Should i ignore my girlfriend

Do Women Like to Be Ignored?

Ignoring a woman only has an effect if she is attracted and interested in you or if you have other women interested in you at the same time.

If she’s not attracted to you, she won’t care if you ignore her or not.

Do you know how to make a woman attracted to you and then hoping that you pay attention her, ask her out, have sex with her or begin a relationship with her? If not, watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, most women who are attractive will rarely come across a guy who will offer any type of challenge.

Where Guys Go Wrong

There’s a common misconception amongst guys that goes something like this: If you want to get a woman’s attention, just ignore her. She’ll think that you’re cool and don’t even want her and that will spark her interest.

So, is it true? Do women like to be ignored? Will ignoring a woman make her want you?


If a woman doesn’t feel attraction for you, she isn’t going to care if you’re ignoring her. You’ll just be another random male in the surroundings who wants to bang her, but is pretending like he doesn’t.

On the other hand, if she is sexually attracted to you and you are ignoring her, then yes – that will get her curious and wanting to interact with you more.

Ignoring Her Isn’t Always the Answer

There are certain circumstances in which ignoring a woman can work really well.

For instance: Some guys (including myself) use the “ignore technique” when they are already in a relationship with a woman.

If a woman wants more of her man’s attention because she feels a lot of love, respect and attraction for him, then ignoring her will make her reach out to him. However, if a woman has lost a lot of respect and attraction for him during the relationship and he then starts ignoring her, she’ll usually just begin looking for a new man.

Sometimes, a guy wants to know if a woman is interested in him, so he tries ignoring her or “going cold” to see if she’ll feel desperate and worried that she’s losing his interest. A guy like that mistakenly thinks that ignoring her will suddenly make her feel rejected and want to chase him.

Sure, it will sometimes make a woman curious and she will show some interest to him just to check that he was putting on an act and is still super keen on her, but in most cases she just won’t care because he’s not a guy that she is sexually attracted to.

He still likes you and was simply pretending not to be interested

A woman isn’t going to get excited about a guy ignoring her if he hasn’t yet sparked her feelings of sexual attraction.

For example: Some guys use the “nice guy” approach to women where they essentially act (yes act) like they are just interested in being nice, innocent friends. Yet, secretly, the guy is super keen to have sex with her and is hoping that he will get to be her boyfriend one day.

Yet, using that approach leads to rejection in most cases. Watch this video to understand why…

As you will discover from the video above, it’s not the act of being nice that ultimately gets the guy rejected. What does? The fact that he is refusing to say or do anything that will spark the woman’s feelings of sexual attraction.

So, don’t waste any more time thinking that ignoring women (or any other superficial thing e.g. wearing great clothes, building more muscle) is the answer to success with women.

If you want women to like you in a sexual way, you’ve got to trigger their feelings of sexual attraction for you. If you currently aren’t very good at doing that around beautiful women, you need to improve that about yourself or you will find that most women really aren’t that interested in you.

Ignoring an Ex

In most cases, ignoring an ex girlfriend who doesn’t want to be with you anymore isn’t going to make her coming running back to you.

Here’s why…

If you want a woman to feel attracted to you and want to be with you, the best approach is to make her feel something for you when you talk to her on the phone or in person.


You can actively CREATE feelings of attraction inside of a woman. You don’t have to sit around hoping that she feels attracted; you can MAKE her feel attracted.

For example: If a girl doesn’t feel much attraction for a guy and he then interacts with her, displays confidence, makes her laugh and feel good around him, she will then feel more attracted to him than before.

Guys Ignoring Girls in Hollywood Movies

Some guys grow up without a male role model who can explain what women are really attracted to about men.

As a result, a lot of the information that guys get about women tends to come via movies, TV or magazines, music videos or from random things that people say during conversation. It’s a big, confused mess of fantasy, fiction and insecure ideas.

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that movies and TV are primarily designed to entertain audiences. In TV shows and movies, the nice, innocent, sweet guy will get the girl in the end after he saves the day, saves the girl or saves the world.

Aww, how sweet.

If you think about it, most people probably wouldn’t pay to go to the movies if there was no fantasy involved.

If it was always a case of, Boy meets girl. Boy chats to girl. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. They go to his house and have wonderful, passionate sex together. The end. people would get pretty bored of going to the movies, right?

To entertain the viewers, the film industry creates complex and unrealistic relationships between the men and women on screen to make people laugh, cry, say “Awww…how cute” and so on.

Women are often portrayed as being mean, snobbish and flaky because that is entertaining for women to watch and scary for many men who just don’t understand that it’s not real…it’s just a movie.

In the movies, men are often portrayed as being weak, insecure, bumbling fools who would be so LUCKY to score with a woman. The relationships and interactions on screen lead some men to think that women like to be ignored, or snubbed, or controlled in order to feel attraction for a guy.

Copying what they see on TV sitcoms or in movies, many modern men waste their time ignoring a woman when, in fact, they should just approach her and get something going between them.

A confident guy who is successful with women doesn’t sit around worrying that a girl might slap him (like they do in the movies), tip a drink over his head (like they do in funny TV sitcoms) or coldly reject him in front of everyone (like they do in music videos where the female pop singer is acting all powerful).

Instead, he knows that women will be naturally attracted to his confidence and that he simply needs to guide a woman from a conversation to kissing, sex and into a relationship. It’s actually a very easy thing to do when you start out by making the woman feel very attracted to you. She wants it to happen.

Be the Confident, Forward Moving Guy That Women Are Hoping to Meet

Single women want you to be confident and walk over and talk to them. They don’t want you to be nervous, shy and hesitant when you approach and act like you are worried that it might not be okay to be talking to them.

They want to see that you believe in yourself and that you have the social intelligence to understand that it’s a man’s role to approach a woman and make something happen. There is nothing wrong with approaching a woman, so don’t be afraid to do it.

Walk up to her and make something happen between you.

Do you have the confidence to approach women that you find attractive? If not, watch this video…

As you will discover from the video above, you have a lot of direct control over the way you feel. You can choose to feel nervous if you want to, but it isn’t going to help you succeed with women.

As a man, you’ve got to do what it takes to build up your confidence with women. You will need it when approaching and talking to a woman for the first time, when you’re on a date with her, having sex with her and deep into a relationship with her.

Confidence is one of the things that initially attracts a woman to a guy and it’s also one of the most important traits that maintains a woman’s attraction when in a relationship.

Traits and Behaviors That Turn a Woman Off

It’s very easy to attract women and turn them on, but it’s also very easy to turn them off. For example a guy who ignores a woman instead of confidently making a move may appear to be:

1. Lacking in self confidence

If a guy approaches a woman in a nervous, almost apologetic – sorry for disturbing you – manner, he comes across as being insecure, weak and unsure of himself. Insecurity is a sign of low self confidence and if a guy doesn’t believe in himself and in his worth, a woman certainly won’t either.

2. Lacking in self esteem

Some guys will have such a low sense of self esteem that when he approaches a woman, he is already expecting her to reject him. If a guy acts like he is not good enough for her, a woman will inevitably pick up on this insecurity and she will respond in kind. No woman wants to waste her time trying to build up a guy’s self esteem.

3. Mentally and emotionally weak

A guy who cannot make up his own mind and doesn’t know how to take action and go after what he wants, inevitably comes across as being mentally and emotionally weak. A woman cannot feel a strong attraction for a guy who is weaker than her because this means that she will have to be the dominant one in the relationship and that she will have to take the lead.

This is a turn off because a woman wants a man who can make her feel like a real woman and when she’s doing all the “hard” work, not only doesn’t she feel like a real woman, she also feels like she is not getting the support she needs from him either.

4. Lacking in social intelligence

Social intelligence is the ability to interact well with other people, whether one-on-one or in groups. It is the ability to conduct an interesting and engaging conversation, read body language and respond in a way that makes everyone feel connected to you and happy to be talking with you.

Despite being academically intelligent, some guys are lacking in the area social intelligence and come across as being boring, uncomfortable or even creepy.

When a guy lacks social intelligence he will be unable to engage a woman and make her feel at ease with him and then to feel attraction for him. He will appear “uncool” and her friends will let her know that he doesn’t fit in with them and that she shouldn’t date him.

5. Lacking in conversation skills

The art of conversation is referred to as such, because being able to have an interesting and engaging conversation with a woman (or anyone for that matter) is like creating a work of art. It’s poetry in motion. You’re literally painting a work of art sometimes or playing together like musicians and creating conversational music based on each other’s input.

Conversation with a woman, when done right, should engage, create interest, cause suspense, create anticipation and ultimately sexual attraction. If a guy trying to attract a woman conducts an interview style conversation with her, simply asking her a series of personal questions, he will only succeed in making her feel uncomfortable and tense.

Alternatively, if he only talks about himself, complains about things or blames others (the government, the rich people, the politicians) about his problems, she will be bored and may even feel offended.

At that point, she will not feel any attraction for him and will want to get away from him as soon as possible.

6. Using an approach that doesn’t fit the situation

Some guys do all the wrong things when they are attracted to a woman. They will wait for the woman to make the first move, hoping that she will choose him. They might snub her during a conversation and hope that she will respond favorably to them.

Some may indeed choose to fully ignore her. Unfortunately, if the guy has not established a strong attraction between himself and the woman, all of these approaches (or lack thereof) will only serve to make her feel angry and she will probably be giving out her phone number or going home with someone else.

Start Paying Attention to Women in the Right Way

Getting a woman to like you and want to be with you doesn’t come down to you ignoring her and hoping that she runs over to you and begs to be your girlfriend.

In the real world, you’ve simply got to spark a woman’s feelings of attraction for you, connect with her and begin the process of making her falling in love with you.

These days, many women are open to having sex on the first night or first date, so don’t make the mistake of acting like you’re not interested in sex.

According to a study done in the USA, 55% of couples admitted to having sex on their first date. Another study in Europe found that 70% of women admitted to having experience a one night stand before.

So, rather than ignoring women or playing complicated mind games, just make her feel attracted, connect with her and guide her to kissing, sex and a relationship…

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Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert. He knows the secret to attracting and picking up women for sex and relationships, which has allowed him to enjoy his choice of women for many years. Watch this free training and he will share the secret with you.


My Girlfriend is Ignoring Me: How to Fix it

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position where you are saying, “My girlfriend is ignoring me” and you’re not sure why, this post will explain how to fix the problem.

Here are 5 honest questions to ask yourself that will give you the exact answer you need to get her to stop ignoring you…

1. Have you been turning her off lately?

Have you been turning her off lately?

When you first get into a relationship with a woman, she will usually put up with a lot of the mistakes you might make (e.g. being insecure, jealous, too protective, etc) because she is feeling a lot of lust and excitement about being with someone new.

When you begin having sex, it will be usually be more than enough pleasure and enjoyment to make both of you want to see each other on a regular basis, so there will be no reason for her to ignore you.

However, once you pass that initial phase of the relationship, if you’re still making the same old mistakes and possibly gotten worse (e.g. become more insecure, being clingy, not being enough of a man for her, not having much purpose in life and focusing too much of your time and energy on her as a result, etc), then she will start to feel as though she is making a mistake by being with you.

At this point, you should honestly ask yourself the question, “Have I been turning her off lately?” and if your answer is “Yes,” then you need to get clear on how you can actually start turning her on and making her feel attracted and drawn to you from now on.

For example: If you interact with her and display traits such as confidence, charisma, humor, a masculine vibe and high self-esteem, she will naturally feel attracted to you and will begin to feel proud to be with you.

She will then to feel drawn to you and will stop ignoring you.

When a woman feels a lot of attraction for her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to ignore him because interacting with him makes her feel so good and she also doesn’t want another girl to come along and take him from her.

2. Does she truly want to be committed to you for life?

Is she committed to you for life?

Just because you’re in a relationship with a woman, it doesn’t mean that she is thinking, “I’m only ever going to be with him for life. I will never do anything else other than be in a relationship with him.”

These days, many women get in and out of relationships throughout their late teens, 20s, 30s and even 40s and they continue to do that until they find the right man for them.

A woman can be 20 years old and decide that she wants to settle down and get married, but if that same women didn’t find the right guy for her until she was 35, she might wait until then.

If she didn’t wait and got married to a guy who she didn’t truly love, respect and feel attraction for, she will potentially divorce him later on if he doesn’t improve and become the man she really wants him to be.

So, the question you really need to ask yourself is this, “Is my girlfriend committed to me for life? Does she truly see me as the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with?”

You might be answering “Yes” to that because a lot of women do say things to their boyfriend like, “I love you so much” and “I want to be with you forever” during the initial parts of a relationship, because she is feeling so much lust, love and excitement.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that she can’t change her mind later on if her boyfriend is unable to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction.

If her feelings fade (e.g. because her boyfriend has been too insecure, too clingy, controlling, lacking purpose, etc), then her thinking will change from, “I want to be with you forever” to “I don’t feel the same way about you anymore.”

These days, the only way to keep a woman in a relationship for life is to actually have the ability to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction over time.

As a man in the modern world, you now need to know how to deepen a woman’s feelings over time, because women no longer have to stick with one man for life if they are unhappy.

In the past, a woman had to stick with one man for life because it was shameful to get divorced.

There was no sex before marriage, so a woman would get married and lose her virginity on the wedding night.

She would then have to stick with her man for life no matter what.

No sex before marriage vs. have sex whenever you want

However, today’s women are free to do whatever they want. If a modern woman is unhappy in a relationship, she can get out of it and simply find a new guy if she wants to and society will not look down on her.

In fact, many people will “pat her on the back” and say that she is strong and courageous for breaking up with a guy who doesn’t have the ability to make her feel the kind of love, respect and attraction that she wants in a relationship.

Here is a video that I made for guys who have already been dumped by their girlfriend (fiancé or wife).

Watch this now and it should help you prevent a break up from happening…

If she does end up breaking up with you because you don’t take action to fix the problem, watch this video to learn what you need to do to get her back.

If your relationship does stay together, you need to ensure that you begin deepening her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you from now on.

When you do that, she won’t want to ignore you anymore because she will feel better when she spends time with you or at least remains in contact with you via phone, text and social media.

Essentially, it all comes down to how you make her feel. If you are making her feel a lot of love, respect and attraction for you, then she will have absolutely no reason to ignore you.

If you approach your relationship in that way, you and her will be able to be together for life.

3. Have you given her too much power in the relationship?

Have you given her too much power in the relationship?

A girlfriend will always test her boyfriend to see how much she can get away with and see how much power she can gain over him.

For example: She might throw tantrums, treat him badly, be less affectionate, ignore him, tease him, demand that he do things for her, etc.

If her boyfriend puts up with the bad treatment because he is afraid of losing her, the power will gradually shift to her and she will lose respect for him.

It may then get to a point where she calls the shots on pretty much everything (e.g. she says when they can hold hands, kiss, have sex, go out and how often they see each other) and if he complains about it, she will threaten to break up with him.

That is not the position that you ever want to be in with a woman. The position that you want to be in and that women actually want you to be in, is where you love and respect her, but you remain in the position of power.

To achieve that, you need to maintain belief in yourself and know that she is attracted to you, respectful of the emotionally strong man that you are and she is also in love with you.

If she gets out of line, you need to let her know that you are disappointed in her and expect better from her from now on.

You need to be light-hearted and easy-going when you tell her that, but you also need to be assertive at the same time.

If she continues to make the same types of mistakes, it should be you that is ignoring her or saying that she doesn’t get to hold your hand or kiss you.

That is actually what women want a man to do. A woman hates it when her boyfriend puts up with her bad behavior because he is afraid of losing her.

Women want to be with a guy who has a backbone and is willing to stand up for himself in a loving, but assertive way.

Women don’t want to be stuck in a relationship with a wimp who allows himself to get pushed around by a woman, because that suggests to her that he will also allow himself to get pushed around at work or will be overlooked for promotions because he simply isn’t emotionally tough enough.

4. Has she become your main purpose in life?

Has she become your main purpose in life?

A classic mistake that guys make in relationships, is to feel as though once they’ve gotten themselves a girlfriend, the rest of the world can go get stuffed.

A guy will often want to spend all of his time with his girlfriend (e.g. hanging out with her on the couch, in bed, going places with her, etc), but a woman instinctively knows that he shouldn’t be spending most of his time just hanging out with her.

Instinctively, she knows that (if he is a real man), he should be rising up through the levels of his true potential as a man by striving to achieve his biggest goals and ambitions in life, rather than just sitting around wasting time with her.

If you make a woman your main purpose in life, she will begin to say things like, “I need time to find myself” or “I need to clear my head” or “I need to figure out what I want to do with my life” because she is reacting to the lack of purpose and direction that you have been unable to provide.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of time with your girlfriend, loving her and wanting to be around her, but your main focus in life needs to be your purpose as a man.

If you approach life in that way, your girlfriend will feel more respect, attraction and love for you over time, as long as you also treat her well and respect her and love her.

5. Are you going to fix the problem, dump her or wait to be dumped by her?

If you’re in a position now where you are saying, “My girlfriend is ignoring me” then you have a choice to make.

You’re either going to:

  1. Fix the problem (i.e. identify where you’ve been messing up and then begin to change that) and then deepen her feelings for you.
  2. Dump her because you feel as though she’s going to dump you soon, so you might as well do it first.
  3. Not do anything and simply hope that she doesn’t dump you.

So, what you are going to do? Are you going to:

  1. Fix the problem?
  2. Get rid of the problem by dumping her?
  3. Hope that the problem goes away on its own?

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Dan Bacon

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Yes, I want free tips via email from Dan Bacon. I can unsubscribe at anytime with a click. Privacy policy.

Dan Bacon

Dan Bacon is a relationship expert and is happily married. He has helped men from all over the world to easily fix relationship problems with a girlfriend, fiancé or wife and he can help you too. He has also discovered the hidden secret to making a relationship or marriage last for life. Watch this free video and he will share the secret with you.

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Ignoring her when she goes cold: Ignore her to attract her

Ignoring her when she goes cold in the only real option you have.  Your girlfriend went cold on you for whatever reason.  Or maybe she’s not your girlfriend.  Regardless, the reasons are the same.

The steaks are higher when it’s a girlfriend whose going cold on you.  If it’s a girl you see casually then you shouldn’t get too worked up over it.  But maybe you really like her or you have a big ego as a lot of get in the game.  There’s tons of reasons she goes cold.  You could’ve:

And in general giving her too much attention and not being masculine.  Or she goes cold because she’s thinking about a guy at work, have friends saying bad things about you, and so on.  She goes cold for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s your fault but many times it’s not.

What you do determines how the relationship will play out.  She’s basically starting to ignore you.  Ignoring her is the only option you have if you want her back into you.  And even if you don’t want her back, it’s the best way for you to begin to move on and live life.  You also save face for later.

Ignoring her?  Shouldn’t I pursue harder?

Ignoring her

Ignoring her when she goes cold is the best option you have.  Because she’ll either drift apart, and you’ll be able to move on.  Or she’ll realize she’s losing you and she’ll try and win your attention back.  Her attraction for you will grow again.

Guys ask me will ignoring her work?  And the answer is yes.

If you chase her when she’s losing interest, she’ll lose even more interest.  I know it’s backwards but that’s how women are.

If you ignore when she goes cold, she’ll either drift apart or realize she’s messing up and she’ll stop being cold.  You need to have checks and balances in a relationship.  If you reward her bad behavior of going cold on you with more attention, you’re lowering your value and showing both you and her that you have low self respect.

Drifting apart and getting over her

This varies a lot depending on the relationship you have with a girl.  If she’s a new girl you’re dating and she goes cold, then you really shouldn’t even make it a big deal to yourself.

She could be talking with an ex and trying to work things out, busy with life, and so on.  Unless you’re really charismatic, she’s not going to have a big attachment to you yet.

If she’s your girlfriend or a girl you’ve been seeing for a long time then it’s a little bit different.  She should have an attachment for you.

But she goes cold for the same reasons still.  She could be cheating on you.  Or even just considering cheating on you.  She could just be losing attraction to you because you’re acting weak.  There’s many reasons.  Or she’s just in a slump in life and it’s not related to you.  But either way, you can’t chase her.   She needs to come to you if she’s the one pulling back.  You don’t need to be a detective and figure it out.  If you’re acting weak then you probably already know that.  And if you were doing everything right then you know something is off on her end.

Either way, she’s drifting off.  Ignoring her is the best option.  Give her the space she’s asking for.

She’ll come back to win your attention

red pill relationship

They always come back.  Especially if this girl was your girlfriend or someone you’ve been seeing for a long time.  Ignore her to attract her.

If she’s ignoring you and you’r ignoring her, then it may take a while to hear from her again.  But you need to let her come back to you.  Regardless of it was you being weak or her being up to no good.

To emphasize, this is for women whop are going cold on you.  If you go cold on a woman, she could chase you or she could value herself and not talk to you either.  But when someone goes cold on you, you can’t chase them.  You need to give them space.

For girlfriends

If it was your mistake, as in you became too weak, too needy, etc., then you can try and keep the relationship going.  However, if she was drifting off because she was cheating on you, then cut that woman off.  You don’t deserve dealing with that negative energy in your life.

If you just started dating her, then you can let her come back, be submissive, but still maintain how things were.

She might’ve met another guy or been dealing with other guys.  But you two aren’t in a relationship so it shouldn’t matter anyways.  You’re not making her your wife just yet so slow down.

How to ignore her

But the hardest part is actually ignoring her.  She’ll likely come back around.  But it’s not easy ignoring her when you really like her or you think she’s really gorgeous.

  1. Follow your purpose
  2. Get in the gym

1. Follow your purpose

man figuring out purpose

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it.  Your purpose needs to be your #1 focus in your life.  It’s when you combine something you enjoy and something you’re good at in a way that can provide value to others.   You can turn your purpose into your own business.  This business will allow you to quit that job you hate and have financial freedom.  Whether you want to be a minimalist and travel often or work to build your wealth up, you’ll have options.

And as the CEO of your own company, you’ll gain more money and status.  It takes some sacrifice in the short term to get it going.  This means you might get less women and sometimes no women because you’re so busy building your business.  But after two years of grinding on the side, you can quit your full time job, have your own business, and still have left over time to date high quality women.

When you start building momentum on your purpose – ignoring her, this girl that you’re stressing about – won’t even be an issue.

2. Get in the gym

But in the short term, you’re going to need to keep yourself busy, feeling good, and also boost your attractiveness to women.  Get your ass in the gym.  Lifting weights is one of the best ways of ignoring her when she goes cold.  It allows you to focus solely on building muscle.  You’ll feel like a beast afterwards.  And you’ll have an easier time dating other girls.

You have the power

You need to be ignoring her when she goes cold so she understands you’re the one in charge.  Otherwise she can’t respect you and she’ll continue to lose attraction.  Let her come back to your leadership, or never hear from her again as you move on like nothing every happened.


How To Get A Girl To Text You Back When She Is Ignoring You

By: Sarah Fader

Updated March 10, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Audrey Kelly, LMFT

This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform.


People of all ages engage in texting, from teenagers to seniors. Regardless of your age, we all want to be heard, and when you text someone, and they ignore you, it feels bad - being ignored hurts. It's particularly difficult to be ignored when you're interested in someone romantically. When you're dating someone and the conversation is going well, it feels great. The texts are coming in, and you have great banter with the love interest of your dreams, and then suddenly, it seems that she's ignoring you. You're wondering, is she ghosting you? You're thinking, is this the end of the connection that we had?

You may feel hopeless and wonder how to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you, but that might not be what's going on at all. We all have different texting styles. Some people text back quickly, whereas others take a couple of hours on average. Some people turn their phones off or on silent when they're at work, at school, when they're socializing, and so on. Some people even think that you should wait a couple of days to text someone back so that there's a "chase" for the other person. The truth is that there's no universal rule for how often you should text someone; it depends on who you are, who they are, and what the dynamic of the relationship is like overall.

Say that it's been a few days and she hasn't said anything. Here are some things that you can do to keep the conversation going and entice the girl that you're into to text you back.

Keep the Conversation Fresh and New

You don't have to trace back to what you were talking about before. That topic has probably passed in terms of relevancy, so it's time to move on and start a new conversation. Another thing that you can do is ask a question. Remember, just like in person, asking open-ended questions is a great way to get a more detailed response than asking a yes or no question. Something simple like "what's been going on with you?" or a question about what she's interested in and the kinds of things that she might like to do. For example, you could ask, "are there any new movies that you're interested in seeing?"

Avoid Passive-Aggressiveness


You're not going to get her to text you back if you say something like, "I can see that you're busy" because that'll push her away even further. Along the lines of open-ended questions, rather than commenting on how busy she must be or how she hasn't replied, you can ask what's been going on in her life. It's always good to show interest in the other person's life; people are attracted to that because it shows genuine interest and care. For example, you might send her a quick text to say, "What'd you do this weekend?" or "How have things been going at work?" Show authentic interest in what's going on in her life. There are ways that you can reignite the conversation, and this is a great way to do it.

Give Her Physical Space

If you've been asking her to get together and she hasn't been replying, it might be best not to bring up getting together next time you send her a text. There are many reasons that a girl might not want to meet up, and it likely has nothing to do with you. She could legitimately be busy or stressed out, she might be going through something difficult in her personal life, or she might be experiencing social anxiety. It's also worth noting that if you began speaking online and haven't seen each other in person yet, a lot of fear can come with that initial encounter. There are so many horror stories out there about online dating that she might be nervous and need more time to get to know you. Change the subject and talk about something light-hearted so that you can chat more and build up to asking her out on a date again in the future.

Keep It Positive


It's important to keep the conversation light and positive. There's nothing wrong with a sarcastic quip here and there, but make sure that you don't spend most of the time complaining or making snide remarks about things. Insert some humor. Remember that life can be stressful and that everyone likes to laugh. If you're kind and engaging when you speak to someone, it's more likely that they'll be at ease around you and want to keep the conversation going.

Texting Isn't the End

While texting can be a part of your dynamic, it's not the core of how you communicate with your love interest. Ultimately, the goal is to talk to her in person. Texting is a means to an end. You want to make texting an anticipatory experience. Make her want to see you by engaging in compelling conversations. Remember, your relationship won't always consist of texting. The ending goal here is to see each other in person and keep that in mind when you go back and forth with her. That's why it's great to ask her about movies, music, television, books, and activities that she likes; so that you can connect with her face-to-face one day. If you can get a sense of what she likes, you can gauge what you want to ask her to go out and do in person. You can ask what kind of sports she's into or what she does in her free time so that you can gain a better sense of who she is and what events she might want to attend.

Use Texting to Find Out More About Your Love Interest

To prepare for a date and know where you want to take this person, one thing that you can find out is what sort of local haunts she likes to visit. If you know that she likes coffee, for example, you can ask her what her favorite coffee place around town is. Ask her what she likes to do. Is she a night owl who likes to socialize and go bar hopping, or is she more of an introvert that would prefer to be in a quiet setting? The more that you get to know about her, the easier that planning things together will be. You'll know what's of interest to her. That way, you won't be taking a shot in the dark when you ask to hang out, nor will you invite her to an event or activity that she's entirely uninterested in attending.

Description Is Powerful

Remember that long texts won't necessarily get someone to engage with you; writing someone, a novel could overwhelm someone and is unlikely to get them to text you back. That said, descriptive language can make a world of difference when you text someone. You want to "match" the love interest that you're talking to in terms of how much they're texting you and try to pick up on the vibe that they're sending you. If you write them a paragraph and they send a short sentence back, they might be busy or not have much to say about what you're telling them about. That said, descriptive language can be powerful when you're texting someone. If you're a writer, use it to your advantage and use your words.

What the Silent Treatment Means


Being ignored is unpleasant. It may feel like you're getting the silent treatment from the love interest in your life, and that's not fun. All that to say, you need to stop and think. It may not be what it seems. You don't have the full picture, and there are things that you can do if you feel like someone is ignoring you. One thing that you can do is step back and give someone space. There's nothing wrong with letting the person do what they must do. It's like that old expression, "if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, that person is yours. If they don't, they never were." Give them space and focus on yourself. That way, you'll know if they're interested or not, and you're not pushing them in a way that might make them uncomfortable. Remember that people have a lot going on, and sometimes, they like the chase. They like running after someone rather than having them always accessible. Make sure that you have your own thing going on independent of this person. Not only is that attractive, but it's also very healthy for current and future relationships, including the one that you have with yourself.

It May Not Be About You - Don't Overreact

If you're sensitive to it, especially due to past circumstances or trauma, you might believe that you're being ignored when you're not. As hard as it might be, and as important as it is to attend to your feelings personally, make sure that you don't lash out on this person. It's not going to do any good and will only alienate them further. Take a step back if you feel like they're not talking to you as much as you'd like, and don't take it personally. It might have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Online Counseling

Therapy or counseling are great places to talk about your communication with a love interest. If you're in a relationship and your overall conversation has gone stale, you can talk to a couples' counselor with your partner, or if you're single, you can talk to an individual counselor about your struggles related to dating or pursuing people that you're into. The counselors at ReGain are experienced in helping people communicate more effectively in their interpersonal relationships, so search the network of mental health professionals at ReGain today and find someone that can give you an ear to talk to about your romantic life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to text a girl who ignores you?

If you text a girl and she doesn't reply, the best thing to do is wait a couple of days and then reach out to say something along the lines of, "Hey! How are you doing?" As stated in the article above, you do not want to be passive-aggressive toward a girl over text. One of the most common texting mistakes people make is taking it personally when someone doesn't text back. If a girl ignores your second attempt to reach out or the girl doesn't text back, it is best to let it be. Don't push her or pressure her to reply. If the girl in question is your friend or an established partner, there is more nuance to this situation. If you text a girl who is just a friend and she doesn't reply for an extended period of time, you might reach out to ask if she is okay. However, if it is a girl you just met, disengage and let the situation be. You do not need to confront a girl over text about ignoring your texts. If she wants to reach out, she will. If not, there are so many reasons that she may not answer, and the majority of them have nothing to do with who you are as a person. 

Why would a girl ignore your text?

There are a variety of reasons why a girl could be ignoring your texts. If you flirt with a girl and she isn't interested, she may not text back. She may also be busy at work, with her social life, with her family, or with something else. Additionally, she may not be ignoring your text message; she might be ignoring everyone or nearly everyone. Often, people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and some other conditions struggle to reply to text messages at certain points in time for a variety of reasons. This isn't always the case, but if someone has social anxiety, for example, they may be too anxious to open their text messages at all. Anxiety is something that you can't see, so don't make the assumption that it's about you or that she doesn't have anxiety just because she doesn't seem like it. Other potential reasons that a girl doesn't text you back that are more specific to situations where you like her romantically would be that she met someone else, has a significant other already, or simply isn't interested and isn't sure how to express it. 

What to do with a girl who ignores you?

It's understandable that you're hurt or confused if you're wondering, "why would she ignore my texts?" or if you're thinking, "why is she ignoring my texts?" when a girl doesn't text back. As stated above, the reason that a girl doesn't text back could be due to a variety of different things, and the truth is that you might not get to find out the reason why a girl ignores your texts or doesn't text back. If a girl doesn't text back, the only thing that you should do is stop texting her. You should not continue to reach out, nor should you pressure her to tell you why if she isn't replying. As difficult as this is, you must face this situation with maturity and refrain from reaching out continually if she never gets back to you. You have no right to demand a response, nor will it serve you. After all, you want someone who will return your energy and communication. Do not waste your time on someone that is not responding to you. Instead, focus on meeting new people. You wouldn't want to settle for someone who doesn't reply!

Should I text her again if she doesn't reply?

If you text a girl and she doesn't text back once, there is no harm in sending her a text message a few days later to ask how she's doing or what she's been up to. You can also send a funny GIF or meme to make her smile and re-start the conversation. She probably just spaced out or got caught up in stress related to work or other obligations. If you text the girl a second or third time to ask how she's doing and she ignores your text continually or reads them and doesn't text back, it's best to refrain from texting her again, especially if you just met this girl. Again, there is nuance if you're talking to a girl over text that you have known for a long time or are texting a girl who is a close friend. In that case, if she ignores your text, it's appropriate to say, "Are you okay?" or, "Just wanted to check in. How are you?" 

What should I text a girl to make her reply?

Never text someone with the sole intent to make them reply. You do not have control over that, and the solution here is to talk to other people until you meet someone that does text you back. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you, nor does it mean it's personal; you just have to leave it alone. If you were in the middle of a conversation with a girl and she stopped replying, check for any texting mistakes you may have made or think about if you could have said something that offended her. If you feel that this may have been what happened, retain the information for the future, and speak differently next time you talk to a girl over text. It may be appropriate to apologize if you realize that you could have offended someone in some circumstances.

What do I do if a girl ignores me when she knows I like her?

If a girl ignores you and she knows that you like her, it could be that she isn't interested or that she does not want a romantic relationship at this time. You cannot make someone ready for a relationship if they aren't, so the best thing to do in this situation is to simply stop responding. Additionally, there is nothing you can text a girl to make her like you if she doesn't.

Can I ask a girl why she is ignoring me?

If you text a girl regularly and this is the first time that she's missed or ignored your text, you can say to a girl over text, "Hey! I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're well." You can also ask a girl over text, "Hey! I've been thinking about you. How are you doing?" if you haven't heard from her in at least a few days. Definitely don't send this text (or text a girl addressing the fact that she didn't get back to you) if it hasn't been at least a few days since she last texted you. 

It's better to text a girl asking if she's okay rather than asking why she's ignoring you when you don't hear back for a couple of reasons. First, you're showing care and concern for her. Second, you're not accusing her of ignoring you on purpose, which she very well may not have been. If you text a girl several times and she doesn't text back, respect it, and stop reaching out. It's understandable to feel a sense of pain, hurt, or even rejection, but at the end of the day, if you text a girl and she doesn't text back, it's not a reflection of you. 

Should I delete her number if she ignores me?

If someone's ignoring your text messages, you can absolutely delete their number. However, you do not need to do this immediately. Wait a couple of weeks because there is a possibility that she will reach out. After that, delete her number. That said, if you cannot refrain from reaching out continuously or are tempted to keep reaching out when a girl doesn't respond, it is better to delete her number than it is to have a text thread where it is only you talking. Remove the temptation so that you can give her space. 

How do you make a girl regret ignoring you?

If you text a girl and she doesn't text back, take it in stride. Put your phone down, delete her number, or ignore her. The truth is that you can't control how someone else feels. One thing that you should never do is text a girl to tell her that you're angry that she hasn't responded. If you text a girl to tell her how angry you are or that she should reply because of what a great guy you are, she definitely won't regret ignoring you if you; she'll be glad to have dodged a bullet. This is a massive red flag to a woman. It does hurt when you text a girl you like and she doesn't text back, but it is crucial to remember that you never know what someone's going through and that this action is unlikely to be personal. The best thing to do is to vent to a friend, loved one, or mental health provider. It's important to feel your feelings, and rejection does hurt, but attempting to make someone, whether it's a man or woman, regret the simple act of not sending you a text message is not okay. A person who doesn't text back is unlikely to be your match anyway, so talk through it with someone you trust and know that the right person will come along in time. 

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I girlfriend my should ignore

Should I ignore my girlfriend after a fight?

Should I ignore my girlfriend after a fight?

It’s fine if you need some space after a fight. “Ignoring your partner will only amplify the hurt and anger,” says Hall. Just don’t give him the cold shoulder without telling him. He may feel like he’s being punished if you ignore him, brush him off or shut him out.

What is the #1 reason for divorce?

The most commonly reported major contributors to divorce were lack of commitment, infidelity, and conflict/arguing. The most common “final straw” reasons were infidelity, domestic violence, and substance use. More participants blamed their partners than blamed themselves for the divorce.

Is it normal to argue everyday?

Yes, to a certain extent it is normal to fight every day in a relationship. But, fighting daily also symbolizes that you and your partner lack understanding and empathy towards each other.

What to say to end a fight?

Here are four simple statements you can use that will stop an argument 99 percent of the time.

  • “Let me think about that.” This works in part because it buys time.
  • “You may be right.” This works because it shows willingness to compromise.
  • “I understand.” These are powerful words.
  • “I’m sorry.”

Is it OK to walk away during an argument?

Saying nothing and walking away is not a good option because it is likely the other person will feel they’re being punished; in addition, it doesn’t let them know that you will be returning later. It may help to talk when things are calm and agree that either person can take a time-out during an argument if necessary.

How do you fight a hood fighter?

10 SIMPLE Fighting Tips

  1. Commit to the fight. You’re there to attack, kill, destroy, win.
  2. Focus on what you have to do.
  3. Exhale sharply with every punch.
  4. Breathe when you defend.
  5. Walk, don’t run.
  6. Drive your elbow (rather than the fist) into each punch.
  7. Never cover your eyes or let your opponent go out of your vision.
  8. Lean on your opponent.

Here's When Ignoring Your Partner Can Actually Benefit Your Relationship

Though it's incredibly common to hear that communication in a relationship is incredibly important — maybe even the most important thing — there's always an exception to the rule. While ignoring your partner would normally be a sign of a relationship on the rocks, new research published by the American Psychological Association has found that, in some cases, ignoring your partner can be a good thing.

The study looked at nearly 1,000 couples over the course of two experiments. The couples were visited by researchers who opened up a conversation about disagreements in their relationship and things that they would want to change, while the researchers recorded the couple's dynamic. The study found that, for some couples, there was what they termed a demand-withdraw pattern. One partner would make demands and the other partner would withdraw or ignore those demands. It sounds like poor relationship behavior — and it is —except for low-income couples. Interestingly, for couples with more resources, withdrawing had a negative impact on a relationship, but for couples who were worse off financially, ignoring the demands didn't have any adverse affect on their relationship or satisfaction levels.

But Jaclyn M. Ross, MA, of the University of California, Los Angeles, and lead author of the study, tells Bustle that "ignoring" may be a bit of a strong word, as the actual findings are far more nuanced than that. "We were surprised that this classic ‘she demands, he withdraws’ pattern of communication operated so differently for couples at different points along the socioeconomic spectrum," Ross says. The idea of a 'she demands, he withdrawals' pattern being a "classic" one is worrying, but it's interesting to see that withdrawal isn't always a bad thing.

"A long tradition of work had indicated that this demand/withdraw pattern of communication should foreshadow relationship distress, and here we were finding this not to be the case for all couples in our sample. While our middle-class couples' relationships did suffer as a result of this demand/withdraw pattern, our low-income, socially disadvantaged couples were actually better off when husbands withdrew while their wives demanded."

Although the study focused mostly on married and heterosexual couples and the research should be expanded, these findings show the importance of understanding how your financial situation can affect your relationship. In some cases, what's beneficial — or even realistic — for one couple might not be for another, especially if they have vastly different life circumstances.

"Considering socioeconomic status is vital to understanding the quality and functioning of people's relationships," Ross says. "We know that low-income couples are especially vulnerable to distress and dissolution, and progress in understanding how this happens will likely require active efforts to recruit under-resourced couples as well as careful analysis of their life circumstances and stressors when forming our research questions and hypotheses." It's definitely something to keep in mind both on a personal level, when it comes to your relationship, and on a larger scale, as more research should be done into this area.

"Our takeaway message from these results is this: for socially disadvantaged couples, problems are more entrenched, or more dependent on outside circumstances, so change may not be possible, Ross says. "What if the partner being asked to change just does not have access to and control over all the resources needed to make that change? In this case, disengaging may be necessary."

Although in most cases, ignoring your partner or problems in a relationship isn't recommended, not every couple's circumstances are the same — and what works for them won't always be the same. In some cases, withdrawing from time to time might actually help secure your relationship satisfaction. This certainly isn't a suggestion to start ignoring your partner, but more of a reminder that not all couples have the same opportunities and coping mechanisms.


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What’s up gentlemen, hope you are doing great out there.

You guys already read the title, and I know you are here reading this for a reason, right?

This question is something that is not less than a nightmare for most of us dudes. The problem goes like “Is My Girlfriend Ignoring Me?”

Yeah, this one’s a sucker!!

And somehow, if we figure out if she’s ignoring us, we tend to do two things, either we freak out and wonder, “what I should do now?” OR we think in our head, “I should ignore her also”!

Whatever the case is, My advice to you would be, just don’t freak out! And just read what I am going to discuss with you guys.

First, let’s start with a story, shall we?

The story goes like this:-

You just met a girl you really like.

You both start texting each other, talking on the phone, regularly until it gets to a point where she actually becomes your girlfriend.

One day you send a message to your girlfriend, and she doesn’t text you back. You think to yourself, “that’s unusual.”

An hour goes by. You send your girlfriend another message and wait some more time, but she still has not responded.

You start to freak out. Has she suddenly lost interest in me? Is she playing games with me? This isn’t like her. Is she okay?

Did I do something wrong? I thought everything was going fine; How could she be so disrespectful?

You start to get upset and frustrated.

You start to check your phone aggressively. Five hours go by and still no response.

I just know it, she has lost interest in me. My girlfriend keeps ignoring me, f*ck.

In a state of anger mixed with insecurity, you send your girlfriend a message to know why she’s not texting you back and boom.

THERE you, my friend has committed a colossal mistake! We shall get to it soon.

Now, coming back to the post.

So, for this exclusive post, I contacted several girls (including my girlfriend) and based on that, I’ll be going over some information that I want to share with you guys.

Whether you are into a girl or you already have a sassy senorita.

You may probably come to a point in your life where you felt that the one you are into is ignoring you.

Out of the frustration, you either end up ignoring her too, OR you try to figure out if she’s actually ignoring you, or she’s just playing games!

I want you to go with the second one. Before even coming to the conclusion that she’s ignoring you and asking questions like “Should I ignore her?”

You should consider asking is she even ignoring you? (Trust me, most of the time, they are just testing you!)

If something does not feel right, most probably, it isn’t right.

Trust your instincts!

But, to be super sure, here’s a quick checklist which you can use.

Is my girlfriend ignoring me?

  • She’s ignoring you if she’ not replying to your messages for a week now. You may say, what if instead of a whole week the number is just a few days, well, in that case, it may be possible that she is quite busy lately! Give yourself a break and see where it goes.
  • She’s ignoring you if she IS replying but taking off frequently. You two are having a flow of conversations, but suddenly, she takes off. And this pattern is going on for a while (again, let it be a week or so).
  • She’s ignoring you if she’s acting as she has never seen you before.
is my girlfriend ignoring me
  • She’s ignoring you if her best friend is also acting strange with you.
  • She’s ignoring you if her body language tells it all. Girl’s body language says a lot about how they are feeling, or what’s in their head. Notice a difference in body language when you meet the person you are interested in.
  • She’s ignoring you if you are hearing, “Yeah, maybe I’ll see you later?” from her lately, in response to a direct invite.
  • She’s definitely ignoring you if she’s not seeing your social media stories, even though she is online at that time.

If you found yourself hanging in most of the points, then your instincts are working fine, and you are being ignored with or without purpose.

Now, you may be wondering; everything was working just fine before, what I have done that led her to ignore me all of a sudden?

But, to your surprise, maybe it wasn’t even your fault!

It is not always a guy’s fault; sometimes, it’s also from their side, which messes things up.

But like a true gentleman, you should try everything in your power to save the relationship and work things out.

Let’s try to figure out the possible reasons for her to act strangely out of the blue.

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can still check for these points as these points are the signs your long distance girlfriend is losing interest for you.

Why is my girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden?

1. She’s Bored

She might be ignoring you right now. There isn’t something new; you are not doing something new for her, that is enhancing the relationship.

You probably became a routine for her.

In other words, you are kinda predictable to her. And brother I must tell you, a predictable and a routine guy to a girl is boring AF!

why is my girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden

So, what you can do, you can try to be more intriguing to her. Girls like men who keep them in their toes (no disrespecting though!)

They are much likelier to stay if you are the controller of the relationship (or whatever you two have.)

2. Being Inconsistent

If you are being inconsistent with her, then it may be the reason for this whole ignore thing.

By inconsistent, I mean, you are not putting that much effort into making contact with her.

Here’s an example

Josh is texting his girlfriend after every once in a week. Josh then takes off from texting, he later texts his girlfriend again after two weeks.

Her girlfriend doesn’t mind it much and happily reply to his text. Josh then back takes off, and then he texts her after three weeks.

But this time, Josh is not getting a reply from her, and he is wondering what I have done wrong. Why my girlfriend ignoring me for no reason?

Josh wants to know the answer, he is searching everywhere for the possible solution, but to his bad luck, he is not finding an answer.

But as a part of allrounderm, you already know where he is f*cked up!

Yes, It is the inconsistency that he projected towards that girl.

Inconsistency in anything is not the go in not just dating, but anywhere.

Now, I am not saying that it should be some sort of schedule or something.

But you gotta understand, if you are texting her and taking off like that, how could you expect her to reply you back.

Okay, now, just for a moment. Put yourself in the girl’s shoes and feel what this is all about!

You will understand.

See, it may work with low self – esteemed girls, but if you are dating a girl of high self – esteem then my friend, she’s not going to take this shit.

Remember, period.

3. Career Oriented

The other way around could be she’s now more into her life goals and have become more carrier oriented lately.

signs your long distance girlfriend is losing interest

The rule of thumb for dating. Ask her in the initial stages of dating what she actually want from this relationship.

If she’s in just for a good time, then you should probably back off from that, if you wanted it to be a serious one.

BUT if you also wanted it for a good time, then what’s wrong in that if she’s not texting you back!

But again, keep a week with her, and if she still hasn’t responded, then go find a new girl for a good time, if that’s what you want.

4. She’s turned off

This is the one that is the most terrifying for men. She is just turned off and has lost attraction for you.

If you are being over-responsive and you are messaging her too often, then there’s quite a good chance that you have turned your girlfriend off.

Being too responsive with your girlfriend and texting her all the time sends a subliminal message to her that you’re not a busy and productive person.

Which is just not the thing you want her to think!

Women also need space just like men need. No one wants to be squeezed in a relationship by a constant flow of texting.

It just kills the life of your relationship.

The less responsive and more silent and quiet you are, the more will be the women attracted to you. And it is scientifically proven also!

If you want to know more about turn-offs, then you definitely consider checking this:- 8 Quickest Turnoffs For Women

5. She’s Being Overwhelmed

If you pushed an issue earlier before any of this happened. Then, it is likely, that she’s overwhelmed, and she needs space right now, which is totally fine.

girlfriend ignoring me for no reason

She just doesn’t want to confront that issue or that thing right now.

6. She’s Having Another Boyfriend

It’s possible that your girl had a boyfriend before you, and they broke up, and then you came.

Then suddenly, on one day, she aroused feelings for her ex-boyfriend and left you hanging in between.

Yeah, welcome to the 21st century.

Read:Questioning 17 girls on the meaning of boyfriend material

That’s why I said earlier to ask her. What she’s up to in this relationship in the initial stages.

And brother, you should also understand that you have to have some options in your life.

If one girl goes, the better girl comes!

It is also possible that she is probably ignoring you on purpose. Again, this is all theory and stuff that I heard from other girlfriends of mine.

So don’t shoot the messenger here…

Is my girlfriend ignoring me on purpose?

1. She craves more attention from you

She thinks that by doing certain things or doing different things, you will notice her more. This is like playing mind games here.

2. She Doesn’t want always to be available

She doesn’t want herself to feel like an easy catch to you. She is just trying to appear as a high-value girl.

She knows that anything which is given away too freely or quickly loses its value.

The other way around could be, she wants you to focus more on yourself and wants you to be a successful man.

Her greatest desire is to get behind you and support you by any means.

is my girlfriend ignoring me on purpose

If she doesn’t respond to you that often, but still a supportive girlfriend, then enjoy the freedom she’s giving you.

This is a real asset right here, don’t take it for granted!

3. Your girlfriend is scared

Your girl is scared that you will lose interest in her if she communicates with you too much. Yeah, this is totally contrary to what we’ve seen earlier.

They’re afraid that it will kill the attraction by texting you too often.

Girls are, in general, more concerned about rejection than men. A lot of girls have messed up relationships over the phone and on Whatsapp before.

This is why a lot of girls can be susceptible before texting and messaging their boyfriends too much.

She doesn’t want to appear too needy and controlling.

However, there’s a vast number of women who crave constant attention and need validation all the time.

And have so much insecurity filled into them that they need to be in continuous contact with their boyfriends.

In the same way, there are vast numbers of men who are just the same.

4. She wants you to give time for yourself

This point goes side by side with the second point.

Some girls have an understanding that men need to work, and they have busy lives.

Your girlfriend would not want to interfere too much in your life until you two are in a fully committed relationship.

Girls want a strong man who has drive and purpose in life.

The last thing your girlfriend wants to do is get in your way.

5. You are being tested

This is the last one and man, how much do I hate this one!

She is testing you!

But you may question, I have given all my attention and affection to her, why would even she do that?

The answer is simple. She wants to test your weakness.

Read:Why is she dry texting you?

She wants to know whether you’ll remain unaffected without her in your life or not.

my girlfriend keeps ignoring me

Again, she knows that… anything which is given away too freely or quickly loses its value. She wants to build that love and attention from you.

Remember, she wants to know your emotional stability.

If you allow her to affect you too much emotionally, then she will lose respect for you. And she will not be going to respond or text you back as much.

That’s why I was saying at the beginning of the article.

The moment you send your girlfriend a message to know why she’s not texting you back, you made a colossal mistake.

You hadn’t only sent that message. But you also sent an additional message to her subliminal mind, that you are too much affected by her emotionally!

Oof, now you see why I insist you guys to start snap chatting girls instead of these silly ass texts.

Snapchat is way less stressful than your simple “Hi” to a girl!

But if some of you guys are already using Snapchat and are still bothered by an ignoring girlfriend and wondering what to do?

Then, bro I highly suggest you, check out this article here: How To Snapchat Your Crush

So, You guys got plenty of knowledge about the possible reasons.

But there’s still a question spinning in your head. And that is, What to do now? My girlfriend ignoring me should i ignore her? Should I leave as it is?

What to do?!!!

Listen, bro, just take a deep breath and let’s try to understand this.

What To Do Now? The Final Verdict!

If you contacted your girlfriend and she doesn’t respond for a day or even two, then you should wait until she gets back to you.

Wait at least for a week.

Give some time to her and, most importantly, to you!

girlfriend ignoring me what to do

In my experience, a girl will always respond eventually.

And when they do, it will always be with more interest and attraction than before. Don’t underestimate the power of PAUSE here!

But IF this not happens to be a case, if she never responded you, then here’s a takeaway from me for you:

If you are having more stress than enjoyment in any relationship, then you are doing wrong!

Just let her go away and move on with this girl. You will find plenty of girls better than this. Again, If one girl goes, the better girl comes!

Because at the end of the day, nothing’s more important than yourself.

Your worth is not set by an ugly ass rejection, remember that. You are amazing, and I truly believe that!

So, allrounders let’s all be awesome and continue to rock sassy senoritas!

That’s basically it from me on why your girlfriend may be ignoring you; if you guys found it informative, don’t forget to comment down below.

That’s a wrap from me, see you next time😎


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