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Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Complete Ancient Armory Quest for Shield-Weaver Armor

One of the best outfits in Horizon Zero Dawn is the Shield-Weaver Armor. This unique set of optional armor is only available through a side quest called Ancient Armory. Given that it is the strongest armor in the game, most players would do well to try and unlock this as fast as possible. To do that, players will need to find a few Power Cells to claim this armor that's tucked away in a bunker.

How to start the Ancient Armory quest

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The Ancient Armory sidequest activates as soon as you pick up any Power Cell, or find the Bunker that holds the Shield-Weaver Armor. Power Cells are littered throughout five separate story quests, which means you won't be able to complete the sidequest until you're nearly finished with the game. Finding a Power Cell will set a waypoint that leads you directly to the Bunker, but if you want to find it on your own, look on the western side of the map near Devil's Thirst.

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Inside the Bunker, you can see the Shield-Weaver Armor behind glass, protected by a panel with two Power Cells missing. You'll need to find those two cells, and then three more to unlock the armor from its restraints.

Power Cell Locations

As mentioned, the Power Cells are dispersed throughout story missions. You can obtain these anytime after completing those missions, but it's easiest if you keep an eye out for them while on the main quests themselves. That way, you won't have to backtrack, especially since many of these missions require some heavy platforming that's assisted by generous waypoints while in the story proper. 


The first Power Cell can be found in the ruins that Aloy discovered as a child. Once she's grown, and after having completed Womb of the Mountain story quest, you can go back to the Ruins for the Cell. You'll find a room with some various obvious treasure icons, but it's blocked by rock formations. Break them with your spear and head in to find the first Power Cell.

All-Mother Mountain

The second Power Cell can be found during the Womb of the Mountain quest, while Aloy explores All-Mother Mountain. Look for a locked bunker door and then turn left into a tunnel where the Power Cell sits.

Maker's End

When you reach the top of the Faro Skyscraper during a quest at Maker's End, you'll find a room with some major story revelations. In that room, look upward to find another path, and climb to the top for the next Power Cell. Then use the rappel hook to head back down the skyscraper.


This Power Cell can be found in the main foyer of the Grave-Hoard ruins, on the ground.

Gaia Prime

During The Mountain that Fell quest, you'll come to a room with a hologram with another major story revelation. This one involves a major character speaking with a gathered group of scientists. The zipline leads out of the quest area, but rather than take it, look for a path that leads into a cave. Climb down it and find the final Power Cell.

Unlock the Shield-Weaver Armor

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With all five Power Cells in hand, you're ready to unlock your armor. Find the Bunker and insert the missing Power Cells into the red nodes that are empty. Then you'll have to move the nodes into the right positions to unlock the door. You can use your Focus to spot hints about the positions of the nodes, or you can simply refer to the solutions below, as read from left to right.

  • The solution to the door lock is: up, right, down, left, up.
  • The solution to the clamps lock is: right, left, up, right, left.

Once the clamps are unlocked, you can obtain the Shield-Weaver Treasure Box. Open it through your Inventory menu to obtain the outfit, as long as you have an open Outfit slot available.

The Shield-Weaver Armor is one of the best, if not the very best, outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Ancient Armory quest will take a while to complete, as it is somewhat tied to the main storyline. But after finding all the Power Cells, this unique armor will be yours. Make sure to check out the Horizon Zero Dawn guide  for more helpful tips and walkthroughs.


Horizon: Zero Dawn Wiki Guide

Completing this side quest will unlock the powerful Shield Weaver armor, which renders Aloy nearly invincible for a time while wearing it. The quest will appear in your Side Quests menu once any of the five Power Cells have been collected. The power cells are presented below in the chronological order they can be obtained in during the main quest line. If you would like to use a check list to keep track of what cells you've found, refer to Power Cell Locations please.

The First Two Power Cells

The first two power cells can be found in the The Escape - one is in the Bunker Ruins where Aloy explored as a child, and the other is inside All-Mother.

The Armory location is north-west of the Nora Hunting Grounds. Look for a collapsed radio antennae and climb the rock face next to it, then drop down into the water in the cavern behind the tower.

These two power cells can be used to unlock the door into the ancient laboratory where the armor is housed - complete the circuit and unlock the door by solving the locking puzzle: the numbers are hours in the day, corresponding to each wheel. Left to right, they read noon, 3 o’clock, six, nine and midnight.

Find the Remaining Power Cells

Once you’ve opened this lock and entered the Armory, you'll find out that there are three more Power Cells you need to find in order to progress.

In order, they can be found during the missions: Maker's End, The Grave Hoard and The Mountain That Fell.

Unlock the Armor

Return to the lab and use the power cells to complete the circuit, then unlock the clamps by setting the dials. The cypher for these are the angles of rotations (90 degrees is right, 180 degrees is down, and so on, in 90 degree increments. For numbers bigger than 360, simply subtract 360 to make it easy to figure out).

So the dials should be turned: right, left, top, right, left. This will allow Aloy to collect the armor - open the Outfit Box in your inventory to unlock and equip the Shield Weaver outfit.

This armor can’t fit any modifications, but more than makes up for it by letting Aloy soak up a HUGE amount of damage before taking any of her own. Keep an eye out for the armor flashing red and making a high-pitch ringing sound, which indicates that your defensive shield is almost out of power.

This armor proves invaluable going into the endgame, so be sure you’ve collected them all before reaching the final few missions.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations - how and where to get the Power Cells for the ancient Shield-Weaver armour

If you've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn for more than the first couple of hours, chances are you'll have heard about these mysterious items called Power Cells.

Dotted around the game world, Power Cells are what you'll need to unlock something pretty special: a secret set of armour, called the Shield Weave armour, which grants near-invincibility to Aloy and completely changes the way you can play the game. In brief, it's far and away the best armour in the game.

So with that said, here's our guide on the Power Cell locations, how to find them, and how to get the invincible Shield Weaver armour.

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations

There are five Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn, and you'll need to get a fair way through the main story in order to collect them all.

That being said, some are available very early on in the game - early enough, even, to get through the first of two puzzle locks that guard the Shield Weave armour after just a few hours of play - but that still won't get you the armour itself.


Here's where to find them, but do note that there will be some minor spoilers below, in terms of location names at the very least, as all of these locations are visited at some point along the way during main story quests:

Power Cell location 1: Underground Bunker from the Prologue - You can get this one as soon as you have control of adult Aloy and free roam of the environment, after the Prologue-style mission, A Gift from the Past, with her as a child. Head back to the location of your first steps with Aloy, which is marked as Ruins on your map with a green symbol, just east of Mother's Watch. It's easy to get caught going in circles through this cavern, especially as you can re-enter it on a different level. We suggest you drop right down to the lowest level when re-entering, and running through it in the same order as you did with young Aloy at the start of the game. The Power Cell is located the other side of some stalactites and stalacmites - you can see it through them, but need to smash them with your Lance to get through. It's about three quarters of the way through the Ruins, and Aloy will give you a little dialogue wondering if she can somehow get through now she's older when you get close.


Power Cell location 2: All-Mother Temple - You can access this either during or at any time after the quest Womb of the Mountain, after the Proving. If you're getting it mid quest, it's through two doors after you wake up, and then a small vent-like tunnel you have to crouch to get through, that's on your right. If you're re-entering the Temple, simple head in, down the slope, and straight on through the corridor that juts off to the right from the entrance hall until you reach the first small, circular room. Turn left, and it's just through there next to a kind of table.


Power Cell location 3: Maker's End - It's best to get this one during the quest of the same name, Maker's End, as you'll already have scaled the tower for this mission and only need to go a very short way further up. Otherwise, it's a five minute trek up through the building again, and it'll need to be done after the mission anyway. Head all the way to the top of the tower, then as you come out onto the rooftop, turn around to face the bronze-like spire. You'll see there are the yellow-gold handholds on it for climbing on. Use them to scale right to the very top of that spire, and the Power Cell is waiting for you up there, along with some nauseating views.


Power Cell location 4: The Grave-Hoard - This one, like that at Maker's End, is not available until the mission titled The Grave-Hoard or after it if you choose to return. Soon after you enter the ruins, you'll need to solve three spinning disc puzzles that are spread across two floors. After that, you can climb up a ledge and open a door ahead of you and to the left. The other side of that is a Power Cell, along with some medicinal plants, directly in front of you on the ground. It's hard to miss! If for some reason you miss it during the mission, you can come back and pick it up be retracing your steps in the future. For solutions to the puzzles and more detail, take a look at our mission walkthrough for The Grave Hoard, although beware the spoilers within.


Power Cell location 5: GAIA Prime - The last Power Cell is located inside the ruins of GAIA Prime, towards the end of the main questline, and is available from the mission The Mountain That Fell onwards. It's a little easier to miss than some of the previous Cells, however. After making your way through most of the ruin and claiming the item you went there in search of (coyness here is to avoid spoilers), you'll come outside and use a zipline to drop down to a lower, external, rocky area. The waypoint will be telling you to continue straight ahead, but immediately after dropping off the zipline, turn around 180 degrees, and you'll catch a glimpse of a white item indicator on a raise up level. Double back a few yards, and there's a yellow-tinged handhold on the rock face, and a few more above. Climb up a short way, and you'll see a purple-lit entrance into a small cave in the side of the mountain. At the back of that is the Power Cell, on a shelf to the right.


Ancient Armory - How to get the ancient Shield Weave armour in Horizon Zero Dawn

To get your hands on the Shield Weave armour itself, you'll need to collect all five of the Power Cells, head to the bunker where it's hidden, and solve the two puzzles.

The location of the bunker will be marked on your map when you find and pick up your first Power Cell. At that moment, a quest will activate - called Ancient Armory - and you can then at least acess the underground cave, which is really an ancient ruin, that houses the armour itself.


Inside, you'll be faced with two of the disc-spinning door puzzles that are typically found in these ancient ruins during the main questline. Both of these require Power Cells to actually activate, the first two Cells, the second three.

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  • The first puzzle, once power is restored, is solved by turning the discs to point in the direction indicated by the pink box nearby, which is shown in times of day. From left to right, they go: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up.
  • The second puzzle, once restored, is solved by turning the discs to face the direction indicated by the pink box that uses degrees to communicate the directions. From left to right, they go: Right, Left, Up, Right, Left.

With that done, the armour is free for the taking! Head back into the central room where the door will now be open to the Shield-Weave armor. Pick it up, and then open the box that's in your inventory and equip it to reap the benefits.

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure

For more tips, explainers and advice on Horizon be sure to check out our main Horizon Zero Dawn guide and walkthrough hub, which includes advice for things like Horizon Zero Dawn's override Cauldrons and which machines they let you control, getting hold of the Golden Fast Travel Pack for unlimited fast travel, finding and unlocking the very powerful Horizon Zero Dawn Shield Weave Armour and Power Cell locations, and then for DLC players there's our main Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds walkthrough and guide, a page on how to earn Bluegleam quickly, and finally, a page on the handy A Secret Shared quest and how to upgrade your spear in Horizon Frozen Wilds.

Finally, there are a couple of things to note about the armour and how it works. With it equipped, you'll be totally invincible, up to a point. Once you've taken a certain amount of potential damage, the armour will begin to flash red. At that point you'll take damage as normal, but you simply need to avoid combat for a few seconds, and it will recharge, turning to that lovely white glow again to indicate your invulnerability.

For more guides like this, be sure to take a look at our complete Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough and guide of the main story, which includes a variety of tips too, alongside our guide to unlocking unlimted fast travel with the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

How to get Shield-Weaver Early - Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells - how to find them and unlock the Shield Weaver armor

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells are a particularly important commodity, because finding them all will grant you access to the Shield Weaver armor, which without doubt offers the best protection in the game. If you can track down all five power cells available in Horizon Zero Dawn, this recharging shield armor can be yours, and it basically makes Aloy invincible so long as you avoid taking too much damage so it has time to recharge. You can get your hands on this Shield Weaver armor as part of the Ancient Armory quest, which requires locating a secret bunker then solving a few puzzles once you've located all of the Horizon Zero Dawn power cells, which is what we're here to help you with.

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So there is a bit of travel involved to see this through. However, it is absolutely worth it because the Shield Weaver armor is a literal game changer. The protective energy barrier cancels out all damage. It'll deplete as it does but recharge quickly meaning that, as long you can find space for it to restore energy, you'll basically never get hurt again. 

Coming up we'll cover how to trigger the quest and get the bunker location, as well as all the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations, and the puzzles solutions.

Finding the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell quest

In order to find the Horizon Zero Dawn power cells you'll have to first trigger the relevant quest.  To do that head to the middle of the Embrace on the eastern side of the world map where Aloy initially starts the game. Here you'll find a ruin south-west of Devil’s Thirst - look for some rusty pylons near a large rock formation. Climb up to the top of the rocks and drop down into a small underground lake, then follow it until you come to a rip in the rock face which’ll lead into an ancient, high-tech bunker. 

You’ll see the Shield-Weaver armor as soon as you walk in, but getting it isn't quite as easy. Around to the right you'll see a locked door to the room where the armor is kept, sealed by five locks. Two are working and three aren't, requiring power cells to become operational. Beyond this door you'll need another another three power cells to open the locks that hold the armor. Your examinations will trigger the Ancient Armory quest and leave you with five Horizon Zero Dawn power cells to find. Here's how to do that.

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells locations

The Horizon Zero Dawn power cells are scattered around the entire map and some are tied to areas opened up by quests so this isn't something you can complete straight away. You'll need a degree of patience. Head back to the bunker when you can to start the mission, and then just keep an eye out for relevant missions and areas that tie into it. If you open up the initial mission and then tick the power cells off as you go you can get hold of the armor quite a way before the end of the game, which can make the later stages much easier. 

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells location 1: Ancient ruins

At the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn a young Aloy will fall into an old, abandoned high-tech facility underground. Unsurprisingly she makes her way out of it without a problem, but when you start playing the grown-up Aloy you’ll want to head back there asap. After you make your way through the set of bunker doors you had to work out how to unlock as a child, there’s a doorway straight ahead of you blocked by stalactites. Smash them with your spear to open up a way into the room, and you’ll see the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell right in front of you. It’ll have a green diamond hovering above it.

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells location 2: All-Mother Mountain

The second Horizon Zero Dawn power cell is in All-Mother mountain, which you’ll find yourself in after The Proving questline. Once you’ve found all of your things in the large room, don’t follow Teersa to the left. Instead go straight forward towards the locked bunker door, which will have a bright red glowing hologram on it. Turn to the left, look down and you’ll see a tunnel. Crawl through it to the end and the next power cell will be waiting for you there. 

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells location 3: Maker's End

Fans of climbing will love where the third Horizon Zero Dawn power cell is: right at the top of the Faro skyscraper. Aloy voyages there as part of the Maker’s End quest which will take you to - yes, you guessed it - the Maker’s End ruins. Scale up to the very top of the tower, to Faro’s office. Once you’re outside turn around and clamber up to the platform at the bottom of the large strut stretching upwards, which ends in the tip of the skyscraper. There are handholds sneakily placed up the wall which you’ll want to haul yourself up - simply follow them all the way to the top, where the green power cell will be waiting. 

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells location 4: Grave-Hoard

The fourth power cell is hiding at the Grave-Hoard, which you’ll be sent to as part of (surprise surprise) the ‘Grave-Hoard’ main quest. Once you’ve solved the three lock puzzles to get the ancient bunker doors open, go through the doors and continue straight ahead, opening another set of bunker doors on the left of the corridor. The main ‘Grave-Hoard’ quest will have you run straight past it, so all you have to do is look down and the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell will be at your feet, beside a supply crate and some mushrooms. 

Horizon Zero Dawn power cells location 5: GAIA Prime

Lastly, you’ll have to have the ‘The Mountain That Fell’ quest. Make your way to GAIA Prime, and once you’ve seen the hologram depicting Faro talking to the alpha scientists in the boardroom, make your way back down the stairs. Do not make your way down the zipwire.Instead go to the ledge to the left of it, outside of the ruined metal structure and to the left of the curved metal struts, and carefully move towards the edge of the cliff. An option will pop up to ‘drop down to ledge’, revealing a secret path down to a hidden-in-plain-sight area. Move towards the left and Aloy will find the path downwards. Once you get to a ledge, drop down and make your way to the right, jumping up to a higher platform with some medicinal mushrooms on it. Make you way inside the purple-lit room and voila. To your right there’ll be the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell on a shelf.

Solving the Shield-Weaver armor door power cell puzzle

Once you’ve made your way back to the ruins, make your way around to the right and slot two Horizon Zero Dawn power cells into the broken hologram slots. The holograms will jump into life, but you’ll have to swivel them into a specific position to make the doors open. A display on the right will display five 24-hour time codes: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 0000.

If you imagine each lock is a clock face, it doesn’t take too much pondering to work out that you’ll have to match the position of the holographic locks to these times. From right to left move the red section to these positions: top, right, bottom, left, and top. 

Unlocking the Shield-Weaver armour clamps

Now you can glimpse the futuristic (or, more accurately, ancient) armor up close, but you can’t quite get your mitts on it yet. Make your way through the doors on the left of the room to find five more holographic locks. Once you’ve crammed the remaining three Horizon Zero Dawn power cells into each gap, another code will pop up on the left. This time it has the following numbers displayed: 90, 270, 360, 450, and 630. 

Seeing as these are codes denoting angles, you’ll have to turn the red sections (from left to right) to the following positions: right, left, top, right, and left. Boom! Now the clamps are open and you can complete the quest, getting a Shield-Weaver treasure box as a reward. Inside is the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn. Enjoy. 


Horizon ancient armory

Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Get the Shield-Weaver Armor, Ancient Armory Quest

As you make your way through Horizon Zero Dawn, you’re bound to come across an assortment of different outfits for sale by the various merchants that roam the lands of the new world. One particular outfit is hidden away, though, and will require you to find several different Power Cells to unlock it. In this article we’ll go over how to complete the Ancient Armory quest, find all of the Power Cells, and unlock the Shield-Weaver Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn.

How to Get the Ancient Armory Quest

Getting the Ancient Armory quest is the easiest part of this entire journey. To obtain the quest all you will need to do is find a Power Cell, or make your way to the Bunker where the armor can be found. To find the Bunker, we’d suggest climbing the first Tallneck you encounter at Devil’s Thirst. This will fill in the map surrounding it. Then, you should be able to find the Bunker just northwest of the merchant and campfire that we’ve marked on the map below.

Head to the Bunker and enter it to discover the armor behind some glass. If you head over to the right you’ll find several dials, two of which are unpowered, that you’ll need to solve.

Before you can solve them, though, you’ll need to find the two power cells.

Power Cell Locations – Open First Door                            

To find the first two Power Cells you’ll need to have completed the game up to the completion of the quest, The Womb of the Mountain.

The first Power Cell can be found within the first set of Ruins that you explore when playing as the younger Aloy, near the start of the game. You can’t find the Power Cell until after you have grown up, though.

Once grown, return to the Ruins (which are east of Mother’s Watch), and explore them until you located an opening blocked by several stalagmites and stalactites. Break the barrier and head inside to find the Power Cell on the ground.

The second Power Cell you need can be found in All-Mother mountain, which you get to explore during the quest The Womb of the Mountain. Look around the area until you spot a room with a massive locked bunker door with a bright red hologram on it. Turn to the left here and look down to spot a tunnel that leads you to the next Power Cell.

Now that you have the first two Power Cells, return to the Bunker and interact with the unlit dials to turn them on. From here you must solve a puzzle, the clues of which are hidden on the wall area to the right. Use your Focus to spot the answers.

In this instance, the dials on the wall correspond to clocks, and you need to set them up according to the information on the wall to the right.

The correct solution is up, right, down, left, up (from left to right).

With the dials put into place, the first door will open revealing that the armor is held in place by several clamps. To obtain the armor, you’ll need to find three more Power Cells (which power dials on the far left side of the room), and then solve another puzzle.

Power Cell Locations – Open Clamps

The first Power Cell needed to open the clamps can be found during the quest Maker’s End. Once you reach the top of Faro’s Skyscraper, and more about Elizabet is revealed to you, look for another path that leads higher up the skyscraper. Climb all the way to the top to find this Power Cell. Thankfully, there’s a rappel hook that will let you get down quickly.

The second Power Cell for the clamps can only be found during the quest Grave-Hoard. Once in the main foyer of the ruins, look around until you spot this Power Cell waiting to be claimed.

The final Power Cell, and the last thing keeping you from your new armor, can be found in the quest The Mountain That Fell. Make your way over to Gaia Prime. After the hologram depicting Faro chatting with the scientists fades, look around for the way forward, which happens to be a zipline. Don’t cross the zipline yet, though. Instead, keep an eye out for a path that leads down to a cave, where you can climb down and find this Power Cell in the lit room below.

With these three Power Cells in place, head back to the Bunker and light up their respective dials. Unlike the first puzzle, these dials don’t depict time, instead, the clues (which can again be read using Aloy’s Focus) depict various degrees. 

The correct solution to unlock the clamps is as follows:

Right, left, up, right, left (from left to right).

With the clamps unlocked, head inside and interact with the armor to receive the Shield-Weaver Treasure Box. Open up your inventory and open the box to obtain the outfit, just make sure you have room in your Outfit Satchel. If you don’t, take a look at our guide on how to expand your inventory space to learn more about that.

You can return to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more articles like this, where we teach you things like, how to fast travel, how to get the best weapons, and more.

Horizon Zero Dawn: All Power Cell Locations - Best Way to Play

How to get the most OP armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

If you're looking for Horizon Zero Dawn power cells, then you've got an immense open world filled with many hostile robotic creatures to search. Aloy will have to use everything at her disposal to defend herself, and you're going to want the best Horizon Zero Dawn armor, and some power cells, with which to do that.

Here, armor works differently to your regular RPG. Horizon Zero Dawn only has sets instead of individual pieces, and knowing which one to pick up depending on the mission or situation ahead is crucial. The problem is that they're often underwhelming, requiring the use of mods to amplify their low stats.

The Shield-Weaver set, however, is a different story. Wearing it makes Aloy almost invincible, and its by far the best in the game. The problem is that is requires several steps before you can obtain it, including finding some elusive collectibles and solving the Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory code puzzle, for which I'll be walking you through step-by-step in this guide.

How to find all Horizon Zero Dawn power cells locations

To get the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will need to grab power cells located in five locations. Once you've got all of them, you have to follow the quest called Ancient Armory—which requires Aloy to be at least level 25—and complete a series of puzzles.

Thankfully, you won't need to stray to much from the main path to find these areas, but it’s worth noting that you can return to all of these places in case you miss any power cells. Although, some might require you to get past a certain main mission before they'll open up again. For reference, I could revisit all of them after finishing the quest, The Mountain That Fell.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Underground Bunker power cell

This area can be accessed right after you finish the prologue, which I'd recommend you do. But if you decide to take a different path, know that you can return at any time. Drop inside and follow the purple lights and you'll see a door half open. Head inside, turn left, follow that corridor, and go left once more.

Head downstairs and pry the door in front of you open. Now make your way inside until you see another set of stairs. Go up these until you see a locked door on the left—ignore that and break the ice with the melee attack on the right. The power cell is waiting on the desk.

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Horizon Zero Dawn All-Mother Temple power cell

This power cell is located in a room accessed by a vents’ passage. If you’re doing the Womb of the Mountain main mission, as Aloy picks up her equipment, you’ll come across a door on the right during the long corridor—the one that has that massive wooden structure with four pillars and fishes hanging from it. While you can’t open it, instead you must use the vents just on the left side of the room. 

Crouch and follow the path. Once inside the room at the end, grab the power cell close to the candles on the floor.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Maker's End power cell

Once you've reached the top floor of Maker's End, turn around to find a massive tower covered with hand holds with which you can climb to the top. This will lead you around the tower, but keep on following the path upwards. 

Once at the top, you can't miss the power cell. If you’re backtracking here after completing the mission, you will have to do the climb from scratch, so I highly recommend grabbing it during the Maker’s End main mission.

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Horizon Zero Dawn The Grave-Hoard 

The fourth power cell can be found during The Grave-Hoard main mission. Start descending through the ruins and, once you get to the third floor, keep an eye on the first room to the left after the corridor. If you look at the map, it’s the circle-shaped one at the western side of the area.

You’ll face three power lines here with puzzle sequences. These are the solutions (from left to right):

  • Up, right, left, down
  • Up, up, down, up
  • Up, down, left, right

Completing these will open the path upwards and onto the main area. As soon as you enter that new room after passing through the door, grab the power cell.

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Horizon Zero Dawn GAIA Prime power cell

This power cell can be found during main mission, The Mountain That Fell, once you have already entered GAIA Prime. Follow the path inside after unlocking the first door, which will take you through a couple of corridors until you exit outside. Once there, instead of following the objective marker, turn to the left side and jump towards the big field with the cave entrance.

Don’t worry about making the perfect jump, though: There are hand holds for you to get back up in case you miscalculate. Head to the cave’s entrance, follow the purple path, and head to the end of the corridor. The power cell can be picked up from the shelves on the right.

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How to solve the Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Armory code puzzle

Once you have gathered all five power cells, travel to the Ancient Armory. It's inside a location marked on your map as 'Bunker', just east from Mother’s Rise. If you have a fast travel quick, head there and go around the hills to the bunker.

Here you'll stumble upon another set of puzzles. The first you'll need to enter to unlock the door, before you enter your five power cells. The next is needed before you can pick up the armor itself. Here are the puzzle solutions in the order you'll need to input them:

  • Up, right, down, left up
  • Right, left, up, right, left

Keep in mind that once you've interacted with it, Shield-Weaver won’t appear in your inventory directly, so don't panic. Open the Treasure Boxes tab and then open the Shield-Weaver box to unlock it. It doesn’t look as cool as the one in the armory, but it will keep you well-protected. It'll protect you from damagge up to a certain point, but if the shield is close to depletion, it'll start flashing red. But since it doesn’t take long to reload, this is a seriously reliable set of threads.


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