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Hey there folks UwU

So, I'm planning on maybe 15 chapters, that's my goal, 10 is okay, any less and I will be disappointed in myself xD':

Also, a little disclaimer, I have only watched the show guys, I haven't read anything so I honestly am basing Negan's character off the show and fanfics only ahhh h, sorry. I haven't really worked with a character like this before so I'm quite terrified haha.

BUT okay the summaryyyy:
I'm just kinda gonna see where the writing takes me, but I know for a fact that the reader is perceived as female, kinda on the chubby side, alone, has some mental health issues, and is fatally shy/quiet. Annnd we all know how Negan is, basically the opposite? To your surprise, however, he finds you to be the most precious and beautiful thing he's ever seen. But, what will happen when you find out the behind the scenes of this egotistical man?

GUYS I also want to say that this is very very triggering. It's full of self-harm, abusive behavior, and toxic relationships.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/chubby!reader

where the grass is greener — melatonin || corpsehusband x chubby!reader

melatonin || corpsehusband x chubby!reader

summary: settling into bed with corpse on a sweet, summer night

genre: fluff!!

warnings: explicit language

pronouns: none used!

word count: 0.8k


“Y/n?” You hear your name grumbled softly, almost hesitantly, from the bathroom doorway. You look up from your book and smile as you catch sight of your boyfriend standing before you. He’s playing with one of his rings, twirling it around his index finger and pulling it off and back on. His dark, messy curls have fallen over his eyes as they watch his fidgeting fingers.

“Yeah? What’s up?” Your tone is light and gentle, hoping to help put whatever was troubling Corpse at rest.

“I can’t find the melatonin, or any of the other sleep medicine.” He looks up, eyes gleaming with hope. You were always the one to find things that had gone missing, even when Corpse had searched for that thing for hours beforehand. I swear I looked there, like, three times, he’d claim when you found his jacket in the closet after only a few minutes of searching.

Your smile falls and you cast him an apologetic look. “Oh, I’m sorry. I think we ran out yesterday.”

His struggles with sleep were none new to you, and often times melatonin was one of the only things that could put him to slumber.

He shuffles to the edge of the mattress you lay on, flopping forward dramatically and landing on his stomach, arms thrown out on either side of him. His form is true to his name, and had you not just watched him fling himself across the bed you truly would’ve assumed him deceased.

He breathes out an elongated eugh sound, groaning despairingly into your bed sheets.

You laugh and put down your book before crawling forward and laying down next to Corpse, where you lay nose-to-nose. You reach up and push his dark hair from his eyes, tucking it behind his ear and settling your soft palm against his cheek. His lids flutter before his pupils meet yours. You throw him a soft grin, kind and curious.

“You okay? I thought you died for a second.”

Corpse chuckles, grinning lazily. “Yeah, I’m good. It just fucking sucks.” His resonant voice sends waves of warmth throughout your chest and you find yourself craving more of the feeling.

“I know,” you heave a sigh. Your chubby fingers brush back his hair, scratching at his scalp. He hums deeply in content. “I’ll stop by Walgreens or something tomorrow.”

A small smile tugs at his lips. “Thank you, baby.”

“Of course,” you lean forward and press a kiss to his nose.

The action was one that always put Corpse at ease. It was gentle, loving, reassuring. Something he’d lacked for so long, a gentle, reassuring love, you provide for him through your actions and words.

You love him, he knows. But he is convinced that you could never love him half as much as he does you. His bewitchment to you is as intense as forest fire, and he can’t imagine you ever feeling any similar for a man like himself. Only, you do. Truly and wholeheartedly.

You pull away and sit up, scooting backwards until your shoulders reach the pillows. “I guess for now we could just try and…fall asleep?”

“Yeah, guess it wouldn’t hurt,” says a grinning Corpse as he sits up and crawls over to you. You open your arms welcomingly and he so carefully collapses onto you, his head falling to your chest and his body falling over your own.

Like a weighted blanket of Pi Neo cologne and woodsy warmth, he envelopes you wholly. His hair tickles your chin, his lips soft against your collar and legs tangled with yours.

His arms circle your thick, plush waist, sliding around and beneath your torso before settling between your back and the bedsheets. Your soft arms settle around his wide shoulders and allow your fingers to comb through his curls, the very curls tattooed into the skin of dedicated fangirls hoping for some recognition from their favorite streamer.

You reach forward in a small stretch and grab the edge of the covers, pulling them over your boyfriend’s shoulders and making sure he was at maximum comfort.

Corpse sighs into your neck, warm breath brushing your skin. “I don’t deserve you.”

His fingers travel to your hips, sinking into your cushiony skin and massaging affectionately.

“Not true,” you softly reassure, lovingly pressing your lips to his head. “You deserve the world. Or, at the least, some fuckin’ melatonin.”

He laughs and it’s genuine, bubbling from his chest. His eyes scrunch under his smile. “Don’t even worry ‘bout it, baby. You’re my melatonin. All I need.”

His words are beginning to slur and you can tell that he’s growing sleepy. It is what you had hoped for, though. He’d be able to get some sleep tonight after all.

Before you can remark on how uncharacteristically cheesy he’s being, heavy breaths are falling from his open lips. His long lashes lay prettily against his cheeks and his heavy fingers loosen against your hips.

Perhaps it is true, then. You are his melatonin.


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Sours: https://chubbity.tumblr.com/post/650320863801081856/melatonin-corpsehusband-x-chubbyreader
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It's been four months since monsters appeared on the surface. Even though they are getting settled in, they are not treated well. They get a set of apartaments to live in as all the law issues are getting resolved with Asgore, Toriel and Frisk. The rest though lives day by day in small, unpleasant to say the least appartaments and are to have an escort if they plan on getting more than fifty feet away from their assigned place. Basically, living outside the mountain didn't turn as dreamy and fun as everyone expected.
You are working in a shop to pay for appartament you live in with your sister. Both of you are pretty supportive of monsters, and even though still a little afraid, you both try to take a chance to make their lives just even a little better. One day you stop a man from bullying Toriel as she casually shops in your workplace with Frisk with them and you easily get friendly with the little human. In the end you swap numbers, and out of sudden you get invited for a dinner with a whole jolly group of strange creatures, among them a punny skeleton who doesn't take his eyesockets off you, and you don't know if you should feel threatened or flattered.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Chubby%20Reader
Tsukasa x chubby listener x hanako// comfort for chubby insecurities


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Stack It- GHB X Human! Reader (Contains Swearing) "MOTHERFUCKER! GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS BACK HERE" "SORRY GHB NO CAN DO" "I'M GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING CULL YOU" You were currently running around the hive you shared with the Makara family and the eldest brother, The Grand Highblood was currently chasing you. Adrenaline was rushing through your veins as the seven foot subjugglator chased after your (height) tall frame. You saw Kurloz at the end of the hallway and almost laughed as his eyes widened. He pressed himself against the wall as you and the troll chasing after you slid around the corner. There was a loud thump from behind you and you c

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Papa 2PCanadaXMaman Reader: Family anger. (Warning: I swear so much in this. So if you don’t like it, don’t read. But please enjoy.)             “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” Matt, screamed and picked up a Lincoln log, he stubbed his toe on. Yes, the Matthew Williams the 2p personification of Canada just stubbed hit his foot on a toy made for children, to be exact his child.           No.1. This sort of stuff got on his nerves, matt has never been a calm person and always has had anger problems it was the little things that pissed him off. And this, this was one of them.    “WILL, NATE GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE RIGH

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Disclaimer: I don't own the Animaniacs or you the reader. Author's Note: So sorry it took awhile to get this up, but here it is! Happy Holidays to everyone, hope they're all great for you! Walking through the studio you hugged yourself trying to keep warm, this year is the coldest it's been in California for a while... or says the news anchorman. Though it has been freezing and many of the lot workers were bundled up. It's been a few months since you've moved in with your uncle and became... well pretty much the new plaything for the Warner siblings. Over that time you were becoming rather close with them, but of course they've managed to p

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/lovelypansy/favourites/65502114/chubby-reader

Reader x chubby

Make A Wish ✨ — Heyy there could u please doo A Benimaru x chubby...

Okay but based off the last episode, HOW STRONG IS THIS MAN???? LIKE????

I’m happy you enjoy my content! Please enjoy~🍰

Warnings; None

A/N; you’re all beautiful 



Originally posted by yes-i-love-dreaming

There they go again. Those slight giggles you hate to hear as you walk with Beni. It wasn’t something new but it wasn’t something you liked. Whenever women would see you with Beni, they would do 1 of 2 things.

Whisper and giggle after looking, or straight up flirt with him like you were there. Sometimes both….it was more annoying than any other thing. The best thing you can do is just ignore for now. 

But sometimes it got the best of you. When Beni wasn’t home you would look yourself over in your long mirror, your hands tracing over your body. Over every Mark, and curve. Your fingers pinching at the fat you wish you never had.

You weren’t confident nor secure with your looks or body. You never look like any of the other girls. You wanted has nice thin thighs, and a small waist, a delicate beautiful figure. Yet you didn’t…. 

You wanted to feel beautiful, to be complimented, to be beautiful.

You hear the the front door slide open and closed again. You rush to put on your clothes before he can see. You fresh out of the room as if nothing had happened. Here came your hunk of a man, how lucky could you be? 

Strong, powerful, handsome, and oh amazing. He comes up to you and plants a kiss to your lips.

“Hey, how was work?“ you ask 

“Same as always how about yours?“ 

The parts with you hating your body? Or the women laughing at you? 

“It was fine, just waiting for you“ you faked a smile at him.

“Well come on Konro made your favorite tonight” he said as his arms wrap around your waist. You slowly pry his arms off you and give the best smile you can muster

“N-no thanks, the l’m not hungry…”

“What? You never miss out when Konro cooks. Are you feeling alright?” He tried reaching for your forehead

“I-I’m fine really! Just feeling kinda tired i think I’m going to call it a night” without a kiss or hug goodnight you turn and walk away. You left Poor Beni stunned and confused.

You never turn down your favorite meal, ans you never go off to bed without a kiss goodnight. Something was up and you were clearly upset. He went straight to the one person he can trust with anything.

Walking into the kitchen Konro was over the stove. He turns and gives Beni a smile

“Hey, foods almost done. Is Y/N ready to eat? I know she loves this!” Konro said hopefully

“…She turned down dinner” he said in a disappointed tone “she’s been acting weird and I can’t really pinpoint why.” he leans against the counter getting deep into thought

“Well, I might have a theory but I really hope it’s not true..“

“Well?“ Beni wanted to know any kind of approach that would lead to solution to your problem. At this point he wants to know everything that bothered you to make it go away. To see you smile. 

“Well..she’s been making comments on her weight and looks. I always tell her you feel lucky to have her but she insists she’s the lucky one“ he says with a guilty look, almost as if he felt sad to say it “..she’s been skipping meals or just cutting portions. I tried to- Waka?“ when he turned Beni had been long gone. 

He quickly walked to your shared room sliding the door open. There you lied under the covers, you face facing the door. Beni closes the door and walks over to his side and sits 

“I know you’re not sleeping…” you didn’t budge “Come on tell me what’s going on so I can help you” his hand came over your hip and that’s when everything broke. Your body shakes as sniffles slipped from your lips 

“How can you love me when I’m so ugly..“ you sniffle out. Now Beni was in full boyfriend mode, his heart broke to hear you use those words. In no way were you ugly, he loved you more than anything in this world. He lifts your body into his arms and into his embrace. As much as you wanted to push away, you really needed him right now.

“Listen to me, you are NOT ugly, you’re far from that. What could ever put in your mind that you don’t deserve me?“ he asked brushing hair away from your face

“I-I always see so many beautiful women with thin bodies, and delicate figures…I could never look at beautiful and you…“ you sigh heavily  “you should be with someone like that…not me-“ he had crashed his lips on to yours with force 

“Don’t you dare put yourself so low! I love you, and you only!“ he stared deeply into your eyes 

“you’re perfect how you are. You could be as thin as a stick or how you are now and I’d still pick you. You’re the love of my life.“ he kissed your nose 

“Oh Beni…you really mean that?“

“I only speak the truth, besides“ he pulls you closer “I love your curves, gives you a beautiful shape. If you were as thin as those other women I wouldn’t have anything to hold on to~“ he smirked 

“Beniiii“ you whine as your cheeks heat up. He nuzzles you neck laying a few kisses 

“My *kiss* beautiful *kiss* Gorgeous *kiss* princess *kiss* i love you“

“I love you too Beni“


“Look there she goes again“ one woman whispered

“how could he still be with her, if I were him I’d leave her”

“If one of you have something to say about my woman, better say it to my face…..what got nothing to say? Then stay shut” he pulled you into his side and kissed the top of your head. Meanwhile you slyly flick off the two girls now that they know who he’s with  


I hope this was okay!❤️

Sours: https://xsugarysweetsx.tumblr.com/post/631156602266861568/heyy-there-could-u-please-doo-a-benimaru-x-chubby
TBHK Tsukasa x Chubby Listener x Hanako “You are Beautiful 💕”


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