTwitchicon.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.png100Thieves Content Creator; Salad Gang member Connections with Valkyrae and friends with Rae and Pokimane during Fortnite arc 2018 TinaKittenTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.png100Thieves and Salad Gang member Gained traction in OTV and Friends universe during Among Us popularity; had prior exposure to group due to former relationship with Jummy2020 KyedaeTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngTiktok.png100Thieves member Best known for dating Esports pro Valorant streamer Tenz (note Tenz is a member of Sentinels, not 100Thieves) Often queues with Offline TV and friends in Valorant (particularly those in higher ranks such as Myth and Pokimane) 2021 SydeonTwitchicon.pngYTLogo.pngTwitterlogo.pngInstagramlogo.pngFormer GenG Member, formerly Neytiri Friend of Pokimane
Sours: https://offlinetvandfriends.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_people_in_OTV_%26_Friends
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Sours: https://www.tikstar.com/influencer/ftbesportsss_6614915165346152454

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